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pit nutter bingo

i wish i could take credit for this.

get an alternate bingo ticket here.

i am working on dogman jeopardy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pit bulls on planes: part 2

libby sherrill
first there is the issue of the adopter. i didn't pay close attention to her. BIG mistake. i didn't make the connection between her and the documentary project, beyond the myth. you can see dawn capp in the trailer at the link. more on the relationship between the two nutters:
Although she operated with very limited funds—her father offered the start-up fees—Sherrill was able to enlist the help of two influential people.

One is Sacramento attorney Dawn Capp, Director of CHAKO, a national dog owners’ education and advocacy group. According to Sherrill, “Dawn shared with me her wealth of knowledge on BSL.”

i have been following the making of this documentary since it was first announced on one of the pit forums last march. it appears that lack of funding continues to impede its completion. and capp has been instrumental in trying to help raise funds to complete the project.

this issue with continental airlines was no coincidence. this was a carefully staged media stunt, not unlike the kooky colorado balloon family.

second, there is the specific incident that led carriers to ban pit bulls from their aircraft. and i am certain that given capp's "wealth of BSL knowledge" that she KNEW continental would deny the pit bull access and instructed sherrill to book the flight on continental for the very purpose of creating a story in the media.
from the january 2003 pike's peak newsletter:
Damage to an American Airlines flight, New York to San Diego, reported possible damage caused by traveling “livestock” - a pit bull in a kennel. Upon landing, investigation showed that the lower right side of the forward bulkhead panel mangled by the dog.

The dog also chewed up at least three cables/wires. These 3 cables belonged to the #2 VHF radio, ACARS and ADF systems of the aircraft. The captain stated that he lost some communication during flight.

An estimate of at least 24 hours was made to repair the damage done by the dog. Yes, AA intends to revisit the way they tender shipments of “livestock” in the future.

here is the documented incident report dated july 2002.

Aircraft Damage on F282/22Jul A/C 5EJ Forward Compartment

Inbound flight 282 from San Diego arrived at New York JFK at 2148 on gate 8. Ramp control was notified by the captain to be careful when opening the forward compartment door. (Below is Ramp CSM Harry Cadet’s statement).

At 2135 hours I received a call from Ramp Control advising me that the cockpit called about a noise heard in the forward compartment. I checked the offload of flight 282’s inbound and there was a dog and some mice on board. We started to open the cargo door of Aircraft 5EJ, when I noticed the curtain fastener was sticking out from the bottom of the door. I had Mr. Gittens turn on the lights and I peeped in the vent hole I saw a pit bull staring at me. The captain came down and I asked him if he could see if the passenger was on board. As I ran up to see if he was able to get the pax, he was escorting the passenger down the bridge. We repositioned the belt loader and Mr. Gittens, the passenger and myself went up to get the livestock. The passenger held the canine’s collar to calm him down as we proceed to open the cargo door fully. I then assisted the passenger to place the canine in the kennel. As I attempted to secure the kennel’s door I noticed that the bottom rod was bent and I was unable to get it to lock in. I then called CSM Dillahunt on the radio advising him that the livestock on flight 282 was loose and the kennel was damaged. In addition to that I was going to release the livestock to the passenger at the terminal since there was no way I could ensure that the livestock wasn’t going to get loose again. I escorted the passenger into the baggage claim area. Mr. Gittens rode with the dog to ensure that he wouldn’t break loose again. What was happening after we placed him back in the kennel and then into the cart, was the pitbull kept hitting his head against the door of the kennel trying to get out again. CSM Dillahunt advised me that he was going to fax a copy of the airway bill so that I could have the passenger sign for the shipment. I stayed with the passenger for about ten minutes in the terminal, and we checked the dog to make sure that there was no injury. I looked in his mouth and his gums were okay and there was no sign of any cut or bruises. Mr. Schwerdt came over to the inbound bag room and advised me that the dog had done some damage to the aircraft. I called Peter Hegmann to advise him that there was damage to an aircraft that was found on arrival. Peter and I walked over to gate 8 and when we walked up the belt loader and look in the F1 position of the aircraft, we were in shock. The pitbull had clawed through the avionics access panel and ripped approximately 5 coaxial cables in the aircraft. According to Mr. Schwerdt the captain stated that he lost some communication during flight. I never looked in the cargo compartment when we first got the livestock. My main concern was getting the livestock to his owner safely. I really feel that we must revisit the way we tender shipments of livestock in the future.

