Friday, December 31, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 12/31/10

12.30.10 australia Katherine Botham was walking her 4 month old puppy and 11 yr old Luigi when they encountered 2 mutants. Luigi got the worst of it, with serious injuries to his stomach and groin.

12.28.10 canada 30 minutes before killing Max, a pit bull tried to kill Paisley, a mini pin on a morning walk with its owner. Virginia Vader saw the mutant standing in the road by itself. as soon as the mutant saw the little dog, it lunged towards them. Virginia scooped up Paisley and turned her back to the pit. she kept yelling "no" and spinning around. a good samaritan stopped and grabbed a hold of the mutant so they could escape to safety. Paisley escaped injury although her sweater was torn. the nutant is in quarantine, the authorities know about both attacks and charges are pending against the pit nutter. penalties are high in canada. if convicted, it could cost the nutter a $10,000 fine and 6 months in jail.

rip Max
12.28.10 canada on x-mas morning, Shannon Johnson responded to a knock on the door and a pit bull burst in and grabbed her 7 lb poodle, Max. She and her sister were both bitten trying to save Max. after $3000 of emergency vet care, Max was euthanized. the mutant and pit nutters have been located. a civil suit will follow. 12.30.10 the breed has been confirmed to be a pit bull but authorities won't say if it is legal. the pit nutter has been charged.

12.30.10 san diego county, california a deputy was waived down by a man who said he was just bitten by a pit bull and the mutant was now attacking his poodle. the deputy said the pit seemed friendly at first and so he tried to detain it but the pit bull bit him on the thigh. he shot and killed it. happy new year cul-de-sac!

12.30.10 pompano beach, florida broward counties deputies responded to a burglary call. the K9 officer and his partner encountered a mutant pit bull (in the mutant's back yard). a scuffle broke out, the pit bull bit the cop when he tried to break up the fight. the cop shot the pit bull. the pit nutter ROB MOFFETT says his dog has never shown any aggression, hence the sign on the fence. nice tats.

12.30.12 roanoke, alabama police responded to a call about a mutant pit bull killing other dogs on waller mill road. officers found the mutant in the road holding down a severely injured mutt by its throat. they shot the mutant and the dog in order to end its suffering. neighbors said the pit bull had killed other dogs in the past.

12.28.10 athens, georgia three pit mixes were caught in the act of attacking a flock of sheep. a relative of the owner shot and killed 2 of the mutants, the third mutant got away when they went for more ammo. the pit nutters have been cited for failing to control an animal and failing to display rabies tags. one sheep was killed, 2 had to be euthanized and 7 received veterinary care.

12.28.10 georgia a snack sized norwhich terrier started a fight with chained pit bull. he survived, but will he survive his idiot owners?

12.28.10 grand island, nebraska Mike Galvan went outside to feed his german shepherd Maude last wednesday morning but found two mutant pit bulls inside her kennel feeding on her mutilated remains. RIP Maude

Bob before MPB
Bob after MPB

12.27.10 UK 14 yr old Bob provoked 2 mutant pit bulls and a scuffle broke out. Bob's owner, Judith Terry put herself in harms way to protect her border collie and was also bitten. Bob needed a few operations. the vet staff has been wonderful and even made home visits to check on him. Dr Heather Westrom said “Bob has done really well. He’s a remarkable dog and the fact that he’s such a nice dog has made him so easy to treat throughout. He has done remarkably well considering how horrible his injuries were and the fact that he’s an old dog. Bob really has been a pleasure to treat.” Bob must be part pit dog since they are so human friendly and easy to handle in the pit.
someone had been interviewed in connection with the incident, but no arrest or charges had been made yet. if you have information about this savage attack, call 0845 6060247

12.29.10 uniontown, pennsylvania police shot a mutant pit bull. police were responded to fighting dogs. three dogs were tangled up in their chains. one pit and two shepherds. the police say the pit wouldn't stop attacking, so they shot it. the owner is in jail and a woman was supposed to checking on the dogs.

12.26.10 famous l.a. pit nutter alert MARIEL HEMINGWAY'S mutant pit bull attacked a dog and two people. they went to the hospital with "serious puncture wounds" and the mutant went into quarantine.

12.28.10 brown county, texas A Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to an animal complaint in the 4400 block of Austin Avenue where two pit bulls were attacking a show pig. The report states that the deputy yelled at the dogs to leave the pig alone and the male pit bull charged the deputy, who then shot and killed it. He then threw a rock at the female pit bull to get it away from the pig. The female too charged at the deputy and had to be destroyed as well the report states.
A phone number for the dog’s owner was located on a tag that was attached to the animals’ collars and the owner was called to notify him of what had happened. The owner came to the location to retrieve the animal bodies and to make arrangements with the complainant to pay for the damages caused by his dogs. The owner stated that the dogs were trained for hunting to bite the ears of hogs to hold the hogs to the ground.
lots of police shootings this week. here's another in rochester, new york and another in minneapolis. :)

12.23.10 thug-dogger chat So, she's a big girl right now at about 53lbs and stands ~21" at the withers. She's tenacious and has a ton of drive. The story is that she nearly killed her first adopter's other dog. Big surprise there... idiot people. We suspect she's right around 3 years old now.


