Saturday, February 27, 2010

another family argument sends pittie into the red zone


chico bit his 18 yr old owner in the face as he argued with his father in their apartment. the 18 yr old known only as RAOUL, will require multiple reconstructive surgeries to undo the damage. "initially the young victim was so traumatized by his appearance that he told officers to shoot him." RAOUL'S friends say the family owned two pit bulls and chico was "known to have a temper". police have not yet gotten daddy's side of the story. surprisingly, the police can't find him. stay tuned.

lesson: kids, don't talk back to your parents if you have a pit bull in the house.

links with video in case anyone wants to question the media and/or the police about breed identification.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

pit bull propaganda machine is cranking 'em out

pit bull positive writes:
"You people are morons do the math lets just say theres roughly 38,000 "pit bulls" in the United States ok and theres 38 "fatal attacks" thats a whopping 1%. More people are killed by falling coconuts per year than there are killed by "pit bulls". More crazy people with far too much time on there hands who only want to create hysteria and be part of the problem instead of working towards a solution. Brilliant work here!"

more crazy pit nutters with more crazy lies. earlier today it was the small dog syndrome, now it is falling coconuts.

Dr. Peter Barss wrote a Nobel Prize winning article for the Journal of Trauma entitled "Injuries Due to Falling Coconuts." The article reported on nine injuries in Papua New Guinea due to falling coconuts, none fatal. Several victims suffered fractured skulls, were rendered comatose, etc.

even if coconuts did kill more people, so what? lightening, bees, snakes, sharks, jellyfish, hippos, crocodiles, earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme heat, extreme cold, tsunamis, tornados, kill more people, so what? what do natural disasters and freak accidental deaths by nature have to do with a man made, man controlled fighting dog?
just how desperate or stupid are you people?

fatal dog on dog attack updates

cape coral, florida
remember DEBRA LOFRANCO and her little man? her frankenmauler got loose and killed the burdette's little yorkie. lofranco was fined $400 and her little man received a little dirt nap. she and her boyfriend JOHN CUMMINGS are about to be sued by the burdettes.

why is ROGER DALE EMERICK smiling? his dog was just deemed dangerous after killing another dog and he was fined and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2925.
(obtw, guess which one of these dogs did the killing)
EMERICK is willing to pay restitution but says he is not working and is living on disability.

both of these idiots claim to be sorry. i'm sorry their frankenmaulers didn't wander on to samuel horton's property.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

london guide dog attacker caught and punished


the teenage punk whose pitbull-type dog savaged a blind woman's guide dog has been banned from keeping dogs for ten years and ordered to pay £2,000 in compensation. madden also received a 3 month suspended jail sentence and was ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work. the frankenmauler has been ordered destroyed but its whereabouts are unknown. this punk should have to sit in jail until he coughs it up.

neela required emergency vet care. i am sure seattle dog trainer STORMI KING would like to refute the actual physical damages.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stormi King, are these injuries more to your liking?

"Freckles suffered deep wounds that ripped her nostril and tore into the bone." i don't find the word "maimed" anywhere in this news story.

seattle dog trainer and pit nutter STORMI KING says

mount holly, north carolina cheyenne was attacked by 2 pit bulls on a neighborhood walk. she has gouges in her neck, her ear was ripped and she lost a tooth.

rochester hills, michigan lacey was killed in her own fenced in back yard when tattooed loser JASON COX 2 pit bulls jumped the fence and attacked. of course, COX admits that his dogs can and have jumped the fence but he denies that they killed the dog.

jessamine county, kentucky cheryl harper was walking her mini chihuahua in her front her yard when it was killed by her neighbor, JAMES GILAUS' pit bull. GILAUS has been previously cited. he voluntarily turned the frankenmauler over for a dirt nap.

gilroy, california two pit bulls attacked a chow mix while out on a walk with its 70 yr old owner. the chow mix received puncture wounds on its neck, hind quarters and back. the woman broke her arm and wrist when she was knocked to ground.

indiantown, florida a pit bull mix entered a woman's yard and attacked her 40 lb mutt. the cops said the pit mix had the dog in its mouth and was dragging it around and shaking it. the cops shot and killed the frankenmauler. the small dog survived but there is no information about its condition.

