Friday, April 16, 2010

craven mail bag: the MOST famous pit bull of all time edition

the tall and tattooed aussie skank DONNA WELLER writes:

Hi..i just watched the video of Colleen Lynn talking about her so called dog attck...and noticed that she as smileing and laughing through the whole thing...i have been through a dog attack by a labradore and trust me i have never smiled or laughed about what happened...i have trouble even telling the story..i dont beleive this woman was bitten by a pitbull at all...i think her interveiw was scripted and a lie...if a pitbull were to attack it would have done more damage and she wouldnt be laughing about it..the woman is a fraud..hope she can sleep at night after trying to get attention from a faulse dog attack whilst there are people out there like me that have been through real dog attacks live with the memory and torment all out lives..the woman should be locked up for her story telling.

apparently, DONNA WELLER can't write about her attack either.

DONNA WELLER, i can't tell you how many times i have read this sentiment. it doesn't bother colleen, it does bother me. but then again, i have an anger problem and she doesn't. finally, with a little help from DONNA WELLER, i was able to convince colleen to let me blog about her attack. the attack that probably never even happened and probably wasn't even pit bull.

so without further ado, pit nutters, game-doggers, i present the (in)famous dirt nappin BULL!!
let's talk a little bit about BULL, his owners the NAGASAWAS and the seattle dog attack.
according to all of the documents pertaining to this attack which includes, shelter notes, the aco's investigation, public health quarantine papers and the request for copies all of these documents, BULL'S breed is listed as PITBULL a total of TEN TIMES. the documents are generated by the very pro pit nutter seattle animal control dept and signed off by BULL'S owner. nowhere in the victim's statement, the owner's statement or the dog walker's statement is PITBULL mentioned. for those of you who don't know, the seattle ac is about as pro pit nutter as it gets. i've even seen photos of seattle aco's on diane jessup's site snuggling with jessup's gripping dogs. seattle is a city unlikely to demonize a breed or misidentify a pit bull.

in classic pit nutter style, BULL'S city license and rabies vaccinations had expired a year earlier. fourteen months prior to the june attack, there was a documented complaint of leash law violation against BULL, and in classic F-troopin AC style, no citation was written. one thing that i found extremely interesting in the shelter notes, apparently deemed important enough to write TWICE on BULL'S shelter paperwork: "CAUTION - FAST MOVER" and "CAUTION - QUICK".

BULL'S owners
"i can't believe this happened. BULL loves people." her nuttery response to the aco when informed of the attack.
QDEENE NAGASAWA, not a lot on the internet about her. she is in her mid forties and made a strange comment on a seattle paper about the war. her facebook buddies consist of a few cane corso owners. maybe that will be her next doggie.

LANCE NAGASAWA, employed by the city of seattle and apparently quite a big wig who throws his weight around in classic bully style. here we have a complaint filed against him in 1997 for unfair labor practices.
the charges were later dismissed. our system, as the sadistic psychopathic dogmen know so well, requires a heavy burden of proof. some times a little too heavy IMHO.

so DONNA WELLER, you have succeeded where others have failed. i think the world would like to know a little about you. i think people would like to know what DONNA WELLER is up to when not writing hateful email to the victims of vicious pit bull attacks. DONNA WELLER likes pit bulls obviously, but her other pets include a cat, a snake and a scorpion. (i think she likes pets that she can feed live animals to). DONNA WELLER likes tattoos, pot, alcohol and motorcycles. and most of all, she seems to really like herself, she loves to photograph herself.
love the SIK FUK tattoo on your back donna. speaks volumes.


FormerAKCmember said...

Jay Leno has MET HIS MATCH for a chin!

bluesmom said...

I am VERY familiar with these tactics. They were used against me after my attack. Normal people are in shock after an attack, and are very likely to be on heavy duty pain meds. To say that a victim does not show enough emotion is disgraceful. We are vulnerable and trying to make sense of something that is so violent that we have no comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Please take just a few moments to watch the video attached to this story. The victim is in her hospital bed describing her attack. She is pleasant and cheerful, but her face is completely sewn together, like a quilt. The normal reaction to a mauling is to be glad to be alive and to be in shock at this point. Pit bull owners just can't resist the temptation to minimize the suffering of the victim.

NoMoreBullS*** said...

