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Antisocial Character and Behavior: Threats and Solutions - William H. Reid


The costs of chronic and widespread psychopathic behavior are not some nonjudgmental natural phenomena in which the fittest survive. North America is not "nature red in tooth and claw," in which there is no right or wrong in being predator or prey in some oddly natural order of things. We control our social destiny as no animals and no other humans in history have done. We are rational people choosing to deny our own responsibility for personal and social well-being.

I dislike anthropological comments, now pop social science, that compare psychopaths to wolves and speak of some misinterpreted Darwinian survival of the fittest. Such academic wags are engaging in what seems to be the opposite of anthropomorphism. It is tempting to say that our masses have somehow become baitfish for the psychopathic shark, or sheep for the antisocial wolf, but this is not quite the case. In modern society, human predators are not acting out of some instinct, and their prey are not genetically predestined to become part of a figurative food chain. To say that most human predators are acting animalistically, out of some natural but hypertrophied survival or territorial imperative, is to give them more credit than they are due, and to deny them the responsibility that we are entitled to demand for their actions.

I agree that we can see remnants of our phylogeny in our brains and behaviors, but it is a mistake to search there for answers to behavioral questions. Sadistic, amoral, or intraspecies violence (not related to mating contests or, in a few species, competition for food) is not often found in nature. It has little evolutionary value. Thus predatory sexual violence, for example, cannot be correctly termed "animalistic," since no "animals" engage in it. Preying upon the elderly or disabled of one's own species, a hallmark of psychopathic opportunism, has almost no parallel in mammalian nature. Human psychopathy involves human experience and human choice.

If the human predators, psychopaths and others, are not to be seen as "animals," should they be seen as "only human," part of the "human condition"? And should they be treated according to the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? Should our lofty principles and sense of ethics cause us to treat them with understanding and forgiveness alone? Of course not.


One of the biggest obstacles to finding answers to chronic antisocial behavior and violent crime, and at the same time one of the least appreciated, is our sense of fairness.

Law-abiding citizens are heavily invested in the premise that all people value the tenets of our Constitution. Many go further, and believe that a very liberal interpretation of the Constitution is important to protecting our republic and its representative democracy.

Chronic criminals and psychopaths do not value the same rules and tenets, except for themselves. Instead, they use them against us. Thus they take from us in a very serious way–by turning our deep convictions (and guilts about going against those convictions) to their own ends. We hobble ourselves, but not the crooks, with our rules. In this, one of the most dangerous games, the playing field is wildly tilted in favor of the opponent.

But isn't our sense of fairness in the face of adversity a mark of our civilization? Isn't this what separates us from the animals, and even from the very criminals we seek to control? Don't we need that sense of fairness to keep out society intact?

No. First, life is full of situations in which we need to do something distasteful, try to do it within our rules of law and ethics, and somehow accomplish the goal. Most of us agree that we need to slaughter animals from time to time. We do it as humanely as possible, but we get it done. And we do it in such a way that our needs for food, safety, efficiency, and profit are met. We also agree that some public health needs are important enough to require suspension of some rights of people who have not been convicted of any crime; this suspension is sometimes based merely on the possibility that they may become ill and represent a danger to others. We require that certain people with infections be reported, treated, and in some cases prevented from infecting others (via quarantine or even incarceration).

But we shrink from controlling the criminal or probably criminal, even when the danger is far more obvious. We are so bound by the tenets of fairness and basic equality upon which we have founded systems of Western law (and some, but not all, Western religion) that we steadfastly prevent ourselves from seeing some exceptions to those tenets. We recognize that there are exceptions–for children and a few other groups–but we fail to apply them to psychopaths and other chronically predatory people until the damage has been done.

