Thursday, June 30, 2011

Benny Quinn McEntyre a.k.a. Benny Mack

file photo of a bank robber/murderer

In 1929, Featherweight boxer Benny Quinn McEntyre aka Benny Mack was convicted of the murder of landscape architect W. R. Moore. Mack shot and killed Moore as the two argued over a bulldog that Moore purchased but still had not paid for 2 weeks earlier.

Mack was sentenced to 22-30 years but was pardoned by the governor. He returned to boxing and a life of crime. At one time Mack was working as a Hollywood stunt double. In 1936, he was charged with car theft. In 1961 at the age of 57, Mack was sentenced to 15 years for bank robbery

Mack eventually landed in an insane asylum.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prince the Blood-Covered Pit Bull

Two year old Prince the pit bull, along with his mother, Sugar (7 yrs) just moved into 9,500 sq. ft home last November along with their owners. The home is owned by Michael T and Jennifer Holliman . They moved into a nice neighborhood in Waukesha, Wisconsin which, in 2006, Money magazine ranked 36th on its list of the "100 Best Places to Live", in the United States. The yard is enclosed by a 3.5 foot picket fence. Prince could easily scale it.

Both pit bulls were loved family pets according to family members. Prince and Sugar were evidently pretty quiet because some neighbors weren't aware dogs were living there. However, there was one incident on June 12 in which one of the dogs got loose and chased a child.

On Tuesday, while fur mommy was putting Sugar in her kennel, Prince began to attack Sugar and then redirected onto his fur mommy. And didn't stop.

This is natural and normal:

This is unnatural and abnormal:
Prince covered in his owner's blood. (click to enlarge)

A neighbor with a baseball bat came to the owner's rescue, probably saved her life, and got bitten and needed hospital care himself. The owner's injuries required a flight for life helicopter.

One of the officer reports states that chunks of the victim/owner's flesh were found on the ground and the dogs were described as being in a frenzy.

When Prince looked like he was going to redirect a second time, police shot him as he was scaling the picket fence and a sedated Sugar was taken to the shelter.

Semi Sedated Sugar

The neighbors do not want Sugar to come back to the neighborhood. The neighbors are extremely lucky that when this well cared for family pet "turned on" at that magic age of two years old, he flexed his genetic muscle in a big way, and attacked his owner rather than some innocent neighbors.

Some neighborhoods are not so lucky. The pit bull can hold a neighborhood hostage while the owner does nothing to protect them before insisting the dog be killed for injuring them or their own as happened with the pit bull named Zion who ended up not attacking the owner, but his 91 year old great grandmother who lost both her arms.

Even well cared for pit bulls attack their owners far more frequently than any other kind of dog.

Burden was shouting, “Help me, shoot him,” while being attacked by his own pit bull.

The officers heard Montague yell: “My dog attacked me, shoot it, kill it,”

Nutter Mark Hess of the Humane Animal Welfare Society wants everyone to know "that attacking humans is not breed specific and can happen to anyone." I'd like to see him work up a list like this one from or provide some pictures of dogs as bloody as Prince for non-fighting breeds.

And the nutters are out in force saying the same old thing in comments sections below photos of a blood soaked dog.

Do you remember that fortune cookie game where you read the fortune and add "in bed." to the end? Fun times.

The nutter game goes like this: into any nutter statement, you insert "blood-covered" right before "pit bull" or "pibble" or "pittie" or "breed." You can try it with the comments for this story. It makes reading them a little easier.

Blood-covered pit bulls are sweet...

I AM SICK of hearing people that are media educated with zero experience
with the blood-covered breed, claiming they are vicious.


Monday, June 27, 2011

thoughts on dog ownership

by anonymous

I think of myself as a steward of my pets. They rely on me to meet their basic needs and I enter into a moral contract with myself to do so when I bring them into my home. Because I want to be a good owner to them, I look to provide my charges with more than the basic necessities, so I try to create as enriching an environment for them as I can. I take care to not injure them, frighten them or put them in harm's way. As living creatures, I believe they are entitled to my respect as well as my care for the unique place they occupy in the world.

However, if for any reason they become a danger to my family, I reserve the right to remove them from my home. If the safety or health of a family member is compromised by the presence of our animals, I reserve the right as their owner, as well as an obligation, to find a suitable alternate living situation for them. If I, as their owner, deem them unsafe to all around them, I, as their owner, reserve the right to have them humanely euthanized to address a greater need, that is, the safety of those who would come into contact with them. If I deem my pet is suffering and beyond the medical care that would sustain a quality life for them, I reserve the right as their owner to have them humanely euthanized.

