Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fuck Pit Bulls and the Faggots that own Pit Bulls


Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it any better!

Oh and by the way, if the vigilante justice is being doled out, please save some for Thomas O'Halloran.

november17 said...

way to go, stealing my blogpost. fuckhat.

Anonymous said...

Here's my question, what do you want?
-Kill all Pit Bulls and their counter parts, then what? All vicious dog attacks stop?

-Breed Specific Legislation?
Ban all Pit Bulls??
We've all seen what an entire ban does....Drugs, alcohol, the smoking ban. People STILL do those things, a ban hasn't stopped the deaths from cancer, drunk drivers, and overdoses.
Even private fireworks have been banned in Utah. What do people do? Hop over to Wyoming and buy them there. Gambling....what do people do?? Drive over to Nevada state line.

People, by nature, want what they cannot have. The more unattainable it seems, the more it is desired.

The 14% approval rating for Congress doesn't look good.
You can't rely on the government, they can't even protect our children from us....let alone dogs.

Meagan's Law Legislation failed Ms. King and Ms. DuBois from being kidnapped and murdered from a repeat sex offender that was registered.
The sex offender lived near a Pre-School for 16 months before they moved him.

The early release program for inmates legislation.....More than a dozen Illinois prisoners freed in an early release program are back behind bars and accused of new violent crimes. A California inmate was arrested just hours later after police said he tried to rape a woman.

So you can't rely on Legislation, you can't have an ENTIRE breed Ban, and I'm pretty sure you can't kill every single 'Pit Bull Type' dog

So what do you want?

Anonymous said...

Part 2
I apologize Craven, I just thought of this.

Let's say haters get their wish and ALL 'pit bull type' dogs are banned or killed off, because Pit Bulls attack in "epidemic" numbers. Then what?

Are you going after Rottweilers next? Ban all them, then what? Akita's? Chows? GSDs? Mastiffs? Labradors?
Or will you be satisfied with just the 12 or so 'Pit type' breeds?

The point is, there will always be a breed that will be on top of the list for attacks.

What is your agenda?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that one....

P. said...

My feelings exactly.

cravendesires said...

i sometimes blog other people's entire op ed pieces. I thought that is why you sent it to me. also, i didn't realize that it was yours. i thought you were bringing it to my attention. a lot of the readers do that, rather than send me an email. i didn't find a name on it or i would have included it. my intention wasn't to steal it but to increase its distribution, that's why the entire piece is an active link to the original.
i will delete it, just say the word. although i would rather not delete it, i will respect your wishes.

Anonymous said...


felony said...

november17, do you want people to read this or not?

bitbypit said...

november17, I love your writing. It is both over the top and nails each issue in the horrible attack involving Erin Ingraham. You should be pleased that Craven cross-posted your piece. It's a DARN GOOD PIECE!

Anonymous said...

Anonyomous with your TIRED anti-bsl crap that you got from the dog fighters and the AKC Staffordshire terrier breeders

You're a babykiller.

Go back to bed and dream of your favorite hobby, thinking about your pit bulls tearing scalps and arms off children.

You anti-bsl nuts are too stupid to realize you are helping pit bulls get abused, and pit bulls are the only thing you have emotional contact with.

You certainly don't care that your pit bulls are killing children.

You're a pervert.

You belong in court and in jail, and you and your kind are going to get that.

Anonymous said...

What I want;

Eye for an eye.

Pit bull ban? No. Example; if a dogs chews someone's leg off, I think it is fair that the owner should get their leg lopped off with a guillotine.

If a person's dog gets loose and kills someone, then the owner should get a bullet in the head. If the dog kills more than one person, then the dog owner and their mom gets a bullet.

Not a slap on the wrist. Not a $500 fine. A damn bullet. It'd be cheap, quick, and easy.

Fairly simple, really. That way the responsible dog owners get to keep their dogs, and the crappy ones eventually get filtered out of the gene pool.

Anonymouse said...

Thank you for putting into words what we've all been thinking, November 17. Thanks also be unto Craven for posting this as well.

For those unfamiliar with Metro Atlanta, Lithonia is in Dekalb County. A few years back the then Dekalb County sheriff had his replacement gunned down in his driveway at home & genuinely expected to get away with it. The county even tried to deny his widow death benefits until the govenor stepped in & strong armed them through. (Google Derwin Brown for more info.)

More recently, a little boy there was killed while in church on New Year's Eve by some idiot who celebrated by shooting his gun in the air.

So this is what we're up against. (All three incidents happened very close to each other even within the county.) And this is why I hope November17 lets his/her post stay up, so other people can read what happened to this little girl. It really is a darned good piece and hopefully will do something to help prevent another senseless attack.