UK the 38 yr old pit nutter who attacked an attacked an elderly couple when they tried to protect their dog from his frankenmauler was arrested. too bad they didn't name him.

sterling heights, michigan Cathy Kovak and her two cocker spaniels were attcked by the neighbors pit bulls last june.

canada remember the ugly mutant that killed the little dog after it had been 86'd from white rock after it attacked several dogs? people are calling for the head of that owner. well, their name and photo anyway.

Monday, December 27, 2010

and the winner is.....

Attacker Breed Victim Outcome
1) Smokey pit/chow mix 10 yr old girl hospitalized, had 30 stitches.
2) Nala & Jade 2 pit mixes Jack the cat mutilated & killed
3) Sadie pit mix Precious the cat killed
4) Clyde & Katina pit bull & swiss hound Tortie the cat killed
5) Leah chow chow stray cat severely injured, had to be put to sleep
6) Snapper & Lazy two rottweilers stray cat killed
7) Goldie pit bull cat killed
8) Cordilla pit mix Lucky the Puggle wounded, required surgery
9) Annie pit mix Legally blind man Taken by ambulance to hospital. Had to get seven weeks of rabies shots. Liquid stitches for his wounds. Was covered in blood and began vomiting at scene.
10) Bo rottweiler cat killed
11) Chico pit cat killed
12) Molly & Kila pit mix & lab mix kitten killed
13) Buck boxer female attorney attacked
14) Lady Blue pit kitten snatched from owner's bed and killed
15) Thug Rottweiler 12 yr old girl leg savaged
16) Rex pit mix 5 yr old girl stitches in head
17) Shay Rottweiler Yorkie killed
18) Rambo pit bull dog and its owner bitten while walking
19) Tiger pit bull cat killed
20) Raven german shepherd Gizmo the mini pin attacked by loose dog
21) Jack akita man attacked by loose dog
22) Tiger pit/lab mix Princess the Pomeranian euth'd
23) Tara & Venom pit bulls man cuts and lacerations
24) Spike pit bull 12 yr old boy attacked, hospitalized
25) Diesel mastiff adult Injured
26) Chula & Noah pits Yorkie killed
27) Mama & Noodles pits cat killed
28) Jamrock & Brad pit bulls cat dead
29) Stitch Pit cat dead
30) Thor belgian tervuren cat dead
31) Pebbles & Bam Bam pits man Injured
32) Capone pit bull 3 people, including 2 yr old & 11 yr old injured
33) Ladybear Pit Chico the Chihuahua killed
34) Perla & Katriel pits Lucy the cat dead
35) Baby pit bull Prince the Maltese dead
36) Rogue pit killed and ate cat dead
37) Kano & Jewels pits cat killed person attacked two, a couple months later
38) Carmelo pit person bitten
39) Remi pit dog bitten
40) Terror Rottweiler kitten killed
41) Marley pit bull cat killed
41) Brody beagle mix jogger bitten
42) Two Face pit bull 6 yr old girl bitten, 16 stitches
43) Maddox boxer Milo the mini-Pin Killed
44) Kira akita Mojo the Yorkie killed
45) Lulu & Bandit pit bulls cat killed
46) Coco pit bull Speedy the Chihuahua killed
47) Jasmine pit bull Mitzi the Yorkie and Sam the Yorkie
both attacked, Mitzi died
48) Canela pit bull cat dead
49) Ivory Bull terrier cat dead

Friday, December 24, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 12/24/10

12.17.10 tyler, texas Rock Ward was out walking his german shepherd Wolfgang when the neighborhood pit nutter's mutant charged and attacked. COLLINS STEVEN TULLY said his 2 mutants (TROUBLE and RIPPER) usually stay inside but they "just happened to be outside with him" when they saw the dog and TROUBLE go down and "fight the other dog, but dogs are just dogs". the punk was given a slap on the wrist, a verbal warning, and told to keep his mutants leashed. the victim put up a sign, warning everyone about the frankenmaulers.

Spot, Davies and Fifi
12.18.10 UK two staffy bulls received a dirt nap after they attacked two foals. Christopher Davies came running when he was alerted to the attack. he saw Fifi running with the 2 ugly mutants hanging off of her. Fifi received 80 stitches and Spot received 20 stitches while Davies received a £2,000 vet bill. the pit nutter claimed to be distraught and handed his mutants over for euthanasia.

12.18.10 UK a white labrador was attacked by 2 ugly staffy bulls.
Salisbury police want to speak to witnesses 0845 4087000

12.18.10 grand rapids, wisconsin At 10:51 a.m. Dec. 11, a caller reported a pit bull attacked another dog in the 3100 block of Buchberger Avenue.

12.16.10 new york city more victims step forward at the infamous tompkins square sanguinarium. Ethan Coleman's german shepherd was attacked last march by a mutant. $500 in vet bills and he no longer takes his dog. Daniel Cammarata's labrador received $1100 worth of vet care after a mutant scuffle.

12.21.10 UK Kosi was attacked by an unleashed staffy bull being "walked" by a woman who claimed that it was her daughter's dog. Kosi's owner, her mother, the female pit nutter couldn't get the mutant off but the man who was with the pit nutter eventually succeeded by kicking it. the pit nutter drove the two women and the dog to the vet while the man took the mutant away. the pit nutter appears to have given the victim a non working phone number. what a surprise.

