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the new and improved pit bull reporter 02.07.11

cuz no matter how hard you try, you just can't have THIS much fun with poodle and collie owners. they are so boring, so vanilla. while people who own gripping dogs are so jim beam rocky road with chunks of fractured egos and psychopathic swirls sprinkled with crystal meth:) and Thomas Mair teamed up to expose another pit nutter masquerading as a journalist. AP hack SUE MANNING attempted to tackle a serious topic (pit bulls) for a change only to make a mockery out of it. the list of pseudo journalists is growing faster than pinnochio's nose.

29 yr old DAVID SANDERS (can you imagine giving birth to this thing?)
cincinnati, ohio remember the psychopathic pit nutter who let a woman use his cell phone, then held her against her will, beat & raped, allowed his pit bull to maul her, then poured scalding water on her and robbed her before setting her free? well, Judge Robert Ruehlman has spoken.
Ruehlman imposed the maximum possible penalty of 46 years in prison, adding he wished he could make it longer, perhaps so long that Sanders' body "would assume room temperature (and) when they take you out, you are horizontal."
the only time this sadistic fucktard spoke was when the judge said SANDERS was mean to his pit bull. pit nutters apparently have limits. oh and by the way, the city spent $8000 housing this ugly dog after SANDER'S arrest. it finally got that dirt nap.

K.O. i can't believe they are dirt napping this mushy wiggle butt!
chattanooga, tennessee another family argument sent the little gripper into red zone again. a mother and daughter argument ended in bloodshed and serious injuries when the two year old frankenmauler decided he needed to step in and play referee. MEG COLE said when she and daughter CARRIE argued, K.O. bit CARRIE, then took off down the street. MEG found K.O. at a gas station and walked him home. when she raised her voice, K.O. attacked MEG. the family surrendered gripper for a dirt nap. (new nickname - gripper - thanks fuzupf!)

onslow county, north carolina LISTLE was hanging out on the front porch smoking cigarettes with fellow marines while his 2 yr old played in the back yard - with a pit bull and a german shepherd. Brennan Jr wandered into the nanny dog's chain spot and was attacked. this sperm donor (with another bun in the oven btw) thought he had better go find out why the german shepherd was barking. he found his little boy unconscious and the pit bull on him. Brennan Jr suffered neck fractures. LISTLE was charged with felony child abuse and placed under a $250,000 bond. LISTLE refused to comment but his roommate JARED CALABRO vouched for the "loving" pit bull and the sperm donor's parenting skills.
the marines banned these ugly dogs for a reason.

JULIAN MAYNARD SAUNDERS why aren't we just killing these losers instead of releasing them back into society?
ocala, florida the combination of alcohol and super bowl enhanced testosterone pushed 49 yr old pit nutter JULIAN MAYNARD SAUNDERS over the edge. he started beating his daughter, then let his pit bull take part in the family fun. when the 19 yr old girl's mother tried to intervene, she was bitten. JULIAN then went to his brother's house where the super bowl party was held. when the cops showed up, he said what any good pit nutter would, "i was attacked". he was charged with domestic battery AGAIN. no bail for this fucktard
plug in his name at this marion county jail site
domestic violence X3
habitual offender driving while suspended
resisting an officer with violence
contempt of court
probation violation X3
possession of cocaine

speaking of domestic violence....
looks like MAURICE 'MURPH' McADAMS has a bad temper.
strike 3 is just around the corner...

could this be retaliation for being beat up by his woman? or did ANDREA prove to be too game and he is onto a whole new violent relationship that MURPH can better control?

january was an interesting month for dogmen

in detroit, michigan three black males in their 20's were found dead in a house along with 10 pit bulls who are believed to have been used in dog fighting.

while down south in jackson, mississippi 43 yr old EARL RIPTOE was shot to death by a long time friend at a dog fight. RIPTOE'S family was quick to tell the reporters that EARL did not fight dogs, he just went to this fight to make a quick buck gambling on a dog fight. EARL was a breeder of bandogs. this is one of his creations: CICERO, a neapolitan mastiff x great dane x pit bull. there is a little blurb about EARL'S bandog "This is a dog like the mastiff of old. This is a dog you could take to war." apparently CICERO has already been taken to war. note the scarring on his face.
hmm...i can't imagine why his good friend DAVID ISHEE at midgard kennels would delete EARL'S name from his website.