Pit Bull Positive said...

there is an estimated 75 million dogs in the United States and since "pit bulls" are so popular lets say theres roughly 25 million in 2009 there were 36 fatal attacks by dogs labeled "pit bulls".

Where are all the other deadly attacks from these vicious killers? If accurate numbers were kept people would see there are way more bites by small breed dogs, yes a "pit bull" will do more damage but how often are dogs labeled this breed to glorify an attack.

My children have grown up with APBT's and have never so much as been bitten, I also have lots of nieces and nephews who are around them. Would I leave them unattended around them, no I wouldn't leave a child unattended around any dog. My nephew almost lost his eye to my brothers Labrador retriever but it didn't make the news.

For every attack you read about there are literally thousands of happy stories that go unreported due to the unfair stigma attached to this breed. I have 6 in my house who coexist peacefully with my family and I don't fear being attacked.

I do a weekly show about the breed and I encourage anyone who wants to learn the Truth about this breed I urge you to tune in to get a glimpse into my world. Hating us for loving and defending our breed of choice hardly seems like a productive means to an end. Working together seems to be a more plausible solution.

Hope to see you Saturday night and if you would care to call in and discuss anything I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. The Pit Bull Positive Show Saturday night at 8 pm Central.

Trigger said...

(WSB Radio) The father of the DeKalb County girl who lost part of her left arm after being mauled by two dogs, is angry. Tommie Ingram tells Channel 2 Action News he's furious that the dogs' owner, Twyann Vaughn, is only charged with a misdemeanor that carries a one-thousand-dollar fine. He says they haven't even told Erin, who is having nightmares, about the amputation. "I'm really outraged that it's just a misdemeanor," he says. "My daughter could lose half the limb and it's just a misdemeanor. That just doesn't sit well, at all." The Ingram's attorney is calling on the legislature to pass tougher legislation. Erin Ingram, remains in critical condition and while the family has health insurance, thousands of dollars worth of expenses may not be covered. Her attorney has set up a fund to help.

Marty said...

I'm working on making the new's prove these attacks are from APBTs not just mutt dog's, and I'm sure when and if this happens there will be no need for sites such as this :-)

And if you tune in next week the Pit Bull Positive show will be aired at my home and I'm hoping to address this problem!!!

It seems that every attack you hear of nowdays is from an APBT... this is not the truth and we will touch on this ;-)

Anonymous said...

I thank the Anon. that (kinda) answered my question...

I was thrilled when I saw 'BitbyPit' I thought for sure SHE would answer my question.

"anti-bsl crap that you got from the dog fighters and the AKC Staffordshire terrier breeders"

This isn't anti-bsl crap.
I'm just asking a question as a "what if" scenario.

I'm curious as to what would happen after you (haters) get your wish and all Pit Bulls were banned.
-Would 'vicious' dog attacks stop?
-Would DBO go under?
-Would haters go after the next 'dangerous breed' in line? and then the next?

november17 said...

To the people that run the "pit bull positive" TV show or radio show or internet show or whatever it is;

Get a fucking life. Pit bulls are faggots. So are you.

I don't care about your dumb statistics. I'm sure you can quote them because you have them conveniently written on little notecards so you can quote them.

I'd be happy to call into your shitbox show but you neglected to leave any contact information to find it. Probably cuz no one watches it, and no one gives a fuck. Have fun with your 3 listeners (1 of which is probably your mom)

november17 said...

Marty: APBT /stafford terrier /pit bull: you dumb faggot did you even read the post you are replying to? Or are you just spamming shit. Its ALL THE SAME FUCKING TYPE OF DOG. Do you know how to read or are you just semi-illiterate? I'm guessing you have a fantastic spell check program to be able to decipher your half ass ramblings.

PS No one cares about your gayass internet radio show and no one is going to listen to it.

cravendesires said...

i think everyone's definition of pit bull might be a little different. for me, pit bulls mean two things. first it is the nick name for the american pit bull terror. second it is a dog bred for fighting (excluding the akita).

i think (ex) game-dog marty's definition of pit bull is strictly limited to fighting lines of pit bulls from southern cracker psychopaths.

(btw, novemeber17, marty is drunk most of the time)

i would like to see it become mandatory that photos are provided of the dogs. no need to name the breed, just post its photo.

Pit Bull Positive said...

Ever hear of Google you stupid piece of shit. Also pretty easy for you to attack from behind the anonymity of your screen name you sad pathetic little person. I really do feel sorry for such hateful people who so obviously never received the love and compassion when growing up.

Hate is a wasteful use of time. So continue to harass me and use all the vulgar language, it really doesnt bother me just lets me know the kind of class I am dealing with here.

Like I said Google the show little person or have one of your smarter friends show you how the internet works, its pretty simple. I really hope to hear from you i will be giving the number out like I do every week.

