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weekly frankenmauler roundup 11/26/10

11.19.10 pomona, california a woman was accompanied by her unleashed cocker spaniel when she took the trash out into the back alley. the spaniel wandered too close to the fence that housed 2 mutant pit bulls. the little dog stuck his nose under the chain link fence and was pulled through. the mutants mauled it into unconsciousness. the spaniel was taken to the vet and euthanized.

11.19.10 san angelo, texas the Pearson's cat, Monkey, was snoozing in their flower bed when the neighborhood bully ran into their yard and grabbed the cat and carried him back to his yard. he would not let go so the owners knocked on the door for help. the pit nutter looked out the door, shrugged his shoulders and went back in.

11.19.10 bridgewater, massachusetts Caller from Harvest Lane reports two dogs just killed his dog. Second call from caller’s wife reporting her husband is restraining one of the dogs while awaiting animal control. Animal control advises both dogs have been captured, both are black, white and brown pit bull Labrador retriever mixes.

11.20.10 ventura, california Naomi Turner and Baxter were attacked by "a pair of boxer dogs". Baxter is not included in the mutant scorecard but the other two victims of mutants mentioned in the article were.

11.21.10 las vegas, nevada a pit bull jumped over a wall, attacked 2 girls and then redirected on it's natural prey, a golden retriever, when it came within its sights. the mutant was confiscated.

this is what's left of Joey, a 12 lb yorkiepoo
11.22.10 canada Debra Ogilvie was almost home when the mutant struck. Roger Jendral saw the assassin lock and load on Joey and tried to help. he used MARJI BEACH'S trick, he picked up the hind legs. that's didn't work. he then applied another MARJI BEACH technique and choked the dog off. the mutant released for a split second and then grabbed Joey again. Jendral put his entire weight on the mutant. Joey died. to make matters even worse, this particular mutant was banished from the city in 2009 after complaints of roaming and attacking other dogs. the city of white rock will determine the fate of the mutant which could mean a dirt nap but a talking head for the city said euthanasia will be a last resort. this is a fucking outrage. this pit nutter obviously can not be trusted.

11.22.10 ogden, utah a mutant pit bull attempted to attack a newspaper delivery woman's puppy. she succeeded in thwarting an attack on the puppy but was bitten on the hand.

11.22.10 internet chatter I bought house I have 2 small dogs my neighbor has 2 pitbulls?
My neighbor had the spare keys i went over to get them when i moved in. She asked me if i had dogs i said yes 2 miniture scnauzers she said that her dogs will kill my dogs and are very aggresive towards other animals. The houses are divided by a small 5 foot chain link fence but it up a hill with my house looking down. Im installing a 6 foot wood fence inside my property line and leaving the chainlink i asked her to go in on it she said she dont have the money . So this is costing me a fortune. Her dogs have killed a doberman before and ripped apart a possum . She just saying and saying my DOGS WILL kille you dogs and that she is just trying to be responsible. What can i do?????"?

11.23.10 marysville, california three mutant pit bulls killed a german shepherd and bit the owner and a passerby. deputies responded. two of the pits were killed and one escaped.

11.23.10 australia wairarapa dog statistics show that between july 09 and june 10 there were 38 attacks on people and 59 attacks on animals (these will not be added to the mutant scorecard). 115 dogs are classified as menacing and 6 are classified as dangerous. nearly all of the dangerous dogs are pit bulls.

11.24.10 australia an 83 yr old woman was walking her 2 small mutts when 2 mutants attacked. a passerby came to her aid. the frankenmaulers are described as staffy/bullmastiff crosses. the same victim landed in the hospital 18 months ago when her dog was killed in a similar attack. no breed mentioned, any guesses?

11.24.10 UK 3 yr old Madalyn Cunningham has been having nightmares since witnessing up close and personal the savage killing her british bulldog by a nanny dog.

11.24.10 tracy, california 1:09 p.m.: A caller reported that a pit bull attacked another dog on the 1500 block of Henderson Court. Police impounded two pit bulls that had killed the caller’s dog.

11.25.10 greenville, south carolina a woman was sent to the hospital and her dachshund to the vet after an encounter with a loose pit/boxer mix.

pit nutter MICHAEL MILLER and his mutant BABY GIRL
11.25.10 canton, texas two ugly mutants (a pit bull and a catahoula bulldog) SOMEHOW escaped their home, ran into the neighbor's yard and attacked their 2 dogs. the woman was knocked down during the scuffle. she hit her head and was later taken to the hospital. her son-in-law stabbed one of the pit bulls. it was shot and killed but it is not clear if it was shot by the owner or the police. the other mutant pit bull bit another person. the son-in-law had a heart attack and died at the scene. the pit nutter speaks. "He went overboard for 2 dogs fighting. He over reacted." MICHAEL MILLER

