Friday, July 30, 2010

craven mail bag: the psycho desperate measures edition

babemagical CHRISTY BARLOW of walls, mississippi writes to
"It being unsaid here, but the gentleman died of a heart attack. He could of died of a heart attack if a racoon was attacking him. The only thing most are hearing is "pitbull". The owner is responsible for how these dogs are raised. Period. Just like parents are responsible for how their children are raised. Just as the saying goes, "some people just do not need to have children", the same thing can be said about pitbulls. Don't blame the breed."
(poor christy, in her pit nutter frenzy to redirect the blame to hypothetical raccoons, she apparently missed the memo that states that i am now fielding's nasty comments.)
BRENT TOELLNER writes from his pit nutter pulpit:
"Yesterday, news broke about a tragic incident in Memphis where a 71 year old man was attacked by two dogs. The man's daughter came to his aid and was also bitten and during the attack and the man, William Parker, had cardiac arrest during the attack and later died at the hospital.

The Associated Press picked up the first story released after the attack -- which was picked up by nearly 200 media outlets across the country with the headline: "Tennessee Pit Bull Attacks Leave Elderly Man Dead."

Of course, the story was far from complete -- and the headline not even completely accurate. It sure SOUNDS like the 'pit bulls' killed the man, but at the present time, there seems to be a lot of doubt as to the man's actual cause of death (which could have been from the heart attack he suffered). All of the man's injuries appear to be on his lower legs. One news station even failed to mention the man going into cardiac arrest altogether."

KCBLOWHARD and CHRISTY BARLOW are obsessed with finding an alternative cause of death other than licked to death by a wiggle butt. and what's with this nonsense minimizing bites to the legs? in august 2008, a pit bull bit a healthy 35 yr old detroit man in the calf, Robert Howard died almost instantly. but back to CHRISTY'S and BRENT'S original witch hunt... according to YOUR dog bite expert, KAREN DELISE, you remember KAREN, the one that you and all of pitnutterville line up to worship and regularly lick the boots of, the death of William Parker does indeed count as a dog bite fatality. please see page 91 of Fatal Dog Attacks The Stories Behind the Statistics
Definition: Fatal Dog Attack
This study defines a dog bite fatality as trauma inflicted by a dog bite that results in the death of the victim. This includes:
• Bite injuries inflicted by a dog(s) that resulted in the immediate death of the individual.

• Injuries that were in and of themselves life threatening but, due to medical intervention, the victim's life was prolonged (for days, months, years) until the individual succumbed from injuries originally or secondarily inflicted from trauma due to the dog bite. Although medically these deaths may be attributed to organ failure or massive infection, the causative agent was traumatic injury from dog bite.

• Death from heart attack while being attacked and bitten by a dog. Although the bite itself may not have been injurious enough to cause death, the accompanying stress and trauma at the time of the attack caused immediate heart failure and death.
a while back KAREN DELISE accused me of not reading her books.
au contraire mon frère, i think that i might be one of the few who have read your books and that website that your master JANE BERKEY owns too. ;)

i leave you nutters with a quote that your idol likes:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Justice for Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton and her frankenmauler BELLA
Vanessa Carlton has been very quiet about the may pit bull attack. she's the only one, probably because she is the only true innocent in this mess.

the pit bull and the no kill communities have once again chosen to rally around the frankenmauler and its owner, portraying dog and owner as the victims and the real victim as the villain. Vanessa Carlton has not only been attacked by a pit bull she was viciously trashed in the online pit bull/no kill rescue communities and the media as well. WHY? Carlton had the audacity to file a complaint against the owner of the 9 month old pit dog who ignored the shock of the electric fence, ran into the street and attacked her. the same electric fence that successfully contained a pomeranian and a jack russell i might add. the owners of the pit bull, BEN and JOANNE TEICHBERG made the decision to give BELLA a dirt nap after the 10 day quarantine rather than comply with the hassle and expense of owning a dog that has been declared dangerous by the court. at some point during the quarantine, BELLA bit a second person, a friend of BEN and JOANNE TEICHBERG'S daughter. BELLA'S handlers tried to keep the second bite a secret and when it was leaked they said that BELLA only scratched the boy during play. we only know of this second bite because the boy sought medical attention from the school nurse the next day and she was obligated to report it.