also in jackson, mississippi, 33 yr old LeSEAN PICKETT of 319 Judy St was arrested for interfering with animal control, failing to provide standard treatment/care of his pit dogs and failing to control his pit dogs when one of them attacked attacked 9 yr old Marquevenia Keys in january. PICKETT turned over a pit different from the one who bit the boy and is hiding the real gripper. these are all misdemeanor charges but the low life scum that resides at 319 Judy St appear to want felonies. last sunday, one of the punks who flops at 319 Judy St, ANTONIO WOODWARD, threatened the family of the victim with an 11 inch butcher knife. the victims say the people living at 319 Judy St have threatened to kill them and burn their house down.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see my reports have made it into the blog post! :)

Sadly, I came across two more attacks since adding these to the list.

Looks like there's going to be more attacks in February than there were in January...

- D

Anonymous said...

Knew that name was familiar

Murph McAdams, Aka Mr Andrea Press!!!!!

of AADR pit bull registry fame

Andrea Press

"I believe Andrea Press is also the president of the Cape Fear APBT Club (one of the groups on the Michael Vick Amicus Brief), as well as the spokesperson for the Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States (sister group of Graves' group, the Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States).

Cape Fear APBT Club

Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States

Despite Press' hard work, New Hanover County still passed the anti-tethering ban. Apparently she moved her pit operation to Brunswick County so that she could keep tying up her pits.

Yes, Murph McAdams and Andrea Press are the types that Best Friends is promoting pit bulls for!! They signed the amicus brief with Best Friends Animal Society trying to get the Vick pit bulls to make money with.

Best Friends Game Dog pit bull torture promotion in Kanab Utah

Sandi Coy the convicted animal abuser and pit bull killer was involved with Press too.

These are the kinds of people Best Friends is helping to torture dogs and people.

Anonymous said...

That Marine is in deep Kimche...Onslow is where the two druggies were incarcerated for allowing a gripper to chew their infant"s toes off. The also had another Marine dependent killed by a gripper on the base back in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, McAdams and Press had a "gripper" incident last year...This kind of thing happens at yorkie clubs all the time, but the CIA covers it up.

Anonymous said...

"deep Kimche" is right. What kind of 20-year old TOTAL MORON buys a pit bull with one toddler and one in the oven and is employed by an organization that BANS them? The IDIOT still has his MySpace page up too. ALL GOOD CAREER MOVES!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO you guys go off of the media, thats sad, you have no idea what happens when storys go thru them, you guys all need jobs, rather then sit on here all day and post random shit, that you yourself have not a slight clue about, you guys 0 pitbull owners 1

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks anon 4;49, i intended to link to last year's domestic violence incident (initiated by press) and i got side tracked.

Anonymous said...

That marine has a myspace profile picture of his baby with a rifle in his crib.

His kids are already doomed.

And after looking at riptoe and his bandog, i think the world is doomed too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59 AM

If you're going to criticize muckrakers for researching pit bull , you should also criticize BadRap, Best Friends, and Villalobos Rescue Center. Because they do the exact same thing as us, with the exception of them spreading lies.

I would rather spend my time spreading a truth than spreading lies like you nutters.

- D

Anonymous said...

A little advice needed. How would you deal with this line of argument? I presented evidence that pit bulls are a problem breed (CDC 20 year study and reports from local LEO/animal showing pits as top biters) and the following argument centered around whether or not pit bulls are inherently more dangerous than other similarly sized dogs.

Well, the person I am discussing this with says that all of the information we currently have is worthless for two reasons:1. the data has not been normalized by the population of each dog breed and 2. other factors that also influence dog bites (training, etc) have not been accounted for that might be confounding and also people might be more likely to call LEO over a pit bite than a similar other breed bite.

This guy is correct that the ULTIMATE DOG BREED STUDY has not been conducted. He seems to think that prior to this, we just can't tell what is going on or react to current information. My tactic was to state that the unadjusted numbers SO strongly show a breed effect that the confounding variables proposed would have to be both highly correlated with breed and of a very strong effect. Therefore, any rational person begins to form an opinion based upon the available information prior to the perfect study being done. A rational person does not get the dog breed that kills the most people each year simply because some confounding factors have not yet been accounted for in the numbers. Although we realize all knowledge is tentative, we must act now. Therefore, we must not be too worried about statements of ultimate truth, but in saving our skins. I further pointed out the daily stream of pit bull maulings that form a swarm of circumstantial evidence that is hard to ignore. He is not impressed and quite smug. Anyway to defeat this nutter apologist prior to the perfect study? (which given our society's priorities is not going to happen and so this can ALWAYS be hid behind, plus I don't think he realizes how difficult this would be).

