Wednesday, April 23, 2014

preaching to the choir

preaching to the choir provides the best of both worlds. you can safely thump your superior enlightened chest atop your high horse without ever exposing yourself to criticism and ridicule. plus there is the added benefit of remaining eligible for handouts from OLD MONEY BAGS BERKEY.

i wish DIANE JESSUP and her minions would put just a little effort into educating the public and their fellow pit bull zealots.

TATONKA is one of my favorite contributors. her mantra is "reach one teach one".   

her goal is too damn low. aim for the sky ladies! ya just nevah know what you can accomplish until you try!

GREAT advice from Pete Sparks, circa 1961

by BoldogKennel » April 23rd, 2014, 3:40 am

In this day and age of Cesar Milan urging you to take Spike to the dog park, and some rescue groups telling you to put your pit bulldogs into "play groups" at the shelter, well, what is really needed is a good old fashion dose of EXPERIENCED COMMON SENSE!
(isn't it cute how jessup singles out cesar?)

Pete Sparks, love him or hate him, had his hands on a LOT of dogs. And a lot of good dogs. He usually had a couple dozen (at least) at his house. He didn't match them, but he did breed some that were, and he himself was present at all the major fights for several decades. He reported these in the magazine Your Friend and Mine for many years.

If nothing else, he knew pit bulldogs. And how to respect and manage them. Here is some advice, written in 1961 by a subscriber of the magazine and reprinted by Pete. Just think how much bad PR the breed could have avoided if this kind of common sense had been "mainstream" instead of only in an "underground" magazine. Of course, I guess the point of his article is that even when the information IS available, people just think they know better... Nothing changes!

ATTENTION PIT NUTTERS: if you want a real education about your precious gripper, head on over to JESSUP'S forum. pay special attention to TATONKA. she knows her stuff. sure, their masks of sanity occasionally slip, but their honesty is refreshing. you will find some of the most knowledgeable people on the interwebs to help guide you with your purpose bred dog. you will be an expert at managing mutant DNA in no time.

and tell them CRAVEN sent you!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Where's Waldo?

why, in the hospital of course!

55 yr old JAMES L "WALDO" WALSH was seriously mauled by his best friend on April 16th. WALSH fled from his home after his best friend, THE DUKESTAR, mutilated his upper body, arms and hands. WALSH'S girl friend, her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend fled to the upstairs while the mutant was contained to the first floor. the three were eventually rescued out of the second story window compliments of the rescue personnel's ladder. LOL!

WALSH is in the hospital in serious condition, skin grafts are a very real possibility as are citations for not having his best friend licensed and vaccinated. LOL AGAIN!

according to, THE DUKESTAR put WALSH  in the hospital March 23rd. and according to WALSH'S facebook page, THE DUKESTAR has a history of attacking dogs.

a few years ago, i heard about a trend towards sending people involved in car accidents a bill for the emergency services they received from police, fire, EMT. at the time i thought that was just plain wrong. now, i'm beginning to see the light. in the case of these freak pibble accidents, i'd say it is down right brilliant.

shamokin man attacked by dog in serious condition

crash tax

accident response fees


WALDO'S neighbors are all wishing him a speedy recovery. LOL!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

welcome new bloggers

Animals 24-7

Dangerous Dogs in the News

not new but from the EXCELLENT blog of dog bite attorney Kenneth Phillips:

Using a Gun In Self-Defense Against a Dog

Defending oneself with a gun against an attacking dog is a serious issue. Detroit has a police chief who openly supports using a gun in self-defense. Most of the time, it's a burglar who is shot.

Burglars take property or money, not cheeks, scalps or lives. An attacking dog may want your life. Using a gun to stop an attack could be not only reasonable but necessary in some circumstances.

In a case I am handling, the victim fought the pit bull for 10 minutes, with its teeth crushing her larynx for about 5 minutes. The man who tried to rescue her during those 5 minutes was hitting the dog with a piece of wood, but could not make it release her. He left and called 911.

She died. If he had a gun and was confident using it, she certainly would have lived. (The victim was Claudia Gallardo, and the preliminary hearing for the dog owner, Brian Hrenko, begins on April 24, 2014. The would-be rescuer of Ms. Gallardo was very brave, in my opinion, and nothing herein should be interpreted as criticism of him. People have been killed when trying to rescue pit bull victims. Based on what I know, he did all he could.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maryland, South Dakota, Utah and Missouri are about to discover that they made a deal with the devil.