12.20.10 wolverine, michigan a woman was attacked by a dogo argentino. when she sought refuge in her car, the mutant attacked the car. her husband shot and killed it. authorities are still trying to locate the owner. click here to watch a little scuffle break out at a dogo event.

12.20.10 tulsa, oklahoma Help please. We had a pekingese mix along with a lab mix. Our lab mix is about 1.5 years old and the pekingese was about 6 months old. We have some people living behind us that have had between 3-4 dogs, one is a pit bull that since it was a puppy I have had trouble keeping out of my yard. Today it killed our pekingese. I came home from my son's basketball practice and found the dog in my back yard barking at me (we live in Tulsa) next to our dead dog. I scared it back into its yard (even though it was aggressive and didn't seem that scare of me) and plugged up the hole. Then I called the non-emergency police number and made a report and the owners ended up getting 2 citations. Why isn't a pit bull that kills another dog in another yard not automatically removed? I'm scared to have my 2nd and 3rd grader play in the backyard plus I have a smaller lab mix dog that I'm worried about as well (she got bullied by the pekingese and is a wimp).
Is my only move to install stuff under the fence to keep that dog out of my yard. I just can't comprehend why a pit bull that killed a dog in someone else's yard in Tulsa city limits wouldn't automatically be removed. Advice please.
my advice is this, if you EVER find yourself in that situation, DON'T let the pit leave your property alive.

Spike and his family
12.21.10 UK a mutant ran out of the house and attacked Spike while on a walk. Spike is lethargic and doesn't want to go outside. Spike's owner Lisa Frame, said she is now walking him in quieter areas to avoid another attack. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! the pit nutter CRAIG ENSOR, of course has shown no remorse the typical pit nutter excuses:
“It was just one of those things. “He is not a vicious dog, and this sort of thing has never happened before.
“I had no reason to think he would run out of the house and do this, as it’s not the sort of thing I have come to expect from him." it is the sort of thing that i have come to expect from mutants and the sort of thing that RESPONSIBLE pit bull owners expect!

27 yr old SHAUN EDWARD PHILLIPS of 4201 North Old Dixie Hwy
12.21.10 fort pierce, florida 74 yr old Michael DeNunzio heard his 14 yr old beagle, Booker, screaming in the back yard. DeNunzio ran outside to save his dog from PHILLIPS' 2 mutant pit bulls. DeNunzio tried to a broom handle as a break stick. that didn't work, so he used his hand. that worked but the other dog continued to attack DeNunzio. Booker was free to run into the house but he was followed by the mutants. DeNunzio is in the hospital with a broken hand and multiple bite wounds. PHILLIPS has been cited and one of his dog's is in quarantine. tcpalm couldn't confirm the location of the other dog.

12.21.10 sacramento, california well, i'll say one thing good about pit bulls, they give police plenty of target practice. the frankenmauler first attacked the legs of a carriage horse, then launched itself on its face. John Dixon kicked the mutant until it released. the mutant tried to flee but Dixon pursued it, cornered it, then held it down until the police arrived, who shot it. the carriage driver yelled for the owner to leash his mutant, the pit nutter fled and is believed to be a homeless man. police are looking for him. Sonny is being treated for bites to his legs and face.

and in other police shooting news, in springfield, florida, an officer was sitting down to dinner when he heard his mother screaming. he went outside and saw her on top of a car with two mutants charging her. the officer tried to shoo the dogs away. when they lunged at him, he shot at them, hitting one. the other got away. and in st louis, missouri a deputy was charged by 2 mutants when he stepped out of his home. he fired on them, hitting one, the other retreated to its home and was later picked up by AC. an ugly mutant was killed in rochester, minnesota when it lunged at a cop. the mutant was owned by a 21 yr old homeless man who left it with a friend who had NO idea how it got loose. and according to this link, the owner knew the previous owner knew the dog was dangerous and made the new owner sign an agreement that the mutant would not have any contact with people.

12.21.10 internet help line I was caring for a four year old pit bull that is not nudered or trained. That was my biggest mistake. I was training the dog to walk with a choke collar and the dog always pulled me. I was consistant and all. When he saw another dog on a leash he became agressive (barking) without even meeting the dog. I had to pull and hold on so tight that my wrist has gotten bruised from the leash, and I have fallen on the floor from holding him back. There was a loose dog (it was small) in front of my house the other day and my 3 yr old son opened the door to go inside and the pit bull ran outside and mulled this dog to pieces. It took three people to get the pit bull to unlock his vicious hold on the dog. He has been cared for as a baby, sleeps in bed with owner or on the floor next to the bed. Never abused. He has been moved three times in a year and I could understand some unstableness but he was in my care for about a month.Why is the dog so vicious?
the nutter gets the typical barrage of excuses: testicles, no training, no discipline, no exercise, must have been trained, must have been previously attacked, too many owners, dog aggression is okay... blah blah blah. here's what i think: what a shame this nutter didn't loose control of the mutant in front of an oncoming train.