thanks to the slanted coverage of HOWARD FRANKS, the TEICHBERG'S story spread to a couple of bleeding heart rescue angels who thought the ugly dog was being persecuted by the pop star and offered $500 to have BELLA "looked at by a professional". that couple was motivational speaker NELSON LAUVER and JANE GEORGE. please note that they occupy the number one spot on the list of BELLA'S ANGELS. i hope all of BELLA'S dupes will be happy they opted for first name last initial only. :)
here's where things really get interesting. MARIA BROOKS McKENNA, a landscaper, self proclaimed dog expert (with no training/education) and owner/operator of save the orphaned pets, STOP, sees the $500 carrot and jumps at the opportunity for a few extra bucks and a chance to shamelessly promote her rescue and solicit donations. she agrees to evaluate BELLA. with NO FORMAL TRAINING, McKENNA declares that the ugly dog is NOT dangerous and trumpets BELLA'S cause (and her own). McKENNA personally hand selects a vet to play the part of forensic dental expert while she will play the part of dog behavior expert in BELLA'S court room drama.
DR. KARIN-SUSAN BREITLAUCH of creature comforts veterinary service in saylorsburg, pa. the forensic dental "expert" with no forensic dental expertise, testified that the punctures on Carlton's leg did not match the bite impression that she took of BELLA. in the end the judge did not believe either of the experts' testimony. he found that the dog did in fact bite Carlton, and the TEICHBERG'S were guilty of breaking the quarantine. while he didn't designate BELLA as dangerous, he gave the TEICHBERG'S 90 days to build a proper fence that must be signed off on by the dog warden and dismissed the dangerous dog charge without prejudice. the judge stated that he was soft hearted and didn't want to give the ugly dog a dirt nap but another violation would be considered a second strike and they would sit in a jail. here's what the judge said about DR KARIN-SUSAN BREITLAUCH'S expert testimony:
after the trial MARIA BROOKS McKENNA made a statement to the pocono record. there was not a kernel of truth in it but HOWARD FRANK ran with it and the rest of the news media happily gobbled it up. frustrated by the brazen lies of con artist MARIA BROOKS McKENNA, the prosecutor showed up in the pocono record comment section to set the record straight but i guess HOWARD FRANK was too busy celebrating with the rest of no kill crazy pit nutters and too drunk on the koolaid to be able to run a retraction.

if you google "vanessa carlton pit bull" you will get 166,000 hits, like this headline, Forensic experts win out in Vanessa Carlton's pit-bull case

the pit nutters at had a field day with this story. they devoted two whole pages of peta bashing and speculation on what REALLY happened to Vanessa Carlton. it's funny to see them get caught up in the media frenzy that they so love to criticize. it's an interesting read. even,, and who always take the 'kill human aggressive dogs' high road were snookered by MARIA BROOKS McKENNA and HOWARD FRANK and joined in the fun of bullying an innocent VICTIM.

MARIA BROOKS McKENNA had her 15 minutes of fame but she is still trying to cash in on the pop star's misfortune by continuing to shamelessly promote BELLA'S cause. the con artist is attempting raise $30,000 for a 9 month old pit dog who has already bitten TWO people. this little chipin gadget is found on her landscaping business webpage.

i would like to add my very own special thanks to HOWARD FRANK of the pocono record. without his twisted spin on this otherwise unremarkable dog attack, none of this would have been possible. and by THIS, i mean the defamation of an innocent victim and MARIA BROOKS McKENNA's personal get rich scheme. and of course, giving BELLA another chance to perfect her mauling technique.

you can download your VERY OWN COPY of the judge's decision for free > here.
and please distribute widely.

follow the FRANK/McKENNA conspiracy to mislead the public about the attack, the trial and the verdict: has also covered this travesty of justice.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

game-dogger humor

Sorry Mr. Jones, what else can I say?

look daddy, teacher says every time a pit nutter opens their mouth a rescue angel gets their wings

a pit nutter's mouth is moving and you know what that means...

