Monday, April 26, 2010

berks county, pennsylvania is over run with pit bulls while toledo, ohio struggles with an out of control boxer population

the reading eagle the director of the Rescue League reports that 70% of the dogs they euthanize are pit bulls. and that 90% of the pit bulls they receive are turned in by the police. he also adds that pit bulls make up about 10% of the dog population.

KAREL MINOR, the head honcho at berks county humane society came to the defense of the poor misunderstood little wiggle butts and spewed the myth, first it was the germans shepherd, then it was the doberman, then the rottweiler, now it's the pit bull baloney. do you think he knows that he is lying or does he just believe everything he hears? the goddess of dog bite statistics has crunched the numbers and they do not support the myth. these are karen delise's fatal attack numbers from her book.
even during the decade of the dobie, pit bulls out killed dobies 5 to 1.

maybe they can give away free obedience classes or do a pinup for boxers calendar.

i'm not really boxer person but i do have my eye on this cute little border collie:)


Anonymouse said...

My favorite is the chow chow.

FormerOhioGirl said...

Oh my! If I was an Ohio state dog bite attorney, I'd be tracking the Blade's "boxer-mixes" and open up an office NEXT DOOR to the Lucas County Animal Shelter. In case readers do not know, the Supreme Court of Ohio recently gave the victims of dog attacks the right to sue for PUNITIVE DAMAGES (a personal injury lawyer's dream).

Anonymous said...

The Lucas County Animal shelter dog warden needs to BE SUED for lying about these breeds. She is MISREPRESENTING these dogs. This is CONSUMER FRAUD.

CKing said...

It is deplorable that they're misrepresenting these dogs.

But, at the same site, did you see how many pit bulls they're killing every day?

It seems that if the pit passes the initial aggression test, it gets turned into a boxer.

The population explosion of these things is frightening.

Anonymous said...

I believe Minor is a woman baby!

Berks county had a law that placed breeds on a restricted list once they reached a certain bite threshold. The law greatly reduced Pit attacks in Berks County until the breeders were able to get the law thrown out.

Minor is a great bite enabler and euthasol pusher.

Anonymous said...

Minor's Pit-Bullian logic from 2007

The HSBC strongly encourages the consideration, based on the quantifiable
statistics collected, that the sterilization status of a dog be considered at least as
strongly as its breed. While pit bulls account for 47% of reported dog bites in 2007,
unsterilized dogs of any breed account for 87% of reported bites (as of 8/13/07).
Sterilization status is the single biggest quantifiable risk factor related to dog bites in the
city-- more than breed, sex, indoor/outdoor living, or anything else.

Anonymous said...

Here is Minor's bite report which led to her oganization losing it's animal control contract. Pit bites in reading decreased from 61 incidents in 1999 to 7 in 2005 and she was against this law:

Another No Kill failure!

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

90% of the pit bulls turned in by the police!!!!

I'm shocked that a city in Ohio of all states can get away with such blatant mislabeling. The Ohio nutters must be feeling really cocky these days.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Here's an idea. How about a free tattoo with each "boxer"?