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"People see what they want to see, it is up to you to show them what you want them to see." ~ Nick Santino

there is no such thing as a dull moment when it comes to pit bulls and their owners. last week, yet another damaged and disenfranchised pit nutter made the headlines of bizarro world. and once again, we have the real world version of events to compare to the lunatic fringe's interpretation of the events. skooch over DARLA, you have company!

leave it to pit nutters to exploit someone's personal tragedy to advance the cause of gripping dogs. the recent suicide of NICK SANTINO and the "forced" euthanasia of SANTINO'S pit bull mix ROCCO, are being blamed on grumpy neighbors and the evils of breed specific legislation.

here's what we know from mainstream media's version of events, for unspecified reasons, a condo association tightened up their dog policy in 2010 (i bet $100 there is a scary elevator encounter with a pit bull). one of their new rules included a pit bull ban. SANTINO'S pit mix was grandfathered in but SANTINO was restricted from using the elevator and he could not leave the dog alone for more than 9 hours. reasonable restrictions for the safety and welfare of both ROCCO and the other residents. we also know that SANTINO was facing fines for barking and more importantly, SANTINO'S own vet reported that ROCCO was becoming "increasingly more aggressive". rather than move or place his best friend in a new home, the struggling actor had his dog euthanized, called an ex-girl friend, then took an overdose.

here is what the pit nutters report, BSL took two innocent lives. the mean grumpy neighbors harassed a 47 yr old man to the point where he killed his "healthy, friendly pit bull" and then killed himself.

reality check: healthy, well adjusted people do not take their supposedly "healthy and friendly" pit mix to the vet to be euthanized, then go home, call an ex-girl friend and kill themselves. i find a few of the details significant.

first, he killed himself ON his birthday.
second, it appears that he had a prescription for a drug with the ability to deliver a lethal dose. (possibly already taking something for depression or to help him sleep)
third, he called an EX girl friend (possibly yet another failure contributing to his decision to end his life)
fourth, on his facebook page, he stressed how ROCCO saved HIS life, not vice versa.
fifth, despite the fact that this orphan had earned an MBA and started his own business (apparently successful), he was not happy with his career and wanted to become an actor.
sixth, he was not just struggling to make it as an actor, according to the imdb, he was failing miserably. between 1995 and 2011, SANTINO landed 8 menial roles, including "club owner", and "butcher guy". his billings were nearly dead last.


the title of C MARABITO'S insane blatherings this week: Two unnecessary deaths due to BSL. MARABITO claims the "down on his luck actor" succumbed to the pressure of the condo bullies. a neighbor with the last name of CLEARY (any relations?) is quoted "People were complaining about his dog. It was open season on him." the BOTTOM LINE for MARABITO, "this man lost his life and his dog due to breed specific legislation." the bottom line, i have a bridge i'd like to sell MARABITO and her gullible followers.

surprisingly, CINDY MARABITO lost to the competition on this one.

Micaela Myers at, where they are "reinventing the pit bull" lead with this, "This past week, the tragic result was two deaths – one of a 47-year-old man and the second a healthy, friendly pit bull. "

i am fascinated by the amount of effort that went into describing the pit bull and how little mention there was of the other half of the double tragedy. all of the nutters seem to think that BSL and his grumpy neighbors pushed this man over the edge and prompted him to kill himself. healthy, well adjusted people first of all would not kill their healthy, well adjusted dog over this and certainly a healthy well adjusted person would not kill themselves over this. you don't need to be a Durkheim scholar or have a PhD in psychology to grasp this simple concept.

Micaela Myers ends her tribute to a down on your luck, depressed pit bull owner on this note "The sad story of Nick Santino and Rocco also illustrates the need for public awareness toward canine housing discrimination so that landlords and complex management can understand the consequences of their misguided policies." MICAELA feels this tragedy illustrates pibble's plight. not a single word about the need for suicide intervention or the 100 american people who succeed in taking their lives and the 800-2500 that attempt but fail to take their lives EVERY day in the united states. that tragedy pales in comparison to the plight of dangerous pit bulls.

"I am just happy someone remembered to invite me." Nick Santino

poor nick, second billing to a dog and the cause of the lunatic fringe. i wonder if he will be remembered as anything more than a "47 yr old pit bull owner" at AFF's candle light vigil?
Josie Robertson Plaza (Lincoln Center, Columbus Avenue between 62nd and 65th Streets), Columbus Avenue between 62nd and 65th Streets, New York, NY

Animal Farm Foundation will lead a peaceful vigil to remember Nick Santino, Rocco the "pit bull" dog, and all victims of canine discrimination. We are devastated by the inhumanity and injustice that Mr. Santino and Rocco experienced prior to their deaths.

Our goal for this vigil is to end the unnecessary, fear-based discrimination that some "pit bull" dogs and their owners face, particularly with regard to housing matters. We wish to empower community members with information and resources to replace fear with facts, and to advocate for equal treatment and opportunity for "pit bull" dogs and their owners.

