Tuesday, April 27, 2010

famous pit bull owners: the helen keller edition

helen keller with sir thomas
BOSTON, Feb 8 – Miss Helen Keller has had a pleasant surprise, which came to-day in the nature of a reward after the long midyear examinations. In the office of Dr. J. Varnum Mott, at the Hotel Pelham, some of her friends in her class at Radcliff presented to her a valuable Boston terrier, Sir Thomas. The leaders in the movement were Miss Edith Sherman of 463 Commonwealth Avenue and Miss Lillian Cutten of Roxbury, both of the sophomore class.
Miss Keller was once both deaf, dumb and blind, but she can talk now. She knelt beside the dog, fondling and petting him.
"Is it really mine," she said in a tremulous voice.
Then she rose and holding Miss Sherman's hand, cried with the pleasure of a child: "Oh, I am so happy!" The next moment she was on her knees again, stroking her pet. She asked Miss Cutten to come to her, and told her friends how much she appreciated the gift. She spoke rapidly, as is her custom – unintelligently to those unused to her – but Miss Sullivan repeated her words phrase by phrase.
"I thank you very much dear friends," she said, "for the happiness you have given me. It is as great as it is unexpected. I shall love the dog, but even more, your kindness. I thank you all so much, and I thank you, too, Dr. Mott."

in Helen Keller's own words

here is saveapitbull's version of history to suit their agenda.
i don't know what kind of dog that is but that is NOT Sir Thomas.
they should have called their website saveapitbullevenifyouhavetoliethroughyourteeth.com

helen keller's dog is another outstanding example of how the pit nutters manipulate breed identification to their advantage. when animal control or the insurance company comes-a-knockin, their dogs are boxer mixes and when a pit bull attacks, they are ambullies. but when free "pit bull" spay/neuter services are available, free "pit bull" ATTS or CGC tests or free classes are being handed out to "pit bulls", or someone famous owns a pit dog, they have no problem calling them APBT, even when they are not.

a little more background on Sir Thomas can be found here.

info on the original boston terrier can be found here and here.

pit nutter infestation of our animal shelters/animal control

a 17 yr veteran pittsburgh police officer was attacked by 3 pit bulls while out for an evening walk with her beagle, chihuahua and 5 yr old daughter. three 60 lb pit bulls jumped a fence and launched an attack. Officer Luffy put up a good fight until the owner came out and retrieved the dogs one at a time. Luffy received bites over her entire body, her beagle was bitten 9 times, her chihuahua was bitten 6 times, her daughter escaped injury. the pit nutter received 11 citations, including dangerous dogs and no city licenses.

Officer Luffy specializes in animal abuse investigations. she spoke to the city council a day after a man was mauled by his recently adopted pit bull. Luffy encouraged the council to promote spay/neuter, hire more ac officers and to be aware of the growing pit bull problem.

GERALD AKRIE, pittsburgh AC supervisor said there's not much you can do about ACCIDENTS. "Let's not look at the dogs. Let's look at the owner. Those dogs are reflecting the owner's temperament. It's not just pit bulls, it's any dog."

i finally get it!
pit bulls LOVE people + HATE dogs > pit nutters LOVE pit bulls + hate people.
i guess this means the people who own pit bulls really want to go on violent killing sprees against other people?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dogman poetry hour

chicago gang banger PIERRE DIXON'S tattoo inspired one of my anonymous readers. i am sure jere alexander will want a copy.

DOGMAN VERSION of psalm 23:

1 The LORD is my breakstick, I shall not be in want.
2 He lets me pry open a dead pit bull's jaws,
he leads me beside dirty rape stands,
3 he restores my soul, after each bloody dog fight.
He alerts me to the sight of a cur
to protect my holy name sake.
4 Even though I walk
through pits filled with dog entrails, [a]
I will fear no evil,
for you, my breakstick, are with me;
your rod and your staff,
which allow me to justify torturous killing...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is There An IQ Test You Have To Fail In Order To Adopt a Pit Bull? by The Stranger's Dan Savage

From the Seattle Police Department report on the incident, the situation played out like this. Amelia and her boyfriend Brandon were putting up posters with their names and phone numbers offering a $1,500 reward for Honey's return. As they were hanging the posters on Wednesday near 23rd and Union, a man approached them and told them he had bought the puppy last night for $50 from a man in a Lexus. The man said he needed a ride to where the dog was so they could complete the handover and give him the reward. Amelia and Brandon decided to call the cops to "mediate" the situation but when they arrived, the man said the puppy was not there but that he'd take Brandon to where Honey was being kept. According to the SPD report, Brandon agreed to drive the man to where the puppy was—against the officers' advice who were concerned the man "was going take advantage of them and take their reward money."

