Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aamer Madhani scratched his itch

Have you seen the latest pit bull puff piece?

chicago correspondent AAMER MADHANI got in on the feel good action and gave pibble a big thumbs up in USA today. no doubt, LEDY is very pleased.

on his facebook page, AAMER MADHANI linked to it and flippantly described his coverage of this serious problem and contentious topic as scratching an itch. MADHANI'S USA today piece reads more like a 2 year old pleased with the loaf he just left in the toilet bowel.

now that MADHANI has scratched his itch, perhaps he would like to assist in scratching the itches of Linda Henry, Sandra Lambert, Eddie Gefroh, Karen Stewart and Kim Shay?


QUESTION: just how badly does a journalist have to screw up to go from covering the white house to covering pit bulls?