LEDY VANKAVAGE has been busy successfully pushing her dangerous agenda on gullible legislators who in turn are unwittingly putting their constituents at risk. The legislators are buying into her wicked game hook, line and sinker in spite of the fact that pit bulls just keep on killing at a staggering rate.

Two pit bull fatalities occurred in Texas this year and word about them is just now getting to the public thanks to outspoken doctors. The group of courageous doctors in Texas is once again trying to sound the alarm about the gripping dog problem. Almost 100 people have been killed by grippers since their study was published in April 2011. Will anyone listen this time or will we be talking about the next 100 people to die by grippers in April 2017?

Police: Pit Bull Attacked 93-Year-Old Woman

Woman, 83, killed by neighbor's dog 

Doctors warn of public health problem of dog attacks

Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs

Texas Doctors Produce Study: Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs

Sunday, April 6, 2014

pit nutter roundup: the final edition

i can't remember the last time i updated an ancient blog post. the new comment just submitted was fucking irresistible and i could not allow it to languish in the comments of a 2 year old story.
thank you anonymous reader.

i know that feeling!

garland county, arkansas the mutant sleeper cell awakened. four attacks in three days. time to talk ban.

godfrey, illinois looks like PRECIOUS finally succeeded in getting her well deserved dirt nap, let the lawsuit begin. the full story is HERE.

"Reason I grew this beard is to protect me from porkypine quills. Mans gotta eat!"

cloverport, kentucky chain buster RAMBO drew first blood when he launched an unprovoked attack on a 57 yr old deaf mute women minding her own business and walking down the street. lucky for her, neighbors saw the "scuffle" and came to her aid seeing how she is unable to cry for help. FUCK! the good Samaritans (who appear utterly traumatized in the news video) reported RAMBO as ripping chunks of flesh and swallowing it.
the confederate flag waving redneck put on a convincing performance for the tv news crew. he looked remorseful or it could just be that he had a good buzz on. (yes, i openly and proudly discriminate against fucktards who pimp this flag. they may as well wear a swastika.)


“They’re people dogs. They’re friendly. They’re going to go in your house. They’re not there to eat anybody.” JASON COLVIN aka JAY COLVIN aka SOLDIER JAY
this dude needs a reality check!

deer park, texas JAY COLVIN is in the running for most irresponsible pit nutter. not one but TWO home invasions in less than a month!
three weeks earlier, the same mutants broke into the same house and mauled an elderly dachshund.


"You're my new pimp? Where's the balloons, the candy, the million dollar check? And F!! It's 1:30 in the EFFING DAYTIME!!!"
"This is how you wave in Pageants and Parades. Professional secret!"
"My bottom teeth I got for a bargain at the school of equine dentistry. Don't stare... I'm modest."
"Oh dear God! Did I leave the meth crock burning?!"
I'm thinking of a platinum-blond basket-weave 10 inch high updo like Nurse Chapel in the first and finest Star Trek, but fear it will detract from my futurewear blue sack garment. (Impervious to phaser fire!")
Shit! Does anyone know how to get baccy juice out of a ponytail?
"Hell yeah! Uncle Festus is my uncle! Also my brother! I'll say it proud!"
"And now I shall offer my rendition of 'It's A Small World After All"
"I'm just waitin' for my man! Mr Kenji X will make you all so sorry!! AND PUNK ASS JEALOUS!!!!!"
What shall I and the ladies discuss at today's book club? I have been a bit lax in completing 'A Brief History Of Time'

KIMBERLY VASQUEZ - i could not decide which screen shot to use. what the hell, use 'em all!

longview, washington MEET THE VASQUEZ CLAN! neighbors are fed up with this vermin and who can blame them!? they are sick and tired of being terrorized by their frankenmauler. the most recent attack involved a 5 yr old on a bike. the mutant's rabies certificate was forged and of course, she was not licensed. and prego pittie is now on the lam. (gots to save dem puppees cuz every man biting sperm is sacred) authorities are searching for the gripper in the hope of sparing the 5 yr old from enduring the excruciating series of rabies shots while NIK VASQUEZ boasts to the news crew about hiding the pregnant gripper. the atavistic matriarch's long criminal record consists of forgery and theft. mom is a tweeker thief and junior is obviously a psychopath and the entire family is soon to be homeless. the landlord said they violated the rental agreement by having a pit bull. the case is now on the desk of the county prosecutor.

