Friday, May 27, 2011

part three of three

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -- John F. Kennedy

the topic of part three is my agenda. the nutters are always pontificating about my agenda, but like 99% of what they spew, there is very little truth in it. i don't favor rounding up gripping dogs and euthanizing them, well not until they get loose attack or menace people, pets, livestock or cars.

a couple of years ago, i tried to work with two others to strengthen my local dangerous dog laws. that crusade lasted less than a month. there were just three of us. the other woman, whose cat was killed in her yard by a loose rampaging pit bull, refused to be involved in anything breed specific. and the man, who lived next door to a pit that chewed through the garage and went for a joy ride, refused to be involved if it was not breed specific. neither one could be swayed from their position. i finally threw up my hands and walked away. i decided it is best to leave the lobbying to people with more patience than i.

my agenda is simple.

1) counter the pit bull propaganda with facts so that people can make informed decisions about pet ownership and legislation.

2) encourage pit bull advocates to follow their own advice – think for themselves and do their own research, don't just mindlessly consume the pit nutter propaganda.

3) incite people to take up arms and meet the threat head on.

people are getting the message without my help. in just the month of april alone, i documented 13 instances of private citizens who have been forced to shoot or stab gripping dogs in france, louisiana, oregon, texas x2, pennsylvania, alaska x2, california, south carolina, massachusetts, illinois and virginia. that's a good start but more people need to be sending the message to nutters and lawmakers that we will not tolerate these mutants attacking us, our animals or inhibiting our freedom.

in marengo, illinois residents have armed themselves with baseball bats just to walk their dogs. (i have two neighbors who have been carrying bats for the last year and half)

in live oak, texas a man shot and killed father and son pit bull owners after they became belligerent when they were told by the shooter's wife to keep their pit bull contained.

in columbus, ohio law makers are attempting to repeal the only state pit bull law in the nation that designates pit bulls as different and requires basic minimum standards: containment and insurance. ohio is the only state to get it right and they are trying to undo it.

in alabama, the pit bull apologia came out in force to oppose NON BREED SPECIFIC dangerous dog laws last november.

pit bull owners have made peaceful revolution impossible by refusing to take the necessary precautions to keep those around them safe from their mutants, by combating legislation that protects people, pets and livestock and by regurgitating the "it's all how you raise 'em" nonsense that encourages any idiot to adopt one. it is time for the inevitable. i am officially declaring war on loose menacing dogs, especially gripping dogs. a loose gripping dog should be a dead gripping dog. a gripping dog entering the property of another should under no circumstances leave that property alive.

take note lycanprincess, i am not talking about preemptive strikes against gripping dogs. i do not condone indiscriminately killing gripping dogs that are legally and safely confined on their property. i am referring to neutralizing threats as they arise.

city, county and state governments don't care about our safety enough to stand up to the shrill pit nutter minority. even the feds have thumbed their noses to community safety with their loose unenforceable policy on service dogs. animal control is over run with pit nutters who are more interested in education than enforcement. and the police can not respond in time to protect us. the onus is on the individual to protect themselves and their family against vicious dogs. my safety and the safety of my dogs is my burden alone. i rely on no one else. since we have been forced to return to the wild west, we'd better be prepared to meet the challenge. maybe an all out war will get the attention of law makers.

"Let your gun be your companion on all your walks." -- Thomas Jefferson

part one about me

part two my journey from pit nutter to pit hater

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs

The the usual suspects have come out in force to criticize the San Antonio Dog Bite Study recently released by the University Hospital and defame the authors because the image painted of their beloved pit bull is not quite in sync with their idealized version.
Study authors
John K. Bini, MD
Shirley M. Acosta, RN, BSN,
Marilyn J. McFarland, RN, MS
The TRISAT Clinical Trials Group, include trauma faculty members:
D. Dent, M. Corneille, S. Wolf. D. Mueller, B. Eastridge, G. Goodwiler, J. Gourlas, J. Oh; M. Bohnenblust, K. McBride and biostatistician C. Lounden.

click their names to view their impressive resum├ęs

Excerpt from Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs:

Go to for a full review of this important study.


You find out a lot of information when you deal with the circumstances. That leads you down a different road on what causes the bites and attacks and it's not the breed of dog. It's usually the people who are involved and the surrounding situation that's involved.” Brent Toellner

BRENT TOELLNER, the man who makes his living convincing people to purchase things they don't need, can't afford and are sometimes harmful, told nbc action news, 'it's not the dog, it's the owner'. There's one way to test that theory. Take any serious pit bull mauling and substitute other breeds. Take 85 yr old Rosie Humphreys for example. Rosie and her small poodle were killed by BRIAN PENNINGTON'S loose purebred american pit bull terrier during a routine daily walk. Now try substituting golden retriever in that sentence. How about dachshund? collie? Absurd, isn't it? If breed is truly irrelevant and the problem is truly irresponsible owners, then ANY breed of dog owned by BRIAN PENNINGTON would have yielded the same deadly result.

TOELLNER'S criticisms go into more detail on his blog. One of the criticisms is valid but that does not invalidate the study. My issue with the study is the citing of AKC registered dogs. The APBT, the breed that makes up the bulk of "pit bulls" is not recognized in the AKC registry and not all pit bulls involved in fatal attacks are purebred. The inclusion of AKC numbers only opens the door for pit nutter criticism. Though their method is accepted in academic circles, I would have preferred the authors left that data out.

TOELLNER has a long list of complaints; lack of peer review, small sample, the use of animal people and data (congratulations guys!), and the fact that the authors failed to consult with animal behaviorists and with ms dog bite herself, KAREN DELISE. These are major flaws in his mind that invalidate the study, in HIS mind. TOELLNER praised the authors for stating the obvious, pit bulls do not have locking jaws or an exceptionally powerful bite, but then admits that he is puzzled that the authors still came to the conclusion that pit bulls posed a greater danger than other dogs. At the end of this blog post, pit bull experts DIANE JESSUP and CARL SEMEMCIC will explain why pits are more dangerous.

I find it rather amusing that TOELLNER vigorously condemns the San Antonio University Hospital study, yet he finds no fault with the self report questionnaire study that found dachshunds to be the "biggest biters".

KAREN DELISE (a former vet tech), the great neo cortex's official condemnation of the study begins with the fact that SURGEONS have dared to express an opinion about dangerous dogs. Those opinions are reserved for herself and handful of highly trained gifted supreme beings endowed with mystical powers. DELISE thinks surgeons should stick with surgery. I can certainly relate to that sentiment, I always find myself thinking along those lines whenever the nutter lawyers like LEDY VANKAVAGE, DEBRA BRESCH, LAURA ALLEN, NATHAN WINOGRAD, KEVIN THOMASON open their mouths about animals. They should stay out of the animal AND medical business.

The vet tech writes "Those, whose professional lives are spent with pets and their owners, have been consistent in their recommendations: education of adults and children concerning dogs and dog behavior; and humane care custody and control of all dogs." This cited quote from DELISE is attributed to Texas vet BONNIE BEAVER who under oath testified in 1991, "By its origin, a pit bull is a fighting dog that takes very little stimulous to initiate aggression, and it will continue to fight regardless of what happens" and "Pit bulldogs have been responsible for about 70 percent of the deaths of humans killed by dogs since 1979."