Harry Cadet

I (George Pastrana CSM Cargo) went down to the Baggage claim area and had the passenger sign the Airwaybill. As I was returning to cargo, I received a radio call from Tony Dillahunt of possible aircraft damage on inbound flight 282 and I went to gate 8. I went up the belt loader into the forward compartment and saw the lower right side of the forward bulkhead panel mangled by the dog. The dog also chewed up at least three cables/wires. (See pictures). These 3 cables belonged to the #2 VHF radio, ACARS and ADF systems of the aircraft. There was also a PPS shipment of mice (awb 56219262) from World Courier located in the F1 compartment. The dog gnawed on the corners of the 2 containers but was unable to get at the mice. An AC-18 was filled out and was given to the driver.

Since the dog had damage the forward bulk compartment. I went back into the terminal to locate the passenger, the dog and the kennel to take pictures. The passenger had already left the area and the security guard said they had left right away. The kennel was not issued from AA. Harry Cadet said it was a green kennel, size 400 series and was made by Daski.

The maintance GFO Bill Doyle gave an estimate of at least 24hours to repair the damage done by the dog.

the case against pit bulls on a plane has been made.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

brazen lies even by pit nutter standards

27 yr old daniel coverston of auburn, california

while coverston was in michigan, his four pit bulls (ronin, sherman, maui and otis) got loose and attacked a 17 yr old male. coverston was very surprised to hear about the attack citing "they're very sweet" and "they listen to me very well." now he is in deep shit. the city has his dogs and they want to kill them. and so do i.

coverston lawyered up and is trying every trick in the book to get the dogs back, well at least one of his dogs.

first, he challenged whether or not the city PROPERLY seized the dogs. at the hearing, the court discovered that the owner is unable to physically control his dogs.

Ruffcorn said the dogs were taken by animal control “without incident.” However, he noted that Daniel Coverston did not appear to have control of the animals. He said as one dog was escorted out of the house at a time, another dog broke loose and was running around the outside of the property. Another dog became agitated in the car and his head broke through a window screen.

“The dogs were not aggressive but it was clear that Daniel did not have control of the dogs,” Ruffcorn said during the hearing.

at the end of the hearing, his lawyer stated they would not contest the seizure.

coverston claims to have escape proofed his yard. he poured 6 inches of concrete at the bottom so they cannot dig out and added a taller redwood fence outside of the chain link with a lattice top. i hope you fixed that gate.

ronin the japanese warrior

coverston is begging for ronin to be spared. ronin was described by the animal control officer as the dominant dog and the most aggressive of the four. coverston described ronin "like my son" and the dog that he has "the craziest bond" with. coverston has promised to neuter his dogs if they are returned to him, although i have a sneaky suspicion that their "crazy bond" might be jeopardized.

in addition to promising to neuter his dogs, coverston is promising to give his puppies............ ANTI-AGGRESSION SHOTS?!?!?

wtf are anti-aggression shots?
Daniel Coverston said his veterinarian at North Fork Veterinary Clinic told him that they would give his dogs anti-aggression shots as part of their “puppy plan.” Coverston said he was “very surprised” to hear in a letter read by Auburn City Attorney Matthew Crider that one of the veterinarians at the clinic said she had never heard of anti-aggression shots.

Coverston told the court earlier that his dogs had received their most recent anti-aggression shot from the vet clinic seven months ago. He said he does not give his pets the shot.

Representatives from North Fork Veterinary Clinic declined to comment when contacted by the Journal.

this is hilarious. not only do i find NO mention of these shots anywhere on the internet EXCEPT in THIS news story, i consulted with a vet and guess what?

and last but not least, daniel coverston history with animal control:
- he has been cited for expired licenses - renewed 2 days after the attack
- he has been cited for not having current rabies shots for at least one dog
- dispatch has received five calls regarding coverston's pit bulls
- there has been at least one other report of his mushy wiggle butts menacing people

meanwhile, the case is still open. criminal charges may still be filed against it. coverston and lawyer are sticking with the anti-aggression shots defense.

pit bulldog adoption: FAIL

Officer Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack
LAWRENCBURG, Tenn. -- An Animal Control officer is in the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull.

A couple in Lawrenceburg adopted the dog, but the pit bull attacked the woman shortly after they brought it home. She had to have 60 stitches in her hand. The man, who was also attacked, had reconstructive surgery on his leg.

The dog was quarantined at Lawrenceburg Animal Control when it attacked Officer Steve Henson Monday.

Henson lost part of his thumb, has injuries to his arm and may have to undergo surgery for a puncture wound to the wrist.