I offered Colleen Lynn the same opportunity and she didnt have the guts to come on so I really doubt you will either. then you would be exposed for the mental giant you really are.

I dont hide behind fake screen names because I am proud of who I am what I represent and the breed of dog I choose to share my life with.

Dan Meagher
Pit Bull Positive

Anonymous said...

I think you are a complete and TOTAL moron.... What do you think of boxers? What do you think of labradors? Funny in a city such as DENVER who has BSL- dog bites and fatalities have gone up - and guess what??? It's not Pit Bulls that are the problem- it's labradors!! Huh?? Holy cow what the hell .... I bet someone like you didn't even consider that since you are so busy sending out a message of hate...

Craven... why don't you go and blow Wayne Pacelle since you support someone that is killing shelter animals by the masses and wants your money rather for himself rather than helping to save them... I bet PETA would like you too... but then again you couldn't have a dog... or any animal for that matter...

People like you need a full frontal lobotomy, but then again that might be why you only have SEVEN followers...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You ass holes that are comparing pit bull's with SBT's don't know what the fuck you are talking about. A true SBT does not look like a PB, yes some people have what they call SBT's but if you compare them to the breed std they just don't make the grade. May I suggest you ignorant idiots go to a show and see for yourself.Unfortunately even some registered dogs don't make the grade. Take height and weight for an easy example, I bet you over 50% of dogs in the ring are over what is in the breed standard.

How many people get killed by cars, lets ban cars now. It is not the cars fault it is the ass hole behind the wheel, same thing with all dogs.

For those of you that are confusing the 2 breed, I suggest you don't look at a Welsh Terrier and an Airedale, shit you will get confused with quite a few breed.

Pit Lover N said...



Anonymous said...

Ok do any of you "let jump on this current hate badwagon"people know that when all this CRAP that the news started several years ago that the NUMBER 1 breed for reported bites was a golden retriever not any pitbull, followed by several little toy breeds. They weren't even in the top set. And FYI Pitbulls still have not made it to the number 1 slot in any list, other than the fictious ones made up by those that wanna feel important. So that should tell you that just because more people just wanted to jump on some issue so they could feel important doesn't make it so.Find out for yourself stop just going with whatever the popular thought is at the moment. Because sorry but if pitbulls are doing nothing but attacking people, it would have made the numbers on the list. Thats how the list is compiled, by the people that go to the hospital to get their bite checked(not to is just a bad idea no matter how small, if skin is broken, go.)and then its reported
And there's those of you that would say i watched so and so get attacked, ok but why were they attacked? Did they provock it and if not then they are unfortantely one of the ones that suffered because the dog was treated so badly that whatever took place set it off. I'm saying that there are those people who treat them so bad that they make them mean towards everyone and everything but i wouldn't think that would be a important distiction for most of you because look around you. People feel the need to be mean or cruel to most anyone for whatever dumb reason they feel justifies it, and it has the same concesquences. People then attack other people, regardless of a justification. And no we don't punish the people that caused the damage that made someone think it was ok or didn't care about the crime they went and committed and i know that the dog requires punishment if bad enough or repeat offender but why do we not go after the person that made them that way. Think of it as until we're consider a adult our parents are responsible for most of the consquences of our actions. So why are you not moving for the same with animals instead of going after a entire set of breeds. I mean a really consquences not some slap on the wrist that still means they can go out and get another animal to punch around. If you really want to stop attacks, any that aren't from gaurding then you should move toward a much stricker punishment for the owners not genicide. Like serious jail time and not being allowed to own another animal agian.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the only educated and civil minded comments on here are made by the Pit bull advocates. All the others are riddled with immature name calling and flippant opinions.

If people would take the time to learn the facts and discuss the true root of the problem maybe a solution would be found. The root being the owners. Any dog/animal/human can be mistreated, abused or trained to the point of violence and savagery. Who are we to play god and say kill them off for the mistakes made by these PEOPLE?

cravendesires said...

i haven't gotten around to publishing all of the raving pit nutter comments, yet. i need to read through them first. but here's a question for you to ponder, who are we to play god and create these frankenmaulers in the first place?

cravendesires said...

from the educated and civil minded pit nutters:

ass holes
ignorant idiots
go blow Wayne Pacelle
you need a full frontal lobotomy
stupid piece of shit
sad pathetic little person
mental giant

did i miss any?

Pit Bull Positive said...

Toddler Recovering After Dog Attack
Published: Thu, March 11, 2010 - 7:12 pm CST

SEMMES, Alabama - Three dogs are in quarantine at the Mobile Animal Shelter. The two labs and blue heeler look harmless, but Mobile County Animal Control says they’re responsible for a vicious attack.