marietta, georgia a 67 yr old woman received minor injuries to her nose and hand when she tried to save her jack russell from 2 pit bulls. her dog was not seriously injured. the pit nutter signed the dogs over to the dirt nap specialists.

caldwell, idaho a pit bull attacked a K9 officer during the execution of a warrant. dirt nap!

new zealand two pit bulls killed a rottweiller in its own yard. after the dog stopped fighting and went limp, the frankenmaulers continued to pull on it from each end. the ac officers were shaken up by the attack and described the scene as looking like a slaughterhouse. nice imagery isn't STORMI?

Monday, February 22, 2010

DA is not HA is BS

three vicious pit bull attacks in philly over the weekend.
sunday, a 10 yr old boy was walking with two other boys who each had a pit bull. the two pits began fighting with each other and then turned on the boy. he suffered serious injuries to his neck, back and arms.

saturday, christine staab was killed by 2 pit bulls when she argued with her mother, BARBARA ERB. read more.

friday, a 52 yr old woman was mauled inside her home by a pit bull that belonged to a housemate. her wrist was nearly severed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the era of ridiculous laws needs to end now

freckles was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle with her owner when a pit bull launched itself through the open window and attempted to drag her out. freckles' owner, bob mcdonald, tried hitting the pit bull but it wouldn't let go. a good samaritan showed up and began hitting the pit bull until it let go but the pit came back. mcdonald kicked the pit bull in the jaw and it ran away. he heard that someone took it to the southwest humane society (oh look, another pit bull only service), so mcdonald went over to identify it and let them know how vicious it was. he didn't get past the front door. mcdonald reported the attack to the police and animal control but he said they aren't interested.

KATE GOUDSCHAAL wouldn't allow the victim to identify the pit bull and wouldn't allow KOMO news to shoot any video citing the frankenmauler's rights. "it would hurt her adoptability – and the dog could be innocent." and "It's really hard to tell what's really truthful in this situation and what's not."
KATE GOUDSCHAAL appearing a little intoxicated by the koolaid.

comments from a former pit bull owner

We had a beautiful pit bull that we loved dearly. She was a big, beautiful, loving, playful slobber box--around people, and I do mean all people, young, middle-aged, and old. But today was her third attack -- on animals. The first was a duck, and the second was a cat, both of which she killed. After killing them, she always backed away from them. She never tried to eat them. Today, the third attack was on our cherished chihuahua, our house pet that we had allowed outside to use the bathroom. Reba had her own fenced, gated yard. In the past, when our chihuahua had been outside, they would run nose-to-nose along Reba's fence (our chi on the outside and Reba on the inside)and wag their tails as if they wanted to play together. Our chi found a way into her fence early this morning. We heard high-pitched noises like those of a mockingbird. After listening for a few seconds, my husband and I realized it was our chihuahua screaming. Out pit bull was attacking her.

doing what comes naturally

photo caption: Jade and Bear AAAH this is the life
JADE and BEAR the misunderstood mushy wiggle butts, owned by responsible pit bull mommy BARBARA ERB. i don't usually blog about fatal attacks but the comments made by ERB'S husband really disturb me. THOMAS FOWLER says there was a struggle over keys and the dog did what comes naturally, KILL A FAMILY MEMBER.
"She came home high again, her daughter, went to attack my wife and her own dog attacked her, JADE and the police had to shoot the dog cuz the dog wouldn't release her. He swung around, knocking a mirror over and a lamp, her daughter and the dog reacted to it. And unfortunately it ended the way it did. She wasn't a bad person, she was just messed up and we tried helping her." when asked if he was close to his dogs FOWLER gets choked up and says "Yeah, well I was, they were like my family, ya know. And unfortunately we were close to her daughter but how much can you give somebody help. We didn't want this to happen."

notice FOWLER'S repetitive use of language to distance himself from the victim, "her daughter". notice how he chokes up ONLY when talking about the DOGS.

the ERB/FOWLER family hope to get the four pits back that were not involved in the attack.