how i wish we could sterilize the entire family. two generations of psychopaths & imbeciles (that we know of) is enough.

this punk ought to be sitting in jail until the dog is presented to the authorities. but my fingers are crossed that she will maul one of the friends who is aiding and abetting this criminal riffraff.

Hare's Psychopathy Checklist - Revised (PCL-R)

(i hope to upload a photo on this one soon)
everett, washington chomping spree a pit bull and a boxer got loose and went on a "chomping spree" biting 5 people, including a police officer and killing a cat before it was all over. the boxer is under quarantine and the mutant was killed with the taser (LOL). why is it when these pack attacks are interracial, it is always the gripper that is killed and the non gripper taken into custody? another reasonable question, since everett classifies ALL pit bulls as POTENTIALLY dangerous, why wasn't this pit's threat level increased to DANGEROUS after it bit a kid and then menaced a woman and her baby?
according to everett municipal code 6.08.010 Definitions of dangerous dogs:
3. Any dog known by the owner to be a pit bull terrier, which shall be defined in this chapter as any American Pit Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier breed of dog or any mixed breed of dog which contains as an element of its breeding the breed of American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier as to be identifiable as partially of the breed of American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier.

JUNE MAXAM (follow the links on this one. she is a pip!)

new york netherworld cyber gazette is covering fallout from the Solesky v Nutter ruling.
JUNE MAXAM a former ACO, convicted felon, pit nutter (a nutter in EVERY sense of the word), turned "journalist" has her panties in a twist over the reports on the wave of discarded grippers in the aftermath of the landmark ruling. thank goodness the HSUS has stepped up to the plate (with jane's money no doubt) to ensure that every gripper is given the opportunity to achieve self-actualization. why it is down right CRUEL to deny pittie alpaca faces. just look at how happy self-actualized pitties are.

remember last's month's brutal police shooting of poor pittie?

new york city the mutant known as STAR survived that shooting. her vet bill is nearly $10K and has been covered by donations, paid in large part by BERKEY'S flunkies no doubt. STAR lost an eye and her hearing but she will live to attack again. according to other pit owning street scum, STAR has bitten before. she is apparently very protective of her derelict master, LECH STANKIEWICZ who is awol. STAR'S nutter apparently had a warrant and was arrested. all the pit nutters seem unable to read those words in the sea of OMGPOORPITTIES!!!!! and COPS ARE MEANIES!!! but no need to worry about STAR, she has her very own............... FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!!!! and the little man biter has almost 3000 facebook friends and has caught the attention of the LEXUS PROJECT. you can see lots of before and after photos.

“He tried to get to him. I shut the crate, but couldn't lock it. So, he had chomped on my … one bite on my arm. That was it. I bit him on the nose to release."

jeannette, pennsylvania DONNA GREINER is out of the hospital. it appears there was exaggeration over the damage done to her arm and her desire to put distance between herself and her dogs. DONNA has 6 dogs now and plans to add more in the future. her neighbors are just thrilled. i am a firm believer in one strike, you're out. i think these nutters are entitled to one 911 response. after that, they are on their own.

greenback, tennessee there's a new kid on the no kill rescue block, the 725 Henry Lane block to be exact. ANGELA BURRUSS is in the process of filing the necessary paperwork to start up her very own 501C3 and realizing her dream to become a NO KILL pit rescue and eventually a certified dog trainer so she can add to the already bloated population of fake service pits. bitten by the pittie bug 12 years ago and suffering from a degenerative disease the pit lady is ready to turn her passion and hobby into a legal charity. keep an eye out for DOUBLE A PIT RESCUE. i think we'll be hearing about this one.

