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Tia Torres: Tehachapi Bully

In a very ambitious campaign to bully the residents of Tehachapi, Tia Torres has spun a wicked fairy tale to incite frothy rage in thousands of pit nutters across the US. The fantasy features "an individual on a witch hunt" ...who is... "spewing hatred" against the victim supreme - the pit bull. "Never in my dreams would I think that such an angry and hateful woman co-existed there." Torres has the pit bull posse signing petitions left and right demanding that Tehachapi comply with the nationwide nutter population's demands to allow Villalobos to open a shelther there.

In reality Torres' "individual, angry, hateful witch hunter" is Merle Carnes, a woman in her late 60's and in poor health who just lost her husband a few months ago.Carnes is president of the Old West Ranch Property Owners Association and was acting as such when she wrote a letter to her neighbors in Old West Ranch. In the letter she urges her neighbors to weigh in against the dog rescue for many reasons. Most of her concerns would be applicable to a 100 dog rescue for any breed, though the fact that many of these dogs are no ordinary pitties, but demonstrably aggressive pit bulls already judged dangerous and removed from owners by court orders is a significant factor.

Carnes and 7 out of 8 of her neighbors are concerned about the impact of a large population of dogs will have on the community for a number of reasons:
· A much smaller rescue on the same site posed quality of life and safety problems for the community.
· Torres' rescue will be 12 times larger than the previous rescue.
· Concerns about the quality of supervision of both the dogs and the parolees
· High number of fighting dogs when dog fighting has been a problem in the past in the area.
· Negative environmental impact of 100 dogs with regards to water pollution and air pollution.
· Increased potential for air-borne dust spread disease Valley Fever
· Negative impact on roads and increased road maintenance costs.
· Concerns about 100 barking dogs diminishing community's quality of life.
· Torres' assumption she will have free access to her neighbors' properties with her dogs (trespassing)
Carnes is not making any of these concerns up. In June of 2010, before the community was aware of Torres' plans, Ken Mixon wrote a letter on the Old West Ranch Owners Association facebook page enumerating some persistent problems that needed to be addressed in the community:
· Stray dogs and owners not following the law
· Trespassing
· Speeding on dirt roads - The Air Pollution Control set the speed limit for dirt roads at 15 mph. This is a health and environmental issue
· Tight budget
Ken Mixon has since decided to support the 100 dog rescue in the neighborhood. He transmitted portions of a letter sent to him from Torres to the OWR HOA facebook page in which she states that she has had "ZERO barking dogs complaints."
That directly contradicts what is reported in an interview with her that was printed Nov. 4, 2010. 'Torres not only contends with her neighbors, who don’t like the barking dogs, but with law enforcement. “It’s a tough battle here. We get harassed by law enforcement a lot,” she says, waving her black-tipped nails in the air. “We get phone calls from law enforcement from all over the country. They love us, except right here in our own county (Los Angeles County.) They hate us.”'
Carnes is not alone in voicing her concerns, however; Don Olsen on the OWR POA facebook page raises the following issues:
· Quality of life deterioration when triple chain link fencing and concrete perimeters and multiple storage containers create an eye-sore like the one in Agua Dulce
· Potential danger if dogs were released in the event of a wildfire
· Increased traffic from parolees and workers, visitors, and camera crews
· Unreliable "promise" that road maintenance will be paid for by the TV production company only so long as the show lasts
· Rumors of expansion to other properties

And in addition to the issues raised by community members, it would be wise for the community to question Torres about these additional issues:

· Reliability of supervision of the facility in light of the fact that there have been legal problems at the Aqua Dulce property both with drugs and stolen property
· Who owns and who will be responsible for the property since Tia Torres does not own it?
· How big will the rental cabin venture be? What kind of facilities will be provided for the renters?
· How many animals will actually be there including rescues, pets and exotic species?

But back to Merle Carnes, Tia's scapegoat created to bully an entire town. When a devastating wildfire broke out last summer, Merle Carnes delayed her own evacuation to make sure her neighbors had been alerted. When her car wouldn't start, a neighbor rescued her.
After the fire, "as board members of the POA, Buzz Grantham and Merle Carnes (led) the team on the Ranch working with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross and doing the coordination between them and the fire victims."

While supporting a large 320 wind turbine project by Terra-Gen, Carnes brokered an agreement to move or remove three turbines that would have been placed too close to the Old West Ranch area.

Carnes was publicly thanked for providing hospice care for a neighbor.

Merle was not alone in helping out after the fire. "Merle Carnes, said it’s the type of community where everyone checks on everyone else to see how they’re doing. Carnes, who is president of the local homeowners association, said they will be taking care of people who have suffered losses."

Not only is Torres attempting to scapegoat Merle Carnes, she is trying to create a rift in a community that has been able to be self-sufficient because they have helped each other out and taken care of each other.

