Thursday, March 29, 2012

craven mail bag: the stinger edition

Over the last week I have been reading your blog 'The Truth about Pit Bulls' for at least an hour to an hour and a half each day. The information that your blog contains has really broadened my understanding of the true nature of these dogs. My interest in finding unbiased information about these dogs came about after I was forced to kill one of them that attacked & killed my neighbor's Jack Russell terrier. My biggest fear was that the dog would go after her next; she is in her early 80s & I did not think that she would survive even a brief attack by one of these dogs. I had already called the police, but they seemed to have taken their time getting there, so I took action myself. I shot the dog with my compound bow, using an aluminum arrow equipped with a Magnus Stinger broadhead. The dog immediately broke off the attack and retreated to the back of her garden, where it expired. The police did not approve of my methods, but took no action against me. With the dog dead and the attack over, I figured that the worst was over. Then I had to deal with the dog's owner, I have lived near this fellow for 10+ years & while he was never really an outgoing man he seemed like a calm & stable person. I work as a bouncer for a living so I am used to unfriendly types, but he topped them all after seeing me kill his dog. It was like he was drunken or drug-crazed, I have never seen a sober person act like that before. His speech came out so quickly that I had a hard time understanding him at first & the amount of threats he issued in 5 minutes was more than I get during a full shift at the bar. The police intervened and in no uncertain terms told him to be silent. His rejoinder to the situation was to say "I bet that her dog started it. It got what it deserved. My dog didn't attack for no reason."

An example of some of the threats he issued are (pardon the language, but this is what he said):

"I know where your mother lives, you asshole..."
"I have always wondered how long it would take to burn a house like yours to the ground..."
"You had better watch your back because I am gonna get you for this, you fucker..."

Now really, what kind of coward threatens retribution against someone's mother? She is a senior citizen & had nothing to do with the situation.

The facts of the situation are that his dog was on the loose, invaded another person's backyard and attacked their pet. He STOOD inside of his yard and watched the whole thing go down & did nothing to try and stop his dog, he only jumped to action after his dog had been killed & then only to verbally attack the person who stopped the attack.

During one of his ranting attacks a couple of weeks ago my neighbor called the police. Even after they arrived he continued with his threats, he only ceased when the officer told him he would be arrested and charged. I openly told him (in front of the police officer) that if he chose to carry out any of his threats I would defend myself to the best of my ability, even if that meant seriously injuring or killing him. I then walked away.

I don't want the fellow to be jailed or to have him think he has to move away. I would just like him to admit that his dog was dangerous & that it attacked unprovoked. But instead he tries to deflect blame & threatens anyone who says anything different. I always though that he was stable, a bit curmudgeonly perhaps, but not that he is borderline crazy. I guess he fits into the profile of a pit bull owner, at from what I have read online

So far he has only had to pay a fine & sign an agreement that he will not own another pit bull for a period of no less than 5 years. I really don't want to see it go any further than that, but I refuse to be bullied by this man & will press charges if he continues.

If this account is of no use to you, then I apologize for wasting your time. i just thought that someone who deals with the truth of pit bulls may want another true account of their behaviour.

stinger part two


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kids and pit bulls

another child was killed by pit bulls. i don't usually follow fatal attacks closely so i haven't see the comment sections of this story but i am sure there is plenty of parental blame on this one, and that blame appears to justified based on the reports that the 4 yr old was killed after wandering a half mile away from his home. the neighbors claimed this wasn't the first time the victim wandered away from his home. but if you scratch beneath the surface of the nutters' haughty attitude, pseudo dog behavior expert credentials and holier than thou comments, you find a group of people who preach a "do as i say and not as i do" message.

take for example the story of FLAPJACK. aside from the fact that i believe the back story of FLAPJACK to be a complete fabrication on the part of his rescuers, i was appalled to see the following photos on

now, i am no authority on dog behavior but a tail that is tightly curled underneath the belly is not behavior you want to see in a dog, especially a pit bull and especially in such close quarters with a small child. having recently been accused of claiming to be an "authority on animal behavior", i decided to come armed for this fight, so i did a quick google. and i found plenty of experts to back up my non-expert opinion. here's just one:
As most people know, a tail tightly curled under a dog’s belly is a very fearful dog and can even lead to a bite.

the fairy tale rags to riches happy ending tub photo was posted on august 17, 2011 by DENISE PARRY. on august 30th, Denise provided this happy update:

photo caption: He has shown no aggression towards his food, people, or other dogs.
they never do, until they do!

how many maulings have been attributed to the child getting too close to the dog's food?

and on november 29, 2011, the dog nutters received this happy update:

i have lost count how many times the nutters have scolded us for leaving children alone with dogs.

