Saturday, September 19, 2009

the devil is in the details

rinalia's back. minus the idiotic observations. she didn't think i would notice. and she is hoping that you won't read any further than her truncated version of events.

A dog who ran out the front door and barked at an officer was shot five times. She was rushed to the veterinarian where she was euthanized.

staci chiaese has a long history with animal control and the police in temecula. police had recently served a warrant and several months ago, animal control attempted to remove the dogs from her home because there had been so many problems. at the time of the shooting, plain clothes officers saw staci's felonious spawn in the yard and stopped to talk to him. you see, it is the job of the police officers to monitor PAROLEES. staci opened the door and the pit bull escaped and was ultimately shot because of the idiots who own it NOT because of some sort of police conspiracy against pit bulls. the animal control director said they have been "extremely concerned about the dogs". staci chiaese said she installed an electric fence and the dead pit was wearing the shock collar when she was shot. a lot of good an electric fence does for someone who is already in the yard. and if the pit bull wanted something on the other side of that shock bad enough, it would ignore the pain of the shock (compliments of nathan quinn's heroes). "court recognized pit bull expert" jere alexander on the effectiveness of electric fencing. (rocky gave her that title, not me. i don't know if she is or isn't)
jere alexander on electric fences: