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What to look for in a game dog by California Jack

Top or bottom, winning or losing, does your dog stay in holds? To me, one of the surest signs of gameness (or lack thereof) is whether (or not) the dog is a holding dog. If your dog is always in there with a hold somewhere, no matter how tough it is for him, the chances are he's a game one because he's still trying to win. But if your dog goes down and he lets go and starts to panic, and he seems more preoccupied with getting up than he is doing his job, the chances are he's a quitter.

Does your dog have a confident expression on his face; in other words does he look like he's enjoying what he's doing? No matter what's happening, your dog should always be intense and think he's winning. If your dog's eyes start to wander, or if he turns away from his opponent at some point, and/or starts hollering in pain, the chances are he's thinking about doing something else.

Is your dog's tail up and wagging, or is it dropped, limp, and/or fuzzing up at the back. You should hope that it's arched over his back (and/or wagging) or you are probably the owner of a cur.

Does he struggle in the corner to get back to his opponent, or does he just stand there content that he has been given a break? A good dog is upset that the action was stopped and wants nothing more than to return to it - he'll let you know it by the way he acts in the corner. But if your dog is in the corner and does nothing but stand there looking up at you, the chances are it's OK with him that you stopped things for awhile - which is not what you're looking for.

When he's tired and is turned back around to face his opponent, does he hold his head up and look down at his opponent - or does he hold his head down and look up at his opponent? A tired dog that lifts his head up generally is letting fatigue whip him and is concentrating on his breathing - and is therefore sure to quit to fatigue; by contrast, the tired dog that lowers his head and glares up at the dog is suppressing fatigue and is maintaining focus on the opponent - which is what you want.

Finally, how does your dog scratch? I reaalize that some very good dogs happen to be slow scratchers, but generally you want a dog that scratches HARD. Some hard scratchers have bashed their heads against the boards (in missing their ducking opponents) enough times where they adjust their style. They'll tippy toe half way (making sure that their opponent isn't going anywhere), and then they'll rocket across and really blast their opponent. Whatever the case, not only is hard scratching a very good indicator of a dog's gameness, but it can actually stop the opponent's dog when things get in the trenches. How would you like to be in a knock-down, drag-out fight with someone for an hour and still have your opponent screaming and struggling to get back at you, like nothing's ever happened? Well, if your dog's opponent has any cur in him, your dog's hard scratches tell him, "NOTHING YOU DO HAS ANY EFFECT ON ME!" Hard scratches have stopped many an opponent.

Fighting Dogs - The American Pit Bull terrier - An Anthology

other fun, educational and historical chapters include "Treating Wounds" by POPEYE, "The Weigh In" by RUSHIN BILL and a real tear jerker "Saving a dog after the fight" by California Jack. so touching the lengths that Jack goes to save his pit fighters. you can't read this without a box of kleenex handy. don't even try.

California Jack a.k.a John Koerner of John Koerner Photography.

KOERNER'S alter ego is PONCHO a descendent of man biter BOLIO. KOERNER moved from california to tennessee to florida and remade himself into a photographer. KOERNER states that he has a BA in philosophy with an emphasis on psychology, english and ETHICS!

KOERNER claims to be out of the pit breeding/selling circuit and now only sells florida nature calendars, fighting dog calendars and dog fighting books.

me thinks jack's brush with the law a few years ago might have something to do with his new and improved persona.

here are a few of the dogs JOHN KOERNER bred/sold.

SWITCHBLADE - pit fighter whose life was cut short when he was hit by a car.

CINNAMON - a pit fighter, conformation champ and schutzhund 1 title

LITTLE KIM - dead game, expired in holds and had to be pried off

LIZZY BORDEN - dead game

STICKY - dead game

BALLER - dead game

HONEYBUNCH - known to knock opponents and handlers out of the box on scratch

PREDATOR - sold to croatian thug dogger

the slavic dog fighters are especially savage.
for example, i found this photo on a ukranian dog fighter website.

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Dirty Liars Exposed: Bulladelphia

Pit bull advocates are known to lie through their teeth with no sense of shame or guilt. This lying contributes to the pit bull problem; unsuspecting owners get a "nice" pit bull, only to later be killed by their own dog.

I found a site that is no different - it is full of blatant lies. What I wonder is why people believe this bullshit even when faced with the facts. Here's a breakdown on a couple of the lies on

Lie #1: "No spayed/neutered, indoor pit bull has ever killed a person."

It doesn't take much digging around to find cases of loved, spayed/neutered indoor pit bulls killing people. Like Tina Marie Canterbury.