DONNA REYNOLDS, bay area brazen liar

on friday july 23, 2010 @ 9:08 am donna blogged about the tragic death of jacob bisbee. to drive home the point that her persecuted frankenmaulers are the victims of a biased media, she wrote:

surrounded by her pit bulls and loyal toadies, one intrepid commenter dared to ask donna the question:

donna replied:

she couldn't find the report, because it doesn't exist. lists no december attack by 2 labs lists no attack fitting this description lists no such fatal attack (and this guy is a pit nutter!) lists no such fatal attack (attack data includes the full original news reports saved as pdfs)

aaah there it is. i finally found it at karen delise's website, better known as the new and not improved property of jane berkey. (karen or jane broke the link. here it is.)
here is what berkey's minion posted: "An Arizona woman was killed by one or two dogs identified by authorities to be Labrador retrievers."

don't you just love how no one can properly id a pit dog, yet no one questions the labeling of a lab?

2005 an 87 yr old in indiana was killed by a lab & a dobie
2006 a 3 yr old in texas was killed by a pit/lab mix
2007 no labs involved in fatal attacks
2008 a month old child was killed by a lab puppy *
2009 no labs involved in fatal attacks

basset/lab x took one life
labs took 3 lives
pit bull/lab x killed 3 people
and a pit bull and a gsd/lab x were named in one death but it is unclear whether both dogs were actually involved in the attack

karen delise's book fatal dog attacks (11 attacks involving labs)
1965 lab
1967 wolf hybrid/lab x
1975 lab/gsd x
1985 pit/lab x
1988 lab
1991 2 rotts and a lab
1994 gsd and a lab x
1996 dobie/lab x
1997 3 rotts and a lab
1997 lab x
2000 lab/husky

i would count up the pit bull attacks for comparison but there are not enough hours left in the day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

i don't care how loud toellner, rinalia, reynolds and ledy scream they aren't, pit bulls ARE different

"We were outside just getting the mail, when I heard this glass shattering and saw these three pit bulls charging toward us," said Marcia Edwards. "Next thing I know my dog was buried beneath them, and I jumped in to save her."
She scraped her knees and elbows and was bitten on the hand and Felicity required an emergency surgery lasting more than two hours and may have to have another surgery when she is stronger. 
TAMEKA MICHELLE JOHNSON, the pit nutter, has been cited. she is due in court on august 10. the ac director said JOHNSON took 2 of her dogs to memphis. the police will give her an opportunity to surrender them, if she doesn't, she will be charged with taking the dogs over the state line.
six pit dogs have been terrorizing people and pets in a northwest houston neighborhood. Debra Roncancio said her cat Snoopy was sitting on the widow sill just like her surviving cat Diamond pictured above, when a pit bull jumped through the screen and attacked and killed Snoopy in front of her daughters. she now keeps her dog crated inside her home and warns others to keep their animals inside too. although, inside doesn't seem to off much more protection. the owner of the 6 ugly frankenmaulers has been located and cited for allowing dogs to run at large, no rabies, no licenses and exceeding the legal limit of 3. the pit nutter has surrendered 3 dogs and vaccinated and licensed the remaining 3. ac says Roncancio is one of dozens of complaints regarding these dogs in the last few months. which leaves me asking yet AGAIN, where are all of those 350,000,000 guns in the united states?
rip Snoopy
Jennifer Lynch, i hope you did your homework. i hope your movie is half as frightening as real life.

Monday, July 19, 2010

another animal behaviorist that refuses to be bullied or guilt tripped into adopting the nonsensical thinking that pit bulls are like any other dog is featuring a powerfully written article about pit bulls by animal behaviorist Gary Wilkes.
be sure to check it out, you will not want to miss this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 7/14/10

rip Bennie
6/26/10 oakland, michigan an ugly frankenmauler broke down a 6 ft privacy fence and killed Bennie.