11.26.10 UK John Whelan was walking his dog Pixie (a staffy/lab mix), when he saw a mutant nanny dog running towards him and then launch an unprovoked attack on Pixie. the 40 something pit nutter sauntered over and was unapologetic. he said to Whelan, "That's just what dogs do." Whelan was bitten on the hand but the case was closed last week due to a "lack of evidence".


canada remember Gus, the little chihuahua who was killed in the small dog park by a mutant pit bull? well, the mutant responsible (JIMI) has suddenly been transformed into a "border collie mix" and now has his own facebook page and there is a movement to spare him from a dirt nap, every flavor of kumbaya bullshit imaginable. "two wrongs don't make a right", "german shepherds have the highest bite stats", "just an unfortunate accident", "this could happen to any breed of dog", "jimi just needs training and a muzzle when he is playing at the dog park" and "aggression was not a factor". even the mayor has turned on the nuttery with the "dogs will be dogs" bullshit. i am puzzled as to the breed and gsd references if this is really a border collie. the proud and anonymous nutter who launched this latest facebook campaign admits she was not there but says Gus was not mauled, he died due to injuries he suffered from a hit. MAYOR HOBBS, a former cop, wants a "common sense" approach; "train JIMI and his owner to be sociable". one thousand people joined the facebook free jimi campaign but only 4 showed up to demonstrate. meanwhile the humane society that is accused of adopting the mutant mix is back peddling. they are certain that JIMI didn't have any of those nasty pit bull characteristics when they adopted him.
funny, a couple of honest nutters actually complained about the border collie label. here's my favorite part: jimi should be spared because his owner was told he was a border collie when he adopted jimi. WTF?

Kathy Margetis
orland park, illinois details emerging from this attack last week. 53 yr old Kathy Margetis was jogging with her wheaten terrier Seamus when a mutant pit bull, SLIPPED ITS COLLAR, ESCAPED ITS KENNEL AND JUMPED ITS FENCE and attacked Margetis and her dog during an early morning jog. a friend who was out walking her dog, heard the screams and came to her aid. they got the ugly pit bull off of the wheaten and it redirected on Margetis. Helen Kaczmarek put both dogs in a passerby's car and went back to try to save her friend. along came Sam Miuccio, he beat the mutant with a large chain and it ran off. the mutant's name is AGGIE and is described as a 40 lb staffordshire terrier, sounds like a nanny dog! the pit nutter is 34 yr old JOSHUA P. BREEN of 10231 Hickory Drive. Margetis is having nightmares and what has JOSHUA P BREEN been doing? he left an apology on her answering machine and sent her a petsmart gift card!! that ought to fix things right up.

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spartanburg schadenfreude

and just in time for the holidays...

Jennifer Lynch's THE COMPOUND came to life on fuller road in spartanburg, south carolina saturday morning when RICKY MONTGOMERY'S pit bull went on a rampage. Felicia Burgess went to pay RICKY a visit and was chased back to her car by his wiggle butt. Burgess describes the events as being just like those in the movie Cujo where the dog was jumping up at the windows trying to get in. MONTGOMERY tried to pull the frankenmauler back into the yard and the crazed mutant bit another woman on the arm. when MONTGOMERY pulled the dog off of the woman, the people pleasin' wiggle butt bit his owner in the face.

when deputies arrived they found MONTGOMERY lying on the mutant trying to hold him down. the deputies tried tying Cujo to the porch but the dog grabbed a hold of his master's wrist and wouldn't let go. the deputies fired one shot in the chest but the dog wouldn't release. a second shot was fired into the dog's chest. that killed the frankenmauler but still it did not release its grip! an emergency worker pried the mutant's jaws open.

and where was animal control in all of this?

BRAVO!! give this woman a raise!

like me, you probably can not get enough of this happy attack. enjoy!
link one and two and three

and in a somewhat related story...

PAT MILLER at peaceable paws is trying to rally the pit nutter troops against the police for using lethal force against dogs. PAT starts her diatribe by pointing out how rare it used to be for cops to shoot dogs but "something has happened in our culture" to cause an "exponential" rise in these "tragic" events. PAT quotes RANDALL LOCKWOOD'S estimate of 1000 police dog shootings that are not reported in addition to the 250-300 per year that do gain media attention. PAT asks "What is wrong with us?" she then proceeds to answer her own question. she starts out rational and clear headed but quickly loses her way.

1) popularization of the pit bull.
PAT notes that when she first started in the shelter biz (1976) she never saw a pit in the shelter or on the street but now they are everywhere (attacking people and pets i might add). PAT says (in the good old days) pit bulls were only owned by dog fighters. she is right on target with the first 2 sentences but after that it is all down hill. she regurgitates the dogfighters killed all man biters myth, attributes the glamorization of these ugly mutants to the HSUS campaign against dog fighting and blames law enforcement for being "exceptionally phobic about bully breeds". (please read the spartanburg attack and tell me honestly if those officers have an irrational fear of these monstrosities.)

