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Dear Readers of Craven Desires,

This is "Diggs" I have collaborated with Craven in the past and have diligently stood by his work as well as Two sincerely wonderful and critical resources that are adamant about showing the inherent danger that pit bulls pose.

While all three of us have slightly different philosophies on how pit bulls should be handled. Let it be known that I am a person for strong and inherent responsibility of pit bulls and that I firmly believe that if the pit bull apologists do not change their ways in the following year. I may very well stop blogging of the inherent benefits BSL possesses and advocate for an absolute ban.

My blogs are resources. Ranging from the benefits of BSL that truly corral the mess pit bull apologists have caused for themselves, their dogs, and most importantly, their victims. People like you and I.

If you would like to follow my blog on how BSL benefits, please visit this link.

If you would like to visit my in depth tracking of pit bull attacks as well as contribute, please go here.

If you are adamant about educating people on the dangers of pit bulls and want to enforce laws that regulate who gets to handle these dogs, please show anyone who may be misinformed these blogs and spread them like wildfire. Along with Craven's Truth About Pit Bulls and dogsbite fatality reports.


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uh-oh, even the gorillas and dogs are evolving faster than hillbilly dogmen

last april, i blogged about the slow evolution of homo dogmanas.

ITN News reports of a zoo gorilla that is walking upright, like a human.

pay attention MURPH, this is how it's done:

gorillas and dogs evolving faster than hillbilly dogmen. hmmm...who'd a thunk it?

weekly frankenmauler roundup 01/28/11

we start this week off once again with a story that perfectly illustrates why pit bulls are different

rip Matty
01.23.11 canada Tom Lozza was walking his 2 small poodle mixes when a passing truck containing 2 pit/presas (lovely mix eh?) squeezed out of an open window of a truck to savage his dogs. Mya curled into a ball and the mutant lost interest in her and grabbed the other end of Matty. the two pit/presas then proceeded to play a game of tug of war with Matty. construction workers came to their aid, rushed Tom and Matty to the vet but he did not make it. the pit nutter was fined $1000 for failing to have the frankenmaulers leashed and muzzled per the Nanaimo city law which designates all pits and their mixes a restricted breed. the investigation is still on going, the dogs might be seized. Nanaimo animal control seems to be made up of sensible officers who are not drunk on the nutter koolaid. ACO Zanchettta said "it’s pretty sad when you’re taking your dogs for a walk on a leash and these two aggressive dogs come out and charge at you. He’s going to see that every time he closes his eyes for a long time.” and “I mean these are the reasons why we have a certain restriction on those breeds to prevent stuff like this happening." Lozza intends to file a civil lawsuit against the nutter and of course he wants those ugly mutants dead.

01.21.11 internet chatter I have a 4 month old APBT and she attacks my chiuahua(or however u spell it)for no reason at all.I have 3 other inside dogs but she only does this to them when eating,what can i do?Please help
(fun thread, highly recommended)

01.22.11 basenji forum The facebook BRAT page has a sad post. A dog adopted from BRAT 11 years ago was killed by a neighbor's pitbull while the husband was walking. The husband was also bit but will heal. I hate to hear about these kind of dog attacks.

01.21.11 canada Mickey Prefontaine's australian shepherd Zep, was attacked by the neighbor's 2 pit bulls and american bulldog. the mutants turned on Prefontaine when he tried to help Zep. Mickey's very heavy winter clothing and Zep's winter fur prevented a more serious attack. the dogs have been seized and the attack is under investigation. link #2 and link #3 with video and link #4

Veronyca Hughes and Amy
01.22.11 UK Veronyca Bates Hughes was walking her miniature poodle Amy when they encountered a greyhound and a nanny dog. the rest is text book: it took the owners 5 minutes to pry their dogs off of Amy. they were very apologetic. the dogs had never done this before. surprisingly, there was no word of them fleeing the scene or providing false information. debate link #2

01.24.11 Uk last september Beverly Carroll was injured during a dog walk while trying to defend her dog from a nanny dog. she suffered a broken bone and dislocated finger. the police have now said that they will not be pursuing the pit nutter because Carroll provoked the nanny dog into biting when she intervened. that's proud dogman speak for "your'e a cur, never interfere with the only dog that matters favorite past time. pip pip cheerio, move along".

