Monday, April 12, 2021

New Yorkers, PLEASE READ:


Last Wednesday, on her evening walk around the block with Daniel Correa, our five-year old dog Zelda was fatally attacked by a pit bull whose owners lost their grip on her leash (at Frederick Douglass Blvd & 124th St). The owners refused to share their names or contact information.

We are heartbroken, and filled with grief and regret that we couldn't protect our baby. When we're calmer and stronger, we'll share photos and remembrances of our girl. (Daniel is physically unharmed, though he had to fight the dog off of Zelda).

RIGHT NOW, we want all New Yorkers to know that there is NO protocol for reporting animal-to-animal bites. We filed a report with NYPD but they will not pursue the case. They and NYC 311, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ASPCA, and Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) all expressed sympathy but said they have no way to record this event. In other words, no one can do anything to prevent this dog - or other dangerous animals - from hurting someone else.

We have a lead on where (Marcus Garvey Dog Run) we might find the dog (named "Blue") and its owners (a female and a male, picture here), about whom we've heard several reports of previous irresponsible behavior related to their dog, which appears to be unlicensed. If we can ID them, we can pursue a civil case to get a judge to require the dog removed, euthanized, or at least required to wear a muzzle.

We have no desire to punish the owners, who seem vulnerable, and don't blame the dog, which we suspect has endured or is currently enduring abuse or neglect. We just want to prevent anyone else from enduring the trauma and pain that Zelda experienced - and that we continue to feel.

I have contacted the offices of Mayor De Blasio, @ Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Borough President and Bill Perkins, our New York City Council rep. I am reaching out to the local media today, hoping they will raise awareness of the threat to public safety that exists since no one acts when a pet is harmed by another pet.


- Contact us if you can help us find or ID this couple and/or their dog.

- If you see them on the street, please call 911.

- Support us in demanding that a system be created in this city to record animal-to-animal attacks by contacting any of the officials mentioned above. If any of the people who encountered this couple losing control of their dog in the past had had a way to file a report, perhaps this dangerous dog would have been removed from the streets before she hurt Zelda. The least we can do is to remove her before she hurts someone else.

- ABOVE ALL, when you are out on the streets, especially with small dogs and children, please be aware that any of the dogs you encounter could have a history of attacking other animals. However vigilant you think you are being, please be more so.

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  1. Offering sympathy and saying there is nothing that can be done is bullshit. Change the laws heartless nutters!