Anonymous said...

"What kind of 20-year old TOTAL MORON buys a pit bull with one toddler and one in the oven and is employed by an organization that BANS them"

Our friend the "groomer" and self-admitted GAME DOG BREEDER Patricia Prince Pandoff of Kentucky, and Kentucky Bluegrass American Pit Bull Terrier Club,

was breeding and selling game bred pit bulls with her younger former husband when they lived in crowded military housing filled with kids and other animals.

There are some very bad apples in the military pursuing their game dog activities, and using the taxpayer's money and taxpayer's property to do it on

It took the military a while to figure out that the enemy was on their home turf but they did eventually.

Unfortunately for the public this game dog activity is now being inflicted upon the innocent public.

Anonymous said...

"He seems to think that prior to this, we just can't tell what is going on or react to current information."

The kind of men involved with the pit bull sob story female population are a pretty marginal and small group of extremely disturbed men. These are the kinds of guys that have failed in our society and can't cut it with the actual intelligent males who function at higher levels and don't hang out with crazy housewives and head case spinsters. These kind of wimpy guys jump from proselytizing fad to fad, and hope they can feel superior in some way, yet never do. It's a very small world of male failures and the mentally disturbed.

For these guys, the pit bull sob story fad is something they feel they can have power over (they don't because the women wear the pants in this strange trade and tell these guys what to do) and also a way to try to get back at those that rejected them with fighting dogs that can hurt and kill others.

The game dog guys stick to their own and have their own reasons for being involved with the fighting dogs.

The wimpy guy pit bull apologists are the outcasts of society. This is more a religion to these guys. They will never have a real thought about any of it. It's an emotional soapbox for them, where they hope someone will pay attention to them, finally, maybe.

Let's put it this way. Before these guys hopped on the pit bull sob story and apologist bus they were evident to all as "losers" and they still will be after when they have moved on to some other crazy religion.

Anonymous said...

"He is not impressed and quite smug."

This is how these wimpy guys acted in high school, college (if they went) and now in society where they are generally rejected by normal, average people. They don't fit in, for good reason.

They hopped on the pit bull apologist bus to try to feel smug and special about something. They don't care whether it is a lie or not. These are emotionally desperate guys.

And if you notice, a lot of them seem to be completely dependent on women in their own households. They don't even wear the pants in their own house. (or they are roundly rejected by females) The pit bull thing is a way to express anger and frustration, in a strange sick way.

These are the Outcast Guys. They will never think logically about this because the reason they got into it was illogical and emotional.

Anonymous said...

So is there a silver bullet retort to "a large scale study that adjusts for all confounding variables has not been carried and so there is no real evidence"? This guy is actually relatively intelligent, strangely. He has a small point but is using a lack of perfect knowledge to claim that all opinions are of equal value, which is wrong but can be somewhat defended if one digs in their heels enough.

Pits are Shits said...

Trashy people own trashy dogs. And trashy dogs are pit bulls!

Anonymous said...

This is a good response. Its from the comments section in this blog post by someone who identified themselves as dude:

As a practical matter, how should the law consider “variables” to address issues of public safety? If Ned’s truck crosses the center divider and kills a family of four, does it matter the road was covered with ice and visibility was diminished by a snow storm, or that Ned was abused as a child, or that Ned has medical issues, or that Ned is economically disadvantaged, or wealthy? Or, does it matter that Ned’s blood alcohol was twice the legal limit?

Get it, Adrien? “Multiple variables” are multiple red herrings. Remove the drunk or remove the breed and the risk is significantly reduced. It won't stop a pretentious imbecile from claiming otherwise, but it ain't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Another Pit Owner who recently mauled a neighborhood 9 year old boy has a bad day:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey anon 2:36, did you notice the last entry in the blog that you just posted this link in? :0

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:59

The truth?
Like in your 'hospitalization' post where hospitalization was defined for you in a comment that you deleted because it did not suit your agenda?

Anonymous said...

