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High Conflict People Part 1

This is long overdue.
Over the past decade I have observed a dramatic increase in high-conflict legal disputes––an increase driven more by personalities than by legal or financial issues. Perhaps half of all legal cases that go to trial today involve one or more parties with a HCP. In these cases, the conflict is driven more by internal distress than by external events.

After handling more than a thousand legal cases from three professional points of view––as an attorney, mediator and clinical social worker––I have recognized some surprising patterns to the high-conflict cases that are threatening to overwhelm our courts:

  • The level and cost of conflict is not based on the issues or on the amount of money involved: personalities drive conflict.
  • High-conflict personalities have a life-long, enduring pattern of behavior and blame, typically denying responsibility for their problems and chronically blaming others.
  • Many HCPs fit the criteria of Cluster B personality disorders described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.
  • People with HCPs are more likely to escalate their disputes into court, either as plaintiffs bringing suit over misplaced blame for events in their lives, or as defendants due to interpersonal misconduct that harms others and needs to be controlled.
  • The disputes of HCPs are generally misunderstood and mishandled, and continue to escalate at a huge cost to our judicial system and our society in terms of time, money and emotional distress for all involved.

A little over two years ago I discovered a nifty little book titled High Conflict People. This book is devoted entirely to the spectrum of Cluster B personality disorders, one of my favorite topics, and their impact on our criminal justice system. The author, Bill Eddy, is a licensed social worker and a lawyer who has first hand experience dealing with this challenging bunch in both the mental health and the legal systems. Within the first two pages of chapter one that I quoted above, I saw how easily Bill Eddy's work applied to pit bull advocates. I intended to blog about it but for one reason or another, I never got around to it and it fell off my radar. The recent interest in me and my blog brought it back to the forefront.

The following is an excerpt, including the cartoon and table, from another book by Bill Eddy Managing High Conflict People in Court.

An Attraction to Court Process

The DSM-IV-TR lists 10 specific personality disorders, in three clusters (A, B, and C). The Cluster B personality disorders are generally identified as “high drama” and include Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial and Histrionic. Many of those with Cluster B personality disorders – or less severe “traits” – appear to have high-conflict personalities which frequently land them in our courts, either as plaintiffs endlessly pursuing exaggerated or unfounded claims, or as defendants who escalate conflicts into violence or other harmful behaviors.

This author believes that over the past fifteen years our courts have become a prime playing field for undiagnosed and untreated personality disorders. This is because the adversarial court process has a similar structure to their disorders, combined with increased media exposure of courtroom procedures and dramas during this same time period. Ironically, while practitioners and parties experienced in the adversarial court process are making a significant shift to alternative dispute resolution methods (arbitration, mediation, settlement conferences, private judges, collaborative law), those with high-conflict personalities (HCPs) have become attracted to the traditional litigation process, seeking “my day in court.” The following comparison from the author’s book, High Conflict People in Legal Disputes (2006) shows a striking fit:
Because the thought structure of HCPs and the adversarial court process are such a perfect fit, HCPs are at times effective at making innocent people look guilty, while at the same time with their desperate charm and aggressive drive they often succeed at looking innocent themselves. Many cases that appear to be two HCPs fighting are actually being driven by only one party who successfully makes the other party look bad. (Friedman, 2004)
Bill Eddy, Managing High Conflict People in Court, 2008

Does anyone else see the striking similarities between high-conflict personalities and pit bull owners and advocates?

I highly recommended the following books by Bill Eddy:

It's All Your Fault!: 12 Tips for Managing People Who Blame Others for Everything, 2012

Managing High Conflict People in Court, 2008

High Conflict People in Legal Disputes, 2012

If you can only purchase one, I recommend High Conflict People in Legal Disputes, 2012 but if you can afford them all, do it. Eddy has many more books on the subject and I will eventually get through them all.