Fowler says the family owned six pit bulls, all of whom were friendly, nonaggressive pets, which can be viewed here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

history lesson: the first amendment

it seems an appropriate time to address some of the criticisms regarding the anonymity of this blog. it is also fitting to mention that it is the height of hypocrisy for these same critics who cast aspersions on my anonymity do so while similarly camouflaged.

what the fourth amendment fanatics fail to acknowledge is that the first amendment protects not only free speech, it protects anonymous speech. this nation was founded on anonymous dissenters. thomas paine's treasonous pamphlet Common Sense was first published anonymously. madison, hamilton and jay originally published the federalist papers under the pseudonym Publius. the supreme court continues to this day to uphold the honorable tradition of anonymous speech. in one supreme court ruling regarding anonymous speech, the justices wrote anonymous speech is needed to "protect unpopular individuals from retaliation and their ideas from suppression." over the next few months, i will become even more unpopular (move over goodwin).

i'm not equating myself to the founding fathers or my contribution to the federalist papers. i just see myself as a whistler blower publicizing the scandals and lies of the fighting dog advocates.

for now, i have my reasons for anonymity but i have no intention of remaining anonymous. until i disclose my identity, you can continue to call me craven or Toxic Publius ;) but if you refer to me as a denver attorney, your comments won't get through.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hackers who love pitbulls...

while the pit nutters are obsessing over the fourth amendment and their "constitutional right to own any dog they choose", they are attempting to infringe on my first amendment rights. i am flattered that my little schlog with a mere three readers has generated so much fear that the nutters would risk criminal prosecution.
really, i am.

looks like mert found somebody dumb enough to attempt this. mert, you do realize that blogger knows about the two attempts to hack into my blog today? do you, smarock, jflowers and the rest of the pit nutters realize that hacking my site would lead to a) criminal prosecution and b) my own server and static IP address where i answer to no one. you can just imagine how much fun i would have if i cut the middle man out.


rip candy

candy was euthanized monday at the age of 11. she had a lung problem that stemmed from a pit bull mauling 5 years ago.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

darwin rears his head again

The father of a Tauranga man attacked by his two pet pit bull-cross dogs at home believes they may have become agitated after his son suffered a seizure.

The victim, Brent Johanson, a 34-year-old builder, fought off the two female crossbred bull terriers as they attacked him and managed to shut them in a room before calling 111 on February 4.

He suffered serious injuries to his head, face and arms and is in a stable condition in Waikato Hospital after skin graft surgery.

Both dogs – Katana, aged 10, and Jezz, aged 18 months – were shot by police to ensure the safety of ambulance staff who went to help Mr Johanson.

Mr Johanson's father, Ross, said his son suffered seizures. He believed the one such seizure may have set off the dog attack. The dogs had not attacked his son before.

Ross Johanson said he believed the seizure caused one of the dogs, possibly the younger one, to become excited and agitated. "When Brent has a seizure, he thrashes his arms around and the dogs would probably have got excited.

"Brent would have been jumping and thrashing around and that is what triggered it off. It's the only reason the dogs would have got excited."

Mr Johanson said only one dog, not both, attacked his son.

"It was probably the younger one. There was a jealousy between the two dogs. I don't think it was Katana, she wouldn't have done it."

Mr Johanson said the seizures often left his son exhausted afterwards and with no memory of them happening. His son, who did not remember being attacked, now faced a long recovery.

"He will be in hospital another month at least. He has had skin grafts to his head but he has a long way to go until his arm is better.

"It's a big open, rotting wound at the moment and they just have to keep cleaning it until it heals.

"The doctors have worked on his tendons, nerves and the prognosis is good, although he may not regain full use of his arm again."

His son's biggest test was his mental strength. "He is devastated the dogs have been shot. They were everything to him, they were his family – especially Katana, who he had since she was a pup."