No critique of this study would be complete without the classic pit bull sleight of hand trick, Find The Pit Bull. "There is robust evidence that guesses even by animal professionals of the breed or breeds that make up dogs whose ancestry is not known to them correlate extremely poorly with DNA analyses of the same dogs." Rule number #2 in the pit bull advocacy handbook, ALWAYS cast doubt on breed identification!

The vet tech continues "The authors seem to have begun their research with a belief regarding “pit bull” dogs, and then exploited the tools of epidemiology to legitimize that belief." ALL science starts with a belief. The belief that scientists go into research without any preconceived notions is absurdly naive. The former vet tech/"research director" fails to recognize that ALL SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY BEGINS WITH A HYPOTHESIS which states a belief or expectation. Without a belief, expectation or hypothesis, it is impossible to conduct scientific inquiry!!! Karen, objectivity in science is an illusion and only unethical researchers lie to their audiences and themselves with fantastic claims of absolute detachment and neutrality.

"The illusion of objectivity is most powerful when its victims believe themselves to be free of it." Rupert Sheldrake

The evil genius makes a big deal about the percentage of children in emergency rooms. She claims only 2% of all child visits to the E.R are for dog bites, not 20% as the San Antonio University Hospital surgeons suggest. But the vet tech's only accomplishment is exposing herself as JANE BERKEY'S hired gun and the vet tech only succeeds at fooling her gullible drones with the attack on the authors' one in five visits. A 1998 AMA study, (which you can find at along with lots of other studies and great information), found that 23% of the children who visit the emergency room, are there for dog bites, in other words - roughly one in five.

*I was extremely disappointed that KAREN DELISE didn't take this opportunity to expand on her theory of the meteorologic effects on dog aggression. Oh well, maybe next time.

JIM CROSBY also had plenty to say about the study. The most surprising criticism came in the form of doubting the number of pit bulls shot and killed. The authors of the San Antonio University Hospital study claim that 1.5 pit bulls are shot and killed each day. I tracked shootings/stabbings from 10.07.09-10.19.10 and came up with 631 shooting/stabbing incidences. ( tracked pit bull shootings from 2008-2009 and has come up up with similar numbers.) The overwhelming majority of incidences that I documented were shootings opposed to stabbings and the overwhelming majority of dogs were "pit bulls". Of course not all were killed but I don't have a hard time believing that 546 pit bulls are shot to death each year, especially when you consider that only a fraction of the shootings receive media coverage. Pit nutter PAT MILLER states the media reports 250-300 dogs are shot by police each year and estimates another 1000 shootings that are not picked up by the media. That is 3.56 per day, shot by JUST the police! MILLER credits her data to ASPCA's RANDALL LOCKWOOD.

uncharacteristically, WHITEWASH JIMMY expressed empathy for the human victims when he criticized the authors for including the "flashy but irrelevant" statistic; 94% of the attacks were unprovoked, adding "Small children do not have the capacity to knowingly provoke a dog. Older kids should be given the benefit of the doubt unless observed tormenting a dog."Traditionally, pit nutters search desperately outside of DNA to explain and excuse pit bull aggression. Their first line of defense is always - the dog was provoked. Congratulations JIMMY, I believe this is a pit nutter first! And i will be sure to credit you in the future.

WHITEWASH JIMMY'S analysis of the surgeons' study goes above and beyond the picayune by pointing to an age error of a victim. The authors claim a victim was 11 months old while the "well covered" attack by the media reported the victim to be 7 months. "A small error-but a factual error that knocks one more pebble from a crumbling edifice. You would think that an attending physician might just know how old his patient was." Funny how the nutters always caution us against believing the media when it comes to dog attacks and pit bulls, yet JIMMY is steadfast in his belief that the media reported the victim's age correctly and the suregons reported incorrectly. laughable.

WHITEWASH JIMMY attempted to bring his small band of zealous devotees to their knees in awe. Thumping his superior on scene fatal attack investigator chest, he points out that the dog responsible for the december 2008 death of 62 yr old Chester Jordan in Muncie, Indiana was in fact a Dogo Argentino gripping dog. But hey, in his generous spirit, he would give the authors the benefit of the doubt and call the dogo a pit bull. I don't track fatal attacks and I don't follow them closely, so I consulted with people who do and who I value the opinions of, Merritt Clifton and Colleen Lynn. The attack was in fact in November, NOT December. A small error-but a factual error that knocks one more pebble from a crumbling edifice. You would think that an on site investigator might just know what month he traveled to Indiana. Colleen's memory of that attack was just as clear as if it happened yesterday. She remembered seeing the news footage of an unbloodied white dog running around in the background while the authorities removed the two bloodied brindle pit dogs from the home. Colleen also remembered BRENT TOELLNER first positing that the "killer" white dog may have been a dogo or an ambull. And sure enough, there it is. And here are the two bloody brindle bulldogs.
Thank you Colleen!

My absolute favorite part of mr canine aggression expert's critique of the San Antonio University Hospital dog bite study, was the final sentence: "Shame on them, shame on the authors, and especially shame on the peer review committee that should have done basic fact checking before publication." This statement comes from the man who looks to KAREN DELISE as his mentor! Click HERE and HERE to see how well DELISE performs basic fact checking.

note: ALL of the links to WHITEWASH JIMMY'S references are conveniently dead and were directed to this page.

LEDY VANKAVAGE'S attack on the San Antonio study was addressed in detail HERE, but I have a few thoughts of my own to add. LEDY is very good, maybe the best at rallying the pit nutter troops over at and stretching or misinterpreting the truth, I can't tell which. Perhaps a poll is needed to help me determine whether she is morally corrupt or intellectually bankrupt. to quote LEDY, "One glaring example of the report's shoddy work that they cite is that the authors state that one in every five children visits an emergency room because of a dog bite." That is quite different from what the authors ACTUALLY wrote, "One of every 5 emergency room visits by children is related to dog bites." If you do not understand the difference between these two statements then you must immediately leave this blog and go back to school. I also have to wonder if we just witnessed the birth of a lie or if researchers should take this as a sign for the need to dumb down the language of future studies for easier consumption by pit bull advocates.

VANKAVAGE, DELISE et al feel that doctors are not qualified to make statements about dog dangerousness. I think emergency room medical staff, plastic surgeons and first responders are the MOST qualified to make these statements. We are talking about HUMAN injury and death after all.

Who the fuck are these people and WHY should anyone take them seriously?

Meet no-kill/pit bull activist and marketing/advertising whiz BRENT TOELLNER who has not an ounce of medical school behind him yet feels qualified to lead the debate on public policy regarding dangerous dogs!

Meet the great prestidigitator KAREN DELISE, former vet tech, founder and director of "research" for the National Canine Research Council, a subsidiary of JANE BERKEY'S blatant pit bull advocacy organization, the ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION.

