Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bloody Money Trail

Last October, a pit bull from the Longmont Humane Society attacked a neighbor and his dog. The investigators discovered that the pit bull had a history of biting both humans and animals and had been declared dangerous in Mesa. The investigators also realized that a disproportionate number of dog bites were from dogs adopted out of LHS.

I decided to look into this further and I found that the humane society was an hour drive north of Denver and Aurora, two cities despised by pit bull zealots for their breed bans. I also discovered that LHS had an interesting benefactor: ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION.

Between 2009 and 2012, LHS received over $35,000 from the AFF. The AFF paid $50 for every pit bull LHS adopted out and $150 for every pit bull that received a CGC plus there were several large lump sum donations for "adoption incentives".

Click here to read the ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION'S version of LHS rags to riches story.

AFF 990s can be viewed here and here.

Last Friday, Klonda Richey was killed by her neighbors' gripping dogs when she took out the garbage. It didn't take long for word to leak out that the victim had made numerous complaints to animal control. has uploaded all of the complaints against the owners, ANDREW NASON and JULIE CUSTER and AC's pathetic responses. Some of the more chilling complaints, indicate that NASON and CUSTER used their mutants to threaten and intimidate the victim. Klonda Richey was so frightened of the dogs that she sought a protection order with the court. Magistrate KRISTI WUEBBEN refused to grant it.

You can read all of the gory details at

The state of Ohio is of special interest to me, so I looked further into the Montgomery County Dog Warden, MARK KUMPF.

His facebook page was a regular pity party, with KUMPF whining about his worst day ever. His friends and coworkers rallied to show their support for the pudgy slug. The entire discussion has since been deleted but I copied it below. It is a sickening display considering a woman who repeatedly asked his department for help and protection is dead because of KUMPF'S lack of action.

Apparently, when the Montgomery County Dog Warden comes a knocking, all you have to do is ignore him and he goes away. Unfortunately the problem doesn't. It's impossible to feel one iota of sympathy for KUMPF'S worst day in his life when you consider the details of Klonda Richey's slow brutal agonizing death.

Back to the pity party.

There were a few familiar names; JEAN KEATING, TAMIRA CI THAYNE, DAISY BALAWEJDER, but one particular supporter of KUMPF is worthy of highlighting.

STACEY JACOBS - COLEMAN is the executive director for the ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION.

I dug deeper into KUMPF'S facebook page and found a photo of him posing with old money bags herself, JANE SAUL ROTROSEN BERKEY, the grand poobah of the AFF.

It is important to note that KUMPF, along with another Ohio Dog Warden MATT GRANITO, local pit bull activist JEAN KEATING and LEDY VANKAVAGE were instrumental in overturning Ohio's pit bull law in 2012 which has been addressed in depth at Scorched Earth. Both GRANITO and KUMPF are known to have close ties with the Utah Cult and LEDY VANKAVAGE. VANKAVAGE also occupies a seat on the AFF board of directors. And now we see a direct connection between Ohio and the New York Cult. It's a small world.

Been in animal control since August 1989. Today counts as the hardest day I have ever had and the worst case I have responded to in my career. Can't say enough good things about the professionals at the ARC - ACCO's Torbin Peterson, Brian Baker & Kandi Angi Broadus & Dr Kelly Meyer and all the folks who helped work our case today.
  • 71 people like this.
  • Jamie Lynn Park I'm proud of you Mark and I'm proud of our friendship. The world needs more people like you.

  • Justin Scally Our thoughts are with you all today... Thank you for what you and your team do every day...

  • Marilyn Karch Bourdow As I came down Riverside Drive after work tonight, there were two dogs fornicating right beside the road near Bruce! I normally stop and try to help strays, but I was too scared. This was a horrible thing to have happened and could have happened to any person in the area. The dogs were probably mistreated and not fed. So sorry you had to go through that, Mark.

  • Lisa Hospets heard about it earlier and was thinking of you.

  • Tracy Coppola Im sorry to ask if it is inappropriate or confidential, but what is the case?

  • Zandra Gibson So sorry for you and your team and the woman who was killed by the dogs. Montgomery County is so fortunate to have you and your officers.

  • Mel Isaacs A horrific case. Any dog attack is terrible but a fatality is just something else entirely. Thanks to you and your team for your hard work.

  • Betsey Hench Thank you

  • Jamie Lynn Park Ha can't say but it's all over the news.

  • Laura Kursman So sorry - here if you need anything!

  • Jetta Earhart Mark, I saw the news report but I hadn't made the connection with your department. I'm sorry. Hang in there.

  • Sally Schmidt Mahrt We are so thankful for you and your team, so sad and sorry for today's outcome.

  • Tracy Coppola I see now. Very, very sorry to hear.

  • Steve Knick I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be on that case. You, your team, and all the other first responders on this case deserve a great big thank you from the rest of us who don't have to deal with what you went though today (and every day for that matter). THANK YOU for all you do.

  • Meredeth Oliver How tragic - in every way. Thank you for doing your job well.