7/8/10 UK Tyson's spine was broken and his lung punctured in a savage attack by a leashed staffy bull who broke away from his owner. the nutters fled with ugly dog.

7/8/10 durant, oklahoma 2 pit bulls belonging to DESIREE ELLISON attacked her miniature pony. the next day it attacked a man walking down the street. (but, but, animal aggression and human are two different issues!) one dog was shot by police and the other is dirt napping. certified pit nutter MICHELE CROUSE made an appearance to defend wiggle butts.

7/9/10 UK a senior couple and their dog were attacked by a pit bull during a walk in the park.

7/9/10 niagara falls, new york a cop beat a pit bull with his baton that was attacking another dog. he then shot it when it charged him.

7/9/10 martha's vineyard a pit bull being walked by its nutter's mother broke away from her and killed a cat. the dog ran home with bits of it in its mouth. the dog has a previous history of attacking ANIMALS. the ugly dog received a dirt nap despite the protests of the nutter's mother and selectman ISRAEL, who wanted to give the nutters 5 days to consult the catholic church on the proper way to shuttle it off of the island and into someone else's backyard.

7/9/20 new zealand a pit bull cross shredded a goat.

7/9/10 UK Ziggy was out with his owner when a pit bull cross approached. the frankenmauler was friendly at first, licking Ziggy's owner's hand even. (i think he was thanking her for bringing him a snack) Ziggy's spinal column and jugular were torn and is unlikely to make a full recovery. but hey, that's a small price to pay to be able to own the dog of your choice.

rip Princess
7/9/10 houston, texas Princess was killed by 2 ugly pit bulls while sunning in her yard. Princess' owner pursued the 2 pit bulls as they charged into yard after yard before finally finding and killing a second cat. Princess' owner called 911 three times, the cops only responded after he told them that he would shoot the dogs himself.

7/9/10 auburn, california home invasion I am a caregiver for a 91 yr old lady who had a cat which was her companion and never left her side, a wonderful and perfect and meek tempered Calico. She was the most beautiful Calico we have ever seen. Wednesday night 7-7-10 about 5:00 pm she had her back sliding door open a bit for the cat to come in and out, and they were both resting in her house, and a pitbull came in through the back sliding door and seen the cat and ran after her through out the house and caught her in the other side of the house and literally tore the cat up shaking her and biting her and the lady was so scared and alone she thought she had to do something to save her loyal companion, so got her cane and tried hitting the pitbull and screaming and no one came. How this lady did not have a heart attack is beyond me. She thought her cat was dead so after resting 30 minutes and getting up the strength to walk down to these peoples house , she told them what had happened but by then they had washed their dog off and called me the caregiver and this was by then 6:30 that the owner called me to come and take the cat to the Vet. which was just down the street. Well she didn't make it as both Vets told me that her injuries were to extensive for save her and it would cost several thousand dollars and she may not still make it. This lady has been devastated and grieving so bad over what she witnessed and to see the mess of the house after the attack was terribly upsetting, as I am so mad that nothing has been done, other then Animal Control came out and gave her a report to make. This is such a shame she has no protection in her own home. The man asked her, if she left her door open, what a slap in the face that he would ask her that, instead she should have asked him why the dog was loose and not contained, but she was to in shock to come back at him. He is a Bully asking her that. I am a shamed at the people who don't take extra precautions owning a dog who is recognized for their behavior and attacks on people and other animals and their locked jaws that you can not unlock. This was an unnecessary accident that could have been prevented.

7/10/10 wisconsin rapids a loose pit bull tried to attack a woman and her dog.

7/11/10 somewhere in texas 2 ugly pit bulls were left unattended in their yard while their owners went to the "store". one or both of the pits escaped and tried to attack a man walking his dog. he very successfully fought off the dog(s) with a box cutter. marley the frankenmauler is taking a dirt nap.

Mr Bing
7/12/10 red bank, tennessee Mr Bing was in his own yard surrounded by an electric fence when Mr Ugly came a knockin. Mr Bing suffered torn muscles, multiple bites and a broken rib. the pit nutter was not cited.