12.21.10 brewster, massachusetts Martha Holden and her great dane mix were both bitten by a mutant pit bull last month when they stopped to play with other dogs. the pit nutter GARY REILLY did not attend the dangerous dog hearing. he moved to another town when he and his wife split up and couldn't take the mutant with him. the nutter's ex STEPHANIE ERICKSON claims that she works 10-12 hours and that ZEUS, the great mutato, broke free of his kennel and attacked because dogs are always coming into his yard and provoking him. (i wonder how she would know that working 10-12 hours a day at the cape?) the city wants ZEUS gone. they say he bit another person on may 16 and he has been accused of killing chickens as well. but, but, but human aggression and animal aggression are two different things. GARY REILLY and his ex STEPHANIE ERICKSON own a landscaping business.

12.21.10 putnam county, west virginia a pit nutter was cited when his two mutant pit bulls killed 66 chickens last month.

12.22.10 catasauqua, pennsylvania Boomer's jaw was fractured and his leg punctured during an attack by unleashed mutant pit bull. Boomer's owner Amy Kubeck said the mutant initially went after her 6 yr old daughter but grabbed Boomer instead. the pit nutter, Amy's brother and his friend fought off the mutant. the pit nutter then fled. witnesses need to call the police at 610-264-0577.

McGilton's son Zachary Holland and his not-a-real-pit-bull with real testicles
12.22.10 blufton, south carolina 47 yr old Shauna McGilton was in the front yard with her dog, a chow, when a loose pit bull attacked. McGilton tried hitting it with a stick, then spraying it with a hose but the mutant would not let go. she tried to pry it's jaws open and it redirected on her, biting her left hand, both legs and her face. no word on her dog, other than it is being treated at the vet. McGilton's son's pit dog was attacked by the same mutant 10 days before the scuffle with his mom and her dog. link #2

rip Whisper
12.23.10 spring valley, new york this 5 lb yorkie was killed while on a walk with her owner who was also injured. "When he grabbed the dog with his mouth, I actually heard the bones break." Karen Bongard tried to fight off the mutant, several neighbors joined the fight. "The whole neighborhood, tried to help and beat the dog. The dog was just too beasty, too beasty, too beasty man," said one of the good samaritans. the mutant's name is TAZ (pictured below) and has been seized by AC. the pit nutter is 43 yr old DANETTE FOX of 24 White Street. an irate self absorbed narcissist who refused to give her name stood on the FOX lawn and yelled "They stole my dog. Whoever lives on the hill stole my dog."
poor ugly TAZ, his people set him up to fail :(

12.23.10 pitbull helpline When I returned home from work yesterday,I took my dog out for a walk. He is a 10 lb rat terrier. He wasn’t on a leash because he is always by my side. Our neighbor was outside with his 3 dogs. My dog and I were about 100(if not more) yards away from their property. All of a sudden,all three dogs started barking and the Pit Bull jumped the fence. This was the first time something like this has ever happened to me. I went to grab my dog,but as scared as he was, he took of running in the opposite direction,and the Pit Bull caught him around the neck and was shaking him around like a rag doll. This didn’t even happen on my property because my dog was so scared he ran two houses down.
I went to get the Pit Bull off of my dog,and the owner tells me not to touch him. I’m assuming he didn’t want me to get bit,and he eventually gets my dog out by prying the Pit Bulls mouth with a pipe. My dog was still alive,but was bleeding profusely. My wife heard all this and called the cops. I took my dog to the emergency vet clinic but there was nothing they could do,so I put him down.
I returned home to find out that the owner got a citation,but still had the dog. I called him last night and asked him to come over tonight so we can discuss what’s going to happen next. He didnt seem to thrilled about it..and never once said he was sorry.

first response: I am terribly sorry about your dog. I had a baby horse (sired by my stallion) killed by Pit Bulls, and the mother was so badly injured trying to defend the foal that she had to be put to sleep as the dogs had literally shredded her hind legs as she kicked to save her life and her foal.
some of the responses are priceless. some nutter actually places equal blame on the dogs because the little dog wasn't leashed on its own property.

12.23.10 knox county, tennessee a mutant pit bull attacked another dog. 911 was called and when the deputy arrived, the mutant charged him. the mutant was only wounded.

Cali, pit bull?: yes or no drayton?
12.23.10 bristol, rhode island i can't imagine why CALI has had 3 owners in two months. the most recent owner had the blue nosed mutant for one day before taking her to a christmas festival. a seven year lab named Liberty was lying down in the crowd, when pit nutter MICHAEL DECOSTA SR'S son walked by Liberty right at the very moment CALI'S genetic desire to please her people kicked in. the mutant grabbed a hold of Liberty's head and pinned her to the ground. five people tried to separate them. young DECOSTA and Ralph Altrui were both bitten on the hands. Liberty was rushed to the vet where they worked on her for 5 hours and CALI was taken to the Warren Animal Shelter, AGAIN. CALI has been declared dangerous, hopefully DECOSTA will do the right thing and give the mutant a dirt nap. so what do we know about CALI? she was rescued from a connecticut shelter by an unnamed Newport rescue angel, who turned her over to the potter league, who invested time and training into the mutant. CALI passed an "evaluation" and another unnamed woman who "specializes" in pit bulls, "helped" (whatever that means) with CALI and said she displayed no aggression and played well with people and dogs. that was in october, on december 5th, CALI turned on.
Dan Savage was right, you DO have to fail an I.Q. test in order to adopt a pit bull!
this is definitely the same father/son DECOSTA team but
could this be the same MICHAEL DECOSTA SR, charged with cyber harassment?
could this be the same MICHAEL DECOSTA JR, smoking pot?


