Saturday, August 9, 2014

pit bull truths

I am a long time Craven Desires reader, but I wanted to read all the posts before I commented (It took me about a year to read them all).

I would like to share my experience with pit bulls.

I read the Time magazine article about the Michael Vick pit bulls and I thought pit bulls were just like any other dog. Then I met three different people whose dogs had been attacked by pit bulls. The first was a lady I met who had two trained Search and Rescue dogs. After the dogs were attacked by a pit bull, they became afraid of all other dogs and could no long perform Search and Rescue. The second was a neighbor who was walking his small dog when a pit bull came out of its yard and grabbed it by the throat. The pit bull's owner was nearby and was able to get the pit bull off. Luckily the small dog survived, but with a serious neck wound. The third person had a dog that was killed when a pit bull entered his house and attacked the dog.

The thing that really convinced me was my personal experience. I used to foster dogs for a dog rescue organization. I was given a dog called Bernie to foster that appeared to be some type of bull dog or pit bull mix. He was 8-10 years old, the tips of his ears were gone, and he weighed about 25 pounds. He got on fine with my own dog and mostly liked to lie around sleeping. Then one day I took him to the dog park. A little terrier mix was bothering him and he grabbed the terrier mix by the ear and just stood there. I had no idea what to do. I couldn't pry his jaws open. After a minute or two he let go. Luckily, the terrier was not hurt. I never took him to the dog park again. The next incident was when I was walking him with my dog. A big Lab came up to us and started barking and acting aggressive. Bernie slipped out of his collar and went to confront the Lab. I didn't want to get in the middle of a dog fight and I didn't want my dog to get hurt so I decided to take my dog back to my house, which was just around the corner, and get something I could use to break up the fight. When I came out of my house, both dogs were in my front yard. The Lab was lying on the ground and Bernie had him by the ear. I believe Bernie had grabbed him by the ear and brought him back to my house. Both dogs were unhurt. I had never seen behavior like this from a dog before and it convinced me that breeding influences behavior to a significant degree.

After reading Craven Desires I now realize that this was classic bulldog behavior. I am ashamed to say that I never mentioned this behavior to the people who adopted Bernie. I wanted him to get a home and I didn't want to do anything to deter the adopters. I don't think he would have hurt anyone but I still feel bad about it. If I had had more knowledge about pit bulls I think I would have acted differently. Thank you Craven Desires for educating people about pit bills.


Dayna said...

"Thank you Craven Desires for educating people about pit bills."

Second that! And thank you poster for sharing your personal story. It helps other people who are on the fence or don't have experience understand what the breed is capable of.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

And I third that, Craven Desires. When I felt like I had been sucked up by an alien space ship and taken to a place where pit bulls are placed on an alter of worship, I, too, read your every word. I am a better person in a different place because of your work and the education.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the person who had the guts and brains to post this. Well meaning, nice people are being taken advantage of by the pit bull business. They tell lies and use these nice people, and there is a lot of cruelty and hurt because of it.

The rescue people need to understand they are getting used, and they are getting used by people who only want to make life worse for the damn pit bulls, as well as every other animal.

It always amazes me how people who really mean well to animals can do so much harm. There is a magazine called VegNews that has some crap lately about "it's the owners, not the breed" quoting South Dakota state senator Dan Lederman, suck-up to the dog fighters and the damn factory farmers. Even the editor of a vegan magazine, Joseph Connolly, is being used like a simple minded simp by the people who hurt animals with this kind of concocted lie. This is a man who should know better.

Guess what. If there is breed specific legislation then the pit bulls won't be getting abused and the dog fighters can get stopped, as well as all the attacks.

Anonymous said...

There is a new dog across the street. It is running around in a small yard confined by a chain link fence that most dogs could jump over. I think it some horrid pit mix. Every time I look at it, it stops and stares at me. I have never seen it before today.

There are kids right next door to it and one of my neighbors is elderly. People walk on this road all of the time. Of course, there are kids in the house with that dog, too.