Been looking for time trends for serious bites (requiring hospitalization, etc) before/after BSL in areas. Some cite that "bites" haven't changed in number much (if not parsed by breed). I'm wondering if anyone is tracking serious bites though and seeing the numbers drop (more quickly if on a down tick) after bsl.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't keep track of human dog bites/attacks/fatalities but for anyone interested in exploring this further, i would suggest the US postal service. a couple of months ago, i happened to come across an article that stated the US postal service reported an INCREASE in dog bites DESPITE the fact that pit nutters were saying say they were down that very same month. if anyone is keeping good dog bite statistics, it is the USPS.

Digger said...

@ Anon 3:26 PM

I never deleted their comment, and I'm not sure what comment they are referring to.

I have noticed that some of my comments, if not many, have disappeared when I moved over, especially in the hospital record one. It says that there are 14 comments, when they've somehow dwindled down to 9 or 10, and I am not sure as to why it has done that as I selected the option for all the comments to be allowed.

The only time I delete comments is if they do not really relate to a post. But I welcome any and all comments regardless of what side is being taken.

If you would like to try and post the comment again on the entry, go ahead. I redid the commenting system so that anyone is allowed to comment as long as they use an alias if they do so anonymously. Otherwise it will be deleted.

- D

Anonymous said...

The pit nutters will often cite an increase in bite stats after BSL as "proof" that it doesn't work...but in most cases, its the result of increased reporting of dog bites as part of new dangerous dog legislation. That was the case in San Francisco, where a task force revealed that there was actually no system of reporting for dog bites before BSL was passed, and recommended the creation of reporting system as part of the new dog law.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i can vouch for the buggy nature of blogger comments.

also, it could be a result of increased reporting. or could it be the result of an increase in dog bites that necessitate medical attention?

Anonymous said...

"Some cite that "bites" haven't changed in number much (if not parsed by breed). "

I have seen comment after comment by ac and local leaders who quite bluntly say that after BSL, the SEVERE maulings and deaths go down or are eliminated.

Pit bulls don't "bite." They maul. They rip off arms, scalps, and rip out eyeballs, they sever arteries.

A dog bite from a shih tzu is a bruise and some little marks. Bigger marks if it's a golden or a lab. (And remember there's a lot more of these than pits! Still practically no deaths or maulings by the non-fighting breeds)

A dog "bite" from a pit bull is a mauling no matter how short or small the attack.

The nutters know this. They just have people like Berkey spending money to spin the truth. Also known as LIE.

Dog bite numbers are meaningless. Dog MAULING AND KILLING numbers are what matters, and those go down or disappear after BSL.

One thing that is also for sure. The number of dogs impounded and euthanized sinks like a stone after BSL. The dogs benefit too!

The dog fighters can't operate, the slimy backyard breeders have to follow some laws, the thugs and people who have no ability to handle or contain a fighting breed aren't buying, then dumping them for everyone else to deal with. It is primarily the fighting breeds that are filling animal control and shelters.

* said...

Anon 9:44

This sounds interesting and it does make sense.

It would be something I would like to research more in the future. Especially since Diane Jessup proclaims that the increase is due to other breeds randomly attacking now that pit bulls are gone. That thought process just doesn't make any sense seeing how canines don't have the same applications as cancer (which is metaphorically similar to her statement)

Anonymous said...

The argument that, if you get rid of pit bulls, the criminals and thugs will just use other breeds, is a common one with the nutters. The idea is, that the criminals and dogfighters will simply start using Rotts, GSDs, Filas, Presas, etc., and "train" them to fight and be aggressive, and the problem will just be transferred to another breed. This is not true, because pit bulls have been banned in Denver for years, and there has NOT been an influx of "other" breeds flooding the shelters and causing mayhem in the community. You can check the local shelters websites for other aggressive breeds, even check the "found" dog section for strays, and you won't find Presas, Cane Corsos, Filas. Even Rotts are fairly uncommon.

BSL reduces the number of dogs flooding the shelter system, and reduces the number of serious attacks. There are NO negative consequences from BSL....there is no rise in other dangerous breeds coming into shelters, and we don't suddenly see GSDs being used for dogfighting.

Jake said...

With regard to BSL, I feel it shouldn't be too specific as that will leave loopholes which will certainly be taken advantage of by pit nutters and their unscrupulous lawyers.