Mr Johanson said he would encourage his son not to get another dog. "If he did, I would try and tell him to get another breed, or a smaller dog."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anataisa Bingham killed by pit bulls

terry, mississippi Anataisa Bingham would have turned 7 tomorrow but her life was cut short when she decided to take advantage of the snow day friday. Anataisa was killed by one of several pit bulls that were normally "chained in the woods" behind a nearby home when she went to a friend's house across the street.

the dog responsible for Anataisa's death has scars consistent with dog fighting. no charges have been brought yet as they are still looking for the owner who will face charges although they not yet what those charges will be. the owner could face DEPRAVED HEART MURDER charges. Depraved-heart murder is defined as causing death by an act so reckless that it shows lack of regard for human life.

prosecutors know best

adrian, michigan
another pit bull rescuer is in trouble. in november, two of IAN COE HENSEN'S rescued pit bulls paid a visit to a petting zoo. the frankenmaulers killed an 80 lb goat and attacked a 600 lb llama so severely that the owners asked the deputies to end its suffering. last week, hensen pled guilty to the attacks and agreed to pay restituition. the prosecutor tried to have the remaining 8 pit bulls removed from his care but the judge agreed to let hensen keep them but hensen will be subject to unannounced inspections by the sheriff. the judge says if the dogs leave his property, even if they are playing with other dogs, hensen will go to jail.

hensen claims that the 2 pit bulls that escaped and attacked the petting zoo, were rescued and the remaining dogs are pets that he uses to breed champion quality show dogs. funny, i don't find any record of him winning any titles or his license to breed. at any rate the two "rescues" are dead and life will go on as usual until hensen's sentencing on march 22.

hensen has a history with his dogs roaming. in 2009, he was ticketed twice. in 2007, he was ticketed three times and in 2003, there were two complaints against him. but hensen claims to be a good guy who was just helping these two rescued dogs who were being neglected by their owner. you know those rescued pit are just so much more work than champion show dogs.

let's take a tour of hensen's yard and see how well IAN COE HENSEN cares for his champion show dogs.

ian, what is this dog being housed in and WHAT is that crud in the bucket?

look at all of that dog poop!

ian, what are you going to do with those kitties?

breeding female MaCoe and more dog poop!

ugly pit bull and MORE dog poop!

photo caption: "AM I HIGH?"

hensen's pit bull henchmen and dog poop can be seen here

Friday, February 12, 2010

rachael ray: "pit bulls get a bum rap"

finally, a politician with testicular fortitude

lawrence yule and ugly pit bull that mauled a rottweiler.

karen robinson was watched in horror as 2 pit bulls attacked her 3 yr old rottweiler cross for an hour, despite the fact that the dog stopped moving. the attacked happened around 11 pm, it took animal control that long to get there. i am not sure why the police didn't respond and shoot the frankenmaulers on the spot. the rott cross survived but was euthanized later.

aco pollock said the pits were tearing at both ends of the dog and that blood was everywhere, "it looked like a slaughterhouse". that's what the mushy wiggle butts do, slaughter. the aco drug one pit bull away and locked it in his truck, the other pit ran away.

lawrence yule wants to change the pit bull's classification from menacing to dangerous. this would require ALL pit bulls to be neutered, muzzled and kept in secure cages and eventually the pit bull would be completely banned in new zealand.

John Del Signore at the Gothamist asks the $64,000 question

"While she loves the dog, she can’t help worrying about what would happen if Isaboo attacked a person." So multiple violent attacks on other pets are cool as long as no human blood is spilled? What kind of Keffiyeh-wearing terrorist is Ray, anyway?

uh-oh, looks like isaboo spotted paris hilton's chihuahua.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

more dead and injured dogs

san anselmo, california a professional dog walker was returning 4 month old leonard to his family when he was attacked by RICHARD AND ILKA HENDERSON'S pit bull PETE. the dog walker dropped the tailgate of the truck to let leonard out. pete, who like isaboo, was on a leash walking by, jumped onto the tailgate and grabbed leonard by the throat. the incident report describes PETE as a pit bull mix but the pathological liars are calling him a vizsla.
rip leonard

portland, oregon jazzy was attacked while walking with her adult owner to pick up her daughter from elementary school. jazzy's owner suffered a minor bite trying to pull her dog away. a good samaritan stepped in and saved jazzy. the unnamed pit nutter was ticketed for having expired tags and having a dangerous dog and is of course all apologies and offering to pay the vet bill. we'll see.

hollister, california a man was injured and his dog was killed during an early morning walk. the unnamed pit nutter was contacted and the pit bull was seized. the attack is still under investigation, let's hope the nutter is cited and the dog gets a dirt nap.

one of the ugly spokane frankenmaulers
spokane valley, washington sabrina and harold takesthegun (yes that is their last name according to the video) lost a second dog the crazy pit nutter next store. sabrina describes the frankenmaulers as destroying the fence to get to the first dog. and grabbing and pulling the second dog through the fence and killing it. in a rare move, the unnamed pit nutter actually tried to stop her dogs in the second attack and was bitten. she has turned them over to animal control.

