Tuesday, April 30, 2013

life with pit bulls





Virgil Mitchell III

UPDATE  originally published 04.05.11
today, VIRGIL MITCHELL III, the owner of the cane corsos responsible for this savage mauling was found dead of an apparent overdose.

67 yr old James Bright

and this is the nutter.

delaware, ohio last october, 67 yr old James Bright was legally walking down a public street, minding his own business when MITCHELL'S dogs attacked resulting in $400K medical bills. since 2001, MITCHELL has been charged SIX times for allowing his mutants to roam. in 2008, they bit someone. the prosecutor allowed this loser to plead the felony charges down to misdemeanors.

Judge Everett Kruger sentenced MITCHELL to 180 days in jail, 240 hours of community service, banned him from owning dogs for 5 years and ordered him to pay $380,000 to the victim.

the frankenmaulers have been destroyed.

Monday, April 29, 2013

april 29

in memory of all the equine victims.


a proper equine/canine disagreement should look like these.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scorched Earth: Death and excuses

Blogger Scorched Earth reviews all eleven pit bull fatalities of the first 4 months of 2013 and gathers together the excuses:
"from the foot soldiers in the pit bull advocacy army.  Who are the generals?   Jane Berkey, heiress, literary agent, owner of the Animal Farm Foundation and its subsidiary the National  Canine Research Council headed by Karen Delise.  Berkey's money funds pit bull advocacy on the highest levels through grants and subsidies.  Ledy Vankavage, head of the legal department at Best Friends Animal Society.  Best Friends lobbies anywhere that BSL exists or is being considered.  Ms. Vankavage is also a board member of the Animal Farm Foundation.   How do these people sleep at night?  What kind of soap do they use to wash the blood off their hands?"
Scorched earth included excuses made by new pit bull advocate, Victoria Stilwell who is quoted as saying: “We’ve got to look at behavior, not breed.”

Scorched Earth also notes that Stilwell has no training in animal behavior.

That might explain her on camera, for fame and money intervention of a moron and his intact presa canario.  I'm going to spoil it for everyone.  Before you even watch the video, know that after this episode aired, the still intact presa canario attacked someone in a parking lot outside the owner's condo.  Also note that in the video she did think breed played a role in the dangerousness of a dog.  Also note that  for all her tsk tsking and eye rolls to the camera, she feels it's better to allow the intact presa to stay with the moron than to have it put down.

Read here how Stilwell's training as an actress in no way prevented an idiot from allowing a fighting dog to attack an innocent person.

I'm guessing that it is on the merits of this video that Stilwell was voted into the pit bull advocacy army.
Thank you Scorched Earth!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Resident dog vs. Family dog


Resident dogs are dogs, whether confined within a dwelling or otherwise, whose owners maintain them in ways that isolate them from regular, positive human interactions.

The isolation and lack of exposure to the family unit results in the display of behaviors different from Family dogs.


Family dogs are dogs whose owners keep them in or near the home and also integrate them into the family unit, so that the dogs learn appropriate behavior through interaction with humans on a regular basis in positive and humane ways.

like any educated nutter, KAREN DELISE blames owners when pit bulls attack and kill. she says it all comes down to maintaining RESIDENT DOGS (on occasion she will blame the weather). according to KAREN DELISE,  "We will achieve safer, more humane communities when we hold owners of all dogs accountable to high standards of humane care, custody, and control." 

here are photos of the killer pit bull in iowa (it's the white "amstaff").

what do YOU think?


Nanny Dogs?!? A cruel sales pitch or sick practical joke?

The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maryland legislature adjourns without repealing pit bull ruling

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  April 2013

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland–– The 2013 Maryland state legislature adjourned on April 8, 2013 without passing a bill meant to “abrogate” an April 2012 state Court of Appeals ruling that “When an attack involves pit bulls, it is no longer necessary to prove that the particular pit bull or pit bulls are dangerous,” for a victim to claim damages from whoever possesses the dog or dogs.

The Maryland House of Delegates on February 21, 2013 unanimously approved a bill by Luis R.S. Simmons of Montgomery County which would in effect have restored to all dogs the common law “one free bite” standard that prevailed before the appellate ruling in Tracey v. Solesky. The ruling originated from an unprovoked pit bull attack on two boys in April 2007. The pit bull keeper was indigent, but the landlord was held responsible for severe injuries to one of the boys, Dominic Solesky, because the house she had rented to the pit bull keeper lacked a fence capable of keeping the pit bull confined.

The Simmons bill was endorsed by the Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society of the U.S., American SPCA, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, as well as by lobbyists representing landlords and the insurance industry, and was expected to clear the Maryland Senate until it was amended on March 7, 2013 by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. The amendment, proposed by state senator Robert A. Zirkin and approved 7-4, would have applied to all dogs the strict liability standard that the court established for pit bulls.

