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Vincent Girolamo

Big Vinny Girolamo 12.05.47 - 09.12.79

After the completion of his military service in 1966, Girolamo joined the Hell's Angels and became the sergeant-at-arms of the Manhattan chapter. He is responsible for the club's motto "When in Doubt, Knock 'em Out" and their insignia "Evil Force".

On September 21, 1977, 22 year old waitress/girlfriend Mary Ann Campbell died after Girolamo pushed her from the roof of a 6 story building. That night, the drunken Girolamo was also accused of attempting to rape two other members. Girolamo was charged with Campbell's murder but before he could stand trial, he died from an injury to his spleen after a dispute turned physical with Oakland Hell's Angel President Michael "Irish" O'Farrell.

Girolamo is featured prominently in this fascinating documentary about the outlaw biker gang. Hurricane Vinny enjoys third billing, right after Sonny Barger and Sandy Alexander.

Hells Angels Forever, 1983 documentary

Observer Reporter, 1979

Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are Dead

Showdown- How the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Cops Fought for Control of the Streets

Trouble with Angels, NY Times 1994

The Vroom of Engines, NY Times 2007


Monday, December 23, 2013

Princess Anne

Princess Anne
August 15, 1950 -

In 2001, the princess became the first senior member of the royal family to have a criminal record after she was convicted under the 1991 Dangerous Dog Act for the attack on two children in Windsor Great Park. In addition to this attack, Princess Anne's bull terriers attacked the maid, another dog at an outdoor event and one of the Queen's corgi's which resulted in the death of the royal dog. The Queen banished her daughter's bull terriers.



daily mail





daily mail


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My Theory on why Pitbull advocates are ‘Nutters’

"Anyone can become angry. That is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way - that is not easy." – Aristotle

A few years ago, I experienced a serious pitbull attack that led to countless personal losses, I found myself outraged at the system that had enabled such attacks to occur in the first place. I mean isn’t Government supposed to protect innocent people from such unnecessary brutal and violent assaults? It didn’t take long for me to discover why, I soon learned there was an aggressive and outraged pitbull advocacy movement that had influenced Government and prevented reasonable protective legislation from being implemented. So I turned to social media to interact with these people, only to realize that they felt they were the aggrieved party, even though they had suffered no permanent  physical injury, as I had,  they had not lost the ability to walk or care for themselves for a substantial amount of time, as I had, they had suffered no large financial losses, as I had, they had never faced years of legal wrangling to seek compensation for their losses, as I had and they had not lost their business as I had.  The only loss it appears they had incurred is that people hurt their feelings because they were critical of the breed of dog they had chosen as a companion animal.  And yet their outrage was as if someone had murdered their entire family.  This disproportionate over reaction struck me as incredibly bizarre and until now I hadn’t been able to understand it sufficiently.

read the rest of Max Gold's story at

My Theory on why Pitbull advocates are ‘Nutters’

"Anyone can become angry. That is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way - that is not easy." – Aristotle

A few years ago, I experienced a serious pitbull attack that led to countless personal losses, I found myself outraged at the system that had enabled such attacks to occur in the first place. I mean isn’t Government supposed to protect innocent people from such unnecessary brutal and violent assaults? It didn’t take long for me to discover why, I soon learned there was an aggressive and outraged pitbull advocacy movement that had influenced Government and prevented reasonable protective legislation from being implemented. So I turned to social media to interact with these people, only to realize that they felt they were the aggrieved party, even though they had suffered no permanent  physical injury, as I had,  they had not lost the ability to walk or care for themselves for a substantial amount of time, as I had, they had suffered no large financial losses, as I had, they had never faced years of legal wrangling to seek compensation for their losses, as I had and they had not lost their business as I had.  The only loss it appears they had incurred is that people hurt their feelings because they were critical of the breed of dog they had chosen as a companion animal.  And yet their outrage was as if someone had murdered their entire family.  This disproportionate over reaction struck me as incredibly bizarre and until now I hadn’t been able to understand it sufficiently.

read the rest of Max Gold's story at

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter

February 22, 1962 – September 4, 2006

The famous and now deceased australian wildlife expert and crocodile hunter known for his reckless theatrical behavior with crocodiles while holding his infant was also a pit bull owner.

While youtube will not allow video of pit bull puppies scrapping, they have no problem hosting the official death video of Steve Irwin.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oscar Pistorius

South African athlete and murderer at home playing with his pit bulls.

November 22, 1986 -

The olympian/paralympian gold/silver medal winner, Oscar Pistorius, aka The Blade Runner, was charged with premeditated murder in August for the St Valentines Day Massacre of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.  More gun charges were added in November.

And the hybristophiliacs are already starting to swoon.

From a 2011 Telegraph article on the The Blade Runner:
In the off-season he lives in a house he built two years ago on a private estate on the outskirts of Pretoria. He lives alone, with three dogs – Capone, a Jack Russell terrier, Silo, an American pit bull, and Enzo, a bull terrier. Silo has chewed her way through most of the house, he says, including a couple of pairs of prosthetic legs. 'It's a madhouse, but they all love to come running with me.' 

I wonder why Capone is missing from this photo. Perhaps Capone the Jack Russell started something and Silo the APBT finished it?

The Telegraph

The Independent

The New York Times


Vanity Fair

Friday, December 6, 2013

advanced persistent threat

APT refers to cybercriminals but now that microsoft has used it to describe the US government, i think with a little minor tweaking, APT can safely be expanded further to include gripping dogs and their owners/advocates. their shock and awe presence in our communities (and the internet) is growing and warrants such an extreme label.


microsoft blog


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taiwan Jones

Oakland Raider cornerback Taiwan Jones was walking his two pit bull mixes, apparently without leashes, when they rushed 12 yr old Chula, killing her during her routine evening walk. Chula's 50 yr old owner is traumatized. Jones' killers are in quarantine during AC's investigation. Meanwhile, Jones' agent released the following the statement
"It was a tragic accident and he feels terrible about it. It's never happened before. He's sick over this, no question."

Tragic accident or Depraved Indifference

Mercury News

RIP Chula

Monday, December 2, 2013

Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress is being sued, AGAIN. The Barney Fife of the NFL is in trouble this time for the damage done by his pit bulldog during a pit wilding episode. Burress' neighbor was mauled while taking a walk in her neighborhood last May. The victim claimed that "she suffered serious injuries to her head, body, and limbs and that she suffered severe pain and mental anguish" as a result of his negligence. Black Sports On Line is siding with the convicted felon, claiming this is just a money grab.

Plaxico Burress' son, Elijah in a stare down with Plaxico Burress' mutant, Jada.

Plaxico Burress was released from prison June 6, 2010 after serving almost 2 years for gun possession and reckless endangerment. In November 2009, the proud pit bull owner was illegally armed while clubbing in New York. When the gun started to slip, he reached for it and shot himself. Burress' home in New Jersey was searched a month later. The police found a 9mm, a rifle, ammo and the clothes he wore during his famous OOPS moment.

Previous legal troubles

Two domestic distance calls resulted in a temporary restraining orders.

Plaxico Burress has been named in at least 9 civil lawsuits since he joined the NFL in 2000. My favorite was the December 2008 car accident. Burress rear ended another car with his $140,000 Mercedes Benz. Burress had no insurance, it had been canceled 3 days prior to the accident for failing to pay the premium.







Sunday, December 1, 2013

profile of a responsible pit bull owner

CARLA ANN THOMAS is not currently in the slammer. she is operating under the name CARLA PARRAVANI. i wonder if the AKC is aware of this alias? 

CARLA has been active on both her personal facebook page and the page she set up for BOOM, the mutant dressed in chicks and bunnies below, the same mutant who attacks other dogs at events, without provocation or warning. CARLA has been trying to help a teacher out with a school project. the teacher is attempting to show her junior high students just how fast a photo can be shared on the internet. ISYN! for the time lapse photography equivalent of the project, CARLA should have had the teacher hold up this photo of a tricked out BOOM.