Torres, talking out of both sides of her mouth, first condemns Merle Carnes as a meddling, disinterested person, suggesting that "(t)his woman lives nowhere near the new place yet she, for some reason wants to shut down an organization..."

Then Torres turns right around and threatens to bring in people from hundreds or thousands of miles away to somehow legitimize her cause.
'A hearing has been set for March 10th where the community and Torres will get a chance to speak their minds.
"It's gonna be a packed house. We have supporters coming from all over the country," said Torres.'

Torres and her friends have been spreading the word that if the county board denies her a permit and a variance, Villalobos will be destroyed.

If villalobos is moving to Tehachapi and leaving Agua Dulce, then Torres needs to explain what she is going to do with all her animals. At Agua Dulce, she has over 120 pit bulls, uncounted dogs of other breeds, about 20 wolves, her own pets - dozens of cats and dogs, and a couple of bears.

On the other hand, if this is an expansion, then it is an outright lie that Villalobos will be shut down if they aren't successful in bullying their way into this community. And if it is an expansion, who is going to be supervising 100 pit bulls and parolees at the Tehachapi rescue, her daughters?

In addition to Torres, the actual owners of the property should also be present at the hearing on March 10th because they will be legally responsible for the maintenance and any accidents that occur there. That's right, Torres' name is not even on the deed to this property. The deed holders are Tia's daughter Mariah Harmony Kaye, a 19 year old judgment-proof girl and a real estate agent named Veronica (RoniR) Raczkowski. Raczkowski is also the "California Team Leader for Best Friends Network."

The town of Tehachapi should know what kind of people are bullying their way into their town. Tia Torres, mother of two daughters and "adoptive mother" to twin boys, describes herself this way:
"I'm a rebel, I'm an advocate for the underdog and I've become disenchanted with the "system." (don't count on her to care about traditions,rules, or laws). My kids are my pride and joy even if they don't think that's the way I feel about them. I have a husband (in prison) who adores me more than life itself (she's got no competition) and I am overwhelmed with his heart (but his brain that put him back in prison, not so much). My dogs have been my life saviors and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. My life revolves around all of the above. And though I'm am perceived as a thick skinned, hard as nails, don't give a shit kind of person, its' only because of what our family has had to endure (it's the world's fault if she's a selfish outlaw). We are true believers of Karma and feel that because of all the good things we try to do as a family, that she (karma is not a goddess, but whatever) will protect us and if need be...become one hell of a bitch (the gods are on her side, not yours). Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me. Fuck me a third what happens (did this suddenly get literal?)."
Aren Marcus Jackson, Torres' currently incarcerated husband on the 3 strikes rule was arrested for possession of stolen property which was found at Villalobos and which he blames on one of the other parolees.
The twin adoptive sons, Kanani and Keli'i, "started off by just working here on weekends...and they're still here. And they fit right in with the rest, getting speeding tickets and getting their cars impounded...and you know, they're now part of the moll's extended family." Remember, people, 15 mph for the environment and the neighborhood! yeah right. The twins fit in even better with the parolees when one of them got busted for meth and heroin at Villalobos.
Both of her daughters are following in Tia's footsteps, pussyfooting way past independence into the land of the outlaw.
Here's Mariah, co-deed holder of the Tehachapi property and her older sister Tania in October 2010:
Giving the nutter salute

And here is their new motto as of February 26, 2011:

Lyrical, isn't it?

In addition, there are the parolees. Torres assures the neighbors she doesn't hire sex offenders but I guess apart from that anything goes. She also claims to have forgotten one of her current parolees offenses...FANTASTIC supervision and very reassuring to the community.

The town of Tehachapi also should know the kind of people Tia has whipped into a frenzy of hate and spite and will be coming to Tehachapi from all over the country for the hearing on March 10th.

This is a smattering of responses to Tia's call to arms:

Chris Burk "This woman (Merle Carnes) is nuts!!! It sounds to me like she is trying to draw attention to herself Because of the TV show. Some people have nothing better to do that to try to cause other people problems!!"

Then there is Lynda Fleming Wright:
who says of Merle Carnes, "So sad that some people never do any Good in their lives, only try to stop people like Tia...This woman I'll just call her Cruela Diville needs to step up and get involved in something worthwile..."

And Tehachapi, please be on the alert for creepy riff raff like this guy invading your town on March 10th to intimidate you:
"I'm behind you all the way Tia !! Making some calls to legal peeps :) I met some really good ones since the last time I was here !"

