Sunday, August 30, 2009

the only thing worse than pit bulls are the people who own them

JACKSON, MI — On Aug. 18, while walking, my two dogs were attacked by a pit bull. The pit bull held on to Su-Z, my 30-pound mixed breed until she lost consciousness. Upon noticing she had gone limp, the dog turned to my little 9-pound Shih Tzu and attacked him. The pit bull grabbed him and shook him to death.

I was screaming for help, and four men came running from their houses with baseball bats. That is when the dog dropped my Shih Tzu and took off. It didn't matter. My dog was dead. Two women also came to comfort me. A man and woman walked home with me as I carried Sparty's bloody and broken body. Su-Z regained consciousness and walked home. Probably if these people had not come to help, the pit bull would have finished her off. I thank these people for their kindness and support.

My son took me and my two dogs to Blackman Animal Clinic. Su-Z had 15 stitches in her neck, plus she had to spend two days at the vet. Sparty, the Shih Tzu, was cremated.

These dogs were much more than just pets to me. They were my babies. In effect, that dog killed one of my babies.

The only thing I could have done differently was to keep them in their fenced-in backyard and not take them for a walk less than a block from home. My dogs were still on their leashes as we went to the vet. No one was walking the pit bull. It was running loose.

I am sickened at the thought of people who fight animals for the "sport" of it. It was the most awful thing I have ever seen in my 69 years of life.

— Marilyn Hoyt


flicka said...

This breaks my heart. Decent people should not have to live this way.

frank c. said...

No, those dogs were not your babies.

And they're replaceable.

Was it a stray "pit bull" that attacked your babies? Did it have a collar on? Are you SURE it was a "pit bull?"

The more of these sob stories I read the more I think it's fanatics making shit up.

Honesty Helps said...

Frank, go to hell you SOB. Fucking asshole you are. You realize that your fucking comments are only pissing us off and spurring us to fight you mothers even harder. You are self defeating with your attacks on this board. You and your pit nutter friends are going down, you hear me. All your fucking money that is poured into fighting BSL is being wasted because the truth will prevail. Stupid motherfucker you are.

frank c. said...

Oh yes, we're going down. ;)

Just keep putting up these fabricated tales of poor pets being mauled by pit bulls. It seems every loose dog or dog that kills another canine is a pit bull *rolls eyes*.

Really, cravendesires, I need some more stories like this. Each one I've read on this blog gets better and better.

What is it next, "pit bull eats family pet, the baby, and owners before 17 LEOs unleash lethal force to subdue evil dog"?

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Truth WILL prevail. People now see the propaganda spread about this breed. I bet a lot of you can't stand a black man is the president. It's hard for your kind to accept change.

I 'm willing to bet the Burdetes and this Hoyt person in this STORY are characters whipped up by our fearless blogger. It's easy to get the sympathy vote from JQP when your furry little rat has been ripped in two by the big bad pit bull.

Anonymous said...

Shut up frank, the story made the news on national news sites, you are a paranoid idiot.

P. said...

Oh no F(R)ank, you are the one pissed about our first black President. Bet that just chapped your red ass when he was elected, didn't it. The only propaganda is coming from you and your butt buddies. We are laughing at you, fool, can't you see that? I like that you are leaving comments so I can take out my frustrations on you. Foolish, foolish man, you enjoy making a fool of yourself, don't you?

frank c. said...

It's a two way street, P.


Anonymous said...

Frank, you and those like you are only attracting unwanted attention to your friends. And your friends don't like it.

Seems you should be more concerned about what your dog fighter friends do to deal with you because they have been raving mad about the big mouths.

joe woodall said...

thanks frank c.i have had pitbulls for about 30 years never one incedent i have 4 kids boys 27 25 14 9 thay love there dogs no one can bull shit them thay no the truth look at the tapes the hsus stealing my dogs my bad the terroist john goodwin

Anonymous said...

Frank..I'm an advocate too but I think your just making it worse for us pit lovers..

Everyone knows that the media can twist things and tell half truths. But losing an animal is hard, no matter what happined to it. I'm so sorry for your loss, Marilyn. My dogs are my babies too.

I think that if this is was a true occurence, that lady had every right to tell this story.
1) She was a responsible owner and had her dogs on leash and in control
2) The pits were off leash with no owner attending
3) It sounds like they were strays or iresponsibly taken care of.

This again boils down to owners that don't take consideration how much care and training a pit, or any dog for that matter, really needs.

I wish we could all have a "socratic seminar" were feelings aren't hurt and we could talk about this subject with open eyes and hearts.

Harsh comments and cus words don't get us anywhere.

Amy, trainer and advocate