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Heidi found the pit bull

a dog was found near the iowa river. it was approximately 6 months old, dead and missing its head. while the authorities are busy looking for the head, trying to figure out if the dog was dead before the decapitation and the person responsible, the pit nutters have declared the victim to be a "pit bull".

the victim is likely a pit bull given the law of averages, ie violent fucktards have really taken a shine to pit bulls but other breeds of dogs are tortured and killed every day. i think it's funny how they say i can't identity a pit bull with its head, yet the nutters can identity a 6 month old headless body as a pit bull.

this "pit bull" story was picked up by over 10 different sources: "a pit-bull or some sort of bull breed" "pit bull or boxer dog" "a pit bull"

there were more but you get the idea.

Friday, March 25, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 03/25/11

rip Baby
03.23.11 phoenix, arizona Baby an old blind, diabetic cocker spaniel mix had to be euthanized after 2 roaming mutants attacked her in her own yard. Dave McGee and his son came to her rescue, they were bitten. the shit bulls ran off and bit another person during their joy ride. they are under 10 day quarantine and not surprisingly, no one has claimed them.
raw video of the 5 ac officers, a dozen cops and unknown number of fire personel trying to capture the mutants.
this is one of the ugly frankenmaulers.
"i'm sorry again"

Dutch - BEFORE Nanny Dog
Dutch - AFTER Nanny Dog
03.25.11 UK 4 month old Dutch was savaged by a nanny dog during an early morning walk. his neck and jaw were broken. Mike Sellick said the nanny dog came out of nowhere and hit his malamute puppy like a train. the mutant ripped the puppy from his leash and killed him in seconds. the female pit nutter showed up after Dutch was dead with another dog of unspecified breed on a leash. she said she only had one leash and she thought no one would be in the park at 6:30 am. when the police arrived, ms nutter handed the mutant over for a dirt nap because it was "mad".

03.18.11 germantown, maryland attacked by a shit bull during a leashed walk. the pit nutter wasn't at home and she is blaming contractors for leaving the gate open. she was cited for having an unlicensed dog. next week she will rack up a couple more citations: at large and unwanted contact. police might pursue potentially dangerous dog charges.

03.20.11 memphis, tennessee the rottweiler and pit bull next door to Susan Fish dug under the fence and attacked her rat terrier. Fish was bitten saving her dog. the mutants next door have been returned to the pit nutter who has promised to take them out into the country where no one can hear you scream. the rat terrier survived surgery but still may have to be euthanized. meanwhile Susan is still waiting to find out if the mutants are up to date on their rabies shots.

"mixed breed"
03.20.11 fulton, missouri DON BEAUCHAMP'S "mixed breed" dog (mentioned 5 times in the article) will be euthanized after biting a neighbor boy. BEAUCHAMP blames the bite on the boy's "big pit bull" which attacked his dog the night before while his "mixed breed" dog chained was out in the front yard. BEAUCHAMP said nothing will be done to the pit bull dog who caused all of this and he added that someone took the pit bulldog "out in the country". the police department's official response: we know nothing about the previous dog fight.
fast forward two days and the fulton city council is meeting to discuss their dog problem. BEAUCHAMP showed up and voiced his support for a pit bull ban. "I personally, after I seen what happened Friday night, I would ban Pit Bulls. They’re too dangerous. If something latches on and it won't let go, what do you do?”

03.21.11 hixon, tennessee a german shepherd and a pit bull attacked a 3 legged dog. the gripping dog came after Bear's owner when she tried to chase them off. her husband shot it but it survived.

03.20.11 canada a pit bull broke free of its 22 yr old nutter and killed a leashed yorkie.

03.22.11 UK a nanny dog attacked a 43 yr old woman as she walked her dog. no word if her dog was injured. the shit bull is described as brown and white with a pink collar. the nutter is described as 30-40 yrs old 5'4" slim and shoulder length brown hair. she was walking 3 dogs. drop a dime on this nutter today. 01202 222 222

12 lb LouLou
03.22.11 boca raton, florida LouLou + shit bull = $6000 vet bill and she still may not survive the attempted evisceration. in addition to having her stomach ripped open, her leg muscles are shredded and trachea and esophagus are damaged. the shit bull attacked 3 dogs and killed one.
the white and brindle frankenmauler was wearing a blue bandana and is still on the loose.

03.23.11 internet chatter A pitbull came in my yard and killed my poodle what do i do ?
i love d him and i am very upset !

