Saturday, January 30, 2010

emory university kicks off their new grants project: craven crafts

dog fighting maven and lover of all things dirty south, JERE ALEXANDER received a grant for her Stitch 'Er Up: Dogfighting Embroidery.

here are the other grant recipients:

Gary Riley, Down Home Dog Diddlin' Dildoes: Bestiality Candle Making

Gary Ridgeway, Token Hair and Skin Fibers: Serial Killer Quilting

The Crips and The Blood, Painting with Blood and Bullets: Drive By Shooting Murals

Oscar Ralda, East Meets West: Cockfighting Origami

NAMBLA, Doll Making: The Fun and Anatomically Correct Way

EMORY'S new motto:

jere alexander not only wows 'em at EMORY, she has a following at FLICKER. i wonder if jere's sewing circle cronies would still want to feature jere's interpretation of your friend and mine if they saw the REAL your friend and mine?

a few more of more samples of jere's dogfighting embroidery:
2x winner Hannibal titled He will never forget you. He would kill or die for you.
Fanny and Redboy a love story: muzzle/rape rack not required


Anonymous said...

This is the most stunningly bizarre crap I have ever seen. It must be a joke, nobody could present this as a legitimate art form. I don't get the joke...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

just in case this is not clear, jere alexander's dog fighting embroidery is real, everything else is a joke. if you click on the screen grab, it will take you to the emory link.

Anonymous said...

She should be in jail for introducing non S/N Feral Cat colonies into the Georgia wilderness. While it made her feel good saving lives it is an environmental disaster!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that clarification. I understood the sarcasm, but for the life of me, could not understand how Emory could possibly consider Jere's mess as a legitimate folk art, and give her a grant to support it. I did click on the links and was horrified to discover that this pit nutter has found another way to scam.

Anonymous said...

Jere Alexander was involved in CRIMINAL ANIMAL ABUSE, including putting pit bulls in cages to kill innocent pets that belonged to people and releasing unaltered cats to die in the wilderness, while she worked in animal control in Fulton County Georgia.

This went on until whistleblowers and the local news team exposed her cruel and illegal activities (her ILLEGAL activities, also because she disappeared a dog that was court property) and she was FIRED.

Emory University is now supporting a criminal.

Emory University needs to be held accountable.
You can see that the "good ole boy" dog fighting ethic extends even into the administration of a UNIVERSITY.

There are people connected to the dog fighting world who are in the faculty and administration of Emory, and they are helping Jere Alexander promote dog fighting and animal abuse.

Alexander is also running a breeding operation with her husband Rocky Alexander, and there are no business licenses to be found. No sales tax id numbers, nothing.

Anonymous said...

More on Jere Alexander's criminal past (not too long ago!)

However Jere Alexander, thanks to her Fulton County animal control misbehavior, is being watched more carefully (whether she and her dimwit husband and associates are aware of it or not)

She made it on to the radar, and dumb Rocky let a woman make a fool out of him and bring some eyes to his back

And word is that thanks to the misbeavior of his wife that caught public notice, a certain Rocky has been singing like a canary, providing like a rat.

FormerOhioGirl said...

WHAT IS IT WITH HER "HONORING" the pit bull's violent, horrific past of dogfighting that left an untold number of pit bulls horribly injured, maimed and DEAD? "Dogfighting embroidery?" You've GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Why do I think that embroidery images of "Southern Gentlemen" hanging black men would not go over so well? Or simply the embroidery of Klan persons? Come on Emory, I'm getting my application ready now...

Anonymous said...

Jere is every bit as despicable, every bit as guilty as any one who breeds pits, fights pits, hosts fights, watches fights or gambles on a dog fight. She might as well be the time keeper or sponger. She is disturbed woman who has managed to dupe a whole lot of people. And this has to stop.

The Gadfly said...

"About 25% of Emory students participate in Volunteer Emory, Emory's umbrella community service group. As one of the most popular groups on campus, Volunteer Emory offers dozens of ways to serve the community, working with varied organizations including the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Trees Atlanta, PAWS Atlanta, and Jones Boys and Girls Club. Students provided nearly 150,000 hours of service in 2008, working with more than 200 community partners. For their vast contributions, Emory received the 2008 Presidential Award for General Community Service, the highest federal recognition made to a college or university for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civil engagement."

I wonder what the students who volunteer at PAWS Atlanta would think of this use of grant money?

Anonymous said...

And now Jere Alexander's friend and associate Andrea Press, another pit bull breeder, busted for ASSAULT BY PIT BULL.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Press assault with her pit bulls

Andrea Press was in the game with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary & Pit Bull Breeding Promotion Group. See comments

Anonymous said...

Craven, I wish you would do an entry on Alane Koki.

Koki makes Jere Alexander look like a Girl Scout.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

feel free to forward any links that you have about koki. other than the anti-tether B.S. in north carolina and her connection to scumbag tom garner, i haven't found much.

Anonymous said...

Needlework is a woman’s traditional art form and to turn that into dog fighter crap taints it. Jere is simply too bizarre for words. She, or Rocky spilled their beer on some of her trash and she makes out that it is some sort of insider art. It’s just beer sodden crap… how can she be awarded a grant for this? If I had ever donated to that school, I never would again.

Friends Administrator said...

Emory is a very prestigious and very expensive school. I have to speak up for it because I have relationships with it in the past and they were all good. But I am appalled that they would involved themselves in something like this. I wish it would get out to the public and I did write the Atlanta Journal news tip line about it. The types of people who send their kids there would not tolerate this, I can assure you. I suggest that we all write to Emory and to news tip line.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Nope. I stand corrected. The cat piercing is NOT the most bizarre thing I have heard.


What is the matter humans? What is the matter with Emory?!?!

Yes I too intend to write Emory about this!

Anonymous said...

Read the last comment.

She's involved with Robert Lowery and tried to get his seized dogs.

Also her housemate busted at dog fight

Anonymous said...

Jere Alexander committed animal abuse while she worked animal control in Fulton County and she was fired for it.

She and her husband illegally stole animals from animal control.

What the hell is Emory doing helping an animal abuser?

Anonymous said...

Are they actually giving college credits for this crap?!?

How about ceremonial cranial basket weaving for head hunters?