Who knows maybe Stevil Helmer, his band Die Hard Til Death, and his pit bull might all be there to visit:

With Hanging Friends

the nutter salute

The pit bulls, the parolees, the Torres, and their fans - who wouldn't want that circus to move into their remote, independent, close knit, and environmentally fragile neighborhood?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

breed misidentification with a twist

honey brook, pennsylvania 31 yr old MICHELLE LYNN HUSKINS was sentenced to 3 years probation for endangering the welfare of her children.

on december 16, 2009, MICHELLE and DEREK HUSKINS acquired a pit mix from a stranger at a convenience store. the next day, the gripping dog jumped up on the bed with MICHELLE and her 4 month old son and attacked the baby. MICHELLE and DEREK attempted to treat the baby's injuries themselves but when her son's leg swelled up the next day, she took him to the county hospital.

the HUSKINS infant was transferred to another hospital with dog bites, a fractured leg and a skull fracture. his condition was listed as critical. MICHELLE HUSKINS told the county detectives that her son was attacked by wild dogs on the street in his stroller and she sent her 4 yr old home to get DEREK to fight off the dogs. she also told the detectives that they did not own any dogs. the detectives realized that she was lying about the pit mix and leaned on her. she confessed.

the shit bull is dirt napping and DEREK MARSHALL HUSKINS is awaiting trial.

other interesting facts about this family:
in 2007 DEREK MARSHALL HUSKINS lost his appeal on the conviction of selling drugs to an undercover cop.

in 2010 DEREK MARSHALL HUSKINS was indicted for unlawful possession of steroids.

the HUSKINS children are doomed.

Friday, February 25, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 02/25/11

rip Mika
02.20.11 UK Mika was killed INSIDE her home INSIDE her crate during a pit bull home invasion.

Della and Bink Spicer with Leo and Lester
02.18.11 UK the Spicers are afraid to walk their dogs after a pit bull and a nanny dog attacked them and nearly killed Leo.

02.17.11 kingsport, west virginia Debra Thompson was walking her dog when she was attacked by a shit bull (no word about her dog). the neighbors came to her aid and are now upset because the mutant will be returned to the pit nutter after quarantine.

02.18.11 sandy eggo Iris Riddell was walking her fox terrier when a mutant lept from a car window and attacked Alex. three men came to their aid. the sheriff responded and returned the great mutato to the owner. it appears that the pit nutter is a homeless woman. she and her mutant live in her car. the pit nutter said the dog was slated for a dirt nap by the previous owners but she took it. i hope she is the next victim.

02.18.11 kelso, washington Kelso police said they found a pit bull shaking a dead cat when they responded to the 600 block of Third Avenue, Thursday for a dangerous animal call. Officers discovered two dead cats in the yard. Police said the dog killed them while roaming the neighborhood, then brought them home. The dog was taken to the humane society, but a report on its status was unavailable Friday. Its owner, Janet Roderick, 56, was cited for obstruction after she yelled and swore at officers, police said. Roderick also faces animal control violations.

02.20.11 internet chatter this morning my mom came home from dropping us off & found my bird (blue/gold mcaw.) on the floor dead w/ it's wings ripped! ): we've had him for 10years! he was the best. it's a pitbull & a golden retriever & they're in my yard. we tied the pit up so that the pound can come & get him! but they have another emergency so these dogs are just laying there in my yard! what do we do? we don't want them to leave and kill any other animal, we want them gone. they're not being threatful, or anything, but I don't want to see the dog who killed my bird in my yard! ):
what if they attack again?
can my dad shoot them?
Additional Details
ok, FIRST to all these f*ckn mean stupid as* people calling me a TROLL! Go f*ck your selves! My bird just died, and i don't need to hear ya'lll being ignorant! Second off, i had my bird outside in the SCREENED porch! a place where he can be! i have a HUGE yard! it's not MY fu*kin fault that some stupid owners don't know how to keep THEY'RE dogs at THEIR house!! those dogs came in MY yard! a place they SHOULDN'T be!! So screw all of you who are callin me a troll, saying i dont know how to protect my bird! my bird was in a SAFE place that sme big dogs happened to get into. im really sad rght now, and all of ya'll are dooche bags, makin me feel worse! learn how to not call everyone w/ a question w/out enuf detail a troll! i should've put more detail never have i EVER posted a troll question! & to those who were nice, thank you!!!!!!
P.S I didn't assume it was the pit bull! the pit bull ws being aggressive so i tied him up!the golden retriever was not , he ws laying their, so i didn'ttie

02.21.11 greensboro, north carolina I waked both my dogs on my backyard about five feet from my back door on leashes. I dont have yet. A neighbor whos fence faces a neigbor three houses down for me -their pit bull jumped his fence ran toward me and my dogs and killed my little six pound dog right in front of me. This dog jumped his fence last yr and attacked another neigbor's dog which wasnt killed only because the attacked door owner wrestled with the pitbull and in the process was bitten as well. What can i do -- i been having a hard time dealing with this situation along with my other dog who is suffering from this attack. Im very scared to walk my dog in the neigborhood because they still hav ethis danderous dog who can attack a child or anothor dog.