03.23.11 los angeles, california an off duty cop shot a shit bull that was attacking a neighbor's dog. it's not clear if the mutant survived.

11 yr old Dot
03.23.11 UK Jaqueline Buford picked up her little dog when they encountered a nanny dog. the nanny dog knocked Buford down and grabbed Dot and did what gripping dogs do, shred their own species. Dot was rushed to the vet, she will probably never walk properly again. and of course Buford is getting the around with the usual UK clusterfuck aftermath of dog attacks. the council, the police, the RSPCA and the dog warden each have a different answer about who fields the complaint.

03.25.11 UK a nanny dog/boxer cross attacked another dog.

03.22.11 logansport, indiana a frankenmauler named POISON jumped the fence to attack the neighbor's shit bull. 7 yr old Dakota Lincoln was bitten trying to break up the fight. ISREAL MORAN-RESENDIZ is the owner but 31 yr old ZANDRA LORENA MIRANDA was charged with the misdemeanor for failing to restrain. RESENDIZ turned the ugly dog over for a dirt nap because the shots were expired. not to worry ISREAL, INDY PIT CREW to the rescue!

03.24.11 pecos, texas the humane society was hosting an event and a frankenmauler got off its leash and killed an 11 yr old jack russell terrier.

03.23.11 san antonio, texas a frankenmauler killed a dog.


north carolina LUCY the frankenmauler got loose and attacked a horse last january for the second time in three months. the ugly thing was traced back to CORTENEA WINCHESTER. she denied the dog was hers. WINCHESTER admitted in court this week that it was her mutant but claimed the neighbors are exaggerating how often her shit bull got loose. it only takes ONE time. she blamed her daughter for the slip up. WINCHESTER is whining about restitution. the nutter has no job and can't afford the $937 vet bill or the $50 ac fine. i get the feeling that she thinks that she has paid enough with the dirt nap.

UK the nanny dog that attacked 2 police horses was spared a dirt nap. 33 yr old pit nutter SAMANTHA SIMMONS must neuter TYSON and keep the mutant leashed and muzzled or else...

canada remember the merry christmas home invasion? animal control is refusing to release the name of the pit nutter TO THE VICTIM! Jim Reeve's poodle Max was killed and he is trying to get his $2500 vet bills paid. the pit nutter has been charged and STILL animal control will not release the name to the victim. WTF?

georgia AKIL KONTAR'S mutants attacked two dogs last month. the judge spared their lives. KONTAR said he was sending them to ohio. the judge said KONTAR must disclose the name and address of the mutant's ohio destination. KONTAR paid one victim $2881 and promised to pay another $2200 by the end of the week. KONTAR paid the other victim $1700


south africa Darwin attack a 75 yr old man was chewed up by his own shit bull as he gave wiggle butt fresh water. a neighbor saw it and called for help. police shot it but not before he suffered serious injuries to his arms, legs and stomach. IOL news describes one of his hands as being de-gloved.

erie, pennsylvania a shit bull and a chow attacked an animal control officer. he emptied an entire can pepper spray on them but it had no effect. police shot the pit bull and the chow ran off.

otero county, new mexico convoluted story of 2 men shooting/killing 2 pit bulls after one of them was bitten. let me know if you sort this out.

dayton, ohio a pit bull was shot and killed during a drug raid.

enid, oklahoma police responded to a call for loose vicious dogs. the shit bull was shot and killed. the owner is unknown. the other dog described as large black and brown was captured and the owner charged..

plainfield township, pennsylvania JEREMY KRUGH'S wiggle butt was shot and killed by police during a domestic dispute call. i think i love this reporter Paul Carpenter, he writes, The only happy news out of this episode was that the pit bull got its lights turned out after he dined on the police officer, although one story put it more euphemistically, saying Krugh "had it euthanized."
Carpenter wraps up his coverage of KRUGH with this comment:
We hold people accountable if they let loaded guns fall into the hands of children or otherwise cause harm or death. The law should do the same in the case of people who choose to own a breed of dog with an irrefutable reputation for being dangerous.

and a stabbing

philadelphia, pennsylvania a 24 yr old man was attacked by a shit bull. he turned pittie's lights out. spyderco all the way!