I am scared this thing isn't a normal dog. It doesn't move like a normal dog. It has way too much energy for that tiny yard. It looks very pitish. Any pit bull ever could jump that fence like it was nothing.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, everyone's lives will have been impacted negatively by a pit bull, or other dangerous dog. It doesn't have to be this way, but until pit bulls are banned, this way of life will continue.

I think the main reason people that are drawn to pit bulls have them as pets, is because they know if anything "bad" happens, they'll get away with it. Until this changes with BSL, the body counts will rise, so will the maulings and the maimings.

I am grateful that Craven Desires exists because I can state my point of view without the insane responses of pit bull lovers. Occasionally, we get pit bull defenders on here, but it's more entertainment than anything. Lisa Camuso, and the crazy lady from Scotland were a couple of my favs.

Sadly, there has been another death by pit bull, Deriah Solem. Pets aren't supposed to kill our children.

Anonymous said...

Anon with the pit bull mix in the neighborhood, are they renters? If they are, then notify the property owners that there is an aggressive dog there that isn't being appropriately handled, and the property owner will have the liability.

Let animal control and the police know that the dog is acting aggressively and the fence isn't good enough. The owners clearly have no idea how to handle a fighting breed and the behavior will get worse. Animal control and police need to make sure that the dog can't get out and this aggressive behavior stops. If this is what is going on now, there is an attack around the corner.

Take some video of the situation without them seeing so you have it on hand.

Please tell everyone not to walk their dogs anywhere near that yard, or their pet will get killed. You need to get the word out to the neighborhood that there is trouble coming and they need to report any problems, no matter how small.

Anonymous said...

I thinking it's not a mix, it is the real deal. It has been galloping around for two days straight. But, so far, not trying to get out or charging the fence.

The people aren't renters or anything like that other people have dogs behind similar fences, but those are more docile breeds. One is a lab (a real one), for example. The lab was outside and the dogs ignored each other, but the lab's male owner was also outside.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who fosters these pits and pb mixes is completely liable for what they do, while they have them and after they adopt them out. The group that gives these dogs out to people to foster will not be held responsible, and they'll just flee anyway.

The foster care person will lose everything and may even be charged with a crime.

There are plenty of great friendly non pit dogs to foster. Wait for those.

Pit Dispatcher said...

Anon at 11:00

And when no one does anything to help you, and this dog gets even more menacing, feed it treats sweetened with Xylitol (the sugar substitute used in toothpaste, chewing gum, etc).

You shouldn't have to live in fear.

I prefer BSL, but until that happens, I will err on the side of MY LIFE, and the lives of my family, and community.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes,EilidhSomerville, calling our discussion " nonsense" and doing a whole lot of moist harrumphing and haranguing like we had personally insulted her porridge.Camuso was a repeating tricycle crash, at first slightly funny, then embarrassing, then a bit pitiful. The poor dear just attempted the driveway much too early.Possibly she was dazzled by the newly-discovered solar-system, her favorite, jaded old witticism.And not even her own. Pedal faster, Lisa. Great things ahead, and if they don't materialize, you can threaten.further laughably inane, delusional legal action.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 9:22,

I adore your post! Tricycle crash? LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

I can barely comprehend this. There is another death by pit bulls. This time a little boy in Florida, 4-year-old Javon Dade.

Even with a pit bull ban where this took place, it still happened!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Dear anon 9:22,


Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is the point of this blog? Seems there is a lot of time spent blabbing nonsense here when you can be doing actual good in the world. How about going and volunteering at your local shelter, maybe walking a few 'horrid pit mixes'. Really people?! Is this what our society has come to?!

Anonymous said...

why the fuck would we do that? there are other animals in the world.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! A pro-pittie troll!

"What's the point of this blog?" it asks.

Apparently reading comprehension isn't its strong suit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32

I avoid shelters like the plague. Why? Because of pit bulls and pit nutters like yourself.