IMHO there should be a standing "dangerous breed law" and an associated breed list which is subject to updates as needed. For instance, the list should initially include all pit bull breeds.

Off the top of my head, I can think of other breeds that nutters might take to, such as dogos, presas etc, to let's add them to the list, and possibly rotties as well.

But trust me, Beagles, Labs and GSDs are not going to rush in to fill the sudden void of pit bull maulings. That's purely a pit nutter fantasy.

* said...

@ Anon 2:19

I wrote an article pretty much debunking Diane's claim on what I've previously mentioned.

And overall, I agree.

Nutters obviously cannot deduce that aggression is mostly a bred trait. So if you want aggressive labs and poodles you're going to have to breed for it. But why do that when you already have breeds like APBTS that have dozens if not thousands of generations genetically selected or such a cause? It truly is an amazing terminator, a type of which needs to be terminated.

Anonymous said...

"Especially since Diane Jessup proclaims that the increase is due to other breeds randomly attacking now that pit bulls are gone."

I would like to flat out say that is the STUPIDEST thing that perhaps I have heard anyone say.

Is Jessup educated in any way, say in simple matters like logic or philosophy?

Her statement makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

Bottom line, Jessup must be as stupid as she looks. Even a child wouldn't try to get away with a completely and obviously specious lie like this.

Unless of course what she means is that pit bulls with no bsl that can roam about freely and be uncontained are KILLING ALL THE OTHER DOGS.

WolfPrincess said...

In Canada Retriever bites are going up and they aren’t a banned breed. I think any Pit Bull that shows aggression but has no history or attack should be spayed or neutered so it won’t pass on that trait. Pit types that do not show aggression should be allowed to breed so responsible and experienced owners can enjoy the up side of the breed. However if a dog has a history of killing animals then I believe it should be put down, this goes for ALL BREEDS AND TYPES. Besides all dogs can bite and kills as you will see in the links below.

Still think only Pit Bull type dogs are savage attackers? In this last link a Pit Bull saved his elderly owner from two vicious dogs.

Anonymous said...

LycanPrincess, get your head out of your GAME DOGGING ass.

And be sure that liars and worthless shits like you are not going to be tolerated any more.

You WILL be going to court, your dogs WILL be killed when they threaten and attack, you own these fighting dogs and you are painting a "sue me" and "ARREST ME" sign on you.

None of your lies are going to get you off, BABYKILLER.

"I think any Pit Bull that shows aggression but has no history or attack should be spayed or neutered so it won’t pass on that trait"

But it should still be allowed to kill your neighbor's kid right?

Your game dogging days are coming to an end. The public has had it with you trash.

Anonymous said...


One offspring

POSTED: 2010-02-04
LAST MODIFIED: 2010-03-29


Anonymous said...

Lycan game dog Kennels is in Magnolia New Jersey along with the owner's other businesses such as the business Ripley's Towing and a girl model thing called M.E.G.A. Productions which is actively soliciting girls for "work."

My strong feeling is that this "girl blogger" thing is another alias, perhaps also used to enlist female contacts for the other business.

This may be even worse than the game dog thing.

dogmanofalcatraz said...

am really sick of preaching pitbull moms. no i dont want to see a video of your two gentle pits romping mildly with the neighbours pom. no i wont go to dog training school with you. no i wont try to really get to know a pitbull. no i wont do some research ,become less i wont take a pill. no i wont go back on my meds. what, have you ho's all gone to the same charm school for pitbull moms ?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

funny thing about lycanprincess, she is a teenager and doesn't own a pit bull. LOL!!!

Unknown said...

Well I had a pretty good career before and after thanks hahaha

Unknown said...

... not guilty on all charges actually... shouldn't always trust bloggers or what you see online as truth ;-) btw my kid is doing great and never had any fractures

Unknown said...

... not guilty on all charges actually... shouldn't always trust bloggers or what you see online as truth ;-) btw my kid is doing great and never had any fractures

Unknown said...

There is no pin in the gun... I remove them from my hunting rifles when I'm not hunting

Unknown said...

You should be careful about re blogging information you don't have actual facts on as well makes you look ignorant and misinformed... in the article you posted about me alone there are tons of errors including me smoking on the front porch and the injuries my son had... you should add the link to the not guilty verdict too

Unknown said...

Hit the nail on the head...