rip Jacob
01.24.11 st paul, minnesota Xiong Blia and her little sister were walking their pomeranian mix when a pit bull grabbed the little dog. they ran for help and when they returned there was no sign of either dog. a couple of hours later someone brought Jacob to an emergency clinic, he was dead. police believe that person was the pit bull owner. animal control opened an investigation but before they could locate the pit nutter, she came forward and she provided proof that she euthanized her mutant. she will most likely be cited for dog at large, at the very least. link #2 and link #3 link #4

01.25.11 UK 5 nanny dogs attacked Carol Hunter and her 4 month old puppy Honeybee. when Carol saw the assassins coming, she scooped up Honeybee but the nanny dogs were too much for her. good samaritans came to their aid but Honeybee was left with an eye hanging out and could lose a leg if the £3,500 operation does not work.

rip Fudge
01.25.11 UK a failed attempt to rescue and rehabilitate a former fighting dog cost Fudge his life and landed his 77 yr old owner in the hospital and treated for shock. the court banned nanny dog nutter 25 yr old VICTORIA MAYO from owning pets for 5 years and 3 years of court supervision that prohibits her from working with animals. (she must be one of those dog groomer aggression experts)
Harrow Police's dog legislation officer PC Simon Underwood said: “Sometimes I think it can be forgotten that dogs are as important to people as any other member of their family, and their loss brings the same amount of pain and grief." Harrow Police's dog legislation officer PC Simon Underwood
finally, a UK law enforcement official who gives me hope for the UK and their dog problem!

01.26.11 dear internet.... My friends dog killed another dog while on a walk.?
My friend was walking her pitbull when a small dog ran out of the house and past the fence towards her dog. Right away her dog which was on a leash attacked the smaller dog and killed it. All of it happened so fast they (the owner of the small dog and my friend) couldn't do anything. This is in Chicago by the way. What kind of consequences is she looking at?
yes a report was filed by I'm assuming the owner of the dog that was killed. A police officer came by and and whatnot. I believe the pitbull did have one incident in the past where she bit a person. Because of this i don't think its gonna go over too well for my friend and her dog.

01.26.11 asheville, north carolina VENUS and DIAMOND were roaming free and have killed at least one dog. animal services is looking for them. 828-252-1110

01.26.11 jackson, mississippi home invasion a pit bull charged into the trailer of of Shane Azlin and killed his little dog. Azlin reports that the pit bull went crazy inside and his sister and her kids locked themselves in the bathroom to get away. the pit nutter, 42 yr old SCOTT LANDRY, said the pit he bought for his 14 yr old son, didn't do it. LANDRY claimed that his dog is white and there wasn't a bit of blood on him. he also said that SOMEBODY loosened the dog's collar and set him free on purpose. right.
below, what's left of the little dog.

pile of dead sheep
01.27.11 yoncalla, oregon Martin Thompson's dogs started barking at 7 am. he grabbed his shotgun and drove down to his sheep to investigate. he found dead and injured sheep and pit dogs running in the field. he shot and killed one and the other took off. his son recognized the dogs as belonging to a neighbor 3 miles away and they called the sheriff. the pit nutter was contacted and he willingly gave up the other mutant for a dirt nap. the mutants killed 19 lambs and 8 ewes. they also severely mauled the faces of 7 ewes, he expects at least 2 more will die from their injuries. Thompson's estimated the loss at $4000. under oregon law, he can sue for double the damages. the attack on Thompson's 2000 acre ranch is a few miles south of Nick and Carla Botner's ranch which was visited by mutant pit bulls in august and october, wiping out 28 sheep, 2 alpacas and 3 goats.
see also

"they're very loving caring animals. they're not violent at all." 21 yr old JOCELINE WILSON
01.27.11 sacramento, california two pit bulls were shot and killed after they attacked a sacramento police K9. police were attempting to arrest someone on a parole violation when the "scuffle" occurred. link #2 with video check out her posse in the background. helps to explain why the cops found drugs in the home.

