Friday, January 6, 2017

A word, from the Ninja

Kentucky, USA - December 2016.

A family man loses his little friend Spot the Boston Terrier to Pit Bull attack. These are his words. Keeping his name and details private, as he has attracted a lot of hatred and ignorance from Pit Bull owners and advocates, to the point where his original post has been removed.

Please share this story; don't let Spot die in vain. Give Spot and ALL who perish in the jaws of Pit Bulls BACK to the world in the only way possible - post their names and their stories, so that they can save other lives, even though they lost their own.


"Today I have to bury my little best friend Spot.

My neighbor's Pit Bull attacked him yesterday and unfortunately I was not close enough to be able to help my little buddy out. I have had him just shy of 3 years and would never imagined it ending this way. Most people know me know that I would just assume talk to my dog as to talk to a human being.
I never have liked or will I ever like the Pit Bull breed due to the nature of them and how they can do something like this to another dog or human being. I say kill them all they aren't good for nothing.

Wasn't a night that didn't go by that Spot didn't beat me to bed with his Sponge Bob toy and always laying on my pillow as if he was saying this is his spot to sleep, and he was my alarm clock at 630 each morning as he would wake me wanting to play.

Anytime that I worked, Spot worked too, from riding tractors to tagging along in the truck cutting grass - he was always with me.

Now I have to explain to a 4 year old that Spot isn't here no more and she is no longer his mommy, as she liked to pretend.

If there is such thing as doggy Heaven, I hope you and little Bubba (my other Boston terrier) are playing and having a blast.

So long little buddy - daddy sure loved you and is gonna miss you more than you will ever know."


Pit Bulls' kill dogs. That is what WE designed them to do. Now, we have banned their 'work' in all States. Now, they are redirecting onto us, our pets, our livestock and upon wildlife.

Peace to little Spot, and to all who grieve the loss of their pets, their children, their relatives, their neighbors, their friends, and their own good health BECAUSE OF PIT BULLS.

Spot before pit bull

Spot after pit bull

* the uber positive and politically correct facebook would not allow this man to grieve the loss of his dog. they claimed his photos violated their delicate community standards and deleted his post.


Anonymous said...

Politically correct? You mean the same Facebook that made a bundle on Fake News?


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am not familiar with facebook fake news but i am pretty sure that it would have been geared towards the consumption of the progressive left.

Ka D said...

There is no need for pit bulls.

Dayna Hamilton said...

I feel so bad for that man. And yes, facebook sucks.

Meals on Wheels said...

Horrible. I wish I didn't see that one.

Anonymous said...

"Pit Bulls' kill dogs. That is what WE designed them to do. Now, we have banned their 'work' in all States. Now, they are redirecting onto us, our pets, our livestock and upon wildlife."

This is profound! So much truth in so little words!

What is so horrible about someone that was 'educated' by a pit bull itself, wanting to alert the general public that this can happen to them? I am acutely aware that my own dog can be taken out by a pit bull, or other dangerous breed, because my neighborhood is filled with them. I have two pit bulls that live right across the street from me. Those two pit bulls have "somehow" gotten out many times. Animal Control is completely useless. They've changed their ways to suit the nutters. Someone from Animal Control has to witness the at large pit bulls in order to issue a citation. Otherwise, irresponsible nutter across the street gets a slap on the wrist every single time one of those monsters is loose. It used to be the second time a dog was loose, the owner would get a ticket. Hmm, it seems that Animal Control makes neighborhoods ripe for pit bull rampages.

Thank you Animal Control, for not controlling animals and their irresponsible nutter owners! Why do we even need you? That's okay, I've got a machete ready to go because I'd rather kill a pit bull, than have it kill my wonderful, friendly, intelligent, beautiful, worthy, harmless, normal dog.


Anonymous said...

Can't you er, feed those loose pits something that would make them sleep...and never wake up..? >_>

If they're loose all the time who's to say they didn't just get into something poisonous in the trash?

Think while it's still legal said...

You are a complete moron

Think while it's still legal said...

What planet do you live on?