Tuesday, March 2, 2010

two california attacks

pomona a 4 year old girl was bitten on the face by her uncle's pit bull. of course the 3 year pit bull was not licensed and not current on rabies vaccine and uncle has an excuse. "The girl may have startled the dog while it was sleeping, he said."

concord a pit bull jumped out of a moving car monday to attack a small dog. the owner of the small dog was bitten trying to save it. the small dog was taken to the emergency vet with serious injuries. surprisingly, the female nutter didn't flee the scene, especially in light of the fact that it has a history with animal control. the number and type of complaints were not specified.

concord UPDATE Rich Hartmann, a city worker, saw the attack on the pomeranian and its owner and came to their aid. his description of the attack, "a very vicious thing. Probably the most vicious thing I've ever seen." regarding the condition of the victim, Hartmann said, "There was blood everywhere. The (Pomeranian's) right front leg was badly mauled, and its right eye was bleeding."
the vet who treated the pom might want to give a copy of the report to stormi king so she properly interpret the injuries for the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

" it has a history with animal control."

So when is animal control going to actually do something about this?

When someone dies?

When authorities just enable this behavior, it continues.

And people MUST sue.