“The child was rushed to the hospital is doing fine the last thing we got it was about 160 stitches,” says Animal Control Officer Carmelo Miranda. The family says three-year-old Madison Shelton was playing in the front yard Wednesday when the dogs started attacking her. She's at USA Children's & Women’s Hospital with her family.

This story made 1 paper i bet if it would have been a "pit bull" it would have been quite a bit more popular to print?

Anonymous said...

Your a friggen idiot and need to be neutered yourself.

I had a 14 lb poodle that when he thought I was threatened went after and cowered not only a pit bull, but a great dane and a spitz.

The breed is not the issue the owners are, if you want to get your panties in a wad get some facts on dog bites statistics (real facts not those anti pit... which I am sure you have no knowledge about facts since you have not posted "CORRECT" facts about the breeds mentioned in your article.

What happen to the girl was tragic, but there are many other breeds that have done/will do the same thing. I would know this because of years spent in the animal field, not because I read an article and decided to post a lame ass blog such as you have.

Lanette said...

Blogger cravendesires said...

i haven't gotten around to publishing all of the raving pit nutter comments, yet. i need to read through them first. but here's a question for you to ponder, who are we to play god and create these frankenmaulers in the first place?

Question, who are you to be judge? Who are you (who apparently stole someones article that you did not write yourself but posted as if you did) to judge any thing if you cannot come up with a "thought" of your own.

Why don't you go to an animal shelter or rescue and spend some time volunteering, then you just might realize wtf your talking (copy/pasting) about.


(oh and pop some rubber bands around your balls, would hate for someone with your intelligence to actually populate the human race)

Anonymous said...

faggot (3)
Fuck (6)
baby killers

I'm sure I missed alot

cravendesires said...

so many interesting nutter comments buried on the second page of my blog. hmmm, what's a blogger to do?

oh, wait, i know! craven mailbag!!!

check back soon, i have to get one of my smart friends to show me how to use the internet.

lanette, i often blog other people's entire op ed piece or blog post if it interests me. i don't necessarily agree with everything they all say, i just appreciate what they said and want others to read it too. if you were familiar with this blog, you know that. besides, there is a HUGE difference between me and november17. first off, i am not real comfortable with calling people FAGGOT and second, i would never EVER under any circumstances advocate kicking the dog around first. shoot it, yes. kick it around, absolutely not. i don't approve of gratuitous violence.

so as you can see, i didn't try to steal anyone's work. you might look around a little, i think that you will be able to figure out where i stand.

Pit Bull Positive said...

I still havent gotten a yes or no as to whether you would care to debate your stance on "pit bulls" with a "pit nutter". I am not out to attack anyone just always up for a lively debate with someone who has such distorted views when it comes to not only the breed but owners as well. seems you think "white collar' people would never ever own one of these terrible dogs, lol thats so funny. Yes people that engage in some illegal activities do have a tendency to gravitate to the dogs but it is the fault of media by making them sound so menacing and deadly. The people who bred these dogs for hundreds of years did breed them to fight other dogs yes that is true but that certainly doesnt mean that every single one has the DA temperament.

Its unfair to lump all in to one category just as it is wrong to lump a particular race into a category simply because of larger percentages in prisons. People who may not know me may be quick to assume I may be involved in illegal activities because of the fact that I am covered in tattoos but nothing could be further from the truth.

Bottom line I love my dogs and I will defend them yes but does that make me nuts? Also you talk about special days and programs for "pit nutters" and other breeds dont have them. Well perhaps its because the other breeds dont suffer the unfair stereotyping ours does lol.

I do appreciate the fact that you (Craven) dont feel compelled to lash out and use vulgar and or slanderous terminology, I once again ask you to please feel free to contact me during the show tomorrow night and maybe we could have a nice lively debate. I am enclosing the link for anyone who may have trouble navigating the internet. i especially hope November17 calls in really looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...Can anyone show a shred of proper breed stewardship from the Pit Bull community? Post mauling tu-tu marches by 20 year old girls don't cut it!

Just look at the constant stream of felons, sex offenders and drug dealers showcased on here producing these animals. including famous child molester Al white who sold dogs to to one of the posters here.

The Pit community and their breeding practices are a public safety, law enforcement and fiscal issue..That they have had years to directly address this.

Marty said...

Call in if you have the balls CD P??????

Marty said...

I don't have time to play your games just come to the site and tell your side of the story and make sure your side kick P is avalable on there OK?

You aready know I drink so I'll be waiting for ya LOL

cravendesires said...

please share the name of the person who is posting here that bought one of al white's dogs. you don't mean marty, do you? and how do you know that?

Anonymous said...