Three Maryland residents were severely injured by pit bulls between the House of Delgates’ passage of the Simmons bill and the end of the legislative session––an Edgemere woman who was mauled by at least one of her own two pit bulls on February 22; a two-year-old Dundalk girl who suffered head and facial injuries on March 10 when attacked by a pit bull reportedly belonging to a family friend; and a five-year-old White Plains girl who was left in critical condition on April 3 by a pit bull, a Cane Corso, and a Presa Canario kept by her mother’s boyfriend. Both Cane Corsos and Presa Canarios are pit bull variants.

vintage U.S. mauling news

13 Lifeflights...one every 6.92 days

7 DBRFS one every 12.98 Days

20 Darwin attacks: Every 4.1 days an owner requests a 911 response when attacked by their own pit bull  (5 stab Offs, 2 taser, 6 shot by police/rescuers)

Conclusion: Pit Bulls Are not safe. Sleep with one eye open nutters!

Occupy Maul Street

Sunday, April 7, 2013

ohio injustice

opponents of BSL claim the laws unfairly target innocent, cherished canine "family members". they rail against the laws that force law abiding citizens to either choose between their homes and their innocent "family members" or violate the law and live like criminals. they use this argument to overturn breed specific laws.

pit nutters also regularly wield death threats against anyone trying to take their dog from them. of course, the reason we want BSL is to protect ourselves and OUR cherished canine family members which their mutants regularly mutilate and murder, creating financial and psychological hardship, sometimes physical injury up to and including heart attacks and death of the human. on rare occasion, we normal dog owners are able to circumvent mutant mayhem and protect our dogs from the gaping maws of doom.

such is the case of Robert Marx in cincinnati.

74 yr old Robert Marx took his cherished family member, described as a medium sized long haired dog to the off leash park where he encountered two young fucktards and their mutant BRUSKI. 18 yr old KAITLYNN HORNSBY and her fuckwit boyfriend SILAS JAY PARKER claim to have taken one year old BRUSKI the gripping mutant to the off leash park numerous times, where he happily played with other dogs without incident, UNTIL this particular day.
googling "what age do pit bulls turn on" produces over 4 million hits. it is inexcusable to endanger the rest of the dog population with pit bulls who have been bred to kill their own species for almost 200 years and then claim "he's never had a problem with other dogs before." the fact that KAITLYNN HORNSBY was so quick to fall back on the he's-never-done-that-before excuse, indicates to me that she KNOWS pit bulls have deserved their reputation for dog aggression. 
this story is not a new one, it plays out daily with only slight variations on the theme. more often than not, the pit nutters flee the scene with their mutants leaving us with a flood of adrenaline and a puddle of blood and fur, and NO recourse. the park was apparently crowded the day BRUSKI locked onto the medium sized long haired dog. several people unsuccessfully attempted to free the medium sized long haired cherished canine family member from BRUSKI'S jaws. Marx first used a stun gun to save the life of his cherished family member. when BRUSKI'S owners, the other park users and the stun gun failed, Marx drew his 9mm and shot the mutant. clearly, the firearm was his last resort. i think Marx demonstrated tremendous restraint.

BRUSKI, socialized, apparently neutered and showing no signs of abuse or neglect.

18 yr old KAITLYNN HORNSBY claims her mutant was only playing and Marx's medium sized long haired cherished canine family member bit BRUSKI first (they ALWAYS do!). 18 yr old KAITLYNN HORNSBY claims Marx shot her dog before giving her a chance to get her dog, despite the fact that several others failed to break up the fight and before Marx first tried to stop LOCK JAW BRUSKI with a stun gun. and as is often the case, the 18 yr old judgment proof Arby's employee and her tatted up thug boyfriend had the nerve to be irked that Marx's medium sized long haired cherished canine family member was not harmed or not harmed enough.

the police arrested the 74 yr old man, confiscated his gun and his carry permit, citing that it is illegal to use your firearm to protect PROPERTY. that brings me back to how i started this blog. if pit bulls are more than just property, if they are in fact cherished canine family members, then why are our cherished canine family members merely property?

why aren't we law abiding citizens railing against a system that forces us to choose between the lives of our cherished canine family members and arrest? why aren't we railing against the unfairness of our cherished canine family member's lesser status to PIT BULLS?

