Sunday, December 20, 2009

good job! has exposed the deceptive practices of the utah based religious cult known as best friends sanctuary and the public relations shyster they hired to polish the pit bulls' turd of an image. ledy vankavage is now on her world wind tour promoting best friends' newly created online BSL calculator. consulted with the city attorney of council bluffs, iowa in regards to their pit bull ban which was enacted january 2005. according to don bauermeister there has only been one instance of a DNA test. "The DNA test was requested and paid for by the Defendant," he said. "The City incurred no costs on the DNA examination. The owners paid for blood draw, mailed it in and awaited the analysis."
compare that to the best friends' online BSL calculator which claims that the city's annual cost of DNA testing alone would be $8,860.

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notice the name of the url?

guerrilla economics?

Guerrilla marketing an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget and facts. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional and misleading; potentially interactive[1]; and consumers are targeted in unexpected places.[2] The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral. regardless of its actual value

this sounds much like the tactics of guerrilla warfare which utilize terrorism, ambush, sabotage and DECEPTION to defeat their enemy.

the BSL calculator will be added to the existing pit nutter arsenal of guerilla tactics such as:
  • your breed will be next
  • it's all how you raise 'em
  • there is no such thing as a pit bull
  • petey was a pit bull
  • pit bulls score higher than poodles on the ATTS
  • they were originally the nanny dog
  • first it was the GSD, then it was the doberman...
  • man biters were culled
  • your're a racist
the illinois bar association has set a mighty low standard.

be sure to read the entire blog Son of Rosie Humphreys Starts Campaign to Ban Pit Bulls in Flora


Anonymous said...

Could someone expand on the "nanny dog" thing for me? Is there some basis in reality or is it strictly a pit-nutter creation? I've asked some Brits I know and they've never heard the term either.

Anonymous said...

The pit nutters' goal is to create a climate of "be afraid, be very afraid".

Trigger said...

It is possible that the "nursemaid" or "nanny dog" myth stemmed from a book published in 1922 named, "Pep: The Story of a Brave Dog," by Clarence Hawkes. In 2004, Animal People News reviewed the book (scroll to see review) and pointed out that Pep was perhaps the first effort to rehabilitate the image of pit bull terriers.

Anonymous said...

I wondered about that URL. I also love the replacement of "Specific" with "Discriminatory." It really pushes Best Friends into CULT territory. What's BDL?

Brazen Deadly Lies!

Anonymous said...

Dogfighters came up with the Nanny dog schtick as a smokescreen to keep their underground economy going.

Anonymous said...

The "nanny dog" thing is a complete FABRICATION.

This is propaganda that people like VanKavage simply concoct and think if they repeat it often enough, people will believe it.

Pit bulls are actually very dangerous with children, and always have been, due to their high prey drive.

They see children as prey.

Hence the many unprovoked attacks on kids going on even now.

Anonymous said...

The American Temperament Testing Society ATTS is run by PIT BULL BREEDERS

Their "studies" have been completely discounted as false. They are another lobbying front group for pit bull breeders and dog fighters.

Anonymous said...


Felony said...

I wonder why the cost of DNA testing is 8X greater than the cost of litigation?
I think Larry, Curly and Moe are behind the guerrilla economics curtain.

The cost of kenneling, euthanizing and disposal makes a good argument for a ban.

Anonymous said...

Want to know how Ledy VanKavage is getting her lies into the Missouri press?


Cliff Froehlich is her husband. He says here he left journalism in 2006, but if you do a search, he still is writing articles for the media

This is abuse of the press, and a violation of journalistic ethics.

Anonymous said...

Prepare to gag.


He and Ledy are in the "animal biz" together as you can see.

This is called the media allowing its own employees to exploit it for their wife's business and personal gain

Pit bull victims should file suit against these two, and the papers who let Ledy lie at the victim's expense

Anonymous said...

The VanKavage page

See that she has never really had a "real" law gig, just some paper pushing at a firm, and a dopey government paper pushing job.

Never tried cases, never been a "real" lawyer

The name she uses as a lawyer is Elise

"Ledy graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BS in Zoology and St. Louis University Law School. Ledy resides in Collinsville, Illinois with her husband Cliff Froehlich who is the Executive Director of Cinema St. Louis. Ledy and her husband have adopted three brindle pit bulls, Goodall, Che, and Bella and also oversee a feral cat colony in the neighborhood."

Anonymous said...

Get ready to barf

Ledy basically admits she is lobbying for pit bull breeders

And Best Friends admits that's what they are doing too

"VanKavage will guide and inform Best Friends’ national campaign’s efforts to save the American pit bull terrier and pit bull type dogs"

Anonymous said...

And thanks to those media connections, Ledy got a dope in the Ohio media to lie about Tom Skeldon and attack him. JC Reindl, with Ben Konop.

"Ms. VanKavage was in Toledo at the invitation of Jean Keating and her organization, the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates, which has been agitating for the firing of Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon "

Anonymous said...

More from that article from Ledy on how to spend taxpayer money to hand pit bulls out to dog fighters and to kill people

Trying to get the TAXPAYER to promote pit bulls and further their breeding!

"Ms. VanKavage said visual identification of "pit bulls" is wrong most of the time and only DNA testing, which costs $120 per dog, is truly accurate.

Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop, who has been pushing for change in the dog warden's operation, asked if there were DNA grants Lucas County might apply for. She said she thought funding was available."