ISABOO says, "mmmm...more ears mommy!"
new york and of course, RACHEL RAY'S ISABOO attacked a passing dog on the street as she was walked by her handler. i'm guessing that izzy doesn't have her CGC.

rachael ray: not enough love for isaboo?


RACHEL RAY is grief stricken. her mushy little wiggle butt, the light of her life, ISABOO might have to be put to sleep, FOR ATTACKING OTHER DOGS. rachel and her husband are admitting to FIVE violent incidents. the most recent attack was this month when it tore off the ear of a dog on the street. apparently, isaboo becomes aggressive even when on a leash and walked by a dog handler.

the vet was able to save some of the dog's ear. rachel's hubby JOHN CUSIMANO, who is also a lawyer, immediately contacted the owners and offered to pay all costs of the attack. now rachel and hubby are considering their options: euthanasia or MORE love & training and a muzzle. they love the dog but apparently just not enough to keep little isaboo in line and with those deep pockets and her tv show, they have to consider the possibility of isaboo biting a person.

wow, whooda thunk that a dog that was bred for FIGHTING would actually attack other dogs!

see also pimping the vick dogs, sssshhh and try clicking on the video with BADRAP.

Monday, February 8, 2010

koolaid & kennel trash

spokane valley, washington 2 frankenmaulers pulled a neighbor's dog through the fence and killed it. the pit nutter was injured trying to save the dog. the owners of the dead of dog say this is the second dog that the neighbor's pit bulls have killed and in the same manner. the pit nutter has released her dogs to ac and they will finally get that dirt nap.

new zealand shane anderson is upset that animal control returned the pit bull to its owner after it attacked his flock. eight of his lambs were injured, three had to be shot. the reasoning behind returning the dog: THE DOG POSED A MINIMUM RISK OF ATTACKING AGAIN BECAUSE IT LIVED ON A FENCED PROPERTY. what kind of logic is this? anderson wants the dog killed, like any sane responsible person. and the owner of the dog? pit nutter JILLIAN TAYLOR said the dog is a 10 yr old family pet. "it's not a vicious dog, it's not a vicious attack." "it's an unfortunate accident" and anderson just wants to make "a big drama" out of it.
you can't make this shit up!

the owner of the pit bull who killed a yorkie will be charged. ROGER E. EMERICK SR. of boswell, pennsylvania will face unspecified charges. the frankenmauler named SUGAR, must remain in a locked pen until its fate has been decided by a judge.

when asked about the inherent violence of pit bulls, dog law supervisor HAROLD WALSTROM who worked with the state patrol to locate the pit nutter and his frankenmauler, responded, "Dogs, like people, need to be judged individually. A Chihuahua could be more of a threat than a pit bull."
really, more of a threat than a pit bull? to who, a horse? a lamb? an 80 yr old man? a 40 yr old woman? a 12 yr old boy? this dog?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

lying pit nutters: katie allen and ben bourque

KATIE ALLEN and her frankenmaulers

57 yr old barbara berry and her 10 yr old sheltie, sassy, were in a neighbor's yard. another neighbor's pit bull broke through the fence and attacked sassy. berry was bitten trying to save sassy. the neighbor whose yard they were in, beat the pit bull with a shovel. the pit bull ran back into its yard, barked and was let in the house. the sheltie lost a leg. the pit bull was seized and is in quarantine. berry said the pit nutters have lived in the rental for 6 months and they have a kid and another pit bull. she said the pit nutters have to spoken to her about their dogs, insisting that they are gentle. this is not the first time the pit bulls have broken the fence and roamed free. berry is planning to file a lawsuit against the pit nutters.