Meet JIM CROSBY, the "lone wolf" whitewasher who feels that he ALONE has more expertise combined (as a dog trainer and former police officer and FAILED -- FIRED -- AC officer) than the impressive group of 17 listed at the top of this page. Hardly a "lone wolf" gig like a typical Crosby undertaking. This professional whitewasher claims that chihuahuas are as dangerous as pit bulls. GOOD JOB JIMMY! You've never looked more stupid or more petty than you do today!

Meet LEDY VANKAVAGE, the senior legislative analyst (a paid lobbyist) for the Kanab, Utah animal rights group known as Best Friends. This attorney and life long pit bull owner feels qualified to lead the argument on public policy regarding dangerous dogs!


The results of the San Antonio University Hospital dog bite study validates previous Texas dog bite data. The state of Texas has a decent history of documenting dog bites. in 2000, Dr David Blocker presented a paper on dog bites from Bexar County (San Antonio - the exact same region that involved the University Hospital study) found the Odds ratios for each of the five most commonly biting dog breeds versus all others presented similar findings (Table 30). The odds of a Pit Bull in Bexar County causing a bite were 5 times greater than the odds for all other breeds combined, at 4.9 to 1. Chow Chows and Rottweilers also had odds ratios significantly greater than the average, at 2.9 to 1 and 1.8 to 1, respectively. The odds ratios for German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers were significantly lower than the average, at 0.67 to 1 and 0.26 to 1.

Medical doctors Stephen F. Viegas, Jason H. Calhoun and Jon Mader published an article on the savage pit bull attack of an 83 yr old man that resulted in extensive injuries requiring an amputation and later died in the Volume 84 November 1988 issue of Texas Medicine, Pit bull attack: case report and literature review.
"During the one-year period between June 1986 and June 1987, 14 people were killed by dogs in the United States. Ten of those 14 deaths are attributed to pit bulls. Thus, 71% of the deaths during that period were attributed to a type of dog that accounts for 1% of the US dog population (8,10,22)."
"Most breeds do not repeatedly bite their victims; however, a pit bull attack has been compared to a shark attack and often results in multiple bites and extensive soft tissue loss (3,10). Although the teeth of dogs are not very sharp, they can exert a force of 200 to 450 psi. Pit bulls inflict more serious bite wounds than do other breeds because they tend to attack the deep muscles, hold on, and shake (3,10)."
and in conclusion
"With this trend and the increasing population of dogs in general, and in pit bulls in particular, the occurrence of cases similar to the one reported in this article may increase."
Hmmm, 71% of the people killed by dogs from june 86 - june 87, were killed by pit bulls is consistent with DR BEAVER'S 1991 sworn testimony. Weren't the 1980's supposed to be the decade of the doberman?

The Texas Department of Health used to track animal attacks and submit yearly summaries.

The number and percentage of each breed of dog involved was noted...

As well as the number and percentage of each breed for attacks so serious, hospitalization was required.

Did you notice how the pit bull was number 4 for dog bites but jumped to the # 1 spot for hospitalizations?

I don't have the summaries for 2000 and 2001 but at some point the Department of Health stopped parsing out the percentage of breeds that required hospitalizations. Pit nutter tantrums, I suspect. Those tantrums most likely put an end to this tracking of animal attacks/bites altogether, as 2002 seems to be the last year for these bite summaries.

You can read the 1999 and 2002 Severe Animal Attack and Bite Surveillance Summaries HERE and HERE.


Pit bulls differ from other dogs in not only HOW they bite, but WHERE they bite. This difference results in catastrophic damage to the unlucky person who happens to be on the receiving end of their gaping maws of doom.

But i don't expect you to take the word of a hater.

Read the professional opinion of former animal control officer, pit bull advocate, owner, breeder, trainer, historian, author, expert DIANE JESSUP as she pontificates on pit bulls and bite work in protection sports:
There are aspects of ring sport which put the bulldog at a disadvantage when competing against sheepdogs like shepherds and malinois. The sport requires the dog, at times, to bite and then quickly release and retreat - something no true bulldog is willing to do. Also, biting the leg, which is considered preferable, takes more training for a bulldog who will naturally shun the extremities in favor of the more "courageous" bites to the body. A bulldog is bred to grip the head of its prey - whereas a sheepdog nips the legs. Therefore sheepdog breeds have a natural advantage in this regard.
Another very real detriment to the sport are those few decoys, (so far I have found them only in Western Canada) who are so terrified of pit bulls that they treat them with prejudice.
Gee, I can't imagine why bite work decoys would be prejudiced against gripping dogs, I mean aside from the tendency to courageously lunge for the FACE!

Perhaps fighting dog officiando CARL SEMENCIC can shine some light on this.
(Gladiator Dogs, page 19)

click image to view larger

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hypocrisy Nutter Style: The Ledy Vankavage Edition

Recently, a group of Texas trauma care surgeons, physicians and nurses published a study concluding that pit bull attacks are more severe on average, cost more and have a higher risk for death than attacks by other breeds. The additional risk is completely avoidable and unacceptable. They conclude that legislators should protect their citizens from this unnecessary and unacceptable added risk.

Of course the pit bull apologists and the pit bull pushers came out in force attacking these professionals from all sides. Ledy's attack oozes condescension. You can easily envision the curl of her lip as you read her words belittling the work of these concerned surgeons, doctors and nurses who have seen and tried to sew up the bodies her beloved pitties tore apart.

She feels these professionals' work is so shoddy and their study is so small that it's not research at all; it is simply embarrassingly blatant propaganda. Ledy muses that these professionals were so incredibly incapable they probably didn't find the magnificent research conducted by the illustrious Dr. Victoria Voith that allowed the good doctor to conclude "animal shelter folks" can only correctly identify the heritage of mixed breed dogs 25% of the time! You know if Ledy Vankavage relies on it, Voith's study (download the first pdf entitled ACVB AVSAB Dog Breed Poster) must have been large and impeccably designed. It must be work that would put the good doctors and nurses to shame.


The total sample of dogs was 40. Dr. Voith doesn't offer how the dogs were chosen, only that the sample represents the dogs that could "be there" on a given day. From the very huge sample of 40, they "randomly" selected 20 dogs.

Of the dogs selected, only 16 had been identified by breed mix by shelters when they were adopted. So, only 16 of the 40 dogs could be used (40%) to come up with their statement.

11 of the 20 dogs were less than 6 months old when the unknown rescue or shelter workers attempted to identify the heritage of the dog. Uncharacteristically, half these shelter dogs were adopted as puppies making Voith's "study" particularly useless to criticize the University Hospital study because presumably none of the attacking dogs were puppies under 6 months old when identified. (This can be verified because the researchers do have this information.)

The dogs in Voith's study had been identified up to 11.5 years prior to the "study" by unknown shelters, rescue groups, foster housing, animal control and other agencies. Because of this study's "design," we know nothing of the actual experience, training or education any of these anonymous people had or even if the owner's recollection of the assigned breeds is correct. Ledy wants to compare the expertise of unknown shelter workers trying to promote puppies to the expertise of AC officers, LE officers and veterinarians tasked with investigating a serious injury or death.