19 yr old ROBERT BARNEY and his weapon dog, MIGHTY
lee county, florida this punk tried to make good on a death threat against a neighbor for daring to complain about his shit bull running loose. BARNEY sicced his mutant on her. WINK reports that he has a criminal record but it is not available on line. this is a florida first.

cleveland, ohio Police went to a house in the 6300 block on March 13 after being told a pit bull attacked a woman in her living room. Police cited the dog owner for failing to register a dangerous dog. sounds like another Darwin attack.

memphis, tennessee LAUREN INGRAM'S loose pit bull was shot by police 2 weeks ago now it is in quarantine for biting a man despite trying to hide it from police and forcing them to get a search warrant to retrieve the mutant which resulted in another charge against her. she won't get this dog back (and i wouldn't be surprised if she didn't want it back) but she will make a federal case out of it anyway. she said in an email "I know that winning in court isn't much of a realistic idea but winning in the court of public opinion is more of what I was gunning for." a facebook campaign is no doubt in the works as i type.

australia one year ago this nutter lost her arm to her 3 yr old staffy/pit cross ROCKY. KATHY said that ROCKY was just protecting her granddaughter from the remote control that she was holding :) KATHY is sad that ROCKY is dirt napping.
"I'm sad about what happened to him. He was a lovely dog and he was never vicious." KATHY BONIC

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Librarians: fighting for truth, justice and the american way

CRIS COHEN and JONNY VENGEANCE plotting their revenge on a librarian.

it's spring time and a pit nutter's fancy turns to media hype, lawsuits and sleaze to drum up, sympathy, donations and increase book sales.

like a "pit bull on widow's poodle", the BADRAP nutters continue to punish the Burlingame library on facebook,, parade and badrap. DONNA et al are trying to make a federal case out of this. another shot of tequila might do the trick ;)

DONNA'S nickers are in twist over the library's audacity to ban gripping dogs from their reading program and she is upset the librarian "got away with breed profiling". the really bizarre and sad thing about all of this is the state california indulges this nonsense!

in january, PBS did a puff piece on the vick dogs. DONNA REYNOLDS claims that PBS wanted to see the great JONNY in action. in the words of DONNA, "no problem. COHEN has been planning to participate in the Burlingame's annual read-a-thon."

uh-oh, BIG problem. pit bulls were 86'd from the Paws for Tales program last summer. and i can't imagine that information not getting to BADRAP within 24 hours of the horrific injustice. i imagine the pit bull discrimination S.O.S. calls come in on a special red phone or flash the pittie beacon up in the sky and tapping out "a pittie has been dissed" in morse code. and if a vick dog is dissed, you can bet that's a shot that can be heard around the pit nutter world.
(DONNA is not the super hero, she is the villain TWO FACE)
so playing the innocent victim (which the nutters are quite skilled at), COHEN contacted the library about PBS wanting to get some footage of JONNY working his magic in order to get that necessary rejection to justify launching their crusade against Burlingame.

funny thing, if you watch the PBS puff piece, you will see JONNY VENGEANCE but you will not see him at work in the reading program. i thought that was odd. and it prompted me to try and find out why. PBS, according to DONNA, specifically requested a demonstration. why wouldn't they follow through? surely Burlingame wasn't the only reading program in the bay area.

on the contrary, i found the Paws for Tales 2011 schedule which listed 14 other participating libraries, 2 of which were closer than the 50 mile drive to Burlingame. i even found a plea from the san francisco spca for applicants into their Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program. apparently, they don't have enough dogs to meet their needs. but this simple drive across town for COHEN and JONNY did not quite pack the same sensationalized headline punch.

map of Paws for Tales reading programs available to CRIS COHEN.
Burlingame was included as a reference only.

WHY the petty mind games? WHY deprive all of those wine drinking, cheese eating, PBS watching, bleeding hearts of the opportunity to see JOHNNY work his magic while enlightening the ignorant?

could it have something to do with BADRAP's secret motto?
never pass up an opportunity to promote wiggle butts and if one doesn't exist, create one!

i think pit nutters thrive on media hype. just look at the comments on facebook, parade, badrap and don't forget they have the best comments of all.

TT writes:
I've personally observed Jonny Justice (& Cris) in a dynamic environment -- lots of people wandering around, sudden noises, etc. (a fund-raising party) & Jonny was cool, calm & collected & very friendly towards all people. He was aroused by other dogs, but Cris was clearly aware of that & kept him away from them.