Whether we like it or not, pets are property. We can legally buy them. We can legally sell them. In many circumstances, we can legally give them away if we choose. We are permitted to cage them, tether them, ban them from certain areas. We are not bound by law to provide them with education or enrichment. And unfortunately, because they are our property, there exist far too many opportunities for people to abuse their rights and responsibilities as owners.

For too many in the rescue world, though, a belief exists that a dog's rights should somehow eclipse that of the humans who own them. When one starts thinking in this way, it's a logical trajectory from stewardship to antipathy-induced blindness toward the actual rights of humans.

Someone once shared with me his experiences as a child around dogs from another era:

About 65 years ago, this person relates that he played regularly with a crowd of neighborhood kids. He says that an ever-changing collection of dogs followed him and his friends daily in their travels, just at the perimeter of their play area. The kids always had some sort of food with them, and he said they'd sometimes share with the dogs. These dogs were not feral, they were owned by neighbors and known to the kids. He relates that very few people where he grew up during that time paid their dogs much mind. The dogs were typically let out in the morning, had run of the neighborhood, were fed by trashcans, kids and kind souls and then made their way to their homes in the evenings. During the day, they met up with and hung out with other dogs, often on the periphery of where the kids where playing.

The kids would acknowledge them and sometimes interact with them. Once in a while, he tells me, a dog would seriously bite a kid without provocation. He said there were no questions asked and the result was always the same. The police were called and the dog was dispatched on site. He said that often, it was the dog's owner who, once notified, would call the police. It was done publicly and quickly. He said it was always sad, and everyone felt badly whenever it happened. But he said there was an unspoken and informal understanding among the members of the community - the dogs were supposed to be safe. If they weren't, their life was forfeit. No rehabilitation. No rescue. No demands. No excuses.

He's incredulous at the amount of attacks reported in present day society, when, in his eyes, we as dog owners are so much more involved in their care and welfare.

This is a slice-of-life scenario where the aggressive ones really were culled. I believe this protocol existed because there was no blurred line between whose protection was paramount.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Find the Frankenmauler

Mary used to support pit bull rescue. However, when her husband was attacked by the neighbor's new rescue pittie in the condo building's elevator, a couple of thoughts bubbled to her consciousness. She realized that even the firm conviction that "its the owner not the pit bull" could not keep her husband from getting attacked by one.

Mary is miffed that the frankenmauler is still listed by BETH GRUFF as a success story on her IT'S THE PITS RESCUE's adopted page.

BETH GRUFF founder and president
of the largest pit bull rescue in the San Diego area It's The Pits

BETH GRUFF is a firm supporter of rehabilitating fighting dogs. She has confidence that "experienced handlers" like herself can "gauge the dog's mental condition." She's proud to report that 200 ex-fighting dogs from the largest dogfighting bust in history have been placed in homes and may be in a yard or elevator near you.

However, Mary has detected a significant flaw in this temperament evaluation scheme. If it's the owner and not the dog, while BETH is busy expertly evaluating the fighting dogs' temperaments, who's evaluating the potential owners? And while we're at it, though I don't think Mary's gotten there yet, who's evaluating the rescue operators?

Good work with the expert evaluation Beth!

BETH GRUFF should have consulted with DR. BONNIE BEAVER acclaimed animal behaviorist and former president of the AVMA who is against BSL and who condemned the recent San Antonio hospital study by saying, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." She previously has said that temperament testing is, well, basically useless and discourages veterinarians from supplying temperament assessments for insurance purposes because of the potential for liability claims. (thanks, vintage for finding this fantastic source. It should be used whenever possible)

The Beav

Thank you DubV for this take on the "which end of the leash should I blame?" quandary.

The blame game is used by pit bull owners to their advantage, and that is why I choose not to play it. If we do not accept dogs as moral agents, then they are never to blame. Therefore their breed is not to blame. However, their breed is often a cause and contributing factor to maulings. That is a conversation the pit bull owners do not want to have because it frames the issue in a way where they do not have a rhetorical advantage automatically.- dubv June 23, 2011 9:44PM

Lets stop blaming and continue regulating.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wadena County Humane Society Lies and Blames Victim After Their Pit Bull Attacks

Fellow bloggers please re post and cross post:

While attending a Pet Expo at the County fairgrounds a 7 year old border collie service dog named Cheyanne was attacked by an adoptable pit bull named Lola owned by the Wadena County Humane Society. Someone had to use a stick to pry Lola's jaws off Cheyanne.