01.28.11 bay county, florida pit bulls killed a cow.

01.28.11 salisbury, north carolina two separate attacks on horses occurred tuesday. Honey was attacked by a mutant pit bull named LUCY. this is the SECOND time LUCY has attacked Honey.
and 28 yr old Gypsy was attacked by a neighbor's ugly mutant. both horse suffered leg injuries. be sure to watch the video. there is a storm brewing in north carolina.


cordova, tennessee 34 yr old convicted felon ANDRE ROBINSON pled guilty to reckless aggravated assault. (robinson was previously convicted of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary) ROBINSON admitted that his mutant pit bulls had attacked other dogs prior to attacking Helen Marshall and her husky mix Skye. ROBINSON was ordered pay $2000 to the victim to cover expenses not covered by insurance. he also paid the shelter $300 to dirt nap his mutants. the judge sentenced him to 6 months in prison plus 4 years after probation and he can not own any dogs. now this is what i call an appropriate punishment.
see also:

taunton, massachusetts KEVIN and KERI CORNELIUS have hired an attorney and are fighting the orders for dirt naps. the CORNELIUS claim that they have tried to reimburse the victim's vet bill but Debbie Rose has so far refused to have anything to do with them. of course that is the lying pit nutter and their bottom feeding lawyer's side of the story. Debbie Rose said she sent them the vet bill certified mail three times and each time it was returned to her. Rose has not received a dime. link #2

shrewsbury, massachusetts CHRIS and LISA O'CONNOR'S hiring of big shot animal rights lawyer STEVEN WISE failed to spare their ugly frankenmauler from the purple needle. the magistrate upheld the selectmen's dirt nap decision, citing the severity of the attack and the beating with a 12 inch wrench's failure to stop mutant DUGG. since WISE admitted the pit was responsible for the damage, this should help pave the way for the victim to sue the pit nutters for the thousands of dollars in vet bills.

canada the family of a chihuahua killed by a "pit bull" at a dog park has filed a lawsuit against pit nutters SCOTT ZIMMER and ERIN UNICK and the city of thunder bay. the damages are $1500 in general damages, $5000 tort of assault and $42,500 for nervous shock and loss of companion care and guidance tort of neglect. they are all claiming that JIMI is not a pit bull mix.meanwhile JIMI'S facebook warriors are chatting it up. the general consensus is "leave your little runts at home if you want to ensure their safety". link #2

canada remember the pit bull who was 86'd from white rock, british columbia after savaging dogs but the owner didn't get rid of it and killed a yorkie poo last november? the city of white rock is pursuing a dirt nap which takes 6-8 months. that means the frankenmauler will be housed on the tax payer's dime which is estimated at $4500 plus legal fees. add to that the counseling fees to try and help the owners of the yorkie deal with their PTSD.
the cost that these frankenmaulers have on society is mind numbing.
see also


UK a rottweiler savaged a cavalier king charles spaniel.


lagrange, maine 911 received a mutant S.O.S. sunday from 2 men who had locked themselves in a bedroom to escape the family mutant. please hurry, my wiggle butt is chewing through the door! one man suffered injuries to his neck, legs and arms. when the state trooper showed up, the mutant lunged at him and it was shot. the people pleaser was later euthanized.
i bet KAREN DELISE has an extreme weather phenomena explanation for this attack or perhaps the sensitive pit bull wanted to wear the purple tutu instead of the red.

MICHAEL WHITE, notice the beware of dog sign between the palsy like hand gesture and putz #24
01.24.11 oroville, california WHITE'S 2 yr oldfrankenmauler jumped his 4 ft fence to attack a mailman. people came to his aid and tried to control the bleeding from his neck and face. the frankenmauler acted aggressive towards the police when they responded to the 911 call, they tased it and it took off. they found the dog in the alley and shot it. and this fucktard doesn't understand why they shot it.
“My dog's always been a good dog. He loves kids and stuff. I don't know if he was provoked or not.”
you know how mean and nasty those letter carriers are, always making trouble for poor wiggle butt.