I can not stress the importance of these books enough. If you have an interest in Cluster B personality disorders, these are a must for your library. Eddy's contribution to the understanding of Cluster B personality disorders is uniquely impressive. It is a true gift to the world and should be required reading for law students (and arson investigators. lol). His books are by far some of the best sources of information on Cluster B personality disorders that I have read, especially the histrionic variant, which unfortunately has not garnered as much attention as the other three PDs but in my opinion, HPD is more often than not the "undiagnosed and untreated personality disorder" playing out in the bizarro world of pit bull advocates.

In High Conflict People Part 2, I will explore the recent shenanigans on this blog.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, add a splash or two or three of vodka and start up a pit rescue

Originally published on January 16, 2014


today RANDY JOE CORNWALL turns 47.


i'm so glad you asked.

RANDY JOE CORNWALL is the next up and coming celebrity pit grifter in columbia, mississippi. yep, he is developing quite a sweet little gig down there. he's got his very special pack o' grippers (lil pimpin, sassy and preshus, there was a fourth - bay bay - but with no explanation she mysteriously dropped out of the picture. hmmm), rotating fosters and lots of adoring female fans. more importantly, RANDY JOE CORNWALL has TIME. lots and lots of time. well, at least until August 12, 2015.

what's so special about August 12, 2015?

i'm so glad you asked!

August 12, 2015 is when RANDY JOE CORNWALL completes his 2 year house arrest sentence.


i'm so glad you asked.

Felony DUI. i haven't been able to nail down the specifics, like was this his first, second, or third DUI or if he injured or killed anyone but two years of house arrest for a first time offender seems uncharacteristically excessive, unless of course there was an injured party.

but, but craven, of all of the callous, dishonest, shameless, immoral, misfits, failures and miscreant nutters, why focus on RANDY JOE CORNWALL?

i'm so glad you asked!

let's just say it was a PERFECT STORM.

remember Tanya Barnes? she was visiting a friend when her face was gripped by one of the friend's ugly dogs. the dog was SASSY and the "friend" was RANDY JOE CORNWALL. you've heard the tragic story of Tanya, think you are ready for the story of RANDY JOE the professional pit bull advocate?

RANDY JOE CORNWALL and SASSY the man biter

once upon a time, there was a putrid 5'6" 125# little man squatting on a piece of dirt in southern mississippi. he seemed to have trouble with relationships and willfully chose his mutants and backyard pit bull breeding operation over his wives, girlfriends and friends. one day a kind hearted friend was severely disfigured when she took pity on him and paid him a visit. a week later, the prosecutors elected not to press charges against the putrid little man because he did not "deliberately sic the pit on her". and one week later again, the man biter's life was spared. the putrid little man was elated because he got back the things that really mattered to him, his alter ego.

RANDY created a facebook page less than one month after the savage mauling of Tanya. it was slow going at first, pretty much just RANDY talking to himself. things began to pick up a bit with close friends and family. on a good day, he posted 1-2 comments and on a really good day, someone noticed. his comments typically consisted of peddling his backyard bred man biters, boasting about his mutant's fighting prowess, complaining of boredom, lusting for alcohol, trolling for white slavery, pontificating on his theory about how the pizza man coming to the door is proof that pit bulls are safe, whining about how difficult it is to sleep because of the pain and other mindless misspelled babble.  
just for kicks i'd like to chart RANDY JOE CORNWALL'S painful sleepless nights and compare them to Tanya's.


then something magical happened in august 2013 and RANDY JOE CORNWALL started to become popular.

he quickly became bored stuck at home with nothing to do but play with his man biters, feed his snakes, take reptilian selfies, and surf the internet. snakes only eat every few days and what is the fun of having pit bulls if you can not go out and terrorize the public. in need of beer money, bored and tired of looking at himself, because he admits that even he doesn't like himself, he decided he needed a hobby for the next two years. RANDY JOE CORNWALL discovered pit bull rescue.

it was fascinating reading his facebook page from its origin to today. having a ringside seat to the transmogrification of RANDY JOE was an experience that i'd do again in a heart beat, even though it was time consuming. his lingo shifted from pit bulls to pibbles and from backyard breeding to rescuing and adopting. by january 1st, the day i first visited his page, he was getting hammered with up to two dozen hits per day on his personal facebook page and countless hits on the pit bull propaganda pages he created.

can ya here me now?

