Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Canine Discrimination by Richard Prince

Please be sure to check out the latest edition on The Truth About Pit Bulls.

April 1945, aah, the good old days of critical thinking skills and political incorrectness.


scorched earth said...

This is a very fine post. Thank you Richard Prince!

Unknown said...


Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

You knocked it out of the park, Richard!

Jake said...

I appreciate you speaking truth to power, and that you continue to do so even after having been made to pay a price for it.

Great work

Anonymous said...

kudos - tweeting this one

Anonymous said...

yes , we are supposed to ignore the purpose bred traits of the fighting dog while hearing pitbullers celebrate how loyal , protective , strong and awesome they are .

Packhorse said...

The magazine cover brought one thing to mind...

Look at these bloodlines!
I know you want it
I know you want it...

Anonymous said...

Look at that boffo rag cover! That dog or pet stock or nanny dog musta just laid peepers on some young sprat or broad or geezer and young Jimmy can hardly hold it back from a little lively sport! Now that's America!

Animal Uncontrol said...

One wonders how they had the resources to do this in April 1945 when the US was fighting World War II on TWO fronts.

I mean, everything was strictly rationed - mothers could barely feed their kids and fuel was not to be found.... yet somebody is breeding supermaulers?

Damn things should have been turned into stew to feed POW's, at least.

Anonymous said...

I had to share this idiotic victim-blaming pit nutter on Facebook

He only sounds like a crazy teenaged girl.

So now according to pit bull advocacy the reason that pit bulls kill babies and children is because their parents worry about the kids too much and that makes the pit bulls nervous so they attack. Prison is too good for these people.

"Michael Scotto.
Pitbulls are the best dogs ever I will defend them til the day I die....these dumb new parents need to stop being so nervous of their precious little kid and maybe the dog would not attack...they sense the nervousness.....get your facts straight dumbasses"

Anonymous said...

The victim blaming here is through the roof. They all pile on to this post.

This was a post about a child whose face was ripped off by a pit bull.

After the first post from a first responder, George, that sees the results of pit bull attacks, the pit nutters join in

George Kershner.
Well im an animal lover ..... And seen in Fire Dept what these land sharks can an will do, ticking time bombs . Ate the face right off a sleeping child , killed him . An many more attacts. One thing is for sure they have sonething in common, there owne...See More
May 26, 2014 at 7:15am · Edited · 2

Michael Scotto.
All these people saying pitbulls are bad dogs are the morons with the stupid Yorkies and shitzus that are biting everyone
June 3, 2014 at 5:20pm · 1

Michael Scotto.

Not saying all dogs are like that but these people with kids needs to chill out....your going to be the reason your kid gets bit because they sense the nervousness if these young parents would take a fucking chill pill and trust the dog....things would never go wrong....get your facts straight dumbasses

(Then the kicker from pit nutter and violent dog worshiper Lynn Herring

Lynn Herring. That kid's ugly anyway. Natural Selection. Who cares.
July 27, 2014 at 2:38pm · 2

Lynn Herring deserves a special mention for that one, who actually called that little victim child ugly. She has a sick son herself that she forces to be around her cane corso, like after he gets out of the hospital and she drags him to her breeder trainers class in the video.

You can't believe these people. It's sick. This is why so many are dying, when animal control starts obeying the deviants who are in the business of dangerous breed selling and traficking.

Lynn Herring is hooked up with a dog trainer breeder in Newburgh NY, at Pets N Play, who hustles cane corsos and pits through her training classes. She is a complete violent breed pusher.
See what she encourages in her clients and dog buyers? Go attack the victims of dangerous breeds. So Suzanne can keep selling them with no worries.

A professional? Suzanne Taurone (Sue Kittler)

Just think if you had kids and had any of these people as your neighbor, who thought things like your child was ugly and deserved to be killed by their dogs.

Anonymous said...

Pets N Play training where cane corso breeder/trainer/pit bull supporter Taurone and victim hater Lynn Herring hang out with their cane corsos and pits (when Lynn isn't attacking children killed by violent dog breeds she loves on fb posts) is owned by the Middlehope Veterinary Hospital in Newburgh NY.

It really is a good look at the kind of people who are attacking victims of violent breeds on places like FB, and the network of people surrounding them making money from all of this.

They can't admit they are violent and dangerous breeds, or they won't be able to keep cashing in. So attack the victims.

I wonder if the other clients of Middlehope know what that vet is supporting through his employees? The victim child was ugly and deserved to die?

Middlehope is running a training business that is basically a dog sales business for violent breeds. Also one that fills people up with propaganda and sends them out to attack.

This is why these vets pile on with the propaganda and lies, and encourage the violent dog lobby- they make MONEY from it.

Victims don't matter. They deserve it, they say.