October 2, 2007 | Middleburg, FL
Tina Marie Canterbury, 42-years old, was killed by her two red-nosed pit bulls. She had raised both dogs, Rebel and Thor, since they were pups. Both had been neutered and lived indoors. According to her cousin, Bill Canterbuy, the dogs often slept with her at night. Tina had been taking out the trash when the dogs attacked. Her son attempted to rescue her and was also bitten. Authorities eventually shot and killed both dogs. Animal Crimes Detective Annie Henderson said,"This was a responsible owner. These animals never had any history of any type of aggression."

Dirty lie exposed.

Lie #2:
"According to studies by the CDC, a person is more likely to be killed…
- by a family member
- by a falling coconut
- in a bedroom slipper-related accident
- choking on a marble
- drowning in a 5-gallon bucket
- getting struck by lightning

…than by a pit bull."

These "studies" were never performed. I emailed the website and asked them politely if they could send me a direct link to the source of the material, but all they could provide was the front page. How do I know these studies weren't performed? Besides n extensive search of the CDC's website, I took the liberty to ask the CDC whether or not the studies were conducted. Their response when asked if the scenarios listed by really are more likely to kill a person than a pit bull:

"NCHS [CDC's National Center for Health Statistics] does not collect data to confirm the statistical claim you are referring to."

Translation: They doesn't perform that kind of study. If they don't perform those studies, there is no way that could have acquired that information from the CDC. However, in the same email response was this, that contradicts's claims:

"A CDC study on fatal dog bites found that at least 25 breeds of dogs were involved in 238 human deaths over 20 years. Rottweiler and pit bull-type dogs were involved in more than half of the deaths."

I also found a report conducted by the CDC on breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998, which also contradicts's claims:

"...the data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF [dog bite related fatalities] in the United States between 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities."

That's right. Breed-specific problem.

It's worth noting that for falling coconuts to be more likely to kill somebody than a pit bull, a falling coconut would have to kill a U.S. citizen every 21 days. I don't know about you, but where I live in the Midwestern U.S., there are more pit bulls than palm trees.

Case closed. Again, pit bull advocates are quite often liars, because to justify keeping a pit bull, one must tell blatant, dirty lies. Pit bull advocates also choose to ignore the facts because it will go against their twisted worldviews. Why do they not feel guilty?

Oh, I almost forgot. Here's the story behind the "coconuts kill more people than X" myth. It started with sharks, and it was recycled for pit bulls. Whatever you plug the myth into, it's false.

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Just dogs

We shouldn't be surprised when a pit bull engages in pit bull behavior. Nor should we be surprised when a pit bull engages in dog behavior. What we can do, perhaps, is be reminded that because a pit bull behaves simply like a dog does not mean it will never behave like a pit bull. As an example, my Labrador Retriever presented typical dog behaviors, from sniffing other dogs to rolling on his back for a scratch. He also exhibited many Labrador-specific behaviors, from his predictable fetching and his love of water to his soft mouth. Both made him what he was. In a more realistic world, pit bull owners would recognize their dog's possible pit bull-specific behaviors even as they embrace their pet's dog-specific behaviors. Then there'd be no, "He's never done this before, he's always been such a good dog..." (He still is, except now he's shown that he's also good at being a pit bull)

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What Famous Athletes can teach us about Pit Bulls…

Louis Colby and Jack Johnson

Vintage explores the Top Ten Pit Bull Famous Athlete Moments in History:

1. Darnell Sanders, NFL Tight End
Chicago Bears Tight End Darnell Sanders illegal Pit Bull and American “Pit” Bulldog were involved in a 3 dog attack which killed 82 year old Ernie Assad during a dog sitting operation back in 2005. Sanders initiated legal action and managed to get the dogs back. He ended up being sued by the Assad family for $1 million. So much for “man biters being culled”…

2. Latrell Sprewell, NBA
NBA Bad Boy Latrell Sprewell’s Pit Bull horribly “Bull Baited” his 4 year old daughter back in October 1994. She had one ear ripped off and was scalped causing her to endure years of plastic surgery. At least he had money for plastic surgery, most victim’s families end holding bake sales and car washes.

3. Napolean “Larry Lajoie, Major League baseball Hall of Famer
Baseball Hall of Famer Napolean “Larry” Lajoie won three batting titles and retired with an astounding lifetime .339 batting average. However, most are unaware of his hobby as Pit Bull owner and dog trainer. While playing in Cleveland, Lajoie instituted his “Bull Terrior “sic named Larry as the Team’s canine mascot. Larry amused the crowd with tricks until one day in 1913 when genetics kicked in and he mauled a boy at the stadium. Lajoies’s team mates rescued the boy. Larry the Terrior was subsequently banned from the stadium and the team was sued. “There’s no mauling in Baseball!”

