Tuesday, April 13, 2010

another old timer's yard was raided, thanks to NORRED, the dog fighting scum busters!

NORRED busted an old timer today and seized 33 nicked up dogs. they also seized a 16 x 16 fighting pit, you know, those structures RICHARD STRATTON uses to raise show dogs. this is not HARGROVE'S first run in with the law. in october 2001, he was busted with 14 other perverts in robeson county, north carolina and in 1984 appealed a georgia conviction and LOST. :) there are probably more that i am unaware of.
according to this interview, HARGROVE has been fighting dogs since 1968. AGDT asks HARGROVE about the best "old timers" and HARGROVE replies, "Bob finley would come in there pretty close the first, James Crenshaw was way up there on my list, Jr Bush, JE alexander, and there was some younger people that turned out to be pretty good bulldogs that is still in the game, just as I am." could that be a relative of ROCKY ALEXANDER? a while back, i read a very interesting discussion of man biters on game-dog. rockstar aka ROCKY ALEXANDER got into a pissing match with another member, an old timer dog fighter, about man biters and serious dogmen. a couple of rocky's comments really stood out.

I'm not sure as to how you define "serious dogman," Mr. Old Timer, but those I associate with have names such as Bailey, Garner, Williams, Shipley, Alexander, Kirkland, Waccamaw, Faron, Holcomb, Eppinette, Tant, Burns, Davis, and Jackson, to name a few; and not only do these people expect a loose pup to get killed on their yards, some of them have bred/owned dogs that would just as soon take your leg off as look at you.


An uncle of mine was farmed some brood dogs by David Tant. One day my uncle went to take one of
these dogs outside the house when it "chewed him from wrist to elbow." Tant refused to do anything
about it. My uncle wanted to return the dog, but Tant told him that if he returned that one, he would
have to return the others as well. Since the dogs carried a high value in both the pit and brood pen,
they stayed where they were. The idea of culling was, in Tant's words, "out of the question."
Upon visiting Tant's yard, one would find that many of his dogs would either try to hide from you, or
try to eat you.

click here for video of HARGROVE raid.
click here for a ped of his prize fighter, RUFUS.
click here for the complete thug-dog discussion about man-biters.

and don't miss the discussion over at thug-dog.com, it is developing nicely:
ohpitbulls says
some body need to put a hit out on these NORAD s.o.b.'s that snitch make em die for that reward money, then maybe people will think twice before they make that call . Fuck this man probably lost a $100,000 yard, his house an land all to a $5,000 Reward that's fucked up!!


UPDATE HARGROVE is in the duplin county jail charged with 59 counts of animal cruelty and dog fighting. his bail is set at $258,000. seize those 14 acres at 306 Buckhill Road!


Anonymous said...

Wow...Previous convictions yet still welcomed within the Pit Community...Asset Forfeiture Please!

Anonymous said...

The pit bull breeder population has decided to become animal rights terrorists.

Are they unaware that the Feds are now watching them?

It was bad enough that they were committing Federal tax crimes, and breaking Federal dog fighting laws.

Anonymous said...

And maybe Frank and his friends should think twice about inviting dopes into their circle. Because the 5 grand is very appealing to dopes.

Anonymous said...

A $100,000 yard and how much income a year, and NO TAXES PAID!!

The IRS needs to get involved in this seizure as well, and the state too.


Anonymous said...

thug-dog, I like that!

Anonymous said...

NO TAXES PAID? You dont know what the He// you are talking about. What has been seized? It kills me how much idiots like you DON'T KNOW!

Anonymous said...

Citizens, LET THE IRS KNOW what these tax cheats are up to!!


It can be done anonymously.

There are also rewards for reporting tax evasion, if you so desire.

Do a google search for "report irs fraud"

This all goes for these tax cheat puppy mills too.

P. said...

Anon, why don't you grab yourself by the nuts and squeeze? Better yet, let your pit do it. Oh, excuse me, I forget, nutters don't have balls, they use their pits as their balls.

cravendesires said...

don't know shit, huh? well, i did find out that this creepy old codger has been busted 5 times. have you been following the interesting conversation over at feds on line? i have. paranoid theories about tom garner ratting out harry hargrove. good stuff. i love it when you sadistic fucktards start turning on each other. maybe i will upload that conversation to my scribd acct. i shouldn't keep stuff this good to myself. it's a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Tom Garner, Alane Koki's friend.

Hey Frank, the women are like a ball and chain. Weak links.

Felony said...

Funny how Rocky and Jere keep popping up.

Anonymous said...

The only thing surprising here is that there are no child molestation charges.

Anonymous said...

Close the circle Sociopaths!

The Era of the Great Dogyard is coming to an end...Like Polio and Small Pox, they will not be missed!

vintage said...

Headcase Harry Pleaded guilty, sentenced to five years:


craven desires said...