Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Find the Pit Bull!

Daxton's Friends has done it again. Check out the latest Find the Pit Bull quiz.

you can also check out:

Snack Sized Dog's version of the quiz

and my version.

i also created study materials to help elevate us from our ignorance and human fallibility.

and if you still can't find the pit bull, there is always the collection of police mug shots to sharpen your skills.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

he was the laughing stock of the neighborhood. they're not laughing anymore. evoking fear has never been easier. simply adopt a pit bull.

question: why are so many people treating these ugly mutants with kid gloves when they are locked onto another animal? seriously the ugly thing is focused on the normal dog, NOW is the time to eviscerate it.

and speaking of those mythical locking jaws...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aamer Madhani scratched his itch

Have you seen the latest pit bull puff piece?

chicago correspondent AAMER MADHANI got in on the feel good action and gave pibble a big thumbs up in USA today. no doubt, LEDY is very pleased.

on his facebook page, AAMER MADHANI linked to it and flippantly described his coverage of this serious problem and contentious topic as scratching an itch. MADHANI'S USA today piece reads more like a 2 year old pleased with the loaf he just left in the toilet bowel.

now that MADHANI has scratched his itch, perhaps he would like to assist in scratching the itches of Linda Henry, Sandra Lambert, Eddie Gefroh, Karen Stewart and Kim Shay?


QUESTION: just how badly does a journalist have to screw up to go from covering the white house to covering pit bulls?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"The Dark and Secret Life of Jane Berkey"

FORCED ENTRY. sounds like a headline for a pit bull home invasion.

ever have one of those days when nothing and i do mean NOTHING is going right, then wham! christmas comes early?

for me, that day was yesterday.

yesterday afternoon as this scurrilous amateur blogger was working on a third cup of coffee in an attempt to wake up my little hate filled disheveled brain, i received a link to a wordpress blog.

there was no warning accompanying the link, nothing in the email to indicate the contents of the link. dead tired and oblivious to the grotesque fun that lied ahead, i reluctantly clicked on the link.

my initial response, oh c'mon, porn? swingers? orgies? WTF? why is my friend sending this shit to me?! note to self: unfriend this facebook person asap! yeah, okay i'll admit it, i'm a bit a prude. and the older i get, the more i struggle to understand the obsession with porn and sex in general but my cringing turned to a belly laugh once i realized the significance of the blog, JANE SAUL ROTROSEN BERKEY had a starring role in it. yep, old money bags was a wild one back in the day.
My girlfriend Jane had taken a job working for an aging literary agent named Kurt Hellmer who, because of his advancing age, had let his business slip, and had lost many of his authors. Jane, who was the best-read person I knew, was a quick reader with amazing retention, and she seemed to have a knack for spotting publishable manuscripts from the huge slush pile that came across her desk daily. My continuing porn involvement was not spoken about, and my plan to sell the golf film that Bill and I had made the previous summer to a television network seemed enough for Jane to tell her parents about, in order to justify her continued involvement with me.

She had been talking for a while about the two of us trolling a “Swingers” bar, looking for some erotic adventure. Jane considered herself to be on the vanguard of the sexual revolution – a master player in the game of erotica. But none of this was true. She was just a smart, manipulative “Five Towns” girl who had read too much Anais Nin, and derived considerable pleasure from creating embarrassing scenarios for her malleable and impressionable roommates from Long Island to play out. Jane herself however, seldom took risks, being uncomfortable in situations she did not control. Not wanting to be involved in one of her ridiculous sociological experiments, I made a series of excuses for not participating, but Jane was relentless. The more I resisted, the more she demanded my involvement, until finally, I gave in from sheer exhaustion. But I knew it was a mistake. Jane in a party full of Swingers? This had disaster written all over it.

porno writer, producer, director, editor, actor boyfriend shaun costello wraps up this blog post with the following:
We remained silent for the rest of the cab ride, and I let Jane out at her building on East 48th Street, then headed home. Why did she ever leave her husband, the Doctor?

oh, thank you shaun.

years ago, i stumbled on some information about JANE that I could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, so i never blogged it. unlike nutters, i require a heavy burden of proof before i malign anyone.

JANE'S first husband, the "Doctor" that shaun mentioned... well that is John Rotrosen, a doctor of psychiatry and the director of the addiction research program at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. oh yes, quite the big wig. he was in the news just this month. see Meet The Scientists Who May Have Found The Cure For Drug Addiction.

okay, has the irony of all this sunk in yet? JANE BERKEY, the grand pooh bah of pit bulls, the mistress of the mutants of mayhem, the dog responsible for more human fatalities than all other dogs combined, was married to a shrink, a shrink that specializes in addiction and after the shrink, she dated a man who made snuff porn and she pestered him until he agreed to go to a swinger's club. vintage, where are you? this is where you interject "you can't make this stuff up!"

click the link to read the rest of the blog written by JANE'S porno boyfriend.

and don't forget to check out the labels at the bottom of the posts. wow the labels on this blog alone are a jaw dropping entertaining read.
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i think shaun has all of the bases covered. lol.

but seriously, this dude needs to put his memoirs to paper and share with the rest of us. some publisher needs to please send porno dude an advance and a sexy assistant to get his creative juices flowing and to type it up to ease his arthritis.

think about the timeline. according to JANE'S bio, she opened her literary agency in 1974 as her porno boyfriend was writing, producing, directing and starring in snuff porn. SNUFF PORN!!

an enlightening review about the snuff porn film FORCED ENTRY and the 1977 enema classic WATER POWER can be found here. warning. it is disgusting and graphic.

FORCED ENTRY, the official trailer. it's on youtube, so how bad can it be?

shaun costello's legacy



hey, i'm living up to my new moniker. thank you DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

pit bull awareness day 2014

if you are like me, you hate to be bested by those Find The Pit Bull games. in honor of this most holy day, i created study materials, so we can all do our part to correctly identify the pit bull.