4. James Harrison, NFL Linebacker
James Harrison, Linebacker SteelersWhen family Pit Patrone was let out of his Kennel, he bit Harrison’s girl friend, son and housekeeper multiple times during a frenzied attack…Star struck Pittsburgh Animal Control did not pursue dangerous animal designation for Patrone and the animal was trafficked out to a Pit Bull Rescue..Don’t worry about Pit bulls as manbiters were always culled!

5. Micheal Vick, NFL Quarterback
No need to beat a dead horse on this one, but the public isn’t aware that Vick also raised Beagles. They were used as blood transfusion “hosts’ and training bait for his celebrity fighting Pit Bulls. The Beagle community absorbed the survivors without much fanfare or publicity...Despite the “Clockwork Orange” like PR exploitation of the Vick dogs by Pit Bull advocates, 86 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls since the Vick bust in 2007, zero by Beagles…just sayin’

6. Joey Porter, NFL Linebacker
When the loud mouthed Linebacker played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, two of Joey’s Pit Bulls jumped his fence and mauled a neighbor’s horse to death…but it was just a mini horse. Star Struck animal control official allowed Joey to traffic the animals back to California without dangerous Animal designation. Later, when playing for the Dolphins, he boasted how he trafficked the horse killing Pits back and forth from California and Miami by labeling them a different breed. In summer of 2011, while playing for the Phoenix Cardinals, Joey’s Pit Bulls escaped again and killed a neighbor’s dog .

Statistical Analysis: So far, Porter’s Pit Bulls have managed to kill things in 2 out of the 3 cities he has played in, but not Miami, a city with so-called “draconian” Pit Bull regulations. Again, just sayin’.

7. Jack Johnson, Professional Boxer
The first African American Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, Jack Johnson was known as the “Iowa Bulldog”, Johnson is occasionally cited as a “famous American who owned Pit Bulls” by the Pit Bull Peddlers. In February 1910, he was incarcerated in Detroit after his "Prize Bulldog" nearly severed the arm off a pedestrian on a sidewalk . He vowed that he will spend “all he is worth” to save the dog's life. Thank God man biters were always culled!

8. Antonio Pierce, Professional football

Giants Linebacker Antonio Pierce…Shortly after the Vick dog fighting Bust in 2007, Pierce ran to the media called out anybody who fights dogs as “A Punk”….Just seven months later in March 2008 he pleaded guilty to animal neglect in for the atrocious-doggie Auschwitz condition of his Pit Breeding operation. You would think he could have afforded dog food and vaccinations on his NFL salary. You can’t make this stuff up!

9. Steve Foley, NFL Linebacker

NFL Linebacker and backyard Pit Bull breeder Steve Foley…Foley retired early after being shot by police during a DUI chase and arrest. He is one of only three Texans to receive felony charges under Lillian’s law after his Pits brutally mauled his neighbor and killed her dog on a public sidewalk. Foley claimed the dogs were “Show dogs and pets, not fighting dogs…” yeah that’s the ticket!” Later, charges were dropped when he paid out an undisclosed settlement to the victim.

10. Serena Williams, Professional Tennis
In May 2006, Serena Williams Pit Bull “Bambi” escaped and chomped a security guard working on a neighbor’s property. Williams tried the ole Inspector Clouseau “That’s not my dog” routine. ..However, animal control records showed her owning Bambi and the "fun facts" section of Serena's official website quotes the tennis ace: "I have two dogs "Jackie" a Jack Russell Terrier and "Bambi" a pit bull." Such a proud Pit owner…

Honorable Mention

World heavy weight Boxing Champion Jack Dempsey is often cited as a famous Pit Bull owner and went by the nick name “The Manassasas Mauler”. In 1923, Dempsey was sued for $10,000 ($131,000 in 2011 dollars), after a girl was attacked by a dog at his training facility. Dempsey’s Pit Bull lawyers defeated the suit using the ole Inspector Clouseau “That’s not my dog” defense.

Additionally, Jack Dempsey’s sister in law ordered to pay $3000 for Bull Dog bite in 1933.…She claimed the injury was caused by the Pekinese, but bite measurements provided in court led the judge to exclaim “It was the Bulldog alright!” Pit Bulls make great family dog!

