Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pit nutter of the month: steve markwell - rescue angel, lion tamer, child of the universe, and a good candidate for B12 intervention

steve markwell of the olympic animal sanctuary.

it was a tough decision that was only made easy when Idea Mensch published this piece around x-mas. markwell talks about a pit lab mix bite that he received a few months ago that broke his hand. markwell shrugs off the broken bones. he sees dog bites as an opportunity to expand his personal scar collection for the day when he meets that special girl. you know, cuz girls like scars.

markwell has a rather bizarre view of dogs and the world. he doesn't think it is fair that dogs are singled out among all other animals and not allowed to bite. he states, "Cats are allowed to bite all they want. Horses are allowed to bite and kick and stamp. A hamster can bite. But when a dog bites, we go crazy." maybe i live a sheltered life but i have never heard of cats or horses or hamsters escaping containment and going on a rampage.this man with a mission to save dangerous dogs first came to my attention when he took in SNAPS. snaps was sicced on a woman in seatac, washington when she tried to intervene on behalf of the dog who was being beaten by psychopathic teenagers. king county animal control deemed snaps unsafe to adopt out but sent him to live out the rest of his life with this dog nutter. i can't tell if markwell is crazy or stupid.

Taming dogs with a mean streak

steve markwell's kindred spirit
don't give up steve. you will get there if you try hard enough!
warning to all of you delicate youtubers about clicking on that link, it's not for sensitive viewers.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

pimping the vick dogs, ssshhh

hector is making the rounds, drumming up business for the pit nutters. hector reminded me of a couple of other vick dogs that i saw in the news.

click photo to watch video or click here.

about half way through this video:
rachel ray: "so, we are not clapping because we have a very special guest here. who is this guy?"
donna reynolds: "this is johnny justice."

at the end:
rachel ray: "i have a big surprise for you! i really love this company, dad's pet care, they're donating $20,000 to badrap. $20,000 to help save and rehabilitate these animals. and they're giving you a year's supply of better than ears snacks."
"guys if you want to learn more about badrap, how to adopt these beautiful animals or help out, please go to our website and we'll direct you. sssshhhh, we'll be back in a couple."

so, what's up with all the no applause and ssshhh? where have i seen this before? this seems really familiar? oh, yeah, now i remember...

click on the image to view larger.

this is a screen grab of one of the vick dogs that went to the utah pit nutters. the caption reads: Handlers cannot explain why loud noises make Little Red jumpy.

how can a former fighting dog be ready for adoption when its environmental noise level requirements is the equivalent to a library?
doesn't rachel ray asking for money and the $20K donation from dad's pet care violate the judge's NO FUND RAISING order?

i wonder if hector required a shhhhh intro and exit at show & tell?

watch below or at badrap or on youtube.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"a really bad experience"

donna reynolds on pit bulls and dog parks:

My pit bull male is fine at dog parks (I don't know go, because I can't stand the filth, among other things)


But if you love your dog, why would you want to set him up for a really bad experience?

btw, this links to a really fascinating 13 page discussion at a cadre of elite pit nutters are attempting to redefine pit bulls, aggression and genetics.

tiny was attacked by a pit bull at a california dog park, the pit nutters ran off. tiny's owner was also bitten and is stuck with a $3000 vet bill and still tiny might not be able to walk again.

oh the horror! that poor little wiggle butt had a bad experience at the dog park. i hope pittie's fur mommy got him into counseling asap.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

good job! has exposed the deceptive practices of the utah based religious cult known as best friends sanctuary and the public relations shyster they hired to polish the pit bulls' turd of an image. ledy vankavage is now on her world wind tour promoting best friends' newly created online BSL calculator. consulted with the city attorney of council bluffs, iowa in regards to their pit bull ban which was enacted january 2005. according to don bauermeister there has only been one instance of a DNA test. "The DNA test was requested and paid for by the Defendant," he said. "The City incurred no costs on the DNA examination. The owners paid for blood draw, mailed it in and awaited the analysis."
compare that to the best friends' online BSL calculator which claims that the city's annual cost of DNA testing alone would be $8,860.

click to view larger

notice the name of the url?

guerrilla economics?

Guerrilla marketing an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget and facts. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional and misleading; potentially interactive[1]; and consumers are targeted in unexpected places.[2] The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral. regardless of its actual value

this sounds much like the tactics of guerrilla warfare which utilize terrorism, ambush, sabotage and DECEPTION to defeat their enemy.

the BSL calculator will be added to the existing pit nutter arsenal of guerilla tactics such as:
  • your breed will be next
  • it's all how you raise 'em
  • there is no such thing as a pit bull
  • petey was a pit bull
  • pit bulls score higher than poodles on the ATTS
  • they were originally the nanny dog
  • first it was the GSD, then it was the doberman...
  • man biters were culled
  • your're a racist
the illinois bar association has set a mighty low standard.

be sure to read the entire blog Son of Rosie Humphreys Starts Campaign to Ban Pit Bulls in Flora

GUEST VIEWPOINT: With pit bulls, it’s time to blame the breed, not just the deed

Appeared in print: Thursday, Dec 17, 2009

On Monday, Nov. 23, I buried my beautiful, trusting, blue-eyed cat. He lived a wonderful, if brief, life. But he died a hideous death. He was savaged by a pair of marauding pit bulls that terrorized my neighborhood and killed two other pets. The cats didn’t stand a chance.

