Thursday, July 15, 2010

joe woodall, this is your life!

in honor of JOE WOODALL'S second appearance on NO BULL RADIO.......

LET'S TALK BULLDOGS, specifically, let's talk JOE'S BULLDOGS! he's had him some fine bulldogs over the years. we'll break them down into 4 categories. 1) dogs that JOE WOODALL acquired from other dog fighters. 2) dogs that JOE WOODALL bred and fought. 3) dogs that JOE WOODALL bred for other dog fighters. and 4) honorable mention

UPDATE joe cancelled his appearance on taylor's radio show.

1) JOE WOODALL'S dogs acquired from other dog fighters.

WOODALL'S LUKE (2XW) from the much loved and worshipped MOUNTAIN MAN. there's been many a circle jerk reminiscing over old mountain man (here's a youtube tribute with over 172,000 views and 367 comments). joe says LUKE was "ONE OF THE BEST IN GA EVER." impressive joe!

WOODALL'S LACY (RANDALL THAXTON) read more about randy here.

CH WOODALL'S WEIRD JACK ROM JOE made boo coo bucks off of jack's stud fees. scarring is from weight pull, right joe?

2) dogs that JOE WOODALL bred and fought

CH WOODALL'S DINO (3XW) more weight pull scars, right joe? this ped is a real puzzler, how can you NOT know who the bitch is? taylor, this would be a good question to ask joe.

WOODALL'S KATIE2 (2XW) bred with the help of cousin buddy RANDALL THAXTON

WOODALL'S DINK 2XW (joe bred weird jack to tom garner's vixen to get this bulldog)

WOODALL'S SUE. . "HANDS DOWN, A PRODUCER OF BULLDOGS!" no photo of SUE but this is her pappy, CW'S BUD. this boy must have done some hard pulling in his day, he is sporting some serious scar tissue!

3) dogs that JOE WOODALL bred for other dog fighters

CH RICHO'S LUKE JR. 4X "he won two differnt states over tough comp."

NORMAL KENNELS' COGNAC (1XL) "Lost to Clay Hill's CH Scrappy Joe in 1:47."

STR8 DROP'S WEIRD JACK JR (2XW,1XL) "Produced GR CH GA BOYS MS PEARL (5XW) and 1X Winners and 2X Winners."

A. POSEY'S DANGER1xw "for pups call 601-479-5324"

CH. TEAM GEORGIA'S CH. BAD JACK 8XW "bad jack has done it in all fashions, long and short. this dogs no joke!"

DDK'S PEANUT 1XL i had NO idea that weight pulling was so hard on the dog's skin!

MAURISS KENNEL' FIONA 1XW "She won the famous cobra 2xw in 30 min."

GRAVYBANDITZ[JOHNSON]AMBERJACK 2W "game to the bone..................."

FARMERBOYS JACKO 2X "ALL BULLDOG!" with weight pull scars

CH CROSS'S WITCH DOCTOR (3XW) more weight pull scars!

CH BLACK TALON (4XW) "TOTAL PACKAGE BULLDOG! Won his first over a very good dogman in 44min, outpulled PHK's 1xw Camacho in 21min, and for his championship forced a pick up over Blackmud Kennel's 1xw Ronin in 49min, went back to the woods to hunt on behalf of a few of my skeptics who are now witnesses like jehova got it done in 35min to a kennel i respect as they are one of the few and the latest to make it out the woods ahead of my kennel. "ATTABOY SON" Got it done 3 different states! OFFICIALLY RETIRED AT STUD (PRIVATE TREATY) serious inquiries only!"

A2K\'S DINA (THE BONE CRUSHER) "Very hard mouth animal"

GAMBLER PARADISE'S GYPSY II wow, look at that chain! plus more weight pull scars!

PANICK'S JACK see NORRED #19. is he still jail, joe?

one of ex-gamedog marty's dogs was bred by joe. poor thing is skin n bones.