Librarian Patricia Harding & the City of Burlingame have just provided the world with a pretty clear message -- they're idiots who would rather shut-down a beneficial program by claiming it wasn't cost-effective (hint: unlike Patricia Harding, Jonny Justice & Cris were in the library pro-bono!), rather than admit their blatant discrimination was wrong. Jonny Justice isn't an aggressive, ignorant nuisance but Patricia Harding is.

Good thing I don't still live in the area, or Harding would find some dog excrement on her desk! :)
uh-oh, looks like CRIS hasn't been able to love all of that dog aggression away.

then scroll up and read DONNA'S comment:
The many animal care professionals who've assessed Jonny deemed him not only adoptable but temperamentally suited for work with children as well as life with other dogs (which he's been doing successfully for several years). Perhaps you disagree with these professionals, but he's actually one of the most OVERLY-assessed dogs in this country, and any amount of intolerance to animals would have been duly noted by ourselves as well as the certified animal behaviorists on the team, the American Temperament Test Society staff and Canine Good Citizen evaluators.
looks like DONNA is lying, AGAIN. DONNA claims JONNY is suited to work with other dogs. what parent wouldn't want their child lying on the floor with JONNY when he becomes "aroused" by the sight of another dog? a side note, it's nice to see DONNA provide the BADRAP seal of approval on the fraudulent ATTS. commenter Susan Jeanne wraps this mess up beautifully:
The real question is, why BadRap wants to incite a cyber-bullying campaign against a 60 year old woman who is just trying to do her job. You have no idea what the city attorney advised her to do, you have no idea how many parents complained. As someone who has spent years volunteering in school libraries, I think the "dog assisted reading" programs are just a gimmick. I have done guided reading with children in groups, and what they really need is the one on one. The library's new "Book Buddies" program will pair kids up with High School students, who will recieve community service credit. This will be much more effective, and reach a lot more children.

Forcing your dogs on people who do not want to interact with them is the antithesis of what "therapy" work is all about, and reflects poorly on breed advoactes.
personally i think the pit bulls that are enrolled in the dog assisted reading programs are there to help pit nutters and their dogs, not kids.

my favorite BADRAP facebook comment from JOSEPHINE FAZZINO BOOTH:
Michael Vick and this librarian should be banned from life! They are disgusting poor excuses of human beings. They bring nothing into our world but death and hate.
JOSEPHINE FAZZINO BOOTH'S comment dovetails nicely into my favorite parade comment from bleckbluw:
Gorant benefitted from Vicks moral lapse
I guess the power of redemption (your words) does not apply to Vick. You state, "there is too much hate in this world, already" yet your hate and resentment of Vick comes through. Oh, the hypocrisy!
i picked up on that too bleckbluw. i am fascinated by the pit nutters obsession with redemption and second chances and forgiveness.

BADRAP accomplice WILLIAM BRANGHAM has been added to my growing list of lazy, unprofessional and unethical journalists. my favorite part of Willie's puff piece came at 12:30 "Nearly 4 years on, the assessments made by the evaluation team back in Virginia, have proven remarkably accurate for ALL the Vick dogs. NONE of those living in foster or permanent homes have shown ANY behavioral problems". and "Sadly, 2 others escaped their pens one night and LIKELY were involved in killing another sanctuary dog."

apparently WILLIE hasn't heard about MEL or HANDSOME DAN or google. in less than 5 minutes, WILLIE could have confirmed the killing at best friends. lazy reporting leaves journalists looking foolish. there is simply no excuse to not check the facts that are fed to you and there is simply no reason to believe that pit bull advocates will tell you the truth any more than big oil or tobacco or big pharma lobbyists. everything they tell you is suspect and every detail should be checked and rechecked and checked again. remember BUSH and the weapons of mass destruction?

this is just my opinion but i believe the BADRAP pit nutters have concocted this crisis and are trying to make examples out of Harding and the Burlingame Library. i believe every detail of this crusade was carefully crafted in an effort to bully them into reinstating the Paws for Tales program and force them to accept their wiggle butts. they are trying to paint Harding as ignorant, closed minded, stupid, fearful, hateful, prejudiced, and uneducated. of course ONLY the nutters have the magic bullet that will cure her of these ills: gorant's propaganda pamphlet!

the truth is, librarians are some of the most open minded, progressive thinking people out there. they are the ultimate champions of the first amendment (an area pit nutters are notoriously bankrupt in), privacy rights, intellectual freedom and the fight against censorship. two years ago, when the patriot act was trying to invade our privacy, guess who was on the front lines of that fight? that's right, LIBRARIANS. and where were the pit nutters? harassing other victims no doubt.

don't be fooled by the meek librarian stereotype.

i wonder, did Jonny Vengeance ever work out his "sshhh, no applause" issues?