Firm Action Need Not Threaten Our Democracy or Our Ethics

We wrestle endlessly with the question of who is the greater danger: those who would openly subvert society and overthrow it, or those who we fear would weaken it by suspending our rights, one by one in the name of protecting us from some internal threat. While we have been interminably discussing this weighty issue, the psychopaths, who don't trouble themselves with contemplation, have been gaining ground. It is not just a question of finding a solution that protects us from violence while guarding against the possibility that we will throw the Constitution out with the crooks. Our philosophical struggle with the issues has become truly obsessive. We are frustrated, but complacent. Reformers disagree, obstruct each other's actions, and accomplish virtually nothing in the way of real solutions. If this were an invasion, with clouds of war gathering on the horizon, would we be so complacent?

There is no "if". To fail to act is to make our world even smaller–to give up our streets, parks, stores, and schools to predators who neither believe in nor adhere to the rules we hold dear for ourselves. To fail to act is to continue to limit our freedoms at the hands of those who laugh at our naiveté. To fail to act may be to lose our democracy.

"They" Are Different from "Us"

I have no wish to dehumanize people when I say that those who purposely endanger others in our streets, parks, and schools, even our homes, are qualitatively different from us; the enemy is at our door. Most of our energy must be diverted to immediate defense, not merely to studying his motivations. There is no (reasonable) ethic which requires that we treat him as we treat other adults; indeed, to do so is foolish. If we treat him as if he were like us, we will continue to fail, and he will continue to take from us.

Antisocial Character and Behavior: Threats and Solutions, William H. Reid
Psychopathy: Antisocial, Criminal, and Violent Behavior, Theodore Millon PhD DSc, et al, 2003

William H Reid is a forensic psychiatrist and author of Unmasking the Psychopath: Antisocial Personality and Related Symptoms.
I recommend both books.

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when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, add a splash or two or three of vodka and start up a pit rescue


word has it that the little man's $500K gripper has succumbed to target practice.



Originally published on January 16, 2014


today RANDY JOE CORNWALL turns 47.


i'm so glad you asked.

RANDY JOE CORNWALL is the next up and coming celebrity pit grifter in columbia, mississippi. yep, he is developing quite a sweet little gig down there. he's got his very special pack o' grippers (lil pimpin, sassy and preshus, there was a fourth - bay bay - but without explanation she mysteriously dropped out of the picture. hmmm), rotating fosters and lots of adoring female fans. more importantly, RANDY JOE CORNWALL has TIME. lots and lots of time. well, at least until August 12, 2015.

what's so special about August 12, 2015?

i'm so glad you asked!

August 12, 2015 is when RANDY JOE CORNWALL completes his 2 year house arrest sentence.


i'm so glad you asked.

Felony DUI. i haven't been able to nail down the specifics, like was this his first, second, or third DUI or if he injured or killed anyone but two years of house arrest for a first time offender seems uncharacteristically excessive, unless of course there was an injured party.

but, but craven, of all of the callous, dishonest, shameless, immoral, misfits, failures and miscreant nutters, why focus on RANDY JOE CORNWALL?

i'm so glad you asked!

let's just say it was a PERFECT STORM.

remember Tanya Barnes? she was visiting a friend when her face was gripped by one of the friend's ugly dogs. the dog was SASSY and the "friend" was RANDY JOE CORNWALL. you've heard the tragic story of Tanya, think you are ready for the story of RANDY JOE the professional pit bull advocate?

RANDY JOE CORNWALL and SASSY the man biter

once upon a time, there was a putrid 5'6" 125# little man squatting on a piece of dirt in southern mississippi. he seemed to have trouble with relationships and willfully chose his mutants and backyard pit bull breeding operation over his wives, girlfriends and friends. one day a kind hearted friend was severely disfigured when she took pity on him and paid him a visit. a week later, the prosecutors elected not to press charges against the putrid little man because he did not "deliberately sic the pit on her". and one week later again, the man biter's life was spared. the putrid little man was elated because he got back the things that really mattered to him, his alter ego.