The point of this blog is to highlight the insanity of pit bulls, and pit bull worshipers. Since you and your kind are turning the world upside down, with your killer dogs, and trying to normalize it, I come to this blog to speak with other humans that share my point of view.

Hurry off to one of the recent news articles about pit bulls killing children, and talk about how lovely pit bulls are. Go on, show us what you're really made of.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lol! i actually have walked pit bulls at the local shelter.

my experience wasn't nearly as exciting as these:

Packhorse said...

I help out at my local shelter and attend most fundraising events for animal welfare causes in my town. And yes, I have interacted with pit bulls.

I'm active in animal and vegan advocacy, too.

The fact that I care about ALL animals, including those mauled to death by fighting breeds, is why I am interested in this issue.

Anonymous said...

"The point of this blog is to highlight the insanity of pit bulls, and pit bull worshipers."

I feel sorry for you and the hate you carry. I hope none of you breed and infect your children with your venom.
Let me guess, you all are racist towards humans too? One black guy robs a liquor store so they are ALL guilty, right? Yeah...

Sonya Marmeladov said...

LOL - anon 10:19 says:

"I feel sorry for you and the hate you carry. I hope none of you breed and infect your children with your venom."

Yeah, we hate when harmless little dogs are tortured to death.

We hate it when a toddler dies on the life flight to the hospital after an attack by the "family pit bull"

We hate it when a 93 year old woman gets her legs chewed off by the pit bull from down the street just because she went out to her mailbox.

So yeah, we hate it.

But you love that shit, don't you? twisted fucking sociopath.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love the way you pit bull defenders always place the race card.

Anonymous said...

pit bulls are not a race, fucktard.

leave black people out of this.

Anonymous said...

Not every Tom, Dick & Thug should own a pit bull - that is common sense. But to sit on the sidelines, posting up news postings and calling people names is counter productive.
No, I am not a 'twisted fucking sociopath' (thanks for the mature name calling - again, hope you dont have children).
I am a normal, functioning member of society who has a BRAIN! For every 'pit mauling' article you post, I can post one of a different breed doing the same thing (just use good ol' Google). You people are on here and focusing on the wrong things.
How about using all this energy to focus towards stronger laws on animal tethering, abuse and breeding. Pits & Chi's are the #1 dogs killed in shelters. Who's fault is that? HUMANS.. Not the dogs. They didn't ask to be created by us - we created them (specifically pit bull type dogs) for our own sick reasons.
The media normally leaves out a chunk of information on their stories - most of the dogs are not fixed, live their life on a chain or are abused in some way. Again, SHITTY owners. Not saying all pits that grow up in loving homes dont end up with some kind of mental problem, but that can happen to any dog of any breed (but it is rare). As I am sure you know, pits were bred to be human friendly.
How do you feel about Rottis, Chows, Akitas and Dobis? Do you hate them too?
I know I am just wasting my time here and we will never agree - this is a never ending battle on both sides.

Anonymous said...

All the name calling and bashing really shows the character of the people who follow this blog. You call the 'pit bull people' crazy but maybe its time to take a look in the mirror.. I think you like to have something to be angry at and aggressive towards. Do you act like that in 'real' life. or just behind the keyboard? Do you call your bosses, co-workers, mothers or sisters 'fucktards'? If so, I feel sorry for the people that have to interact with you. Shame.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re: 'twisted fucking sociopath', i think far too many pit bull owners get off one the fact that their dogs are lethal. they love the idea that their ugly dogs can easily kill just about every other creature out there and no, i am not referring to the dog fighting ilk.