Additionally, VINTAGE'S TOP PIT BULL AVIATION MOMENTS may be viewed at

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Lion Tamer Secrets: Insanity, Narcissism & Depravity

I looked for, but could not find a thesaurus of putrescence to come up with words to do James Lech justice, there isn't one. So, I must admit that I cannot adequately describe this contemptible puke of a charlatan lion tamer. I apologize.

You may remember Lech from Dawn's earlier blog post:

defrocking the asshole priests of the savage lion tamer cult

Quite logically, Dawn supposed the incident in which Lech took a "rehabilitated" rottweiler with a known history of aggression into a restaurant as a fake service dog, allowed the dog to viciously prey on 4 year old Sadie Kukkuk, did nothing to stop the attack, LIED ABOUT IT, and blamed the obviously completely innocent child might end the fucktard's career. It did not.

Lech was not only allowed to keep on doing his lion taming, he was allowed to keep using the mauling rottweiler as a service dog. Knowing this and that Lech was once chosen as one of the top 100 Brightest Young Minds in South Africa, it becomes obvious the entire nation of South Africa is riding the short bus and no one is driving.

So, he "rehabilitated" "D" the mauling rottweiler a second time. Then the malignant pustule of a man allowed the mauler to MAUL A SECOND CHILD, 2 year old Meeka Riley Lackay, while walking three large dogs off leash on a no dogs allowed beach. The description of the second attack shows that "D", the mauling service dog, was again preying on the child. "D" grabbed the girl and began dragging her away.

Meeka was bitten 11 times, had a chunk of flesh removed from her thigh, and underwent a four hour surgery.

2 year old Meeka Riley Lackay

Nonetheless, in an open letter from Lech to the community, Lech's spokesperson managed to minimize Meeka's injuries and report that the mother "seems as if she has accepted this." What? Oh yeah, accepted that we all have to accept dangerous dog breeds in service dog vests going everywhere we go and mauling us and our children.

Lech has no clue how this could have happened. D was traumatized after he mauled 4 year old Sadie because he was physically beaten by "bystanders" and Lech also felt the trauma of being responsible for mauling a child. However, in his professional opinion, he had rehabilitated the mauler a second time, and therefore can only conclude that no one could have foreseen this happening.

In the comments of his open letter, it looks like he's revving up to blame the victim again, "When I am authorized to release my behavioral report, it shall show and indicate that it was the post-actions that caused the harm and damage and not the initial pre-action."

Makes you want to vomit, huh.

But, wait. It gets worse.

James Lech has uploaded a youtube video tribute to the service mauler titled "In loving memory of D - A national hero and dedication to his name"

Since the second attack, D, "the national hero" was given a dirt nap.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA chief executive Allan Perrins called James Lech an irresponsible owner and expressed his opposition to James Lech being able to own any dogs.

And a Cape Town veterinarian came forward and said that he filed a complaint with the SPCA against James Lech for cruelly binding a dog last year. Dr David Grant was called out to administer a sedative to one of his client's dogs. When Dr Grant arrived, he was introduced to James Lech, the behaviorist who was going to cure the dog's aggression in 3 months.

According to Dr Grant:
“When the dog was presented to me I was horrified. It had been bound with nylon ropes so tightly that Mr Lech could hardly undo them. Both front and hind limbs were bound and the dog was muzzled with ropes.”

“The dog was extremely agitated and salivating and its eyes were blood red. In all my professional life I had never been presented with anything quite as scared… but it seemed that Mr Lech was adamant that all this was acceptable.”

“I gave the dog a dose of tranquilliser and asked them to leave. I subsequently wrote to my client asking him not to return to my practice.”

Aggressive dogs are so much easier to manage when they are bound, gagged and sedated.

posted for snack sized dog.

"the pit bull excess in deaths is real and growing"

this comment was recently left on craven desires:
I mean yes, there are more Pit bull type dogs in the US (the most popular dog in 2011) so obviously there will be more involvements w/ the breed then any other breed. There are more of them then any other type of dog, this equals more attacks...simple. But even w/ that in mind, do you know what your actual chances of getting attacked by one of these dogs are? Slim to none.

sometimes the pit bull apologists blame pit bull violence on the owners, sometimes they question the breed, sometimes they play the race card and blame the media and sometimes they point to the supposed massive popularity of america's dog to justify their over representation in these statistics of violence. whatever the flavor of defense the nutters serve up, it is typically followed up by a condescending minimization of risk by pointing to guns, cars, bath tubs, ATVs, bees, cows and coconuts as greater threats to life and limb. KAREN DELISE has honed the condescending minimization to an art.

