Friday, July 21, 2017

Let’s Talk About the ASPCA’s Lies & Their Gentle Killer Pit Bull

The ASPCA has been caught promoting a killer pit bull as “gentle” but they won’t take down their lie because they figure their megaphone is bigger than mere pit bull attack victims’ screams. They’re right about that, and their inaction proves that they are absolutely willing to lie to promote pit bulls and they do not care that their propaganda is killing our pets. At All.

Biscotti Was Killed By a Pit Bull the ASPCA deemed "Gentle"
Biscotti's owner doesn't want Biscotti's death to be in vain
She wants pit bull regulation

The ASPCA got in on one of pit bull propagandists most favorite tropes - the police officer called to a scene with reports of a vicious or abused pit bull, and then finding to their delight that said pit bull is really a cream puff. The pit bull and the officer bond so fast and hard that the police officer has to take it home and make it his or hers. There are several of these stories going around interspersed much more common stories of police officers shooting and killing pit bulls that are charging at them.
Baltimore Cops Love Them Stray Pit Bulls.
The Humane Society Loves Them Cops

The ASPCA’s cop is NYPD officer Joshua Sailor who responded to a complaint on September 30, 2016 that a dog had been barking for days. A pit bull owner had tied up his pit in a foot wide space between a door and a screen door for days with no food or water and the neighbors finally called because of the barking.

It was love at first sight for Officer Sailor and Maryann the abused pit bull. He rushed the pit to the ASPCA Animal Hospital where it stayed for a week before Officer Sailor renamed the pit bull Mila and took it home to his apartment in a building that doesn’t allow dogs. But never fear, Officer Sailor was given a special exception and was allowed to keep his new pit bull there because he and Mila are…special.
It was once believed that tutus and flower headbands made pit bulls safe
Sadly, that has turned out to be a another myth - Meet Mila the ASPCA's Gentle Killer
The ASPCA made propaganda hay out of Officer Sailor and Mila. In January 2017, the ASPCA featured Sailor and Mila on a their “news” page in a story entitled “An Officer and a Gentle-Dog: Maryann’s Touching Rescue” in which is described the heart warming rescue and the ASPCA special luncheon held on December 13th honoring Sailor and other NYPD officers for helping animals.

And then the unthinkable predictable happened. A little over six months after Officer Sailor rescued Mila, Mila dug under a fence, ran into the neighbor’s yard and fatally mauled a pekingese/beagle mix named Biscotti. Biscotti was leashed in his own yard. He was going potty and completely unaware of the existence of the pit bull when it fatally mauled him right in front of his owner.

“Biscotti was just squatting down and this white image came out of the woods in the back of our yard and tackles him, completely unprovoked,” said Biscotti’s owner, Louise. “(Mila) slaps him down on his back and begins shaking him. She was peeling away her ear like an artichoke.”

Biscotti suffered with horrible damage for a couple days before he passed away. Biscotti had gotten his owner, Louise, through kidney cancer and breast cancer. She doesn’t want his death to be in vain. She wants laws that protect her community from pit bulls.

Mila the pit bull was staying with Officer Sailor’s girlfriend who co-owns the pit at the time it escaped to kill Biscotti. According to a neighbor, the pit bull was working with a trainer at least once a week. (Sounds like someone’s dear pit bull was having behavior problems) When asked about the attack, the ASPCA said that they weren’t aware of the attack and besides, they hadn’t provided any “post-adoption behavior consultation for this animal.” But now that they’ve been apprised of the mauling, the ASPCA hasn’t edited or removed its propaganda piece about the “gentle” pit bull that they now know is a killer.

Post Script:
This is not the only police-officer-saves-pit-bull story that doesn’t end well for innocent neighboring animals.

In 2013 Officer Grandchamp answered a vicious dog call and ended up adopting the pit bull. Pit bull advocates ate up his story as he told people to not judge pit bulls. Then his pit bull attacked a pony in the pony’s own barn. Read about it HERE.

With these success stories in mind, won't you be an ASPCA angel and save a gentle killer pit bull today?