The Mars test used only has an 84% accuracy in first generation crossbred dogs. None of the dogs were identified as being a first generation cross, so there is no guarantee of accuracy for the test whatsoever and, because of this "study's" design, no way to verify whether the genetic test is correct. So we don't know if those Tibetian terriers, black russian terriers, and Nova Scotia duck-tolling retrievers get around as much as they seem to judging from these 20 dogs.

This is the kind of "study" Ledy uses to bash doctors and nurses who were motivated by what they see in the trauma room. This is the kind of "study" that Ledy uses to expose these professionals' "embarrassingly blatant propaganda."

I am still trying to imagine how Ledy envisions the conversation where doctors and nurses decided to propagandize:

Dr. to nurse during surgery: "Hey, if you're not busy for the next few months, would you be interested in concocting some propaganda to destroy the reputation of pit bulls?"

Nurse: Why do you want to do that?

Doctor: Just 'cuz.

Nurse: Sounds fun!

the mesmerizingly stupid educating the mesmerizingly gullible

a new pit bull advocate has emerged on the battle field.

GROSSMAN apparently fancies himself as some kind of comedian. i suspect he is in search of a loyal following to give his career a boost. and there is no audience in the galaxy that is more gullibly loyal than pit bull owners.

GROSSMAN doesn't just repeat the old propaganda, he is creating new material for future generations of gullible morons.

on may 2, GROSSMAN kicked off his trilogy of pit fantasy promoting the "intelligent, faithful, sweet, gentle" breed as mascot and baby sitter. GROSSMAN completely omits any mention of the pit bull's original function as fighting dog. he cites fictional characters NIPPER, TIGE and PETEY as his proof. GROSSMAN contrasts america's wholesome babysitter with the GSD, the dog used almost exclusively by the military and law enforcement. "German Shepherds for example are vicious, unreliable, uncontrollable and a movement has been formed to ban them altogether."

GROSSMAN'S second installment is my favorite. he doesn't just regurgitate the nanny dog myth, the first it was the GSDs, then the dobermans.... myth, and the ATTS scam. GROSSMAN states: "In temperance tests (the equivalent of how many times your kid can poke your dog in the eye before he bites him) of all breeds the most tolerant was the Golden Retriever. The second most tolerant was the pit bull." WTF? this test is a figment of his imagination. it is not enough for this nutter to debunk the locking jaw myth and most powerful bite myth, GROSSMAN attempts to create another bugaboo breed by stating the honor of most powerful bite goes to the german shepherd!!! again, complete fabrication that flies in the face of reality. watch this youtube video comparing dog attack styles and bite force among the malinois (195), dutch shepherd (232), american bulldog (305) and a mastiff (556). or this youtube video where they compare the GSD (238), pit bull (235) and rottweiler (328)
just for fun, here is a wolf (406) and he is not even trying.

in GROSSMAN'S may 6 blog post, he transforms one smuggled boston bulldog (sgt stubby) into an army of pit bulls that became known as "our national canine babysitter". "They also fought in the trenches with our soldiers and died on the battlefields beside them." GROSSMAN tosses in a smattering of photos and vintage illustrations as evidence for his position. only the illustrations appear to be american pit bull terriers. (fyi, General Patton's dog was an english bull terrier, a pit bull, but not an american pit bull terrier, ie nanny dog). it is always a head scratcher when pit nutters prance around the "pit bull's" military history which is in sharp contrast to military reality. there is absolutely no evidence that the military EVER utilized pit bulls and military strictly forbids pit bulls from their bases. GROSSMAN then tries to reinforce the "they won't start the fight but they'll finish it" myth in comparing the US attitude towards the world war one and two."We tried hard to avoid a fight but if left no other choice we were going to seriously fuck you up." YONAH, please read the language of dogs, normal and psychopathic to better understand the pit bull's role in this myth.

GROSSMAN ends his tribute to the pit bull with "The dogs of course are exactly the same. Only the owners changed." of course this statement also collides with the facts:

YONAH, stick with what you know - PENISES.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Frankenmauler roundup

a mutant rendered Elmo's leg worse than useless. Elmo's leg is destined for the chopping block, IF his owner can come up with the money. otherwise, he will be euthanized. meanwhile the pit nutter has had a couple of warnings about keeping their mutant contained.

the weekly frankenmauler roundup has been discontinued indefinitely.
the mutant score card will continue.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Count me in as a "Hater"

Count me in as a "Hater"...

I hate when a kid is laying on the coroner's table.

I hate it when someone's Grandmother is poured into the lifeflight helicopter.

I hate it that dogfighters kill 250,000 pits a year engineering a better killer.

I hate it that the dog lobby is behaving as corruptly as the tobacco lobby in the 50's and 60's.

I hate it that Pit breeders pump out one Million excess dogs that the taxpayer has to top it off they don't pay taxes.

I hate it that only convicted felons seem to be able to properly identify Pit Bulls.

I hate the grotesque breed stewardship exerted by the Pit Bull community.

I hate when family members of Officers in state Pit Bull clubs are busted trafficking fighting dogs.

I hate it that Law Enforcement is continually having to shoot these animals.

I hate it when radicalized Humane orgs like the Toronto Humane Society spend in excess of $400,000 saving a a Pit that attacked on 4 separate occasions, yet this woman can't get plastic surgery:

Marie-Helene Tokar

Yep I'm hater!...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jesse James

Jesse Gregory James a.k.a. Mr Sandra Bullock

Pit bull owner, Hitler fancier, serial adulterer and owner of West Coast Choppers and Cisco's Burger has had his fair share of pit bull mishaps. First there was the yard accident where Cisco killed Rudy, then he accidentally allowed his shop pit, Cinnabon, to escape and go roaming on two occasions in 2010. No blood trails that we know of. For blood trails and drainage tubes, you need to fast forward to June 2011. Another one of James' pit bulls tore up a corgi in Austin, Texas.

After Sandra Bullock kicked James to the curb, he went on Nightline and he blamed his father for his own infidelity and he blamed the divorce on Bullock's desire to adopt a child not on his cheating. James' step mother, Janina James Coan said Jesse was obsessed with Hilter as a teenager and he killed baby rats by injecting them with alcohol stating, "That's what Dr Mengele would do." When confronted, James stated that he is not a racist and the above photo was a joke.

James' second wife, Janine Lindemulder is a porn star and spent 6 months in prison for tax evasion. James has had his own legal troubles. In 2007, he was fined $271,250 by the state of California for violating their clean air laws with his custom motorcycles. In 2008 he was sued for $422,680 for breach of contract for a custom car and 3 months later, his own lawyers sued him for $327,533 for failing to pay legal fees.


Friday, May 6, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 05/06/11

click image to view larger
05.05.11 UK gripping dog caught on video trying to please his owner by terrorizing a small herd of pregnant cows and calves. these hideous mutants have outlived their purpose, darwin needs to put their lights out. BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO IN THE LINK.
recognize this nutter or his ugly mutant?
call 020 7782 4103

05.04.11 arizona FABIAN'S LAW was signed by arizona Gov Jan Brewer and takes effect in 90 days. a dog on dog attack is a now a class 1 misdemeanor and could carry six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. you can read house bill 2137 here.
there is an interesting non breed specific dangerous dog bill in the works down in texas. it just passed the house 123-7. if a DOG kills anyone under 18 or over 65, the maximum sentence is LIFE in prison. comments are interesting. JB said "This is so far out of the park..This law is geared toward pitbulls and pitbulls only. SAD"
funny, nobody uttered a peep about pit bulls!