01.27.11 fort collins, colorado police killed a pit bull during a domestic disturbance call. one of the pit nutters was arrested, 30 yr old PRISCILLA GUTIERREZ.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“Kids will be kids and the dog will be a dog, I reckon. ”

John Ellis Nixon

meriden, north carolina John Nixon and two of his friends went to 3587 Rollingview Lane to play with friends. the rest is according to the pit nutter DOUGLAS GLENN QUEEN, so the details of the events may contain only a kernel truth. according to QUEEN, when the kids arrived at his home, rather than go to the door, they went further into the yard (strange wording, isn't it?) to pet a 2 yr old pit/sharpei mix named SILO. QUEEN said the dog growled and the other kids heeded the growl but not John. and when he went to pet SILO, he was bitten on the face. surprisingly, SILO was current on his rabies vaccine and will serve his 10 day quarantine at animal services. AC also slapped a potentially dangerous dog declaration on SILO. QUEEN insists this has been "blown out of proportion" that SILO has been branded as dangerous by the media despite the fact that this is SILO'S second bite. last september, SILO was quarantined for NIPPING a family friend who provoked the nip by startling him from his sleep. of course, the "family friend" is not available to give their side of the story. QUEEN states that SILO is an indoor dog who is allowed to "run through the neighborhood". according to DEBORAH QUEEN'S myspace page, Sassie is the inside dog. and there are no photos of fighting dogs.

this guy is a lying fucktard, i reckon.

the saginaw sleeper cell awakens

saginaw michigan less thank a week after the denver pit terrorist cell emerged, the terrorists in saginaw come alive. the saginaw city council has been considering a dangerous dog law. Councilman Bill Scharfie received a "fiery letter full of racial allegations". when Scharfie responded calling her comments ridiculous, the woman wrote back with an even "harsher tone". although no direct threat was made, the email was frightening. Scharfie turned it over to the police and they are are investigating.

keep up the great work nutters, you are making our jobs so much easier!

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Fatal pit bull attacks

there is a new website tracking human fatalities.

pit nutter roundup

south carolina god told MIRIAM FOWLER SMITH to hang and burn her nephew's pit bull after it chewed up her bible. haldol anyone?

north carolina animal control seized DEMETRED NORMAN'S 13 pit bulls after receiving complaints. the nature of those complaints was not specified but the dogs were described as underweight and suffering from heartworm and other health issues. all 13 were euthanized due to shelter being at capacity with pit bulls and pit rescues being overwhelmed. Melissa Knicely commented that the shelters are overflowing with pits because of their "popularity". if they are so popular, why are they being dumped at shelters and rescues? and of course the pit nutter has a criminal record.

ohio DAVID SANDERS kidnapped a woman for 3 1/2 hours. during that time he ordered his pit bull to attack her, he raped her, beat her with his fists & a pipe, poured scalding water on her face and chest, made her clean up her own blood, robbed her and then let her go. electric chair anyone?
i REALLY want a photo of this guy.

colorado in 2010 animal control officers were called 88 times to 515 West Eighth St in Loveland, CO. the animals were pit bulls and the calls ranged from running loose to aggressive to attacking. the occupants are MARY LOU PROA and her brother AUCENCIO PROA. the judged has banned them from owning dogs for one year. i wasn't able to find MARY LOU or AUCENCIO but i did ANOTHER brother, VICTOR PROA, pictured above and what a surprise. he has a pit bull too. forced sterilization anyone?

florida JOSEPH BARKER beat his pit bull with a tire iron and stabbed it 26 times for "incessant barking". lobotomy anyone?

UK JORDAN GHARIB was sentenced to 12 months for siccing his status mutant, BLESS, on another man. his weapon has been twice seized before under the dangerous dog act but this time it will get that dirt nap. always nice to see that losers look the same on both sides of the pond. soap on a rope anyone?

new york 44 year old MAUREEN CONNOLLY-ZASSO was holding a man against his will in her apartment. when local and state law enforcement arrived, they were met with kicking and punching that continued even after she was pepper sprayed. as LE were hauling her ass to jail, her pit broke free and attacked. CONNOLLY-ZASSO has been charged with 3 counts of 2nd degree assault (felonies) and 2nd degree unlawful imprisonment (misdemeanor).
need photo now!