Blamed Victim and supposed pit bull harrasser Cheyanne before the accident

Cheyanne was rushed to the veterinary clinic with puncture wounds and possible nerve damage.

The Humane Society blamed Cheyanne for the attack claiming that Cheyanne "harrassed" their pit bull despite eyewitnesses who say that Cheyanne was sitting calmly when the pit bull attacked.

While the police believe the dog will be put down after 10 days, the Humane Society says they were not told to do so and still have Lola up for adoption - with no warning about "NO DOGS" on her post.

Mauler Lola - still up for adoption to the unsuspecting public

Cheyanne's owner, who says her dog alerts her to seizures, wants compensation for medical costs and possible replacement cost for a service dog and will bring her case before the county board meeting on Wednesday.

Link 1
Link 2

Any suggestions to the Humane Society about honesty, integrity, responsibility, public service, public safety and pit bulls should be directed here:

Wadena County Humane Society 501(c)(3) non-profit
310 Ash Ave NW hwy 10 west
Wadena, MN 56482

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 248
Wadena, MN 56482

Phone #: (218) 632-5938

Wadena County Board of Commissioners

Fellow bloggers - please re post!

UPDATE: Fifteen days after the biting incident, the adoption notice had been taken down.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alachua County Ticket Number 005833

By now everyone has heard about the gruesome mauling of Roy McSweeney in Hawthorne, FL. If you haven't, click here and here. This nightmare has sparked interest in Florida animal control laws among my people.

A link to a 2006 article from The Gainesville Sun landed in my email inbox. After a series of horrific dog attacks, the Alachua county commissioners decided it was time to ban dangerous dogs. Twelve citizens spoke at the public meeting, only two were opposed to the non-breed specific banning of dangerous dogs. And only one of those people was named in the article - TONI DIANE FAIR.
I am always curious about the people who fight against common sense laws, so I consulted The Google. Not only did I find a 2003 DUI conviction, I found that in April 2011 TONI FAIR was cited for FAILURE TO COMPLY W/ DANGEROUS DOG REQUIREMENTS. Well, so much for her one on one training on proper confinement. On June 9, 2011, the day before Roy McSweeney's horrific mauling, TONI DIANE FAIR pled non-guilty. She was fined $71. FAIR paid $50 and the remaining balance of $21.00 was dismissed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

jesse james: nutter nazi outlaw

strike number 4 for this nazi wannabe. first one of his mutants (CISCO) killed another one of his mutants (RUDY). then his shop pit bull CINNABON went missing, TWICE. now one of JAMES' mutants attacked a corgi.

be sure to cast your vote for a dirt nap in this link.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

find the pit bull part two

all this talk about vick dogs and dna tests has inspired another round of find the bull.

Monday, June 6, 2011

for nothing can seem so foul to those that win

last friday the pit nutters' proof of assertion army hit the internet with the simultaneous release of at least 3 nanny dog articles. the pit nutters are determined to win the war at any cost. i would rather lose with my integrity intact. but that's just me.

it is astonishing what is passing as journalism these days. no one practices in depth, independent research anymore. they don't even pretend. and the desperate, gullible pit nutters are treating this round robin of middle aged women as if they are delivering the word of god.

the crusader KATE JAMES linked to bay area propagandist CLAUDINE ZAP'S puff piece and ZAP linked to a pitnutter forum and to the vagina indifferent comedian and to TRACYANN MAINS' puff piece that begins with "I've never met a pit bull that I didn't like. I've met four." and TRACYANN'S source materials for her soft hitting, shallow, piece of crap? BADRAP of course!

yahoo (yäˈhoō noun informal a rude, noisy, or violent person.) has over 300 comments most of which parrot the writer, pointing to photos of pits with kids as proof they were in fact nanny dogs.

something tells me JANE BERKEY is behind this.

vintage postcard featuring... the nanny dog!

since friday, the Nanny Dog Myth Revealed has been viewed over 2000 times. much of the credit goes to Jake for creating the surge in traffic at the truth about pit bulls blog. JAKE ventured into enemy territory and planted the one lone kernel of truth in the great expanse of disinformation.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

update: Officer Marcia Kratzenberg

last october, a duquesne, pennsylvania police officer was out with her dogs when she crossed paths with a family and their dogs. a "scuffle" broke out, yadda yadda yadda ms. pit nutter fled. well, that's according to the biased media. a week ago, a friend of kratzenberg showed up to set the record straight.