  • Susan Hanley Thank you to all your staff as well as the Dayton Police.

  • Sarah Kraus I think that is awesome that you have such a great staff and team!!!! To help with all the cases and that you appreciate them soo much!!! Thank all of them for what they do!!! I sure wish I could do that and help but I guess it was never meant to be for me! I will still pursue my law enforcement career goal and my personal animal rescue I have done 254 dogs and counting lol!!!! Thank you for all your hard work really thank you!!!

  • Tamira Ci Thayne Oh, no, Mark, I know that's saying a lot...I'm so sorry.

  • Tonia Aslin Gould Jimmy told me. So sorry Mark!! My prayers are with you and everyone there!! I know that had to be so difficult to deal with!

  • Kurt Merbs Great job Mark Kumpf....can't imagine hang in there

  • Amber Shay No comment on the year

  • Robin Rock My heart goes out to you and your team. I am grateful for all you do!

  • Kevin M. Kilgore Sorry, But! Your do your job first; then get home safe to those who love you. Tomorrow it will be better and will be one of the better days. If not, then consider something else. Worse things happen and life goes know. Get some damn rest of which I know better than most you will not... your bud.

  • Donna Sparks Mark, my prayers are with you & your team, I know from our history with you how dedicated you are

  • Jean Keating Thank you for the work that you do Mark Kumpf.

  • Bryan Lee Wickham Bless your heart, Mark Kumpf. All you do and still you are awesome!

  • Martha C. Armstrong So sorry, Mark, that you and your team had to experience this. Prayers for you, your team an the family of victim.

  • Renee Holland Parcell I'm so sorry - you and your staff are angels, and we appreciate what you do.

  • Brad Gryggs Can't imagine mate. Thoughts are with you. Thanks for being an exceptional, compassionate and pragmatic human being.

  • Cindy Broome Kind of hate when there’s a conversation where everyone seems to know the story, but the details for those who don’t know the principals are far from clear. Thanks to some hints here, I found this link, which will tell the story if you, too, were in the dark. Terrible tragedy, indeed. Very sad.

  • Winnie Kelly Oh, Mark, I'm so sorry. You and yours are in my prayers tonight.

  • Beth Honaker Mark, I'm so sorry you had to witness that. Manny and I lived only about 1/2 mile away from there.

  • Winnie Kelly And Cindy, thanks for the updated post.
  • Katherine McGowan Shenar So sorry, Mark. Thinking of you and your team tonight.

  • Laurie M. Adams Thank you for all you do mark. I am so very sorry that you had to encounter this.

  • Karen Mitchell Lokensgard Your job is the hardest job I can imagine. I'm starting the Mark Kumpf Fan Club. Big, BIG hug.

  • Stacey Jacobs-Coleman Mark Kumpf, I am glad that you are on this case because it means we will be getting only reliable facts without speculation or hysterics. We need people like you. I am sorry you have to deal with this tragedy. And I am glad it is you who will be giving us information.
  • Daisy Balawejder Hang in there. Thanks for everything you do.

  • Bethany Horn That is crazy! How horrible, can only imagine how difficult this is to deal with.

  • Susan Cain Take a deep breath and hold your head up. I know you do an awesome job. I know your job is hard. I always waited till I got home and cried. Terrible thing is all the good you r doing. You don't get to ever forget.

  • Connie Faivre I cannot imagine what you have had to deal with in this case. I'll be saying extra prayers tonight, my friend.

  • Joe Rock Thinking of you Mark Kumpf. Couldn't be a better man for the job!
  • Christie Montgomery I hope I never have to endure that pain ... I am so sorry you have had to ..... may you find peace and comfort
  • Andie Lloyd You have an awesome crew... and AWESOME one!

  • Joann Hughes Such a tragedy. Thank you for your service. As the mother of a first responder I can tell you that most everyone pauses when a tragedy happens and then they I go right on about their business never thinking what first responders go through day after day. It is the aftermath, the images in their heads of what they experienced and saw that make their jobs so much different than the average person. Sleepless nights, bad dreams etc. The community does appreciate you and some of us empathize and appreciate more because we have a loved one that has survived an event that changed their lives. Take care of yourself and staff.

  • Sharon Harvey So, so sorry, Mark ...
  • Mindy Moore Bacon So sorry this has happened in your community, or anywhere for that matter. I also know that there are few who can manage this crisis better than you.
  • Michael Martin My heart goes out to the victim in this crime. She was taunted and harrassed by these dog owners and appealed to agencies for help for months. And, Mark, you said today that this was unpreventable? Wow...
  • Mark Kumpf Our agency responded to every call we received. We had no legal grounds to take any action beyond issuing warnings as we never witnessed a violation. Our citations cannot be issued on a complaint, we have to see a dog in violation. The criteria for declaring a dog dangerous requires a bite (never bit anyone), killing a dog (never killed another dog), or convicted of 3 at large violations (never cited as neither the ARC or Dayton Police have witnessed them at large). Dogs are personal property and we cannot confiscate them based on a complaint only. With no legal basis to remove the dogs, our agency had no way to prevent this from happening. As noted in my press release this evening, our office never received an identified complaint from Klonda as our calls a(12 of 13) were anonymous. We received no calls from September on. The calls were not all dogs at large either. Several we're for conditions or barking. I agree that this is a terriBle tragedy, I spent the day at the scene with my officers and the Dayton police. We all wish it hadn't happened but in the end, the only people who could have prevented this are the two under investigation by the Dayton police.
  • Tina Kauchak Oh my goodness!!