RANDY JOE was no longer alone. the internet is seductive and always a willing 24/7 listener. there were countless damaged overemotional women at the ready to stroke his fragile ego and melt from his "kind sexy eyes".

when RANDY JOE is feeling down in the dumps and bad about himself, which i suspect is a reoccurring theme in his life, he changes his profile photo and makes self deprecating remarks to elicit pity and flattery. and predictably, his harem of hybristophiliacs come to the rescue, swooning over the reptilian stare.

laying the groundwork for the long con.

and testing the waters by dropping hints.

the walk of shame through the gallery of callousness.

this is not a dramatization. these are ACTUAL pit bull propaganda posters from RANDY JOE CORNWALL'S personal facebook page and every single one of them were posted almost 3 years AFTER his ugly mutant savaged Tanya Barne's face:



contrast RANDY JOE'S psychopathic fantasy world about his precious pit bulls and pibbles with HIS reality:

the argument "it's all how they are raised" doesn't fly in this instance. RANDY JOE CORNWALL loves his pit bulls in word and deed.

and it's true. you can see the love in the photos, not just his words. his pit bulls are loved and well cared for. they live inside the house as FAMILY members, they get plenty of exercise and plenty of food (maybe a little too much food) and STILL, one of them latched onto the face of a woman who did nothing more than sit on the sofa.

seriously RANDY, since you "have it all", including your face, how about you sign over that nice truck to your victim?

in RANDY JOE'S new role as pibble philanthropist, he would occasionally encounter criticism for ear cropping and tail docking from his new tribe. at one point, he had a temper tantrum which i captured below. funny but i don't think i saw one single rescue angel make a peep about not taking a knife to those testicles.

cuz ya know, RANDY JOE is all about spay & neuter. bwa-hahahaha. he sure has these over emotional women bamboozled and eating right out of his hand or should i say from those kind sexy reptilian eyes.

"everyone" is a bit of an exaggeration there little man. Tanya sure ain't smiling.

RANDY JOE projects an image of professionalism on linkedin but i dare ya to scratch the surface...

i believe you!

careful ladies, the last time a puppy squealed, there was hell to pay. eighteen months after SASSY rearranged Tanya's face and here is RANDY JOE minimizing the danger. i wonder if these two have a clue as to what happened to Tanya when she sat on that sofa? i wonder if they care? RANDY JOE CORNWALL doesn't seem to.

RANDY JOE CORNWALL i call this "vicious".

the RANDY JOE fan club has nary a clue about the dangers his mutants pose and i suspect they are clueless about his current home incarceration or his goal to turn pit bull advocacy into his personal income generator.

this is a screenshot from a video uploaded to RANDY JOE'S facebook page of a female throwing the ball for his unfenced pit bulls, one of which mauled Tanya Barnes. note RANDY JOE'S comment about his dogs will only "LICK LICK LICK" you. this comment was made 3 years and 4 months after the savage mauling of Tanya.

the $500,000 thirty second mauling of Tanya Barnes

No Dirt Nap for Ugly

No Criminal Charges for the Putrid Little Man

Randy Cornwall

Randy's Chip-in

Pit Bulls & Pibbles

I'm a Pit Bull Lover So Kiss My Ass

funny thing about this scathing blog post, his harem of damaged rescue angels will likely rally around poor misunderstood RANDY JOE and my "defamatory" manifesto will likely serve to only cement the sick bond between them further. did i just do RANDY a favor? lol!

Monday, April 13, 2015

swagger in, slither out

profile of a dangerous dog lobbyist.

on 12.19.13 LISA CAMUSO left the following comment:
LOLOL...You guys are priceless...!Not a clue, any of you? SO sad...but easily herded, I would imagine.Can any of you figure out why anti-pit bull people run and hide when I offer to debate them on canine behavior, training, breeds and dog bites? I'm a little stumped as all of you are so outspoken and self-proclaimed experts, posting charts and statistics as if you gave birth to a new solar system...So, when any of you are ready after your quick Google search for propaganda to use as ammunition....let me know...I have been a bully breed owner for over 20 yrs. I train, I've worked my dogs....and I was a legislative director for several all breed working dog organization. Oh, and I co-authored dangerous dog ordinances in several cities....Ready for me???? (Morons getting ready to ban me from this page in 3,2 .......1 ! )
of course i published her comment immediately and accepted her challenge. i continually checked for her reply, eagerly awaiting her public thrashing. hours went by, then days and LISA MARIE CAMUSO, dog trainer extraordinaire and hot shot "legislative director" and co-author to the pit bull stars was a no show. :-(

so i looked for her.

i found her barren facebook page. her profile pic consisted of her dedication to the party of truth and a couple of comments, there were no photos, friend list, likes, nothing to substantiate her grandiose claims.

i don't think i have ever encountered such hubris in a nutter before. color me intrigued and disappointed. since LISA MARIE CAMUSO didn't return to put me in place and since massachusetts is of special interest to me and since i had an hour to kill... google to the rescue.

let's see...
• 20+ years experience as "bully breed" owner
• dog bite diva (move over karen)
• expert dog trainer & behaviorist
• co-author of dangerous dog laws

there is no way to prove or to disprove that she has over 20 years experience as a bully breed owner, she is 50 years old, so it is at least a possibility, unlike some of these 22 year old dog groomers who claim to have 20 years experience as vet tech, breeders and dog trainers.

i didn't find anything to demonstrate LISA'S superior knowledge of dog bites and since she didn't return to educate me, i will assume that her special knowledge is simply a regurgitation of KAREN DELISE'S schtick: intact resident dogs that no one can identify, yadda, yadda, yadda.

i was able to glean LISA MARIE CAMUSO'S skill level as dog trainer/behaviorist though, thanks to an old PBF thread.

 be sure to click on these to view larger and enjoy!

here is another example of her superior dog training skills.

as to her claim of co-author of dangerous dog laws, i suspect there is quite a bit of exaggeration there. LISA MARIE CAMUSO did appear to be the legislative liaison for the american working dog federation but according to the 2008 minutes, her involvement might have consisted only of attending meetings and hearings. i have yet to find her named as an author. LISA MARIE CAMUSO may have had some success imposing her unfettered dangerous dog agenda on our greedy, spineless, weak kneed, lily-livered, chicken-hearted, yellow-bellied elected officials. the unfortunate reality of american politics is that the special interest groups are running show thanks to the greedy, spineless, weak kneed, lily-livered, chicken-hearted, yellow-bellied fucktards that we elect to office. no reason why the lobbyists for dangerous dogs should not enjoy the same privileges as monsanto and the predatory banks. money talks. i found plenty of examples of LISA MARIE CAMUSO acting as conduit to the rest of nutterdom whenever BSL was being considered.

think i am being to hard on politicians? check out the council minutes from methuen, mass in 2006. during a public discussion on muzzling PIT BULLS in the city, a couple of nutter sisters showed up to protest muzzles, as did LISA CAMUSO of franklin and HOLLY STUMP of ipswich (another professional pit bull lobbyist), and some nutter by the name of BONNIE. the city did not require BONNIE to state her full name or full address but happily indulged her fanaticism.

my google search of LISA MARIE CAMUSO shed more light on her character than the specialized skill set she boasted of.

i found LISA MARIE CAMUSO trying to tell a "little white lie" to a kentucky hunting forum but it back fired. the good old boys appear to be sharper than our elected officials. link one and link two.

little white liar LISA CAMUSO tried to whip the hunters up in a fear frenzy with the promise that their beagles, labs and retrievers were in danger of being banned under a law being considered in louisville. when in reality, the law targets "any dog that is owned for the purpose of harming or fighting another animal".