Since that terrible day, I have searched the Internet for everything I could find on pit bulls. What I found is frightening.

For example, I learned that I myself might have been mauled, if not killed. When I saw the pit bull standing over my cat’s body, I ran to them. The pit bull did not back off, but stood there staring at me. I was in shock, heartsick and furious. I was not thinking clearly. Had I tried to save my cat from him, I almost certainly would have been attacked.

Pit bulls whose attacks on pets or small children are interrupted by an owner or a parent attempting a rescue can create a classic scenario of redirected attack.

Such was the recent case in Woodburn — a woman walking her small dog was seriously mauled when she tried to save her pet from a pit bull. In Eugene, a blind woman walking her guide dog was rescued by a passer-by before she could suffer a similar fate. Her guide dog was mauled by the pit bull and will probably be useless in the future as a guide dog.

An incident near Portland illustrates this breed’s ferocity, sheer power and tenacity, as well as its high tolerance for pain. A father heard his little girl screaming in their back yard. He managed to save his child from the pit bull, but was brutally attacked himself. He and two other men, one with a baseball bat, were still struggling to subdue the dog when the ambulance arrived.

Redirected attacks are only a part of the story. The pit bull has a well-documented history of attacking human beings without provocation or warning. This includes turning on family members, often children, as well as strangers.

One study reported that more than 13 percent of pit bulls attacked their owners, compared to 2 percent of other breeds.

Many jurisdictions, including a new ordinance in Malheur County, have implemented restrictions or out-and-out bans on the pit bull. This is called breed-specific legislation, and it is hotly contested by vocal and well-organized groups comprised mainly of pit bull owners and breeders. Their motto is “blame the deed, not the breed.”

But this snappy-sounding slogan is basically meaningless. Yes, we want irresponsible owners held accountable, but without genuine measures to prevent future attacks, the problems will only increase as the population grows.

In 2009, state Sen. Bruce Starr, R-Hillsboro, proposed legislation that would have put a higher standard of responsibility on the pit bull owner, but after receiving a petition bearing 4,152 signatures opposed to any restriction on this breed, the bill was dropped. Of the 4,152 signatures, only 1,072 were from Oregonians!

Pit bull owners say their dogs love people and if raised right, this breed is no more dangerous than any other. Any dog, after all, can bite. (However, if a beagle is angry, you may get bitten. If a pit bull attacks, you get mauled.) They claim the pit is getting a bad rep due to the media sensationalizing the attacks. They also call the community “ignorant” and tell us to become better educated about the pit bull. I, too, believe we should educate ourselves about the nature of this potentially lethal animal that lives among us.

The history of the pit bull goes back hundreds of years to England, where their predecessors (butcher dogs) were used in bear and bull baiting. When bear and bull baiting was outlawed in the 1830s, breeders crossed this dog with English terriers for a smaller, more agile animal created specifically for dog fighting. They were bred as a weapon.

According to Ingrid Newkirk of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, “These dogs were designed specifically to fight other animals and kill them for sport. Hence the barrel chest, the thick hammer-like head, the strong jaws, their perseverance and stamina.” This is their sad history.

That these dogs are dangerous is unquestionable (see www Pit bulls account for nearly 50 percent of all human dog-related fatalities in the United States!

I therefore do not believe that pit bulls are like other dogs. Their breeding, their unpredictability, their physical strength and their strong prey drive set them apart.

Living near intimidating, dangerous dogs, and the fear they instill in residents, can destroy a neighborhood. My neighbors and I plan to address these issues before the Eugene City Council.

Oregon, so far, has been relatively lucky. But with the population growing and more pits being brought into the state, problems will only increase. I hope we can learn from the recent local incident and from what other states have done. Let’s not wait for a truly horrific attack before we act.

Betty Kang lives in Eugene with her husband and a surviving cat.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

LOL time

two pit bulls were dropped of at Dulles International Airport to be shipped overseas on Korean Air Flight 94. they arrived in separate kennels but one chewed out of its kennel and into the other dog's kennel and attacked it. police responded to the dog fight call at the Air France cargo building @ 9:40. the officers unsuccessfully tried to break up the fight rinalia style but ended up shooting the dogs.

Police did not release the name of the owner but said the investigation is continuing.

see also pit bulls on planes part 2 and pit bulls on planes part 1

Monday, November 30, 2009

fatal pit bull attack

flora, illinois
85 yr old rosie humphreys and her poodle were both killed today by a loose pit bull.

an interesting comment was left by KELLY. "Have pictures of the dog been released yet? Why hasn’t anyone done anything about the supposed fighter/ breeder! It just sucks cause I own three myself and I get so much grief when this stuff happens."

pit nutters, always inconvenienced by the "stuff" their wiggle butts do. poor kelly, she will be feeling the heat now for the next week or so. man that really sucks.

follow the fatal mauling of rosie humphreys and her poodle at

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

michigan farce

courtney protz sanders bearing rocky's remains at a royal oakes city meeting.

the non-pit nutter version of events: rocky and his owner were jogging near an offleash area, rocky got loose, ran across the street and attacked a boston terrier named max. max's owner and his friend were both bitten trying to save the dog. the friend received the more serious bite and had surgery on his finger. both men say that rocky bit them. rocky's owner could not provide proof of rabies vaccines and licensing. she voluntarily turned rocky over to animal control and he was euthanized to avoid fines and quarantine fees.