Osh Gosh

rip Osh Gosh

salina, kansas Osh Gosh passed away in his sleep Friday night. He was about 13 years old. He saved 4 year old Caitlyn Forsberg's life in May 2004. The neighbor's two pit bulls got into Caitlyn's backyard and attacked her as she played. Caitlyn was able to escape when Osh Gosh came to her defense.
Her mauling led to a pit bull ban in Salina. Animal control records show there were 24 pit bull bites in 2003-2004, 5 pit bull bites from 2005-2008 and zero pit bulls bites from 2009-2010.
Osh Gosh was a special dog. He will be missed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 03/18/11

the shit bulls have been busy this week.

i am not sure where this shit bull attacked the other dog but at least the police gave it a proper dirt nap.

03.15.11 highland, california Lucky was attacked by a shit bull while in the care of 46 yr old humane society volunteer FRANCINE M LUCAS. the pit nutter failed to seek medical care for the little dog whose leg was so badly injured, he chewed off the injured portion. a san bernadino humane officer also found Lucky did not have adequate food or shelter. FRANCINE LUCAS pled guilty to felony animal cruelty and will be sentenced to jail and 3 years probation. FRANCINE LUCAS has also been removed from the foster parent list.
Lucky had the rest of his leg amputated and has been adopted.

and in other dogs and cats needing to be rescued from the rescuers news:
on monday, authorities seized almost 400 dogs from a "sanctuary" in hilliard, ohio then on tuesday, 195 dogs and cats were rescued from the ST FRANCOIS SOCIETY in bonne terre, missouri. no kill at its finest.

Shelby (i'd like to adopt this dog so she never fears a shit bull again)
03.15.11 st louis, missouri Shelby was in the county pound. She was caged with a young pit bull. (WTF is wrong with these shelter idiots?!) The pit bull mauled her before the pound workers could intervene. They had to shoot the pit bull to get him off Shelby. (hey, why didn't the evil biased media carry this in 187 different newpapers?) Shelby's leg was almost torn off, and she needed surgery and a long rehabilitation period. Shelby is now completely recovered, and we don't even see her limping. We think she's 8 to 10 months old. She gets along well with people and other animals, but does not like to be cornered. gee, i can't fucking imagine why!

03.11.11 manteca, california this hideous mutant was declared dangerous "multiple times" in contra costa county before moving to manteca and savagely killing a 15 yr old beagle/terrier mix named Dude. the old dog was snoozing in the driveway when this shit bull snuck up and grabbed him. he ran off with Dude and was caught a block and half away. this freak of nature jumped out of a second story window just minutes before killing the little dog. i am sure he could smell his beagle snack from quite a distance.

03.07.11 kinston, north carolina a rottweiler/german shepherd mix was attacked in his own back yard by the neighbor's pit bulls. the nutter offered to pay the vet bills, so they are not pursuing charges. Greg Smith, i hope you don't live to regret that, more importantly, i hope no one dies because you wanted to be a nice forgiving neighbor.

03.10.11 des moines, iowa Tom Weinman took his Basenji Emily for a walk and ran into stray shit bull. Emily was saved by her winter jacket.

03.11.11 austin, texas My neighbor had her thug friend over with a pitbull in her back yard and when I let my chihuahuas outside in MY yard they started sniffing the fence. My little baby girl chihuahua was dragged under the fence by the pitbull, and BRUTALLY murdered. I couldn't break the fence down in time to save her. She was still breathing with her insides exposed. It was the most horrific site I ever had to see. I miss her so much. She was a member of the family, and now she is gone because thug owners want to make these dogs even more aggressive than they already are. My wife and I are currently looking for a lawyer to sue. This literally was like seeing our child mauled to death, as we have no children, and consider our pups our children. Her name was Sweets because she was just that sweet. Very very very sweet. She deserved better than this and now her ashes are in a box in our living room.

03.11.11 orlando, florida a pit bull and 2 pit/lab mixes killed 2 cats and a dog. the pit nutter is MICHAEL HUTTER and he received $1785 in citations. animal control may file to have them classified as dangerous dogs.