it is often said that pit bulls make up approximately 5% of the dog population. i am skeptical about an accurate estimation of the pit bull population given their use in underground dog fighting and their attraction to the criminal element & the scofflaw types in society. add to that the high number of irresponsible people who fail to spay and neuter pit bulls which leads to more pit mixes, i could easily see their population doubling 5%.

popularity is somewhat dependent on region. for example, there are probably many more huskies in alaska than there are in arizona and many more pit bulls in arizona than there are in alaska but the easy peasy lab appears to be fairly universal in its appeal. the most popular dog in my area is by far the lab and lab mixes and i would estimate that the pit firmly occupies second place. whether pit bulls make up 5%, 10% or even 20% of the dog population, they most certainly do not make up 70% of all dogs in the united states, which is roughly their percentage of fatalities last year.

i took a quick look at last night and here are the most common breeds available for adoption.

23,670 labs 13.7%
18,380 pits 10.6%
15,338 chihs 8.9%
8,305 beagles 4.8%
7,167 boxers 4.2%
6,949 GSDs 4.0%
5,802 dachs 3.4%
5,464 amstaffs 3.2%

as i look around me, i'd say that the top four breeds looks about right. but i'd probably swap the boxer out for goldens and swap the amstaffs for huskies.

if there is any truth to what pit bull advocates say about breed popularity resulting in an increase in attacks then the top four killers, scalpers and amputators would be represented according to their popularity: labs, pits, chihuahuas and beagles.

i leave the nutters with a few questions to ponder. why was there not a single lab fatality in 2011? why hasn't a single lab been credited for scalping a child or amputating an arm or a leg of a senior citizen in 2011? and why wasn't the popular chihuahua or a beagle involved in inflicting this sort of trauma in 2011?

pit bull owners also like emphasize the risk of being killed by a pit bull, or any dog, as ridiculously low. at least one CDC doctor recognized the growing threat that dogs pose and in particular the threat that pit bulls pose in 1989.

"We're trying to focus public attention on this greatly underestimated public hazard," said one of the researchers, Dr Richard Sattin, chief of unintentional-injuries section of the Centers of Disease Control.

In 1979, pit bulls accounted for 20 percent of fatal attacks by dogs. That figure had risen to 62 percent by 1988.

Nobody knows the dog population of the United States or the exact breakdown by breed, Sattin said.

However, he added: "We do not believe that pit bulls represent anywhere near 42% percent of dogs in the United States. Therefore, we believe that the pit bull excess in deaths is real and growing.

Dr Sattin's warning was not only NOT heeded in 1989, the CDC completely reversed their position and officially claimed that breed doesn't matter. as a result, the pit bull menace continued to expand and now in 2011, pit bulls account for 71% of fatalities.

Eugene Register-Guard, September 15, 1989 (thank you vintage!)

Dr Richard Sattin is the president of the Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research.

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Harry S Lucenay

Harry S Lucenay

May 8, 1887 - May 28, 1944

The owner and trainer of the dogs who portrayed Pete in the Little Rascals died at the age of 57. After a long night of a low stakes poker game, Lucenay grabbed and twisted the arm of 71 year old Charles Z. Bailey and accused him of cheating. Bailey claimed that Lucenay "was going to beat him up" so he pulled a gun and shot him in the arm. Bailey stated that Lucenay "kept coming" so he fired again. The second bullet hit Lucenay's heart and he died.

* The Calgary Herald lists Lucenay's age at 47, yet Find A Grave Memorial lists his age at 57.

The man responsible for killing Lucenay was a decorated soldier and a famous California panoramic photographer.

The Calgary Herald, May 27, 1944

Find A Grave Memorial

Find A Grave Memorial

US Militaria Forum (look! more medals than Stubby!!)

California Views

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Jack Dempsey

click to view larger image of Jack Dempsey and his bulldog King.

William Harrison "Jack" Demspey (The Manassa Mauler)
June 24, 1895 - May 31, 1983

Jack Dempsey's bulldog bit Artemis Geranois (a child) in Shelby, Montana during his training for his famous July 4, 1923 fight with Tom Gibbons. A $10,000 lawsuit was filed against Dempsey and his manager Jack Kearns on behalf of the victim.

Ten years later, Dempsey's sister in law would find herself and one of her bulldogs before a judge. Susan Dempsey was ordered to fork over $3K Claire Hoffman. Mrs Dempsey tried to blame Hoffman's pekinese. Judge Percy Hight ordered the dogs to the courtroom and measured their teeth.

"It was the bulldog, all right."

Jack Dempsey and Jack Kearns

Reading Eagle 08.31.1923

Ogden Standard 06.01.1919

San Jose Evening News 04.27.1933

Jack Dempsey wiki