the pit nutter version of events (as told by public relations guru courtney protz sanders who was not present during the attack): Max was unleashed at the dog park and Rocky slipped off his collar. The two dogs ran toward each other and sniffed each other. Then there was an altercation between the dogs. The friend of the owner stuck his hands into the dog fight and was bit on the finger, but no one knows by which dog. the police were called and animal control threatened rocky's foster mom and she felt she had no alternative but to forfeit rocky. protz sanders claims that she is the rightful owner of rocky and had the necessary papers for animal control.
(sounds to me like the pit nutters should be suing each other)

the issue: how quickly rocky was killed. according to protz sanders, rocky's rights were violated because he was not allowed due process. rocky was sentenced to death without a fair trial.

the solution: courtney protz sanders is demanding an investigation into the animal control officer during a time when all levels of government are operating in the red. and if protz sanders doesn't get her way, she will launch a boycott against the business community if they do not support rocky during a time of economic crisis. some rocky supporters are even demanding that the city terminate the animal control officer. there is even talk of legal action against the city.

one resident spoke out against the boycott. “Our residents and businesses raised $50,000 to build a gated dog park,” Gomez said. “Where were these people then? Businesses should not be penalized because of this. Royal Oak is not for sale.”
(hmmm...GATED dog park. not looking too good for the pit nutters)

the definition of altercation: a noisy argument or disagreement, esp. in public.
the founding fathers of the field of public relations edward bernays and ivy lee would be very proud!

max recovering from the altercation

you can follow courtney's selfish crusade here.

and you can learn all about the unscrupulous profession of public relations here in this fascinating and unflattering 4 part BBC documentary on protz sanders' chosen profession.

Monday, November 9, 2009

the crisis in pit rescue part 2

these are attacks by dogs that have been through the rescue/rehab system that have just occurred in the last month. these are the attacks that we KNOW about.

lawrenceburg, tennessee a couple adopted an apbt named "dillinger" from eleven eleven bull rescue in dickson, tennessee. within minutes of them bringing baby home, he attacked them. the woman had 60 stictches in her hand and the man had reconstructive surgery on his leg. while dillinger was under quarantine, he attacked an animal control officer. he lost part of his thumb and recieved injuries to his arm.

woodbury, minnesota a 53 yr old retired police officer adopted an american bulldog from a texas rescue. five months later as the two watched tv, the dog mauled him. he lost an ear and a good chunk of his face and nearly lost an eye. i'm still looking for the rescue org that placed igor.

royal oakes, michigan an apbt named rocky got loose from his foster mommy and attacked another dog. the rescue, paws for life rescue and adoption, is spinning quite a tale and talking about law suits because animal control dared to euthanize rocky after he bit two men who tried to save the dog that rocky zeroed in on, despite the fact that the negligent person who was fostering him TURNED HIM OVER VOLUNTARILY. watch the rescue's head honcho courtney protz-sanders spin the facts and blame everyone one for this attack except the dingy rescue angels who think that it's all how you raise 'em!

courtney protz-sanders

new canaan, connecticut attorney and pit bull advocate/rescuer for bully breed rescue benni mcgrath's ambull got away from her and attacked 2 snack sized dogs. the owner was bitten trying to protect her little dogs.

and a few honorable mentions

michigan dog fighters joshua gates, martin phillips and jay rodriguez claimed they were only operating a pit bull rescue. they later pled guilty to dog fighting.

border collie breeder/rescuer richard swafford of tennessee was raided last september for running what appeared to be a puppy mill.

SPCA volunteer anna klafter was kicked in the head when her OFF LEASH therapy wiggle butt attacked a police horse. this woman received 2 tickets totaling <$200 but she deserved a darwin award.

then there is pit bull rescuer tia torres, married to a felon who is back in prison. torres tried to open a brothell to pay for her 200 plus rescued pit bulls and hired ex-cons to come and help her care for them. she has managed to finagle a tv show called pit bulls and parolees.

tia maria torres

what is wrong with this picture?
for starters, there is absolutely no regulation or oversight for the dog/cat rescue industry.
this is made worse by the fact that the pit nutter community headed up by jane berkey, donna reynolds and ledy vankavage has successfully commandeered themselves into the position of authority on pit bulls, where they defined the breed, the problem and the solution. you have people like janet hinkley and rhonda lang who are totally clueless about pit bulls, presenting themselves as "experts" and spoonfeeding bullshit to the media. unless someone out there is exposing them, how is the man on the street to know any different?

the crisis in pit rescue part 1

benedicta mcgrath esquire with oliver

Bulldog Bites at Dog Park:

An American bulldog belonging to 56-year-old Benedicta McGrath of Gower Rd in New Canaan bit another dog owner at Spencer's Run in Waveny Park on Friday, Oct. 23.

McGrath told police her bulldog broke away from a prong collar to go after the 43-year-old victim's two small dogs. The victim's middle, ring, and pointer fingers were then bitten when she went to rescue her pets. One of the victim's dogs also sustained a bite to the chest.