RANDY created a facebook page less than one month after the savage mauling of Tanya. it was slow going at first, pretty much just RANDY talking to himself. things began to pick up a bit with close friends and family. on a good day, he posted 1-2 comments and on a really good day, someone noticed. his comments typically consisted of peddling his backyard bred man biters, boasting about his mutant's fighting prowess, complaining of boredom, lusting for alcohol, trolling for white slavery, pontificating on his theory about how the pizza man coming to the door is proof that pit bulls are safe, whining about how difficult it is to sleep because of the pain and other mindless misspelled babble.  
just for kicks i'd like to chart RANDY JOE CORNWALL'S painful sleepless nights and compare them to Tanya's.


then something magical happened in august 2013 and RANDY JOE CORNWALL started to become popular.

he quickly became bored stuck at home with nothing to do but play with his man biters, feed his snakes, take reptilian selfies, and surf the internet. snakes only eat every few days and what is the fun of having pit bulls if you can not go out and terrorize the public. in need of beer money, bored and tired of looking at himself, because he admits that even he doesn't like himself, he decided he needed a hobby for the next two years. RANDY JOE CORNWALL discovered pit bull rescue.

it was fascinating reading his facebook page from its origin to today. having a ringside seat to the transmogrification of RANDY JOE was an experience that i'd do again in a heart beat, even though it was time consuming. his lingo shifted from pit bulls to pibbles and from backyard breeding to rescuing and adopting. by january 1st, the day i first visited his page, he was getting hammered with up to two dozen hits per day on his personal facebook page and countless hits on the pit bull propaganda pages he created.

can ya here me now?

RANDY JOE was no longer alone. the internet is seductive and always a willing 24/7 listener. there were countless damaged overemotional women at the ready to stroke his fragile ego and melt from his "kind sexy eyes".

when RANDY JOE is feeling down in the dumps and bad about himself, which i suspect is a reoccurring theme in his life, he changes his profile photo and makes self deprecating remarks to elicit pity and flattery. and predictably, his harem of hybristophiliacs come to the rescue, swooning over the reptilian stare.

laying the groundwork for the long con.

and testing the waters by dropping hints.

the walk of shame through the gallery of callousness.

this is not a dramatization. these are ACTUAL pit bull propaganda posters from RANDY JOE CORNWALL'S personal facebook page and every single one of them were posted almost 3 years AFTER his ugly mutant savaged Tanya Barne's face:



contrast RANDY JOE'S psychopathic fantasy world about his precious pit bulls and pibbles with HIS reality:

the argument "it's all how they are raised" doesn't fly in this instance. RANDY JOE CORNWALL loves his pit bulls in word and deed.

and it's true. you can see the love in the photos, not just his words. his pit bulls are loved and well cared for. they live inside the house as FAMILY members, they get plenty of exercise and plenty of food (maybe a little too much food) and STILL, one of them latched onto the face of a woman who did nothing more than sit on the sofa.

seriously RANDY, since you "have it all", including your face, how about you sign over that nice truck to your victim?

in RANDY JOE'S new role as pibble philanthropist, he would occasionally encounter criticism for ear cropping and tail docking from his new tribe. at one point, he had a temper tantrum which i captured below. funny but i don't think i saw one single rescue angel make a peep about not taking a knife to those testicles.

cuz ya know, RANDY JOE is all about spay & neuter. bwa-hahahaha. he sure has these over emotional women bamboozled and eating right out of his hand or should i say from those kind sexy reptilian eyes.

"everyone" is a bit of an exaggeration there little man. Tanya sure ain't smiling.

RANDY JOE projects an image of professionalism on linkedin but i dare ya to scratch the surface...

i believe you!

careful ladies, the last time a puppy squealed, there was hell to pay. eighteen months after SASSY rearranged Tanya's face and here is RANDY JOE minimizing the danger. i wonder if these two have a clue as to what happened to Tanya when she sat on that sofa? i wonder if they care? RANDY JOE CORNWALL doesn't seem to.