No question that when dogs attack WHATEVER the breed, its a bad thing. And dogs that for unknown reason were provoked, either by situations or by their owners handlers trainers. What it does NOT mean is that all of a breed, or group of breeds are bad. Maybe the owner was part of a group of people of drug dealers, child abuser or what ever, that from media reports thought whoaaaaa thats a bad dog to have (meaning they wanted it) They then got one of the dogs, raised it with abusive/aversive training modes, to cause the dog to be on guard with people, if not attack them outright.
That means the OWNERS were the bad ones, not the individual dogs, that were victims the same way as anyone who ended up being attacked by them. Most HA dogs either are trained to be human aggressive from how they were trained and abused, same as children raised to see abuse of others is the norm, turn out to be abusers themselves, from insecurities that occurred when they were abused, to just seeing it as normal.
Most abused dogs attack others in self defense. Of any breed. Dogs that are raised and trained as family members behave as such.

Yes, stories in the media where dogs have attacked, those dogs did a terrible thing, and maybe bad dogs, or may have been forced into feeling cornered or under attack as has happened to them before. it does not mean all dogs of any breed are bad, just individuals, same as individual humans.

Cheryl A.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance portrayed in your article is astounding! I am an ER nurse and I run a pit bull rescue as well. I currently have 4 pit bulls in my home and 2 cats. From my experience, I have seen more bites come into the ER from labs and small dogs than pit bulls. FAR MORE. I live an area that is very prevalent with "pit bulls", and I can easily say that 90 percent of the dog attacks that come in through the ER doors are from breeds other than "pit bulls". I have rescued over 200 of them and never have been bitten once, not even close. With the proper education on these dogs, they are truly amazing. I only wish that people would do their research before passing judgment. These dogs used to be called nanny dogs because they loved to care for children, they were our war heroes, they are our best friends.

cravendesires said...

to the ER nurse, i think you are a liar.

Marty said...

Craven P. you talk big shit on your site but you did not call in tonight what happpened cat got you tounge?

Scared say scared!!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't care if you think I am a liar or not. It takes a lot of dedication to become a nurse, a lot of compassion, and a whole lot of knowledge...
However, if most of the attacks that came into the ER were by pit bulls, then why would I own them? Why would I rescue them? Why would I love them? Would that make any sense to own something that I see as truly dangerous?! What about the police officers that have adopted pit bulls from me? Yes, I have even adopted them to police officers, lawyers, doctors, and nurses. They all must be "faggots" "gang bangers" whatever you want to label pit bull owners under. How terribly sad that you have such a closed mind. I pity you. Pun intended.

Marty said...

Call into the site/show you chicken shit MF, what you got to lose your chicken shit site?

Cheryl A said...

who are we to play god and create these frankenmaulers in the first place?

Cravendesirers, well said. considering its humans that push individual dogs into dogs that feel a need to protect themselves from being hurt or worse.
Dogs dont make dogs that feel a need to defend themselves PEOPLE do. the problem is PEOPLE are the ones that create the problem not individual dogs, but those of you that see the dogs as the issue will never learn that its not the dog. those people that break laws are not interested in small breed dogs, they want a dog that appears to match how they see themselves, THEY are the problem, not those that breed responsibly and raise dogs as family. There are a few purebred dogs I am cautious with approaching, Pits are not one, granted if I saw a pit giving me the eye, I would be cautious, same as if a lab, golden, border collie or ANY dog looks questionable. That said I instantly approach almost any dog I see. In my life I have been snapped at twice, once by a lab mix that belonged to a friend of the family. The dog was jealous which I knew, but I was a kid and wasnt thinking, I hugged the dog at my feet first when we were leaving and she wasnt right at my feet, only time she snapped. The other dog was protecting its territory, I had played with it earlier, then the owner put it in their car and went to visit with our neighbor, I went off to play (think I was about 10, cant remember breed mix but know was smallish dog.) it didnt try to bite when I reached in to say hi some hours later, just grabbed my sleeve and held on, let go as soon as they came running out when I called to them. and nope not scared of dogs, and I also worked at our vets for years through college.

november17 said...

I'm not comparing pit bulls with anything. I'm just saying pit bulls are faggots and so are the people that own them. Go ahead and cut/paste some more ass lame (fake n made up) statistics homos

november17 said...

To the "ER Nurse" (BTW I think you're a liar you're probably a lab tech tech or something)

DID you apply the scientific method to your assertions or are you just making shit up? I'm assuming since you claim you're a nurse you know what the scientific method is. I mean if you say something is "90%" have you been keeping a tally or are you just guessing? That's not very scientific if you're just guessing. Have you published any scientific papers regarding this subject?

PS Just because you work in the ER doesn't mean shit. For every patient you get your coworkers probably get 10 others. You're full of shit. Fuck off. Honestly, you probably mop the floors in an ER, don't you?

november17 said...