McGrath was fined $75 for animal nuisance. Her bulldog was quarantined for observation until Nov. 6.

who is this woman?
she is an attorney
she is a pit bull rescue angel.

but most importantly, she is a "responsible" owner.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

pig lipstick

you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

ledy vankavage and her wiggle butts

vankavage made time from her hectic ohio wiggle butt propaganda tour to speak to the toldeo blade about the unfairness of the ohio state law that discriminates against her grippers. vankavage believes the identification of "pit bulls" is wrong most of the time and only DNA testing, which costs $120 per dog, is truly accurate.

here is a quote from an experienced dogman talking about the breeder of the oldest family of american pit bull terriers:
Doggie DNA testing is inaccurate, my breeder did a DNA test on one of his dogs....(his strain of dog can be traced back to the early 1800's through pedigree documentation) and the results were his dogs were of a mix of breeds and not one of them were of the APBT family. Between my breeder and his father before him they have been preserving the breed for more than 110 years, the breed doesn't get any more pure than what he has on his yard. So how accurate do you really think those DNA test are if the oldest most renowned breeder in the history of these dogs has inconclusive test results for his dogs ?

Don't buy into the whole DNA thing, besides the chances of your pup being Amstaff is extremely slim. The Amstaff is not a widely owned breed and they often have to breed back into the APBT due to the lack of depth in the gene pool. Most commonly the DNA test result with that say the dog is Amstaff is actually more than likely American Pit Bull Terrier than that of Amstaff breedings. It was the folks who breed Amstaffs that submitted the DNA samples for the project and the Amstaff stems from APBT breedings just bred to different standards.

sure vankavage is a handsomely paid hired gun for a wealthy animal rights cult but who are you going to believe? some flaky animal rights lawyer who probably has 10 years experience promoting pit bulls as family pets or someone who has been involved with creating the breed for the last CENTURY?

you can put a clown suit on a killer but it is still a killer.

john wayne gacy

meanwhile, as tom skeldon gets raked over the coals, ANOTHER ohio county is scrambling to get a handle on their pit bull problem.
maybe the jefferson county dog warden should have a chat with the lucas county dog warden?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

spin doctors

at 3:45 BADRAP co-founder tim racer is asked what kind of environemnt is suitable for these dogs and he answers "a suitable environment would be a suitable environment for any dog for the pet chihuahua or the pekingese or the labrador retriever would be a home environment. you know, we've got to remember that these are just dogs in the end. pit bull terriers were the favorite dog of this country, world war 1, world war two times they were the labrador retriever of today. everybody had them and you got to remember that all they really need even beyond rehabilitation, is not rehabilitation, it's basic training, it's a warm bed, it's food, it's a couch they can sit on and put their head in your lap. that's really all they need. they need just a stable situation where they can sort of decompress from all of the bad things that they had to go through in the past and just heal mentally and heal physically."

tim, you might want to alert aberdeen, mississippi. they are about to blow $4000 on a PIT BULL HOLDING FACILITY at their animal shelter.

After months of deliberating, the Aberdeen Board of Alderman voted unanimously at Tuesday's meeting to approve an expenditure of $4,000 to build a pit bull holding facility at the Aberdeen Animal Shelter.

Friday, October 23, 2009

pit nutter bingo

i wish i could take credit for this.

get an alternate bingo ticket here.

i am working on dogman jeopardy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pit bulls on planes: part 2

libby sherrill
first there is the issue of the adopter. i didn't pay close attention to her. BIG mistake. i didn't make the connection between her and the documentary project, beyond the myth. you can see dawn capp in the trailer at the link. more on the relationship between the two nutters:
Although she operated with very limited funds—her father offered the start-up fees—Sherrill was able to enlist the help of two influential people.

One is Sacramento attorney Dawn Capp, Director of CHAKO, a national dog owners’ education and advocacy group. According to Sherrill, “Dawn shared with me her wealth of knowledge on BSL.”

i have been following the making of this documentary since it was first announced on one of the pit forums last march. it appears that lack of funding continues to impede its completion. and capp has been instrumental in trying to help raise funds to complete the project.

this issue with continental airlines was no coincidence. this was a carefully staged media stunt, not unlike the kooky colorado balloon family.

second, there is the specific incident that led carriers to ban pit bulls from their aircraft. and i am certain that given capp's "wealth of BSL knowledge" that she KNEW continental would deny the pit bull access and instructed sherrill to book the flight on continental for the very purpose of creating a story in the media.
from the january 2003 pike's peak newsletter:
Damage to an American Airlines flight, New York to San Diego, reported possible damage caused by traveling “livestock” - a pit bull in a kennel. Upon landing, investigation showed that the lower right side of the forward bulkhead panel mangled by the dog.

The dog also chewed up at least three cables/wires. These 3 cables belonged to the #2 VHF radio, ACARS and ADF systems of the aircraft. The captain stated that he lost some communication during flight.

An estimate of at least 24 hours was made to repair the damage done by the dog. Yes, AA intends to revisit the way they tender shipments of “livestock” in the future.

here is the documented incident report dated july 2002.

Aircraft Damage on F282/22Jul A/C 5EJ Forward Compartment

Inbound flight 282 from San Diego arrived at New York JFK at 2148 on gate 8. Ramp control was notified by the captain to be careful when opening the forward compartment door. (Below is Ramp CSM Harry Cadet’s statement).