7/12/10 tracy, california a pit bull was picked up for attacking other dogs.

rip Chance
rip Stella
7/12/10 chandler, arizona a white pit mix and a black lab mix have been running loose. they attacked and killed these two dogs, Chance and Stella and possibly others. it is interesting to note that the witnesses report that ONLY the white pit mix is attacking, not the black lab. they are still on the loose.

7/13/10 troutdale, oregon a craiglist frankenmauler killed a cat within minutes of acquiring the "awesome" dog.

7/13/10 UK 57 yr old Mike Barnett rescued a horse from a vicious attack launched by a "psychopathic" apbt/staffy cross.

7/14/10 steamboat springs, colorado a male and a female pit bull SOMEHOW escaped a house and attacked a 12 yr old lab being walked by its owner. several people responded and beat the pit bulls until they finally ran off. the lab was later euthanized due to its injuries. the pit nutter was issued a citation and happily signed over his frankenmaulers for dirt naps. steamboat springs shelter manager Molly Waters said these 2 pits were the 5th and 6th dogs to be euthanized this year because of aggression. the other four dogs: pit, heeler, aussie and boxer. she then said that "she finds pit bulls are no more likely to be aggressive than other breeds" despite the fact that 50% of the aggressive dogs she has euthanized for aggression were pit bulls.

7/14/10 UK a bull mastiff/staffy bull cross savaged a small terrier in the shopping area. the victim rushed her dog to the vet and the punk fled with his ugly dog.

7/14/10 riverdale, maryland 3 yr old cocker spaniel named Peluche was attacked by a pit bull. firefighters and medics were called to the scene to help with the "uncontrollable bleeding".
the update on Peluche with the photo and video found here.


7/9/10 huron county, michigan the prosecutor is seeking damages in the amount of $16,700 from 25 yr old MATTHEW LEESE. his 2 ugly pit bulls reached maturity and celebrated by killing FIFTY ONE SHEEP! LEESE is charged with an unlicensed dog and a stray dog with a possible sentence of 90 days in jail.

7/14/10 livingston county, michigan JACOB RUSSELL HARRIMAN pled guilty in may for allowing his pit bull to roam. HARRIMAN failed to show for sentencing this week. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. the pit bull attacked 2 german shepherds april 15 resulting in the death of one of the dogs. btw, the frankenmauler was euthanized. see april 23rd frankenmauler roundup

and the attacks the media NEVER reports

7/14/10 livermore falls, maine HOOCH, a bull mastiff/mastiff/rott mix previously declared dangerous after it attacked a letter carrier in 2007, SOMEHOW got loose to attack again. this time HOOCH killed a jack russell terrier, a service dog named Jack who was leashed and walking with a 14, 16 and a 19 yr old. 41 yr old MARTIN VINING of 46 Park St. MARTIN has ben charged with dangerous dog, an unlicensed dog and dog at large.

breed specific problems in our shelters

John Aleshire, Sharon Harmon, Mike Oswald

multnomah county, oregon "The average residency for a dog at OHS is nine days. For pit bulls, it's nine months." Sharon Harmon, executive director of the oregon humane society. the OHS policy is to limit kennel space for pit bulls to 4 dogs in order to help the greatest number of dogs with their limited resources. hmmm. let's see, 9 months x 30 days x 4 pits = 1080 days of wasted space and services. 1080/9 = 120 normal dogs! this bleeding heart pit nutter could save 120 NORMAL dogs in the time that they save FOUR MUTANT PIT BULLS! is this really the BEST use of their resources?
multnomah county animal services (MCAS) has no breed restrictions, so it is not surprising that the shelter is described as a 'pitbull showroom'. "People aren't lining up to adopt these animals." Mike Oswald, MCAS director, referring to their pit bull population

willmar, minnesota meanwhile, the hawk creek animal shelter is trying to stop the revolving door on their pit adoptions. seems that they have a high return rate when it comes to pits. so their solution is to dump more time and resources into pit bulls!! because pit bulls are such 'magnificent' animals, they have tightened up their rules for adopting a SPECIFIC dog. Glenda Anderson, a board member of the Humane Society of Kandiyohi County sums up their goals nicely, "No. 1, we want it to be a forever home, No. 2, we don’t want anybody getting hurt, and No. 3, we don’t want to euthanize.” did you happen to notice that their NUMBER TWO CONCERN IS FOR SAFETY? putting pit bulls before people!