  • Scott Giacoppo Mark, you and your team are top notch, it's a part of the job we all pray we never have to deal with, the community is lucky to have such trained professionals like yourself. You're in our thoughts, stay strong.

  • Laura Gonzo My thoughts are with you and your team, Mark. Also with friends and family of the victim. It's just awful.

ONE lone voice called KUMPF out. And ONE person agreed. I was compelled to join him.

The comments at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center facebook page are not so warm and fuzzy.

this blog post will most certainly be updated as the sad story of Klonda Richey and her murderers - NASON, CUSTER, KUMPF, WUEBBEN and yes VANKAVAGE & BERKEY, continues to unfold. expect a block buster of a blog post from Scorched Earth too.


Animal Uncontrol said...

Great investigative reporting. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I second that. Great reporting, though I couldn't get through it all. Something about all those "I'm sorry you've had a bad day" and "Keep up the good works" comments made to a man who is at least partially responsible for that poor woman's death made me nauseated.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE this statement:

Mark Kumpf: Our agency responded to every call we received. We had no legal grounds to take any action beyond issuing warnings as we never witnessed a violation

What if the police adopted that strategy?

"Rape? What rape? We didn't see it happen, so we can't do anything."

"Assault? You could have gotten those bruises by yourself, so you're probably lying. If we didn't see it, it didn't happen."

Anonymous said...

It is astonishing that Kumpf is responsible for this death, yet he is getting sympathy! Describing it as his worst day ever? HIS WORST DAY?! He's not the one laying naked on a sidewalk, dead. He's the one who allowed this to happen!

Animal Uncontrol said...

I can't get over what a complete TOOL Mark Kumpf is.

I mean, OK, he is a complete whore for the Pit Nuts, but COME ON!

This is not a binary issue: Could he not, at least, give lip service to tightening the leash laws? As a million other people have said, 13 complaints for off leash and ALL dismissed as cranks? The officer MUST witness, IN PERSON, the offence? Come on!

I think the doggers have a pole shoved so far up his ass they use it to wag his tongue and flap his lips... that has to be the only explanation.

Dayna said...

Disgusting. Everyone is commenting at what a great job Kumpf did and praying for him etc. ... He did a HORRIBLE job! A woman fucking DIED on his watch! They should be praying for that woman's friends and family!!! Holy crap what a fucked up bunch of psychos. Sorry about the french, I'm just so upset by this story.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Photos and videos can work. However, I understand that many jurisdictions do not accept them... again, the knee jerk response from authorities is the complainant is a crank and they are forging evidence against poor snookums-wookums and their owner.

Branwyne Finch said...

The dog owner also has a record of child endangerment...

PNW Pit Dispatcher said...

People, let's all learn from this tragedy. We MUST go on the offensive, instead of waiting for someone to be mauled or killed.

It's obvious that the pit bull social workers, AKA AC, don't give a fuck for your safety. Police and courts don't give a shit until after the crime has been committed. The judge ought to be fired, and Kumpf ought to be left alone with 10 of his favorite dangerous dogs.... We cannot depend on them for our safety.

I know the nutters will say this is cruel, but fuck them, they terrorize the rest us with no fear of reprisal, no fear of legal sanction. Time to change that equation. Why should WE have to look over our shoulders? THEY should be the ones afraid.

The numbers of maulings and deaths proves getting rid of these maulers is the only way. How many fatalities are by dogs that the victims KNEW were going to kill them? WHY WAIT?

Shoot, shovel, shut up, is the mantra for farmers and rural people all over for a reason. In the suburbs, or urban areas, quieter methods are better, and won't trigger increased penalties for use of a firearm.

Make sure to call police and AC as often as you can, but don't leave your name, because nutters are often violent. Then collect as much evidence as possible. This way if you must dispatch the problem, you can have proof of self defense.

Mom in Eugene said...

I could not be more disgusted by this.
I'm sure the law requires he see a violation, it's a dumb law, but widespread.

His negligence is in not trying harder to even see these dogs. 13 complaints? I don't GAF if half were for barking or conditions, that is serious stuff too. dogs die over starvation, and neighbors shoot each other over noise.

And that would leave HALF of the complaints about loose, threatening, dogs? What 6+ serious complaints about these dogs wasn't enough to make a few trips? PLEASE. SPARE ME YOUR BULLSHIT. Get off your lazy ass and do your goddamn job, fat shit.

I couldn't even read all the sappy shit on his FB. Makes me wanna puke.