rip Bear
schnauzer, injured but alive

rip Sparky
02.21.11 charleston, south carolina the frankenmaulers had a busy weekend. a rott/pit mix killed a 6 week old lab puppy named Bear in a dog park. the owner of the puppy suffered a broken finger and the nutter fled the scene. then a rampaging mutant attacked at least 4 dogs. the first victim was a beagle, immediately followed by Bob Redwitzran's dachshund Sparky which was killed and his schnauzer, injured but alive. AC reports the hideous mutant attacked a dalmatian before they caught it. the pit nutter is 21 yr old PAIGE ASHLEY BIRD. she was charged with dog at large, vicious animal and non vaccination.
link #2, link #3, link #4, link #5, link #6, link #7 for the 4 dog rampage

02.21.11 UK Michael and Denise Spayne drove 12 miles to a resort to walk their dogs because they thought they would be safe there. (HEY! this is the UK, no one is safe in their own home!) as they were getting in the car to leave, a psychotic monster of a nanny dog, savaged Poppy. afterwards the nutter was apologetic and offered to pay the vet bill. she said the nanny dog slipped its lead. they seem to slip through an awful lot of leads and doors and windows and cars and fences...

02.22.11 chicago, illinois black ( i believe a pit bull) killing dogs
This dog lives a Golfview and Walnut. A few days ago he killed a beautiful happy dog. He has went after my yorkie twicw now. And other neighbors have the same complaint. This dog was TRAINED to kill. Where do the police comne in? Don't you think MORE should be done?

02.22.11 UK Sue Ballantyne was walking Wilkie and two other dogs when a nanny dog attacked. she said the young male who is under consideration to become a breeding dog for a guide dog program just stood there and let the nanny dog work its magic. just like the pit nutters expect. NEVER interfere with pibble's DNA.

31 yr old SCOTT LIBBY, 315 High St
02.23.11 somersworth, new hampshire two hideous mutants belonging to this nutter and one belonging to his sister (that he was supposed to be watching) got loose and went on a 3 hour rampage. a man was walking his lab mix near 315 High when the mutants escaped the fenced yard and attacked the lab. the man and his lab were saved by a passing motorist who helped free the lab mix and let them in his car. they called 911. the first cop to arrive was "met with three very aggravated and motivated pit bulls". he was bitten on the leg. three more cops arrived and "quickly met with resistance". after a couple blasts of pepper spray and 3 hour rampage, the mutants were finally caught by the ACO. i am not sure WHY they don't shoot vicious out of control dogs in new hampshire.
the mutants are in custody and the city is pursuing dirt naps for all three. the pit nutter received 13 citations: 6 counts vicious dogs, 3 counts failure to control, 3 counts failure to license, 1 count failure to vaccinate
this is not the first time this pit nutter has been in trouble with the dog police. in 2007, one of LIBBY'S frankenmaulers (SCARFACE) broke away from the person walking it and bit Thomas Clark in the face and attacked his cat. LIBBY pled guilty to a 2007 attack, was fined $2000 and ordered to pay $1800 restitution to the Clark.
this is Lucas, his owner Felder Thelusma has a $1000 vet bill.
WMUR 9 newslink with video of the victims.

Estie Walczak and Demi
02.23.11 australia Demi was on a walk with her owners Eva and Stan Walczak when they encountered a shit bull which promptly went to work on her leg. the vet had to amputate the 10 yr old dog's leg. the Walczak's daughter came home to help her parents care for Demi.

02.24.11 arvada, colorado 68 yr old Peg Wymer was walking her pit bull puppy when they were attacked by 2 mutants. the pit nutter was cited for harboring dangerous dogs and not licensing their dogs. Wymer doesn't believe in bad breeds, only bad owner but she adds the dogs of this bad owner need to die.

02.24.11 small town, texas
My neighbors pit bulls somehow got into our yard last night while our dogs were out there ( and we weren't thank God). They mauled and killed our chihuahua and bit our boxer who was trying to defend the chi. Police were called and the dogs are supposed to be picked up by animal control this morning for observation. They are to receive two tickets.
I want to track down their landlord and make sure they know that there are dogs now classified as vicious on their property and ask that the fence be replaced (their fence, lots of boards need replacing). I'll stop short of saying I want to call the daycare she works at to report her response because I know that just vengeful and would do no good.
What else can I do? I'm scared to go in our backyard now and it's the main reason we bought this house.


texas charges were dropped against football player STEVE FOLEY for the 2008 fatal mauling of his neighbor's puppy and his neighbor Twana Schulz. FOLEY'S attorney said his client was not at home at the time, the attack was a "tragic accident" and an "aberration". well, he's close. the dogs are an aberration. FOLEY did reimburse the victim for her medical expenses and his hideous mutant received a dirt nap.