2) sensitization of society to dog bites.
PAT provides the much needed definition of the "good old days" that JESSUP spoke about. the nutter "good old days" when a dog bit a kid, "mom asked junior what he did to deserve it". in contrast, now mom calls AC and an attorney. unfortunately in the bad new days, junior is often in surgery before mom can start to place blame. and then mom has to put up her house as collateral to pay the astronomical medical bills. prior to the current the economic crisis and unemployment rate, the number one cause of foreclosure was due to medical bills. scalpings and amputations just might have something to do with the "less tolerant" attitude toward dogs these days.

3) dog mauling and fatality statistics.
PAT then cleverly acknowledges the spike in dog maulings and fatalities in the last 15 years but can't quite make the connection to the spike in pit bull numbers. she ends with the recital of statistics for lighting strikes, car accidents and murder.

4) lack of outrage.
PAT thinks police are shooting more dogs because WE are not speaking up and demanding that they stop. she then goes on to thump her lion tamer chest and tells her readers that in her 20 years in animal control, SHE has only had one minor bite. unfortunately she fails to make the connection between those years when she never saw pit bulls in the shelter or on the street and TODAY. now THOSE were the good old days!

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famous pit bulls: the sgt stubby edition

back by popular demand.
i originally published the stubby blog post on august 1, 2009. with the renewed interest, i thought it was time to resurrect him.

you all know the routine, a pit bull attacks, people call for a ban, nutters show up in force on the on-line comment sections screaming "but but... sgt stubby was a pit bull!" and "sgt stubby was the most highly decorated dog in military history!" i have in my possession a book about dogs in war and the facts about stubby are a little different than the on-line pit nutter rantings. first of all, stubby was never trained or awarded any medals or ranks by the u.s. military. and second, if stubby were alive today and bit someone, i feel confident in saying that the nutters would show up on-line screaming, "that's not a pit bull!"
i admit stubby did serve his country and i don't want to take that away from him. even if stubby did nothing more than provide comfort to frightened and injured soldiers, i find that admirable. but there are some serious exaggerations around his service and his awards.

the following is from
by Michael G. Lemish

Stubby: American Mascot Hero p24-26
Contrary to army regulations, american soldiers adopted many dogs as mascots while fighting in France in WW1. The dogs were not trained for any specific mission, but fulfilled their duty as devoted friends, providing comfort under stress in a horrid war. Rin Tin Tin for example, was a german mascot puppy found alone in a trench after an attack by americans. the dog would grow up to be a matinee idol and added to the folklore and popularity of the german shepherd breed.

Often canine mascots provided more than simple companionship. Although not formally trained, they still rendered valuable service and saved many lives by warning a comrade of attacking aircraft or the imminent onslaught of a deadly gas attack. Such is the story of Stubby, a stray pit bull picked up from the streets of Hartford, Connecticut by Robert Conroy. Europe had its war dog heroes, and although Stubby was not a product of an official military program, he is presented in these pages as an honored warrior, a fascinating example of how soldiers valued their dogs.

During the summer of 1917, Stubby became the mascot of the 102d infantry, part of the army's 26th Yankee Division, while they completed their military training in the Yale Bowl near Hartford. Conroy smuggled him aboard ship at Newport News, Virginia, and the pair landed together at St. Nazaire, France, in january 1918. Stubby joined the fighting with the 102d on february 5, 1918, at Chemin des Dames, just northwest of Soissons. During one night while the troops slept, he warned a sleeping sergeant of an impending gas attack, allowing time for the soldiers to don their masks. Another time, Stubby acted as a sentry, clamping his teeth onto a german infiltrator who was then quickly captured.

The small dog then accompanied the men into the Toul sector, where he inadvertently strayed into no-man's land, receiving a shrapnel wound for the errant walk. After recovery from the injury, Stubby and the 102d participted in battles at Chateau-Thierry, the Marne, Saint-Mihiel, and the Meuse-Argonne. The men fashioned a Victory Medal with five bars and attached it to his collar to display his participation in each offensive.

As Stubby's popularity grew, several french women fashioned a blanket for him to wear. For unknown reasons, it became popular for people to pin medals on the blanket, and shortly he became known as the "Hero Dog". The actions of Stubby may not be considered heroic, although several messages were carried by the short tailed dog under enemy fire, but heroism is a broadly defined term, and if devotion to duty is included within the attributes of a hero, then Stubby fulfills the definition. Perhaps the medals were presented more as a reward for the companionship the dog offered, as battles raged and the utter destruction and carnage cloaked young men like a shroud. Often the dog sought out the wounded and simply cuddled alongside.

After serving nineteen months overseas and participating in seventeen battles, Stubby returned home with Conroy, and the dog's popularity seemed to grow even more. In 1920 the Eastern Dog Club of Boston awarded him a large silver medal. A year later, General Pershing awarded the little dog a gold medal made by the Humane Society. The American Red Cross, the YMCA, and the American Legion all made the dog a life member of their organizations.