At 2135 hours I received a call from Ramp Control advising me that the cockpit called about a noise heard in the forward compartment. I checked the offload of flight 282’s inbound and there was a dog and some mice on board. We started to open the cargo door of Aircraft 5EJ, when I noticed the curtain fastener was sticking out from the bottom of the door. I had Mr. Gittens turn on the lights and I peeped in the vent hole I saw a pit bull staring at me. The captain came down and I asked him if he could see if the passenger was on board. As I ran up to see if he was able to get the pax, he was escorting the passenger down the bridge. We repositioned the belt loader and Mr. Gittens, the passenger and myself went up to get the livestock. The passenger held the canine’s collar to calm him down as we proceed to open the cargo door fully. I then assisted the passenger to place the canine in the kennel. As I attempted to secure the kennel’s door I noticed that the bottom rod was bent and I was unable to get it to lock in. I then called CSM Dillahunt on the radio advising him that the livestock on flight 282 was loose and the kennel was damaged. In addition to that I was going to release the livestock to the passenger at the terminal since there was no way I could ensure that the livestock wasn’t going to get loose again. I escorted the passenger into the baggage claim area. Mr. Gittens rode with the dog to ensure that he wouldn’t break loose again. What was happening after we placed him back in the kennel and then into the cart, was the pitbull kept hitting his head against the door of the kennel trying to get out again. CSM Dillahunt advised me that he was going to fax a copy of the airway bill so that I could have the passenger sign for the shipment. I stayed with the passenger for about ten minutes in the terminal, and we checked the dog to make sure that there was no injury. I looked in his mouth and his gums were okay and there was no sign of any cut or bruises. Mr. Schwerdt came over to the inbound bag room and advised me that the dog had done some damage to the aircraft. I called Peter Hegmann to advise him that there was damage to an aircraft that was found on arrival. Peter and I walked over to gate 8 and when we walked up the belt loader and look in the F1 position of the aircraft, we were in shock. The pitbull had clawed through the avionics access panel and ripped approximately 5 coaxial cables in the aircraft. According to Mr. Schwerdt the captain stated that he lost some communication during flight. I never looked in the cargo compartment when we first got the livestock. My main concern was getting the livestock to his owner safely. I really feel that we must revisit the way we tender shipments of livestock in the future.

Harry Cadet

I (George Pastrana CSM Cargo) went down to the Baggage claim area and had the passenger sign the Airwaybill. As I was returning to cargo, I received a radio call from Tony Dillahunt of possible aircraft damage on inbound flight 282 and I went to gate 8. I went up the belt loader into the forward compartment and saw the lower right side of the forward bulkhead panel mangled by the dog. The dog also chewed up at least three cables/wires. (See pictures). These 3 cables belonged to the #2 VHF radio, ACARS and ADF systems of the aircraft. There was also a PPS shipment of mice (awb 56219262) from World Courier located in the F1 compartment. The dog gnawed on the corners of the 2 containers but was unable to get at the mice. An AC-18 was filled out and was given to the driver.

Since the dog had damage the forward bulk compartment. I went back into the terminal to locate the passenger, the dog and the kennel to take pictures. The passenger had already left the area and the security guard said they had left right away. The kennel was not issued from AA. Harry Cadet said it was a green kennel, size 400 series and was made by Daski.

The maintance GFO Bill Doyle gave an estimate of at least 24hours to repair the damage done by the dog.

the case against pit bulls on a plane has been made.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

brazen lies even by pit nutter standards

27 yr old daniel coverston of auburn, california

while coverston was in michigan, his four pit bulls (ronin, sherman, maui and otis) got loose and attacked a 17 yr old male. coverston was very surprised to hear about the attack citing "they're very sweet" and "they listen to me very well." now he is in deep shit. the city has his dogs and they want to kill them. and so do i.

coverston lawyered up and is trying every trick in the book to get the dogs back, well at least one of his dogs.

first, he challenged whether or not the city PROPERLY seized the dogs. at the hearing, the court discovered that the owner is unable to physically control his dogs.

Ruffcorn said the dogs were taken by animal control “without incident.” However, he noted that Daniel Coverston did not appear to have control of the animals. He said as one dog was escorted out of the house at a time, another dog broke loose and was running around the outside of the property. Another dog became agitated in the car and his head broke through a window screen.

“The dogs were not aggressive but it was clear that Daniel did not have control of the dogs,” Ruffcorn said during the hearing.

at the end of the hearing, his lawyer stated they would not contest the seizure.

coverston claims to have escape proofed his yard. he poured 6 inches of concrete at the bottom so they cannot dig out and added a taller redwood fence outside of the chain link with a lattice top. i hope you fixed that gate.

ronin the japanese warrior

coverston is begging for ronin to be spared. ronin was described by the animal control officer as the dominant dog and the most aggressive of the four. coverston described ronin "like my son" and the dog that he has "the craziest bond" with. coverston has promised to neuter his dogs if they are returned to him, although i have a sneaky suspicion that their "crazy bond" might be jeopardized.

in addition to promising to neuter his dogs, coverston is promising to give his puppies............ ANTI-AGGRESSION SHOTS?!?!?

wtf are anti-aggression shots?
Daniel Coverston said his veterinarian at North Fork Veterinary Clinic told him that they would give his dogs anti-aggression shots as part of their “puppy plan.” Coverston said he was “very surprised” to hear in a letter read by Auburn City Attorney Matthew Crider that one of the veterinarians at the clinic said she had never heard of anti-aggression shots.

Coverston told the court earlier that his dogs had received their most recent anti-aggression shot from the vet clinic seven months ago. He said he does not give his pets the shot.