from our canadian nutter neighbors who are every bit as rabid on the subject of pit bulls as their american counterparts, we have TAMMY WILLIAMS of the ADVOCATES OF THE UNDERDOG in ontario. after a mere TWO months as a pit bull owner, ontario decided to ban grippers. what did TAMMY do? "I immediately hit the computer and started learning everything I could about BSL. I talked to anyone and everyone that knew anything about it. I spent months and months in front of my computer just learning." of course with "months and months" of on line education (on BSL, NOT pit bulls!), she still has not a lick of sense but she is SOMEHOW transformed into an expert. here are a few photos from the ontario nutter gallery:

wtf is wrong with these people?

TERRA FLEMING'S nanny dog bit a 3 yr old girl in the face when she went to hug nanny. this was not nanny's first offense. six months prior, nanny PEANUT bit FLEMING'S son. the ACO described PEANUT as "not highly aggressive" but added that "children should not be left alone with dogs". FLEMING was ticketed for misdemeanor child neglect.
here's another link.

photo caption: peanut my pit sleeping

and here's something that i find interesting in a creepy sort of way. the nanny dog's fur mommy tried to unload her wiggle butt on facebook, 4 hours before she bit the toddler.

on february 17, 2012, grampajim58 reported the following:
My son is very much on the bandwagon about pitbull dogs are no different then another breed of dogs-(when it comes to dogs that bite)-He even made posters, and rallied the dog lovers to come out and protest against a bill that would ban breed pacific dogs. Well I'm here to say I got the phone call last night that no granpa wants to get, it was my son calling me from his cell phone a little after 10pm. I only knew it was my son because of caller I.D.he was screaming and crying at the same time,and I could hear the sound of loud exhaust screaming out a high RPM sound,that's when I knew something bad has just happened.What I Could make out was my granddaughter was crying at the door because she wanted to go by-by with her Dad (my son) he had to go to the store.That's when it happened, the crying must have made the dog nervous, because it attacked her without warning-The Police, and First Responders, Ambulance, and Animal control showed up.They loader my 2yr old granddaughter on the stretcher, and then to the hospital, and into surgery she went, the Doctors, the Nurses, and the plastic Surgeon-to try to put that little girls face back together again.They shaved part of her head, and where able to save the one eyelid and ran the staples in the hairline.After only 6hrs she was in recovery=Where we are now-------
-------------I am more than sick over this-----------------------

of course, i had to look for this nutter and as luck would have it, i found him. my fingers were crossed for another badrap connection but i saw no specific orgs that he was associated with.

JIMMY SHAW'S pit bulls were NOT chained, were NOT neglected, were NOT abused. they lived inside the home as cherished and well dressed wiggle butts. there are plenty of photos of these much loved family members on myspace and facebook, although the photos with clever nutter captions have been removed, i saved them.

me thinks BUDDY is now a dog rug, but not to worry - his manbiter genes live on...

i also found this link on his facebook page, i suspect one of these raving nutters is our champion for the underdog.


flapjack's story

advocate's toddler attacked by family pit bull

advocates for the underdog

disclaimer - i have never claimed to be any kind of authority on dog behavior. i am just a smart ass who likes to read and smash nutter bullshit. i am not making this up!

*the AC reports are out and things don't look good for america's gripping nanny dog.

Ricochet, A tale of nature and nurture

this is a story about the nature/nurture debate. pit bull advocates claim nurture overrides nature with love and humane treatment. this story provides further evidence of their delusion.

Dogs In Service recently blogged about a golden retriever named Ricochet who was bred for service work and raised from birth for service work. Ricochet's genetic hard wiring turned on at 9 months. although Ricochet excelled in her training, her trainer could not discourage her from genetic trait of chasing birds. her owner was smart enough and honest enough to recognize that despite her best efforts, she could not stifle Ricochet's desire to chase birds and released her from the service dog training program. Ricochet went on to do great things, just not as a service dog. watch the video.

dogs are amazing creatures. we owe it to them to appreciate their unique breed traits. we owe it to them to recognize what they are and what they are not. we owe it to them to recognize the power of DNA.

the most recent example of the failure of the love conquers all approach.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ambitious mouthbreather kimberly lashure

(the tattoo is of a smoking gun with the word "Ambition". close up

watertown, new york LASHURE'S people pleasin never been aggressive before nanny dog ROSCOE, acted out his own little version of goldilocks and the 3 snack sized dogs saturday morning. the first victim was behind a fence with an armed foe. the second victim had two defenders, one armed. best to keep looking for an easier target. and the tenacious never say die pit bull didn't have to look much further before he got lucky. too bad his luck ran out when he encountered a human who loves his dogs more than nutters love their grippers.