I hope she has a family member that's mad enough to take revenge, and sue the city into oblivion over this. Failure of Ac, failure of the courts.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Assuming he would have done something when BSL was part of Ohio law, I hope the anti-BSL law he promoted in Ohio fucks him in the ass.

Had BSL been a part of Ohio law when the pit bull hybrids killed her, he would have been able to stop this senseless death by the neighbor's pit hybrid pets.

All he did was post some lame ass warnings...that is all he did. I believe he knew the danger Klonda was in but since he's a pit nutter he ignored it because he wouldn't want it to "reflect badly on the breed (pit bulls)".

As most of us know, pit nutters ignore common sense and there is no "warning" that will put a pit nutter in check. Enforcement of BSL is the only thing that would have saved this women from her neighbor and their pit hybrid dogs.

Also, I'm disgusted at the lack of empathy for the victim of this crime. Mark Kumpf ignored all the warnings and I hope Klonda's family sues the city and Mark Kumpf is fired. I read the AC's FB page and he's just shrugging his shoulders when he supports the pit nutter agenda. It is his ignorance and the anti-BSL law which he supported that killed this lady.

Seem the entire lot of his AC are a bunch of douchebags.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

On his personal FB page, all he does is bitch about how cold it is and a few photos of him in his AC uniform and some photos of what I assume to be his pit dogs.

What a douche.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

branwyne, the criminal record of NASON will be the focus of the upcoming blog post on Scorched Earth.

rumplestilskin, best case scenario: grilled and tattooed bubba will soon be fucking KUMPF in the ass.

i've read so much on this case in the last few days, they are all blurring together but someone somewhere made an astute observation about the absolute worthlessness of the services provided by animal control and why do we even bother to have this TAX PAYER service if it is so ineffectual.

here here.

let's return to the wild wild west, survival of the fittest and everyman for himself officially and save money in the process. the nutters seem to like that system when their mutant is rampaging against out normal dogs. the logical alternative seems unlikely - purge animal control of the pit bull zealots and no kill kooks. they are incapable of carrying out their duty to protect the public. revoke private contracts for animal control. let's return to the city dog catcher.

MARK KUMPF is the poster child for the corruption that has become animal control in america.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Rumplestilskin, I respectfully disagree:

You wrote -

"Had BSL been a part of Ohio law when the pit bull hybrids killed her, he would have been able to stop this senseless death by the neighbor's pit hybrid pets."

Perhaps another AC agent would have, but I seriously doubt that Kumpf would have.

This guy is owned lock, stock and barrel by the pit community. Is he going to let a little something like a pit bull restriction stop him? I doubt it... he would have blown off those complaints like he does everything else. He ignored all of the off leash, barking, and neglect complaints. Do you really think he would have enforced a breed restriction?

Forget about it, he would have said "We drove past the property and no pit bulls were in evidence. We asked the occupant if they owned pit bulls and they said no. There is nothing else I could have done".

See how easy that is?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

before Klonda Richey, there was Jimmie Mae Mcconnell.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is Berkey power posing?

Anonymous said...

loved reading all those pitidiots commiserating with that AC asshole . like it was him chewed up and killed instead of the poor victim .

Anonymous said...

A firefighter was demoted over this? Seriously? What poor bastard did this happen to?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a firefighter in connecticut was demoted after facebook nutters complained about him telling people how to use everyday items to defend against and kill an ugly attacking mutant. you'd think he was encouraging people to break into homes and kill dogs.

Sweetie Pie said...

Since that firefighter posted his comments, telling what to do in an emergency to save a life during a pit bull attack, seven more people have been killed by pit bulls. Another child (in Newark) is hanging on, may as yet die -- too bad the neighbor who saved that child hadn't read the firefighter's comments.

Since he made those comments, about 190 people have been attacked by pit bulls and a whole lot more animals.

Anonymous said...

all those pit droolers cumming to brown nose to that fat tub of lard . some sort of payback for letting that poor woman die ?

Da Ninja said...

SO glad that Craven has swung the cleansing spotlight on this man and his raging Pit Bull protectionism. Never stop, Craven. Klonda deserves to be protected and fought for, given retribution, even in death. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Animal control officers rarely do their job. This guy is obviously lazier than most and beyond a waste of tax payer money! This one in particular should be held accountable. The failure to do his job was a direct cause of this death. This story screams manslaughter! The sooner we can hold these bastards accountable, the quicker we will see more efficient action. FOLLOW THE LAW, wether you agree with it or not. GREAT work on the investigation end!

Anonymous said...

Animal Control jobs, in many, many towns, have no real requirements for education or many cases, they are patronage jobs, doled out to connected townies so they can take advantage of municipal benefits like health care and pensions. Let me be clear that this is not always the case, and there are some really dedicated professionals out there, AC workers who put public safety first, and take a lot of abuse from AR lunatics when they put down dangerous dogs. You can care about animals and people also, the two are not mutually exclusive.

But I know a dog walker who was offered a job in my city as ACO, without even formally applying, and without the job even being posted by the city, as they are legally required to do. She turned it down because she felt she "wasn't really qualified".