UK one of the mutant nanny dogs that robbed Ozzie of his eye received her dirt nap.

shrewsbury, massachusetts the saga of DUGG continues. the selectmen are not pleased that the O'CONNORS have smuggled DUGG back into the neighborhood. they are seeking legal advice.

famous pit bull owner alert!
AKIL KONTAR (the newspaper misspelled his name KANTAR)
sandy springs, georgia remember last week's famous shit bull owner attack, RODNEY JENKINS? a judge ordered AKIL KONTAR to pay the vet bills of his frankenmauler's victims, >$5000.the judge can't order dirt naps, cuz they only attacked dogs but he can order they not return to the neighborhood. and he did but they must remain in custody til he starts paying those vet bills. look out ohio! mutants coming your way! prediction: the mutants will land at 5551 Joyce Ann Dr in Dayton, Ohio. KONTAR said the mother shit bull to these two frankenmaulers was poisoned and is buried in the front yard.
“I just don’t want them to be killed. I love my dogs just like anyone loves their dogs,” he said. the problem isn't his "love" for his dogs. the problem is lack of concern for his neighbors' dogs.
obtw, in oklahoma in 2003, mr music producer, along with CARL BAILEY and JERRY STEELE were found guilty of conspiring to distribute 200 lbs of marijuana in oklahoma. KONTAR received a 1 yr 4 mo sentence. KONTAR and STEELE both ratted BAILEY out and got much lighter sentences:)
you can see more of this poser here.
i am still trying to sort out the famous pit nutter name change here.

attacks the media NEVER reports

south carolina the two rottweilers that killed Sirlinda Hayes killed a neighbors german shepherd puppy last week.


winchester, virginia one argument provoked ONE dog to send THREE people to the hospital. the 25 yr old male pit nutter was bitten in the face, then his 19 yr old girlfriend (mutant co-owner) was bitten on the arm. a 20 yr old male who was visiting tried to help and was also bitten. wanna bet at least one of these people has a criminal record and the dog is not licensed or vaccinated?


DANIEL KING'S UNO modeling a creepy reptilian stare
la grange, north carolina UNO hasn't attacked anyone - yet. she has been declared potentially dangerous after numerous escapes, roaming, chasing and menacing neighbors. rather than face animal control, DANIEL KING "sold" her to a friend, who promptly reported her stolen. after the neighborhood settled down, the friend promptly reported her found and returned UNO to DANIEL KING. lenoir county AC got wind of her return and paid the pit nutter a visit. UNO must be leashed and muzzled when out of her 10 x 10 kennel, with top. the neighbors are not very happy about UNO'S return. they are threatening to shoot her if she gets out and comes into their yards. DANIEL KING has one neighbor on his side, CHRIS QUEEN. she claims the only danger UNO poses is "licking someone to death". i wonder if this is the same CHRIS QUEEN? drugs, breaking & entering, forgery x4.


saugerties, new york how many family dogs attack the infant when there's a stranger in the house? police shot a frankenmauler after it went berserk on a 3 month old infant. a cable employee was bitten when he tried to restrain the ugly thing. must have gotten a little too crowded in the poor misunderstood wiggle butt's chain spot. 59 yr old PATRICIA RISLEY (granny?) also suffered serious injury. i suggest a new taxonomic designation: canis lupus lyssarabhas (frenzied rage).

cumberland county, tennessee an ACO shot an american gripping dog when it charged him during feeding time at the shelter. the county is getting a lot of crazed emails. i am sure a facebook campaign is in the works.

jacksonville, florida Kelly Multon shot and killed one of five mutants that were menacing kids.

memphis, tennessee police shot an 8 month old pit bull when it charged them while executing a search warrant.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sasha's Dirt Nap

a videographer stumbled on the aftermath of a darwin attack at venice beach, california. three minutes into the video, he talks to the victim in the aid truck where she states that she inherited her son's 1 1/2 yr old pit bull when he went to college and the pit bull just went crazy. (they have had it since it was 6 weeks old) she adds, if pit bulls have the right owner, everything will be okay. but her son was not a man and "the pit bull needed a man!" the videographer wanders through crowd and tries to get info from the first responders who are pretty lipped about what happened and what will happen. at around 6:45, the videographer makes his way back to the victim and films her instructions to the ACO who just lassoed her mutant. KIM states that she wants SASHA the great mutata to go "night night" because its a pit bull. :)

do EMTs typically have lithium at the ready?

Thank you Tony Vera!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Tia Torres Dealing in Good Faith with the Town of Tehachapi?

Tia Torres has requested that Kern County Planning Commission hold a hearing to apply for a Conditional Use Permit for an animal shelter in Old West Ranch that will house a maximum of 100 dogs.

There are several things the residents of Tehachapi ought to know before they attend the public hearing on Thursday March 10, 2011 at 7 p.m.

First, I urge the county planning commission to require IDs showing county residency for admission to the hearing.

Second, Torres should be asked how many animals are in her possession and will really be residing at the property. Third, they should consider how safe these dogs are.
1. Right now, on her website she lists 113 pit bulls as ready for adoption.
Included in these dogs is BUCKY, a pit bull and mastiff mix, who was found by deer hunters when BUCKY attacked the deer they were tracking.

