Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas morning heartache

Published on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 10:17 PM PST

Christmas morning I awoke to find Scarlet, our 11-year-old AQHA that was due to foal in late February dead in her corral. She had been killed by two loose blue pit bulls. There was so much blood I thought it was a mountain lion attack at first. But upon closer inspection there was dog prints all in her corral and her wounds were low, not on her back and neck. This is a horrible tragedy that could of been avoided. Scarlet was not a miniature horse but a full grown healthy 1,100-pound horse. Killed by dogs! Pit Bulls!

I am not a pit-hater though I should be. My daughter has a full blooded pit and I am constantly telling her he is an aggressive breed and must be treated as such. And he is dangerous.

I am writing this letter to all dog owners and specially aggressive breeds to ask you, no to beg you, to confine your dogs. It is my understanding it is illegal to chain up a dog in Kern County for extended periods of time. Chains and collars break. A kennel cost less than $300. Be responsible, confine your dog. Buy a kennel, get a shock collar, fence your yard.

My heart is broken and the worst Christmas has finally passed. But I would like to thank my friends and neighbors for their help and support. Special thanks to my friend and her husband who brought the dogs to be destroyed, Diedra at the dog pound and Tate Nagles who took time out of his Christmas day to bury her. Shame on the animal control officer that would not come out and take the dogs. I know it was Christmas but it is your job and you were on call!

Scarlet may you be in horse heaven with your unborn colt running at your side. We loved you dearly and will miss you so much.

Cindy Roberts



Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Were they her dogs? Her friend's dogs? If they were her friend's dogs why should animal control take them? Friends with dogs that kill horses shouldn't have friends with horses...

Anonymous said...

Kern County does it again!

Kern County, home of AKC breeder and lobbyist Janice Anderson, who is on the "animal control lobbying board" lobbying for the interests of dog breeders and dog fighters.

No regulation in Kern County. The deaths and maulings keep climbing.

Loads of puppy mills, hoarders, and dog fighters in Kern County.

Janice Anderson and her NAIA / AKC wackos keep enabling these.

HonestyHelps said...

Kern, armpit of Southern California. California, armpit of the world.

Emily said...

So, the only evidence you have is dog paw prints near the horse?

How do you know for a fact that it was a pair of pit bulls? It sounds like it could have been any loose dogs and you're blaming the most convenient.

4truth said...

Well, it sure wasn't Cocker Spaniels....