Saturday, October 27, 2012

pit bull awareness

pit bull: goddess of madness, rage, and frenzy

in honor of the 6th annual pit bull awareness day, i propose the following reclassification of pit bulls from canis lupus familiaris to canis lupis lyssa - dog of madness, rage and frenzy.

the following types of frenzied attacks are unique to gripping and rabid dogs:
mass maulings and mass murder - attacks on multiple victims
attacks on cars and planes
jumping out of vehicles to attack
jumping INTO strange vehicles to attack
jumping from second story buildings

and of course, home invasions

Furious Form Stage: Also known as the "mad dog stage". At this stage the rabid animal is not paralyzed but shows signs of very aggressive behavior. Any noise or attraction makes the animal vicious, showing it's teeth and exhibiting fearlessness. In this stage they can attack other animals and human beings. This photograph shows a canine suspected of being rabid that had been exhibiting signs of restlessness, and overall uncharacteristic aggressive behavior, which are two symptoms of rabies. Other symptoms of rabies in pets may include impaired walking, eating and drinking. Courtsey CDC – National Center for Infectious Diseases - Rabies

frenzied mass mauling/murder attacks with multiple victims

ronkonkoma, new york in september 2012, ONE 2 yr old pit bulldog named GINO, attacked 4 people at a long island doggie daycare. the daycare owner, MICHAEL GOULD was "taken aback because it was so unpredictable". pibble NEVER showed any aggressive tendencies prior to that moment when his genetics kicked in.

sussex, england in july 2012, TWO pit bulldogs belonging to 22 yr old SPENCER BROWN escaped and went on a rampage attacking TEN people.

london, england in may 2012, ONE pit bulldog belonging to 25 yr old SYMIEON ROBINSON-PIERRE attacked FIVE police officers.

blackfoot, idaho in april 2010, ONE pit bulldog belonging to 28 yr old ABEL DELUNA went on a rampage and bit ELEVEN 6th graders and a teacher before it was captured.

canal fulton, ohio in february 2010, TWO pit bulldogs went on a rampage attacking four people. the pit bulls belonged to 23 yr old JUSTIN M. D. SHIEFER.

parsippany, new jersey in april 2008, ONE 1 yr old pit bulldog belonging to RICARDO COTTO went on a frenzy biting FIVE people, including a police officer.

essex, virginia in august 2012, TWO pit bulldogs belonging to ALONZO NORMAN escaped from their kennels and slaughtered 13 alpacas.

terrell county, georgia in december of 2011, 20 pregnant sheep were killed by TWO pit bulldogs.

funkstown, maryland in june 2011, the TWO pit bulldogs belonging to KAYLA and LUCAS MURPHY went on the rampage killing 12 and injuring 8 sheep.

bad axe, michigan in june 2010, TWO pit bulldogs belonging to 25 yr old MATTHEW LEESE broke containment and went on a sheep killing spree: 51 casualties.

yoncalla, oregon from august 2010 - january 2011, pit bulldogs went on 3 separate killing frenzies, left in their wake were 60 sheep, goats and alpacas.

manteca, california in december 2006, TWO pit bulldogs attacked a flock of 60 sheep, injuring 34 and killing 8.

home invasion attacks can be viewed at DOGS BITE DECATUR AL

attacks on cars, vans and trucks and their occupants

lynn, ma in may 2012, a neighbor's pit bull jumped into the back seat of Suzanne and Jack Reynold's car and attacked their shih-tzu Oreo.

southwest, washington in february 2010, a loose rampaging pit bull jumped through the open window of a parked truck and attacked Bob McDonald's bassett hound Freckles who was sitting quietly on the seat. McDonald and a passerby fought the mutant off.

8.21.12 palm springs, ca a pit bulldog mauled a minivan while trying to get at a cat.

2.28.12 alabama a pit bulldog mauled a dodge minivan when a cat found refuge under the hood.

2.12.09 a pit bulldog mauled a honda S2000

3.15.10 chattanooga, tn the police cruiser's radar and/or blue strobe lights were being blamed for provoking WINSTON'S attack on the now famous mauling of a police car caught on video.

1.1.09 hope mills, nc a deputy responded to a complaint about another dog. while he was speaking to the witness, another dog, a pit bulldog attacked his cruiser, deflating all four tires.
of course, the pit nutters think this is high-larius.

11.19.08 france a pit bulldog mauled a police car, ripping off the mirror and shredding the grille.

3.3.08 hanover, pa a pit bulldog mix and rott trapped a mail carrier in her vehicle for 2 hours. they flattened 3 tires. when the police responded, they attacked the police car's tires too.

8.2.05 new zealand BORIS had a reputation for grabbing and violently shaking cars (i can't wrap my brain around that statement). AC picked him up and reported that they were "having difficulty handling him." i can't imagine why!!

12.10.99 winnsboro, sc
two pit bulldogs belonging to FRANK SPEAGLE mauled at least one car and bit at least one person before killing John Mickle.

8.17.88 plantation, fl a pit bulldog on the prowl for cats attacked a honda, mangling the hood.