I'm a bit lost here. Is Bull the labrador that bit Donna or the pit bull that bit Colleen?

myaroha said...

lol..thanx for putting a great pic up..i look good!! you forgot to mention that i have worked and volenteered for the RSPCA and various other shelters for over 16 years and that i have aso rescued and rehomed over 300 animals in that time.. now as for you hacking into someones account on facebook and theyre mail account..i'm sure that is a crime and i will let the police decied that..but as you can see the only dirt you can find on me is that i have owned a snake and a scorpian and i have tattoos.that would make me an animal lover with flair..pmsl..that hilarious..gee what a bad person am i to own pets and have!!! why dont you talk about us people that really have been through a vicious dog attack..i'm sure you wont see me laugh and smile when i talk about it..thanx once again for the attention!! love it!!! lol

flicka said...

Bull is the pit that attacked Colleen. Donna may be the "victim of a chained coonhound" like Julie Perry. Pit bull owners always want to talk about how they were attacked by a Lab, or a Cocker Spaniel, or a Toy Poodle, or a chained Coonhound,and how traumatized they are...
and how they almost DIED...
but they were SAVED by the love of a pit bull!

myaroha said...

lol..oh sorry my my space...ha ha ha ha ha ..i cant beleive that motorcycles,cats,snakes,and tattoos are the only things you have to paint a bad picture of me really crack me gee you must live a boring oh of have no life..thats why you sit infrount of a computer all day..ha ha bloggers make me laugh..people with no firends angry at the world because noone likes poor thing.!!

P. said...

You failed to mention Donna's apparent lack of education because she can't spell worth a shit.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

"now as for you hacking into someones account on facebook and theyre mail account..i'm sure that is a crime and i will let the police decied that"

Donna is even dumber than she looks. The definition of hack is to gain unauthorized access to someone's data. YOUR PROFILE IS SET TO PUBLIC STUPID!

You're right craven, she is very narcissistic. She lists herself as her hero and she states "its my world everyone else is just living in it!". I think that is the official pit nutter mission statement.

Anonymous said...

Another handmaiden for the dogfighters and Pit breeders...making a difference, one mauler at a time!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that these pit bull skanks ALL LOOK ALIKE?

Donna Weller is seriously a very ugly woman. She should not be soiling the internet with her pic.

Think about the kind of guys that hit on this.

It is pretty apparent by now that these mousy, ugly women (al a Jere Alexander) have fastened on to the pit bull thing to get loser guys to do them.

It is such desperation.

Anonymous said...

The only attack Donna Weller ever experienced was an attack with the ugly stick!

I love Donna's cooked-up story about some nonexistent "labradore"

Sounds like another certain uglyface with her false coonhound tale.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that she looks like Jay Leno, but those of us who went to school and learned how to write and spell have to tolerate trying to interpret what she is saying because she has a spelling level below that of a fifth grader. Are we sure that this is a woman, she fits the bill for a man. And if "she" is a man, then it is understandable why she has a pit. Either way, this piece of shit suffers from penis envy.

The only reason this trash would work at a shelter is 1. she is on work detail (community service) or 2. she is casing out pits to steal. Wanna bet she lives in a trailor.

Felony said...

Maybe Donna's gratitude for the exposure will wear off when she sobers up, assuming that she sobers up.

Funny how so many pit nutters share the following traits:
tattoos (the more vulgar and violent the better, just like their dogs)
Did I say stupidity?

Torn between two nutters said...


Todays feature Pit Bullshit Artist:

Indpgirl of Independence, MO...She really kills me as Pasco County FL barely made 4 months after her Oped before a Pit killed a child there!

Glad we banned pitbulls
Submitted by indpgirl on December 13, 2009 - 6:44pm
I'm sure glad that dangerous killer pit bulls are banned in Independence since pit bulls are the only dogs that kill.

From WFTS in Tampa Bay:

Toddler killed by dog 'filled with love', dad says
NEW PORT RICHEY, FL -- A 20-month old boy, Dallas Walters, was killed after being mauled by a dog inside a New Port Richey home Saturday night.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, a birthday party was going on at Dallas Walters' aunt's house at 9615 Jerome Drive in Moon Lake.

Deputies say Walters was eating a cookie, then dropped it on the floor. When he went to reach for the cookie the aunt's rottweiler attacked him.