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Anonymous said...

dogs doing it right.

P. said...

And owners doing it wrong!!! How sad to see these dogs on those chains, what a miserable life they lead. I pray for the day when we see one of the owners at the end of that chain hanging from a tree.

cravendesires said...

hanging from a tree.

now THAT'S my kind of thinking!

april29 said...

It is sad to see dogs chained like this but these dogs require it. Dogmen like Joe know what they have. For the safety of the rest of the world, these dogs need to be confined by whatever means it takes. These dogs were bred to participate in an activity (I can't bring myself to call it a sport) so violent that it is a felony in all 50 states. The rescue angels put us all at risk by their failure to confine pit bulls. Dogmen like Joe put us at risk by continuing to produce these dogs.

Taylor Hernandez said...

the dogs are on chains because they are EITHER DOG AGGRESSIVE or too many and need to be properly set so there isnt any dogs loose jumping fences un wanted litters and so on

cravendesires said...

unwanted litters, unwanted maulings...

those dogs are on chains (and hopefully checked twice a day cuz they can and do work them out of the ground, right marty) because a fence is inadequate to stop a game dog that wants another dog.

joe is not a very 'responsible' pit bull owner, at least not by the definition that you and eric were batting around.

in one of joe's youtube videos, he says his dogs are not dog aggressive. he lets all of his dogs off the chain and walks them down the road without leashes (well except those dogs that he houses at a neighbor's property). of course, joe didn't provide any video of that. probably because we have not figured out how to record the pictures that the brain creates when it is in REM sleep yet.

this fucktard is a dog fighter and every time he wants to shoot his mouth off about being the victim of witch hunt, i will be listening. so my advice is for this psychopath to hide under a rock like the rest of the dog fighting scum. let all of the anonymous goons at defend joe and his craven ilk.

obtw, taylor what did you think of all of those weight pull scars?

P. said...

Birds of a feather sure do shit together, don't they Craven?

Anonymous said...

And the chains don't stop them either.

How many times do we read about the pit bull that of course breaks the chain, collar breaks, whatever and the dog kills.

Joe lives in trashville. The dogs get off, a farmer shoots them, or they kill some other animals, that trash doesn't care, it doesn't get reported, no one knows.

Most other places, person gets killed, pet gets killed.

They also chain these pits because it increases aggressive propensity and keeps them in a state of shall we say arousal preparing for the pit.

Chaining is NOT just to contain the dogs.

Art said...

Great work, muckraking craven! You do know how to dig. Beloved pets got taken away, my ass. That is one "nicked up" bunch of dogs.

I do not understand Taylor. Taylor, are you really being duped by dogfighters, or are you trying to whitewash their image and help them continue to fight dogs?

If you seriously don't believe Joe Woodall is a dog fighter, how do you explain those scars?

Anonymous said...

Taylor thinks she's a warrior.

Taylor is unfortunately a girl from the underclass who follows the trends and fads that she thinks make her look like a tough girl, because she is a powerless, weak girl.

There's a lot of these running around while other WOMEN actually get educated and powerful without the trendy pit bull charade.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Marty ratted out Joe Woodall.

Unfortunately for Joe there are more rats, and once a person is on the fed radar, they are in it for good.

He makes a move, the feds know what he's doing.

And the IRS is having a looksee and a good watch too.

"Well, well - and people wonder why we ask who the judges are going to be at the shows.

Seems there is one who is not only a drunk, but a RAT too"

Anonymous said...

Wow....many of those black pits would be called "lab mixes" by my local rescue group, and handed out to anyone, even a first time dog owner with no fenced yard.

cravendesires said...

what makes you think marty is a rat?

Marty said...

Even craven knows better than that BS Taylor lmao

cravendesires said...

tyalor's the behind scene excuses that she has offered me in email are even funnier. here is a direct quote "scars on feet are due to either boredom allergies and or hot spots due to fleas"

no explanation for the leg, shoulder, torso and face scars.

mr woodall said...

you couldnt be more wrong about all of the bullsh$t you said if his dogs were so bad why did the aspca and the hsus give them all back

Taylor Hernandez said...