my response:

well, after days of NO response (what a surprise), i decided to do a little research. while i didn't find any updates regarding the NINE charges against the duqusenecop, i did find other interesting info, like the fact that she was a student at DR SCOT E DOWD'S Pit Bull University.

i am guessing that MARCIA did not graduate.

a year and half later, she joined the cane corso forum to research the breed in hopes of getting one and making it her K9 partner. a year later MARCIA acquired her first cane corso, from none other than.... BELLA ROSA CANE CORSOS a.k.a VIRGINIA DUNN. another year later, i found her introducing herself and her dogs (cane corsos, ambulls, pit bull and amstaff) on pitbull-chat.

according to her facebook page, she is a fan of pit nutter DAN MEAGHER'S show, pit bull positive.

here is MARCIA and some of her dogs, ambull, pit bull, staffy bull. you can see her with cane corsos on her myspace page (bred by none other than virginia dunn!).

you can see more of MARCIA and her dogs and her tattoos here.

i decided that i should look into VIRGINIA DUNN, a breeder of cane corsos in portland oregon.

lion tamer VIRGINIA posing with fila brasileiro

i found this interesting interview with a cane corso breeder on

the first question, "How long have you been working with the breed?"

DUNN'S answer, "Well, I rescued dogs for years, my boys and I. Mostly Pit Bulls. We truly love Pit Bulls! But knowing that only 1 in every 600 Pits that need homes will ever get one, and looking at the reality of the Pit situation really started getting me down. Don’t get me wrong. I will ALWAYS help the pits. But sometimes it just gets so overwhelming. I guess I just needed a break from rescue. That’s when the Cane Corso came into my life. It’s been a blessing to me."

i would never trust a breeder who answers questions about their breed with ramblings about another breed!

on VIRGINIA DUNN'S breeder website Bella Rosa, she devotes a section to CORSO COPS, with none other than MARCIA KRAZTENBERG posing in uniform with an adult and a cane corso puppy. "This beautiful girl is a K-9 in Pennsylvania. Hannah loves being on patrol, doing drug searches, helping frightened children fee safe." i can not imagine that a police department would have this K-9 on their staff that did not go through the proper police dog training. in fact, i am officially calling shenanigans on these two nutters. i googled 'cane corso police dogs' and i found some interesting links and they don't exactly help the nutters.

first up, K-9 Selene. "She's just the third of her breed to serve as a police dog outside of Italy. One is currently working in Beechdown, Ohio; the other, in Hoopeston, Ill." there's some other interesting b.s. in the link, i'll let you find it while i stay on task. although i'd really like to know why the police chief INSISTED that Selene be spayed and that resulted in the termination of her K-9 handler. i am under the impression that ALL K-9s are intact.

second up, K-9 Guido, the first corso cop in the U.S. check out these first three photos as the decoy shows how Guido has bruised his arm through the bite sleeve.

third, one more site that mentions there are only 3 cane corso police dogs outside of italy.

okay, where is all of this going....

the use of cane corsos in police work is extremely rare and NONE OF THESE 3 DOGS ARE IN PENNSYLVANIA!

taking a dog's photo in or near a police cruiser does not make it a police dog, unless of course you are a pit nutter and photos are absolute PROOF of police dogs, nanny dogs and the man in the moon.

liars, the whole lot of them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

William Faversham

February 12, 1868 - April 7, 1940

Legendary british film and stage actor William Faversham had a passion for fighting dogs and when he came to America, he brought them with him. Faversham was a significant player among bull terrier breeders. He was a breeder and judge of bull terrier show dogs.

During his early years in the America, Faversham was at times homeless and spent his sundays pitting his bull terrier against laborers' dogs in Harlem. Faversham's pit dog was a champion.

On August 3, 1891, two of Faversham's 30+ bull terriers SOMEHOW managed to escape their kennels and go on a mauling spree. The bull terriers attacked 2 women and 3 kids and when William Truss came to their aid, they mauled him. Faversham responded and called the dogs off. Truss' flesh was tore from both arms and the back of his legs.

Mayor Thomas H Leonard ordered the man biters removed from the town within 24 hours, not culled.

In September 1897 when he was starring in a Chicago play, he found being apart from one of his dogs unbearable so he wired his friends in New York and asked them to ship one of his dogs. It died en route and Faversham wept and stated he was heart broken.

Faversham died in poverty at the age of 72 in a New York rooming house.