Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Alaunte: the Medieval Gripper

Read about the pit bulldog's ancestor at America's Dog. They, too, were known to kill their masters.


  1. Even if these creatures weren't distantly related to pit bulls, they sound exactly the same. Especially this part...

    "3. They will attack any living thing"


    1. Human aggression has been bred out of the breed as soon as they put the pitbulls into dogfighting . And then replaced it with animal aggression .

      The reason they still attack people is

      1. They are not socialized properly

      2. They are not nuterd

  2. I'm going to go way off topic with something that came across my newsfeed. Regarding grifters and the pit bull community, hasn't "Pup Cake the service dog"'s family already sued once or twice over the dog not being allowed someplace? Now they have a you caring set up because they're having car trouble. I know they filed a suit and pitched a real bitch because the mall Santa asked them to leave the dog behind and the poor man was allergic to dogs. Anyway here's the youcaring link, they're easy enough to find on facebook since they may be the dirtiest bunch of all, exploiting a girl with autism and exposing her to a pit bull of all service animals.


  3. they knew enough back in the 19th century to ban what the dogs were bred for but somehow today they are making a comeback as pets , dog nannies , therapy and even service dogs ...the mind boggles .

  4. Hey!

    What's Friday night without a movie, right?

    I've seen about half of the vids in the compilation before, but some are new. The boy who lays on top of the fluffy white dog to save him was pretty intense. Likewise, the gripper who would not release that Chow.

  5. You really can't make this stuff up.

    Owner surrendered "Golden Retriever mix" up for rescues only.

    Interested in adopting Charlie but not sure how to do it since she’s only available to rescues?

    Charlie (#42972) is only available to rescues because she needs to be the only dog in her home, and her adopters need to understand that she is not a dog park/daycare sort of dog. The shelter can’t screen for this; rescues can.

    This does not mean Charlie is not a perfectly nice dog. She is GREAT with people and well-mannered generally; she already knows basic obedience and is housetrained. Two shelters now and one trainer have temperament tested her and have found no aggression of any sort (including no dog aggression).

    This also doesn’t mean she’s fine with other dogs, though – we know that she’s been in fights with other dogs in her last two homes
    – but it does mean that she does not seem to be dog aggressive generally or problematic when she’s out and about. Instead, it simply means she’s a DINOS – a “dog in need of space” from other dogs.

    There are lots of these dogs in the world – that’s why there’s a cute acronym for it...Dog-free foster homes are the unicorns of the rescue world so Charlie’s best chance of getting out is for her future adopter to work with a rescue to pull her.

  6. "Two shelters now and one trainer have temperament tested her and have found no aggression of any sort (including no dog aggression)"


    "she needs to be the only dog in her home, and her adopters need to understand that she is not a dog park/daycare sort of dog."

    LOL, NOT! how is it that people this stupid can exist as free agents in our society? why are they not wards of the state? seriously.

    $375 was spent to sponsor this dog. as a society, we have too much disposable income.

  7. Charlie is definitely a mixed breed, but the shape of her head and eyes, along with her behavior are a dead giveaway to what's part of that mix.

    A local rescue is raising funds for a little dog with a huge, hideous tear on its side--the rescue, which are pit bull apologists, claim it was attacked by a "Lab." Oh how I would love to see this "Lab"...

  8. That is one hideous Golden Retriever. And I used to have a Golden that looked nothing like Charlie.

    Eh, it's amazing how we can't identify pit bulls, but nutters can't identify any other breed.


  9. It just gets weirder and more awful. Just saw this on FB:

    Man sees pit bull attacking maltese mix, and after separating them, puts the maltese x out of its misery by stomping it. Only in the pit bull hell our lives have become...

  10. So this whole blog is basically a Pit Bull hater get together. Wow it seems that you could find something better to do with your time then just hate on a specific bread of dog....

  11. I don't hate all pit bulls. The cold ones are fine with me. There's a Staffy that I love seeing and petting. I don't advocate hurting any animal, but I do advocate responsible owners and putting dogs that commit unprovoked attacks down.

  12. I love hating on breads of dogs. Typical nutterism. LEARN HOW TO SPELL BREED. BREED!

    And for the record, I do hate pit bulls, and I don't care what you, or any other nutter thinks. Out of all the "breads" of dogs out there, you have to stick up for a dangerous one. How much sense does that make? Oh, pit bulls, they're so misunderstood. No they're not. Normal people understand what a hazard they are. Abnormal people don't.


  13. correction: I love to hate on a specific BREAD of human.