05.05.11 south bend, indiana recently one of DR DAVID VISSER'S staff member's dogs was attacked by a neighbor's shit bull when it climbed the fence to express its neurologic condition on Toby the beagle. but DOREEN WAGNER still blames the pit nutter for Toby's injuries. something interesting about this story is the video included this first sentence about genetics and behaviors in VISSER'S expert opinion yet the transcript excluded it. (reporter KATHERINE RUFENER probably has LEDY to thank for that)
"there are some behaviors that are genetic and there are also some reasons why dogs may become aggressive. they've been trained to be so. they might be dealing with pain, they might have been in a low social type setting. um, and there are some neurologic conditions of dogs that can actually predispose to aggressive type behaviors too." DR DAVID VISSER
it's call mutant DNA.

05.02.11 galveston, texas i don't get texas. 75 yr old Bob Friedman and his 70 yr old wife Paige were arrested for baiting/shooting at dogs. the Friedman's 49 yr old son came to visit his parents and while walking his dog, he was bitten on the hand by a dog that lives at a vacant home. the Friedmans called animal control but they were not helpful, so they tried to capture the dogs to spare their son the rabies shots. armed with an antique gun and pork chops they lured the dogs from under the porch of the abandoned house. the Friedmans describe an aggressive pack of pit bulls coming at them and Bob shot at them. the owner has a history of dogs at large and no rabies vaccinations yet the Friedmans are arrested! charges were dropped against Paige and they should be dropped against Bob.

05.03.11 crestview, forida 33 yr old JERMAINE ELLIS RICHARDSON was charged with crimes against a person when his already legally declared dangerous shit bull ZION, attacked a neighbor's border collie mix.

04.29.11 yahoo question My german shepherd killed a pitbull?
I Left my german shepherd guarding my house , when i returned home i found a dead pitbull in my yard and my german shepherd has some wounds i asked the neighbours they told me " THAT DOG JUMPED YOUR FENCE AND ATTACKED YOUR DOG BUT YOUR DOG KILLED IT" i dont know why they are happy :S i just wanna know is my dog safe for me to keep?

04.24.11 half moon bay, california police blotter 6:23 p.m., 600 block of North Street, Pescadero: Incident Report. Deputies received a call of a pit bull attacking another dog in a yard on North Street in Pescadero. Upon arrival, authorities made contact with the reporting party who stated that the neighbor’s dog went into her back yard and attacked her dog. The owner of the pit bull came to the house, grabbed his dog, then left. The reporting party stated this is the third or fourth time this has occurred so she decided to report it.

Mark Webb and Rodney
04.29.11 UK a shit bull attacked Rodney and bit his owner during a walk.

does she look like a vet tech?
04.29.11 albuquerque, new mexico this pit nutter refuses to euthanize her shit bull after biting an 11 yr old friend of her son. the shit bull recently bit a dog and another kid in the house. she's had the shit bull since he was 5 weeks old and he used to sit on her shoulder, yadda yadda yadda. and even though the victim had been to the house before and around the mutant without incident before, this nutter claims that the boy did not have permission to enter her home. PLEASE bite her next!!!

04.29.11 summerfield, north carolina the news anchor opens this attack story with "if i attack you, for no reason, i go to prison. but if my dog attacks you or your dog, nothing." Ron Phillip's shar-pei Alfy was attacked by 2 shit bulls owned by LAURA RHYNEHARDT. here's the tattooed pit nutter's version of events. Ron Phillips was walking down the street with his leashed dog, when the tattooed pit nutter's out of control kid ran out of the single wide trailer to greet Alfy. the pit nutter feared Alfy would attack her out of control kid. so she carelessly ran out of her single wide trailer to regain control of her kid. the tattoed pit nutter, who i suspect has deliberately given the wrong name or wrong spelling to the media, was careless in leaving her door open. her nanny dogs ran outside to protect her out of control kid from the leashed dog who was legally walking down the road with his owner. Alfy's vet bill so far is $1200. and since this is the mutants' first offense, they will not be seized.

04.30.11 madison, wisconsin a 61 yr old disabled man was walking his boston terrier when it was attacked by a pit bull. police tased it. the nutter was cited.

04.30.11 bakersfield, california one of Alisha Billington's dogs was killed in her fenced in backyard when two mutants belonging to a neighbor busted through not one but TWO fences on easter sunday. AC said they couldn't do anything because it was the dogs' first offense.on thursday they broke in again. this time one of the dogs was surrendered to AC. Billington said the dogs are also human aggressive and tried to attack her husband.
"They didn't just bust through the fence, they broke the boards in half. That's how determined they were to get into my yard," said Billington.

04.30.11 marina, california 1440 CASE 6.04.040A MC FAILURE TO RESTRAIN \ REDWOOD DR MG1100742

04.30.11 millville, new jersey a woman was outside with her 8 yr old daughter and 4 month old leashed shih-tzu on easter sunday when 32 yr old PHILLIP W RUTTAN'S mutant attacked the puppy. the shih tzu suffered a broken rib, punctures and spinal column damage and was euthanized. RUTTAN claims he doesn't know what happened. he has been cited for dog at large, potentially dangerous dog and unregistered dog.

05.01.11 new zealand Mary Trufitt was walking her little dog Indiana when she saw a shit bull go after a woman's poodle. that woman was able to fend off the attack but the shit bull just turned to the next available chew toy: Indiana, pictured above. people came to her aid and a witness said that he has made two complaints against the same mutant but nothing has been done about it.

rip Maynard
rip jack russell
05.01.11 oklahoma city, oklahoma Summer Jones' jack russell terrier was killed by the neighbors' shit bulls. the pit nutters claim the jack russell terrier got into their yard all of the time. other neighbors say the shit bulls have been a problem getting loose and menacing people.

05.02.11 valencia, california a loose shit bull attacked a horse being ridden by Patty Pino. Patty kicked it and her husband Rudy came to her aid and hit it with antlers but of course, it had no effect. the frankenmauler brought the horse to its knees and Rudy grabbed his shotgun. ugly is dirt napping now. the pit nutter is JASMINE BACA. she and her husband have apologized and say they will work with the Pinos to compensate them the BACAS are facing charges vicious dog and dog at large charges. link #2

05.04.11 new zealand Paddy Sheely's ram was attacked by 2 shit bulls. he suffered deep puncture wounds and lost a testicle in the scuffle. the SPCA returned the dogs to their female nutter owner who apologized and agreed to pay the vet bills. the nutter agreed to dirt nap the one alpha male who had crashed through a plate glass window and killed the nutter's cat. the SPCA nutters think people just need educating. the SPCA just needs the nutters culled from their ranks.
file this one under why pit bulls are different.

rip Harry
05.04.11 australia Glenda Abbott's jack russell was attacked by a pit bull. he was later euthanized. the ugly mutant was returned to the nutter.
"People gathered around to help me and I told them to grab a stick but the damage was done — his stomach was hanging out everywhere."

05.05.11 salem, massachusetts A pit bull from Gerrish Place attacked a dog from Essex Street, and the owner offered to pay half of the resulting $1,000 medical bills. Police advised the owner at 4:36 p.m. that she could go to court to attempt to recover all the costs. Both dogs were on leashes at the time of the attack.

05.05.11 UK a 14 yr old girl was walking her jack russell terrier when both she and her dog was attacked by a nanny dog. police are looking for the pit nutter who is described as female, late 20's, 5'6", medium build, brown hair in a bun, wearing a grey track suit. there was also a 6 yr old girl wearing a pink bottoms and a grey top. the police want to find her so they can prevent this from happening again. yeah, right.

rip Speedy
05.05.11 germany a gripping dog killed 15 yr old Speedy. the police reported back to the owner that the nutter showed no remorse. pit nutters somehow always manage meet our expectations.
(dog is described as a bulldog and a bull mastiff)

rip Oso
05.05.11 charlotte, north carolina Oso was killed and his owner seriously bitten as she walked to her daughter's bus stop. the owner may be charged. interestingly, the WCNC reporter noted how docile and meek the mutant ROMEO appeared at the shelter. of course, he's all tuckered out from his big day.
ugly mutant ROMEO


shrewsbury, massachusetts JUDGE LOCKE ruled that DUGG could go home to nutter CHRIS and LISA O'CONNOR under the following conditions:
fencing must be maintained
gates must be padlocked.
ugly fucking mutant must be muzzled when outside.
ugly fucking mutant must be muzzled & crated when transported to and from their home.
animal control must be allowed to inspect the property.
violating the conditions could result in seizure and destruction of ugly fucking mutant.
big shot animal rights lawyer STEVEN WISE said the O'CONNORS are happy with the judge's decision adding, "They really are responsible dog owners. I think the Town of Shrewsbury has heard the last of Dugg." i hope DUGG scalps one of these idiots.

anne arundel county, maryland HEATHER WOLFE still has not claimed her shit bulls which now come with expensive dangerous dog labels, special requirements licensing and housing requirements. HEATHER'S grandmother is stil recovering in the hospital from the attack. AC is caring for the grandmother's two small dogs until she is released. grandma says the dogs are not allowed back in her home. i wonder what HEATHER will do? link #2

germantown, maryland the pit nutter responsible for the savage mauling of the bichon last week has been named. RICHARD DORSEY was issued a $100 citation for dog at large, $100 citation for failing to license and a $500 citation for failing to vaccinate. the shit bull has been declared potentially dangerous. this news article also revealed a mutant owned by JULIA WATERS-KOROMA attacked a lhasa poodle mix on march 14th. she is contesting the 3 citations she received for that scuffle. JOSEPH MARTIN'S mutant mix killed a mini pin in february.

canada initially pit nutter JENNIFER MAYER was going to allow the dirt nap of her frankenmauler after it killed 11 yr old Jesse Lorange's shih-tzu but she has had a change of heart stating it's not fair cuz her mutant only killed another dog and not a human.

this nutter on the left has been threatening me with lawyers.
florida the BAUTOCHKAS' panties are still in a twist over the death of the ugly fighting dog that attacked a K9 officer. they aren't letting this story die. nutter facebook campaign in 5, 4, 3, ...


bartlesville, oklahoma 6 yr old Conner Reagan was pushing his 1 year old niece in a stroller when a loose "pit bull" charged them. Conner threw himself in between the dog and his niece and was bitten in the back. his 18 yr old brother ended the attack when he stabbed the mutant with a pocket knife. ACO Rita Harvey said the attacker appears to be a pit bull. the owners say it is a boxer great pyrenees mix. Conner's mother said her son has to get the series of rabies shots because the nutter didn't keep her mutant's rabies vaccines up to date. Conner's mother also said the nutter has 5 or 6 pit bulls and this is the third time the police have paid a visit to the nutter in less than 2 weeks. Conner's mother said the dog recently bit another kid and has killed small dog.

Monday, May 2, 2011

part two of three

the early years
i grew up in small midwestern town. i never saw or heard of pit bulls until about the age of 9. the first pit bull i ever saw, hid under the chair of its owner when our 120 lb great dane growled at it. my father was amused, as the pit bull owner had just been bragging about his "bad ass" dog. i didn't lay eyes on another pit bull for a very long time. the next time i would hear the words pit bull, it would be in the context of dog fighting.

i was about 18 years old and an acquaintance from milwaukee was fairly obsessed with the topic. i didn't yet understand the brutality of dog fighting but i remember asking him why he would want to fight dogs, i don't remember his answer or if he even gave one. i tried to listen to him without judgement, but the topic was uncomfortable for me. i couldn't quite wrap my brain around why anyone would want to do this. outside of that brief friendship, i wouldn't hear about dog fighting or pit bulls for another 5 years.

one day as i was tending bar, some skinny little dirt bag of a redneck came in and sat down at the bar. it was early afternoon and he and i were the only two in the bar. before he finished his first beer, he started talking about dog fighting and kitten bait and newspaper ads for free kittens. although i still didn't know anything about dog fighting, this conversation was very different from the one i had with the guy from milwaukee, it was very graphic. the pleasure he derived from the violence was undeniable and disturbing. i was a little older and a little wiser. i knew this was a brutal "sport". i didn't need to ask why he fought dogs and i was incapable of listening to him without judgment. surprisingly, i was capable of masking my anger and disgust and i pretended to be interested. i had grand plans for this fucktard. i was surprised at just how easy he was to manipulate. i had him convinced that i was interested in him and his obscene hobby. a few more beers and we made arrangements to meet up at the bar on my next day off. unfortunately, i made the mistake of confiding in a co-worker who immediately blew my cover, citing concern for my safety. i never saw the skinny little dirt bag of a redneck again.

years later i worked part time in a shelter. there wasn't the 50%+ pit population back then but there were always a few. i never had a problem with any of them. they never growled, lunged, barked, curled their lip, shot me one of those creepy reptilian stares or acted in any way other than they were thrilled to see me. i never experienced a moment of anxiety or fear with the pit bulls at the shelter. they were just dogs to me. i did notice one striking difference between pits and the other shelter dogs and that was the amount of energy they had. i always exercised the pit bulls twice as long as the other dogs. my time at the shelter put the finishing touches on my pit nutter education with the "it's all how you raise 'em, nanny dogs, blame the deed not the breed" propaganda. i didn't go out and actively defend pit bulls like some non pit bull owning nutters but if the subject ever came up and anyone expressed negativity against them, i would come to their defense.

fast forward
i was dogless for a few years and then i adopted an older puppy. within two months, a neighbor's chow mix charged out and tried to attack him as i walked him down the street. less than a week later, another incident at a park with a lab and a chihuahua. they charged my leashed puppy full of bluster and empty threats, sniffed and retreated. although he wasn't bitten in either incident, my puppy was developing a fear of dogs, so i decided to take him to an offleash park. he snapped right out of his fear of dogs within 3 visits. he always had a great time playing with other age appropriate puppies, including one brindle pit bull puppy, which i have a photo of. one day a young bimbo came in with her fawn colored amstaff puppy. she was well dressed, bleach blond late 20's and professional looking. she looked nothing like the drug addled atavistic cretins that you see in the news in the aftermath of an attack. her staffy was about the same age as my puppy but about half the size. they played well for a few minutes. then my puppy froze as the staffy hung off of his cheek. the nutter giggled and said something to the effect "that's okay, that's his thing right now. he grabs a hold of the cheek and just hangs there". i proceeded to tell her that it was not okay and to get her dog. she minimized. i escalated. i said to her the same words that i would repeat to several other idiot dog owners over the years, "you will control your dog, or i will and you won't like it". i have had not so great interactions with dogs other than pits; gsds, greyhounds, akitas, lab mixes, a springer spaniel, rott mixes and a pair of whippets, yes whippets. only the altercation with the akitas was in the same league as the pit bulls.

at this point, i am still drunk on the nutter kool aid. i am not at all anti pit bull. i would often talk to the cult nutters with their ambassadogs, which by the way were always aged, overweight and tired looking. i would have many more uncomfortable or potentially serious encounters with pits and each time i would walk away still believing pit bulls were no different from other dogs.

then the pit bulls began to populate my neighborhood. the first one was an intact buckskin male. his owner: a 20 yr old male. the pit was contained in the front yard by a 4 ft chain link fence. i heard from other neighbors that he jumped out and went roaming on a few occasions but i never saw it and i never heard of any attacks. of course, they got rid of him before he reached the magical mauling age of 2. this was the first pit bull that i noticed with that creepy reptilian stare. even as a pup, he was demonstrating the look warren lane bred for, "a bulldog should look at you and through you". it is an eerie stare, especially in a puppy. it is as if they are somewhere else. that somewhere i imagine is some kind of mauling fantasy land. a few more pits moved in and out but my full awakening would not occur until the petey look a like took up residence in my neighborhood. this one is important in my pit bull education and needs a name, so i'll refer to him as petey. same situation as the other pit, intact male contained behind a 4 ft chain link fence with that bone-chilling stare (even as a puppy) and occasional escape without incident (to my knowledge). petey was critical in my pit bull education and he will be addressed in greater detail later. in the meantime, as petey continues to grow from puppy to dog, i continue to have close encounters with pit bulls and i continue to brush them off as owner issues.

my dogs have never been bitten. i suspect my dogs have escaped injury for one of three reasons. first is just good old fashioned luck. second, my dogs are very well adjusted and confident and they don't buy into the pit bull head games. they are very much like trish king's gsd strider. the other possible explanation why my dogs have escaped injury, when they are threatened, i become extremely aggressive. i have no fear of the owners or their dogs. dogs will never smell fear on me. i have only one emotion: rage. a few months before my epiphany with petey, i had 2 scary encounters very close together that prompted me to start questioning everything i thought i knew about pit bulls. there were just too many coincidences. i couldn't deny they were different and i started to view pits with a critical eye. the second one lead me to begin researching pit bulls.

i was walking my dogs in a very isolated wooded area. i turned a corner and there was a male, late 20's with 2 white with brown spotted pit bulls. i saw him and asked the question i ask all dog owners "are your dogs friendly?" he replied yes and so we proceeded. as our dogs got close to each other, things went downhill fast. lots of growling and quick maneuvering. his female was facing off with my malamute mix and his male was facing off with my pointer mix. i delivered a loud deep short sharp "HEY!" it startled all 4 of the dogs and all 4 dogs turned their attention to me for a couple of seconds, then started up again. i yelled "NO!" in a loud deep voice. it again distracted them for the second that i needed to step in between his male and my pointer mix. my pointer mix is behind me, the male pit bull is in front of me, a mere 2 inches, maybe less from my stomach and looking straight up into my face. i could feel his breath. the punk nutter is panicking now. he said to me, "don't yell, it makes them want to fight." huh? he starts to scramble towards the cluster fuck with me in the middle to leash his dogs and i keep glancing down at the ugly fucker who is now completely focused on me and then to his female who is still in a focused trance on my malamute mix while both of my dogs are focused on me. the punk then nervously starts rattling on about how yelling incites them to fight. i am thinking to myself, "wtf are you bringing dogs like that out into the public for asshole?" i am furious but doing my best to remain calm, quiet and motionless. the nutter is now close to me and all i can think about is how badly i want to strangle him with my leashes but this male pit will surely attack me. the punk finally grabs the male and he manages to break the female from her trance. i begin to slowly back away. i was in a rage for hours, it wasn't until much later that i realized how dangerous that situation was. i haven't been out with my dogs without some kind of deadly weapon since that day.

the pit nutter's comment about how yelling would incite his dogs to fight, kept looping in my brain and the the next day, my research into pit bulls began. i understand how high pitched continuous screaming mimics prey and incites dogs to attack but not what i did. i began to put together all of the pit bull problems that i had been experiencing and i began to pay attention to the media. prior to that incident, the only dog attack that made it through my news filter was the tragic fatal attack of diane wipple and that really had more to do with the creepy attorneys and their adopted racist dog fighting lifer son sitting in pelican bay.

the epiphany
a few months after the encounter in the woods, my experience with petey who was now 1.5 years old would be the final nail in the pit bull coffin. petey had been living on my street for approximately a year and then moved into the house next to me. after living next door to petey for just a few months, i developed a new and deep respect for this breed. i have always thought that the bully breeds were rather dumb. not anymore, not after getting to know this mutant. i am absolutely amazed what a brilliant predator he is and how quickly he learns and adapts. he doesn't just take advantage of opportunities to attack like normal dogs, he creates them. i was never in favor of breed specific legislation, until i met this dog. i had scary interactions with pit bulls prior to this dog. but this dog pushed me over the edge. i began to lean towards BSL based solely on my interaction with him.

petey is neutered now but when he first became a problem, he was intact and had just reached the age of 1 1/2 yrs old. he was chained AND kenneled INSIDE a 6 ft fenced yard. not only could he get out of the previous (electric) fenced yard where he resided but he destroyed at least one kennel and busted several chains and collars. my neighbor is a typical clueless idiot pit nutter. he used to brag about how many collars and chains he had to purchase because petey kept breaking them. my neighbor told me that petey discovered the one narrow window of the fence perimeter that lacked an electric charge in his previous yard and jumped the fence on more than one occasion. petey was kept outside during the day while they are at work and he comes in at night.

i suspected that the dog was potentially dangerous during the 6 months leading up to him crashing through my fence. whenever i walked my dogs by him, he had the creepiest coldest deadest stare. i've never seen another breed of dog do this. i broached the subject of dangerousness with my idiot neighbor and i quoted dog bite statistics. i cited the 1991 denver study which showed that biters were 6.2 times as likely to be male than female, and 2.6 times as likely to be intact than neutered and that biters were 2.8 times as likely to be chained as unchained. i am a spay neuter freak and am not afraid to tell people they need to fix their animals. i have strongly and many times told him to get the pit neutered but every time he says, "yeah, i got to get that done". i quoted another study that found most dogs that bite do so between the age of 1 and 2. i told my neighbor his pit is a perfect candidate for not only biting, but doing very serious harm. i would say that at that point in my life, i was not at all anti-pit bull. i still thought the crazy pit nutter nanny dog it's all how you raise 'em bull shit, even though i was not having great encounters with them.