Please meet at 4:00 pm at the Josie Robertson Plaza (at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts). We will march down West 64th Street past "One Lincoln Plaza," the building where Mr. Santino and Rocco lived.

A press conference will follow.

Please leave your dogs at home. Thank you.

no kill new york launched a facebook page titled HOUNDED TO DEATH IN NEW YORK - ANTI-BREED DISCRIMINATION PROTEST.

brent toellner chimed in on the "harassed to death" band wagon as did the one time journalist turned propagandist john woestendiek.

i am probably the only one among the pit nutter crowd to scratch the surface of NICK SANTINO. i am looking forward to what the ex girl friend has to say. and i am on pins and needles waiting for badrap and melanie coy to express their thoughts on the subject.

seriously, these nutter freaks have the intellect of children. but i guess i shouldn't too surprised. this is the demographic that looks to KAREN DELISE and values her meteorological explanations of social problems.

interestingly, there is an old discussion on from 2010, when his battle with his grumpy neighbors and the meanies in the condo association first began. NICK'S predicament didn't garner much sympathy.
"And that is why you don't opt to live somewhere that another person(s) make your choices for you."

american pit bullshit examiner

reinventing the pit bull


argentto systems

mail online

new york post

master status

"People see what they want to see, it is up to you to show them what you want them to see." ~ Nick Santino

Nick finally made it as an actor, he pulled off the role of a lifetime. but then again, it doesn't take much acting ability to convince the simple mind of a pit nutter.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Money for Nutterin'

Money for Nutterin'

Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it
You play the Lion Tamer on the APC
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nothin' and Dogs for free
Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Lemme tell ya them guys ain't dumb
Maybe get a lose your little finger
Maybe get a chunk outta your bum

We gotta install euthanasia ovens
Custom cages deliveries
We gotta fill these refrigerators
We gotta pimp on colour TV's

See the little felon with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy that's his own hair
That little felon puts pits on a airplane
That little felon he's a millionaire

We gotta install euthanasia ovens
Custom chaining deliveries
We gotta fill these refrigerators
We gotta pimp on colour TV's

I shoulda learned to play the nutter
I shoulda learned to burn dogs in drums
Look at that mama, break stickin' in the camera
Man we could have some fun
And he's up there, what's that? Growlin’ noises?
Rippin’ off faces like a chimpanzee
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Get your money for nothin' get your dogs for free


2007 Vick bust

2008 BadRap 990
net income : 357K
Salaries & benefits : 150K
services & expenses : 101K
squirreled away into "Assets" : 100K

2009 new crib : $835,000

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pit Bull Service Dogs: They're too sensitive but they still need prong collars

The recent near-fatal mauling of Joe Finley in Chicago revealed a great deal about who runs Chicago Animal Care and Control and how it operates.

Finley's brutal attack left him without a foot or the use of his arm. In response, the CACC and the city attorney's office did exactly nothing to prosecute the irresponsible owner that let his dogs, which were known to be aggressive, run at large. Local residents and aldermen were appalled and wanted action to ensure public safety. When Alderman Fioretti raised the question of a pit bull ban, the obligatory pit bull service dog handler was trotted out to state he was afraid that his pit bull service dog would be taken away if BSL were enacted in Chicago. The service dog handler in this case was Chris Maddeford and the service dog is in fact a service dog in training from Kelly and Greg Yearwood's non-profit called Pits for Patriots which was started up less than a year ago. They started with four pit bulls and two of those washed out - one for health and one for temperament reasons.

The remaining two pit bull service dogs in training wearing prong collars.

Pits for Patriots cites as their inspiration two "successful" pit bull service dog organizations, one in New York, and one in Tampa Bay, Florida. More about that later.

News updates have come out in which Finley describes his horrific attack at length. Though he gave up on his foot long before he was finally rescued, he never lost consciousness and he never quit fighting to keep them from getting his neck.
"Finley says he wants to run again, a hobby he took up just 10 years ago. Finley says he also wants to work on erasing the mental image of the attacks. He says he replays it over and over in his head. He will be discharged from Stroger Hospital and transferred to an in-patient rehab facility in the Chicago area."
"Trauma surgeons at Stroger say during the first few days of recovery they were not sure if Finley was going to survive. One doctor describes Finley's injures as equivalent to stepping on a landmine. Doctors credit Finley's incredible physical and mental strength for his survival."

Peggy Sue Leifer left this comment on the CBS local news update:
Peggy Sue Leifer is Snicker's fur mommy. Notice she's not sending good wishes directly to Finley, she's addressing her old pal Steve Miller, the WBBM reporter who interviewed her a few weeks earlier about bringing a pit bull to Aurelia, Iowa which has a pit bull ban.

Isn't it sweet and thoughtful that she bids Miller to send the man who just nearly was killed by pit bulls the good wishes from Snickers the pit bull, too?