CARLA'S friend list is an impressive who's who of dog fighting and pit bull advocacy. it reinforces the old adage Birds of Feather; emily patrick, ed faron, murph mcadams, allie renar, dahlia canes and more than a few names that i recognized as crazed fur mommies but the one name that really stood out - LEDY VANKAVAGE. LEDY once again living up to her reputation on google as being associated with HARMING dogs, not helping them.

someone just notified me that they did not realize the pit bulldog (BOOM) mentioned in this dear craven letter was the same pit bulldog (BOOM) featured in the huffpo. my mistake for not updating the blog post and just allowing that critical piece of information to sit in the comments.

this is CARLA ANN THOMAS' pit bulldog BOOM.

i received an email from someone who has experience with CARLA ANN THOMAS and her dogs.
Dear Craven,

It's a small world. I knew Carla Ann Thomas. These charges of animal cruelty are shocking as she does present herself as utterly dedicated to her dogs but looks apparently are deceiving.

In 2011, I attended the same K9 club as Carla Ann Thomas.  One day, during flyball practice her pit bull dog, Boom, just completed a flyball run and then attacked another dog. It was instantaneous and unprovoked.  Everyone saw everything.  Boom's victim had finished the run before Boom.  At the end of Boom's run, he spotted another dog.  The other dog was looking down sniffing something on the floor, minding its own business.

Boom had grabbed the other dog's paw and basically crushed it.  The poor dog yelped but Carla was fast.  The fascinating thing about it was the she grabbed her dog by the loose skin on the nape of the neck and at the same time, she grabbed him by the loose skin of the rear of the dog.  Being that the dog was not more than 35 lbs at that time, tough, rough, and buff Carla was able to easily perform this maneuver and quickly whisked Boom away.  There was not too much damage done to the little dog, as Carla swooped in to grab Boom and lifted him off his feet and he released.  Maybe she practiced that maneuver with him a few times?  I don't know but it was a very quick, stern, and methodical maneuver.  She whisked her pit bull dog out of the training area and disappeared.

The victim, just a normal dog, tan with white patches, was simply standing around and didn't see the threat coming.  At least a dozen people witnessed the attack, so Carla couldn't legitimately claim her pit bull was provoked, although she may have. I don't know.  I never went back to that K9 club.  I am a petite older woman and I didn't feel safe around dogs that are capable of such quick and explosive aggression.

CORRECTION: the second animal cruelty arrest appears to be her THIRD. this is her SECOND.

BRIGIT, you chose a real loser to defend. 

according to the AKC, effective april 13, 2013 CARLA ANN THOMAS has been suspended for 15 years and fined $3000. (i'll need to consult with one of the AKC drones that i am cahoots with in order to understand what this means)

a second animal cruelty charge has been brought against Ms Nutter on 11.01.12 in pinellas county.

the updates are coming fast and furious.  

CARLA ANN THOMAS aka Ultimate K9 loves loves loves her dogs. you might even say that she lives for her dogs. and her dogs die for her. 

CARLA had a fly ball competition to go to, so on a friday afternoon, she left her akita in her pet food store, with a bowl of water, food, set the thermostat on 80 (yes eighty degrees, that is not a typo), pointed the fan at the dog and left him there for the weekend so she could play with her pit bulls. note, this occurred in st petersburg florida, the internet shows that the temp highs exceeded 80 that weekend. she returned to a dead dog and was charged with animal neglect and found guilty.

i love love love this video. THOMAS blames her landlord for turning off the AC, she said he has done it before. the landlord denied her accusation. but i am wondering, why would she leave her dog alone in her pet food store if her landlord has a history of cutting the power? and why on earth would she set the AC to 80ยบ? her vet defends her stating "she loves her dogs, she loves them better than people." yeah, i'll bet she does, they always do! and i think it is cute how THOMAS talks to the media holding her mini pin rather than one of her many mutants. i don't think that was an accident. she was likely to get more sympathy with the public, you know, cuz it is so easy to hate pit bull owners. you can see a photo of all of her dogs here. wow, she must be another dog whisperer. akita, dogo, GSD, staffy bull, intact male pit bulls, mini pin and what is that... a pomeranian or a long haired chihuahua? yes, she must be the dog whisperer.

if you are set up to stream netflix movies, you can see CARLA ANN THOMAS at 43:00 putting her pit bull, JAEGER through the ATTS motions in the propaganda training film BEYOND THE MYTH. really LIBBEY, you couldn't find a NON criminal for this spot?

and here they are after the ATTS, celebrating another pittie triumph over golden retrievers.

what is with these PB freaks that they are always picking up these dogs? i just don't get it.

let's take a closer look at JAEGER, another impressively titled gripping dog.