12.17.20 meriden, connecticut last month 55 yr old Yvonne Savaikis' papillon Gizmo was killed during their walk. Savaikis spent a week in the hospital and was stuck with a $3000 vet bill. BLAINE GAMBLE'S hideous mutant broke his leash in order to attack. the dog warden recommended the pit be euthanized. GAMBLE was cited for expires license and rabies and is appealing the death sentence, which could take months. meanwhile Savaikis is lobbying for for tougher leash laws for mutants. i'm not sure how much good that would do considering the frankenmauler busted his leash.

12.20.10 canada the city of white rock is continuing to move forward with their efforts to euthanize the amstaff that killed the yorkie poo after it had been banned from the city for attacking dogs.
“If the dog’s instinct is to kill another animal, that’s a dangerous dog,” Paul Stanton, director of White Rock development services.

and the attacks that the media NEVER reports

12.17.10 lincoln, nebraska two huskies owned by 21 yr old JANETH HERNANDEZ attacked several animals on a neighboring farm. the pair killed an 8 month old reindeer and injured a 7 yr old reindeer so badly, it had to be euthanized. they also "attacked three other animals and several Belgian horses".

12.17.10 bangor, maine a loose german shepherd attacked a woman and her lab.

12.17.10 UK a series of attacks on sheep in lincolnshire is being blamed on two labs.

12.22.10 seattle, washington just barely out of quarantine after attacking a 10 yr old boy, 2 of the 3 same bullmastiffs attacked a woman and her dog.

honorable mentions

12.22.10 internet chatter I have a 75 pound pit mix. He is fully trained, except for when we got for walks. He gets excited (happy/wants to play) when he sees other dogs and doesn’t respond to my corrections. He usually pulls me very hard, and could pull me into oncoming traffic if he wanted to. If the person walking their dog sees me and my huge dog pulling they usually get very scared due to his appearance. This sometimes results in screaming and hysterical behavior on the other person’s part. He also wants to eat little animals so walking him at night can result in an encounter with a skunk or raccoon. I try to hold strong and keep him in heel position, but he gets into the red zone so fast that I lose complete control. I want to use a shock collar to get him to listen to me during walks. Will he become aggressive in the future due to me using the shock collar to keep him under control? Is it cruel and unusal to use this type of collar under any circumstance? i’m working with a certified trainer. this is last resort. I already use a prong….
can't wait til this lil bugger hits the front page

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

stranger than fiction

laporte, indiana after a handful of pit bull attacks and one monkey attack, the hoosiers put their heads together and adopted a new dangerous animals ordinance. the ordinance is not breed specific, but it is SPECIES specific. Under the newly adopted ordinance, the following animals have been reclassified:

DANGEROUS - monkeys, baboons, poisonous snakes, piranhas and sharks.
BANNED - rhinoceroses, leopards and elephants.
uh-oh, laporte, indiana is trampling the rights of rhino fanciers.
"It needed to be updated. There were some things that needed to be brought up to the state level, so I guess it's OK," Councilman Goot Logwood said. yeah, like addressing all of those rhino attacks! Goot's only concern is how the new ordinance will be enforced by the staffing shortage. you know, cuz the rhino attack season is a long one.
Goot is the councilman AT LARGE.
UPDATE: the cat is out of the bag and into the nutter lap. we now know why laporte, indiana drew up such a bizarre dangerous animal ordinance. BEST FRIENDS ATTORNEY LAURA NIRENBERG was one of the "consultants". she's a real go-getter. on the job less than 2 months and already flexing the cult's muscle.

united kingdumb 35 yr old pit nutter LEE KELLY and his 16 yr old daughter went to a pub after doing a little shopping. dad got drunk, lost a pool competition and blamed her for not cheering him on. he punched, bit and tried to stab her. she managed to get the knife and hid it. that's when the drunken pit nutter threw the staffy bull against the wall. KELLY pled not guilty, he was sentenced to 10 years plus a 5 year extended license, whatever that is.

is anybody else as creeped out by this photo of CATHERINE HEDGES as i am?
pekin, illinois Arthur Herm, DVM of Tazewell Animal Control has deemed a pit bull puppy (approx 6-8 months of age) as not adoptable due to animal aggression. this of course doesn't sit well with HEDGES who say animal aggression is normal and okay and is questioning Herm's expertise despite the fact that he has been a vet for 36 years and worked with animal control for 22 years. (btw, HEDGES has been a rescue angel for 11 years.) Herm said he disagrees with those people who say they can train aggressiveness out of dogs. Herm believes aggressiveness is “inherent” and “genetic” in all dogs while pit bulls “seem to have more of that.”
HEDGES is the nutter behind don't bully my breed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 12/17/10

“I’ve seen pit bull fights – they are nasty. But that doesn’t mean the pit bull is bad. It might just need some love and affection.” and "In every dog run, there's a fight. It happens. It's like a play ground with kids. The difference is, pit bulls finish fights."
is that pride i detect?

"If you know your dog has intra dog aggression and you take your dog to a dog park, you are a bad owner, period." E'lise Christensen, DVM, a specialist in veterinary behavior but totally clueless when it comes to genetics.

ROBERT MARINO, president of NYCdog
"Dogs will tussle and owners get into arguments." DOGS TUSSLE. THAT'S WHY FIGHTING BREEDS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE DOG PARK!!!