"Lori Amsden is alive and well and doing great."
north dakota last november, Lori Amsden was babysitting JASON and ANNA HEPPLER'S 2 year old daughter when she was attacked by the family pit bull mixes. Amsden was barely conscious when help arrived, she suffered bites to her head, neck, hands, feet and torso. after the attack, ANNA HEPPLER came to the defense of her banned grandfathered-in dogs stating that Amsden ignored her warning to stay out of the 2 yr old's room where the mutants were being kept. WTF?! who hires a babysitter and then instructs them NOT to go in the baby's room?!?!? am i alone in thinking that child protective services needs to investigate JASON and ANNA HEPPLER?
fast forward, two of the three dogs belonging to this looney tune have been euthanized and the third has been ordered destroyed. of course these nutters are just smart enough to try and exploit the federal law protecting the disabled and their service dogs. the HEPPLERS are challenging the dirt nap order and claiming that the dog is a service dog for their 2 year old autistic daughter that has been taught to lay on her legs. and they will sue the city under the american with disabilities act. i think ANNA is the one with the disability. her behavior at the city meeting was described as loud and disruptive. like her ugly dogs, she demonstrated poor impulse control and continually shouted out and interrupted others when they spoke. ritalin anyone?

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Nicholas V. Dickson presents: Pit Nutter Fest

update here comes the threats. you succeeded nick!

"Your (sic) afraid because of what happened in Arizona and you should be. ALL government officials should be aware of what comes with the job. . . . The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THEIR GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!"

westword update pit bull protest photos have been released. westword claims 100 people attended. it looks like half that many based on the numerous photos. i didn't see a single photo of the special guest of honor or DICKSON, although i did see a few pit bulls despite the organizer's explicit instructions to leave them at home.

WESTWORD reports that NICK DICKSON organized a protest against Denver's pit bull ban for this friday followed by a benefit concert on saturday. felons are not only welcome, they are encouraged to attend. MELVIN 'SHORTY' ROSSI, a former gang banger, ex-con (attempted murder) and pit bull tv celebrity will be the special guest of honor. the PIT BOSS crew will also be attending and filming the events for a future episode.

a PIT BOSS producer invited Denver city council member Charlie Brown to present the city's side of the story. Brown declined "citing security concerns and inflammatory rhetoric from pit bull fans". not long after the news of Brown's refusal was made public, one of those zealous fans wrote to the councilman justifying Brown's concerns. the zealous fan stated that he (Brown) "should be forced to go on TV and justify the killing he has done."

further justification for Brown's tusconesque concerns can be found at the 42 yr old organizer's facebook page, where DICKSON reveals personal and disturbing information about himself. for example, his favorite quotes:


"I eat the razor, a mouthful of God's flesh, sweating this blackness, I am shitting this cold death.

I cut their throats while they slept, I wept. I peel back my skull for you, Yes I do, DEAD VENUS BLUE" DAX RIGGS

and his favorite books:

i especially liked this little nugget from DICKSON'S any given breed facebook page (notice the last line):

unfortunately,'s data base is no longer available to the public for free. we don't know the specifics, only that DICKSON has a criminal record.
click to view 100%

The gala event will include Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders and my personal favorite: Nicaraguan Death Squad. nothing like a cocktail of hallucinogenic drugs and a particularly violent snuff film to get your creative juices flowing.

this promises to be a strange night of noise and disturbing, bizarre, violent imagery.
here is a taste

weekly frankenmauler roundup 01/21/11

the first attack this week is a perfect example of why pit bulls are different.

the fence destroyed by the 4 mutants next door. this resembles the fence that contains my neighbor's pit. and this is why we call them MUTANTS.