Friday, April 16, 2010

craven mail bag: the MOST famous pit bull of all time edition

the tall and tattooed aussie skank DONNA WELLER writes:

Hi..i just watched the video of Colleen Lynn talking about her so called dog attck...and noticed that she as smileing and laughing through the whole thing...i have been through a dog attack by a labradore and trust me i have never smiled or laughed about what happened...i have trouble even telling the story..i dont beleive this woman was bitten by a pitbull at all...i think her interveiw was scripted and a lie...if a pitbull were to attack it would have done more damage and she wouldnt be laughing about it..the woman is a fraud..hope she can sleep at night after trying to get attention from a faulse dog attack whilst there are people out there like me that have been through real dog attacks live with the memory and torment all out lives..the woman should be locked up for her story telling.

apparently, DONNA WELLER can't write about her attack either.

DONNA WELLER, i can't tell you how many times i have read this sentiment. it doesn't bother colleen, it does bother me. but then again, i have an anger problem and she doesn't. finally, with a little help from DONNA WELLER, i was able to convince colleen to let me blog about her attack. the attack that probably never even happened and probably wasn't even pit bull.

so without further ado, pit nutters, game-doggers, i present the (in)famous dirt nappin BULL!!
let's talk a little bit about BULL, his owners the NAGASAWAS and the seattle dog attack.
according to all of the documents pertaining to this attack which includes, shelter notes, the aco's investigation, public health quarantine papers and the request for copies all of these documents, BULL'S breed is listed as PITBULL a total of TEN TIMES. the documents are generated by the very pro pit nutter seattle animal control dept and signed off by BULL'S owner. nowhere in the victim's statement, the owner's statement or the dog walker's statement is PITBULL mentioned. for those of you who don't know, the seattle ac is about as pro pit nutter as it gets. i've even seen photos of seattle aco's on diane jessup's site snuggling with jessup's gripping dogs. seattle is a city unlikely to demonize a breed or misidentify a pit bull.

in classic pit nutter style, BULL'S city license and rabies vaccinations had expired a year earlier. fourteen months prior to the june attack, there was a documented complaint of leash law violation against BULL, and in classic F-troopin AC style, no citation was written. one thing that i found extremely interesting in the shelter notes, apparently deemed important enough to write TWICE on BULL'S shelter paperwork: "CAUTION - FAST MOVER" and "CAUTION - QUICK".

BULL'S owners
"i can't believe this happened. BULL loves people." her nuttery response to the aco when informed of the attack.
QDEENE NAGASAWA, not a lot on the internet about her. she is in her mid forties and made a strange comment on a seattle paper about the war. her facebook buddies consist of a few cane corso owners. maybe that will be her next doggie.

LANCE NAGASAWA, employed by the city of seattle and apparently quite a big wig who throws his weight around in classic bully style. here we have a complaint filed against him in 1997 for unfair labor practices.
the charges were later dismissed. our system, as the sadistic psychopathic dogmen know so well, requires a heavy burden of proof. some times a little too heavy IMHO.

so DONNA WELLER, you have succeeded where others have failed. i think the world would like to know a little about you. i think people would like to know what DONNA WELLER is up to when not writing hateful email to the victims of vicious pit bull attacks. DONNA WELLER likes pit bulls obviously, but her other pets include a cat, a snake and a scorpion. (i think she likes pets that she can feed live animals to). DONNA WELLER likes tattoos, pot, alcohol and motorcycles. and most of all, she seems to really like herself, she loves to photograph herself.
love the SIK FUK tattoo on your back donna. speaks volumes.

Monday, April 5, 2010

pit bull v beagle

this little beagle and its owner were out for a walk, just minding their own business. the beagle stopped to munch on a little grass when the pit bull came along. and, well, you know the rest.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


PROJECTION an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to cope with reality and maintain self image. it occurs when one's own unacceptable or threatening attributes, thoughts and emotions are repressed and then attributed to others.