Saturday, September 19, 2009

the devil is in the details

rinalia's back. minus the idiotic observations. she didn't think i would notice. and she is hoping that you won't read any further than her truncated version of events.

A dog who ran out the front door and barked at an officer was shot five times. She was rushed to the veterinarian where she was euthanized.

staci chiaese has a long history with animal control and the police in temecula. police had recently served a warrant and several months ago, animal control attempted to remove the dogs from her home because there had been so many problems. at the time of the shooting, plain clothes officers saw staci's felonious spawn in the yard and stopped to talk to him. you see, it is the job of the police officers to monitor PAROLEES. staci opened the door and the pit bull escaped and was ultimately shot because of the idiots who own it NOT because of some sort of police conspiracy against pit bulls. the animal control director said they have been "extremely concerned about the dogs". staci chiaese said she installed an electric fence and the dead pit was wearing the shock collar when she was shot. a lot of good an electric fence does for someone who is already in the yard. and if the pit bull wanted something on the other side of that shock bad enough, it would ignore the pain of the shock (compliments of nathan quinn's heroes). "court recognized pit bull expert" jere alexander on the effectiveness of electric fencing. (rocky gave her that title, not me. i don't know if she is or isn't)
jere alexander on electric fences:


Anonymous said...

How long until Jere Alexander gets arrested?

This is the one who committed cruelty, took court evidence and disappeared it, and more.

Jere brought some unwanted attention to old Rocky. Thanks to her, they are getting watched a lot more closely.

gamedog said...

this seems like the blog of a bitter cunt. something personal against the jere alexander lady who seems to be the focus of your rants?

P. said...

Yeah, Gamedog/Dickhead, something personal called morality, humanity, things you obviously know nothing about as a Dickhead. Jere Alexander is a lowlife however and you do know about those.

gamedog/dickhead said...

alls i know about jere is what this cunt posts about her.

and alls i know about this wethole is they (im assumin its a she) have a deep dislike for jere.

you said something personal, you nailed that one on the head. i don't pick up on much morality or humanity on this blog.

just a lot of bitterness.

oh and i am typically a dickhead. i just see the worst in people, makes life less disappointing.

but this bitch needs to get her tampon unstuck.

Honesty Helps said...

Well you should know about cunts and wetholes. Ever wonder why your children go around smelling other people's assholes? Seems your cunt likes to be around your "doggies" a little too much. Can you blame her with someone like you lying in her bed? And surely you didn't think that your short dick made those babies? Yeah, I agree with you, you are a typical dickhead. Why don't you come on over and use your teeth to pull out that tampon, then take it home to your "doggies" to chew on. If there's a "cunt" here it is Jere Alexander. Look her up, sounds like your type.

Anonymous said...

Egbert (Gamedog/Dickhead)or whatever you call yourself today, get your sorry ass off that machine and come help me feed these chickens. Then you need to clean the outhouse cause Uncle Luther is coming and you know how he likes a clean shithouse. Keep on his good side cause you do want that mule of his when he dies. That way you might go to school more often if you have a ride. Stop bothering people, I've told you that before, they don't want to hear anything you have to say. Mama

Anonymous said...

Gamedog, Rocky was too stupid and let a WOMAN put a ball and chain around his neck. Thanks to Jere, he's getting watched.

Jere blew it, and that idiot Rocky let a woman get the better of him.

Anonymous said...

I see blog owner is jumping the gun on this pit bull and the owners just like thecops did.
Facts are there was NO PAROLEE at this address, re-read the article for the correction. Lt. Wilht gave a false statement to the reporter, reporter researched and confimred that Lt Wilht was in error. SO no parolee and nothing for cops to monitor at this address.
Also the dog did not go out of her yard. The police were wearing plain clothes. The only think on AC records on complaints about this dog owner was ONE complaint two years ago for not having a dog licensed. AC at no time filed a petition to have these dogs classified as dangerous. Check the Friends Of The Valley dangerous dog list, this dog owners address is NOT on that list. Please keep your blog up to date and dig a bit deeper, you will find the truth of why this incident even happened. Police vendetta on a bust that got them nothing but made them look bad,. Corruption at its finest! Go RPD!!!

cravendesires said...

happy to print a correction. email me the specifics.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I re-read the piece carefully and you are so full of it. You have contorted the truth as all pit nutters do. I don't blame the police for shooting the dog after I read the article. Plus it appears this nutter was a breeder as well with several pits, either that and/or a fighter. Who the hell are you defending, or which business are you defending?

Anonymous said...

Paging Norred!...Riff Raff cleanup on aisle three....

Leeanna Lynx said...

Old as this post is, I just have to say, Gamedog, you're so typical.
Gamedog fans can't think of any more creative thing to call a person than c***. So boring already.
Jere Alexander was obviously too naive and biased to do her job properly.
Public safety should not be put on the back burner to save a dog,ever, either.