Friday, June 25, 2010

elgin mayor ed schock fights off pit bulls

63 yr old ED SCHOCK, elgin mayor
last night the mayor and his german shepherd Rako were out for their nightly neighborhood stroll when 2 ugly mutant frankenmaulers launched themselves off of their porch and into attack mode. the old guy, who opposed the breed specific language that was being debated amongst the city council members just a few months ago, managed to fight them off and escape injury. the mayor kicked one dog and hit the other with the leash. the pit nutter, who unfortunately has not been named, had the shameless audacity to yell at the mayor for kicking and hitting her dogs. welcome to the world of pit nutters mister mayor! the mayor said that since neither he nor his dog were harmed, he wouldn't have called the police but in classic narcissistic pit nutter style, she had to shoot her mouth off, you know, cuz in the world of pit nutters, they are all that matters. ms pit nutter claims that only one dog ran off of the porch and barked at the mayor and was never closer than 5 ft. she has received a total of 5 citations: dangerous dog, biting/attacking, no collars or tags and dogs at large. ms pit nutter goes to court july 27. i would LOVE to be there! anyone in the area? please attend if you can and get photos!!!
the mayor says he has no intention of targeting pit bulls. "It could have been any breed of dog."
yep could have been a pug or a poodle or dalmatian.

and speaking of pugs, poodles and dalmatians....

JUSTIN BAKER and KADIE RUSSELL present their conspiracy theory to the news reporter. this is the stick that they hammered into the ground and wedged against the gate to contain their frankenmaulers. these two are really fucking clueless.
sterling heights, michigan on june 1, the four ugly mutant frankenmaulers owned by JUSTIN BAKER and KADIE RUSSELL, SOMEHOW escaped their back yard fortress and attacked a man riding a bike. he was very lucky that it occurred on a busy road and people stopped to help him. first JUSTIN BAKER stated that he has talked to witnesses who say that his four unlicensed dogs were scared and provoked by someone. and that someone must have let them out of the yard. JUSTIN'S tattoo covered babe, KADIE RUSSELL says “If this would have been four pugs, or four poodles, or four Dalmatians, it wouldn’t have even been an issue.”
BINGO! you're right, it would not have been an issue because it would NOT have occurred!
but these two pit nutters continue to make excuses and deny the high prey drive nature of their dogs coupled with their own ignorance of pit dogs. 'they're just puppies' 'i love them like they're my children' 'we have parties and they've never violent before' 'our pit nutter vet wrote a letter stating they are not aggressive' (YES, they are!) 'a drunk man was seen taunting them' (i want to see this witness testify under oath) and when that doesn't sway their audience, KADIE attempts to evoke sympathy by pointing out that she just went through surgery and chemo for a tumor (boo fucking hoo). obtw, JUSTIN and KADIE have multiple BEWARE OF DOG signs on the property.
here are JUSTIN and KADIE proudly giving a tour of their fortress like property (sticks, chicken wire, rocks and bricks) that SOMEONE else must have breached because their children would never do this on their own and without provocation.

their PUPPIES are in jail awaiting the judge's decision on whether or not to dirt nap them.
which one of these ugly mutant frankenmaulers do you think is named POOPSTAIN?

UPDATE the above frankenmaulers were euthanized today!!!
Russell pleaded no contest to four counts of harboring a vicious animal. she was ordered to stay out of trouble for 12 months to avoid a 2 month jail sentence. she cannot own any "bully"-type dogs, and must pay $2,400 to the city and county for court and shelter fees. if the case had gone to trial and she had been convicted, she could have done 93 days in jail and paid higher fines. she chose to deal with her cancer and chemo instead.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

pimping the vick dogs, it's mel's turn

this is what BEST FRIENDS and head pit nutter LEDY VANKAVAGE call an adoptable fight bust dog.
"quivering in the corner, shaking uncontrollably, convulsing, scared shitless" this is the reporter's description of MEL - today, in his new home after being "rehabilitated" by BEST FREINDS, not THREE YEARS AGO when he was rescued from MICHAEL VICK'S sanguinarium.

MEL'S new owner says "Mel's come a long way. We can pet him. He sleeps in bed with us. But he's scarred for life. He's never barked. Never made a noise. There are times when he's just terrified."

wow! MEL'S been in his new home since september and they can pet him! goose bumps.

personally, i think it is inhumane to keep an animal this psychologically damaged alive but hey, MEL has enriched the lives of his new owners beyond their wildest dreams and that's all that really matters. you just can't put a price on all of that admiration you receive from friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances and every stranger you meet when you tell people you have made the ultimate sacrifice and opened up your home to a VICK dog. this is what the rescue angels call a status dog.

even 7th generation pit dog woman TAYLOR HERNANDEZ thinks this dog should be culled. we finally agree on something ms gamedogs.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

making room for kennel trash

mobile county alabama 26 suspected pit fighters were seized and dumped on the county's animal shelter forcing the shelter staff into a position to where they will have to euthanize healthy, safe, adoptable dogs. yet ANOTHER way that pit dogs negatively impact society.
you can see more adoptable dogs HERE.

next time i'm in need of dog, i think i will head down south where they actually have real dogs available for adoption. the shelters in my area are at least 50% pit dogs, usually higher. blech!