"I ran over there, pulled the dog off him," said the boy's father Andrew Walters, "I tried to beat the hell out of him."

Walters rushed his son to Northbay Hospital. Doctors did everything they could, but the brutality of the attack was just too much for little Dallas' body to overcome.

He died at the hospital.

A picture Walters showed us shows the young boy in the loving arms of his mother when he was just 8 months old.

not pcinbc said...

craven : did you know pitbull moms love more and judge less. ya well maybe but i still think they,re stupid fat c~nts. i wish i didnt like that word so much.

; nts

waldosbia said...

The dog in question is not an American Pit Bull Terrier (the TRUE,ONE AND ONLY Pit Bull) You keep using the term, as if you are speaking of a mix or a mutt. Pit bull is such a common "breed" all of the sudden and I don't get it at all.(since it is NOT a breed) American Pit Bull Terrier, however IS! I know this because we own one. She's registered and the UKC lists breed as APBT. I've never seen REAL papers on a pure bred dog that simply say "Pit Bull" because it's NOT a breed. Argue with me, spew your poison, but I KNOW this to be true. Except for the fact that Coleen Lynn along with you Craven, believe you can call a Lab a Pit Bull and this guy, who looks like a boxer mix, a Pit Bull. Just so random, as if because you say it so, It MUST BE TRUE! Coleen wasn't viciously attacked by a Pit Bull, want to know how I know? Well, according to DBO a pit bull attack is vicious, more often than not, ending as a fatality because pit bulls bite and don't let go. They fight to death. Coleen's OWN words on the "breed" that she made up. I would like to know what went WRONG in this attack? The dog let go I see...She wasn't a fatality..I know! It must NOT have been a pit bull attack after all, but perhaps a labrador. Yes, that makes since. It would have killed her or certainly, at least, mauled her up real good. This is according to her own statements on pits. See how ridiculous that sounds? She's a storyteller, changing it up along the way. I'm more concerned with her delusional thoughts and the fact that she is almost preaching these "ways" to the public. The fact that she is always acting as if there's some conspiracy against her is disturbing and makes one question her sanity, her credibility! Who the hell does she think she is anyway? She is a fraud, plain and simple. I hope to see you and your friend Coleen, sitting in a prison cell one day for fraud, among many other charges. Ha I'll bet her head will spin! Justice will come down on you with the fury of a pack of those vicious Pit Bulls and their owners that you fear so much. Oh Coleen, really girl, that is NOT an American Pit Bull Terrier. When YOU say pit bull, you may as well be saying Labrador Retriever or maybe a poodle because nobody listens anymore and you've made it clear that they're all pit bulls in your eyes.

dawn james said...

brooke collier, you are not as knowledgeable about the TRUE,ONE AND ONLY Pit Bull as you think you are.

find the TRUE,ONE AND ONLY Pit Bull

waldosbia said...

Really, cause you sick haters always claim that yourselves or family member was viciously attacked by a pit bull. Every damn thing you say, is describing yourself to a T!!! I mean EVERYTHING!!!

dawn james said...

keep typing. you are living up to the nutter reputation.

waldosbia said...

They make me cringe and I don't believe a damn word these freaks say, Full of Lies!! Anyone that relies on for their info CANNOT be trusted...Anyone associated with Lynn, Safe to say they are ignorant "Cult followers" I'm just waiting on the to drink that koolaid!!!

waldosbia said...

All you haters are exactly the same, throwing around nasty comments, I guess you hope to hurt our feelings but you really mean nothing to us! We just like to fuck with ya because you are total Morons...Why anonymous anyway?? We aren't hiding, what do you have to hide anyway? Grow some balls and come out of hiding. Ya scared?

waldosbia said...

Ha, man yall are really something. Call me a nutter, doesn't bother me in the least! I'll take the vicious pit bull team over this garbage anyday! You all keep repeating yourselves with crap we've all read and re-read because it's all you got. We understand that you're just a bunch of uneducated, wannabe Canine Extermination Extremists...Maybe it's about time for you all to go re-up on some "New Material" So wore out. You folks should try finding something that you're good at maybe, you suck at this!

waldosbia said...

That would be The American Pit Bull Terrier. Oh and there's a pic in my profile. You should probably check it out because I hear you have mistook a Lab puppy for one.

dawn james said...

sorry brooke, all of your insane rantings were tagged as spam.

better late than never. good job reinforcing pit nutter mania!