Peggy Sue Leifer is the wife of ex-marine, retired Chicago cop, and stroke survivor Jim Sak. They lived in Chicago until the end of 2011 when they moved to Leifer's hometown of Aurelia Iowa. The city of Aurelia had recently enacted a ban on pit bulls in response to specific public safety problems the city was facing with regards to pit bull attacks.

The city of Aurelia, IA, responding to a petition from residents, enforced the pit bull ban it has had on the books since 2008. The pit bull in question is none other than Snickers, Sak and Leifer's pit bull which they allege is Sak's service dog. And now Sak and Leifer are suing the city of Aurelia with monetary and other support from Animal Farm Foundation, a pit bull ownership advocacy group.

Two separate advocacy groups have responded to this story, pit bull advocates and advocates for equal rights for people with disabilities.

1. Pit bull ownership advocates feel that though there is no constitutional right to own a pet dog, they must be guaranteed the freedom to own a type of dog that has killed more people than all other kinds of dogs combined in recent years, no matter the effect on the community, and with no concomitant responsibility. And they frequently and publicly wish ill will and harm to anyone who disagrees with them.

2. Advocates for people with disabilities have successfully lobbied to protect and assert their constitutional rights, freedoms and access guaranteed all US citizens.

Take a guess: which group members do you suppose have taken to the internet comments sections and participated in a collective hysterical hissy fit condemning an entire town and which group members have participated in educated, reasoned and nuanced discussions about freedom, rights and responsibility?

The Nutters:

Diann says: can these City Officials and some residents be anymore bigotted and ignorant? May the Bible you thump open to the right page and the Church pew all you good Christian folk sit on burn your bottoms! Shameful and Disgraceful behavior by the petition signers.

Clay Hund says: Burn the town down, and lynch the politicians!!!

Selwyn Marock says: I hope you do the planet a favour and choke on your turkey bone.

Commenters on the public boards on Service Dog Central:

Kirsten says: The letter of the law is REASONABLE accommodation, not any and all accommodation without having to ask for it. In the case where dogs in general are allowed in a community, reasonable accommodation assumes no special request for accommodation is necessary. But when we look at places such as housing, the accommodation must be requested. So I think they could make a case that this is a reasonable accommodation to take into account the community's right to self govern and protect their citizens AND the PWD's right to have a SD. A compromise. Reasonableness loves a compromise. Not budging is very likely to land them with a very broad "any pitbull claimed as a service dog, without proof, is allowed" and that's going to be a huge mess.

The entire thread is an interesting read as is this link to the Bronk v Ineichen suit Kirsten refers to in the thread.

You can immediately see that pit bull advocates view freedom as "I should be able to do anything I want." Kirsten and the other commenters on the Service Dog Central forum, who have had to be vigilant and pro-active about asserting and protecting their equality and rights, have a much more sophisticated and reasonable understanding of freedom.

And the people at SDC also realize that just because Mr. Sak has a disability and claims his dog is a service dog, that doesn't necessarily make it so. The Bronk v Ineichen suit demonstrates that people with a disability who own a dog, but can't demonstrate that the dog meets the standards of service dog training cannot claim the dog to be a service dog. Moreover, by following the discussion in the SDC Aurelia thread, it is clear that advanced obedience training, as well as individually trained tasks, is a requirement for a sufficiently trained service dog. It is assumed that a genuine service dog would have both the training and temperament that would make it safe in any public area.

There are a number of reasons to suspect that this dog is a genuinely beloved pet, but not an adequately trained service dog.

The description of individually trained tasks Snickers has been trained to perform listed by the physical therapist, the Animal Farm Foundation and the motion for preliminary injuctions all consistently name the same three individually trained tasks - "walking, balance, and retrieving items around the house."

Sak and his wife describe, at various times, completely different tasks than those mentioned by the physical therapist, lawyers and pit bull advocacy group; they do not mention the "retrieving items" task at all; and they contradict each other as well as the legal documents submitted in the suit. Sak says that the dog is specifically trained to regard a hand tremor as a signal to sit and wait for a command which is usually go get his wife so she can help him back up after a fall. But, Peggy Sue Leifer, his wife, says, "I have a very hard time getting Jim back to his feet, but he and Snickers have it worked out."

Sometimes, Snickers' trained task is described as dragging Sak to the wall or furniture so he can pull himself up and other times Snickers is described as being trained to stand so Sak can pull himself up by pulling on Snickers collar.

Snickers seems to be an unlikely candidate for a balance and support service dog for a grown man because he is simply not large enough to do the job. The Service Dog Project breeds and trains Great Danes as balance and support service dogs. The SDP states, "The Balance support dog should be at least 40% of the person’s height. A 6-foot tall man needs a 30” dog. This puts stability at the person’s fingertips. The dog should also weigh at least half the person’s weight." They also outline the long training period for the dogs and go into detail about how the handlers are trained to pull themselves up in a specific way so as to not injure the dog.