7 yr old SAR dog Rocky
01.20.11 plumas lake, california the four pit bulls next door to Sean Crabtree destroyed the backyard fence to get to Rocky and Missy. Rocky nearly died. the damage and subsequent infection to his leg resulted in an amputation. he is out of the hospital now but requires intensive home nursing care.
and the frankenmaulers? one of the 4 mutants was current on rabies. three of them spent 10 days in quarantine and were returned to the pit nutter who claims that his home owner insurance will cover the $35,000 vet bill (that is not a typo - thirty five thousand dollars)

01.19.11 bushnell, florida a security camera led to the arrest of a high school student who put his pit bull in a pig pen and allowed it to attack. the young psychopath has been charged with trespassing and animal cruelty. link number three reports that it appears as though a hoe was used to shove in the rectum of one of the pigs. i think we have hog dogger on the horizon.
link #2 and #3

the attack of Neela the guide dog by John Madden's frankenmauler was caught on a security camera.
01.15.11 UK guide dog horrors David Burkett, a former cabinet member, guide dog owner and pit bull victim said britain's dog laws are failing guide dogs and their owners. more than 3 guide dogs are savaged by bull terriers and other attack dogs each month. GUIDE DOGS, a charity is calling for mandatory microchipping in the hope that owners will be more responsible.
over 60% of the attacking dogs were off leash
almost half of the attackers were bulldogs, mastiffs, bull terriers, pit bull types and nanny dogs
13% of the attackers were guard dogs
86% of the attackers were male
62% of the victims were male
20% of these attacks resulted in human injuries
61% of the dogs were harnessed and working at the time of the attack
50% of the victims' ability to do perform their jobs were affected

rip Teddy Bear
01.17.11 oklahoma city 70 yr old Ray Montgomery was bitten on the hand by the neighbor's pit bull while trying to save his mother's 11 yr old shi-tzu. the shi-tzu died. the pit nutter who refused to be identified (where's that pride now?) said he feels bad but it was an accident. and the mutant never showed aggression before. Montgomery said that's a lie.
why do so many pit nutter's properties look like this one?

01.16.11 austin, texas I just have to vent..........My neighbor was talking to me at my gate today when the pit bull that followed her got into my yard. Apparently the non-English speaking owners of this dog don't think its important to keep him confined as required by city code so they just let him wander the neighborhood. Anyway he got into quite a tussle with my blue heeler but eventually I got my dog inside.
I really do despise those dogs. Awful temperament and damn ugly. There are so many other dogs that are more controllable that also make great guard dogs. Luckily gentrification (and high property taxes) will eventually push theses neighbors away from here. Can't wait.

01.18.11 UK the nanny dog strikes again. Roger Saltmarsh was bitten as he tried to protect his lhasa apso Scooby from being savaged by 2 off leash nanny dogs. the pit nutters tried to call their dogs off, when that failed they pulled them off and fled after refusing to give their names to their victims. Saltmarsh has bites to the his left knee and injured dog and a £400 vet bill.
the police would like to hear from witnesses 0345 456 4564

Fabienne Gigez and Frosty
01.18.11 australia Gigez let her dog outside just as a man was walking by with a black pit bull that he could not control. the leashed pit bull grabbed Frosty, the pit nutter was unable to get break his dog off so Gigez jumped into action only to be assaulted with a whip by the man. he then criticized her her interfering and walked off. Gigez is stuck with a $1000 vet bill and Frosty has approximately 40 inches of stitches.
IF caught, this nutter could be slapped with a $5000 fine.

Richard Berney and Jack
01.18.11 new zealand Berney tried to hold Jack above his head to protect him from a pit/mastiff. the mutant jumped up in the air biting Berney's arm before being knocked to the ground. three good samaritans stopped and saved Jack who was under attack now that Berney was out of the way.

01.18.11 corpus christi, texas a woman was bitten and her little dog was killed by a stray pit.
rip Rocky

Lucy, i can not believe she survived five nanny dogs.
01.19.11 UK five nanny dogs got a hold of 9 yr old Lucy (she provoked them no doubt) when she was out for a walk with her owner Sally Peach. the nanny nutter punched his dogs to get them off of Lucy and fled. Peach says he was bleeding from the mouth and was possibly bitten by his own dogs (fingers & toes are crossed for a deadly infection). Peach reported the attempted assassination on her pet and she got the typical police response in the UK: "dog on dog attacks are not my part of my job description". the dog warden's response: "not enough resources to pursue the nutter and his nanny dogs" but they will pursue action against him, if he presents himself with a full confession. that action will be in the form of advice on how to manage a pack of dogs. (no shit!) i am beginning to think that there is a sense of pride in the british fighting dog over there. the authorities don't want to do anything about it. dog fighting is part of the rich heritage of the united kingdom.