ROBERT SHAPIRO, no kill animal rescuer down the street from the dog park
"My policy is no dog run." i can't imagine WHY bob is being such an ignorant racist hater. i guess he hasn't received JANE'S memo yet.

12.15.10 new york city this week's top frankenmauler story comes from new york city. a popular dog park is overrun with pit bulls and you know what that means. since september 5 dogs and 3 people have been attacked by mutant pit bulls. fed up with pit fighters, people are now arming themselves with knives and billy clubs. the volunteers who maintain the park, stocked it with a break stick but then removed it. looks like puppet master JANE BERKEY is sending in one of her soldiers this weekend to "educate" people. that's right. DRAYTON MICHAELS will visit the dog park and talk to owners about training their dogs and how to handle a dog fight. MICHAELS will also discuss pit bull traits and “why your dog may be too much for the other dogs.” hmmm, that sounds like a completely new spin on an age old problem.
this is getting a lot of coverage and it should. people are fed up. what they should be doing, in addition to arming themselves, is demand the city ban fighting breeds from all dog parks.
Jesse is one of the pit victims. His owner was also bitten. even though it was a minor bite it resulted in a series of rabies shots. a pit nutter bringing an UNvaccinated fighting dog to an off leash park. CLASSIC!

12.13.10 new york city so my cousin pup snap yesterday and killed her yorkie.he is a very loving dog quiet and calm but the yorkie provoked him(kept attacking him) and tragedy struck she know he has to go for what he did, its just the fact that she losing to dogs know and she can't take it right know.she's going to give birth next month so all this stress is not good for what im asking is should she try and out him up for adoption to give him a chance of life he's only 11 months.i know the pup personally and i cant beleave he did that.he never once showed aggression before till this day.she ask me to help her so what should i do.i live in n.y.c if anyone knows a place i can take him for a second chance at life or should i take him and put him down for her.
my big dog has been "attacked" by small dogs before. his first line of defense is to back away from little mutts. his second line of defense is to let out a low warning growl. once i saw him take his paw and flip a dog. not once has he ever bitten, bared his teeth or snapped at another dog that was either aggressive or just plain annoying. that's because he is not a psychopath and he speaks fluent dog.

12.13.10 new smyrna beach, florida a happy holiday pit attack story for a change. an off duty K9 cop was walking his husky with his fiance and her dog when a mutant (who has a history of attacking the husky) "accosted" them. the cop fired once, killing the pit.

12.14.10 internet chatter Why would a 1year old dog kill a 9week old puppy?
My friend babysat my male Pitbull boxer puppy, he has a 1year old male pit and they had gotten along just fine, till today. The pit killed my puppy today. I'm almost sure my puppy bled to death or had internal bleeding, he was just a baby, I don't get why they got along just fine, and he attacked my baby till he killed him. P.S. Idk if this may be a reason, but the older Pit is having puppies with a female dog and she was there today. Any answers will help I'm not mad at the dog because I know they are animals and they simply have different morals than humans. Please anyone help me, I just want to know.

Paco Bell
12.15.10 reading, pennsylvania no details on the "scuffle" but this chihuahua was bitten by a mutant pit bull.

12.15.10 riverhead, new york a mutant pit dog killed seven chickens and was taken into the custody.

12.17.10 st charles county, missouri The owner of a pit bull in the first block of Quiet Falls Court asked deputies to take possession of her dog after it became aggressive and fought with her other dogs. Animal control was contacted.

the attacks that the media NEVER reports

12.15.10 renton, washington Lindsay Seely was seriously injured by a loose german shepherd while on a walk with her welsh terrier Georgia and her daughter Ashlynn. Two strangers stopped and saved her from the dog. Georgia was also bitten but there is no word on her condition.

12.15.10 novato, california two "labs" attacked a jack russell and terrier and its owner.

doing right by pit bulls

Philadelphia, Mississippi is re-examining their pit bull ordinance. the mayor and alderman acknowledge the on going problem of violations and the need for greater enforcement. The current ordinance states that dangerous dogs, such as pit bulls, are not permitted to be outside of a proper enclosure unless they are muzzled and restrained by a leash. The owner must also make sure that a proper enclosure is set up for the dog along with proper vaccinations.

Alderman Roy White wants dogs confiscated that are in violation, NO WARNINGS. And he wants the board to look into a better animal control facility. Alderman Cecil Nichols described the proper mutant enclosure; one that was completely separated from any other dog. Police Chief Dickie Sistrunk said they haven't impounded dogs in the past because they lack the proper housing. They discussed the need for special walled off cages so the dogs can not see each other.

"If they even see another dog, they'll kill themselves trying to get the other dog." Chief Sistrunk

Friday, December 10, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 12/10/10

Dorset police are looking for this fucktard.
12.09.10 UK this psychopathic pit nutter's mutant attacked an elderly couple's cairn terrier. when they tried to protect their dog, he attacked them. the attacks happened around 10am thursday, december 2 in poole park. Dorset police 01202 222 222 or 0800 555 111

12.03.10 kinston, north carolina two mutant pit bulls crawled under the fence into a neighbor's yard and killed a poodle, Rex and injured another dog, Snowball. the mutants were declared dangerous. they have to chained & kenneled on their property and leashed & muzzled off their property. the public safety director proposed a ban but the gutless city council wimped out.