Snickers was supposedly trained, in the event of a fall, to drag Sak to furniture to allow him to pull himself up. Sak grabs Snicker's collar for this purpose. But, as SDC members note, this would be injurious to Snickers. Evidently, Sak did not consult any service dog information at all because the most cursory search on the internet suggests that Snickers should be fitted with a harness to safely accomplish this task.

Sak provided a letter from his physical therapist to the city council that states she "was involved in" and "supervised" therapy sessions that included Snickers. She stops short of stating she helped train the dog and she was apparently unaware of several of the quite physical tasks that Snickers had been trained to do - dragging Sak, allowing Sak to pull himself upright by pulling on him and, alerting Leifer of a fall. (See attachments at the end of the document)

If the dog is self-trained, evidence of the number of hours this dog was trained first in obedience training to an advanced level and then in individual training for specific tasks to aid his handler should be available to the judge because though it is permissible to train a service dog one's self, the owner must still put the same amount of training on the dog.

The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners has advocated for responsible service dog partnerships for 80 years. They maintain that trainers function as ambassadors for the assistance dog movement. The IAADP believes that "assistance dogs have worked successfully in public and won the public's acceptance by achieving high behavioral and training standards which set them apart from pets and other animals. Their exemplary conduct led to state legislatures granting access rights to the blind, deaf and mobility impaired. Those early teams paved the way for the Americans With Disabilities Act, which has opened the door to individuals with a wide range of physical and mental impairments being able to have access rights."

Their suggested minimum training best practice standards include a minimum of 120 hours of training logged over a period of at least 6 months.

People focus on the "individually trained tasks" that are required for a dog to qualify as a service dog, but it must be stressed that a service dog also required to be very well obedience trained and be obedient in all public situations they are exposed to. It is significant that in the motion for a preliminary injunction, Sak and Leifer stipulated that they would not take Snickers in public. One could suspect that Sak had no desire to take Snickers out in public if the dog's behavior might betray the fact that he is not highly trained to be obedient in public places.

Please note the "trainer's responsibilities" section on the same IAADP page. The first responsibility is to "know pertinent canine laws." As a former CPD tactical officer who worked in a city that banned handguns, Officer Sak's duty was to enforce a handgun ban no matter his personal views on the issue and he, more than anyone, is aware that the law applied to everyone, even those who professed ignorance of the local ban and who were otherwise responsible with handguns.

However, he and his wife used this very excuse to explain why they brought a pit bull to a town with a pit bull ban. It is highly doubtful they were ignorant of pit bull bans in general or that owning a pit bull mix would potentially subject them to bans if they moved. And it stretches credulity to think that they were unaware of the ban in Aurelia given Leifer's affiliation with Cynthia Bathurst of Best Friends Animal Society and Safe Humane Chicago. Both organizations strongly advocate for pit bulls and against pit bull bans and work closely with the Chicago Police Department about dogfighting and other pit bull issues.

Much as been made by pit bull advocate groups of the horror of having one's service dog and pet taken away. No mention whatsoever has been made about adults taking responsibility for their choices. The first choice made was to get the pit bull mix knowing that having a kind of dog often subject to breed bans would restrict their freedom of movement with the dog - whether they agreed with the bans or not. Their second choice was to attempt to make their pit bull pet into a service dog by registering it with NSAR, a scam registry, instead of looking at one of the many organizations that offer free training for veteran owners who want to train their own dog or make available genuine, trained service dogs to veterans at no cost through private donations and a federally funded pilot program through the VA:

Yet another organization, Pit Bulls 4 Patriots, was founded with the intention of training rescued pit bulls as service dogs for veterans with PTSD. The newly minted Chicago-based Pits for Patriots claims they were inspired by this Florida organization. The history of this organization provides yet another reason to be skeptical of pit bulls paraded as service dogs.

Pit Bulls 4 Patriots had to abandon their original concept but the dedicated founders transformed the program into Hounds 4 Heros, a program that uses rescued greyhounds instead. Why? The pit bulls were not working out as service dogs. They took too long to train, and they found that pit bulls were too "sensitive" to work with handlers with PTSD because they "reflected" the symptoms of their handler's PTSD. Evidently, the pit bulls were exhibiting common symptoms of PTSD: anger, irritability, hypervigilance, and anxiety. Irritable pit bull service dogs. No Thank You.

In addition, the wonderful pit bull "washouts" could not be easily adopted so the founders of the organization are now the proud owners of a boatload of pits. Rescue pit bulls, it seems, are not inherently (genetically), suited to service dog work.

It seems that greyhounds possess inherent (genetic) characteristics that pit bulls do not:

"In our search for the "perfect" PTSD service dog, we are very excited to have Murray join us. Greyhounds tend to be calm, loving but not pushy, caring but not overly sensitive, and are happy to relax and go wherever their person needs them to be."