MONIQUE, according to Tia's description,"and her buddy MAGNUM did get themselves into trouble and were taken away from their owners." The "trouble" rose to a level requiring court intervention which means they likely menaced or attacked a person or possibly killed someone's pet or livestock.

Her buddy, MAGNUM was recently adopted and is described this way:
"...MAGNUM will absolutely and positively need a pit bull experienced owner. You see he and his gal pal, MONIQUE got loose from their original owner and did what two loose pit bulls do...they got themselves into a little trouble."

2. Tia Torres also has six more pit bulls that will be adopted after some rehabilitation. The dogs in this category are unstable, aggressive, or both. SOLO came to Villalobos by court order in 2003 and was to stay at the Villalobos for the rest of his life. Evidently, after eight years at Villalobos, he is now almost ready for adoption.

SHERIFF, a pit bull and rottweiler mix, has severe dog aggression. (If it were not severe, he'd be adoptable, because she adopts out other dogs with dog aggression.)

3. In addition to the dogs Tia Torres has for adoption and rehabilitation, she also acts as a sanctuary for other dogs that cannot be adopted because they are too unstable and dangerous. These dogs do not feature on her TV show or her website. One of these dogs is OTIS, a pit bull that was involved in an unprovoked mauling attack on a 17 year old boy.
The judge who ruled that she can keep OTIS, issued conditions for keeping the human aggressive pit bull: parolees may not interact with the dog. The dog may not be moved from the Agua Dulce sanctuary without a court order, and Tia must make monthly reports to the judge regarding OTIS.

4. In addition to pit bulls, she has other types of large, dangerous breeds of dogs, many of which are among her sanctuary dogs that cannot be adopted out.
You can see some of them here on a page entitled bad boys that she made to show the "welcoming committee" for uninvited guests.

5. As recently as February 2010, she also had 20 wolves, a grizzly bear, and two black bears at Villalobos.

Tia Torres is planning to establish a Fighting Dog Rehabilitation Center at her property.

Rehabilitating fighting dogs is not particularly effective as evidenced by the track record of Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT, another animal sanctuary. They have a very low adoption rate and a record of dogs escaping enclosure and killing other dogs.

Despite the poor outlook for "rehabilitated" fighting dogs, it is becoming more popular among pit bull rescues to adopt them.

Finally, Tia Torres has a history of bad judgment including attempting to fund her rescue with a brothel, and neglecting to notice her "adopted" children/volunteers were doing drugs on her property which led to the arrest of one of her "adopted" sons and her ex-con husband, Aren Marcus Jackson.

I hope the town turns out and asks the right questions at the hearing and votes for what is best for Tehachapi.

the UK nanny dog struck again

rip Mika
i am finally in a mental state where i can write about this attack without fearing my words will incite others to violence. pit bull home invasions leave me feeling like Charles Whitman.

last wednesday (2.16.11), Sam Thomas lived through Jennifer Lynch's psycho pit bull monster horror film, The Compound. her children were out side in the fenced in backyard playing when they ran into the house to tell their mother that 2 black dogs got into their enclosed yard. the dogs were hot on their trail and forced their way into the house before Sam could secure the door. Sam barricaded her kids in a room. their family dog, a 9 month old borzoi was in crate in the hallway. Sam thought that the crate would protect their puppy. of course, it would have if these were simply marauding german shepherds but then again, i don't recall EVER reading about violent home invasions by german shepherds. this crime is exclusive to gripping dog. it didn't take the hideous mutants long to destroy the crate and attack Mika. Mika screamed as the frankenmaulers mutilated him. this horror show was clearly heard by Sam and her children, who were screaming at their mother to let them help Mika. meanwhile, Sam had called for help. her husband arrived and used a hoe and a metal broom to separate the dogs, both the hoe and the broom were destroyed. the police and special forces from the dog unit arrived and it took four men to get these psychotic monsters under control. one of the special forces officers dislocated his shoulder trying to manage them. Mika was rushed to the vet. Mika died the next day, he had 70 wounds.

the hideous mutants are in custody and the hideous nutter is "cooperating" with the investigation. when Richard Thomas spoke to the teen nutter, he got the typical dog aggression is natural and normal response. let's hope that the police don't give the typical response of "sorry mate, dog on dog attacks are not in my job description".

THIS is why i focus this blog on animal aggression and the idiots who think this obscene prey drive is acceptable and manageable.

'He told my husband that the only crime was that his dogs did not like other dogs.' Sam Thomas

of course, the deranged pit nutters in the comment section rise to occasion, or rather sink to the occasion. how about this insensitive remark from the demographic that has perfected "crate & rotate".

link #1 metro and link #2 daily mail

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Friday, February 18, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 02/18/11

somewhere in the world an idiot dog paid the ultimate price for the sins of his psychopathic creators.

as uplifting as the mule video was, it is back to the reality of pit bull attacks...