12.04.10 pittsburgh, pennsylvania PAUL HARRIS' (2021 Eggers St) mutant pit bull escaped and bit an 11 yr old girl in august. HARRIS had AC give mutato a dirt nap. he is in trouble with the dog police again. this time his mutant pit bull on steroids (ambull) SOMEHOW escaped his fenced yard and attacked a woman walking her dog. it is not clear if her dog was injured, she was not not although her coat was torn. the two men who came to her defense however were injured. one was bitten on the face, the other on the hand. their clothing was also torn up.

12.04.10 knoxville, tennessee Gary Nicely came home from a christmas party to a blood bath and a neighbor's pit bull in his front yard. the mutant dug under the Nicely's fence and killed their 2 year old beagle. Nicely shot the frankenmauler when it turned on him.
rip Roscoe

12.05.10 internet chatter a scuffle broke out between a pit nutter's beagle and pit mix. the two females got along fine until the mutant reached that magical age of 2. guess who got the worst of it? i'm impressed that beagle got a few good licks in, including the nutter.

12.06.10 spartanburg county, south carolina A Spartanburg County deputy shot a white pit bull in the head after responding to a complaint of a dog attack, according to an incident report. The deputy responded to Peaceful Valley Road at about 2:15 p.m. Saturday after a resident complained that two bit pulls had just attacked his dog, which was chained in his yard at the time. Later, the deputy was able to corral two pit bulls in the back of his patrol car, and the deputy began driving around the neighborhood looking for their owners. While trying to give one resident a better look at the brown dog, the deputy opened the car’s door, and suddenly the white dog attacked the brown dog, the report states. The white dog dragged the brown dog across the road and onto a sandy area, at which time the deputy fatally shot the white dog in the head. Animal control officers, who had been responding to the original call, took possession of both the live dog and dead dog. The owners were eventually located, and animal control officers explained to them why the dog had to be put down, the report states.

25 yr old RYAN TORANZO charged with a 3rd degree felony
11.30.10 golden gates estates, florida TORANZO'S mutant attacked a black bear. this atavistic puke flew into a rage cuz wiggle butt got hurt. TORANZO chased the bear down with his truck, ran it over several times then shot it. in front of his neighbors.

12.07.10 bend, oregon TIFFANY ROUNDS opened up her door and her mutant DAISY charged out after a buck and 2 does. only one problem. they are wild animals and do a better job of defending themselves. the small herd attacked the mutant. DAISY has a punctured chest but is expected to recover.

Jane and her surviving dog Misty
12.07.10 australia Jane Lampard was walking her two small dogs Misty and Lucy on the beach when she encountered a mutant pit bull. the pit nutter just stood there as Jane struggled to free Lucy, her 9 yr old maltese/pekinese. afterwords, the pit nutter belched out the obligatory "He's never done anything like that before." Jane rushed lucy to the vet where she died from puncture wounds to her spleen and kidney.

12.07.10 australia Judy Brown's leashed golden retriever puppy, Ruby was attacked by a leashed staffy bull during a walk - unprovoked. the pit nutter provided Judy with false identity.

12.08.10 australia Denise Loxely was walking her scottish deerhound/greyhound mix when an ugly mutant decided to flex his genetic mutation. Denise said the pit nutter was your typical thug and he verbally abused her the whole time her dog was being savaged. she he managed to pull the frankenmauler off of her dog and then left in a hurry leaving Denise in shock and her dog Tek severely injured. kind strangers helped her get Tek to the vet. Denise is left with traumatized as was her dog and a $1500 vet bill.

animal blood
aco blood
12.08.10 las vegas, nevada the mutant pit bulls living next door to Diane Largent have been terrorizing her since 2004. she heard them in her back yard killing an animal and called animal control. while the aco was in Largent's backyard taking the report, the mutants jumped the fence and attacked her. the aco was badly injured. backup was called, they confiscated 3 adults and 9 puppies. the city limit is 3, unless the owner has a breeder permit. obtw, Largent's cat is missing.

Zoe (rip) and Anya
12.07.10 woodside, california Linda Bleich was walking her 2 shih tzus at woodside elementary school when a mutant broke away from the drunken bloated 60ish fucktard sitting on a bench. the pit nutter said that his dog was 2 years old and had never been outside (wtf?!) and that he didn't think he hurts small dogs. after zoe was dead, he grabbed his mutant and walked away, without so much as looking at Linda, he said "i'm sorry". the pit nutter is balding and was wearing a green jacket.

12.08.10 bristol, pennsylvania last month a pomeranian was killed by a leashed pit/sharpei. bristol is now considering a mutant muzzle law.

12.08.10 holland, michigan two mutant pit bulls got into a neighbor's fenced in yard and killed their small dog.

12.09.10 UK chatter My cat was killed by a pitbull what action should i take?
My cat was injured by the pitbull in the alleyway and died later that night at the vets. the pitbull was let out of the garden at around 8 in the morning with children the youngest being around 5 and oldest around 12 and it was snowing so anyone could have been out there. the pitbull was let out with no muzzle and no lead after asking around i have been told from numerous people that they do it on a regular basis letting the children out with the dog. the next day i saw the woman with the dog and it was clear she couldnt control it as it took her around 5 minutes to get it from her car to her house. i just need to know what action i can take against the owners of the dog. I live in the UK

12.09.10 UK a man walking a leashed staffy bull was attacked by a loose english bull terrier. the mutant is described as well cared for, white with a brown eye patch and is still on the loose.