It doesn't surprise me that Kumfp is a lazy, overweight, do-nothing man-boy, who is easily flattered and manipulated by pit bull advocates. At the municipal government level, there is likely no one supervising him, and no mechanism in place to evaluate his job performance.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop thinking about this case, and how terrorized she must have been. How everyone failed her. How painful and scary her death must have been. I didnt know her, and it brings tears to my eyes.

This is a job for Dexter. I wish he was real, though the owners, Kumph, and the related nutters don't deserve the quick death Dexter brings. I hope they are mauled the same way Klonda was, but let them live a few weeks and suffer before expiring.

Alas, they will be happy and safe, because the majority of society would never do such things.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"It doesn't surprise me that Kumfp is a lazy, overweight, do-nothing man-boy, who is easily flattered and manipulated by pit bull advocates."

so right on anonymous. i have a photo of him posing with VICTORIA STILWELL too. he's pathetic.

it's not impossible for me to have a little bit of pity for him but not the kind displayed above by all of his nutter "friends". i see him as weak and easy prey for the predators, ledy and jane. i believe that he might come to regret ever getting involved with them. at least i hope so. that won't help Klonda but it might help me.
nah, never mind.

Packhorse said...

Quote: "AR lunatics when they put down dangerous dogs"

Pit bull activists shouldn't be mistaken for animal rights activists. True AR supporters, as exemplified by Merritt Clifton, care about all creatures--not just fighting breed dogs that so often maul and kill.

S.K.Y. said...

I was just on Patricia McConnell's Facebook page. (Ph.D. dog behaviorist who lives 30 miles from me and is a household word in my area). She asked for comments regarding a blog article on how to get fewer people to relinquish dogs to shelters. Specifically, dogs 40 lb. and up. It was meant to be a warm fuzzy post about finding dog-friendly housing for poor dog owners.

I responded that 50-60% of dogs in shelters are pit bulls, and that many are relinquished at social maturity for a very good reason. And that the best way to stop relinquishment would be a national mandatory spay/neuter program for pit bulls.

Of course, people started writing in to call me a racist, a hater, etc. etc. I wrote back answers about how pits are one of the purest and oldest breeds and how racism doesn't apply. Patricia McConnell's assistant just wrote to say she's removing the whole thread and that P.M. will be e-mailing me personally later today to explain her justification.

I'm pretty sure her justification is that lots of pit nutters buy her books, and she doesn't want to do anything to upset them. But she won't come out and say this, of course...

I wish more people in the dog business would grow a backbone! I know they all agree with me, they're just afraid to say so in front of the pit lobby. P.M. herself has a toy dog and Border Collie, and keeps sheep, so I'm sure she knows the dangers of pits. Just won't admit it in public. Argh!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

she has a border collie so i am sure she knows the importance of genetics.

many years ago i read two of her books. i used to respect her. now mcconnell is just sell out pit whore.

Mom in Eugene said...

I simply do not understand why people fear stating the facts. Especially those that work with dogs! Sure nutters are nuts, but there's a point where you can't be weak. I get being anonymous when posting more incendiary stuff, but how is mentioning that fighting dogs fight even an issue? If dog people spoke up, it would really help.

As for AR activists, I think there are 2 kinds. One that cares for actual animal welfare, and those that live in a fantasyland where all unwanted animals can live their natural lives happy, somewhere. It's telling that the most reviled of animal activists PETAs for oupit bull S/N and BSL TO END SUFFERING. They are also against TNR,as its cruelty.

Small Survivors said...

Not only did the pudgy slug pass the buck and essentially explain why taxes that pay for his salary might just as well be flushed down the toilet; he said nothing to indicate he's not perfectly happy with things being this way. As far as he and his buds are concerned, this is the way its gonna be. that's life.

These corrupt pit pervs know full well how dangerous their dogs are and they're perfectly happy knowing that several people will lose limbs and more will lose their lives to accommodate their desire to won fighting dogs.

tropical storms said...

I've actually wondered why no one pounced on me for my posts on dogfighting or my continually pointing out that bulldogs were/ are bred only to attack and kill other animals. Funnily enough a dogman responded to the dogfighting posts and was quite agreeable. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

the only pit ppl who dont seem to have their heads right up their dogs asses are dogmen ....go figure is right .

Small Survivors said...

The leaders of the pit bull propaganda machine don't have their heads up their asses about pit bulls either. They know their pits are mauling and killing more people and pets than all other kinds of dogs. They're just lying about it. And they're confident they can manipulate the system to make it impossible for people to protect themselves from that reality.

Anonymous said...

My question, is why do the pit nutters want to make sure people can't protect themselves? I don't understand, and I can't figure it out.

And now it's clear that some Animal Control agencies don't want to protect people either.


Rumpelstiltskin said...

Anon @7:08AM

Because pit nutters have more power against you. They enjoy the fact that their pit bulls were bred to fight to the death and you will have no power to defend yourself against it. In their eyes, if you are attacked by their pit dog, you must have done something wrong and you should pay the price.