Jaeger is ADBA and UKC registered.
He is an incredible athlete with extremely high drive. He loves to run, swim, jump, and retrieve. He opens and closes doors and refrigerators, and he will retrieve just about anything for you. He loves to bring you the remote and phone or pick up dropped keys, change, papers, etc.
He is 21 inches tall and weighs 58lbs.

in addition to a HERDING INSTINCT TITLE, he has been "safe dog" certified by the ADBA (another sham of a test) and received his CGC and ATTS. JAEGER also has flyball, weight pull, conformation, rally and agility titles and plays around with lure coursing and schutzhund, although no titles apparently, maybe he wouldn't release quick enough?. since he can open and close doors, he is a CERTIFIED SERVICE DOG. obviously. and what good is a pit bull if you can't take him AND his testicles to the hospital so he can snuggle with cancer patients? yep, he is a CERTIFIED THERAPY DOG!
JAEGER at a flyball tournament :-)

THOMAS claims JAEGER passed his TD test at the age of 8 months, yet according to Therapy Dogs International, dogs must be at least one year of age and the "handler must be of good character." woops.

well, i was wrong. CARLA was not lying about JAEGER being in a reading program. she does take this thing and his testicles to read WITH kids! remember, this is a dog that CARLA freely admits she is not always in control of his drive.

CARLA ANN THOMAS throws a vest on this thing and takes him into the public so he can kiss children. a dog that she admits, she can NOT "turn his drive down or off". she is grossly misrepresenting her gripping dog to the public. and getting away with it.

BEHOLD, a REAL woman.
a real woman with an ego the size of the state of floriduh.

isn't that, dare i say it... prejudicial?

with the help of CARLA ANN THOMAS, the pit bulls were herding farm dogs myth has been debunked HERE. at the link, you will see a genuine purebred american pit bull terrier "earn" his herding instinct certificate. you won't want to miss the excitement!

Feel free to share any of my pictures or videos. I wouldn't post them if I didn't want people to see them. You can check out videos of my other dogs on youtube also.

why thank you CARLA, i will take you up on that!

please visit CARLA the rescuer, breeding operation: SUPER PIT BULLS and meet JAEGER (stud for hire), HENNESSY (stud for hire), BOOM, SNIPER, STEALTH, ENVY and PATRON

The Myth of the Herding Pit Bull Farm Dog




JAEGER'S pedigree

Friday, November 22, 2013

less than alive but sufficient of evil

Thank you anon

Anonymous said...
A lumpen head
like eroded and rotted concrete
of statuary meant to impress
the superstitious
but forgotten in the malign fester
of junkyard and ghetto
sullen with waiting, hulking and scraping the fetid death-dirt,
the object of depravity seems less than alive, but sufficient of evil;
and in the eyes, bored out
of the deviant substance
by a maker talented only in abhorrence
look out, dim as algaed glass
and in the darkened and web-reddened cave of vestigial sight
knows only the target and the end
and till then will wait
and stare
at the passers by the gate.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New ASPCA study shows SPCA workers can correctly ID a pit bull 96% of the time.

"The ASPCA Shelter Research and Development department designed a study and provided a grant for Richmond SPCA to act as the shelter laboratory for this work."

The Mars Wisdom Panel agreed to work with the ASPCA on the project because, I'm guessing, if it went as planned, Mars Wisdom Panel would be selling millions of tests to shelters and rescues.

Alas, things did not go as planned.  The RSPCA believed that if each pit type dog available for adoption had a DNA test done and the results displayed on its cage, the pit types might get adopted faster.  They planned to divide dogs that were visually identified as a pit type or pit mix into two groups.  One group would get the DNA test done and the results would be shown on the cage for potential adopters to see and the other  would be labeled pit mix or pit type as usual.

For this to work, the RSPCA workers must have expected to see wonky DNA results showing that the pit type dogs were actually black Russian terrier x tibetan terrier x dandie dintmont terrier x pembroke welsh corgi x duck tolling retriever x whippet x briard mixes.  After all, that's what usually happens.

But the whole experiment ran off the rails when it turned out that the RSPCA workers' visual identification of pit bulls agreed with the Wisdom Panel DNA results 96% of the time.

How do I know Sugar is a pit bull?
Because she looks like one.