12.09.10 san antonio, texas DENISE SANDOVAL'S pack o' mutants has been terrorizing the neghborhood. neighbor's are afraid to be outside in their own yards after SANDOVAL'S mutants have killed at least 3 dogs. SANDOVAL says that she keeps them chained up during the day and let's them loose at night "for protection". she says the dogs that she keeps for protection aren't vicious but"If a dog gets close to the yard, of course they are going to get out and defend themselves." neighbor's want the pit bulls removed but asst director of ac services, Vincent Medley says "We can't just go in and decide we are going to take them. People do have 4th Amendment rights." fortunately, there is a little thing called the SECOND AMENDMENT. EXERCISE IT!!

12.09.10 cottonwood, arizona a 72 yr old woman was walking her puppy when a pit nutter drove by her in his ATV. he also had 2 pit bulls with him and one jumped out and attacked the puppy. when the pit nutter stopped and tried to get his dog, the other one jumped out and knocked woman down. he finally got both of his dogs under control and drove away. the woman was knocked unconscious, she also injured her knee. no word on the condition of the puppy. it appears that he was bitten by both dogs. the ATV is black and white with a red top. one of the dogs is white & tan, the other is tan or red with white. the victim's daughter is offering a reward for information.

12.10.10 australia pit nutter RANGI NIKAU'S mutants are finally dirt napping after spending 6 months in the slammer. last may, the two mutants attempted to break into a home to attack a kid and his kitten. the council declared them as restricted and ordered them removed from the city in january 2009. NIKAU fought the decision and tried use DNA testing to prove the mutants are not illegal APBT but a golden retriever/boston terrier and staffy bull/boxer. more on DNA testing later.


sterling heights, michigan the city is considering an ordinance that would require owners of pit bulls to microchip, spay/neuter, limit the number per household to one, mandatory fencing for mutants left alone in the yard, pass a temperament test every 2 licensing cycles and a minmum of $250,000 insurance on their wiggle butts. all legally licensed pre-existing mutants would be exempt from the new ordinance. the nutters came out in force to oppose what is being regarded as the most extreme ordinance in the country. people who favor the ordinance favor a ban.
a more in depth discussion of the proposed ordinance can be found here.
remember the little scandal around the pit nutter design last summer? the owner of the photo was detroit resident AMANDA BARBER.

shrewsbury, massachusetts CHRISTOPHER and LISA O'CONNOR continue to fight to keep their frankenmauler alive. they filed an appeal after the dirt nap sentence was handed down in october despite the fact that AC said it can not return to their home because of the close proximity to a school and despite the fact they have only paid $1250 of the $7611 of the savaged poodle's vet bill that later died.

the attacks that the media never reports

rip Sierra
11.27.10 running springs, california Sierra was killed by a neighbor's norwegian elkhound.

12.08.10 bridgewater, massachusetts two australian shepherds killed a pomeranian. the aco said the dogs appear to be part pit bull. the owner of the 1 and 1/2 yr old sibling killers said he was "concerned" that they were part pit when he adopted them from the shelter. i'm leaning towards part pit as well based on the owners statement that the dogs were contained by an e-collar, but SOMEHOW they got through it. e-collars do a good job of containing normal dogs but not mutants. plus (nutter) JOHN FITZGERALD said of his 1 and 1/2 yr old dogs that he has had for one year, "they've never done that before" as well as "They've lost their dog but I've lost mine too." pit nutters are really good at trying to muster up sympathy by trying to compare a savage violent death of beloved pets with the HUMANE EUTHANASIA of their assassins. because of the question in breed, the pom will not be included in the mutant card.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Georgia smacked down pit grifter Amanda Conrad

the state of georgia revoked her rescue license, fined this con artist $16,000, ordered her not to solicit donations on behalf of animals in the state and has subjected her to random in home inspections for the next two years.

see also

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sarasota County plays "Find the pit bull"


a grant has been awarded to manatee and sarasota counties for free pit bull sterilization in hopes of breaking the vicious cycle of dump and pump with euthasol.

shelter officials cannot fully explain why pit bulls are lost, abandoned or mistreated more than other breeds.

okay, i'll take at stab at it. pit bulls are lost more than other breeds/types of dogs because they are escape artists. pit bulls are abandoned more often than other breeds/types of dogs because they have greater exercise needs than other breeds/types and a lot of people don't find crate & rotate doesn't fit their lifestyle when the wiggle butt commences to scrappin with their other dog. pit bulls are mistreated more than other breeds/types of dogs because knuckle dragging neanderthals are drawn to pits.

TAMI TREADWAY, animal control supervisor of the sarasota county animal shelter says 80-90% of all dogs they house are pit and pit mixes. WOW! 80-90%. i had to see this for myself. i also wanted to see kind of dogs would be not be eligible for the freebies.

Sarasota County Animal Shelter i counted 47 dogs, 21 of them were LISTED as pit bull, bulldog or mix. that's only 45%. where's the other 35%? maybe in the back under a 10 day hold? or possibly sporting the "boxer" moniker?

let's take a look at some of the dogs not eligible for free spay neuter: