Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pit bulldog adoption: FAIL

Officer Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack
LAWRENCBURG, Tenn. -- An Animal Control officer is in the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull.

A couple in Lawrenceburg adopted the dog, but the pit bull attacked the woman shortly after they brought it home. She had to have 60 stitches in her hand. The man, who was also attacked, had reconstructive surgery on his leg.

The dog was quarantined at Lawrenceburg Animal Control when it attacked Officer Steve Henson Monday.

Henson lost part of his thumb, has injuries to his arm and may have to undergo surgery for a puncture wound to the wrist.

WLX Radio reported the dog has been euthanized.


flicka said...

Did the dog pass the temperament test???
The only way this dog could have failed more completely is if he had attacked the couple in the car on the way home, (don't laugh, it has happened...)

Anonymous said...

This one failed it's real world temperment test...I wonder if it was a Charles Smallwood line dog?...I hear he is back breeding Pits again.

Friends Administrator said...

Anyone know who adopted this dog out?

Friends Administrator said...

A new story says they adopted from Dickson TN. This is probably the one, Luvabull Foster.


Anonymous said...

Another lifeflight!

Anonymous said...

Yes but that could have just as easily happened if they would have adopted the dog from the shelter. It's not the rescues fault right?