“I never turn down blankets and towels — or metal food bowls because pits chew everything,” she laughed. yeah, EVERYTHING and that includes chain link, trees, window screens, garage doors, drywall, plumbing, mail carriers, cops, grandfathers, toddlers, alpacas, horses, dogs and of course their owners - my personal fave.
NOTE: to prevent disorientation, before you launch into this lovely hybristophiliac's photo album, repeat after me : this is NOT the people of walmart, this is NOT the people of walmart, this is NOT the people of walmart, this is NOT the people of walmart.


battle creek, michigan this 27 yr old pit bull owner was arrested after he sicced his mutant on Zachary Baldwin. Baldwin's crime was serving HENDERSON with an eviction notice.

be sure to keep up with the great unwashed at four legged friends and enemies and dogsbite decatur. i don't think i can do this anymore. the human race is really bringing me down. i am afraid the only solution is starting to look like a serious culling of both human and canine mutants.

sundre, alberta 57 yr old RITA PHILLIP sicced her two mutants on 26 yr old Deanna Wolfe. Wolfe suffered life threatening injuries. PHILLIP fled following the attack. she was picked up at a casino, then she missed her first court appearance. on the 29th, the judge denied her bail.

dogs deserve better

Tamira Thayne, dogs deserve better

search warrants were hand delivered to michael vick's estate again. this time the charges are not organized dog fighting, although there are reports of impromptu dog fighting aka yard accidents. but that is to be expected with pit bulls.

there are allegations of animal cruelty of rescued dogs. current and past employees and volunteers claim that mace and tasers were used on the dogs. they also claim the dogs were kept 19+ hours in their crates. employees state that dog fights broke out and the dogs did not receive veterinary care. that's the problem with keeping dogs that were BRED TO KILL EACH OTHER. there really is NO safe way to house or control them.

one dog, a pit bull named JADA was seized along with her vet records.

Thayne goes to court september 25th.

i wonder what DDB's celebrity endorsers would think about fighting, mace, tasers, excessive crating and no vet care?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Panhandlin' Pitties

from a reader.

At every intersection, on every off ramp, at every stop light, there are impoverished people "flying signs", asking for change. Some are unemployed, even hard working, parents or vets. Others are the disabled, mentally ill, or elderly, that society discarded. Many are good people, just trying to get by, without good fortune or family. This story is not about them.

It is about the Bums- 
These are the hopelessly, violently drunk, meth using, often criminal, street people. Also included are homeless-by-choice "crusties", loudly aggressive, toothless women, and the permanently transient, generally dangerous, men. They can be found threatening, cursing, chasing people down, starting fights on busy sidewalks, and causing trouble wherever they go.

And wherever they go, they bring their dogs.

What dogs do these bums love best? PIT BULLS, of course!
I see bums with pit bulls that are barely controlled, frequently unleashed, fighting amongst themselves, or riding on the top of a shopping cart. They reflect, and project, the owners insanity and aggression, but the owners still love to tell you "My pit is the sweetest dog, it won't hurt your kid!". Like all pit owners, they get offended that you don't want your kids near, or find their dogs wonderful- even when they got them for the express purpose of intimidating others. 

Hope no one dies, but the way things have been going, there could be 10 deaths in a week, and we would get a new law that ensured pits for all homeless! With the city paying the vet bills, and landlords not allowed to "discriminate"!

Walking home with my toddlers, what did I see? 
A pair of little dogs fighting right next to me!
One mixed breed, the other pure pittie
But I am told not to worry, the pits "a real softie!"

Friday, April 4, 2014

cultures of cover-up

The Justice Department is investigating General Motors for concealing information about a defect in their cars. GM recalled 2.6 million cobalts but did not fix the defect. Thirteen deaths have been linked to the defective car in more than a decade.

California Senator Boxer and Missouri Senator McCaskill grilled GM chief MARY BARRA about the company's unscrupulous practices. Rumor has it charges will filed.

“You have to realize how novel that is — the possible use of criminal liability because of safety violations,” said John C. Coffee, a Columbia law professor who is a specialist in white-collar crime and director of the university’s Center on Corporate Governance.

Yes John, we realize.


Thirteen people were killed by pit bulls since last november 8.

Also since last november 8:
One county decided they would no longer label dogs by breed.
Five states introduced bills that would prohibit cities from passing laws that "discriminate" against pit bulls.
Twenty one cities repealed or considered repealing their breed specific ordinances.

Canine Homicides

General Motors