WLX Radio reported the dog has been euthanized.

pit bulls on planes: part 1

sacramento, california

"I think Continental's restriction is ridiculous. They will fly a 90-pound German Shepherd. They'll fly a Rottweiler. They'll fly just about every breed of dog but not a 4-month old pit bull puppy. I can't imagine what a pit bull puppy would do that a 90-pound German Shepherd wouldn't do."
pit bull advocate Dawn Capp

i have read numerous accounts on the pit forums about how pit bulldogs destroy crates. here is my favorite:
I have only had 2 Yard accidents in close to 10yrs..
The first one involved a male that was in a crate in my spare bedroom..While I was gone he chewed out of the crate, and jumped out of the second story window,which was open (as it was summer) with the screen down..He made his way to the only other male on the Yard (that happened to be a good one) and killed him..When I returned the dog on the chain was gone and the wiley ol' man came stumbling out of the garage with straw stuck all over his Chest and face, looking to be in bad shape..Thankfully he made a full recovery..

no, i just can't imagine why continental would discriminate.
(discussion on the damage of 4 month old pit bulldog puppies)

people who are experienced and HONEST about pit bulldogs recommend proper crates like this one. of course the operative word here is HONEST.

contact continental airlines and thank them!
800.WE.CARE2 (800.932.2732)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

death-jab for ugly

melbourne, australia
A 30-year-old man was walking his "two small fluffy dogs" when the mutant attacked. One of the dogs was killed and the other injured. The dogs' owner was bitten on the hand when he tried to save his dogs. The pit held its grip for over 20 minutes.

Paramedics were forced to kill the dog with a dose of drugs used to induce comas when the animal refused to let go of the man. The police made the request. The mutant was too close to the victim, so they could not shoot the dog.

Pure-bred American pit bulls are a restricted breed in Victoria and must be desexed in a bid to eventually wipe out the breed.

a 20 minute mauling! i wonder if this guy even has a hand left?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

take the attack challenge

me and dick share a love of fabricated attack stories. here's my favorite dick. can you out do this one?

March 12, 2009
Agents: Couple Blames Cougar For Attack From Own Dog
a washington state couple were hospitalized with serious injuries, which they blamed on a mountain lion attack. they were attacked by their own pit bull.

the state fish and wildlife agents didn't find a cougar but they did find a white dog covered in dried blood at the couple's home.

pierce county sheriff did not file charges against the couple. no word on what happened to the dog.

this story really holds up over time. it is just as funny 9 months later, maybe more.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letter: Disturbing incident in Gallows Hill Park

salem, massachusetts
To the editor:

I'm trying to follow up on an incident that took place on Tuesday, Oct. 6, on the lower part of Gallows Hill Park in Salem.

I was walking down the path with my dog, a 5-year-old male Corgi, and was attacked by two pit bulls.

I screamed for help and two ladies came. My ex-husband, who was there watching a cross-country meet with my 11-year-old son, called Salem police, and they dispatched a car.

The officer took down my information and filed a report. He also went into the woods looking for the owner of the two pit bulls.

The owner of the dogs couldn't control them and got dragged up the hill! They were so strong they pulled off his shirt by dragging him along the concrete, all while trying to get to my dog. The officer also said he'd fax a copy of the report to the dog control officer and advised me to take my dog to the vet. (what a shame the dogs didn't drag him into an oncoming train)

My dog had hunks of fur torn out, blood on his fur and what looked like a tooth in his stomach. The cross-country team was still running up the same hills where my dog had just been attacked. (I believe it's part of their route).

There were other children playing in the basketball court, in the skateboard section and just running around.

The two women who tried to help said they've seen the pit bull owner in the area many times. I didn't get his name. I think he was in his late 40s or early 50s, with salt-and-pepper hair, and weighed about 180 pounds.

The vet told me my dog's stomach was bruised from being bit and that if he knew the owner, he would've quarantined the two pit bulls for 10 days. He also said he'd fax a copy of his report to the dog control officer.

The vet bill alone is $180 so far.

My son usually walks with me but I was lucky he was with his father at the time of the attack. How can I protect my son, my dog and myself in the future? This happened at 4 p.m. in broad daylight with hundreds of people in the park. I walk my dog four times a day there and have done so for 13 years. This is the first time something like this has happened.

What if those dogs attacked my son, another child or another dog? How can I protect myself? What kind of force can I use? Can I carry a bat? Should I buy pepper spray? Or both?

What kind of force am I allowed to use to protect my son, myself and my dog from another attacking dog?