03.11.11 juanita township, pennsylvania 19 yr old HARRY LOGSDON'S pit bull got loose and menaced Delores Steffey and her dog. her husband shot it. 21 yr old ROBERT SWEENEY (the nutter's brother) went to the Steffeys to ask about their mutant and claims that Steffey pointed a gun at him and ordered him off of the property. both men have been charged.

03.12.11 pueblo, colorado two shit bulls dug under the fence to attack the neighbor's pregnant pit bull. both pit nutters have been ticketed for registration violation.

03.12.11 ashtabula, ohio police were called when two shit bulls attacked a husky. one shit bull was shot and the other ran off before the cop could squeeze off another round. the unnamed nutters were found and will be charged for violating the city's pit bull ban.

03.12.11 internet chatter I had my six year old four pound Chihuahua, my eight pound Jack Russell Terrier, and a five and a half pound Toy Poodle out in my front yard, all leashed when two Pit Bulls came in to my yard and automatically started attacking my three small dogs. I proceeded to kick them in the head and face but they wouldn't let go, i started screaming and a neighbor came out and helped me free my dogs from these savage dogs. My neighbor and i ended up killing one of the dogs and severely injuring the other. My three dogs were killed within seconds by these vicious Pit Bulls. I called animal control and the two dogs were taken by them, now the owner of the two dogs is threatening to take my neighbor and i to court for killing her dogs and threatening our lives because i'm trying to get this vicious breed banned from our city... What can i do about this situation?

03.12.11 UK I am in the UK. The chap who lives in the flat above me has a dog I have been told is a pit bull / Lab cross.
The flats are tiny 1 bedroom flats I think the flats are to small to keep a knee high, very powerful dog in.
The poor animal very rarely get any exercise, and when it does it goes wild.
On Sunday last this dog was being walked by a visitor. Not the normal keeper. Unaware of how aggressive the dog is, the lad walking it is a lot smaller than the owner, I believe he was surprised by its power and not in control when the dog lunged into my garden and caught my 5 year old cat. The cat had no chance and was dead within seconds. There were 8 witnesses to the incident.
I have had problems with the owner and his visitors goading the dog toward my and other local cats, it has also damaged a little Yorkshire terrier. Up to now we have not told the authorities hoping after a chat about muzzling / neutering etc the matter would sort itself out. It did not
The owner is an idiot, literally! He is barely literate. He is a drug user and has convictions for drugs, and drug related violence and thieving.

rip Corona
03.12.11 dover, ohio 9 wk old Corona was savaged in her front yard by a loose pit bull. two of her legs were broken, she underwent 3 hours of surgery. she was euthanized 9 days later. the frankenmauler was finally caught and received a dirt nap.

03.13.11 yuma, arizona 10 lb Heidi became the latest pit bull victim in arizona. Heidi was savaged by the neighbors' 5 pit bulls as she trotted out to greet her master in the driveway (private property). Heidi's owner called but did not follow through with a complaint when she was told that she would cited for not having her dog leashed in her own yard. that's one massively fucked up state you all have there.
"These pit bulls were not raised to be fighters. They are owned by breeders who say they will be getting rid of all of them and vow never to own pit bulls again. They have young children and now fear for their safety." Kim Underhill

21 yr aspiring rapper and tattooed criminal punk DAINE GOODEN and ROCCO
03.13.11 UK GOODEN broke into tears when the judge ordered a dirt nap for ROCCO for breaking the back of the nanny dog. this idiot tied ROCCO out on a busy street without a muzzle and proceeded to go about shopping. when he returned, he found his mutant attacking the nanny dog. he was unable to break it off. two more people provided assistance. GOODEN and ROCCO fled before the police arrived. GOODEN'S shyster lawyer said the mutant was muzzled but it "slipped off" and ROCCO was not a threat to people but was wary with other animals because it was attacked as a puppy. the shyster lawyer then blamed the nanny dog for provoking the attack by growling, ie ROCCO FINISHED THE FIGHT.
the 21 yr old punk's previous criminal history consists of assaulting a cop and drug charges. hopefully, his career will never get off of the ground. he also goes by: TRIZZY TRO and IMFATAL100

03.14.11 rochester, new york a pair of shit bulls is dead. the two got into a fight, nutter called police, shit bulls charged an officer who shot and killed one. the other shit bull had to be euthanized because of injuries. Charles Darwin would not approve of this breed of dog.