ROSCOE ran into a home and attacked a dachshund. that's when the dachshund's owner swung into action, stabbing and clubbing the mutant to death.

and for Mr King's trouble and trauma, does he get an "oh my god, i'm so sorry. i will pay for the vet bill and the clean up of your home. please send me the bill. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i am so glad you are okay."


KIMBERLY LASHURE goes public and makes excuses. "ROSCOE was a family pet. It was not his nature to attack, he has been fine with my children. His collar gave him a rash, so I took it off and he SOMEHOW got loose." the fact that this mouthbreather doesn't know the answer and is clinging to "somehow" is a real head scratcher. i feel like i am back at catherine hedges' website.

and how about this statement...
“I would just ask, Why did he have to be killed?” she said. “I don’t understand that. That’s the question that I have. If you had to hurt him and we had to take him to the vet — if we had to amputate a leg — at least the dog would still be living.”
amputate a leg? wtf?

that pit bull drinking game would come in handy right about now. i think it would make LASHURE a little easier to understand.

i am a teetotaler, so i will opt for a quick background check on the ambitious mouthbreather instead.

oct 2008 Christopher L. Arruda, 25, of 906 Water St., was being held Wednesday in the Metro-Jefferson Public Safety Building under $5,000 bail on a petit larceny charge.

He was arraigned in Watertown City Court following his arrest Tuesday night for the alleged theft of a $199 reciprocating saw at Home Depot.

His driver, Kimberly N. Lashure, 320 Waltham St., was cited with third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and driving a vehicle having suspended registration.

Following the alleged 7 p.m. theft, police were provided information that led patrols to go to the Lashure residence and wait for the suspects to arrive. When they were confronted on Waltham Street, they did not have the saw, police said. The investigation continues.

Mr. Arruda is also facing a charge of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, cited Oct. 8 when the Metro-Jeff Drug Task Force alleged he had heroin.

Ms. Lashure was also cited with traffic charges on Sept. 9 when another man who was riding with her was found possessing heroin.

dec 2008 Kimberly N. Lashure, 21, Watertown, faces three counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, two counts of fourth-degree conspiracy and single counts of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and first-degree criminal nuisance.

She is accused of possessing more than a half an ounce of heroin with the intent to sell it in early October in the town of Adams. It is also alleged that she arranged with others to have the drug transported into the county. She is further accused of providing heroin to another person to sell it on early November in Watertown and of allowing her Waltham Street residence to be used as a place for drug sales.

june 2009 A Watertown woman was sentenced Friday in Jefferson County Court to 1 1/2 years in state prison for possessing heroin.

Kimberly N. Lashure, 21, address unknown, will have to undergo an additional year of supervision upon release from prison for a March 17 guilty plea to third-degree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance. She was accused in a grand jury indictment in December of possessing more than one-half ounce of heroin with the intent to sell.

nov 2011 Eleven people were arraigned Friday in Jefferson County Court on grand jury indictments unsealed in court alleging they had and sold cocaine.

Kimberly N. Lashure, 24, of 608 Academy St., faces single counts of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and fourth-degree conspiracy. It is alleged she sold the drug in early August. Bail was set at $5,000.

this mouthbreather is too stupid to even come up with a name for her child.

a convicted felon in possession of a pit bull. WHY? why is this even allowed?

KIMBERLY LASHURE will appear in court on March 29 on charges of damage to property, having a dog at large and having a dog without its proper tags.


Friday, March 16, 2012

ignorant and uneducated

an anonymous helper has been leaving comments with links to vintage photos and illustrations for the america's dog blog. s/he left me a link to don't bully my breed for the images, but i was drawn to the pit bull history. to say that i was stupefied by what i read, is the understatement of the year.
America's Sweetheart No More
It is an ironic twist that around the same time dogfighting became outlawed, the Pit Bull began showing up in the media in a negative light. In 1976, the Supreme Court passed the Animal Welfare Act of 1976. This groundbreaking act made dogfighting officially illegal in all 50 states, as well as set strict penalties for anyone found caught fighting dogs. Unfortunately, it is often said that when something is made criminal, that it will attract criminals. Massive misinformation began being spread about Pit Bulls during this time as well. In their efforts to get the Welfare Law passed, some of the major "animal advocacy" groups completely vilified the Pit Bull and spawned the myths that still haunt the breed today. These groups claimed that Pit Bulls had to be trained to fight using treadmills, flirt and spring poles, and other devices which were (and are still today) actually used by responsible owners to exercise their dogs. They made up the "bait dog" myth, which unfortunately is no longer a myth (read more about "bait dogs" here). They "helped" to blur the lines between Dog Aggression and Human Aggression by claiming that dogfighters made the fighting dogs "meaner" by abusing them and feeding them gunpowder or tabasco sauce.

"It is an ironic twist that around the same time dogfighting became outlawed, the Pit Bull began showing up in the media in a negative light. In 1976, the Supreme Court passed the Animal Welfare Act of 1976. This groundbreaking act made dogfighting officially illegal in all 50 states, as well as set strict penalties for anyone found caught fighting dogs."


first, dog fighting has been illegal for over 100 years, and the pit bull's negative image in the media is as old as pit bulls and the media!

second, not only does the fucktard who wrote this, i assume it was the founder of don't bully my breed, not understand the functions of the three branches of government but none of her minions understand the
functions of the three branches of government, as NO ONE bothered to EDUCATE this imbecile of her embarrassing error.

third, the animal welfare act did NOT officially make dog fighting illegal in all 50 states. CONGRESS, not the supreme court, addressed only the issue of interstate and foreign commerce in ALL animal fighting not just dogs.

fourth, it was ONLY after the MICHAEL VICK bust that dog fighting became a felony in every state. dog fighting was still a lowly misdemeanor in many states between 1976 and 2007, therefore penalties were LENIENT not strict!




the level of ignorance among pit nutters is truly mind numbing.

don't bully my breed was founded by CATHERINE HEDGES.

this is the same CATHERINE HEDGES who claimed to possess more expertise and superior knowledge in her 11 years of rescue angeling than a veterinarian of 36 years with 22 years of animal control experience whom she challenged when he sentenced an aggressive pit bull to a dirt nap in pekin, illinois.

interview with an imbecile

the three branches of government - sesame street style for all of the intellectually impaired pit nutters.

Public Law 94-279 Animal Welfare Act Amendments of 1976

[Animal fighting venture, prohibition. 7 USC 2156.] "SEC. 26. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly sponsor or exhibit any animal in any animal fighting venture to which any animal was moved in interstate or foreign commerce.

"(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly sell, buy, transport, or deliver to another person or receive from another person for purposes of transportation, in interstate for foreign commerce, any dog or other animal for purposes of having the dog or other animal participate in an animal fighting venture.

[Penalties.] "(c) It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly use the mail service of the United States Postal Service or any interstate instrumentality for purposes of promoting or in any other manner furthering an animal fighting venture except as performed outside the limits of the States of the United States.

"(d) Not withstanding the provisions of subsection (a), (b), or (c) of this section, the activities prohibited by such subsection shall be unlawful with respect to fighting ventures involving live birds only if the fight is to take place in a State where it would be in violation of the laws thereof.

"(e) Any person who violates subsection (a), (b), or (c) shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both, for each such violation.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Not Label Pit Bulls Dangerous? When the media gets it right

"It's not the dog's fault. "

 "My response to that is, "Who cares?"

"Chris Davis, who literally wrote the book on dog bites says this: There's a human being that's been significantly harmed. To debate, ok, was it the dog that did it or was it the owner. My response is who cares? Let's not put the rights of dogs over human beings." Chris Davis, Author of  When the Dog Bites"


thanks to:
KOMO 4 TV newscaster Eric Johnson
Miss WooHoo11

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Victim's account of a pit bull home invasion attack

Click on these excerpts from Jim Reeve's blog to read about the Christmas day when an illegally kept pit bull invaded his family home and killed the family's 2 year old poodle.  Be forewarned: the account is detailed and gruesome.

A Christmas to Forget Saturday, 17 December 2011

Vindication for Max Monday, 27 February 2012

Finally we have some vindication for our little poodle Max who died a horrible death on Christmas Day. The sad thing is, that no matter what penalty was enforced, there is nothing that can wipe this memory from Jacob's mind. This was an instant which changed his life forever. Because of Jacob's Asperger's, he'll never look at dogs or Christmas the same ever again. Jacob's done well in handling what happened, but there are some deep rooted issues of course. We even had to give some of the gifts he received that Christmas away because Jacob refused to open or use them. He literally wants nothing around that reminds him of that day. It saddens me to think that I'm still powerless as his father to help. But I can ensure you, that we'll be filing a suit against the man and we'll be seeking the maximum penalty allowed.