"A total of 7 breeds of dogs are specifically named as "dangerous" and subject to mandatory spay/neuter.
Intact dogs of those breeds, which include American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Cane Corsos, Presa Canarios, Dogue de Bordeauxs and American Pit Bull Terriers are subject to special permits, insurance requirements, muzzling in public and special enclosure rules.
A special permit must be bought to own an intact dog of any of these breeds, and Councilwoman Cheri Hamilton has already announced her intention to add more breeds in future!"

(more breeds in the future likely consisted of bandogs, american bulldogs and all of their ugly mutations.)

LISA MARIE CAMUSO concluded her histrionic plea to kentucky hunters with names and contact information of the 26 louisville council members.

the hunters respond:
where is the part about outlawing hunting dogs.
I'm not calling you a liar but where is your proof on your allegations this is pretty harsh stuff and needs some sort of substantiation regarding your statements about one person.

Never knew a pitbull or any of the other does you listed were hunting dogs...

I agree and say this in no way is for hunting said my lab is a retriever. The dogs listed are banned in alot of places around the U.S. Presa Canarios are pit bulls on steriods, Dogo Argentinos are pretty vicious too, as the others can be. I know most are used as guard dogs mostly. I know people that have a few of the listed breeds.

There's a HUGE difference between a pit bull and a lab and it looks like they have failed to acknowledge that. Sounds like you guys have some Psycho's up there in Da Ville.

she displays a consistent pattern of deception and obfuscation.

where are you LISA MARIE CAMUSO (lisa quinn/liger woods/gogetmgidget)?

as vintage says "check back so we know that you have not been mauled or incarcerated." or maybe just let us know if your lithium kicked in.


Joan of Barf for Pit bulls, Camuso
Appeared not for her big-tent roadshow
And left the simple villagers leaderless, and moronic
For patent nostrum teachings
much like a cheap colonic
A sheeple dip and tonic
To rid our minds of
Facts and phonics
We foolishiy believed were truth;
And as we milled with vacant minds
To learn about canine Frankensteins
The tattered stage curtain fluttered with fallacies breath
We awaited the Gospel that pit bulls abhorr death
But imbeceles must accept life as disappointments come:
Evaporating fast as deadly methane gas
Camuso was gone in 3...2....1.

Friday, April 10, 2015

the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long

Or a seventh as long compared to Leah Purcell. Purcell managed to run her dog rescue grifter operation for 28 years!

When Markwell was approached by some of the local color in Forks, WA for a pit bull, he told them, "Don't come around here anymore. Tell your friends the dogs are dangerous, but the owner's worse."

Foreshadow. lol.

Steve Markwell burst onto the dog rescue scene in 2009 armed with promises, grand pie in the sky plans and a handful of fairy dust to sprinkle into the lattes of gullible rescue angels only to find himself in a heap of legal trouble four years later.

Fast forward to 2015. This week MARKWELL admitted to violating the Charitable Solicitation Act and its Consumer Protection Act. The Washington state dog whisperer and one time speaker on the subject of breed specific legislation at the University of Washington Law School (page 4) in 2012 faces fines totaling $96,000 for 48 violations plus over $20,000 in legal fees after soliciting over $360,000 in donations to his house of horrors charity from 2009 to 2011. The judge could also order MARKWELL to return the money that he duped from fellow no kill kooks. MOMMY!

A few gullible political correct organizations pimped Markwell out and presented him as someone to respect and mimic but only Idea Mensch deleted the piece they ran on Markwell in 2009 (good thing i saved a pdf!). He is still listed as number 32 of 33 entrepreneurs who make this world a better place but his individual spotlight has been purged from their website. You would think that an honest organization would seize the moment to teach people of the dangers of con artists instead of sloppily trying to bury the truth. Even the famous psychopath researcher, Dr. Robert Hare admits that he can be fooled by these creatures.


Peninsula Daily News

Markwell's bottom feeding attorney could not be reached for comment

OAS - life inside the sanctuary

High Praise in the LA Times

care2 explain yourself Markwell to your gullible followers?

Rackateer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

pit nutter of the month: steve markwell - rescue angel, lion tamer, child of the universe, and a good candidate for B12 intervention