Stubby toured the country by invitation from Legionnaires and probably participated in more parades than any other dog in the world. While the 102d was in France, he was in attendance while President Wilson reviewed the troops. President Harding met both Conroy and Stubby in 1921 and in 1925 President Coolidge welcomed the pair during a visit to the White House. What other dog could ever boast of being in the presence of three presidents?

10. In literature Stubby has been described as a pit bull, bulldog, Boston bulldog, and probably a few others. Chances are he was blessed with a little something from several breeds.

11. According to one account, Conroy's personal papers and a detailed history of Stubby's adventures was left with the Red Cross Museum in Washington DC. When asked their whereabouts, museum personnel were at a loss. Conroy's papers could possibly be stored away somewhere in the vast collection of the Smithsonian Institute.

contrast the facts with the nutters:

decorated by who? french housewives? soldiers? even the medal presented by general pershing was made by the humane society. it was presented by pershing not AWARDED by pershing.

stubby "fought" in 17 battles NOT 25. stubby was a mascot, not a soldier. he did not officially receive the rank of sergeant. his division commander could make stubby president, that means nothing. stubby's sergeant rank is honorary only.

all of the military medals, stripes, patches, and awards were honorary. all of the rest were granted by french housewives or humane societies.

pit nutters turn "meeting" presidents into "decorated by" presidents

it is obvious that stubby was predominantly boston bull, a pit dog in those days but not an apbt or an amstaff.

according to Lemish, "The dog who provided unquestionable devotion for many years has as his final epitaph scribbled on a shipping crate reading 'Stubby the dog–Fragile." and the pit nutters have liberally filled in the blanks.

it seems equally unfair (and downright despicable) that a bunch of bleeding heart pit nutters would lie and exaggerate about a dog's breed and involvement in a war to further their own agenda. btw, this link provides the most absurd emotional account of stubby that i came across, for example, "...Stubby stowed away on the naval transport ship that carried his master to the front lines". the entire piece sounds as though stubby performed all of these acts of bravery and more on his own volition. so when a dog bites someone, it's the owners fault but if the dog goes to war, all credit goes to the dog?
seriously, this writer needs medication

this is an outstanding book and i strongly recommend it. of particular interest are the old photos and there are lots of them, 71 to be exact. here is how they break down.

49 photos of german shepherds
9 photos of sled dogs (huskies/malamutes)
4 photos of dobies
3 photos i couldn't identify the breed because the image was too small
1 beagle
1 bloodhound
1 collie
1 lab
1 rott
and one smuggled "PIT BULL"

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weekly frankenmauler roundup 11/19/10

a FUN attack starts this week's frankenmauler roundup for a change!

6 yr old BOOGIE
11.11.10 lorain, ohio 6 yr old mutant BOOGIE was attacked and nearly killed by 5 yr old mutant SCHMEGLE and the pit nutter was seriously injured trying to save BOOGIE.
another witness said they fought for over an hour (blow by blow match details will be in the next YFAM) there is an investigation into whether the dogs were properly registered. what are the odds this owner was legal? CHRISTINE KENDER has not one - not two - but three judgements against her totaling over $10K plus a criminal charge. plus it looks like her witness is no stranger to the courts either. watch the video. both of these nutters look intoxicated or perhaps just a little "slow". this experienced pit bull owner has had mutants for years without any problems.
"I was just worried about the dog, the boy, I just wanted help getting her off him because she went crazy!" CHRISTINE KENDER


11.11.10 plymouth, michigan a mutant pit bull escaped its backyard and attacked a shih-tzu being walked on a leash by its owner. two pit nutters ran out of the house to get the mutant. they both laid on it, to subdue it. the nutters told the police that mutant pit bull escapes the yard by jumping over the broken fence. for what reason i will never understand, the cops felt the need to include this worthless nugget of information in their report: "While talking with the dog's owner, the officer noticed that the dog was calm and associating with another dog and a cat at the residence. An animal control officer was expected to follow up on the incident this week." who cares if the frankenmauler is civil with family members?

11.12.10 st paul, minnesota Eddie Silva went out to his yard at 12:30 am to pull a campaign sign out of his when he encountered 2 mutant pit bulls. one of them grabbed a hold of his leg while he fended off the other with the sign. he made it back to his house, opened the door and his pit bull bolted out and was involved in the attack. both Silva and his dog managed to get into the house and call police. when they arrived, they were also charged by the frankenmaulers, one of which was shot and captured, the other was captured without incident.