Anonymous said...

JUST SAYIN... Calling people who love their pit bulls a "pit nutter" is the dumbest thing I have ever seen, it makes you look ignorant. Looks like you get bit by one dog and hate the whole breed now. That's like saying "Well this blonde lady punched me once so now I hate blondes and want them banned!" IF the dog DID bite it doesn't matter what KIND of dog it is. Anything with teeth, including small children, will bite. Have we forgotten that, people?

dawn james said...

well, i can't speak for everyone but i don't call people PIT NUTTERS just because they love their pit bulls.

i call them PIT NUTTERS when they compare the bite of a pit bull to the bite of a chihuahua and now to the bite of children. (WTF is wrong with you?)

i call them PIT NUTTERS when they make ridiculous excuse for their pit's behavior.

i call them PIT NUTTERS when they blame the victim.

i call them PIT NUTTERS when they try and fail to use logic and reason, ie "Well this blonde lady punched me once so now I hate blondes and want them banned!"

Benjamin said...

I won't try to compare the bite of a "pit bull" with the bite of a child or of a chihuahua, although both are more likely to bite than a "pit bull." I will instead tell you a little bit about the history of the breed group (American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers). Historically, they have always been family dogs. In fact, they have been renowned for their protectiveness of women and children. The first American war dog was Snuffy, a suspected mix of APBT an AmStaff. They weren't sure of his actual lineage, but he definitely bore a resemblance to both breeds. Spot from The Little Rascals was an APBT. They never received ANY bad press, including bite attacks, until the mid-1980s, when Sports Illustrated issued a cover photo of a "Pit Bull" snarling and baring fangs. Inside was a fair and balanced article, but people only looked at the photo and caption and hysteria began.
Aggression: Pit-Bull-Type dogs have been bred to be very docile to humans. This is a good thing that came from a bad situation. When dogs are used for fighting, there are handlers in the ring with the two dogs that are being matched. If one of the dogs turns on a handler, bad things will obviously happen. So they were bred to be aggressive to other dogs, but not to humans.
Loyalty: They are loyal to their masters, almost to a fault. They will do whatever they think will make the master happy. If they think the master wants them to be vicious, they will oblige. If the master raises them to be docile to all humans, they will oblige. This is why they are portrayed in movies as the preferred dogs of gang-bangers and drug dealers. I don't know how accurate the movies are, I haven't been to those sections of town before, but it seems logical to me that it is accurate.
In short, attempting to exterminate a breed based on the actions of a few, some due to irresponsible ownership, others to irresponsible breeding, and still others ARE BECAUSE OF THE ACTIONS OF THE VICTIM (not all, and I won't say a majority, but some are due to the victims' actions)would be just as irresponsible as saying that all persons of a certain ethnicity are inherently criminals. It is criminalizing a breed and not looking at the rest of the picture. Breed-specific legislation does not work, never has, it only promotes a false sense of safety among the general public. Even if one did successfully eradicate the breeds that make up the group "Pit Bull," there will always be dog bites and attacks, some fatal. When will you be satisfied? When dogs are extinct? There is no safe breed, no unsafe breed. Only safe actions taken around dogs as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Colleen Lynn you are so full of shit. You lied about you attack just to kill a poor defenseless dog. Your an animal abuser..I could careless if you post this or not. Least you will be reading it knowing people out here know you lied.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the whole thing is A. You are actually 1000 Times more likely to he bitten by a toy or small dog, leader of the pack by far are the Chihuahua.
Some were around 90% of small dog bites are not reported.

B. Almost all pit bull attacks are reported and sometimes blown way up and after further investigation over half of those attacks are provoked.

C. Due to the popularity and over breeding of the pit bull breed it makes up a large partof the domestic dog population and the low number of attacks per capita. I would say time has clearly shown that it is not the breed at all but is in fact almost always bad habits thought by the owner or handler. That sentiment has been verified by countless canine behaviorist and scientists.

Not saying that dog is or is not innocent but to condemn a breed because stupid humans is not the answer or right thing morally.

Almost every serial killer in American history was a white male so I guess just lint the pit we should kill them all right, that is exactly what B.S.L. does punish the guilty not the innocent.

Anonymous said...