02.11.11 canada Darlene Magas fought off two pit bulls with a shovel when they attacked her border collie, which barely survived. the city government was planning to ban gripping dogs but they buckled under the pressure of nutters. be sure to watch the pit nutter's out of control pit bull in the video clip.

rip Edward
02.11.11 moore, oklahoma two mutants hopped the fence and attacked Edward the Yorkie and Daisy. they then went into another yard and attacked Doc the dachshund who now has 40 stitches. the yorkie did not survive.
someone chimed in the comment section:
Of course Moore Animal Control didn't want to comment on the case! They aren't on the side of the people they should be on! My neighbors have 2 viscious pit bulls and one of them has grabbed my dog through the wooden fence TWICE and bit her and Moore Animal Control says we can't do anything about it! The law is failing us with these viscious dogs. I know, I know, not all pits are viscious, but the ones who have a rep for biting need to be done away with. We live in an area with a lot of kids and I'm scared for my own kids as well as my neighbors kids who play outside. Come on Moore, get with the program and take care of your community!

famous pit nutter alert!
02.08.11 sandy springs, georgia two mutant pit bulls attacked 2 dogs. a cop happened to be nearby and responded. he zapped one of the ugly dogs with his taser. the jolt stopped the mutant for a few seconds and then went back for the german shepherd hound mix. the gripping dogs also attacked a lab after chewing through a fence. these two mutants plus a third have a history of roaming, menacing and attacking. the nutter has been talked to and apparently is unwilling or unable to control his pit bulls. the nutter is music producer RODNEY JENKINS. his pit bulls have been seized and a dangerous dog hearing scheduled.

rip Nugget
02.12.11 jacksonville, florida Nugget was killed by two frankenmaulers that have been terrorizing the neighborhood. the pit nutter has not been named but here he is:

02.12.11 el dorado hills, california last week 16 yr old Audrey Johnson was bitten trying to protect her schnauzer, Bella. LINO RAQUIPISO, the owner of the mutant (SPIDER) came to the Johnson home to apologize but has not offered to cough the $700 for the vet bill. an investigation is still on going, charges are still possible. SPIDER has a history of getting loose and threatening people

02.12.11 las vegas a las vegas cop shot a pit bull that was attacking a man's dog. the mutant is alive and the nutter cited.

nanny dog Max
02.12.11 UK a pit bull attacked a nanny dog. the punk owners failed to intervene. the culprit name is TIGER and for some reason, the police are going to do something about this attack. 0845 090 1234 crimestoppers

02.13.11 oroville, california an american gripping dog attacked a dachshund being walked by a woman. the american bulldog was described as have a "death grip" and was "shaking" the little dog like a doll (like the mule did to that pit :) ) when good samaritan 62 yr old Lyndee Caput came to their aid. Caput later said she acted on pure instinct and had no thought for her safety (kind of like that pit bull attacking the mule :) )

02.13.11 parker, florida Annie was attacked on her deck by two pit bulls. Kathy Grignot chased them off and took Annie to the vet. three days and $2000 later, the pit bulls are back. Michael Grignot shot them when they charged him. at least one of them died.
“Something has to be done. They are roaming all over the neighborhood.” Kathy Grignot

02.13.11 marinez, california a pit bull got into the neighbor's back yard and killed their cat. it was shot :)

02.14.11 australia the nanny dog strikes again! this time killing a jack russell terrier named Joey. good samaritan Scott ARmstrong stopped and punched nanny until it released Joey but it was too late. nanny is still on the loose.

02.15.11 philadelphia, pennsylvania a mutant pit bull got into a fenced backyard containing a poodle and assassinated it. the poodle owner shot and killed the mutant.

properly contained gripping dogs
02.16.11 corpus christi, texas three pit bulls chewed their way through a fence and attacked a 13 yr old lab mix. the home owner got there before the mutants could much damage to the old dog. he shot and killed one ugly shit bull. the other two slithered back home. the pit nutter was cited for failing to license, failing to provide rabies vaccines and failing to confine.

RIck and Reese
02.16.11 UK Reece was attacked during a walk with his owner, Rick Breckenridge. several people stopped to help Rick while the pit nutter looked on. Rick reports what many victims do, the mutant launched an attack for no reason and the pit nutter appeared to be afraid of his own dog.

02.16.11 UK a nanny dog went on a berserking episode attacking a shih tzu, injuring the owner and the two people who came to her aid. nanny then ran wild though people's yard finally putting a 75 yr old man in the hospital as he stood between it and an 8 yr old boy. i am alway astonished at the description of these crazed attacks. the behavior of the mutant fits that of a rabid dog.

02.16.11 lansing, michigan police shot and killed 2 shit bulls that got into a back yard to attack a husky. animal control took the husky to the vet but its injuries were too severe and it was euthanized. the nutter was cited for dogs at large. this took place next to an elementary school.

02.17.11 fredericksburg, virginia Sammy a 7 lb shih-tzu/chihuahua mix was killed by a pit bull and pit bull/mastiff mix while sunning in his front yard. the invisible fence stopped Sammy from leaving but did not prevent other dogs from entering. the mutants belonged to pit nutter CELIA VENTURA who is a repeat offender. she surrendered the ugly dogs and was arrested.

