Friday, September 30, 2011

youtube gripping dog

caption: A typical american pitbull called "Bullet" bitting a rope!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Truth about Bouviers des Flandres

Other breed clubs have the equivalent of "The Truth About Pit Bulls" information pages. But, while "Truth About Pit Bulls" pages are created to encourage every tattooed, cognitively impaired, or phallically deficient nitwit with a pulse to get a pit by distorting history, making false claims and just plain lying, Truth pages written about other breeds serve to protect the breed from being abused in the hands of those same kinds of nitwits.

The grandma of Truth pieces is "Don't Buy a Bouvier" by Pam Green (1992). As the title indicates, it was written to warn off impulsive, uncommitted nitwits from buying Bouviers thus preventing Bouviers from being abused, neglected and prematurely killed. There are 13 Bouviers listed for adoption on Petfinder. Though Bouviers are a large, dominant, protective breed that have been used for police work, Clifton's "Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings" report lists zero Bouviers as of June 2010. The breed is large, aggressive and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. But it is rare, there are few dogs that end up in shelters, and it presents virtually zero threat to public safety. That is called breed stewardship.

"Don't Buy a Bouvier" has been adapted by several other breed clubs.

Several rottweiler breeder websites include this truth page. Perhaps the number of responsible Rottweiler breeders have grown since "the decade of the Rottweiler." The very best thing that could happen for rotts and for the public is that they become RARE.

The gold star of breed stewardship and advocacy goes to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. Their Truth page pulls absolutely no punches. They push back hard against the increased public awareness and potential nitwit impulse buyers that follow Eddy and Wishbone's appearances on TV. They even made a logo with the slogan:

Look, its the YIN to "Petey was a pit bull's" YANG!

Compare that page to these pages that tell unsuspecting dupes that pit bulls are great for everyone:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

september 2011 pit nutter round up

royal oak, michigan dispute resolution
Cop bitten during pit bull custody fight, shoots dog
2200 block of E. Ten Mile, 9-11-11: Royal Oak officers responded to a family trouble call regarding the custody of a pit-bull dog. During the course of the officers’ investigation, the owner of the dog lost control of the animal and the dog charged an officer while he stood on the sidewalk. The officer retreated to the rear of his patrol car but was bitten on the leg. The officer shot the dog and immediately had the dog transported to the veterinarian hospital for treatment. The dog was euthanized due to the extent of its injuries.

thank you vintage, mr "you can't make this stuff up!" you really outdid yourself on this find. schadenfreude deluxe, it just doesn't get any better than this! well, it could. i could have names and photos to go with this delightful story. i love happy endings.

mollala, oregon
last october, library volunteer LINDA FORNEY was shelving books at the city library when her wiggle butt SNOOPY lunged at a library patron and bit her in the face. Renee Marshall has filed a $158,000 lawsuit against the city of Mollala.
why was the mutant in the library?
has the library changed their policy about mutants?
is LINDA FORNEY judgment proof?
KAREN DELISE, why wasn't this attack reported 197 times last october all across the globe?

buchanan, michigan high profile mauling rampage
two pit bulls owned by HEATHER and RANDY PRUETT escaped their back yard and mauled 3 people. not just any people, but a former city manager and his dog, an attorney and his sister. the PRUETT mutants are in quarantine and surprisingly up to date on their shots. obviously THESE pit bulls must belong to THOSE horrible irresponsible owners, owners who don't properly socialize and who chain them up out side and abuse them, feed them gunpowder and MAKE them mean!!!!

chains? neglect? abuse?

poorly socialized?

deed not breed?
ban stupid owners?

lehigh county, pennsylvania damage control
six mutants escaped their fenced in yard and attacked a woman and killed her poodle. a nutter trifecta emerged to set the record straight about poor misunderstood wiggle butts.

first up in the side show is the heavily tattooed and bodily modified pit nutter ANDREW VANCOTT, who claims expertise by stating his two rescued wiggle butts have never been a problem with people or animals (at least not that he has noticed or is willing to admit to), therefore pit bulls are safe.

next up is professional lion tamer LISA McDONALD aka 9 1/2 fingers, owner of leader of the pack canine institute. yep, LISA attributes dog aggression and pit bull problems to handler error. no fucking shit! she blames "handlers" as she shows the camera man her very own battle scar, a partially severed middle finger from a pit scuffle she broke up. did this lion tamer just admit to being inept? one thing is for sure, this nutter will have a hard time with the double pit nutter salute at the next wiggle butt convention.

and finally, (like wfmx, i saved the best for last) professional lion tamer ALI BROWN. BROWN takes a dump all over historical facts of dog fighting by stating that "100 years ago they were the perfect babysitter" and images of Petey (Little Rascals) have been replaced with the savage images of dog fighting but admits "There is some cause for concern for pit bulls because they've been bred over the past couple of decades to be fighting dogs."
Bwaaaaaaaaa-hahahahaha! Fucking Idiots!

here's a REALITY CHECK for pit nutter ALI BROWN and RHONDA LANG and any other nutter who graduates from the BERKEY PIT BULL ACADEMY and wants to proclaim pit bulls as the original nanny dogs who have only recently been bred/taught to fight.
lovable little rascals Petey aka Luceny's Peter descends from John Pritchard Colby's yard and is the great great great grandson of what is considered by many to be the best pit fighter of all time, COLBY'S PINCHER, born 115 years ago.

hunt valley, maryland dine and dash
on august 31st, Joseph Thompson took 13 yr old Roscoe to his favorite park. Joseph saw three mutants running loose and waited in his car until the pit nutter loaded them in her vehicle. as soon as Joseph and Roscoe got out of the car, the pit bulls launched an attack. they bit Joseph and knocked him down and then proceeded to savage Roscoe. the nutter screamed at her dogs but Roscoe was already mangled by the time she gathered up her 4 legged assassins. the pit nutter promised to follow Joseph to the vet but that would certainly be out of character for the type of low life who owns these freaks of nature. she disappeared and Roscoe was later euthanized at the vet with injuries to his spine, thorax, lungs and ribs.
rip Roscoe

The pit nutter is a white woman in her 20s with light hair, about 5' 4" tall and 130 lbs. She was driving an older-model, faded dark blue vehicle that looks like a four-door hatchback.
The attack occurred at the Oregon Ridge Park.
The Thompson family and police are asking anyone with information about the incident or the owner to call the Baltimore County Police Department's Cockeysville Precinct at 410-887-1820

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where was "America's dog" at ground zero?

slide show

today marks the 10th anniversary of the 911 tragedy and we honor the fallen canine heroes.