of course, the pit nutters KATIE ALLEN and BEN BOURQUE have their own explanation of events. despite the fact that KATIE ALLEN was not home that day, she doesn't believe that her gentle wiggle butt broke the fence and attacked without provocation. even though KATIE ALLEN was not home during the attack, she says the sheltie scratched the fence and stuck her head inside and provoked the gentle pit bull. responsible pit nutter KATIE ALLEN admits that the fence is weak and they have tried to "shore it up with lattice work" but the dogs have spent little time outside "because they tend to bark at other other dogs". KATIE ALLEN said that she and her husband are willing to pay the medical costs for both berry and sassy (yeah she says that to the news reporter and animal control but we all know the nutters will disappear into the night). but most importantly, KATIE ALLEN wants to do everything that she can to ensure that her wiggle butt NOVA lives to maul another day.

BEN BOURQUE'S version of events is even better. BOURQUE told the aco who responded to the 911 call that he didn't even know that his pit dog had gotten out of the yard.

ACO cheri muraski's version of events are best of all. after BEN BOURQUE received the quarantine spiel, he went inside to get the rabies documentation. about 30 seconds later, a white car left the ALLEN/BOURQUE garage. BEN BOURQUE came back outside to talk to the aco. BOURQUE went back in the house to get the frankenmauler and right back out with a lame ass excuse, "my roommate took the dog to a park". the aco asked for the roommate's cell phone and when she called it, the number was disconnected. then BEN BOURQUE asked the aco several times "what would happen if my friend took the dog out of state?" the aco called for police back up and an hour later the white car returned the frankenmauler.

animal control cited berry for dog at large and KATIE ALLEN AND BEN BOURQUE with the typical laundry list of pit nutter violations: no license, no rabies, dog at large, inadequate fencing and vicious dog. AND THE LANDLORD ASKED THE PIT NUTTERS TO MOVE.

sources for this story:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dr. Saso Baričević: a transexual dog diddler?

here is the entire story, translated by google:

Saso Baričević the attack dogs naked, found near the artificial penis
Ljubljana, Friday, 05/02/2010.

After the tragic death of an eminent doctor Sasa Baričević, which until the death of his three oklali Bullmastiff, a day coming shocking information which, according to investigators speaking on the double life of Ljubljana, who knew half Slovenian elite.
It is known that he was born Saso Baričević Saša woman, after the end of high school, he decided to change sex. Some police officers did not know were even more surprised at the sight of naked and partially butchers the body, which was on Tuesday on arrival at the place of attack found on the floor in the garage Oražnovi Street 11 in Zagreb. At the scene of the tragedy were found a few tens of centimeters long umentni penis (dildo) with a loop belt around the hips. Shocked police officers have also seen that the artificial penis grouchy over a condom.

In terrible pain Baričević dying was between the arrival of the first police officers still alive and quietly said "No, no ...." He was completely naked. Such him through the open garage for some time to see a few neighbors, but apparently wrongly assumed that dress him eat dogs, but in reality was Saso Baričević the tragic event entirely without clothes.

It is interesting that the first health inspection of animals shot or evtanaziranih find some physical changes in their bodies, suggesting the unusual events, even in Sodom.

"This can not be masked, it will come out, it was seen too many people" already on Wednesday afternoon, said a source Požareporta, because these findings are that more than twenty people. It allegedly perverted attitude, which is expected to have Baričević to the dogs, to explain behavior bulmastifov, which according to many kinologov and ljubitejev dogs "should be in some way sprovocirani. All of this will be known after canine pathology, the dogs of course will not be too quick to krematizirali and destroy all the evidence.
Many Kinolog, who fear that an Baričevičevih bulmastifov caused widespread campaign against the dogs, they want the story of what has really happened Tuesday afternoon between the walls Baričević garages, to the end and fully investigate. However, many question the fact that the truth will ever come a day since the Baricevic, co-owner MedicaI Center Barsos, knew a number of Slovenian politicians and other influential persons including lawyers Mira Senica, who has been active for this to be dangerous Baričeviču dogs back. In Baričevičevi clinic are known to walk out executive businessmen. Therefore, it is feared that many would try to prevent the outbreak of the evidence may testify on the 'double živjenju' an eminent doctor.