11.13.10 parma, ohio a mutant pit bull attacked Michelle Rodriguez' greyhound recently as it was being walked by a pet sitter. the pet sitter was not injured. it is a criminal offense to own a pit bull in parma and rodriguez wants the city to enforce it. the mutant involved was seized. it seems he has shuttled to a cleveland rescue shelter where it will be polished up and his attack erased and sent off to live and attack in another pat of ohio or possibly another state. it will be put up for adoption after they done fabricating its profile. Rodriguez called on councilman Brennan to visit her home and see her dog. he was "shaken" by the injures and is on a mission to enforce parma's ban on frankenmaulers. the unnamed pit nutter is not be prosecuted but has agreed to pay the vet bills. so far it totals $827.

11.13.10 simi valley, california an elderly woman was attacked by a mutant pit bull as she walked her dog. residents ran out to help. they mutant was hauled away and will likely be dirt napping soon. residents say the same pit previously attacked another neighborhood dog.

11.14.10 ellis, kansas a teenage girl was injured by a pit bull while walking her dog.

11.14.10 sedro wooley, washington OK so i know its in their nature for dogs to not like cats-but in the last yr pumpkin trys to rip kitty's apart-she was raised with 5 cats-3 were mine 2 were my roommates- always been socialized with them-but in the last yr or so she has killed a confirmed 7 strays and a x roommates kitten-is there anything i can do to break her of this or just muzzle her around cats forever? im getting pretty miffed over it-especially the clean up of her little oopps's............
i was at a friends house n he forgot to mention he had a cat in the living roomtill i got in there luckily pumpkin was still on the leash, i had my friend hold pumpkin just out of reach of the cat and i sat there with the cat on my lap petting her-saying good kitty-kitty is our friend-she just looked at it and at me back n forth. i took the leash and handed the cat off to my friend for him to put her out side-she lunged for the cats rear end and was about a inch from a good grab.....
i verbally reprimanded her but i dont know what else to do! shes getting me very frustrated-any info would be great-AND NO I DIDNT TRAIN HER TO BE THIS WAY!
eight CONFIRMED kills. rednose_momma: only idiots like LEDY VANKAVAGE think you have to train a pit bull to be a feline assassin!

11.14.10 ventura, california a 50 yr old woman just stepped out to walk her dog when the pit bull mix attacked her dog. she was bitten trying to save her dog. neighbors called 911. the pit nutter claimed the mutant "wandered away through an unsecured gate". AC is investigating.

11.15.10 brooksville, florida Rocky, a mini poodle had to be euthanized after 58 yr old CHARLENE JEFFERS' ugly mutant said hello. Rocky was in the front yard playing with Linda Woods' grandchildren when the neighborhood trash took her 1.5 yr old unleashed frankenmauler for a walk. Woods described her white trash neighbor as afraid of her own dog. CHARLENE JEFFERS was issued a $200 nuisance citation and the woman who is afraid of her own dog was allowed to take it home. JEFFERS said that she has walked the mutant unleashed before without problems.

11.15.10 machesney park, illinois a pit bull bit 2 people and killed 2 pets. pit nutters KRISTIE JONES and her 25 yr old son RYAN JONES insist their frankenmauler is not dangerous and for whatever reason, they have taken the dog to elementary schools where it was friendly towards kids and adults. the city deemed it dangerous but have only evicted it from the city limits. RASCAL the frankenmauler inspired a new city dangerous dog ordinance.

11.16.10 mattoon, illinois Emma Monson's chihuahua was killed by a pit bull friday. she was bitten on the hand trying to keep it away from the frankenmauler. BRUCE E. WILSON JR, the pit nutter wasn't home at the time, they never are. WILSON said he is "sorry" but he just can't understand why his 2 yr old pit who has never aggressive towards dogs before would scale his "high security" fence to get to the little dog. the mutant is in quarantine and he has asked for a dirt nap at the end of 10 days. of course, he has more dog at home. WILSON was cited for harboring a vicious animal, he MIGHT have to pay a fine. WILSON offered to replace the Monson's pet.
aah, the magic of that second birthday. are you ready for the terrible twos fuzupf?

11.16.10 new braunfels, texas two mutant pit bulls are in dog jail after killing a cat, attacking its owner and her dog. when the police arrived, the mutants charged them. one of them was shot, unfortunately not fatally.

11.16.10 hollister, california 2 pits and a "medium sized hairy dog" have been terrorizing a neighborhood. Donna Baker said that she called the police and animal control over the weekend but no one ever called back. they killed her cat and were jumping at her. Baker is a prisoner in her home. she is afraid to go outside and she can't afford to move. she's screwed. guns, knives, and hammers are your your friends.

11.16.10 windsor, virginia 2 yr old DIESEL belonging to LORI MILLHOUSE somehow got loose and attacked the neighbor's jack russell terrier Jack. his owner 76 yr old Jane Ashe was seriously injured trying to save her dog. Jack is on the mend but Jane is still in the hospital. MILLHOUSE has been charged with owning a dangerous dog and DIESEL is in quarantine.
and in this link, pit nutter LORI MILLHOUSE blames the jack russell for "enticing" her 2 yr old pit bull. "When you entice a dog, that's what happens." and in this link, the victim speaks about the attack on her 11 month old jack russell puppy and herself.

