Monday, April 18, 2011

questioning humanity: luciana stepro and cheryl van donslear

it's time to resurrect an old favorite: questioning humanity. it's long overdue and it would be difficult to find two more worthy subjects than LUCIANA GAIL SCHULZE STEPRO and CHERYL BARCELOU VAN DONSLEAR.

red nosed pit bull with testicles
evansville, indiana ROBERT STEPRO was standing outside of a convenience store, holding the leash of his pit bull JAG. when 21 yr old Angel Williams rounded the corner, the dog jumped up and bit her breast. seconds later, JAG bit the next person to come along. 73 yr old James Key was bitten on the stomach and knocked down. both Key and Williams said they didn't see the shit bull until they were bitten. ROBERT claims his dog only nipped them and LUCIANA blames the victims for not seeing the shit bull. Williams is now permanently scarred and is pursuing civil charges. something tells me the only thing Williams will recover from these pit nutters is a single wide with the overpowering stench of vomit and urine.

let's meet the newlywed nutters!

photo caption 'my big girl ain't she sexy!'
"It's kind of hard not too see a 70- to 80-pound red-nosed pit bull." LUCIANA STEPRO

reckless homicide 2000
(SCHULZE has other convictions but i am unable to access them for free)

in 1997, SCHULZE became frustrated with the crying of her 7 month old son. she squeezed him until he stopped. actually, she squeezed him until he stopped breathing. a year later she was arrested on theft charges and while in custody, she confessed to the killing of her son. despite her confession, she was only found guilty of reckless homicide. the judge gave her the maximum sentence - 8 years.

so big girl, here's my question... how can YOU not see when a 7 month old passes from the not crying stage to the not breathing stage?

photo caption 'u know im sexy!'
"My dog did not bite them, it nipped them. If it wanted to hurt them, I'm sure it would have." ROBERT STEPRO

burglary 1990
theft, receiving stolen property 1999
burglary 1999
theft, receiving stolen property 2000
burglary 2000
failure to return to detention/escape 2000

but wait there's more!!
"My dog is my baby. All my animals are brothers and sisters. He wasn't just an animal, my girls lost a brother." LUCIANA SCHULZE
in may 2006, the couple was living together with STEPRO'S children inlcuding his 17 yr old daughter MANDY MCROY and her infant when a pit bull named BRUTUS entered the house and made a move towards MANDY'S son on the floor. (MANDY was outside smoking a cigarette) Moo Boo the little pomeranian didn't like it and put himself between the shit bull and the baby. BRUTUS attacked and killed Moo Boo. SCHULZE and STEPRO beat the shit bull with a hammer and cast iron skillet. BRUTUS wouldn't release until SCHULZE jammed a broom handle in his mouth. they shoved BRUTUS in the bathroom and called 911. rip Moo Boo


fyi, EZ'S daughter MANDY is all grown up now and she's a real chip off the old block. tattoos, extensive criminal record, kids from different felon fathers and of course, her very own pit bull.

sioux city, iowa CHERYL VAN DONSLEAR'S german shepherd, MIMI and her american gripping dog DAISY are being blamed for killing a dachshund named Oscar. Oscar's owners describe their pet: "His lung was hanging out and his insides were coming out." Daisy had been declared high risk prior to the scuffle. VAN DONSLEAR said her dogs are being unfairly blamed. she said her dogs were not in even in town during the killing. she claims her dogs have alibis and witnesses that will swear in court under oath they were conveniently 1.5 hours away. the shit bull and GSD are now back in VAN DONSLEAR'S home and the owners of Oscar, Lindgren and Gary Wing are upset. "It's the safety of not only my kids, but the other kids in the neighborhood that I'm concerned with," Wing said.

the importance of keeping children safe from dogs is something CHERYL VAN DONSLEAR should know a little something about.

here's a brief timeline of interesting events in the life of CHERYL VAN DONSLEAR aka great moments in pit bull advocacy.

04.14.2011 a dachshund named Oscar is killed in his own yard by a black dog and a tan pit bull.

08.25.2010 CHERYL'S 19 month old son "SOMEHOW" slips out the door while she is doing the dishes, wanders into the neighbor's yard and is mauled by their chained husky type dog. the all-dogs-bite-and-breed-is-irrelevant-why-weren't-you-properly-supervising-your-toddler pit nutter CHERYL VAN DONSLEAR threw the wolf hybrid under the bus. here is one of those instances where that educate now! handout might have come in handy.
08.26.2010 mothers against dog chaining take up CHERYL'S cause
08.27.2010 the CHAKO media whore jumps on the band wagon
08.23.2010 CHERYL VAN DONSLEAR'S german shepherd MIMI is impounded for killing a neighbor's shih-tzu. despite the fact that VAN DONSLEAR was not present, she claims that her GSD was only found "sniffing around" the corpse and is not responsible for its death. on the 26th, VAN DONSLEAR is charged with dog at large. in october, the shih-tzu owners file a lawsuit against VAN DONSLEAR for $2203.

10.30.2010 Trio of Lawsuits idiot dog owners bleeding the system. sioux city filed a lawsuit against the wolf hybrid owner JASON SPRENG. he could be fined up to $750. CHERYL VAN DONSLEAR filed a lawsuit against SPRENG for her son's injuries. while CHERYL was doing the dishes her son suffered 45 puncture wounds, collapsed lungs, a bruised kidney, bleeding spleen, trauma to his pancreas and tears to his stomach and groin. and Dan and Staci Moore filed a lawsuit against VAN DONSLEAR for killing of their shih-tzu puppy.

but wait there's more!!
09.15.2009 CHERYL the pit bull advocate sponsors an on-line petition to repeal the sioux city pit bull ban. i wonder if this tan gripping dog is Daisy?

12.16.2007 CHERYL rallies the nutter troops to carpet bomb sioux city.

10.05.2007 CHERYL adds a child safety book to her amazon wish list. what a shame she didn't follow through on this. ya never know!



april 29 said...

I am simply speechless... and that does not happen often.

Jake said...

Who thinks that little black kitten in the picture with the mutant is still alive today?

snack sized dog said...

Not me, jake!

Whew, that is incredible. These stories do make me question humanity. And this is great muckraking.

The "muck" in muckraking is getting too literal.

Lindsey said...

As breathtakingly horrible as that is, it's the US court system for you. Some people get as little as two years in prison for the murder of their newborn infants. Two years. That's the maximum penalty for felony animal cruelty in Wisconsin. Apparently, kittens and babies rate about equal in the eyes of the law. The nutters aren't the only ones with a disproportionate view of human life versus animal.

vintage said...


1895 Westminster Dog Show, NY City:

"Some of the Bulldogs and Bull Terriers had wire screens in front of them so that the visitors should not handle then and possibly be bitten"

No mention of other beeds requiring such safety measures....This is the last documented time that the Pit Bull Community regulated itself.

Disclaimer*** I am not making this up!

AnonAnon said...

No permission was granted for a picture release. Please remove pictures of people that aren't related to the stories. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Van Donslear has changed her name to Rodriguez. Was married to Joel Rodriguez in November of 2013 at Elk Point S.D.
Now living in Moville Ia. In a house she and her husband con her grandmother out of and are refusing to pay her for. Also was convicted of felony threaths when she was fourteen, check fraud when she was nineteen felony. This is the type of person you want defending pit bulls???