Gus Apple, lab
06.09.92 - 08.12.07

Anna Atlas, GSD
12.17.97 - 08.02.02

Jake Balsam, GSD
02.01.95 - 12.05.06

Ellie Barker, GSD
03.24.96 - 11.26.03

Dylan Bobrosky, GSD
08.31.94 - 01.13.05

Emma Ciesla, GSD
01.28.98 - 02.15.06

Piper Cooper, malinois
08.16.96 - 09.29.06

Kita David, lab
06.23.97 - 05.12.08

Kinsey Deeds, lab
04.98 - 01.07.07

Lucy Engelbert, border collie
01.06.91 - 08.04.06
special tribute to Lucy

Jake Flood, lab
05.31.95 - 07.25.07

Ohlin Frank, lab
10.02.92 - 04.10.07

Pepe Gilliland, border collie
03.31.93 - 03.13.06

Dusty Grant, terv
07.08.88 - 01.28.04

Topper Grant, terv
11.30.91 - 08.09.06

Ivey Hachmeister, GSD
05.02.95 - 04.19.05

Sonnyboy Hammond, dobie
12.25.93 - 11.03.04

Sam Hanavan, golden
08.24.97 - 03.21.06

Scout Hanavan, golden
03.06.99 - 07.09.06

Geist Heldmann, GSD
02.16.94 - 12.08.05

Sheridan Holleyman, border collie
04.11.94 - 01.22.04

Mollee Jones, bloodhound
12.93 - 10.04

Coyote Koenig, GSD
04.0194 - 08.13.08

Socks Lavoie, GSD
04.28.91 - 12.29.02

Ronnie Lee, GSD
01.96 - 03.14.05

Rosco McCusker-Reuss, GSD
01.04.92 - 09.29.05

Lucas Palumbo, lab
01.04.95 - 07.20.07

Kali Peine, rottie
05.04.99 - 12.20.05

Griz Rebmann, GSD
08.20.96 - 09.07.07

Cholo Reitz, GSD
10.20.94 - 05.24.04

Louie Rising, golden
12.04.94 - 05.21.04

Riley Roemer, golden
12.14.96 - 06.17.05

Jolie Rossi, beauceron
08.28.94 - 08.11.07

Ditto Sawtell, dobie/aussie
04.05.91 - 09.03.05

Dakota Seibert, airedale
12.01.94 - 03.14.04

Glory Servais, aussie
12.01.94- 04.06.07

Thunder Sessions, lab
09.20.89 - 08.09.04

Nike Shane, golden
04.08.94 - 03.04.03

Sonne Wendlandt, hovawart
04.01.90 - 06.26.05

Jenner Wichmann, lab
09.22.92 - 06.08.04

Jason Wolff, GSD
01.18.92 - 06.10.04

Thor Zintsmaster, GSD
07.31.90 - 09.03.04

and those few who are still with us.











these surviving canine heroes are the subject of a soon to be released book by Charlotte Dumas. "Retrieved" will be available October 31.

easypeasy labs, goldens, GSDs, belgians, collies, beaucerons, airedales, hovawarts, bloodhounds, dobies and rotts. where's america's dog? why isn't the most athletic, most popular, people pleasing, loyal, most versatile breed represented here?

i looked, but the only pit bulls i could find in the 911 rubble were wrapped in old glory and posing next to lady liberty. convicted felon KRIS CRAWFORD carefully placed this image at the beginning of her shameless pit bull propaganda training film titled Heroes - A Tribute to SAR Dogs. thief/con artist KRIS CRAWFORD tries to manipulate people into thinking pit bulls were involved in the 911 rescue efforts and thus improve their image. KRIS CRAWFORD no doubt also hopes to personally profit from her misleading video by duping the gullible.

KRIS CRAWFORD has a history of stealing and lying and has a criminal record to prove it.
one of KRIS CRAWFORD'S victims and vocal critic writes: "Animal Farm Foundation has received several emails, and calls. Jane Berkey said this was, essentially, people just out to ruin Kris, and it did not matter what she did, it was more important what the pit bull community reaped from her (purported) activities."
DIANE JESSUP defends CRAWFORD, "I don't know Kris that well (I've met her once) but I admire very much the extensive, extremely positive PR she and her search and rescue dogs have given the pit bull breed."
in the words of TIA TORRES, "Kris will end up killing or hurting someone physically." (p 16)
and in the words of DONNA REYNOLDS, "Sad business. Many of us have known about Kris' problem for years, but kept it quiet because it didn't seem to be causing anyone any real harm. Unfortunately, people were getting hurt beyond losing a few dollars." (p 26)

it's sad business that so many in the pit bull community are not only willing to overlook CRAWFORD'S criminal activity but also aid and abet her because she is an advocate for the breed.


Charlotte Dumas: Retrieved

Dog Heroes of September 11th: A Tribute to America's Search and Rescue Dogs slide show


news10 investigation into KRIS CRAWFORD



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