Second quote:
Our dogs are carefully selected for having exceptionally calm and stable temperaments. We like working with greyhounds because we do not have to train over any strong genetically bred instincts and drives (such as protection/guarding, being territorial, herding, dog aggression, or hunting). It was surprising for us to learn that although some greyhounds have a strong prey drive, most do not. While growing to adulthood in preparation for racing, greyhounds remain in daily contact with their litter mates and other hounds. They are spared from the jarring loss of their pack at an exceedingly young age, unlike most other dogs, who are bred and quickly sold as pets. This continued companionship with their own kind is extremely healthy for balanced brain development and canine social skills. Since they are being groomed to become racing dogs, their lives are disciplined, with plenty of exercise, routines, and very clear guidance from all the humans they come in contact with. As a result, they tend to be peacefully submissive to people, and easily accept direction. This is very helpful in their new roles as service dogs for our PTSD veterans.
This next quote seems to speak directly to their experience with pit bulls and to the very real dangers of trying to shape dogs bred for fighting into service dogs:
We can't overstate the importance of the balanced minds and good nature of these dogs for their job as psychiatric service dogs. It is critical that our dogs are going to be calm and stable "on their own" without the necessity of great guidance and leadership from their handler. When living with someone who has fluctuating weak energy and leadership skills, such as anyone with a psychiatric disorder, a dog will revert to its genetically bred instincts and/or to default behaviors learned in puppyhood. Skilled training can override weaknesses in temperament and high-drive instinctual behaviors, but our PTSD handlers will not be able to maintain training over the top of these things. The longer the team spends together, the more the dog's training would "unravel" and revert to the genetic predisposition of the dog. Examples of this would be an unbalanced German Shepherd who falls back inappropriately to his instinct to guard and bite when threatened, or a herding dog who neurotically begins nipping at the feet and heels of anything that moves around his person. With the greyhounds their default is to either relax, or quietly withdraw into themselves. As a result, they don't act out, become dangerously unbalanced, or create problems for their handlers or the public. They are able to maintain and return to their trained behaviors with relative ease.These gentle, intelligent, and malleable dogs respond very well to our positive training methods. They are able to perform the many kinds of tasks and work that most benefit people who face the daunting challenge of living with PTSD.
the PB4P service pit bulls in training and the other kind of service dog

Pit bull service dogs that end up in the news have almost always turned out to be scams, sometimes disastrous ones. Robert Weller even got a ban exemption in Denver for his supposed service dog. It bit him many times and the last time it wouldn't let go.

That is not stopping AFF from launching their own rescue pit bull stunt service dog training program. They are going at it the right way, too. They are basically putting out a nationwide call for appropriate pit bulls that they will evidently transport to the Farm at their own cost. But the best news is they now believe that anyone can identify a pit bull, because they will accept any dog that was identified by anyone at intake as a pit bull for the program!

They undoubtedly will be able to come up with a few pit bulls with the temperament of a labrador retriever, which is basically what they're looking for, by casting such a wide net. But it is nothing more than another stunt, just like the failed Lawdogs experiment.

This lawsuit in Aurelia IA, is another stunt by the monied AFF. They are turning a grown man, a marine, into a victim to suit their agenda and they are scapegoating an entire city. Aurelia is not taking it lying down. These people love their city very much and they very articulately describe their home town and the goodness of the people in it.

After reading people's comments on Facebook and other media outlets, such as "I Hope the people of Aurelia burn in Hell and are eaten by pit bulls," and other people insulting family members of the city council, I am for sure embarrassed.
Eight years ago I witnessed thousands of people in this rural community stand on the side of the road to salute a KIA Marine; where two young boys in the back of a pick-up truck held on to an American flag in 35 mile an hour wind to honor him; where an 83 year old veteran stood on the side of road in sub zero temperatures because he wanted to salute this young American for the last time; where fireman flew a flag over the road attached to a ladder because they felt it was their job
I am hearing many people assault the city council members, who were simply trying to do their job and enforce an existing law after they were petitioned to do so. They have even been called unpatriotic by some. As a veteran, I will say that this is a legal issue and the subject being a veteran has nothing to do with the conflict at center.

For those of you throwing mud at the council, insulting them behind their backs in the name of patriotism, and claiming to be ashamed of Aurelia, you need to know that veterans are not victims, they are strong individuals, and to consider one a victim is an insult to those left on the battle field.

The national vitriol being aimed at the City of Aurelia for enforcing a City Ordinance banning pit bulls in the town is unfair, unjust, unduly harsh, and simply doesn't relate to the type of wonderful people who call that community "home."

Acting upon a citizen petition calling for enforcement of the pit bull ban, the City Council, paying heed to its constituency, earlier this month voted 3-2 to uphold the ban that resulted in a pit bull mix banned from the City limits.
After checking around, we found that having a pit bull as a "service dog" is extremely rare, if any others exist at all.

We do not know what the City of Aurelia plans on doing about the pit bull ban enforcement, or if it will recant its actions, amend the ordinance, and legally allow the man to have his "service dog" returned to him.

According to reports, the man is suing the City of Aurelia in an effort to get his dog back. Aurelia has a local attorney in the case, and the man also has an attorney paid by a national animal rights group.

Apparently, it all may be played out in a court of law.