I still don't believe that three large breeds, two of which have long fur, could produce this little short haired dog with all that white flash.  But there still are questions about the accuracy of a test that doesn't even profile APBT DNA to identify pit bulls.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chester - "the kind of dog who makes people want a dog"

branwyne comes across things that just scream for my attention sometimes, like the forward in this dog book written by JIM GORANT.

this pussy cat journalist is a pet peeve of mine. while GORANT is a hero in the eyes of the pit nutter, he is a reckless hack in mine. he doesn't perform basic fact checking and he has no qualms about repeating dangerous propaganda that encourages gullible dupes that it is safe to bring a fighting dog into their homes. GORANT'S sources: AFF and BADRAP. the result was yet another cherry picked sugar coated book about the poor misunderstood abused nanny dog that would make JANE proud.

after handing the rough draft of lost dogs over to his wife to read, doggie fever began its descent on the GORANT household and shortly after he finished polishing the pit bulldog's turd of an image, he set out to add a dog to the family.

GORANT started his search on line, inquiring about dogs that caught his fancy regardless of location until an intelligent friend pointed out the foolishness of his ways.

it was refreshing to see GORANT admit that he is not a good journalist.

given this champion of the underdog's success at bringing the ultimate gladiator into america's living rooms and nurseries, one would think that the GORANT family would naturally gravitate towards the all american nanny dog.

NOPE. instead GORANT chose "the kind of dog who makes people want a dog."

GORANT chose a "spunky snaggle toothed" SCHNAUZER MIX.

no nanny dogs for JIM GORANT'S wife and kids. pit bulldogs are a perfectly fine choice for Darla Napora, Dax Borchardt and Jordan Ryan but like President Obama, pit bulldogs are not suitable for HIS family. and like President Obama, GORANT chose a safe breed for HIS family.

not one for pussy cat journalism, Animal People editor Merritt Clifton wrote an honest review of GORANT'S disingenuous pit bull puff piece.

*pussy cat journalism The failure of journalists to ask critical questions or raise important issues in their reporting; usually of controversial subject matter. It describes the path of least resistance to get a story. As a result, the story is usually one sided or one dimensional and many important questions are not raised or dealt with in the reporting.

The phrase is borrowed from observing the behavior of domesticated cats: It is used to describe how a cat may become accustomed to food from a bag or can, and thereby, its walking circle becomes a smaller path. For example, from the place where it lounges to the place where the food is set out in a dish. This cat no longer looks under bushes and hides in a tree. It is satisfied with the little effort, and enjoys snoozing whenever it can.

When comparing a native cat, their walking-about path is much larger. They might not return home for days. They enjoy spending time outdoors and scrutinizing things longer.

Whereas a domesticated cat knows where to look for food, the native or natural cat might spend more time looking and actually forgo eating, to stay in place, waiting for the right bird to come along.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spanaway Washington Pit Bull Rampage

a mutant has taken another life.

the following is the witness statement of the heroic man who came to the aid of the victim of the most recent fatal pit bull attack. he was also brutally attacked.