02.17.11 tehama county, california a pack of dogs consisting of a pit bull, a german shepherd a third dog have been blamed for killing at least 17 cattle.

rip Oliver
02.17.11 UK Oliver was killed by a mutant pit bull.

Charlotte Maughan and Mollie
02.17.11 oklahoma city, oklahoma 60 yr old Charlotte Maughan was walking Mollie when 2 pit bulls attacked the australian shepherd (a breed jessup can't stand). Maughan kicked & threw rocks while her son beat them with rebar and neighbors beat them with brooms. Maughan ran back in the house grabbed a 9mm and shot and killed them both. the pit nutter was cited.


02.17.11 laguna hills, california Citizen assist. 12:48 p.m. Saturday. Ridge Route Drive and Moulton Parkway. The caller at the dog park said a man threatened to bring his dog in the dog park. The caller insisted that since it's a pit bull wearing a metal collar, the dog is aggressive and not allowed in the park. The caller said the owner also exhibited aggressive behavior, which is also strictly forbidden.


BRANDY SPEAKMAN, the nutter trash cleans up nice for court.
columbus, ohio JUSTICE FOR SISSY! last august Lori Garland was walking her 2 small dogs when they were attacked by loose pit bulls. a good samaritan stopped and helped her but it was too late for Sissy. Lori had to investigate the attack and gather intelligence on her own. when the word got out, Lori received a harassing phone call from a female accusing her of starting trouble. it turns out that person was the nutter. today pit nutter BRANDY SPEAKMAN admitted the mutant was hers and it got out of her apartment. SPEAKMAN was fined $500 and put on probation for 3 years. SPEAKMAN can NOT own animals during her probation other than the black lab she now owns. see the 08.20.10 frankenmauler roundup
Sissy, Lori Garland and Ginseng or Sassy (some confusion about the surviving dog's name)

asheville, north carolina TAMI CINCOTTA paid an $800 fine and took her mutants home. she agreed to keep them leashed & muzzled when out side but otherwise in the home after they killed Philip Behm's dog.

taunton, massachusetts KEVIN and KERI CORNELIUS lost another appeal to save their mutants from the dirt nap ordered after the savage mauling of a golden retriever named Rosie. their animal rights lawyer JONATHAN STONE RANKIN could not be reached for comment. the pit nutters still have not paid Rosie's vet bills.

UK 21 yr old ROXANNE STONEMAN of Rougemont, Close pled guilty to her leashed nanny dog DINO being dangerously out of control, killing a dog and biting a boy in december 2009. the judge seems to have taken a shine to or pity for the young pit nutter. the judge has even spared nanny from the dirt nap.


UK a weimaraner attacked a jack russell mix so severely, it was euthanized. the owner of the weimaraner has two and the other weimaraner was previously attacked by a pit bull.

poway, california Rosalie Silva was walking her beagle and pit bull early one morning when 2 loose "lab mixes" attacked her dogs.


canada police had to shoot an american staffordshire terrier (shit bull) during a medical 911 call when the dog refused to allow anyone near its 38 yr old owner.

springfield, ohio three pit bulls were menacing people. when the dog warden showed up, they lunged at him. he shot and killed one. the other two slithered away. pit nutter FRANK HEARN received 9 citations. the dog warden HOPES the nutter will properly contain the mutants.

aiken county, south carolina a cop saw 2 small dogs and a pit bull menacing a jogger. he turned on the siren to frighten the dogs away. it worked for the 2 small dogs but not the mutant. multiple rounds were fired at the dog, it ran into a yard and died.

port royal, south carolina a loose 2 yr old pit bull with a history of roaming attacked a 3 yr old girl. the baby sitter and neighbors failed to get the mutant to release her HEAD. when officer Chris Abell responded, he shot and killed it. the pit nutter will be charged.
UPDATE the pit nutter turned himself in.

why pit bulls are different

kennesaw, georgia On Feb. 11, a 7-year-old child was bit by a neighbor's pit bull. The owner of the dog said she let the animal out the back door of her home to use the bathroom when the dog ran out toward a wooded area behind the Annandale neighborhood park where children were playing. She said the dog ran toward one of the children and continued to do so, even after she engaged a shock collar. The dog then bit the child before being pulled back by an older child. Police observed injuries on the child's back and upper hamstring. Cobb County Animal Control removed the dog and issued the owner three citations.

and speaking of Darwin...

Happy Birthday Charles!

lincoln, nebraska BRANDY WICHMAN accidentally stepped on her black lab during an argument with her boyfriend ILYA SIDOROV (click for his criminal record: 3 DUIs, open container, contributing to a minor). in a new twist on a old theme, the wiggle butt came to the lab's defense and attacked BRANDY. good job mutant!