Sunday, October 18, 2009

death-jab for ugly

melbourne, australia
A 30-year-old man was walking his "two small fluffy dogs" when the mutant attacked. One of the dogs was killed and the other injured. The dogs' owner was bitten on the hand when he tried to save his dogs. The pit held its grip for over 20 minutes.

Paramedics were forced to kill the dog with a dose of drugs used to induce comas when the animal refused to let go of the man. The police made the request. The mutant was too close to the victim, so they could not shoot the dog.

Pure-bred American pit bulls are a restricted breed in Victoria and must be desexed in a bid to eventually wipe out the breed.

a 20 minute mauling! i wonder if this guy even has a hand left?


Zanudidi said...

That's why they call them locking jaws.

Anonymous said...

If anyone had to be bitten and gripped for 20 minutes, it's only fair that it should be the owner of the pit. This pit was dead game, who bred this animal? Was there a follow up interview with the injured man? Will he pay the vet bills for the injured dog and make a settlement offer on the dog that was killed? A "responsible pit bull owner" would make that gesture.

Anonymous said...

But...but.... the Dog fighters always culled human biters!......