Monday, August 17, 2015

craven mailbag

The recent Wisconsin pole dancers for pit bulls fund raiser inspired this email from a reader:

Not everything reviled is misunderstood. Some things are stigmatized, feared, hated, for good reason, and should remain so, for the good of all. All thinking people realize stripping and fighting breeds, are not good things to be revered or encouraged.

The only people misunderstanding stripping are liberal jerks that think being sexually exploited is just everyday work, and have the nerve, and ignorance, to call it empowering. That's a lie, one that hides the abuse and dysfunction driving most strippers, along with a lack of better financial options, even the outright slavery that is part and parcel of the sex industry.

The only people misunderstanding pits are liberal jerks that have taken PC to a place that makes no sense at all. These people love an underdog to the point that they will take on the disgusting, and dangerous, as causes to celebrate, so long as the average person finds them repulsive. They can't be seen as one of the sheep! Blinded by their own false morality, they mistake solutions that are truly humane like BSL for evil plots to commit mass slaughter of innocent animals.

These type of pit pushers also include the rescue angels. Their need to feel special drives them, and owning a "pibble" fills that ego driven need for several main reasons. One reason is the ego boost that they get when they can look progressive to their peers (other such ignoramuses); adopting a vile creature with a bad reputation is a badge of honor amongst these fools.

Another reason is that if their pit hasn't (yet) maimed or killed, they can feel superior to others, which feels good and falsely elevates their self esteem. This is why they fully believe, and internalize the lie, that genetics mean nothing, and pits are safe and wonderful with the right owners. Their sweet fur baby is harmless, so they think, and it's because they are such great people, unlike those "un-enlightened trash" that have pits that attack.

You see a pattern here? I know I do. 

While this doesn't cover every person that parrots the line about the "true greatness of the poor misunderstood victim", it describes the reality I see everyday in my hyper liberal city.

You see, contrary to the crap many pit lovers spew, the majority know exactly what pits are, what they can do, why they are bred, and they revel in this. Whether it's the power they derive from intimidation and brutality, the sexual thrill (!) of owning and controlling a strong and virile beast, or simply the desire to profit big off of dog fighting/breeding, they know pits deserve their bad rap. They depend on it, brag about it!

Sure, these sociopaths will use the same lines about poor sweet nanny dogs when speaking to a non pit owner, but they have no illusions about their breed being misunderstood.

The same goes for the rest of the (all too often so called progressives and 3rd wave "feminists") that push approval of stripping (plus porn, prostitution, sexual deviants, etc). They aren't misunderstanding the nature of the sex industry. They just enjoy the enormous profits, and other benefits more than they care about the fallout and damage done.

The liberal lovers and defenders of pits and sexual exploitation give cover, and public legitimacy, to sociopaths and their actions. Their work making dangerous dogs, and sex "work", seem safe and fun is deplorable, harmful, even deadly, and utterly selfish. 

There is nothing progressive about this.

in case you missed it, pit nutter circus took a jab at the wisconsin freak show too.