Btw "Pit Bull Positive" I was laughing at your "internet video show" - I missed it sorry I logged on 5 hours late. you're a douche. You talk like a fag and you look like a methhead.

november17 said...

PS "Pit Bull Positive" it must suck to be a felon. Nice prison tattoos. Now I realize why you have so much time to run a lame-ass internet show...your ass doesn't have a job. Have fun "broadcasting from Marty's living room" and bowling next friday. dork

november17 said...

PPS what is a BSL I don't speak your retarded doglover language

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with the eye for an eye comment, PUNISH irresponsible owners, not everyone. Are these dogs to be taken serious? YES ! Are they able to do great damage when accidents happen? YES !
Lock up the idiots that let Pitbulls and other bully breeds run free without leashes, to potentially cause problems. Punish them HARD !! Dogfights? send them to prison, at least 10 Years ( yes, even if you are famous ).
Make ANYONE that wants to own ANY Animal go through extensive background checks.
Now, YES I have 2 staffies, yes they are the same thing as a Pitbull, aside from their smaller size. I have never been to jail, don't do drugs and I am not a psycho path either.
What I am asking is, that please people don't judge everyone the same, just cause some people out there are retards, that should not own ANY type of dog no matter what the breed is. It pisses me off when I see those horrible attacks happen, and these people should be stoned to death IMO. it's because of idiots like that we even have to have sites like this. It makes me so freaking angry !

Torn between two nutters said...

Also, add civil/criminal liability for breeders who sell containment breaking, mauling freakshows!


Note to pit nutters...Self-Regulation (as in sane breed stewardship) is the preferred method. Get busy!

Anonymous said...

Dan Meagher, Marty, and their band of sociopaths and losers show up with the lies.

I wonder if child services know what is going on in Dan's house?

Dan doesn't even care about his own children. Why would he ever care about anyone else's children?


They have blood lust, and they are too cowardly to admit it, so they use these inferior dogs (and the ocean of lies and fake statistics they have to make up about their fighting dogs) to hurt other people.

They also are very free with the tax cheating.

I wonder if there was a fundraiser dog fight at the Pit Bull Positive Babykiller Get Together to raise funds to write up more fake statistics?

And have you noticed how, among the large percentage of pit bull "advocates" who are gullible women, these few weird guys stick out like a sore thumb? They have LOSER all over them. Like normal men don't want them around.

Anonymous said...

November, BSL is breed specific regulation

The pit bull babykillers oppose it because it affects their financial interests in pit bulls.

Have you gotten fellow honest citizens together to put pressure on legislators to beef up the dangerous dog law?

As in no free bites, they get charged with a crime, they have to get insurance, alter the dog, get locked secure containment, etc

If nothing is done someone is going to die and it will be legal unless the laws are fixed.

These pit bull "advocates" love to see people getting killed, so they want weak or zero dangerous dog laws.

Anonymous said...

According to the Wolf-hybrid Community, Pits are the most dangerous dog out there by a mile!...Ain't Dog lobby advocacy Great?!?

During a 15 year study the HSUS compiled the following, very interesting, figures. The only way you can accurately determine if one breed is in fact more apt to bite or attack than another considering the differences in popularity and numbers is to look at the percentage of reported bites and attacks per population of the breed. The following are the results of that study. (The actual list is MUCH longer. I have condensed it in the interests of clarity.)

Pitbull terriers - 0.35 percent
Siberian Huskys - 0.0012 percent
Alaskan Malamutes - 0.0007 percent
German Shepherds - 0.0005 percent
Rottweilers - 0.0003 percent
Wolfdogs - 0.00025 percent

Wolf_Hybrids get a Bad rap!

Lanette said...

lanette, i often blog other people's entire op ed piece or blog post if it interests me. i don't necessarily agree with everything they all say, i just appreciate what they said and want others to read it too. if you were familiar with this blog, you know that. besides, there is a HUGE difference between me and november17. first off, i am not real comfortable with calling people FAGGOT and second, i would never EVER under any circumstances advocate kicking the dog around first. shoot it, yes. kick it around, absolutely not. i don't approve of gratuitous violence.

so as you can see, i didn't try to steal anyone's work. you might look around a little, i think that you will be able to figure out where i stand.

I do understand blogging, I if/when I use someone else's stuff I let it be known it is not mine and who the author is.
If you were not comfortable with the language used or did not approve of the blog totally then why bother?

Having run a decent size shelter and working others and having my own now I can tell you the #1 dog to bite in this area is a lab mix (and no not mixed with pit). We also had issues with chocolate labs (vet explained of an issue with them after getting in 3 in a row that were highly aggressive), chi's, rat terriers, and cocker spaniels.