"They didn't ask to be created by us - we created them (specifically pit bull type dogs) for our own sick reasons."

agreed. "our own sick twisted reasons" are now a felony in every state, so hey, how about we just spay and neuter them into extinction?

pit bulls were "bred to be human friendly" is absolute bullshit. they were bred to win in the pit. the myth of culling man biters has been debunked HERE.

i hate dogs bred for fighting and baiting.

anon 12:11, yes, i do occasionally lose my temper over this issue. it is very frustrating to continually see people who own these ugly dogs know LESS about them than i. case in point, the fucktard right above you spouting the bred to be human friendly bullshit. really, just how serious do you idiots want to be taken when you know less than i do? your pollyanna advocacy gets old fast when our homes and neighborhoods are being turned into the serengeti with people and their pets being maimed and killed.

here ya go. a recent thread on a pro pit bull forum discussing the myths you moronic nutters tell yourselves and in turn cram down the throats of the rest of us.
What r yr "favorite" myths?.

here are a couple:
"It's all how you raise them"
"Chaining makes them mean"

please go tell these experienced pit bull owners that they ought to fighting these tethering laws. lol.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think far too many pit bull owners get off one the fact that their dogs are lethal.

"...get off ON the fact...."

Anonymous said...

"get off one the fact that their dogs are lethal." - Sorry but as much as you wish, I dont fall into that category.
You and your minions are being VERY unfair.

"bred to win in the pit." - and not bite their human handlers. I will read the article you linked because I am not a one sided, ignorant person - I am someone who loves to learn and gather facts, only from reliable resources (I will report back). I have rescued hundreds of pits and pit mixes and not ONE had human aggression. I am living proof (God forbid) of someone that has not experienced this human aggression you say every pit is bred for. How is that possible? But I am supposed to bow down to you and your bullies because you think you are pit bull scientists and scholars? Seriously?

"i hate dogs bred for fighting and baiting." - Did these dogs breed themselves with intent to do harm? No, HUMANS did this. You are 'mad' at the wrong end of the leash.

Seriously? Do you expect me to read something titled "What r yr "favorite" myths?" - No thanks.

"It's all how you raise them" - Not always - that is a fact.

"Chaining makes them mean" - Not always - depends on the individual dog but a dog that is chained up for years is more likely to hurt another animal (or human, in rare cases) than a dog who belongs to a loving family.

"please go tell these experienced pit bull owners that they ought to fighting these tethering laws. lol." - I do

Back to the name calling. Classy. If you cant have a mature conversation with someone who has a different opinion than you, whats the point? Like I said.. Never ending battle. It would be nice to have an adult convo with someone like you, but I see that is going to be impossible. Enjoy your life..

Anonymous said...

Ha! Spill over from "Ban all dogs" Facebook page. Lemmings falling off the cliff with no research.Pit Bull is not a breed it is a label. Wasn't long ago that the "pit bull" was a nanny for babies. Rather than blindly following. .pull your head out of the anal cavity and remove the knots in your panties. The world moves along without you.

Anonymous said...

never were they nannies for babies, liar. NEVER.

Anonymous said...

did you read the post that got the fucktard response? it was a mean post, so it got the response it deserved.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:19,

"'The point of this blog is to highlight the insanity of pit bulls, and pit bull worshipers.'

I feel sorry for you and the hate you carry. I hope none of you breed and infect your children with your venom.
Let me guess, you all are racist towards humans too? One black guy robs a liquor store so they are ALL guilty, right? Yeah..."

The words you wrote, those are nice? You might not have been called a name first, but you pulled the first punch. You hurl insults, and then wonder why you get smacked back? If you want an adult conversation, then speak like an adult. Telling people you hope they don't breed is not a compliment. It's a personal attack, and it shows the level of your maturity.

Yes, I'm a hater of pit bulls. So what? I hate what they do. I hate when innocent people are killed by them. I hate when people DEFEND them. I hate when people try and say that all dogs are like pit bulls, or vice versa. No, pit bulls are not just like regular dogs. I want BSL, and it's not racist to say that. Pit bulls are not a race of humans, it is a breed of dog, used to kill other animals and people. Pit bulls were NEVER NANNY dogs.

If all it takes is chaining up a pit bull to make it lethal, there's something wrong with the pit bull. If all it takes is the wrong owner to make a pit bull lethal, there's something wrong with the pit bull. If all it takes is lack of socialization to make a pit bull lethal, there's something wrong with the pit bull.