Representatives from North Fork Veterinary Clinic declined to comment when contacted by the Journal.

this is hilarious. not only do i find NO mention of these shots anywhere on the internet EXCEPT in THIS news story, i consulted with a vet and guess what?

and last but not least, daniel coverston history with animal control:
- he has been cited for expired licenses - renewed 2 days after the attack
- he has been cited for not having current rabies shots for at least one dog
- dispatch has received five calls regarding coverston's pit bulls
- there has been at least one other report of his mushy wiggle butts menacing people

meanwhile, the case is still open. criminal charges may still be filed against it. coverston and lawyer are sticking with the anti-aggression shots defense.

pit bulldog adoption: FAIL

Officer Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack
LAWRENCBURG, Tenn. -- An Animal Control officer is in the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull.

A couple in Lawrenceburg adopted the dog, but the pit bull attacked the woman shortly after they brought it home. She had to have 60 stitches in her hand. The man, who was also attacked, had reconstructive surgery on his leg.

The dog was quarantined at Lawrenceburg Animal Control when it attacked Officer Steve Henson Monday.

Henson lost part of his thumb, has injuries to his arm and may have to undergo surgery for a puncture wound to the wrist.

WLX Radio reported the dog has been euthanized.

pit bulls on planes: part 1

sacramento, california

"I think Continental's restriction is ridiculous. They will fly a 90-pound German Shepherd. They'll fly a Rottweiler. They'll fly just about every breed of dog but not a 4-month old pit bull puppy. I can't imagine what a pit bull puppy would do that a 90-pound German Shepherd wouldn't do."
pit bull advocate Dawn Capp

i have read numerous accounts on the pit forums about how pit bulldogs destroy crates. here is my favorite:
I have only had 2 Yard accidents in close to 10yrs..
The first one involved a male that was in a crate in my spare bedroom..While I was gone he chewed out of the crate, and jumped out of the second story window,which was open (as it was summer) with the screen down..He made his way to the only other male on the Yard (that happened to be a good one) and killed him..When I returned the dog on the chain was gone and the wiley ol' man came stumbling out of the garage with straw stuck all over his Chest and face, looking to be in bad shape..Thankfully he made a full recovery..

no, i just can't imagine why continental would discriminate.
(discussion on the damage of 4 month old pit bulldog puppies)

people who are experienced and HONEST about pit bulldogs recommend proper crates like this one. of course the operative word here is HONEST.

contact continental airlines and thank them!
800.WE.CARE2 (800.932.2732)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

death-jab for ugly

melbourne, australia
A 30-year-old man was walking his "two small fluffy dogs" when the mutant attacked. One of the dogs was killed and the other injured. The dogs' owner was bitten on the hand when he tried to save his dogs. The pit held its grip for over 20 minutes.

Paramedics were forced to kill the dog with a dose of drugs used to induce comas when the animal refused to let go of the man. The police made the request. The mutant was too close to the victim, so they could not shoot the dog.

Pure-bred American pit bulls are a restricted breed in Victoria and must be desexed in a bid to eventually wipe out the breed.

a 20 minute mauling! i wonder if this guy even has a hand left?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

take the attack challenge

me and dick share a love of fabricated attack stories. here's my favorite dick. can you out do this one?

March 12, 2009
Agents: Couple Blames Cougar For Attack From Own Dog
a washington state couple were hospitalized with serious injuries, which they blamed on a mountain lion attack. they were attacked by their own pit bull.

the state fish and wildlife agents didn't find a cougar but they did find a white dog covered in dried blood at the couple's home.

pierce county sheriff did not file charges against the couple. no word on what happened to the dog.

this story really holds up over time. it is just as funny 9 months later, maybe more.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letter: Disturbing incident in Gallows Hill Park

salem, massachusetts
To the editor:

I'm trying to follow up on an incident that took place on Tuesday, Oct. 6, on the lower part of Gallows Hill Park in Salem.

I was walking down the path with my dog, a 5-year-old male Corgi, and was attacked by two pit bulls.

I screamed for help and two ladies came. My ex-husband, who was there watching a cross-country meet with my 11-year-old son, called Salem police, and they dispatched a car.

The officer took down my information and filed a report. He also went into the woods looking for the owner of the two pit bulls.

The owner of the dogs couldn't control them and got dragged up the hill! They were so strong they pulled off his shirt by dragging him along the concrete, all while trying to get to my dog. The officer also said he'd fax a copy of the report to the dog control officer and advised me to take my dog to the vet. (what a shame the dogs didn't drag him into an oncoming train)

My dog had hunks of fur torn out, blood on his fur and what looked like a tooth in his stomach. The cross-country team was still running up the same hills where my dog had just been attacked. (I believe it's part of their route).

There were other children playing in the basketball court, in the skateboard section and just running around.

The two women who tried to help said they've seen the pit bull owner in the area many times. I didn't get his name. I think he was in his late 40s or early 50s, with salt-and-pepper hair, and weighed about 180 pounds.

The vet told me my dog's stomach was bruised from being bit and that if he knew the owner, he would've quarantined the two pit bulls for 10 days. He also said he'd fax a copy of his report to the dog control officer.

The vet bill alone is $180 so far.

My son usually walks with me but I was lucky he was with his father at the time of the attack. How can I protect my son, my dog and myself in the future? This happened at 4 p.m. in broad daylight with hundreds of people in the park. I walk my dog four times a day there and have done so for 13 years. This is the first time something like this has happened.

What if those dogs attacked my son, another child or another dog? How can I protect myself? What kind of force can I use? Can I carry a bat? Should I buy pepper spray? Or both?