11.16.10 middleton, california a resident waved a cop over and reported 2 pit bulls severely mauled a dog. the victim said the nutter fled and when the cops tracked them down, they found a sawed off shotgun, 2 lbs of pot, drug packaging equipment, paraphernalia and 43 pot plants. 43 yr old LANCE BOYD SMITH and 41 yr old ANNETTE M HUNKLER of cottonwood, arizona were charged with a dozen felonies. the pit bulls were inside the van.

11.17.10 southern pines, north carolina Edith Swigart's golden retriever mix was attacked during a routine walk in the neighborhood of her gated upscale community. she and her neighbors no longer feel safe walking in their neighborhood. pit nutters DEAN and KIM FEKETTE say they are the victims of a "witch hunt". (uh-oh, that's thug-dog lingo) "We feel beat up on. It has been attack, attack, attack from day one." DEAN FEKETTE said the batteries went dead on the shock collars, so it's not his fault (uh-oh dean, commenters are saying your dogs breach that electric field regularly). and since he didn't witness the attack, he doesn't know that Roxie didn't provoke his wiggle butts cuz you know, pits are so good with people and "even other dogs". the FUKETTES have 3 dogs; a brown "boxer", a grey pit/"boxer mix" and a black and white pit mix i found on one of KIM'S way cool biker chic social network pages.
Swigert sent the FEKETTES a copy of the $1000 vet bill certified mail but has yet to recieve a check or even a response. i don't understand why they haven't manned up. KIM owns a business (Bliss, a salon experience) and some pretty expensive toys. it won't kill them to take responsibility for their frankenmaulers' outburst.
meanwhile, the landowner's association has sent a letter notifying the FUCKETTES their mutants have been classified as vicious and vicious dogs are not welcome in Seven Lakes. i wonder if the association evicted their loser spawn too?
DEAN and KIM FEKETTE, known in 7 lakes as THE FUKETTES

11.17.10 santa barbara, california a woman was just standing in her front yard when the neighbor's 4 mutant pit bulls attacked her. a small white poodle was also killed. surprisingly, an ACO was not quoted with the usual pit nutterings like "chihuahuas are the most aggressive".
"When you have the breed type and four dogs working together in a pack that can be a pretty explosive situation." Jan Glick, prepare to be bombarded with complaints of discrimination and offers to educate you JANE BERKEY style. another big surprise, the unnamed pit nutter gave all four mutants up for dirt naps without a fight. not so surprising, the dogs have a history of running at large.

11.17.10 internet pit nutters Should I put my pit to sleep? he's a year and a few months old :(?
HELP! my just over one year old pit has attacked our maltese-shi for the third time, the first was just a small shake, but the last two there was minor blood involved but seemed(at the time) worst than it was. The pit is very nice w/ people even those he doesn’t know as long as he is around us he is friendly & kisses those we are with. The maltese-shi barks at most people sometimes even those around us. Tonight’s fight was pretty bad, the pit didn’t want to let go even after buckets of water. I finally stuck a shovel under his face and over the other dog‘s body during a small moment where he had let him go from his jaw. My family is asking me to put my blue pitbull to sleep tomm. mornings ASAP. My pit has been very loving to us and has never threaten us in any way, but seeing him like this does put a small fear in us since its not normal of him. What can I do? should i put him to sleep? he’s just over a year old and I feel horrible and do have a fear he might one day attack another dog or maybe even a human being. What should I do? They want me to put him to sleep tomm. morning

BLAINE GAMBLE 220 Murray Street
11.17.10 meridan, connecticut 55 yr old Yvonne Saveikis was attacked by BLAINE GAMBLE'S mutant pit bull when she tried to pick up her papillon to save it from being savaged. her dog was later euthanized and she was hospitalized, once for the attack and a second time for the infection from the attack. the frankenmauler was being walked by 2 females when it broke from its leash.

rip Bear Bear
11.17.10 thomasville, north carolina Bear Bear was killed when MATTHEW ALLEN BARNHILL'S frankenmauler busted loose from his chain and attacked. Bear Bear's owner Paula White, tried to save him and was mauled. MATTHEW BARNHILL said he is "truly and deeply sorry" but it is White's fault for first trying to intervene. when she grabbed a hold of Bear Bear, the mutant redirected and grabbed hold of her. MATTHEW ALLEN BARNHILL was also critical of the aggressiveness she showed toward his mutant. she picked up a metal pole and started to beat the mutant and of course he defended himself. obviously White wasn't aggressive enough in her beating of the ugly mutant. randolph county quarantined the assassin for 10 days and then returned it to this lunatic with a criminal record.
some pit nutters need a shot of B12, some just need killin.

