Saturday, October 26, 2013

welcome to the sanguinarium!

this year we are celebrating the 7th annual pit bull awareness day in full bleeding color.

and now for the most dangerous 43 seconds of video in america. the forty three horrific seconds that youtube and liveleak won't show you and the pit bull apologia want to bury... brace yourself for... purpose bred puppies!


On Pit Bull Awareness Day, Pit Bull Advocates Should Wear Black 

Pit bull advocacy and basic statistics

Pit Bull Awareness

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that puppy video! I've been searching for it awhile. Kind of amusing that it would be so difficult to keep up online... I mean they're just puppies "playing", right? They're only having fun, maybe being a little rough, but what's the big deal...?

I shudder to think of what that brown psycho is capable of today, God! It's enough to make one's blood run cold.

Sputnik2009 said...

Re pit bull puppies...

Posted by a PB fan on a forum where she thought we weren’t listening:

"I heard a horrific noise coming from the pen, and found all the pups embroiled in a full on attack on each other. The main pup being attacked was Finn. I had a vinegar & water spray bottle that I used but it did nothing. They were unfazed by that. My husband intervened and got injured trying to get them off of each other, and Finn. He required stitches and a tetanus shot. Finn was bloody from head to toe and I took him to my vet.

The fights escalated in severity, to the point where mace, hosing, even powerwashing didn't separate them once "locked on". The fights were vicious and to the death, and my 5 year old daughter cried hysterically every time she witnessed one. Once they started fighting I could not let Sophia anywhere near them. I couldn't take that chance. Toward the end, I had them separated the best I could and some of them were living in my garage. It's heartbreaking to recall."

They're all grown up now and out in a community near you.

Miss Margo said...

WOW, that puppy video is something else!

And that liveleak of the woman mauled by her own pit bull! FML! What a gross-out!

snack sized dog said...

I think that puppy video, and that narrative description go very well together to refute the ol' "its all how you raise them." The description of Spook - Eli's dam - the only surviving puppy of a litter that killed each other goes with this video, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snack, do you have any links to the 'Spook' story?

dawn james said...

here's the spook story

snack sized dog said...

This is the most complete version, but there are versions all over the internet that mention it. This one says that one other littermate also survived. I know Dawn wrote about it, but I can't find where.

I thought that Eli was also out of Spook, but I'm wrong about that, it looks like.

snack sized dog said...

Oops, looking at an old window. there's where Dawn wrote about it!

dawn james said...


commenter BARO left the following:
thank you for that one,very nice readin

and his signature:
"never underestimate the predictiability of stupidity"

dawn james said...

sputnick, that sounds like one smiling eric's gullible morons.

Anne King said...

that puppy video makes me sick to my can they carry on the claim that they are like all other types of dogs with this floating around the net...I FUCKING HATE NUTTERS!!!

dawn james said...

what's even more sickening is that the pit nutters are able to intimidate liveleak to pull it. the same liveleak that hosts these savage maulings above as well as snippets of real dog fighting, cock fighting, and gruesome executions.

this is PROOF that grippers are NOT JUST DOGS.

tropical storms said...

Snack Bullyson was out of Spook by Eli, easy to get confused on these lines. Bullyson was half brother to Gr.Ch Art also by Eli. Bulldog bloodlines are convoluted to say the least.

tropical storms said...

My bad, Bullyson was uncle to Art by way of Eli Jr. Convoluted to say the least.

Rhea Luna said...

How can I contact the writers so I can share my story? I don't need it published because I never whipped out my cellphone camera in time to prove anything but thanks to Ohios pitbull friendly law my son is traumatised and fearful of dogs. We had a very scary encounter with a menancing pit two days ago.

Opalina said...

OMG. Pools of blood. Horror. Shock. The first one, it is nerve-wracking to watch him talking so gently to the pit, trying to make nice-nice with it, trying to "love" it into letting him go. Even in the beast's death grip, he could not make himself hurt his little pibbly-poo, like trying to gouge out its eyes.

The third one -- DBO posted this and someone in the comments actually asked if it was fake, because they didn't want to share something that was fake, "not that they love pit bulls or anything." How on earth can any rational person look at that video and think it fake? The dear woman actually looks as if she has already passed, or is very near death. That is something that even the best actor in the world cannot fake, ever -- being dead. When life leaves the body, the change in the body is unmistakable. And blood -- even the best Hollywood special effects people cannot create a bloody scene that truly resembles a real-life bloody scene.

The puppy video -- anyone else notice that the "victim" puppy appears happy and ready to continue the fight when that frighteningly game shitpup is pulled away?

Anonymous said...

I know this is irrelevant to the behavior of the dogs, but the squat, gas-gangrenous, lumpy bloat of their bodies lend them the very personification of the undead. They are shudderingly alien as they burrow their way into a still-living ,creature like a loathesome deep-sea parasite. Oh, how they strive to survive, thick Popeye limbs spraddled wide, congealed-fat bodies, hand fed with treats and kisses, going, finally, straight to the source, tail wagging with stiff urgency, propelling the bulging backside (looking like badly taxidermied foam rubber) forward....! But, when to stop? Is the object still screaming? Moving? Exsanguinated? Dismembered? Unrecognizable? Fight on! You won't get by on your looks, Dogo Dentheadus! You must clean up human and animal detritus, bring terror and agony and grief, and do it all with a witless Pitty smile.

Noktlich said...

I have a 105lb. American Bully. He is the sweetest and one of the smartest dogs I've ever come in contact with. He is also a best friend, has the strength of 3 men, and is a bad MFer . I have never once seen aggressive behavior in his 20 months of life and he does still have his big balls intact. In all honesty I would hope that this would be the fate of someone entering my home unwelcome. And I'm not a nutter or a bully fanatic.. not one bit. You people need to get off the Fn computer and do something constructive and positive. An instant tell of bad character is someone who constantly focuses on and bad mouths other people.