What kind of force am I allowed to use to protect my son, myself and my dog from another attacking dog?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

the devil is in the details

rinalia's back. minus the idiotic observations. she didn't think i would notice. and she is hoping that you won't read any further than her truncated version of events.

A dog who ran out the front door and barked at an officer was shot five times. She was rushed to the veterinarian where she was euthanized.

staci chiaese has a long history with animal control and the police in temecula. police had recently served a warrant and several months ago, animal control attempted to remove the dogs from her home because there had been so many problems. at the time of the shooting, plain clothes officers saw staci's felonious spawn in the yard and stopped to talk to him. you see, it is the job of the police officers to monitor PAROLEES. staci opened the door and the pit bull escaped and was ultimately shot because of the idiots who own it NOT because of some sort of police conspiracy against pit bulls. the animal control director said they have been "extremely concerned about the dogs". staci chiaese said she installed an electric fence and the dead pit was wearing the shock collar when she was shot. a lot of good an electric fence does for someone who is already in the yard. and if the pit bull wanted something on the other side of that shock bad enough, it would ignore the pain of the shock (compliments of nathan quinn's heroes). "court recognized pit bull expert" jere alexander on the effectiveness of electric fencing. (rocky gave her that title, not me. i don't know if she is or isn't)
jere alexander on electric fences:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the only thing worse than pit bulls are the people who own them

JACKSON, MI — On Aug. 18, while walking, my two dogs were attacked by a pit bull. The pit bull held on to Su-Z, my 30-pound mixed breed until she lost consciousness. Upon noticing she had gone limp, the dog turned to my little 9-pound Shih Tzu and attacked him. The pit bull grabbed him and shook him to death.

I was screaming for help, and four men came running from their houses with baseball bats. That is when the dog dropped my Shih Tzu and took off. It didn't matter. My dog was dead. Two women also came to comfort me. A man and woman walked home with me as I carried Sparty's bloody and broken body. Su-Z regained consciousness and walked home. Probably if these people had not come to help, the pit bull would have finished her off. I thank these people for their kindness and support.

My son took me and my two dogs to Blackman Animal Clinic. Su-Z had 15 stitches in her neck, plus she had to spend two days at the vet. Sparty, the Shih Tzu, was cremated.

These dogs were much more than just pets to me. They were my babies. In effect, that dog killed one of my babies.

The only thing I could have done differently was to keep them in their fenced-in backyard and not take them for a walk less than a block from home. My dogs were still on their leashes as we went to the vet. No one was walking the pit bull. It was running loose.

I am sickened at the thought of people who fight animals for the "sport" of it. It was the most awful thing I have ever seen in my 69 years of life.

— Marilyn Hoyt

Thursday, August 27, 2009

catalina stirling: responsible pit nutter

Jasmine wound up in the hands of Catalina Stirling, a 35-year-old artist who lives with her husband, Davor Mrkoci, 32, an electrical engineer; her children, Nino (4 1/2) and Anais (2 1/2); Rogue, a spunky spaniel-lab mix; Desmond, a three-legged foster basenji-lab mix; and Thaiz, the family cat. The fenced yard is big enough for running, and the living-dining area, which contains almost no furniture, has a smattering of dog beds and water bowls. Catalina and her children have painted angels on one wall.

In her evaluation Jasmine was considered for sanctuary with Best Friends, but when volunteers from the Baltimore rescue group Recycled Love went to see the pit bulls at the Washington (D. C.) Animal Rescue League, a volunteer was so moved by the sight of Jasmine hiding under the blanket that she crawled into the cage and began massaging and whispering to the dog. Jasmine seemed to respond. So Huss sent Jasmine and Sweet Pea to Recycled Love, which subsequently turned Jasmine over to the woman who had crawled into the cage: Catalina Stirling.

Despite a promising start, Jasmine had a long way to go. For months she sat in her little cage in Stirling's house and refused to come out. "I had to pick her up and carry her outside so she could go to the bathroom," Stirling says. "She wouldn't even stand up until I had walked away. There's a little hole in the yard, and once she was done, she would go lie in the hole." It was three or four months before Jasmine would exit the cage on her own, and then only to go out, relieve herself and lie in the hole. Sweet Pea, who's better adjusted but still battles her own demons, was an hour away, and her visits helped draw out Jasmine. After six months Stirling could finally take both dogs for a walk in a big park near her house.

apparently catalina succeeded in bringing jasmine out of the hole in the yard and out of her shell and into the street.

Jasmine has come far, but she still has many fears. Around people she almost always walks with her head and tail down. She won't let anyone approach her from behind, and she spends most of the day in her pen, sitting quietly, the open door yawning before her. Stirling works with her endlessly. "I feel like what I do for her is so little compared with what she does for me," she says, welling up.

i wonder what jasmine's response was when someone did approach her from behind?

In the end, 47 of the 51 Vick dogs were saved. (Two died while in the shelters; one was destroyed because it was too violent; and another was euthanized for medical reasons.) Twentytwo dogs went to Best Friends, where McMillan and his staff chart their emotional state daily; almost all show steady improvement in categories such as calmness, sociability and happiness. McMillan believes 17 of the dogs will eventually be adopted, and applicants are being screened for the first of those. The other 25 have been spread around the country; the biggest group, 10, went to California with BAD RAP. Fourteen of the 25 have been placed in permanent homes, and the rest are in foster care.

and now one has died after being hit by a car. i hope catalina wasn't injured, becuase we all know that a "responsible" pit bull owner would absolutely never ever under any circumstances let their dog off leash.