11.18.10 orland park, illinois An unidentified animal owner, of the 10200 block of 153rd Street in Orland Park, was charged with injury by dog, running an animal and failure to leash an animal after his pit bull slipped out of its collar, jumped the yard fence and attacked a woman and another dog around 7 a.m. Witnesses told police the pit bull stopped attacking them only after an unidentified man hit it with a chain. That man left in a truck before police arrived, when the dog was restrained by officers, according to the report.
Police said the woman suffered bites and scratches to her right leg, left arm and face, but that her dog was not visibly injured.
The pit bull's owner, who was out of the house at the time of the incident, told police he would secure the dog in the garage rather than the yard in the future.

11.18.10 turlock, california a pit bull made its way into the full grown pig's pen and attacked it. police were called to get the pit off of the pig which had locked onto its nose. the pig was seriously injured and died 3 hours later.

11.18.10 victoria, texas Quicho was attacked by 18 yr old MICHAEL OVALLE'S 2 mutant pit bulls CAPONE and COCO. ovalle claims that they "broke" free of their chains and went for a joy ride. he was chasing after them when they happened to come up on Quicho who was being walked by his owner. his injuries would have been worse and possibly fatal if not for the quick actions of neighbors. the pit nutter also claims to be horrified by the attack, you know cuz he "didn't raise 'em thataway". he thinks the mutants mistook Quicho for a toy. OVALLE might take his mutants to his uncle's property out on the country "until thing calm down". they will be able to hone their hunting skills unfettered. the mutant are currently in jail.

11.19.10 UK the mutant staffy bull savaged a springer spaniel and attacked two men is sitting on dirt nap row. 46 yr old pit nutter LYNNE HUCKLE admitted that her mutant was dangerously out of control when it escaped her yard to attack a passing springer spaniel and two men who tried to save it. the springer owner will have permanent damage to his finger. while the proud pit nutter failed to lift a finger to get control of her dog. the shyster lawyer GORDON GHEE, speaking on behalf of the pit nutter said “Ordinarily, she takes great care to make sure the house is secure. She thinks she must have left the door open." he said that if the court spares the 5 yr old mutant's life, she will give it to her son, so it can maul and menace in his neighborhood. in one last desperate attempt to appeal to the judge GHEE pointed out that owner of the spaniel had two previous convictions under the dangerous dog act and "He himself would have been aware of his responsibility.” WTF?!?!?!


hollywood Farnouche Kamran, the owner of the dog killed by SAMANTHA RONSON'S bulldog has filed a $750K lawsuit against RONSON and the landlord MONICA HOLTZER and EMPIRE WEST HOMEOWNERS.

hudson, massachusetts 22 yr old ZACHARY P LEONE of 34 Oak St is the owner of the mutant who busted into the neighbor's yard and killed the 10 yr old's pet rabbit. the 4 month old rabbit's back legs didn't work. the rabbit could not escape and was savaged. LEONE was cited for violating the leash law. he continued to deny that he had a dog fitting the mutant's description until he was informed that was hampering with a police investigation. after an hour of lying, he confessed. the police charged LEONE with intimidating a witness and arrested him.

canada charges are being considered against the owner of the pit bull/border collie that killed Gus the chihuahua/papillon in the small dog area of the off leash park.

brookneal, virginia in august a brookneal officer shot and killed a mutant when it attacked his K9 partner and himself. ERIC BLACK and QUAMINE WHITLOW were charged with assault and battery and JENNIFER DAWN CARWILE was charged with felony assault on a cop and a police dog. the thugs got off easy. the two men must pay the vet bill for K9 Ice, court costs and attorney fees while CARWILE must pay court costs and other fees. the pit bull problem isn't going to get any better as long as the courts continue to minimize the threat.
original news link

and we end this edition of the frankenmauler roundup the same way we began, with a happy attack...

woodbridge, connecticut a man and his wife were out walking their four dogs when they encountered another dog. their four dogs were given the sit command but the "boxer mix" did not want to comply and was determined to "approach" the other man's dog. the man tried to control his "boxer mix" and it turned and attacked him. he struggled with the "boxer mix" and was forced to kill it. the "boxer mix" is described as 3 years old and the couple owned it for one year. they got it from a "friend". MARJI BEACH would be disappointed. she thinks he should have tried choking it off or raising its back legs or spraying water on it or just sprinkle magic fairy dust.
if only all of these scuffles ended like this, i might just learn to like "boxer mixes".

check out these "boxer mixes" in connecticut:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

cost benefit analysis: pit bulls and product safety

tarantulaguy1976 showed up to thump his chest and threaten a lawsuit. he is taking credit for shutting down a blog that posted his video. he said my blog will be next if i don't step in line. little does he know, that kind of attitude will not bring the results he desires.

if the pit nutters are so certain that their positions are correct and ours are so dead wrong, why is there such vehement opposition to our voices? why do they devote so much time and energy trying to silence us crazy haters? i can only surmise that it is because they know deep down that their position can not withstand close public scrutiny. but back to tarantulaguy...