Without getting into all the gory details, pit bull bans are on many city's books for a reason. For Aurelia, or any other city to roll the dice, run scared, and turn 'em all loose on an unsuspecting public because of the special circumstances surrounding this case is hazardous and possibly fatal folly.

Sak and Leifer have won a preliminary injunction to keep Snickers until their lawsuit against the City has been decided. It has been reported that they are asking that a judge find that Aurelia's ordinance is in violation of the ADA and unenforceable and that Sak and Leifer are seeking damages from the city. That will show them and any other city what they'll get if they try to do their duty and exercise home rule principles to protect their citizens.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

compare and contrast

in the first video, a woman and her two small dogs were attacked by three pit bulls. It took the woman and 6 men (four appear to be cops) to break up the mayhem.

in the second video, a woman was attacked by a pack of six plus dogs (much larger than pit bulls). ONE man armed with a shovel came to her aid and frightened the entire pack away.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Animal Farm Foundation Propaganda Machine in Action: There's no such thing as bait dogs!

The Animal Farm Foundation has now decreed that no longer shall minions speak of "bait dogs."

Once upon a time before pit bull rescues got $18,000 for each Vick pit bull they rehabilitated, it was considered unethical to speculate that a pit bull rescue might have been a bait dog when the rescuer really had no such knowledge, because that would by lying. That ethical reason has been abandoned long ago.

And though I don't believe AFF has participated directly in promoting scarred pit bulls as bait dogs, they have been silent on the subject since it became all the rage to adopt fight bust dogs into people's homes. In the world of pit bull rescue, there were only fighting dogs and bait dogs - all pit bulls. No losers and no bait dogs of other breeds or cats either. Ergo, Any pit bull that had scars, worn teeth, no ears, and cowered when taken away from the chain set in grew up on must be the victim bait dog.

And the reason to stop calling pit bulls bait dogs is not to get back to ethics - ie not lying. No, the reasons to stop are:
1. '"bait dogs" are mostly an urban legend.'
2. "you demonize" the fighting dogs that merely have the love deep down inside to rip other dogs to shreds. (paraphrasing)

The responses start out with the propaganda gulpers saying "you've changed me through education." (seriously) One supports the claim by asserting that the HSUS created the bait dog myth in its dogfighting campaign which is what caused rampant dogfighting in the first place.

But soon people arrived who lost their shit over the fact that AFF called bait dogs an urban legend. When challenged, AFF said, read carefully, we only said only "MOSTLY an urban legend."

Have no doubt, though, the minions will fall in line and pretty soon we'll be reading all over the internet how bait dogs are an urban legend.

This is the first step in quashing the whole subject of dogfighiting so the AFF and BFAS can go on squeezing money out of fight bust dogs and adopting them out to our neighbors. Pretty soon, they will all just be victims of abuse and no one should speak the DF word which is an urban legend anyway.

Here's some good comments:

Friday, January 13, 2012

*******PIT NUTTER APB*******

Authorities are looking for a man and woman who's pitties attacked a service dog at a Washington State Vets office then fled.

The middle-aged male and female, both white, were in a silver SUV with Washington plates ADF6496.

WARNING: The couple is armed with all kinds of facts about Pit Bull safety and how the dogs had never shown aggression before.

Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496

Washington plates ADF6496

vintage, pleeease start blogging!

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Saving Man's Best Friend

How Dangerous Breed Advocates are Redefining Our Relationships with Dogs and Why We Should Stop Them

Barney was the runt of a litter born to the neighbor's mutt. We conned our mom into keeping him, when we brought him home one day "just to show her." He never left. We think he was a Border Collie-Sheltie-Golden Retreiver-Cocker Spaniel...oh, hell, we had no idea what he was.

By Branwyne Finch
A guest writer for the Blog.

Instead of the age-old common sense method of trying to match families with dogs whose behaviors would be a good fit with their lifestyle, rescues and shelters began trying to "sell" the public on pit bulls. As rescuing a dog became increasingly popular and the politically correct way to acquire a family pet, the rescue community had to up the anti; it wasn't enough for a family to adopt a popular dog breed who would find a home anyway. You could demonstrate your moral superiority by adopting an "unwanted" pit bull that would surely otherwise face euthanization if you didn't! In fact, adopting a pit bull with behavioral problems that needed "rehabilitation" elevated you to sainthood! You could join one of hundreds of online communities where your ego would be stroked by strangers who fawned over you with exclamations of "Bless you for helping a Pittie!" For the young, the bored and the gullible, the instant status amongst other pit bull owners became an almost irresistible draw.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Jim Osorio

James Osorio and mutant side kick

Last month, the Gulfport, MS police department hired a Texas consultant to instruct their officers in the fine art of handling aggressive dogs. Being a pit nutter, Osorio of course promotes less lethal methods. Osorio advises cops to back away and reassess the situation. Osario believes LEO's greatest assets are "awareness and common sense".