Hmm once again people out there assuming things MARTY . first off I use my name and every time if had a damn issue with you marty i told you ! But go a head a believe what you want btw have another fucking drink dumbass

anonymouse said...

Wow....many of those black pits would be called "lab mixes" by my local rescue group, and handed out to anyone, even a first time dog owner with no fenced yard.

They're being called "shepherd mixes" by our local rescue groups. What's even sadder is that they're being pulled from the animal control offices & sold for hefty mark-ups by the rescue angels.

Although one small bright spot is that the economic downturn seems to be hitting the pit nutter/rescue angels fairly hard in their wallets. One could hope that would mean that there could possibly be fewer of them one day, although I'm sure the economy is hitting the legitimate groups just as hard. It's just that if there's just one fewer scam outfit out there, the world would be that much better off. At least hopefully, anyway.

Stop Making Excuses said...

The dogs are on chains because they are fighters I mean get real Taylor what dog fighter keeps their pit in the house? I am not going to pretend that I know much of anything about dogfighting or dogfighters, but I do know for sure that is is very sad how they keep them. But they are dangerous animals so they have to be chained on super heavy duty chains. If they can't make people think the scars are from weight pull they probably just say it was a yArd accident. The only thing I know for sure about dogfighting is that it is repulsive and so Are the people thAt participate in it and/or celebrate the pits history.

P. said...

Taylor, you mean to say that those pits you say must be dog aggressive, etc., can't be wonderful, loving dogs with a little bit of TLC? I thought they had to be "trained" to be aggressive, so are you admitting that they were "trained" that way? And chaining them, of course, takes the aggressiveness out of them, right, Taylor? I'd say you're the one looking at the bottom of the bottle.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Richard Stratton says pits are active dogs and tend to get "nicked up".

Anonymous said...

Rescues that pretend "pit bulls" are lab-boxer mixes or whatever are a huge problem. I'm not as anti-pit bull as this blog or most of the comments on it, but I really think there's no reason for "game bred" Pit Bulls to exist in modern society. Unlike Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, and American Stafforshire Terriers, "game bred" dogs are way more bother than they're worth, and aren't supreme working dogs either. I pretty much judge Pit Bulls by bloodline, as they are wildly diverse, and between the "game bred" dogs and the unhealthy and huge "big blue" ones, there are almost none I'd consider owning. Some UKC show lines are OK, but, IMO, not as good on any level as an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Anonymous said...

All the same bullshit...

1°the dogs are on the chain because is cheaper then the cage,that are more expensive!
Also for some are better,but not all the time(some time attive dogs choke them self with chain..).

2°,the scars are normal in black coat pitbull,avery little scar is realy visible...if you look a tiger coat dog is like impossible see a scar!
Look black coat fighting pitbull from russia(like for exemple Ch. cune's iron kid),and you see the difference!!

3°the most dangerous dogs for Human are not pitbull,but every GSD or mix wolf,because this dogs are selected for be Human aggresive!!

4°make some research and you can find a lot of fighting pitbull that walk free on the street,real fighting pitbull,in the state where dogs fighting is legal(like russian ar balkan area)..the ability to fight in the pit is not related to aggression to other dogs!
Some dogs got out of the chain and kill each other and some not...but also in the pit were ace!!

Stop to said bullshit about pitbull please,and educate your self!!

It easy attack some one how can not replay to your attack son of a bitch!!

animalcop said...

Ms. No Bull's dog Gambler recently killed another Pit Bull while she was walking him. Apparently she waited for the death blow before breaking up the fight with her handy dandy break stick! She denies bragging that her hard biting dog killed a Pit Bull twice it's size, but that is precisely what she was doing! She disgusts me!!

craven desires said...

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