rip Oreo
03.14.11 decatur, georgia 7 yr old Oreo was savaged by a shit mix while on a walk with his 84 yr old owner. Oreo was later euthanized because of the severity of injuries. his owner was also bitten. ac is "investigating" whether or not the leash law was violated, DUH! and may cite the owner after the 10 day quarantine.
"Its broken my heart. That dog was so much a part of my life, what can I say?" Joe Giordano

03.16.11 omaha, nebraska 3 dogs belonging to this freaky idiot attacked a schnauzer that was chained in the yard. the 3 dogs (JOJO, ICEY and KILL) ripped the schnauzer off of his chain and took him into the street. when people (including a cop) came to the little dog's aid, the cane corso began to chase them. police shot/killed the cane corso, that's when GOODWIN grabbed a hold of the other two mutants and tried to flee. both pit/lab mixes have been seized by ac and will most likely get dirt naps after 10 days. the schnauzer is alive. GOODWIN claims it bit him when he tried to break up the fight. GOOD! the cane corso and possibly one of the shit mixes belonged to his friend and roommate, felon WILLIE A WINSLEY.
GOODWIN was charged with no restraint, dangerous dogs and disorderly conduct and is looking at 6 months jail plus $500 for each count. hopefully this fucktard will get the max sentence as he is well known to animal control. just last week his pit/lab lunged at another dog in the park.
link #2 and link #3 with video and link #4 with video
Toodie the schnauzer and the death row shit bulls

K9 Damian
03.16.11 des moines, iowa Damian was attacked by a shit bull while searching for robbery suspects. his handler fell trying to separate the dogs and another cop tased it. the tan colored mutant ran off with a taser barb still stuck in it.

Ryleigh Sills
03.16.11 west palm beach, florida 18 month old Ryleigh suffered a collapsed lung and broken ribs after the family shit bull, 5 yr old STORMY attacked her and her father.
the owner of the pit bull (the mother's boyfriend and NOT the biological father) TIM KELLY surrendered it to AC. STORMY and his border collie housemate GIZMO were declared potentially dangerous 2 months ago after they attacked the neighbor's dog. RYleigh's grandmother became very concerned about her grandchild after that. but of course the dog aggression is not human aggression mantra overruled common sense. AC director DIANNE SUAVE gave the old "set 'em up to fail" and the "loser is the dog" spiel. i am pretty sure that Ryleigh and the neighbor dog are the ultimate losers and victims here. i don't know how she sleeps at night spewing this insensitive shit.
and here is the great mutato. they are calling this thing a "pit bull german shepherd mix". if this is part GSD, then the shit bull DNA must have consumed the GSD DNA while in the embryo stage.

KATHRYN AYALA (not sure which of these two is the nutter)
03.17.11 lawrence, massachusetts animal control found AYALA'S mutant pit bull attacking a boxer in the street. Scooby, the boxer was being walked by a 15 yr old girl. AC seized the dog and stated there had been 2 other "similar incidents recently".

pit nutter - he looks like a good candidate for agua dulce
03.17.11 tucson, arizona 3 frankenmaulers dug their way into a goat pen and killed 32 of the 40 goats, injuring the others. many of the goats were pregnant. video surveillance caught the 2 hour all you can eat contest on tape. when the owner of the goats arrived, the black pit bull climbed out of an 8 ft fence. he managed to kill one of the mutants. the killers lived a half a mile away. police wrote the pit nutter 85 citations. the neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief, they say the shit bulls have been terrorizing the neighborhood.
"They're pit bulls what do you want me to do?" unnamed pit nutter.

BRANDON SEIFURT (i can find no record of this name in the united states)
03.17.11 fort worth, texas SEIFURT'S 4 mutants saw Nancy Melenbacher's beagle pup, PT and decided it was snack time. they busted through the window screen and launched an attack. another woman heard Nancy's cries for help and the two of them fought off the pit bulls enough so that PT could escape under a car. by this time the pit nutter moseyed out and collected his ugly dogs. Nancy was also bitten. SEIFURT claims his mutants have had their rabies vaccines but couldn't prove it. SEIFURT is looking at thousands of dollars in fines. i'll believe it when i see it.

03.17.11 waterloo, iowa two shit bulls escaped a yard and attacked a labrador being walked by a woman pushing a baby stroller.

03.17.11 center point, iowa Ruby Vandaver and her daughter were walking their lab when a shit bull bolted out of a car window and attacked. neighbors came to their aid, thankfully one of them came with a licensed "break stick". he shot the mutant in the head and it finally released the lab with its "just a dog" jaws. it was euthanized. now the city is talking about a shit bull ban.