01.19.11 UK a bull terrier attacked the other end of the leash for a change maybe the police will do something about this attack. that bull terrier probably took one look at the nanny dog he was walking and decided the old guy would be an easier target. what i want to know is why on earth that people pleasin, loyal to the end, lick you to death, die for you nanny dog did NOT come to his master's defense?

01.19.11 internet chatter My sheltie was in our yard when a pit bull crossed the creek and attacked him yesterday, attacked him so bad we had to take him to the bed and have him get stitches and he has rubber tubes sticking out of his body to drain blood.
28 stitches and 9 tubes a shaved body and a thing around his head that makes it where he cant pull out stitches or tubes, and three prescribed medications, tramadol, penicillin and some other pain killer, he has to take these three times of day, the doctor said it was a act of god that he didn’t get killed.
It breaks my heart i wasn’t there to control the situation, i would have never thought a dog would come out of the woods and try to kill my dog, which is exactly what it tryed to do, lucky for me shiloh is a bigger sheltie and over weight so the fat protected his bones the doctor said.
I’ve been bit in the ars before by a pit bull when i was little and my mum had to take me to the ER to get stitches as well, these dogs are bloody bastards, have you ever had a pit bull altercation or have a pit bull does yours attack things? how do you deal with the bloody things attacking things? Does you like pit bulls?
If i was to get a bigger dog id get german shepard, they listen there not blood thirsty and a german shepard could put a pit bull down if it ever had to.

a respondent commiserates: i dislike pit bulls and usually the owners are pretty unlikeable too … my dog was attacked and almost killed by a pit bull on a busy downtown street, grabbed from behind, my dog did not even know the pit was there … it took random strangers and a shopkeeper who cracked a broom handle over the pit to get my dog out of the pits mouth … the clueless owner (why why why are pit owners so fricken clueless) had no control … and i guess he forgot to pack is break stick (******* sarcasm if anyone misses it) so the attack went on and on … my dogs blood splattered all over the men helping, me and all over the sidewalk … i was left holding my bleeding and lifeless dog while the piece of **** pit bull owner slipped off into the crowd … pit bit my dog from behind, owner slipped away, both cowardly pieces of **** … my dogs back was ripped open, her neck was ripped open, puncture wounds, broken ribs … and all i was doing was waiting at a crosswalk with my dog on a leash … the vet cost for the surgery alone was over 1000 dollars … no need for dogs like pits in our society … dogs that will randomly attack and kill another animal have no place and these type dogs should be eradicated 100 percent … i have had a lifetime of experience with the simple minded pit owners, the damage these dogs can do, and these dogs are only getting worse … before they were supposed to be dog aggressive but more and more with more and more idiots breeding them, these dogs are also human aggressive … eradicate now please … very sorry to hear about your sheltie … it is awful when your dog is suffering and in pain … and that is what pit owners don’t get or don’t care … their dogs are not torn apart by bigger stronger dogs so they have no clue and no empathy and it would be a stretch for me to call a pit owner a dog lover …

01.19.11 stevensville, maryland a shelter pit bull killed the other family pet and bit the owner on the hand on christmas.

01.20.11 UK Emma Ford was riding her 19 yr old horse Galaxy when she encountered a family walking their nanny dog, WITHOUT a leash. when nanny dog spied the horse, she kicked up a fuss. the woman grabbed the nanny dog by the collar but was unable to restrain it. nanny dog went straight for the nose but missed. it then began attacking Galaxy's legs and hooves. people were yelling at the nanny dog but they were afraid to put their own hands on their own nanny dog, you know, cuz they're so great with kids. Galaxy managed to get in a good kick, which bought Ford the precious seconds she needed to jump off and pull her horse out of the way while the nutter's grabbed hold of nanny dog. the pit nutter then proceeded to accuse the horse of provoking the nanny dog by kicking it first. plenty of witnesses say otherwise. mrs. pit nutter then tried to say her poor nanny dog was scared, she had never seen a horse before. as Ford turned her back to tend to Galaxy, mr and mrs nutter and their two adolescent nutter spawn fled the scene with their nanny dog.