AC is often full of pit nutters. Refer to my statement above and that is one of the reasons AC does nothing when it comes to pit bull dogs terrorizing someone or killing another animal.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the the petition to get this low life fired. If this fucking piece of shit did his job, or gave a shit aboout anyone. That poor women would be alive. Not another dead victim because of demented pitshits!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"My question, is why do the pit nutters want to make sure people can't protect themselves? I don't understand, and I can't figure it out."

that would be psychopathic, wouldn't it?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Mark Kumpf needs to be fired. He is biased in favor of pit bulls and did nothing to protect this lady after she called both AC and 911 multiple times.

The system failed her and she paid the ultimate price.

Had Klonda protected herself, she would probably face animal cruelty charges and most likely Mark Kumpf would have happily assisted in making her life miserable for hurting those "innocent pit mixes" who only wanted to be snuggled and loved. That's how the pit nutter mentality works. Fact is, pit bulls were created by dog fighters and it's no surprise to me when they kill.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I finally looked at the tax forms for AFF. So it is a private foundation that is basically funded by Berkey and her family/friends -- Andrew Saul is her brother. JB gave $1,500,000 million each year in the last two years just to promote pit bulls. Is there any similar organization for any other breed of dog or any other type if animal

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I have never heard the type and volume of propaganda from other breeds of dog, only pit bulls.

Packhorse said...

Watch two trashy girls steal a gripper from the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh.

I looked on the group's website and they are indeed pit mixes--as are the vast majority of dogs being offered there. I figured as much when I saw the puppies' coat coloring.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dumb and fucking dumber.

i'd like to see people sterilized and lose permanent custody of their kids when they are caught committing a crime with their kids in tow.

DubV said...

Let's imagine an alternate universe where golden retrievers were given a "bad rap".

Would this breed need all that money to rehab its image? No. Folks would just have to calm down, read as much as they could, and meet some goldies. That's it. It would not stand for more than a year, let alone more than 30.

This is interesting to me because the nutters all claim that GSDs and dobbie had their decade of a bad rap.

Why aren't these dogs still attached to this "bad rap" if it ever really existed?

I'd say it is because the "bad rap" was not justified.

There was no need for massive efforts to rehab the breed's name in the media.

It took care of itself.

Now watch, in 10 years the nutters will still be complaining about this oppression.

Pit bull owners and pit bulls, you see, always have a built in "escape valve" for bad behavior, and this "valve" is not employed for other breeds.

A pit bull killed someone, well we all know how they are abused and misunderstood, dontcha know?

A pit bull in a good home is reported to have done something bad...well...this is harder but it probably is due to media bias that it was reported and drummed up. Plus, society is an unhealthy place for these poor animals that are judged by bigots. It obviously sets up a scenario where we can't really blame them.

This is just identity politics for dogs and the crafting of a flexible and non-falsifiable pile of dog crap.

Anonymous said...

Nobody deserves such a bad day, Mark Kumpf. Nobody. You may have had to lever yourself personally out of your ergonomically-designed play-office chair, attend to a few bedsores, consider the day's menu,
frolic amidst your collection of flowered polyester, look up the word "fornicating" ( and then being unavailable for 10 minutes to 2 hours) ...and nap time, and sycophancy, and Picture much HUMANLY can you be expected to do? Rest your large grinning head, Mr Kumpf. Klonda Richey will never disturb your repose again.

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"Nobody deserves such a bad day, Mark Kumpf. Nobody. You may have had to lever yourself personally out of your ergonomically-designed play-office chair, attend to a few bedsores, consider the day's menu,
frolic amidst your collection of flowered polyester, look up the word "fornicating" ( and then being unavailable for 10 minutes to 2 hours) ...and nap time, and sycophancy, and Picture much HUMANLY can you be expected to do? Rest your large grinning head, Mr Kumpf. Klonda Richey will never disturb your repose again. "

oh my. i wish i could claim authorship to this one.

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This is anon from 2/14/ at 9:54 -- so AFF has been around since 1985. At that time were they "trying to rehabilitate the image of the pit bull" or did they ahem rehabilitate the GSDs then and move on to Rotties in the 90s, as the often repeated excuse goes? I was in high school in the late 80s and do not remember any sort of GSD issues comparable to what one sees now, (bites, maiming of people and animals0: same with the Rotts in the 90s; was there ever an equivalent amount of money, lobbying, for the GSDs and rotties?

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Same anon as 2/15/ 11:38 -- Perhaps you should look at what AFF says about Longmont -- they count it as a success -- see SPOTLIGHT on SUCCESS p.5

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

great find. i will add it to the blog post.

Anonymous said...

Had to point out the material on the Longmont success, when they talk about their great assessment policy towards dogs, kind of different than what investigators found, about Longmont adopting out a known dangerous dog from Mesa. And that in 2012 "16 percent" of all dog bites traced back to Longmont. Now that is an interesting interpretation of the word "success".

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I am getting the relieving feeling that FINALLYYYY people are beginning to look at the corruption that is creating these problems.

This is not a lazy animal control officer, this is a CORRUPT one that works for the benefit of private business interests and lobbies, and not for the citizens of his city.