Friday, February 5, 2010

dreischadenfreude :)

one independence court hoboken, new jersey - a luxury waterfront apartment building and the site of the mauling of a 41 yr old woman, 42 yr old man and a 26 yr old woman and the death of two frankenmaulers.

the details are sketchy and i am sure with the pit nutter tendency to massage facts, we may never know what actually happened but according to the hudson reporter, the three individuals were all residents of the ground floor apartment. the 42 yr old man was the first to be bitten and admits that the same dog bit him last week. he managed to get outside of the building. the dogs escaped their unit and were roaming the apartment building lobby and hallways. then the 26 yr old woman (the dog's owner showed up). she ignored repeated warnings by the police not to enter the lobby or the apartment. wham! second lion tamer mauled. she suffered massive trauma and blood loss to her legs. the neighbor said the scene resembled the movie JAWS. the dogs kept triggering the automatic doors but the police managed to force them back in and barricade them inside. the 41 yr old female then appeared and also ignored the police warnings to stay out and entered the apartment. wham! lion tamer number three mauled. one pit bull was shot and killed when it charged the cops, the other died after being snared and tranquilized.

this little dog was rescued from the apartment after the frankenmaulers were dispatched. he was found cowering and unharmed, whew! this story could have taken a tragic turn!

the two women underwent surgery and the man was treated and released.

* the 26 yr old pit nutter told police that her ugly dog bit another dog at a hoboken dog park several weeks ago. how's that for karma? :)

special thanks to photographer JOE SHINE!

be sure to check out all of the links :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

60% mastiff + 40% bulldog = 100% schadenfreude

about 4 years ago, a doctor's 4 bullmastiffs got loose and attacked someone walking by their house. when the police responded, they shot and killed one of the dogs. the remaining 3 dogs spent years in custody and attacked a handler. authorities ordered the dogs destroyed but the doctor was game. he fought the euthanasia order and won last june. tuesday the 52 yr old doctor was killed in his garden by his 3 bullmastiffs. they're all taking dirt naps now.

people are calling for the agriculture minister to resign for allowing the dogs back into society.
i think they should give him a raise.

out of the pit and into the street

phoenix, arizona crash was the luckiest of these 4. while out for a walk with his owner, a neighbor's pit bull attacked him. a good samaritan happened by and saved the little dog. crash's owner isn't taking any more chances though. crash, the innocent non threatening little dog is the one being punished. he will no longer go for walks and will be confined to the house and back yard.
be sure to click the link and watch the video. a neighbor's security camera caught the attack on tape.

portage, michigan blue, yet another dog being punished because of the sins of the dog fighting psychopaths. blue's normal life is over, he will never go on a walk with his owner again. blue was attacked by KRISTINE AND CHRISTOPHER MARSH LANDIS' 2 pit bulls while out on a walk with his owner, who was also bitten. kristine landis has been charged 2 counts for having animals running at large and 2 counts of a dog biting a person and 2 counts of destruction of property.

chris landis is full of explanations, justifications and excuses: my dog only became aggressive after it was attacked by another dog 6 years ago, only one of my dogs was involved in the attack, i usually keep them indoors, someone must have let my dogs out of the fenced yard, like they must have did 3 weeks ago when i came home and my dogs were not home and i found them wandering in the woods but i think my wife might have the left gate open cuz she was preoccupied with a funeral. pit bulls are very very nurturing animals. nurturing? huh? how the does the concept of NURTURING makes its way into discussion of the savage attack?

me and christopher pit nutter agree on one thing "it is unfortunate that pit bulls have been bred the wrong way".

boswell, pennsylvania buster was attacked on his own property, he died later. buster's owner stated “A pit bull came charging up. It just came into our driveway and attacked our dog. Why, I have no idea."
no big secret here, it's a PIT BULL, "THEY HAVE BEEN BRED THE WRONG WAY".
buster's owner report that the attacking pit bull looked like PETEY from the little rascals :)
if you have information about the frankenmauler contact the police 445-4104.

christchurch, new zealand bizza was killed in his own living room by a stray pit bull.

UPDATE: the frankenmauler has been found. now the search for the derelict owner begins.