Actually if just shown the head of a dog there are many breeds that get called a pit bull and most are not even close people mistaken other breeds as pits all the time even a dog as small as a Jack Russell have been mistaken for a pit when only the head was seen

Anonymous said...

Great point and if you have spent any real time with the breed most really are big love bugs who just wanna be loved and please their human. Have help rehabilitate pits from abuse of different kinds even fighting dogs. Even though humans have put them though hell they are still affectionate, loving and caring towards people. Sometimes they are aggressive and ruined by shitty owner's and need to be euthanize d.
Animal aggression on the other hand is sometimes much harder to break and that is all breeds and then you must know you animal and how the react in different situations and be a responsible owner and not give them the opportunity to get into trouble.punish the crime or criminal for that matter not the breed.
There are a lot of stupid people that hate this breed writing stupid things about a breed they obviously know very little about on this site that doesn't mean everyone who dislikes pits are stupid.

Just a question the department of agriculture tracks dog bites guess who gets number 1 not pits they are actually at the bottom of the list. Chihuahua #1 funniest part of that is they also estimate that around 90 to 96% or small dog bites are not reported personally sounds like Chihuahua should be banned if any breed and that breed really is useless.

All the pit haters that thinks they are so smart do just a tiny bit of research befor you spout off bs in all reality you guys are the one looking stupid. Just explain why so many police and government and military agencies use pits on such a regular basis. Also why are there highly decorated with awards or valor and heroism pit bulls in Afghanistan right now and also in the backseat s of hundreds of squad cars around the country.
Why would the VA give them out as service dogs to some of our most difficult disabled vets. But there is no use for them and the should all be banned right use your brain and formulate an opinion for your self

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree for once a truthful and factual description of both positive and negative aspects associated with the breed. Pit absolutely just wanna please their human and would be happy to die trying to protect a family member. But on the other hand their innate desire to please if thought aggression is what the owner wants the animal will oblige. Punish the dog for its actions not what it could some day maybe possibly do. If the victim did something to provoke the attack hold them accountable as well. But don't blame a victim who truly is a victim.

"dawn james" said...

the problem is

a. you are 1,000,000,000,000 times more likely to be scalped, lose a limb or your life by a gripping dog than a toy or small dog.

b. almost all toy/small dogs are never reported in the media because THERE IS NOTHING TO REPORT.

c. despite the fact that pit nutters KNOW popularity is a primary factor, they STILL object to regulations that would curb the pit bull population.

d. despite the fact that owners play a huge role in this mess, pit nutters like JANE BERKEY fight against background checks of potential pit adopters and think it is just okey fucking dokey to put one of these ugly dogs into every home in america.

e. the DUMBEST fucking americans want pit bulls. dumbest, ie fucktards who equate racism to the deliberate artificial selection of PURPOSE BRED DOGS.

i can see why you chose to comment anonymously.

Anonymous said...

What do you have to say to well-educated middle class Americans who own pitbulls (or their mixes) when their dogs are completely up to date on vaccines, well groomed by professional groomers, and trained by professional obedience trainers?

creepy craven said...

i say, "responsibly" owned pit bulls are no guarantee they will not jump out of a second story window to attack the beagle walking down the street. i say IF that responsibly owned pit bull ever harms anyone or anything, PLEASE let the victim be the owner. but please don't drain the blood supply.

Anonymous said...

That kind of comment shows your lack of humanity. Even if pits were "inherently unpredictable" which is debatable, you would wish a human being to die for his/her mistake?? In that case, why don't we just ban all large dogs, since they all have the capability of causing harm to people. Or better yet, let's just ban all dogs...since even a small nip from a chihuaha can infect a person with life-threatening staph or strep, not to mention any number of parasitic organs. Or maybe we should ban all cats since some carry cat scratch fever. Then of course, all furry animal are prone to fleas, which also carry a host of human life threatening illnesses. Following your logic, we should eliminate all domestic animals really.

creepy craven said...

sorry pit mook, i neglected to publish your comment.

"you would wish a human being to die for his/her mistake?"

i would wish that ANY pit bull owner would die for their mistake before ANY animal or human was harmed, even non fatal injury. same as drunk drivers or the idiots who text. i would rather they just kill themselves behind the wheel rather than harm another. now wasn't that simple to understand.

"Following your logic, we should eliminate all domestic animals really."

what a moron.