As for where you stand..... not on your own if you could not of posted a blog of your own thoughts on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Where were you Marty? Passed out?

Lanette said...

lol your post says REPORTED BITES. Many dog bites go unreported. As for the wolf hybrids they do what is called "mouthing" which can cause harm to children or people who do not understand that is a characteristic of the breed. Also in many states they are illegal or licensed by the conservation department.

Marty said...

Anonymous Where were you? I've called in the last 3 weeks it was your time this week.

Craven why are you not letting Dan's post through now?

Don't run and hide now LOL

November17 I went to your Blog and you sure do love talking to yourself, next thing you know you'll be answering yourself, you must really have a lonely life LMAO

cravendesires said...

marty, dan has not sent in anymore comments. he is either pulling your leg or you are pulling mine.

Pit Bull Positive said...

I have sent in at least 2 other comments,one asking why no one had the courage to call and debate with me and the other identifying the spineless november17. Your commenters are some real beauties with the personal attacks, why do they feel the need to attack me personally? Kind of shows the character of people who read your blog.

I have read your own comments on here saying you wished harm upon other people. So how does that make you a good person to actually hope someone gets attacked and find pleasure in it? To me this seems kind of sadistic. I know you won't post this either as you have chosen not to post my other comments.

My blog unlike yours is open to commenters, I don't feel the need to pick and choose which comments I include. Another question I have is why do you have only 7 followers and the rest like to remain anonymous? Is it that they like you have something to hide? Seems a bit suspect to me.

cravendesires said...

this is the first comment of yours that has come through. i have not rejected a single comment of yours. and i could care less if you believe that or not. i barely have time to read anonymous comments whether pro or con. i have taken an interest in yours, so i do read them but for anonymous comments in general, i pretty much just screen for certain words. you know the words i am talking about, you were smart enough not to commit the crime of slander on your last show. you do know the definition of slander, right? a FALSE AND DAMAGING statement about someone. emphasis here is on FALSE. however your idiot friends at gopitbull, not so smart. that is the only reason that i moderate comments. my preference is to just leave comments open. but you know, there are many unscrupulous people involved with pit bulls.

and to clarify, YES, pit bulls attacking and even killing their adult owners yes, yes, yes i approve! i enjoy those attacks. it's called schadenfreude-google it. pit bulls who attack/kill the children of pit nutters, i don't enjoy those although, i am glad it happened to their kids and not someone else or even another dog.

cravendesires said...

excuse me, i misspoke. i DID reject a comment today. it was submitted by an anonymous commenter and they named a dog fighting police informant. would you happen to be that person dan? would you like for me to help the dog fighters and hurt the snitch? i know marty would. he LOVES those sadistic fuckers. he defends them every chance he gets. here is a collection of comments made by your new buddy marty defending this garbage.

Marty said...

What do call posting or letting my full name be posted on your site and me emailing and telling you to take it down and you refused to do so?

I guess thats OK because its you right?

cravendesires said...

what the fuck are you talking about?

Marty said...

Show him my house you posted... and the Martys nutt sack post back a few yrs ago LOL

And thanks for leaving up my # in the other thread I see P didn't have the ass to back up heshes remarks about my address ;-)

And none of the post on the other thread backed any dog fighters, I was simple pointing out how people get labeled dog fighters... all there dogs are killed and they are found to be innocent in a court of law.

Marty said...

Did I not email you and tell you to take my full name off your site?

Marty said...

Ok it was not you sorry about the mistake...

To whom it may concern,

It has recently come to my attention that libelous comments have been published on your website, These comments include falsified information implicating myself, **** ******** *****, and my website,, in a variety of activities which I have no connection with. As you may be aware, some of the defenses to a claim of defamation are truth, statements made in a good faith or reasonable belief, privelege, opinion, fair comment on a matter of public interest, consent, innocent dissemination, and incapability of further defamation. The comments which you have published on the aforementoned website fall under none of these categories, and therefore would be considered libelous. I believe the comments which have been published are damaging to my character and that of the website I own and operate. I am also disappointed with your attempt to harm my reputation and good will. Accordingly, I demand that you (1) remove all defamatory statements from your website(s) by no later than 12/31/2008, (2) cease to post any defamatory comments about myself in the future, and (3) cease making references to myself or my website whatsoever. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to further pursue this matter and seek to recover damages caused to myself by your statements. I trust that you will make the right decision in this matter.