According to Osorio's impressive linkedin page, he specializes in Animal Control, Animal Cruelty Investigations, Humane Law Enforcement, Dangerous Animals, Animal Bite Investigations, Expert Witness, Animal Consultation Latest Technology and Weapons in the use of Less-Lethal force.

...foremost expert, 32 years in Public Safety since 1979, trained throughout the US at Local, State and Federal levels of Law Enforcement, Animal Control, Firefighters and EMS, author, veteran, yadda, yadda yadda.

Thirty plus years in public safety, yet the Texas expert's Linkedin page doesn't specifically list his employment prior to January 2008. That's odd.

A quick google reveals that Jim Osorio was in New Jersey in late 2007. Osorio was SUSPENDED by the NJ SPCA when he ACCIDENTALLY SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FOOT WHILE CLEANING HIS 9MM INSIDE HIS CAR WHILE WORKING FREELANCE SECURITY.
Awareness and common sense applied! :-)

I'm curious, why is an "expert" of this caliber working freelance security? Could his linkedin résumé be embellished like the memoirs of fellow famous pit nutter Jame Frey?

best friends

Jim Osorio linkedin

Manta listing

new and improved best friends link!

James Frey

James Christopher Frey, author, liar & wannabe criminal

"I am an Alcoholic and I am a drug Addict and I am a Criminal." Frey boasts of his illicit past in his 2005 non-fiction memoir, A Million Little Pieces. There's just one teensy problem, the details of this career criminal are grossly exaggerated and even fabricated.

After Oprah promoted Frey's "memoir" on her show, the details of Frey's fraud were exposed by the muckrakers at The Smoking Gun. Turns out the miscreant had a few minor run ins with the law as a pimple faced teenager.
Police reports, court records, interviews with law enforcement personnel, and other sources have put the lie to many key sections of Frey's book. The 36-year-old author, these documents and interviews show, wholly fabricated or wildly embellished details of his purported criminal career, jail terms, and status as an outlaw "wanted in three states."
But like the fighting dog that Frey no doubt romanticized about in his essay, Frey has managed to come out on top in the media and has quite the loyal following, despite the lies. Most likely this is due to his "poor misunderstood" pit bull like image. Rescue angels and lion tamers of the fairer sex can't resist the "poor misunderstood" pit bull or the bad boy.
Winfrey clearly recognized the book's appeal to her largely female audience. When he's not banging hookers or having a gal snort cocaine off his penis, Frey shows a deep, and often sweet, reverence for the women with whom he is involved. At turns volatile and vulnerable, chivalrous and brutish, Frey is a true reclamation project, complete with puke- and snot-stained clothing. What's a girl not to love?
After Oprah discovered that she had been duped, she gave him a public thrashing and SOMEHOW she was made to feel guilty for it and publicly apologized. Frey must have consulted with Ledy Vankavage about how to turn villainy into victory.

Frey may or may not be a pit bull owner but thanks to the essay Frey contributed to the big picture book titled American PitBull, Frey meets the criteria for inclusion on the list of famous pit nutters.

The Smoking Gun, A Million Little Lies: Exposing James Frey's Fiction Addiction (complete arrest records available)

The Exile: A Million Pieces of Shit



James Frey wikipedia

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Reincarnation of Marian Keech

"A man with a conviction is a hard man to change. Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point."
Leon Festinger, When Prophecy Fails, 1956

ZUPF'S BACK!! apparently i've been asleep at the switch, he's been back for a few months. zupf re-emerged on the youtube scene with one of my favorite subjects, DARLA NAPORA.

i think about DARLA often. the events after DARLA'S death are truly beyond comprehension. from C MARABITO'S desperate yet ever popular ladder theory to DONNA REYNOLDS' shameful eulogy to GREG NAPORA burying his wife with the cremated remains of her murderer and all with the blessing of her family, the events read like a rod serling meets william s burroughs novel. surreal and mind bending are an understatement. vintage says it best, "you can't make this stuff up!"

the hardest piece of this macabre puzzle to understand are GREG'S actions. i almost never speculate on the details of these attacks but GREG left me with a bitter SCOTT PETERSON like taste in my mouth. (why the nutters went to such lengths to fabricate the ladder theory with this fodder at their fingertips is a mystery in itself) his behavior is so far outside of the norm that i keep circling back to the possibility that he was directly involved – until now. i have been reading a book about disinformation and it has helped shed some light on GREG'S mystifying behavior.

take the case of UFO nutter, Marian Keech. KEECH claimed to receive messages from aliens warning her that the earth would be destroyed by flood. The aliens gave instructions for an evacuation plan for KEECH and her followers at midnight on December 21, 1954. KEECH and her followers (who had quit their jobs, left their spouses and sold their possessions) gathered for their outer space exodus at the preordained time. the space ship never arrived and the end time came and went without incident. at 4:45 am KEECH informed her followers that she received a new message: the aliens have spared the earth.

and now the story of the UFO cult gets interesting.