7.22.88 rock hill, sc ANGEL had a history of attacking vehicles. she apparently didn't like a particular van and busted her chain to flatten all four tires

9.7.87 boston, ma HARLEY ate his way through the floor of a car.

10.29.86 toronto "a raging and frothing pit bull" launched a night attack on the station wagon carrying a family of five as they returned home. the pit bulldog launched itself at the car when it pulled into its driveway. then chewed all four tires and "thrashed" the car for an hour until the police arrived and shot it. the brain was sent to a lab to be tested for rabies.

6.21.85 valdosta, ga 1 yr old GATOR jumped the fence and attacked his neighbor's brand new car then fled the scene.

1.11.81 watsonville, ca a 2 yr old pit bulldog "wildly" attacked an unoccupied car.


besides rabid dogs and gripping dogs, what other dog exhibits this kind of frenzied aggression?

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pit Bull Awareness Month News

Tim Omarzu
Times Free Press
Etowah, Tennessee passes pit bull ban despite opposition!
The City Commission in Etowah, Tenn., approved an ordinance banning pit bulls by a 3-2 vote at its meeting Monday night, despite a campaign by pit bull owners against the measure.
The ordinance, which the City Commission already approved once in a first reading, singles out pit bulls as a particularly dangerous breed with a strong fighting and chase instinct. Some of the characteristics that make them dangerous, according to the ordinance, include a diminished tendency to warn they're going to attack, a tendency to "fight to the death" and to tear flesh "which has resulted in grotesque injuries to human victims."

Rob Borkowski
Woonsocket Patch
Woonsocket, Rhode Island is attempting to legislate grippers again. i think they might succeed this time.
"We're not having a major problem with rottweilers," said Kay. "It's always the pitbull, pitbull, pitbull."
She said right now, the city pound has 13 cages, and nine of them have pitbulls in them. There are so many pitbulls taken in by the pound from irresponsible owners, she said that they haven't got resources left to care for regular strays.

Barbara Kay
National Post
Their sole raison d’ĂȘtre is causing animal and human suffering. And therefore, those who are drawn to pit bulls above all other 400-plus breeds – apart from those naive souls who have been duped, and plenty have — are morally bound to interrogate their motivation in fetishizing this canine anomaly.

Merritt Clifton
Animal People
on Tracey v. Solesky

murderous Detroit nanny dog in custody

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vicious Adventures

the direct link to the story of How my Pitbull Died.

from the same vlogger who brought you:

My first tatoo!

PitBull vs Cat!?

Blow up the pregnant lady!?


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Imagine Coming Home to This

    I found this photo cross-posted on the pitbull-chat forum.  Here's the link:

(The title of the thread confuses me.  Winner winner chicken dinner?  Who's the winner in this situation?)

    Apparently, a woman had three pitbulls and did not practice crate-and-rotate.  She came home to this bloodbath:

click to enlarge
       The picture speaks for itself. I just wanted to post it here so that it didn't get lost.  This is probably a little like what first responders (EMS, police) or victims' families see when they show up at the scene of a mauling.  

       Why on earth would anyone want to live with an animal that could cause carnage like this?  When every other pet in the world makes a mess in the house, it's just crap or a little barf or a hairball.  Not pit bulls!  Pit Bulls GO BIG!

       One of the pitbulls died, the woman "gave another one back," and she kept the last one.  I wonder which one she gave back, and where it ended up...? 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stormy Night for a Grey Gripper

      So, late this afternoon, I'm walking home from my local subway station, when what do I see tied to a city street sign, in the cold, drizzling rain, but a big grey female gripper!

     First 3 pictures taken approx. 5:30 PM on 1st Ave. at height of afternoon pedestrian traffic.  Sidewalks are crowded; there is a bike lane behind the pit bull, and busy traffic behind that.  Click any photo to enlarge:

        She was tied up with a fabric leash tied in a clumsy overhead knot.  She was there when I went into a corner bodega, and there when I came out 15 minutes later.

        I walked to my apartment, took a shower, changed my clothes, and went back down to the store.  The grey pit bull was still there.  At least 45 minutes had elapsed since I took the first photos of her.  As you can see in this final photo, it is darker and wetter outside.

        The dog is miserable and shivering and standing in the BIKE LANE (and even in the rain, there are plenty of people--many of them impoverished immigrant food deliverers without health insurance--riding in the bike lanes here.  Lots of regular commuters, too.). 

         I felt badly for her, but I just won't approach pit bulls anymore.  I just won't.  I think I saw tags on the cloth collar (there were two collars--a cloth and a prong), but I'm not going to touch her in order to find out.  I hollered in the bodega to ask if anyone left their dog outside.  No luck.

      Unless the dog owner or their kids is in an ambulance somewhere, it is completely unacceptable to leave their dog on the street for that long.  ANY dog.  The gripper is an accident waiting to happen.  

     I'm getting dressed to go out this evening.  If the dog is still there when I leave again, I'm going to call Animal Control.