He is "owned" by business lobbies

This is a shill that enables private businesses like Best Friends and Animal Farm Foundation to sink their claws into local government and control it for their purposes and profits.

These people have political connections- their friends, family, lobbyists they hire, other lobbying groups, with inroads into local politics.

These groups have long used the shill method to control communities. Sink a shill into a position of authority, and the private business lobby operates through the shill to dominate an entire community, because the shill controls regulation, laws, enforcement, and poses as an expert The shill then also has the ear of the local elected officials who tend to do what the shill says and overrule their own citizens.

Kumpf was operating as a lobbyist for private business interests, not as an authority protecting people's safety or rights (or even the safety of other animals)
He should never have been allowed into this position, but a corrupt city government put him in that job.

If you examine the case of Indianapolis Indiana and Nathan Winograd shill Douglas Rae or Ray, you can see exactly how this shill system works for these lobbies to harm the community. There are severasl exposes of how that went down in Indianpolis with a Winograd associate named Warren Patitz and his wife who colluded with a corrupt local official to get Rae into heading animal control. Do a search for Winograd Warren Patitz Indianapolis, and you will see essentially the story of Kumpf, except that Indianapolis responded before it got worse and the whole shill system was exposed and broken apart, and kicked out the guily parties. Kumpf has been allowed to infiltrate higher positions such as National Animal control organizations without being exposed.

This is all a POLITICAL problem that has its roots in corrupt politicians that allow these private lobbies with big money to insinuate themselves into and infiltrate local authority structures.


Anonymous said...

Quick summary of how a shill for private business lobbies (pit bulls ARE business, follow the money) infiltrated animal control in another city.

Indianapolis Indiana

Best Friends Animal Society & Nathan Winograd associate Warren Patitz and wife infiltrate a city citizen's animal control advisory committee or board

Heavily using the typical propaganda, they attack the city's animal control department.

They get together with the public safety director responsible for hiring a director of animal control, and rig a hiring game. There is a pretense of interviewing and research into qualified candidates, but the shill is prepped and ready and preselected for the position. The decision is made by outside business interests. They have a shill working for THEM.

In that case, the shill was Douglas Rae, an associate of Nathan Winograd's and BF, who has just been fired from his previous infiltration, running animal control for Philadelphia where he had only narrowly escaped being arrested for animal abuse of the city's pets.

Rae had been running a pit bull breeder's dream out of animal control in Philadelphia, releasing aggressive dogs to the public, putting pit bulls in hoarders' hands to artificially manipulate the ac shelter statistics, refusing to pick up stray dogs, refusing to ticket or issue citations, the usual. Along with animal suffering and torture as a side effect.

Who would hire someone like that, who worked for private business and endangered the city's citizens?

Don't underestimate the power of shills colluding with corrupt local government officials and politicians!

So the shill Rae gets whisked into another animal control director position in Indianapolis thanks to the interests of these private business lobbies and lobbyists operating through local commitees and local government officials allowing them to use the city department for their purposes and private interests.

Same thing happens. The usual propaganda, the usual failure to issue citations or enforce laws, refusal to pick up roaming dogs, allowing people to let their dogs roam loose and terrorize, people and pets attacked by vicious dogs on the streets and in their yards.

Except that Indianapolis was inundated by citizen complaints. The citizens would not let this corruption go on and let themselves be terrorized, and the whole scheme was exposed and the guilty parties FIRED.

So the question is, WHO HIRED KUMPF and let him do this to the citizens and let the animal control department turn into an arm of private business lobbies? Who was responsible for letting a lobbyist infiltrate a position of authority and use it to get people injured and killed? Who was allowing him to refuse to enforce laws and even manipulate laws to enable terrorism and murder?

They need to be held accountable for their crimes because if they are not, they will get more people murdered and injured. They also will get more innocent pets injured and killed.

All to help the profits of private business lobbies.

Anonymous said...

Kumpf has been appearing at speaking engagements and seminars with Nathan Winograd, issuing the usual propaganda and perverting reality.

Why has he been allowed to be a lobbyist while working for the city? Why has this conflict of interest been allowed when he is supposed to represent the public safety of the city and its pets?

The city has very dirty hands on this one

People like Winograd work for pit bull breeders and all the others cashing in on these breeds. They infiltrate to protect the money.

Kumpf's butt has been getting shipped out to Australia to propagandize for the pit bull industry, under the guise of humane work. something called G2Z. These people clearly don't know what is really going on with these two.

"The next speaker who I thought was extraordinary was a guy called Mark Kumpf. He is the Director of the Montgomery Animal Control Resource Centre in Dayton Ohio. This guy works out in the field, and has completely flipped around what we consider dog catchers should be, and how they too can be man’s best friend with some amazing initiatives in place. From seizing less dogs to offering FREE training for anyone who has a dog, to working in lower socio economic areas – this guy has embraced the community as his friend, and they him. We could all learn a lesson from Mark who never blames the public for having to do animal control, but instead relishes working on the streets and in the centre, always with the aim of helping the animals and their humans towards a safe and happy life."