after KEECH announced to the cult members that the aliens decided to spare the earth, only one of KEECH'S followers got up and left. the remaining members were described as jubilant and the remaining members became even more committed to the cause. they began to proselytize in an attempt to convert others.

social psychologist Leon Festinger infiltrated the UFO cult and wrote a book about it. according to Festinger, it is psychologically painful to be confronted with information that contradicts our beliefs. it would have been too embarrassing for KEECH'S followers to admit they were wrong, so they set out to convince others to join their cult. if they succeeded at convincing others, they would not only avoid embarrassment, the conversion of others would constitute more evidence of their nutty UFO beliefs.

the lengths that humans will go to avoid admitting they are wrong are greater than i ever imagined possible.

craven recommends zupf, and unSpun

ever wonder why we call them PIT NUTTERS?
read this and this and this and this.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Special Holiday Help Desk (SHED)

a friend sent me this fun link. this clever little website draws a picture to try and match the words that you enter. for example, if you type in "righthaven" you get the malevolent internet troll. given my obsession with pit bulls, i immediately started to plug in pit bull related words. type in "MICHAEL VICK" and surprisingly you get a football player, not a dog fighter or any one of the many drawings of VICK being bitten or urinated on by a pit bull. and if you type in "pit nutter" you get a Buster Brown comic. the results were interesting, here are a few of my favorites.

first up, Ms NCRC. since DELISE packages herself as a "researcher", you would expect to see a scientist, college professor or some geek in glasses and a lab coat. but when i typed in "Karen Delise", the google artist didn't produce a drawing of a vet tech or the director of research. instead i got an APBT advocacy logo. even google recognizes DELISE for what she is, a pit bull advocate.

btw, BRENT TOELLNER shares this mask with DELISE.

next up, DONNA REYNOLDS. this one caught me off guard. i was expecting a pot head or a bottle of tequila or a flakey artist. nope, google apparently knows better than i. DONNA REYNOLDS resulted in a certificate of death. ISYN.

of course, no experiment would be complete without the inclusion of the most famous BADRAP advocate of all time, DARLA NAPORA. care to guess what the google artist drew. wine? cheap jewelry? scott peterson look a like husband? nope.

finally, my favorite one of all - LEDY VANKAVAGE. i was expecting the BFAS logo or the ASPCA logo or maybe even st francis (sarcasm) but once again, google knows best. when i typed in LEDY VANKAVAGE, the artist drew the frankenstein/pit bull composite on craven desires. in the eyes of google, LEDY is not associated with helping dogs. she is associated with KILLING dogs.

btw, "FUZUPF", "JIM CROSBY" and "frankenmauler" also resulted in the frankenstein/pit bull drawing on craven desires.

try it yourself!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thomas Alva Edison

Mina and Theodore Edison with spaniel

Why the pit nutters would want to claim Edison as one of their own is a head scratcher. I'll admit, Thomas Alva Edison SHOULD have been a pit bull owner. After all, he is the most famous inventer/thief of all time. There are similarities between Edison and the personality profile of a pit nutter (sadistic, liar, thief), but as usual, I find no evidence that Edison owned a pit bull. I did find that he killed many dogs, maybe one of them was a pit bull? Maybe Edison inspired the dogmen to cull their curs with electricity? Thomas Edison electrocuted many animals; dogs, horses, calves and even an elephant in both an effort to discredit Nikola Tesla's superior invention of alternating current and to test out electrocution as a form of capital punishment to replace hanging. Edison later hired Tesla to redesign (ie fix) his own inefficient motors and generators and then cheated Tesla of the $50K promised.

The experiments to decide the merits of electrocution over hanging took place on March 2, 1889, in the large wooden building which Edison had had fitted up with every electrical appliance necessary for the purpose. The victims chosen were several dogs, four calves, and a horse. The dogs claimed the attention of the experimenters first, and a big black Newfoundland quietly submitted to being weighed he turned the scale at close on ninety pounds and then with the same docility allowed a small plate of brass, covered with felt and soaked in a solution of salt, to be tied to his head, while a bandage moistened with the same lotion was fixed to his right leg with a piece of copper wire. Lest he might show a desire to run away, the animal was made to stand in a box, but flight seemed far from his intention. He seemed as interested in the experiments as any one present. The dog's "resistance" was next computed by means of two fine wires connected with the electrodes, to which was attached a registering instrument. A slight shock was then sent through the animal so slight that he scarcely winced but of sufficient strength to correctly record his power to withstand the electric current. Heavy wires then took the place of the fine ones, the current was turned on, and the animal immediately stiffened. There was a slight tendency to leap forward, but it was momentary, and the animal remained perfectly still. The current was kept up for ten seconds, and when turned off the dog dropped in a heap perfectly dead.

I thought the pit nutters were trying to distance themselves from people like Michael Vick and the rest of the pit rabble that pops up in the news on a daily basis?

Thomas Edison Unmasked At Last
New York Times
Thomas Alva Edison; sixty years of an inventor's life
Nikola Tesla