Ranger Rob 2 hours ago
Driving southbound on SR7 from the American Lake VA Hospital I saw a middle aged heavy set woman jumping and screaming for help on the other side and then I saw two dogs mauling something in the ditch. Assuming the worst, her child I veered to the center land, hit the hazards and jumping out bounding across two lanes of heavy traffic at 0900 on October 30th to find two pit bulls mauled a senior Asian woman. This woman was clearly severely injured and unable to defend herself as the two dog had her quartered and ripping arm and leg. Her clothes were already half ripped off and deep lacerations were clearly evident. I immediately start growing, yelling and punching the larger male pit bull in the nose as both dog turned their attack to me. Punching both dogs to lured them into oncoming traffic, I focused my attack on the alpha male and kicked at the female dog to insure both pursued me into traffic to use the passing vehicles as weapons since I was unarmed due to visiting the VA and passing through Joint Base Lewis McChord, Russian Roulette being better than certain death. Unfortunately a white sedan missed me and stopped short of hitting the larger male pit bull. I advanced on the animal taking control pounding its head into the road as the small female got my left upper thigh. Once that female dog locked on my thigh I tried to through the larger male pit bull into the next lane of traffic as a desperate act but the collar broke. I knew I had to stop traffic to get help. When that collar broke I turned my blows to the female's nose to break her locked jaw on my thigh. With success I immediate lunged on to the white sedan that was blocking one lane of traffic to catch my breath and access the situation. The male pit bull got my leather sneaker and was trying to pull me from the hood on the car. I saw cars stopping and a truck driving up the side walk to the woman location and the female dog was back at the old woman again as I kicked the male in the nose. I jumped and run to the ditch for the female dog to get it off the woman again as the male dog pursued me. I laid into the female dog punching and two men approached from different direction to the woman and the truck that came up the side walk. The three men were able to distract the male pit bull as I attacked the female pit again to get it off the victim. The female dog pursue me back into the street as I continued punching hoping the two men and truck driver would be able to keep the larger male dog off me. I shouted orders to the truck driver to run that dog down and kill it while the two men kept it off as I fought the female back into the street. One man was bit by the male dog while I was fighting the female in the middle of the street. Bystanders were approaching and some woman actually screamed at me to leave that dog alone!!!! I was slowing with exhaustion and the male pit bull left the man, truck and victim and came to the female pit bulls aide. In total exhaustion and was unable to counter the attack and the male dog locked onto my right forearm and latched cracking bones and ripping flesh. The cracking of bone was an instant shock and an eternity of hesitation. I punched it nose and pulled to prevent my arm from elbow or shoulder damage as I was taken down. The female bit my left punching fist so I used her head to hit the male dog and break it hold. Only with God's help it worked and I crawled to the hood of the white sedan again with female dog pulling at my feet. Unable to continue severely injured myself, I scrambled to the roof of the car. The pickup driver on the sidewalk in his truck next to the victim fired a personal sidearm as the male pit bull return to the two men and victim. I thank the off duty soldier and promised to bear witness. The inured male dog fled. With the knowledge of backup I scrambled to the victim to access and triage but the female dog returned to me and the victim. I gave orders of assessment to a new male bystander for the triage of the victim as I had to fight the female dog again. Due to shock, injury and exhaustion the female dog was able to easy lock onto my injured right forearm and able to crack bone again. With a punch to the nose I was able to return to the victim and make a visual of the injuries, Deep laceration to the all extremities with bicep hanging. I order the victim covered from the cold until professional help arrived. I scampered to my vehicle to call Brenda Roman to get the kids to school and come to my location and help me back to the hospital. As police approached I directed and order them to kill female pit bull as I limped back toward the animal that the men were keeping abbey from me and the victim. Three Sheriffs isolated the dog as I directed paramedics to the victim not me. Once the police finally shot the last dog and I was answering the medic’s questions I provided the police with ID and initial brief. Medics recommend I go with them, but I choose to return to my clinic where I knew everyone. Injured soldier that helped offered ride to nearby Madigan Army Hospital. Again I declined choosing to return to my Urgent Care at American Lake VA Hospital where I know everyone.

Ranger Rob
This write-up is my legal deposition as submitted to the police concerning this case.  I will speak and work with the DA and feel I must do more do this this recent loss. I will write a Bill, this is a issue worthy a champion, time for legislation concerning dangerous dog breed, large dog insurance and service working dog licensing clarification.  All input welcomed
Ranger Rob
A Veteran at the VA informed me today that he was attacked and severely injured by his own pit bull some years ago.

komo news 
seattle pi
dogs bite decatur al
scorched earth

pit bull owner: Santiago Quezada

today's word: Misology

Misology  hatred of logic

in season 3 episode #7 of pit bulls & parolees, i saw both of these t-shirts being worn by tia's cast of misfits. the nutters were not only in the same scene, they were standing next to one another. it was quite amusing.



i found this t-shirt for sale on her merchant website too.

it compliments tia's personal house dogs, don't you think?

the misological pit bulls & parolees season 3 now streaming on netflix

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

nanny dog paparazzi

it's a good thing DONNA REYNOLDS put this myth to rest.

halloween pit bull paparazzi

one of my secret squirrels stumbled on a dog costume event.

click on the photos to view larger versions.
note the reptilian stare. if the reptile breaks free, the poodle won't even know what hit it.

thanks craven readers. keep 'em coming.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pit bull and children photos can't prove pit bulls are safe or owners are sane

The twelve year olds over at HuffPo have decided to leave their dangerous propaganda piece up and have added more photos despite having inadvertently proven how dangerous and misleading these photos of children and pit bulls are.  The kids at HuffPo accidentally included a photo of a child hugging a pit bull that later killed that child.  They don't seem to understand or care that they're encouraging dangerous behavior or that they've proven that capturing one moment in time proves exactly nothing.