01.20.11 uniontown, pennsylvania ELIZABETH D'AURIA'S pit bull was shot by police when they responded to a 911 call.

01.20.11 fremont, california a pit bull broke loose from a car during a traffic stop and charged an officer and his K9. the pit bull was shot and killed. several rifles and shotguns were recovered. four of the 6 suspects were charged.

durham, north carolina 33 yr old TASHEKA BEATTY was charged with felony animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in the city limits after shooting the family pit bull. BEATTY claims she was awakened by the screams when her 2 yr old was bitten by the pit bull. her baby's daddy pulled the dog off of the toddler, he too was bitten in the face. BEATTY drug the dog outside and shot it before driving her daughter the hospital. BEATTY called AC to pick up the dog. when they arrived the pit was still alive. the dog was humanely euthanized by animal control. BEATTY claims she was just watching the pit bull to a family member (probably in jail). she has 5 pit bulls of her own. excuse me, HAD 5 pit bulls. she got rid of them all and claims she does not want anymore dogs around her daughter who is facing years of reconstructive surgery. like many pit bull owners, BEATTY has a criminal record. her record consists of:
discharging a firearm in the city limits
possession of stolen property
disorderly conduct
resisting arrest
assaulting officers
assault with intent to kill.
i want to know why she is not being charged as a felon in possession of a firearm.
please note that many news sources are misspelling her name LASHEKA.

01.19.10 macon, georgia a woman was walking her dogs and grandchildren when the pit bull charged them. the neighbor grabbed the dogs and went home. while the officer was investigating the incident, he tripped and fell. the mutant charged at him, he shot it. it is still alive but has been seized by ac. also in macon police news, TONI JOSEPH'S 3 pit bulls attacked a jogger. when the police responded, they charged him. he fired at them and they ran off.

01.18.11 atlanta, georgia police shot and killed a pit bull while checking a business whose alarm system was triggered. "This isn't just a dog. It's my dog. It's my baby." his "baby" was killed during the wee hours of the morning while guarding business property. BLOOD KILLA was home in bed. me thinks he is looking cash in on this. be sure to watch the video.
see more of the hoodlum here.

01.19.11 winona, minnesota police shot and killed a pit bull during a trailer trash drug raid. BRADY WALTERMAN was arrested for cocaine possession. he was arrested a year ago on pot charges. check out the the chronicles of a plunker.
BRADY had it all.
stylish ride...

and now... he has soap on a rope.

palm harbor, florida as the police were arresting ROMEO and putting him in the squad car, they heard screaming inside the house. it seems that WALKER'S pit bull MOJO attacked his girl friend. police tased MOJO but eventually, (after a few more seconds of a proper mauling) they shot and killed the dog. in THESE instances, police should ALWAYS try less lethal options first! :) a neighbor came forward to explain what happened. her theory goes like this: MOJO was sleeping on the floor when JULIET stepped on him, startling him and so he attacked her. how likely do you think it is that ANY dog will be sleeping after that kind of commotion? my guess is the apologist is a it nutter.

01.19.11 pecos, new mexico Richard Lienau filed a lawsuit against his neighbors for $2000 worth of damage to his VOLVO. the owners of the dog STEVE, CHRISTINA and JERICA GRIEGO claim Lienau is mistaken, their dogs are not capable of such acts. oddly enough, breed was not mentioned in this story but we are talking about mauled cars.
what's your best guess? here are a few hints:
the victim said: the GRIEGO'S dog menaced at least 6 neighbors, killed one dog and mauled one other car to the tune of $5K.
the GRIEGO'S said: "The Shih Tzu, she thinks she's vicious, of course. You know how the little dogs make the most noise? The other one is a little bit off, I think. She goes up to you and she twists her head so you can pet her. She's a friendly dog. She doesn't do stuff like this, and she stays basically in the yard."
interesting choice of words: little dogs are vicious, the other one is a little off but friendly and "basically" stays in the yard.


canada the frankenmauler that killed a poodle INSIDE its own home on x-mas day received its dirt nap.