recall mr pit nutter, "my pit bull saved my child's life while i was surfing the internet". he described a scene that "no parent should ever have to see" when his pit bull pulled him away from the computer and saved his son from death by mini blind cord. tarantulaguy1976 went on to wish us haters would all fall down a cliff and into a river with a really fast current. he blessed the internet with his tribute to nanny dogs way back in august 2009, long after the danger of mini blinds was well known. but i suspect most people either don't think about it or assume those accidents only happen to others. his video is quite the youtube sensation boasting 120,000 views and almost 1900 comments. i was told that he won't allow dissenting comments, so i posted a comment. a question really, not only did he allow it in, he responded. i asked, "after the alleged strangling, did you get those blind cords out of the house?" he replied yes, immediately, he tore them off of the wall.

i think that it is safe to assume that tarantulaguy acknowledges that the mini blind cord design is dangerous and needs to be corrected. let's dissect these two dangers and crunch some numbers. i will take LEE IACOCA'S cold hearted unemotional ford pinto approach and leave the blubbering and fear mongering to tarantulaguy1976.

according to this website, 768 carbon based units (CBU) have been terminated by mini blind cords since 1973. that averages out to the termination of 20.75 CBU each year by mini blind cords or approximately 1 CBU every two weeks. the window blind industry estimates there are one billion corded blinds in the united states.

according to this website 2009 statistic, there are 77.5 million dogs in the united states. let's round that up to a nice round number 80 million. let's assign a nice round number to the percentage of pit bulls. let's say 10%.

according to this website 110 CBU have been terminated by pit bull type dogs since 2005. that averages out to the termination of 18.3 CBU each year by pit bull dogs.

the difference between 20.75 and 18.3 per year, hardly seems significant, until you factor in the number of potential killers; one billion mini blinds and a very generous estimate of eight million pit bulls. then the difference is staggering.

where's the tipping point? at what point do pit bull fanciers, animal behaviorists, veterinarians, etc grow a pair and acknowledge that the pit bull as a product is defective and harmful to society? at what point do they admit that you are more likely to be killed by a pit bull than a mini blind cord?

the pit bull breeders should breed safer dogs before the government regulates.

tarantulaguy, here's another image that no parent should ever have to see.
hint: this CBU was not terminated by a mini blind.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Common Sense In Debate

This news article shows some rather intelligent and ginger thinking on behalf of three shelters in the Houston Texas area.

Should Pit Bulls Live Or Die?

With out knowing the history of most of these dogs,
many nutters will rally to save them

Absolutist Quote:
"Veterinarian Susan Pickle says you can take one look at her pit bull, Rosy, and know the dog is nothing but sweet."

Truthful Quote:
"In this line of work, it's very, very difficult to determine the good ones from the bad ones," said Dr. Dawn Blackmar, Harris County's director of veterinary health.

Heart Of The Article:
Just after Thanksgiving in 2006, two pit bulls attacked and killed little 4-year-old Pedro Rios outside his home in Northeast Harris County. Blackmar says she just can't take the risk of something like that happening with an adopted pit bull.

"My biggest concern is that we don't have enough information on each individual dog to be able to predict their behavior," Blackmar said. "I think the problem with any breed really is a people problem," said Christopher Newport, a city spokesmanfor BARC. "It's not the problem with the dog."

Unsurprisingly the Pro-pit veterinarian completely ignores the wise and considerate words that the other person had to say.

And of course, Bad Rap is in a tizzy about this. Calling the sound precaution as Dark Aged Thinking....

Monday, November 15, 2010

pit nutter roundup

JIM HULBERT and one of his mutants
las vegas, nevada a 67 yr old Vie Lee Walter was out walking her shih-tzu, Harley when HULBERT'S mutant pit bull launched an attack. Walter suffered a heart attack as she tried to save Harley. the vet bill is around $700 and this loser has offered to pay "some" of it.
check list of pit nutter talking points:
not home at the time
isolated incident
SOMEHOW got loose
it was an accident
not trained to kill
friendly with kids
well behaved big babies
sleeps in my bed at night
(so much for the chained, neglected, abused, trained to fight excuses)

28 yr old JESSE TOMLIN 37 Peddlers Drive
branford, connecticut TOMLIN'S mutant pit dog attacked 3 cops when they tried to arrest him for a hit and run accident. i am at a loss as to why they didn't give his dog a dirt nap.

DANIEL JACINTO “You should find it in your heart that would be the last option to kill the animal.” not in my heart. a bullet should be the first and only option for loose pit bulls.
springdale, arkansas JACINTO'S ugly mutant, a 7 month old puppy, was responsible for the bites to a mother and her two children, on their own property. when the police responded, the dog ran towards its dirt nap. JACINTO said that the "energetic", "hyper", "really high-tempered" PUPPY was supposed to be in the backyard but SOMEHOW got out.