The flub also has failed to deter parents from submitting for publication absolutely horrific photos of children riding, lying on, hugging on, or being posed with pit bulls.  They don't seem to notice that most of those pit bulls are not only not engaged with the child, but they look annoyed or distressed by the positions these parents are putting their children and their pit in.

So, after the fun we had with the "One of These Things is Not Like the Others" game, I'm proposing a new guessing game called "Which Pit is a HuffPo Submission and Which Pit Killed a Human Being."

We'll start with an easy one:

This is Nephi Selu on the right, of course, and this is the photo the HuffPo kids accidently included in their slideshow.  He was killed this year by his pit bull named Kava.  This is how his family described their relationship: "All of this is definitely a shock because it's almost like two best friends that turned on... like one best friend turned on the other."

Here is another pair of photos - which is a HuffPo photo submission and which is a  pit bull that killed the crawler pictured with it?
The boy on the left is Tyzhel McWilliams.  He was killed by the dog pictured with him, Zulu.  His mother judged Zulu as an individual and found him to be a nurturer and she "expressed disbelief that the pit bull that seemed to watch over the infant like a protective parent would ultimately end the baby’s life."

In this pair of photos, which is a HuffPo submission and which of these tolerant, smiling white pit bulls later killed a human being?
The pit bull in the photo on the right jumped its fence to kill an elderly neighbor  in his own yard.

Which is a HuffPo submission and which is a pit bull that killed a human being?
The pit bulls on the right killed a 10 year old boy after this photo was taken.  The boy, Justin Clinton, had known and played with the pit bulls since they were tiny puppies.

Which is a HuffPo submission and which pit bull later killed the child leading it on a loose leash?
The boy on the right is Nicholas Faibish who was killed by, Rex,  the pit bull on the right.

How about this pair?  Which is a HuffPo fur mommy submission and which child was killed by the pit bull snuggling with the child on the couch?
This one is a bit of a trick because the boy on the right is also Nicholas Faibish.  These photos of Nick look just like the HuffPo fur mommies' photos.  What the fur mommies are trying to show is that these photos prove that pit bulls can be part of normal families.  And it is haunting to know just how dangerously insane Maureen Faibish, Nick's mom, is and look at these photos of what looks like a normal kid with his not-aggressive-at-the-moment pit bull.  If you have the time, you can read her side of the story of Nick's death HERE.  In her side of the story, she wants us to know that mostly, this was a "freak accident," that was certainly not her fault and no one should conclude from this that pit bulls are unsafe and no one should get rid of their pit bull just because her son was brutally killed by hers.

But, a freak accident does not exclude laying blame on her own dead son for escaping the basement she'd locked him in with a shovel wedged against the door.  And if there's any more blame to go around, it should rest on her female pit bull in heat who was not allowing her male pit bull to mate which made Max, the intact male, aggressive.  These photographs don't suggest any of the dangerous insanity this boy lived with until he was killed by it.

As commenters on the first HuffPo story noticed, some of these HuffPo fur mommies could not hide their crazy either. "Our neighbor's new pit meeting our new baby."

Irnwlsn takes the cake, though:
"When we adopted Bowser in 2010, the shelter classified him as "Not adoptable to families with children."  We called BS and took a chance, and a year later when Bowser became a big brother, we proved them wrong."

Just so we're clear: the chance they took was with their child's well being and life and the reason they took chances with their child's life was to prove a point about a pit bull.  Fucking turds.

Helpful Advice:
Dogs don't like hugs

Children need to know that getting face-to-face with any dog can be extremely dangerous. In the dog’s world this can be considered confrontational. A child might do this many times to the family dog with no consequence; however, this is not a 100% predictor of future behavior. It concerns me that I frequently see pet industry advertising showing children face-to-face with dogs.

Dogs don't like hugs and kisses

The Not-So-Hidden dangers of Taking Photos of Pets and Kids  "And stop encouraging dangerous behavior by recording it and sharing it on Facebook just because you think it’s cute."