The URLs of the pages containing the aforementioned defamatory statements are as follow:

Anonymous said...

hmm, to ranting lunatic that calls all bullies babykillers..FYI, both my dogs have been rewarded the good dog citizen award and work as service dogs in a Children's cancer clinic, where they visit twice a week and have done so for 7 years, now. I don't need to make up fake statistics and throw around insults and foul language, as though I dropped out in 3rd grade, people like you scare me more than any dog ever would. You accuse us of being irresponsible parents? I do hope YOU don't have any kids, with they way you act. I'm sure your mom would be proud to see what a hateful poo mouth she has raised. :)
If we allow this to happen, what's next? another breed of dog? Another animal? Retarded kids? Handicapped people? That's what scares me !
Just stop the backyard breeders and criminals that run rampant and half the problem is solved. Also for clarification reasons, Pits were not originally bred for dogfights, regardless of popular belief, there were bred for BULL baiting by butchers, therefore the name. After this was outlawed a few demented individuals started fighting them, and making the breed bigger and bigger. Just look at the people that ARE misusing and abusing these dogs, nuff said, let's eradicate THAT breed and all our crime rates will drop by 90%.

cravendesires said...


i am too busy, you will have to find the two threads and share them with your new buddy. (by the way, i prefer colbydogs. at least he is honest about the dogs. dan sounds like that badrap idiot)

OJ was found not guilty too but we all know he killed 2 people.
there is also big difference between not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and getting off on a technicality. which is how most of those sadistic cracker heroes of yours skated through the legal system.

you have never sent me an email. i would remember. and i would save it, like i have with your georgia buddy jbark's and hosomeen's. but feel free

i have never accused you of dog fighting. i have accused you of giving a place for those sadistic fucktards to hang out and relive the glory of the bloodsport. i have berated you for defending dog fighters and i have pointed out your connection to 2 well know dog fighters, bert and fred ramirez. whether or not you engage in dogfigithing, i don't know but you have some questionable friends.

Marty said...

Here's you chance....

Pit bull education 101

This week on The Pit Bull Positive Show we will be airing live from Atlanta after the Bullypalooza Show. Tune in for an extra special show airing live from Marty's as he joins me as co-host. We will be discussing holding the media more accountable for the images and stories they post regarding APBT's, many times the dogs are improperly portrayed and no retractions are ever made when the truth comes to light that said dog in incident was NOT an APBT. Tune in at 8 pm central at Pit Bull Positive and if you would care to participate in the live chat during the show you must preregister at Ustream.

The # will been shown at that time of the show call in, put up or shut up!!! Dan and myself would love to debate with you on the air!

cravendesires said...

you know what would be a fun debate?

marty and frank the retired dogman.

Marty said...

Naw I think you and P... dan and myself would be a good debate, why you want to call in someone that agrees with me? what kind of debate would that be?

Come on G/F don't get scared LOL

I'm not a dog man per say your just labeling me one Lol

You know I have no education and your picking on me but the truth be know my common sence out weighs your stupidity LOL so try to do better next time OK?

Marty said...

I've tryed for over 3 yrs with you and I'm tired of giving you the benafit of the dought(sp) I really think your all the same members posting to make it look like you got followers LOL How lame is that LOL

Call into the show this weekend or show up, or shut up LOL thats your options, you will not be able to post you fucked up BS any longer

cravendesires said...

"why you want to call in someone that agrees with me?"

when was the last time you talked to frank?

november17 said...

to the person that posted "November, BSL is breed specific regulation"

I don't know what a BSL is, and I don't really care. Breed regulation is a bunch of made up shit by a bunch of fags that breed dogs. Have you ever seen the movie "best in show"? You're all a bunch of psychos. No one cares about gayass dog shows. Get a life

Harry S. said...

Craven, you are a fucking idiot. You are an overly preachy, over the top cunt. Though what really blows my mind are the people commenting on this saying all this "eye for an eye" shit. Blame the shitty owners not the entire breed. There have been more attacks in the US from golden retrievers, dalmations, akitas, and chowchows. The two dogs that have the highest percentage of are border collies and Australian shephards. I dont know where you get your facts from but you need to source your facts. Im sure in the future you will start posting blogs about killing all the fags and niggers, you ignorant piece of shit. Just kill yourselves.

dawn james said...

harry s, you have extremely poor reading skills or you are just too emotional over this subject.

first off, i didn't write this, though i agree with most of it.

second, the author does blame the fucktard owner, as do i!

but that is REALLY problem here isn't it? you don't want the owners held accountable because you know the next one could be YOU.

Anonymous said...

Fuck pit bulls and most dogs. If you need a big ass dog to feel macho, you prolly have a pretty small dick. Fuck you if you don't agree.

Anonymous said...

Yep , fuck pit bulls. The world will be just fine without them. I'm not saying we should euthanize all pit bulls, just make it a strict law to neuture them all. Most likely they won't go extinct because there will always be a few fuckheads breeding them I'm secret. But at least we'll see a sharp decline in maulings.