Anonymous said...

Kumpf should be getting arrested.

As for Tamira Thayne, what is she doing backing up someone who is hooked up with groups who represent pit bull breeders and hoarders?

Do these idiots even know how they are getting jerked around?

Anonymous said...

Not looking good for Kumpfy. Did you see the sympathetic comment left by his friend, an Australian Brad Gryggs.

Strange isn't it? What is an Australian doing interested in affairs of an animal control department in the states and involved with Kumpf's job affairs? Also funny how the account was removed from Facebook after you posted these comments.

Is this the Brad Griggs who is a DOG INDUSTRY BUSINESS MAN? Seems to be a kind of Australian Delise?

Brad Griggs Dog Trainer, Applied Canine Behaviourist, Dog Bite Prevention Advocate, Specialist Presenter.
Melbourne Area, Australia Professional Training & Coaching

Anonymous said...

Kumpf has been going to speaking engagements in Australia with Winograd.

Working for private business interests

Anonymous said...

Sure enough, Brad Gryggs has been heavily involved in Australia in this, pit bull lobbyists opposing BSL

"Starting at Federation Square and then moving on to the steps of Parliament House, Spring St, Melbourne.
Dogs in the Community – a rally calling for the repeal of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in favour of a world class, science based animal management strategy in Victoria."

He posts on Dog Lovers for a Safer Community - Dog Policy must protect not Endanger on Facebook, pit bull lobbyists pounding on the government for their private interests and benefits.

Do a search for Brad Gryggs Facebook

The y must be for the lobbying activity

Kumpf is involved with the pit bull industry and those seeking to protect their profits by political manipulation.

He is involved in the activities and interests of special interest business groups that act in direct conflict with the interests of public safety and public rights, including those in other countries.

He had conflicts of interest before he was ever hired. WHO HIRED KUMPF? What Dayton officials or politicians got this guy in?

Anonymous said...

Do a search for Brad Griggs pit bulls

I find it strange that he used a Facebook moniker that purposely mispells his name as Brad Gryggs when he communicates with people like Kumpf and when he engages in some of these lobbying organizing?

Thanking Kumpf for being "pragmatic" like a pat on the head to the shill?

Lobbying in Victoria against BSL and has been marketing himself as a dog expert for roughly 10 years, sort of an Australian Steve Markwell or a Delise?

Also supports Bill Bruce the No Kill animal control shill in Calgary Canada hooked in with Nathan Winograd and Best Friends and their types, and who heavily supports BREEDERS and has all the usual issues?

Kumpf has a lot of splainin to do but it should be from detainment

Anonymous said...

Look at those falsified complaint reports.

He falsified the breed. He falsified the size and age.

He called them "small boxer pups" when the complaint was about LARGE pit bull adults.

They tried to minimize this by altering the record to pin the culprit as a "poor innocent little boxer puppy"

This is why people need to file their own detailed complaints with every department in town and a lawyer too

Because some animal control departments lie

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to start a petition to impeach Kristi Wuebben, the Magistrate that refused the protection order?

Anonymous said...

When animal control falsifies reports and statements, that is the offical "expert" information that the magistrates and courts receive when adjudicating.

What they get is false or flawed, and that affects how the cases are handled.

Anonymous said...

His ties to big money pitbull advocates are strong.. and his fight to overturn Ohio's BSL laws. The state attorney general needs to investigate as there was no reason except for being a bought off pawn for him NOT to act to help this woman before she died such a horrible death.

Anonymous said...

Animal control workers and directors have no business involved in lobbying to make or break laws, like Kumpf did.

That is working for special interests, not doing his job FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL, which is Public Safety and nothing else

If he wants to work for dog fighters and breeders, he needs to get a job with them

Animal control needs to be free of the taint of special money interests, and people who care about their communities need to have a good hard look at their local animal control departments and research these people very carefully as well as the officials they work with, or their citizens will be murdered too

ZERO TOLERANCE for lobbying and shill work. There are a lot more Kumpfs out there preparing to kill people

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The pit nutter mentality prevents them from doing any type of true animal control. Since they have sucked up all the pit nutter propaganda, they are bias in favor of pit bulls and fighting breed dogs.

As we see here, the results can be deadly and Kumpf just shrugs his shoulders, pats himself on the back for saving her cats, and ignores the fact that his lack of action killed Klonda Richey.

This is proof that the pit nutter mentality is a danger to public safety in regards to pit bulls and their mixes. I'm sure AC would happily deem a Chihuahua dangerous while truly dangerous pit bulls go unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this article to expose this individual as the foul thing that he is. Those notes from the nuts are sickening. And I have the creepy feeling that what they're really upset about is the two mutants shot by police. Well, whiny man probably tossed his cookies all over the crime scene and the loss of those precious calories made him sad. Never mind that a human woman who never hurt anyone had her LIFE literally ripped away in front of her own house by a couple of stupid, worthless, ugly maulers... he has to spend time playing with her cats or do paperwork or whatever.