Why Supervising Dogs and Kids Doesn't Work (answer: because people are too insensitive to their dogs and too stupid to read up on dog behavior)

Why the Huffington Post is Shit!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

one of these things is not like the others

i love that game. i came across a story and a photo that reminded me of it. see if you can figure out which of these things is not like the others.

all of these dogs suffered from a life threatening injury. all of these dogs except one received veterinary care and survived. guess which one.

okay, i know, you are probably guessing the one on the bottom. nope. that's patrick. and although he looks dead, he miraculously survived near starvation.

the answer is number two. that's MASON. his irresponsible owners allowed him and the other dog in the home to freely run the neighborhood.

the story goes like this, MASON attacked a neighbor's dog named Snowball, who was chained in the yard. when the owner of Snowball responded, MASON charged him. Snowball's owner grabbed the closest tool to defend himself, a machete. he hit the gripper once and MASON ran home.

Ken and Barbie Cowart

rather than take their cherished family member to the vet for treatment, MASON'S nutters opted to shoot him on the spot. that's right, ASHLIE and ADAM COWART shot MASON under the pretext of putting him out of his misery. then the outraged COWARTS called law enforcement and demanded JUSTICE for their little free roaming gripper. the COWARTS are upset that LE refused to charge the VICTIM with animal cruelty. LE responded in the only legal and logical way they could, stating the VICTIM was well within his rights to exercise such force under the florida stand your ground law.

what options are left to shallow people of poor character, with entitlement issues and no legal standing? well, there's always facebook and care2.

care2 the COWARTS managed to persuade almost 6000 people that their free roaming gripper, (the one they refused drive to the vet) has been wronged. they plan to take this world wide outrage to the mayor of chiefland, who they apparently and mistakenly view as the great and powerful wizard of oz who can magically bring non-existent criminal charges against the REAL VICTIM.

FACEBOOK! so far, over 12,000 gullible drones have globbed onto the latest 'My pittie was dissed' campaign. these campaigns sprout faster than mold in my bathtub. one of my twitter friends says At the current exponential rate of growth, in 5 years, 60% of Facebook will be "Justice for shot pit bulls" pages. 
12,000 supporters? how do these con artists do it?

the COWARTS have been busy starting rumors about the VICTIM. they have accused the VICTIM of lying and telling multiple versions of the "killing". they have blamed the VICTIM for leaving a female dog in heat chained outside to tempt their grippers, when in fact Snowball is a male. the COWARTS also claim that MASON is not aggressive and swear up and down that he was not acting aggressive despite the fact they were not present. at least three eye witnesses contradict ASHLIE'S pollyanna description of MASON. the COWART'S opinion of MASON'S behavior that sunday afternoon is pure speculation, it means nothing to LE and is inadmissible in the courts.

let's ignore facts, fabricate details to evoke sympathy and outrage, huddle together, hold hands and allow the wholesale slaughter of people and animals while inciting violence against the VICTIM.
YEAH, that's the ticket!

but back to the photos and question above. let's turn the speculative tables on ken and barbie. like ken and barbie, we weren't there so we are perfectly poised to pontificate about MASON'S condition. do you think Mason's injury warranted a mercy killing? compared to PATRICK, OOGY, FAYE, the poor little dog with the fork in its head and the burnt gripper, do you think MASON'S machete injury warranted an immediate dirt nap? or do you think maybe ken and barbie took the easy way out? maybe MASON was reaching that magical age when a lot of pit bulls become too much to handle for the average person and ken and barbie can NEVER be just average people. maybe it was serendipitous that the REAL VICTIM just happened to help them out in that department AND create an opportunity for ken and barbie to parade themselves as victims in the media. looking at their facebook photos, it seems pretty obvious that ken and barbie LOVE attention. or maybe the shallow entitled ken and barbie dolls didn't want to get blood on their clothes or in their car while driving their cherished family member all that way to the emergency vet and are now experiencing dirt nap remorse. i'm sure that you all can come up with more creative scenarios, afterall, you weren't there.

i thought pit bulls were family? that is what pit bull fanatics are always shouting. i think MASON is just further proof that the primary functions of pit bulls are accessories to become landfill material. and 12,000+ nutters agree.

chiefland citizen