See Also:


Sunday, March 4, 2012

reinventing the pit bull!

so, i am tooling along doing my thing (you know, hatin') and SOMEHOW i end up at this facebook page. i can't even remember how i got there but i thought to myself, as long as i am here, i might as well take a look around. this is one of best friends pet projects so i just knew it wouldn't take long before i stumbled on some fodder for craven.

notice anything odd about this photo? click to view larger if you need to.

if you guessed that it was a fake, you would be correct. the "ultimate nanny dog" was dropped into this photo.

of course the comments on the photo are just priceless.

now i have been aware of the stubby dog project for some time. in fact, last summer i found a pit nutter brazenly lying on about misrepresenting the breed to prince george county animal control and with what appears to be with the full knowledge and endorsement of animal control. you can imagine my glee when i saw this same lying pit nutter harassing a pit bull victim on facebook. i mean what are the chances? being killed by a falling coconut seems more likely.

obtw, after this nutter was exposed, i found her on facebook claiming to have moved to a county where pit bulls are not banned but that is also a lie. AND i found that the administrator of stubby dog removed the page harboring the confession. they are all in cahoots.
good thing i take copious screen shots and save pdfs. you can read the full discussion here.

click on this link and scroll to the bottom and you be the judge.

i decided the stubby dog project logo needed a little reinventing.

but if you want to REDISCOVER the pit bull, click HERE.

Aug 26, 2011 04:35:49 AM, wrote:

I just wanted to let you know that when the name of Julie Edwards-Matanga is put into a search, it links her to your church. It says that she is the director of your choir.
She uses face book and is a member of a couple of hate pages.
One is...I hate Pit bull owners and another is.. I hate pit bulls.
She is on these pages calling pit bull owners white trash, strippers, and single wide trailer owners. Also she has asked if we belong to the First Church of Pit Bulls.
She does not know any of these people, including myself personally. She has also been posting some very graphic photos on these pages.
I am a licensed veterinary technician and have been for 24 years, I wouldn't appreciate someone speaking badly about another living being, then being linked to my place of business when their name was searched.
I looked at your website and what your church teaches, I really don't think you would want someone bad mouthing others and being linked to your website.
Thank You For Your Time,
Tanja O'Dell

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826

Our third and one of our greatest presidents is on the list of famous pit bull owners. There is only one small problem. The pit bull terrier did not exist in Jefferson's lifetime. Therefore, if you believe that Thomas Jefferson owned pit bulls, you also acknowledge that bulldogs ARE pit bulls, something most bulldog and APBT fanciers are loathe to do.

Historical records indicate upon his return from France in 1789, Jefferson brought back French Shepherds and shortly after the turn of the century, General Lafayette gave Jefferson a couple of Briards to protect his sheep. Jefferson later imported Briards. There is also one very odd, very brief reference from a slave who stated that Jefferson owned two bulldogs. (possibly one of these bulldogs?)

Jefferson had little tolerance for dogs that brought harm to his sheep, regardless of whether the harm was done by his own dogs or those belonging to his slaves or his neighbors. Jefferson once ordered a dog hung for killing his sheep and he destroyed many of his own dogs who were described as "mischievous".

He was not so lucky with Grizzle, a second sheepdog sent to Monticello from Normandy in 1790. In 1796 Grizzle's line, which had proved "mischievous," was destroyed - all except Damon, who was kept out of mischief at the end of a chain.

No one has yet solved the mystery of what Bergère, Grizzle and their progeny looked like. Some have suggested they were long-tailed shaggy Briards. This breed, however, bears little resemblance to the chien de berger in Buffon's Histoire naturelle. In the only eyewitness account, which raises more questions than it answers, the slave Isaac remembered that Jefferson "had dogs named Ceres, Bull, Armandy, and Claremont; most of 'em French dogs; he brought 'em over with him from France. Bull and Ceres were bulldogs. He brought over Buzzy with him too; she pupped at sea: Armandy and Claremont, stump tails, both black." Buzzy was obviously Bergère, and Claremont - correctly Clermont - was no doubt one of her pups born on that vessel. Ceres may have been the second of Bergère's pups, named for the ship that had carried Jefferson in the opposite direction in 1784. Armandy was perhaps Norman, one of only three of Bergère's descendants left at Monticello in 1796; a fourth, Sancho, belonged to Thomas Mann Randolph. The reference to bulldogs is puzzling, since no other mention of the presence of this breed at Monticello has been found.

"I participate in all your hostility to dogs, and would readily join in any plan for exterminating the whole race."


"To secure wool enough, the negroes dogs must all be killed. Do not spare a single one. ..Let this be carried into execution immediately."

Yep, sounds like Jefferson had experience with bulldogs.

Thomas Jefferson: an intimate history

American Presidents Dogs

Letter: Hostility to Dogs

Lafayette's Dogs

Thomas Jefferson Hated Dogs and Clergymen

American Pit Bull a documentary by Marilyn Braverman

Is an american bulldog a pit bull?