There are no excuses that make what pit bulls do "okay." Get rid of pit bulls, and the excuses and problems go away. Simple as that.

And no, you're not going to change my mind. No amount of your educating will change the reality of pit bulls. Keep spewing your myths and lies to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous said...

"For every 'pit mauling' article you post, I can post one of a different breed doing the same thing (just use good ol' Google)."

Challenge accepted. Beginning August 4th, 2014, to August 13th, 2014, four human beings were killed by pit bulls. Now, it is your obligation to find 4 other deaths by dogs of other breeds, using good ol' google, within the same time period.

Just to let you know ahead of time, you will not win this challenge. You lost as soon as you started typing.

Anonymous said...

pit bull is right in the name of the dog 'american pit bull terrier'. i've seen fans of the creatures talking about their pit bulls, so the things aren't pit bulls then why do they call them that?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for the uninformative crap from swaylove. Showing us another idiot defending pit bulls, and fighting against BSL, just shows how heartless you people are.

Anonymous said...

I got someone I know to look at the dog. It is definitely a pit bull. This person thinks it is a young dog that has 'too much energy for that little yard' and that it is 'not getting enough exercise'.

ALL the mongrels in the neighborhood except the pit and the lab (the lab is very lazy) have been barking their heads off. I know why the lab isn't barking, but I am a little surprised the pit isn't. Unless they're all barking at him. He runs faster and faster when they bark. He still is staying within his fence though.

Anonymous said...

Is sway stupid? You can delete any and all comments on blogger. In fact, you don't have to allow comments. So, why doesn't Dawn James just do that if her intentions are as he claims?

Anonymous said...

as far as the wrong side of the leash, we have tried talking to the other end and it just accuses us of 'spewing hate' and 'being racist'. so, I am starting to think the other end might be the smart end. uunfortunately, pit bulls and their ilk can't read or speak human. it is a conundrum.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i just fucking love how nutters prove MY point. they make my job so easy.

first some gullible naive idiot promotes their superior knowledge and experience of pit bulls while further spreading lies like bred to be human friendly, chaining makes them mean and of course nanny dogs and when i point them to a nationally recognized EXPERT on pit bulls that contradicts their shaky belief system, they refuse to read it. lol!!!

now some fucktard is posting a link to a "negative" blog post about me in what i can only assume is an attempt to shame me. the fact that i will not delete it, will further make them look like idiots, given the title "sockpuppet dawn james has no answers for simple questions it can't control or delete".

so, here are the facts of the negative (lol) blog post. i asked JOSH LIDDY a simple question, to which he replied "why ask me?" then proceeded to create a blog about how I will not answer a simple question. LOL! fuck man, i couldn't make this shit up. LOL! the title also implies that i delete comments and questions. i do not. in reality, my comments more often than not are deleted from nutter pages, EVEN when i manage to clean up my language. donna nutter at badrap won't let my comments stand.

these are the facts, unless you are claiming that i am a denver attorney or an austin graphic designer, your comments about me will stand on craven, just like the link to this "negative" blog post - LOL. the more foul, the better. have at it. show me what ya got.

why do i allow and encourage criticism? cuz i don't give a fuck what any of you idiots think about me. liar. hater. psychopath. pimple on a mulatto crack whore's ass. seriously, think about it. why should i care what this idiot thinks about me? seriously this dude couldn't think his way out of a paper bag.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Is sway stupid? "
yes anon 1:20. very, very stupid. i would say possibly borderline retarded. either that or he has cast a spell on the idiots cheering him on for giving birth to a new solar system.

"get off one the fact that their dogs are lethal." - Sorry but as much as you wish, I dont fall into that category.
You and your minions are being VERY unfair.

learn how to control your emotions and fucking read. i didn't accuse YOU or ALL pit bull owners of this.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

@anonymous pit freak 12:04 said:

"How do you feel about Rottis, Chows, Akitas and Dobis? Do you hate them too?"