Monday, June 14, 2010

pit bull victim

a 2 month old infant was found was on the living room floor - decapitated. "The dog was destroyed and examination of the gastric contents revealed multiple fragments of bone, skin and soft tissue, the nose, 1 globe, and both ears of the infant." the infant's face was reconstructed with the recovered parts.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

another isolated incident

KELLY resting after her big day with the PAWS executive director and professional bleeding heart MELISSA LEVY.
philly last week a 6 yr old, overweight pit bull mix named KELLY, SOMEHOW slipped her leash while being walked by a PAWS rescue angel and attacked a carriage horse. the justification for KELLY'S normal pit bull behavior has taken a few turns. first she was spooked by the traffic, then she was spooked by the horse. now her updated petfinder profile states "she does not like horses" or cats but she LOVES children and the PAWS shelter not only recommends KELLY to potential adopters with children, KELLY is the shelter staff's first choice when they need a dog for kids to pet! MELISSA LEVY claims KELLY is really a "sweetheart with a tough past" and this was an "isolated incident". LEVY is quick to point out that the bull baiter didn't redirect her explosive aggression towards any humans. i'm sure there would be a whole other set of excuses if that was the case. really melissa, an isolated incident? there is some interesting chatter in the comment sections. one concerned citizen wrote: "The same dog was in the carriage stands a few days ago being walked by a PAWS volunteer. She was leaping at the horses at the end of her leash. OK, so maybe she was trying to play, or maybe she was trying to attack, but she certainly wasn't SCARED of them. Heck, the Daily News/Inquirer story says she has been at PAWS for TWO MONTHS. This is not the first time she's seen carriage horses, nor been out and about in the busy and bustling Old City environment." and it sounds like the problem isn't just with THIS pit bull, "I'm all for rehabilitating fixable strays, but I've seen these PAWS folks out many times in the Center City squares showing off these dogs (mostly pits). Often when I've approached, with or without my dog, the PAWS handler has either warned me off completely or warned me to be careful. One of them said she was afraid of the dog biting a person or dog and getting another strike against him." LEVY also plays up the dog's abusive past which i believe is completely fabricated. the tear jerker story goes like this: someone threw an overweight 6 yr old pit dog out of a moving car in april. fellow bleeding hearts eat this shit up, it brings in the $$$. a good samaritan saw it and rescued the dog. who in their right believes that people who treat dogs like trash, would OVERfeed their dog? whatever KELLY'S past, the PAWS rescue angels are more determined than ever to keep this frankenmauler alive. (even pitbull-chat had the sense to remove KELLY from their listing of adoptable dogs.) KELLY has been languishing in the the no kill shelter for 2 months, given her new celebrity status, she will probably incite a bidding war. KELLY'S profile now states "If you are interested in adopting her, please stop by the shelter to fill out an application and meet this very special girl!" this special girl should have been lobotomized by that carriage horse.

yet more nonsense from another B12 starved rescue angel:
"She just got really scared," said Allison Homer, 24. "She's had a rough life, and she gets easily rattled." how many dogs have you had that run TOWARDS their object of fear? and IF the dog was truly scared, that's called panic without recovery and KELLY would fail the ATTS. oh wait a minute, if the ATTS doesn't care about other dogs, they surely don't care about horses.
(click on graphic and scroll down)
i wonder if PAWS' partner in crime has anything to do with PAWS unwillingness to give this frankenmauler a dirt nap? i wonder if PAWS' partner in crime has anything to with the other 12 pit bulls, and the great dane x, bullmastiff, boxer x or the dogue de bordeaux that they have available?
great dane x
dogue de bordeaux x
bullmastiff x
boxer x
i wonder how many labs, chihuahuas and collies no kill PAWS had to turn to away to make room for the apple of JANE'S eye?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

trilogy of pit bull terror

until the release of Jennifer Lynch's The Compound, we'll just have to make do with the 6:00 news.

temperance, virginia Stephen Hopkins heard children screaming in his back yard. He ran to find his beagle being attacked by a neighbor's ugly pit bull. Hopkins was bitten in the face as he rescued his dog. He grabbed his beagle and ran into the house with the ugly dog hot at his heels. The pit bull managed to get inside the home and bit Hopkins AGAIN. Stephen Hopkins, if you read this, drop me a line.

oklahoma city Mary Wolf went out side to pet a pack pit bulls, one adult SPANKY and 4 puppies (aged 6-8 months). Wolf is a dog lover and was familiar with SPANKY, so she thought nothing of it. all was fine for a minute or two then one of the puppies latched onto her hand. she finally got her hand back and then the puppy was all over her. before she realized it, all of the puppies were on her. she fought her way to her jeep and with great difficulty managed to get inside. the frankenmaulers began jumping all over the jeep in an attempt to get her. Wolf describes it as a scene right out of Cujo. she screamed for help and finally one of her neighbors heard her and called 911. Wolf received multiple cuts and puncture wounds on her hands, forearms and legs. the four puppies received dirt naps. SPANKY was spared and will live to spread his evil seed once again.

and i saved the worst for last.
lynn, massachusettes the Brian and Leah Antaya family went for a nice saturday evening stroll. with baby Eva strapped safely to her father's chest, they walked down Broadway. the Antayas approached 23 yr old bimbo Munnyhkkie Moutino, her "companion" Rodolpho Ribas and her ugly 2 yr old pit bull McLOVINN. the frankenmauler/nanny dog, quickly and without any warning lunged and grabbed a hold of Eva's leg. baby Eva was taken to the hospital and treated for multiple bite wounds. McLOVINN received a McDirtNap.
what a freakin shame McLOVINN didn't pull Munnyhkkie Moutino in front of a speeding train instead.
not a testicle, logging chain, abusive/neglectful owner or even a snowflake in sight. what will karen delise cook up to explain this tragedy?