petey and my two dogs have had a couple of minor "disagreements" through the fence. i can say minor on my side but not so minor on the other side of the fence. my dogs have never been allowed to fence fight and i always correct them. it takes very little effort to redirect them, they know it is not acceptable but occasionally give it a half hearted attempt after the other dog makes an issue of it. my dogs are never left outside when i am not home and i am always vigilant when they are out.

petey goes absolutely insane when i work in the garden. the first time, he was loose in the yard (the nutters were home) he hit the fence running and i thought he was going to come through it. the boards were bulging and the entire fence panel wobbled as he repeatedly hit the fence. i braced myself against the fence which caused him to hit it harder and go even crazier. one board came loose at the bottom. the pit nutter came out and got him.

the second time he was chained in his kennel which is a couple of feet or so from my 6 ft fence which runs the property line. i was pruning a large shrub and making a lot of noise. he was going nuts, barking, growling and making a disturbing frustrated screaming sound while trying to climb out of his kennel, at least that is what it sounded like. the owner came out and got him.

the third time, i was about 8-10 feet from the fence weeding with a hoe. my dogs were lying quietly in the shade 50+ ft from the fence that separates me from the pit. petey would bark and growl at me and charge the fence and pace along the fence line. and the pit nutter would call to him from the house. within minutes petey would start up again but a little quieter, the pit nutter would call to him from the house and within minutes the pit would start up again, each time a little quieter. this happened i would guess about 5 times over ~20 minutes. i could hear him running back and forth along the fence line. although he wasn't barking or growling (he figured out that he needs to be quiet to fly under the radar of the nutters), i could tell he was agitated with all of the huffing and puffing and heavy snorting to catch a scent of me. then suddenly all fell quiet. i thought he got bored and went inside or laid down in the yard. a few seconds later he burst through the fence near me. i jumped up and rushed the fence, while trying to keep my dogs back. i forced petey back with the hoe. he would retreat but only temporarily, then lunge back in. his head and entire neck were through the fence. he knocked one board out and split another board. the 2 boards that he knocked out didn't allow enough space for his shoulders to pass through. his shoulders would hit the sides hard and the boards would rattle, i charged him again with the hoe, he retreated. turning my back on him and going into the house was risky, so was fighting him back because acting aggressively towards him was making him even more aggressive and determined to get me. although it was only 3-5 minutes, it seemed like an eternity before the pit nutter came outside (he was inside blasting tv sports). he said, "i guess he knocked out another board". i haven't been in my yard without some kind of lethal weapon since that day.

petey knocked boards loose before between us and he ripped the bottom of a few fence boards out with his teeth between him and another neighbor to get to their 3 dogs but hadn't gotten hold of them, yet. petey actually understands the difference between the framed side and the finished side of fences and knows how to breach them. my neighbor responded by installing an electric fence around his yard. years later and petey still shocks himself when he hears me in the yard.

my neighbor was in complete denial about the threat his mutant posed until he finally witnessed what petey was capable of. about a month after he crashed through my fence, he ripped a board off of the fence between him and another neighbor and grabbed their dog. petey got a hold of the much larger dog's face and was trying to pull her through. both owners finally responded to the piercing screams that the much larger spayed mixed breed female was making. the pit nutter (a very large strong man) was straddling his pit and beating him. the pit would not let go. the whole thing lasted maybe 5 minutes. somehow, the two owners broke up the fight. i am not sure how. i didn't see it because i walked away in disgust. before during and after this attack, the pit was absolutely silent, he never growled, never barked, never snorted, huffed or puffed, he never touched the fence. i didn't even know he was outside. and i am sure that the other dogs didn't know he was there either because they bark at everything. and they always try to engage in fence fighting. this was different from the attempted attack on me. out of dead silence, there was a loud crack (the breaking of the fence board) and then a dog started to scream which became progressively louder and more frantic. i don't know if you have ever heard it but that is a hideous sound. petey quietly stalked the neighbor's dog and in rapid succession ripped a board off and grabbed the dog's face. this pit is a true psychopath and i have come to believe that he is not atypical of pit bulls. if you know anything about psychopaths, you know that they do not benefit from therapy. in fact, what the psychopath learns from therapy is how to continue engaging in his deviant behavior and avoid detection. btw, the pit nutter finally neutered that ugly fucker after the attack on the dog. but i believe he is just as dangerous without testicles.

i have many many many more stories about different pits trying to attack my dogs. this is the only pit that tried to attack me and my dogs. and this is the pit responsible for my epiphany.

my hater education
my negative opinion of pit bulls was not shaped by the news media or in fact, i probably helped to influence my realization that pit bulls were different and dangerous arose from my experience with petey and was reinforced by pro-pit bull websites and books. during the early period of my research on pit bulls, i would read "educate yourself!" in nearly every heated on line discussion. occasionally the nutters were generous enough to include links for the haters. one of the first links that i followed was BADRAP. (in the good old days, donna reynolds acknowledged that pits were naturally dog aggressive) i am an information junkie and once my need to know switch has been flipped, look out. i must read everything. after BADRAP, it was on to diane jessup, pbrc, pitbullforum, pitbulltalk, pitbullchat, game-dog, gamedogs and a few others that shall remain anonymous and of course pit bull books.

i have been a member of these pit bull forums for a very long time. when i first joined them, it was purely a quest for knowledge about pit bulls. i was not there to spy and collect damaging evidence on pit nutters but that is ultimately what occurred when i realized that what they say among themselves, even openly, is much different from what they say to the non-pit bull owning public. the more dishonesty i discovered, the deeper i went into their world. the deeper i went into their world of lies, the more i realized that the owners are just as corrupt as their dogs. my focus began to shift away from the dogs and towards the owners. i became a kind of cyber sociologist.

it is important to stress that i didn't just go from pit nutter to pit hater over night. it was a slow process. when i first came to realize that pit bulls were different, i thought they could be handled properly by responsible owners and i felt strongly that felons should be banned from owning them. but the more time i spent on the pit bull forums, the more exposure i got to the "responsible" pit bull owners. the more i learned about the true nature of pit bulls and their owners, the more restrictions on owners i thought needed to be in place to protect people and their animals. i eventually came to believe that few people can safely manage pit bulls and that truly responsible, honest pit bull owners were scarce as hen's teeth.

how could i have been so gullible?
i've asked myself this many times. few people that i know are less gullible than i. the only possible answer that i can come up with, i wanted to believe the propaganda. as a dog lover, i didn't want to believe that any dog was inherently bad or problematic. and my misanthropy made it easy for me to blame the human. i have come to realize that true dog lovers accept the reality of what dogs are, whatever that reality may be. true dog lovers acknowledge breed specific temperaments and behaviors. true dog lovers don't hide behind nanny dog myths, false ATTS statistics or rewrite dog history to suit their agenda. true dog lovers don't have the blood of the poodles, ponies, pigs or pit bulls on their conscience.

part three my agenda