03.17.11 lake worth, florida Darwin struck again this week. two women were sent to the hospital after their own shit bull attacked. ANGEL FRYE picked up a pit bull puppy that had strayed and returned it to mommy wiggle butt. daddy wiggle butt didn't like that for whatever reason (maybe the earthquake & tsunami in japan) and attacked her. one of the other people living in the single wide came to her aid and was bitten too. DEBRA GLASER has been treated and released but ANGEL FRYE suffered "bites all over her body" and is missing chunks of flesh. GLASER said the room was covered in blood, just like in horror movies. head AC pit nutter DIANE SUAVE showed up again to talk about how we set dogs up to fail - classic nutter speak. she seems to think that the cramped living conditions triggered the wiggle butt. obtw, ANGEL'S common law husband turned over BOTH dogs AND the puppies!


manteca, california remember Dude, the beagle mix above that was killed by the pit bull who jumped out a second story window and was previously declared dangerous in another city? well, the owners of the beagle found a little dog sleeping on their porch and have adopted him and the pit nutter hired an attorney to get his dog back.

shrewsbury, massachusettes the O'CONNORS' battle to save the life of mutant DUGG continues to drag through the court.

attacks the media NEVER reports

immokalee, florida a german shepherd killed a bloodhound.


Whitney Nicole Marks and Rolland Wayne Halsey
03.17.11 prineville, oregon busted during a traffic stop for meth, drug packaging materials, cash and stolen property. their "large stocky dog with pit bull characteristics" was shot and killed when it tried to attack the cops.

woodbine, new jersey state police shot a pit bull while raiding a home for drugs. it was later euthanized and 38 yr old DAMIAN FASHAW was charged with drug distribution.

st petersburg, florida a cop shot and killed an aggressive pit bull. of interest to cry baby nutters: the cop is also a pit bull owner.

fontana, california a 911 call in about a vicious shit bull mix. when the cop arrived, it tried to attack him. he shot it.

Darwin strikes again!
ecorse, michigan LE hasn't been enforcing their shit bull ban but that's about to change thanks to the march 2nd Darwin Attack. a wiggle butt went berserk on its elderly nutters when they tried to tend to its injury. it took a hatchet and 3 rounds to stop the blue nosed shit bull. so much for man biters were culled because they had to be handled in the pit. LOL!!
Police Lt Stephen Salas said " We believe pit bulls are dangerous and can be used as weapons." while local nutters, like PAUL SIENKIEWICZ, the st clairs shore badboy said they will continue to defy the ban.

and finally, the REAL threat to shit bulls

pit nutters call me a HATER and say i am trying to kill their mutants. but the pit bull's worst enemy isn't haters, it's NUTTERS! and they look an awful lot like the crud that TIA TORRES surrounds herself with.

new zealand this pit bull owner beat his dog to death with a golf club.

new york woops. looks like oreo's tormentor has already violated probation! this thug was sentenced to 5 years probation for throwing his pit bull off a rooftop. HENDERSON, ANTHONY WALKER and a third unnamed thug beat and robbed a man. HENDERSON is charged with 3 misdemeanors and 3 felonies (attempted robbery, attempted assault, attempted larceny).
note FABIAN has changed his name to FABIEN.

north carolina HARGROVE admitted to selling, delivering, possessing, training and transporting animals for the purposes of the animals participating in an animal fighting venture. a search of his property unveiled a slat mill, a spring pole, vet supplies AND a bloody pit, along with dead and living pit fighters and a battery & jumper cables to electrocute the curs. 34 of the 35 fighting dogs were euthanized due to injuries and aggression.


i threw in a felon and a looney parasite this week for the heck of it.

cassopolis, michigan 44 yr old LEDDREW RENARD SMITH was found guilty of the violent shit bull attack on a 20 yr old female. she apparently lost part of her face while SMITH might lose 90 days of his freedom and $500. this puny misdemeanor will do nothing to improve his criminal record of weapons & drugs.
GUILTY! yeah, that ought to set things right!

youngstown, ohio 49 yr old ROSE HELMICK'S mutants escaped their yard and attacked 19 yr old Brian Geiger as he was getting his mail. Dog Warden Dave Nelson said this was one of 16 vicious dog calls that day. tax cheating HELMICK has half a dozen judgements against her over the years:
good luck collecting medical bills Brian!