Speaking of the network of people who make money from the violent breed racket here's Lynn Herring's photographer friend who specializes in sucking up to the violent breed owners and extracting their $$$. Look at what she has these people doing to their kids to get photos of the favored dogs? You have to see it to believe it. She's a danger to these children. For $$$

Sucking up to pathetic boymen who attempt masculinity by imposing on their neighbors with cane corso mastiff mixes.

where you can see a picture of victim hater herself, Lynn Herring. She's calling other people ugly?

People can't understand why anyone would support dangerous breeds, and attack those who support victims. They don't understand there are pools of people making money off the dangerous breed biz, who lose $$ if the truth gets out.

Trainers, veterinarians, photographers, behaviorists, Tshirt makers, book stores, pet shops, cable channels, it's endless, the sucking sound of money made with no regard for the victims.

This advocacy is all about a bigger and bigger pool of parasites feeding off it, making money through the breeding, support, worship, and proliferation of dangerous breeds, making up lies to shield their incomes, and attacking anyone who dares to call the truth on it all or sympathize with their victims.

These are supposed to be professionals. They aren't. It's always all about the money.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Taurone, the cane corso breeder/trainer who mentors and sells to people like Lynn Herring, the dog attack victim basher, is an AKC cane corso breeder.

You know, one of those fine "responsible" breeders.

Using training classes to push these dogs at people.

They don't give a rat's ass about what they are doing. They think they have the right to kill by canine.

Anonymous said...

course I'd really love to know how ya feed and show all those cane corsos when you are doing this

Packhorse said...

Went to a dog event over the weekend. 2 pits out of about 100 dogs.

One was a puppy being dragged around by an oblivious teen girl. It was extremely fearful, hunched up with its tail plastered between its legs. I felt sorry for it.

The other was an adult neutered male, displaying the typical dog aggressive behavior. It was lunging aggressively, growling and barking at every dog who went by, its leash taut. One woman mindlessly walked a yorkie that was about the size of a cat within a few feet of it. That pit could have snapped that yorkie in two.

The couple with the pit eventually walked it out into a nearby field, away from the other dogs because it wouldn't stop.

Anonymous said...

Canine Discrimination is one of the most honest things I've read about the whole situation.

It really does tell the truth. I hope people can read it without getting drowned out by the army of faddist liars .

Why is the truth so hard for pit advocacy to tell? Be honest and deal with it, what's the big deal? Fewer problems, fewer attacks, if the truth is faced.

I often wonder why the mindless pit bull advocacy puppets led around by the nose don't wonder why their leaders refuse to tell the truth, and make up crazy lies for them to spread around.

What does pit advocacy leadership have to hide?

Could it be a financial incentive to be able to keep making money off these dogs and expanding the breeding? Ya think? These pit bull advocacy puppets are the biggest morons around. They just don't question or have any kind of perceivable brains.

Anonymous said...

From what I've read, a really game pit bull is not an easy thing to get. A lot will attack, but to keep attacking and stay in hold with another pit bull is not so common. To be able to do that and win is even less common. To be able to do that and win and still be in good shape to continue on to another match is the rarest of all, from what I gather. So, they need a lot of dogs to find these special mutants among mutants. That is the only logical reason I've found for the insane surplus of these animals along with the fact people who advocate for them don't advocate for limiting their numbers. And a lot do things like line breeding which only increases aggression.

This is why I believe a person whose pit bull/similar gets out of hand should be charged with dog fighting (if against an animal) or assault (if against a human). I've concluded they're either all insane idiots OR dog fighters trying to pretend to be insane idiots to hide what they really are. Well, some are naive kids who shouldn't be on the internet, maybe.

Anonymous said...

They should at least be charged with animal cruelty for each and every time their dogs attack another animal.

Dick Johnson said...

@anon 12:04 and @anon 1:26

Absolutely agree!

Clearly, pit owners should be held strictly accountable for every atrocity commited by the animals they have chosen to inflict on their communities, regardless of how pitifully they whine, as is nearly always the case, "he's never shown any sign of aggression before".

When a pit gets loose and attacks another animal, the pit owner needs to be charged with animal cruelty, just as if he/she committed the attack personally.

When a pit gets loose and attacks a person, the pit owner needs to be charged with assault, just as if he/she committed the attack personally.

That is the *very least* that ought to be done, to even begin to address this problem.

Anonymous said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

To quiet the wails of "discrimination" we could expand that to all dogs. But, I don't expect too many Yorkies will be out mauling horses.

Anonymous said...

Y'all must live in another universe. I see bullies all the time and never see any acting aggressive. Better yet, why don't you teach dog behavior since you're such a pro at picking it out.

Anonymous said...

You fail to see it coming from both sides.

Anonymous said...

U r so full of shit Lynn is a personal friend all ur actuations about her r false

CelticDiamondz said...

Is this video available anywhere else? It's been silenced by YouTube.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the only youtube video i see in this thread is still live. not sure what you are referring to.

Unknown said...

This is all such BS! Lynn has rescued countless amounts of dogs, isn't involved in any kind of dog fighting and isn't even a breeder! Learn about things before you write lies!

Unknown said...

This is all BS!