Marx needs help to fight these charges and challenge the law in ohio. Marx saved his cherished canine family member from the vicious mutant but at a tremendous cost to his personal freedom and is now looking at a future labeled as a criminal. please give generously to his legal fund.



trib today  


huffington post

Kaitlynn Hornsby

Silas Parker

Silas Jay Parker

Robert Marx Legal Defense Fund

Friday, April 5, 2013

where are they now part 3!

last september ANGELA BURRUSS was featured in the pit nutter round up. she had just launched her dream job: 501C3 pit bull rescue, although she was still in the process of filing the paperwork. BURRUSS' feel good story was featured in a local paper

less than 2 months later, my prediction came true. in october, after receiving complaints about noise and loose pit bulls, blount county SPCA launched an investigation that resulted in 14 pit bulls being rescued from the rescuer after finding the pit bulls living in filth, without food and water and in cramped cages they could barely turn around in. ANGELA BURRUSS relinquished 14 dogs to the county in order to avoid charges. BURRUSS admitted that she was overwhelmed and ill-prepared to deal with the immensity of the pit bull problem and then quickly shifted the blame to others.
“... There was a lack of help and resources, and I had been under the impression that (the SPCA) would have to allow me some time to rectify what they felt was an issue. There were no neighbors or anyone in the neighborhood that had been there to offer to help, either."
wow. she went into this money making scheme expecting help from the SPCA and her neighbors? or she is just looking to point the finger of failure outside of her own stupidity?

watch the video in this link for interviews and video of the living conditions of ANGELA'S above ground cemetery. BURRUSS states she will restructure and expand and eventually move to a new location.

there was no mention of the little snafu with neighbors, the SPCA's investigation, or the surrender of 14 pit bulls on her facebook page in october but on january 16th, BURRUSS announced the restructuring/expansion with the addition of a new co-director, DANIEL HENRY, a donations administrator OSIE ROSETTA HENRY and a coordinator of events and sponsors MELANIE GRIGSBY. this is sure to be a winning combination that will put them on the fast track to success as "DANNY has an excellent taste in music!!"

let's meet the team that will turn ANGELA'S dream around.



the last entry on AA pit bull rescue is february 18th, still no mention of her troubles or her surrender of dogs. on april 4th, WBIR reported that rescue angel BURRUSS surrendered 6 more pit bulls and requested that one of them be euthanized for aggressive behavior. WOOPS! so much for restructuring and expansion.

on march 29 i recieved the following email from Encarna Sanchez Puche with the subject "Let's Talk!":
Hi! My name is Encarna and I'm from Spain. I just readed your blog "Craven desires" and I don't agree with all the things you say. Please, note that I want to be polite. I would know from were you extracted that negative opinion from Pitbull breed. I agree that many of those dogs have mauled and even killed a lot of people but, there's also dogs from this breed that help people: they are used in K-9, they help disabled people, and the other day I even saw one guiding a man with Down syndrome. I don't want to force you to change your opinion or criticize, but sometimes the things you say can be offensive to responsible Pitbull owners. Just I want to share my opinion with you.
Greetings from Spain!

i apparently offended this young nutter when i did not dignify her email with a response because today she left the following comment:
I know that you won't publish this because you just publish what you want: You can say whatever to me but you're an ignorant that claps when an innocent pitbull is euthanized with no reason. Tell all your disgusting opinions about pitbulls to any of the families of an euthanized pitbull and you'll get as a gift a punch in your pretty face!
i believe this is the first time i have received a compliment wrapped in a threat! but i digress. obviously she is not familiar with craven desires or she would know that i absolutely will publish her comment and her email.

in addition to being completely clueless regarding my behavior, i strongly suspected that she was completely clueless regarding pit bulls. the most rabid nutters seem to always fit the profile of those newly infected with the virus.

on January 9 at 9:55am Encarna Sánchez Puche asked for advice on a spanish amstaff site:
Hola por favor tengo una pregunta. Dentro de poco si todo va bien voy a adoptar un cachorro de esta raza y en mi opinión seria mejor coger una hembra porque me parece que son más tolerantes con otros animales, pues tengo tres loros en casa y son una parte muy importante de la familia. ¿Los machos pueden ser igual de buenos si los acostumbro desde pequeños? Es lo que más me preocupa del tema, por favor necesito que contesten pronto.
i ran her comment through google translator:
hello I have a question please. soon if all goes well I will take a puppy of this breed and in my opinion it would be better to get a female because I think they are more tolerant of other animals, as I have three parrots at home and are a very important part of the family . Do the males can be just as good if accustomed from childhood? is what worries me the theme, please i need to answer soon.
after a mere 90 days of pit bull ownership (assuming she did get one), this stupid little girl is an expert.

ENCARNA'S sister YOLANDA is also a pit nutter.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

CLARE BREEN's Craven Desires

This thing is CLARE BREEN who decided to own an "american bulldog" and a "mastiff x lab"

CLARE BREEN killed a beloved springer spaniel named Ted using her nasty ass  gripping bull breeds.  She traumatized this 16 year old girl with her craven desires.

A teenage girl broke down in tears as she told a courtroom how she and her beloved pet spaniel were attacked by dogs in a park.
Lucinda McGrath, 16, said she had suffered from “constant flashbacks” of the attack, which left her springer spaniel Ted so badly injured he had to be put down.

Read the story here.

ukranian dog fight

honestly, anyone who thinks this is an acceptable way to live is not wrapped tight.