RANDY JOE CORNWALL i call this "vicious".

the RANDY JOE fan club has nary a clue about the dangers his mutants pose and i suspect they are clueless about his current home incarceration or his goal to turn pit bull advocacy into his personal income generator.

this is a screenshot from a video uploaded to RANDY JOE'S facebook page of a female throwing the ball for his unfenced pit bulls, one of which mauled Tanya Barnes. note RANDY JOE'S comment about his dogs will only "LICK LICK LICK" you. this comment was made 3 years and 4 months after the savage mauling of Tanya.

the $500,000 thirty second mauling of Tanya Barnes

No Dirt Nap for Ugly

No Criminal Charges for the Putrid Little Man

Randy Cornwall

Randy's Chip-in

Pit Bulls & Pibbles

I'm a Pit Bull Lover So Kiss My Ass

funny thing about this scathing blog post, his harem of damaged rescue angels will likely rally around poor misunderstood RANDY JOE and my "defamatory" manifesto will likely serve to only cement the sick bond between them further. did i just do RANDY a favor? lol!

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let's get ready to rumble.....


mutant canine psychopaths


Compliments of Packhorse :-)

By Game Offspring

You gotta keep 'em separated!

Like the latest fashion
Like a spreading disease
The pits are scrappin' on their way out of the womb
Turning weapon with the greatest of ease

The packs stake their own sidewalk locale
And when they catch and grip ya, then it's all over pal
Grab ‘em by collars and try your break sticks
They're gonna bash it up, bash it up, bash it up, bash it up

Hey, man you walkin’ past me?
Take him out
You gotta keep 'em separated!
Hey, man you disrespect pitties?
Take him out
You gotta keep 'em separated!

Hey, they don't pay no mind
If you’re the dog owner you won’t be doing any time
Hey, come out and play!

By the time you hear the siren
It's already too late
One goes to the morgue and the other wags tail
One life wasted and the other just played

It goes down the same as the thousand before
No one's getting smarter, no one's learning the score
Your never ending spree of death and violence, breed traits
Is gonna tie your own rope, tie your own rope, tie your own

Hey, man you walkin’ past me?
Take him out
You gotta keep 'em separated!
Hey, man you disrespect pitties?
Take him out
You gotta keep 'em separated!


Hey, they don't pay no mind
If you’re the dog owner you won't be doing any time
Hey, come out and play!

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power posing

i love ted talks. it is safe to say that i am a ted talk junkie.

this is a fascinating 21 minute talk on body language. the speaker is Amy Cuddy and she studies the nonverbal expressions of power and dominance at the harvard business school. power and dominance is expressed the same throughout all human cultures and across all species. powerful individuals expand out, ie they take up greater space while those who are not powerful tend to collapse in on themselves, ie they take up less space.

Cuddy's research has found that not only does our nonverbal communication influence others' judgements of ourselves but our nonverbal communication influences how we think and feeling about ourselves. our nonverbals even affect our physiology at the hormonal level.

Cuddy enlisted volunteers and conducted an experiment where she measured the testosterone and cortisol in their saliva, then had them hold either a high power or a low power pose for two minutes. afterwards she asked them how powerful they felt. they were given the opportunity to gamble and then a second saliva sample was taken.

Cuddy found that after just a two minute pose, the test subjects were affected at the hormonal level. the test subjects in the high power pose had a significant decrease in cortisol and a significant increase in testosterone and the volunteers who held the low power pose had a significant decrease in testosterone and a significant increase in cortisol. the test subjects who held the two minute high power poses also took significantly more risks during the gambling portion of the experiment.

Cuddy notes that people who feel powerful are more assertive, confident, optimistic, and take more risks.

i immediately saw how this could be a major perk of dog ownership, especially pit bulls whose presence has the power to clear side walks. and i wondered about the hormonal change in someone who spends much of their day in a power pose.

but the increased risk taking behavior is what grabbed my attention. let's face it, the problem with pit bulls is the risk they pose to the rest of us. and us non pit bull owning people just can not fathom WHY these pit nutters continue to take these risks. many of the maladaptive personality types that we are accustomed to encountering in the pit bull subculture are known for their thrill seeking and risk taking traits. but there could be other explanations for their reckless behavior.

according to Cuddy's research...
our bodies change our minds
our minds change our behavior
our behavior changes our outcomes.

maybe this surge in testosterone could explain the behavior of some pit bull owners.

the testosterone high leads pit nutters to assert themselves and their dogs on the rest of us. they are confident that their dog will never hurt a fly and continue to deny its dangerousness even after the pit proves otherwise. they are optimistic that if we just meet their pibble, we too will become convinced of the magic of pibble. these testosterone driven feelings in turn gives them the confidence to take risks like walk them off leash, go to the dog park or trust them alone with your polite seated guests when you excuse yourself to to go the restroom.

as Cuddy wraps up this fascinating 21 minute video, she talks about how these tiny tweaks in our body language can bring about big changes and she advises people to keep at it and don't just fake it til they make it, fake it til they become it. sadly, some people really should not be faking it til they become it. no amount of "faking it" will give them mastery over the innate dog aggression in pit bulls.

that's all just rambling food for thought but it does remind me of another pit nutter in the news recently...

TRISHA ROBINSON-ANTONELLI demonstrating her confidence and mastery over dogs in the ultimate power pose at a children's playground.

TRISHA ROBINSON-ANTONELLI is the owner of dog training business that she arrogantly calls DAWGPHONICS. as you will see, she is not all that fluent in the language of dog.

in november 2012, an injured pit bull was found and the floriduh nutters turned him into another abused celebrity complete with facebook campaign. AXEL was nursed back to health and then sent to live in a foster home with local dog trainer TRISHA ROBINSON-ANTONELLI on january 9, 2013. (due to the fact that no one wanted him, ANTONELLI later ended up adopting him.)

four days after taking possession of AXEL, on january 13th, MR ANTONELLI uploaded this photo of AXEL with the caption "Axel's first visit to the sage biscuit cafe". click on the photo and look at this photo closely.

yep. that's right. FOUR DAYS into his new foster home and TRISHA ROBINSON-ANTONELLI slapped a service dog vest on this thing. note that is not an "in-training" vest.

fifteen days later, the "service" dog graduated from obedience school.

on march 6th and then again on april 16th, ANTONELLI uploaded this photo. again, click on the photo to view larger.

notice anything unusal? 

less than two months after graduating from obedience school, the "service" dog has also graduated to wearing an e-collar. me thinks as AXEL gets stronger and his fur mommy tries to build his confidence up to match hers, he is transforming into a little tyrant.

fast forward one year, AXEL'S confident, assertive, optimistic fur mommy takes a risk and lets him off leash in her apartment complex and when he spots another pit bull living in the complex, a properly leashed pit bull i might add, AXEL attacks her. (kinda makes you wonder why someone laid an ax down on his head)

"He's had no altercations at all and he was on an electronic collar when this happened," Antonelli added Friday. "I don't know what happened."

ANTONELLI received a $500 citation but still goes on to blame the owner of the other pit bull, Kona, stating Kona got loose and "spooked" AXEL which prompted the attack. Kona's owner denies ANTONELLI'S accusation. i tend believe Kona's owner. if you doubt her version, please revisit the "service" dog above.

i don't know. is it just be me or should "service" dogs be so easily spooked? shouldn't they be bomb proof, especially if you take them into cafes and onto children's playgrounds?

when AXEL came to live with TRISHA ROBINSON-ANTONELLI and wear a "service" dog vest, she determined that he should only be adopted into a home with no other dogs but after the attack claims to have "completely retrained him." i'd say that TRISHA ROBINSON-ANTONELLI is another ego maniacal lion tamer who believes she can train dog aggression out but i think it more likely that she is back peddling and trying to cover her guilty ass.

i found plenty of photos of what appears to be TRISHA ROBINSON-ANTONELLI violating the apartment complex's leash law. clearly this was not the first offense.

the day after the attack :-)

but i think this was by far, the funniest thing i came across. i just had to share this oldie but goodie. it was just like swagger in, slither out all over again. good times.


axel's angels

bay news 9

bradenton herald

antonelli dawgphonics

Power Pose - Amy Cuddy

pdfs & screenshots of the evidence are available on demand.