What does that have to do with anything? Seriously, are you even dimly aware of the problem at hand?

How anyone feels about any type of dog is completely beside the point.

To sane minds, your question sounds just like this: "So, you hate poison mushrooms - do you hate strawberries, plums and potatoes too?"

Let me break it down for you: Tens of thousands of harmless little dogs and other animals are tortured to death by pit bulls over the course of a year. By pit bulls, doing precisely what pit bulls were designed to do, nothing more, nothing less. The deaths from all other types of dogs combined is a tiny fraction of that. If you have no problem with that, you are at best an example of deranged indifference as you waste everyone's time with tedious baby talk as if it were some sort of popularity contest.

You pit freaks love to try to throw non pit-bull breeds under the bus. Of those breeds you mentioned - Rottweilers, Chows, Akitas and Dobies - none of them were designed for the purpose of torturing animals for sport, and all of them combined don't kill or maim as many humans in a year as pit bulls have over the past week.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Seriously, are you even dimly aware of the problem at hand?"

ding ding ding! we have a winner!

Anonymous said...

This is very entertaining. After all the proof and even badrap denouncing the lie, there are still morons out there claiming pit bulls were nanny dogs. OMG!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know pit bulls were nanny dogs?

They used to have competitions in which they would see which one could pull a baby buggy loaded with the most weight, or which did the best job growling a lullaby.

John Colby was among the top breeders of babysitting dogs.

Anonymous said...

colby must have forgotten to give nanny dinner the night nanny killed his little nephew. but, nanny won in the pit thus nanny was not culled.

Pit Freak, John Colby was a big deal. He bred game dogs and started the UKC where bulldogs needs to win three fights. Honor to whom honor is due.

if Colby didn't cull a babykiller, the only reason a manbiter was ever culled is if it was also a cur or, at least, a failure in the pit (game, but not as good as other dogs).

Anonymous said...

pit freak is not directed to anon 451, i forgot this was a reply. sorry

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was short-lived. I guess our revered sock-puppet banned the pit nutter, spoiling our fun.

For the record, I know Dawn didn't ban or block anyone. It doesn't take long to run off pit nutters than run off their mouths.

Anonymous said...

than = that

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

for the record, i do not have the ability to ban anyone and even if i could, i wouldn't. all i can do is delete comments, unless of course the nutter beats me to it. but even they can not delete a comment unless they are signed into an account, like ryan chase aka pit nutter used to do. but why would i delete their comments. i like to have fun as much as the next person.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

This is what I love about craven - a dynamic community of intelligent people who understand pit bulls far better than the average pit rescue angel, and are ready to answer the propaganda they try to spew here. Our friend Jake could only hope to have such a community around 17 barks someday.

Anonymous said...

There are more responsible pit bull owners (compared to the people that hate them)who support the breed and want things to turn around. These dogs obviously aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so we will do the dirty work and fight for them - fight for better laws and try to eliminate and educate shitty owners. As much as Dawn James and her minions hate this fact, the pit supporters are growing. The more people drop their prejudices and realize they can be a part of the solution, things will only keep getting better for this breed.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

@anon 7:13 -

The number of responsible pit bull owners is vanishingly small, an inconsequential number at best. The knowledgeable and responsible are being drowned out by the shouts of the imbeciles and sociopaths who see no higher good than the guaranteed opportunity for unfettered, unrestricted breeding and trafficking of maulers.

'educate shitty owners', you say? You've have had your way for the last 3 decades. How is that working out? The rivers of blood from pit bull attacks grow deeper and wider every year.

It's ironic to hear you speak of "prejudices" because prejudices are precisely what drive pit bull advocacy.

Simply put, you people seem to ascribe to the idea that pit bulls are the only animals that matter, that all other animals exist solely so that pit bulls may torture them to death.

You cry discrimination when the clear lines of the mauler heritage are pointed out, but you turn a deaf ear to the cries of the tens of thousands of innocent animals mauled to death by your worthless maulers every year - victims of your twisted desire that dogs bred to torture animals should continue to be over-bred like crazy and set loose upon a suffering world.