Still, it's Jasmine, lying in her kennel, who embodies the question at the heart of the Vick dogs' story. Was it worth the time and effort to save these 47 dogs when millions languish in shelters? Charmers such as Zippy and Leo and Jonny Justice seem to provide the obvious answer, but even for these dogs any incidence of aggression, provoked or not, will play only one way in the headlines. It's a lifelong sentence to a very short leash. PETA's position is unchanged. "Some [of the dogs] will end up with something resembling a normal life," Shannon says, "but the chances are very slim, and it's not a good risk to take."

in hindsight, i'm guessing that short leash doesn't look so bad.

does the "normal life" of a dog typically end under the wheels of a car?

Then there are dogs like Lucas, who will never leave sanctuary because of his history as a fighter, and Jasmine and Sweet Pea, who will never leave their Recycled Love families. "There was a lot of discussion about whether to save all of the sanctuary cases," says Reynolds, "but in the end [Best Friends] decided that's what they are there for. There are no regrets."

i wonder if catalina has any regrets?

BAD RAP works out of Oakland Animal Services, where above the main entrance is inscribed a Gandhi quote that dog people cite often: the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

"Vick showed the worst of us, our bloodlust, but this rescue showed the best," Reynolds says. "I don't think any of us thought it was possible to save these dogs -- the government, the rescuers, the regular people -- but we surprised ourselves."

and catalina showed us the worst of our stupidity and selfishness.

Jasmine doesn't know about any of that as she sits on the back deck of Stirling's house. Stirling kneels next to her, gently stroking the dog's back. "I used to think any dog could be rehabbed if you gave it food, exercise and love," she says, "but I know now it's not totally true. Jasmine's happy, but she'll never be like other dogs."

but the $64,000 question is can you rehab any pit nutter?

It's quiet for a moment, and the breeze blows a shower of brown and red leaves off the trees. Then Jasmine turns, looks up, and licks Catalina's face. It is the sweetest of kisses.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tranquilizer guns? It’s a police raid, not a grizzly bear research project!

i know it's a polar bear but i love this photo.

Holota doesn't need any of my sarcasm to help make his point, he does just fine on his own. And since I don't trust news links to stay live forever, here it is, in its entirety.
Thank you Andrew!

Today, pit bulls, tomorrow the world

Well there, it’s out of the bag now.

The great, grand conspiracy of the media to destroy the fine upstanding reputation of pit bulls, by only reporting on attacks by this particular breed, and covering up police shootings of all other canines.

This happens everywhere, don’t you know, or at least according to the pro-pit bull/media conspiracy theorists.

Yessir, there are oodles of poodles popped by cops all the time, and the press does not report it.

And attacks by psychotic shih tzus? Covered up. Muzzled, so to speak.

Children savaged by Scottish terriers? Quashed. Hushed puppies, if you will.

Oh yes, the conspiracy runs deep indeed.

You see, you can understand the owner of the crazed corgi not contacting the media to report a violent incident involving his beloved pet, who has just taken a chunk out of Mrs. Hurtinheinie’s rear end.

However, there is usually someone else involved in these things, like say, Mrs. Hurtinheinie, for instance, who just doesn’t want to stay quiet.

The victim usually feels somewhat put out having been punctured by someone’s dear pet, and they tend to call the press or TV to make it public.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to cover up those devastated victims of vicious attacks by manic Maltese, wild whippets, and belligerent bassets?

It takes a huge amount of coordination and cooperation between multiple levels of media to ensure this information never reaches the general public. Because, of course, if the media ignores them, these ‘other dog’ victims have a tendency to tell other people, like their family, friends and neighbours, and then it’s out there!

Multiple attacks by insane Danes, and unbalanced beagles – all suppressed.

Who knew?

I have a theory, too.

Could it be there are more stories of cops taking on pit bulls because bad guys like to keep pit bulls around? For some reason, the bad guys just don’t have the same affection for Airedales.

So, maybe that’s why more pit bulls get shot by cops than say, by mail ladies. I mean, when’s the last time you heard of a mail lady emptying her semi-automatic handgun into a demented pit bull?

Wait ... mail ladies don’t have semi-automatic handguns! And mail ladies aren’t likely to go barging onto a property that has a pit bull snarling and foaming away behind a big gate watched by video cameras.

Whoa, do you suppose that’s maybe why the bad guys have got pit bulls? To keep people like mail ladies and other prying eyes away from their nefarious activities?

But those darned police just refuse to stay away – probably because we pay them to get bad guys.

So if a pit bull is hellbent upon disassembling their body parts, the cops might try gentle persuasion like pepper-spray and Tasers for a bit before they lose patience, and administer the 9-mm pill.

Tranquilizer guns? It’s a police raid, not a grizzly bear research project!

Another thought ... maybe pit bulls get such a bad rap because that mix of breeds is highly prevalent in child maimings and fatal canine attacks. The media has noticed people tend to be interested in children and death.

Hey, a crazy theory, I know.

However, we have a conspiracy to organize. Today, we take on pit bulls and their owners.

Tomorrow, we take over the world!

Mwaa-haaa-haaa-ha! (evil laugh).

... a world without pit bulls.