indy ALESHIRE hung a closed sign on the humane society of indy last week. the no kill shelter is at capacity and no longer able to accept new incoming animals. shelter capacity is 300 cats and dogs, they are currently housing over 500 animals. "We're simply over the amount of animals that we can properly care for. We invest at least $600 per animal … because all of our animals go through physical exams, they are cared for, surgery is done if needed." John Aleshire
$600 is the MINIMUM investment per animal. i wonder how much that $$ investment is for pit bulls who require the MAXIMUM investment per animal due to their tendency to occupy more kennel space for much longer periods of time? lets not forget the amount of training the staff go through to better able present the pit bull to the public and screen out questionable adopters.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

questioning humanity: the truth behind the vanessa carlton attack

today 19 yr old convicted felon COLTON HARRIS-MOORE was captured after eluding police for 2 years. harris-moore has a rap sheet going back to the age of 12. the young felon taunted the police as they pursued him across the country, stealing money, cars, boats and planes. you are probably wondering why i am blogging about this. one little snippet caught my attention on the news: COLTON HARRIS-MOORE has a fan club. actually, TWO fan clubs. that's right, he has "fans". he is a hero to thousands. thousands of people with sad pathetic lives and ZERO critical thinking skills. these imbecilic fans fail to make the connection between higher taxes & higher insurance premiums and this young psychopath's antics, not to mention the drain on law enforcement. colton's followers got me to thinking about another fan club.
Justice for Bella! BELLA is the ugly frankenmauler who at the tender age of 9 months already has TWO bites to her credit. and what else does BELLA have? FANS! zealous, lying, manipulative, bat shit crazy fans. hordes of them, although not as many as colton. one of these zealots really stands out. the narcissistic opportunist, MARIA BROOKS MCKENNA, pictured above. she is involved with STOP (save the orphaned pets) and shamelessly promoted it at every opportunity through out this dangerous dog circus. the pocono record has one of the more interesting string of comments that i have come across. both the prosecutor and the witness (MCKENNA) are participating. the short version goes like this: after BELLA'S trial, MARIA McKENNA held a press release, lied throughout and the media ran with it. McKENNA lied and said that the expert witness (a vet hand selected by McKENNA) proved that the bite marks on the victim didn't match the bite impression that she took from BELLA. and the pit nutters can't get enough of this story or spread it fast enough.
Again, we never doubted it wasn't Bella that bit Vanessa and that she accused the wrong dog. What we hope is that she seeks treatment for Rabies, as whatever dog did bite her may have been infected and was NOT placed under quarantine, obviously, leaving her suseptible to the disease. Rabies travels an inch a day and after two months, she still has a chance at getting treated instead of dying from the disease, should the actual perpitrator have been inflicted with the disease. That was a very nasty bite from a dog that was definitely out to hurt her - if it was rabid, it is dead by now - and Vanessa will find the same fate if she isn't treated." (i thought the original defense was the ugly frankenmauler bit and released, she was only trying to play? suddenly the dog is serious about inflicting harm? i think McKENNA is a psychopath)

the prosecuting attorney David McKenzie responds:

McKENNA responds with even more lies. she addressed the prosecutor and stated that she chose that particular vet "to do the bite impression because she has MANY years of dog orthodontics under her belt." here is a reality check for all of you people who were born YESTERDAY: defendants and plaintiffs ONLY select those 'experts' that will support their case.
i can't help but wonder if there is some crime that MARIA BROOKS McKENNA can be charged with, besides crimes against humanity. certainly she has defamed the pop star and knowingly provided a false statement to the newspaper reporters.

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