Anonymous said...

There are still more supporters than haters. Sorry.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's quite a bold state made by anonymous nutter with no independent link to a peer reviewed study. that is the fucking criteria you hold statistics to, right?

Anonymous said...

The proof is in the pudding.
Look at all the reader polls reputable sites post up (with people leaning towards the breed). Even the White House is against BSL.
You will not win.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The proof is in the pudding."
lol, the ultimate authority - PUDDING!

"Look at all the reader polls reputable sites post up (with people leaning towards the breed)"
you have nutter clowns have been caught skewing those on-line polls.

and speaking of clowns....
"Even the White House is against BSL."

"You will not win."
didn't claim that i would. being right and winning are mutually exclusive.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the proof is in the pudding

A phrase that, when uttered, instantly identifies the speaker as being incredibly stupid and illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Keep talking to yourself Dawn. Even your minions stopped chirping.
Face it, you lose ;)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"you lose"

i admit to losing but i have not lost. your choice of words implies the game is over. it is not. but thank you for reading and contributing to the discussion on craven desires.

Anonymous said...

Oh, fuck off Pit Freak. People bitch daily and constantly about things Obama says. Also, BSL is not controlled by the White House. Also, if we're sooooo 'losing' and everyone else except oh, Dawn since she's the only one you will admit is here, agrees with you then why the fuck are you here? You can't stand for ONE person or even a FEW people to dislike those fugly mutant maulers you let slobber all over you?

BTW, the bulldog across the street is now barking all night.

I have noticed several people suddenly with 'beware of dogs' signs on little chain link fences. 99% of all dogs that anyone needs to 'beware' of can easily get out of such an enclosure any old time they want to. Why don't you fucks educate people about that? Why do we haters have to do it? Take some responsibility for owning such a thing in the first place.

I know for a fact a bulldog can get out because I was nearly attacked by one that did. Another dog saved me. That dog has since died, but if not for him that thing was going to jump me. It made a weird noise I've never heard a dog make and ran right at me. So, fuck everyone who cannot contain their fucking canines. Fuck them all. Them and their fucking miserable dogs.

I don't even want a bulldog to lick me, so IDGAF if yours is friendly. I mean, that is awesome for YOU. But, I am wanting to avoid dogs that scare me. Rottweiler owners who have never given me shit about this. They understand it is not fucking personal. But, oh Pit Freaks, everyone who doesn't fall to their knees and worship pibble is a hater or racist or shouldn't breed or a coward or satanic or whatever the fuck else you can hurl our way.

People here have good reasons for hating maulers.

Anonymous said...

BTW, wasn't the pit bull advocate who is gracing us with its presence supposed to have compiled a list of other-than-pit-bull-dogs that have slaughtered humans from August 4 to August 13, 2014? Nanny pibbles' kill count is 4. So, where is the pit bull advocate and google user's list of other dogs that have extinguished human lives during this same time period? I desperately need to remove the knot in my panties, so this list is highly important.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"People here have good reasons for hating maulers."

and their owners

Anonymous said...

Creepy Craven, yep.. and their super charming owners.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been waiting for the list of people killed in the month of August 2014 by dogs other than pit bulls. To the other anon, we'll just have to deal with knotted panties a little longer.

As far as losing, the nutter lost. I called it first, nah nah nah boo boo.

I'd also like to mention that the momentum for BSL is growing. That's what has the nutters shaking in their flip flops. I can't wait for OHIO to reinstate their pit bull ban!


Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:54

It takes a while to compile a list of imaginary non pit bull fatalities and maulings. When all else fails, dig up that one story where a pomeranian and jack russell killed a child once more than a decade ago.

\ Billy Buckaroo /

Anonymous said...

I think anon 1:42 has moved on. He's busy fighting BSL all over the planet.

Keep those pit bulls a killin', keep those nutters nutting.