Monday, November 30, 2009

fatal pit bull attack

flora, illinois
85 yr old rosie humphreys and her poodle were both killed today by a loose pit bull.

an interesting comment was left by KELLY. "Have pictures of the dog been released yet? Why hasn’t anyone done anything about the supposed fighter/ breeder! It just sucks cause I own three myself and I get so much grief when this stuff happens."

pit nutters, always inconvenienced by the "stuff" their wiggle butts do. poor kelly, she will be feeling the heat now for the next week or so. man that really sucks.

follow the fatal mauling of rosie humphreys and her poodle at

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

michigan farce

courtney protz sanders bearing rocky's remains at a royal oakes city meeting.

the non-pit nutter version of events: rocky and his owner were jogging near an offleash area, rocky got loose, ran across the street and attacked a boston terrier named max. max's owner and his friend were both bitten trying to save the dog. the friend received the more serious bite and had surgery on his finger. both men say that rocky bit them. rocky's owner could not provide proof of rabies vaccines and licensing. she voluntarily turned rocky over to animal control and he was euthanized to avoid fines and quarantine fees.

the pit nutter version of events (as told by public relations guru courtney protz sanders who was not present during the attack): Max was unleashed at the dog park and Rocky slipped off his collar. The two dogs ran toward each other and sniffed each other. Then there was an altercation between the dogs. The friend of the owner stuck his hands into the dog fight and was bit on the finger, but no one knows by which dog. the police were called and animal control threatened rocky's foster mom and she felt she had no alternative but to forfeit rocky. protz sanders claims that she is the rightful owner of rocky and had the necessary papers for animal control.
(sounds to me like the pit nutters should be suing each other)

the issue: how quickly rocky was killed. according to protz sanders, rocky's rights were violated because he was not allowed due process. rocky was sentenced to death without a fair trial.

the solution: courtney protz sanders is demanding an investigation into the animal control officer during a time when all levels of government are operating in the red. and if protz sanders doesn't get her way, she will launch a boycott against the business community if they do not support rocky during a time of economic crisis. some rocky supporters are even demanding that the city terminate the animal control officer. there is even talk of legal action against the city.

one resident spoke out against the boycott. “Our residents and businesses raised $50,000 to build a gated dog park,” Gomez said. “Where were these people then? Businesses should not be penalized because of this. Royal Oak is not for sale.”
(hmmm...GATED dog park. not looking too good for the pit nutters)

the definition of altercation: a noisy argument or disagreement, esp. in public.
the founding fathers of the field of public relations edward bernays and ivy lee would be very proud!

max recovering from the altercation

you can follow courtney's selfish crusade here.

and you can learn all about the unscrupulous profession of public relations here in this fascinating and unflattering 4 part BBC documentary on protz sanders' chosen profession.

Monday, November 9, 2009

the crisis in pit rescue part 2

these are attacks by dogs that have been through the rescue/rehab system that have just occurred in the last month. these are the attacks that we KNOW about.

lawrenceburg, tennessee a couple adopted an apbt named "dillinger" from eleven eleven bull rescue in dickson, tennessee. within minutes of them bringing baby home, he attacked them. the woman had 60 stictches in her hand and the man had reconstructive surgery on his leg. while dillinger was under quarantine, he attacked an animal control officer. he lost part of his thumb and recieved injuries to his arm.

woodbury, minnesota a 53 yr old retired police officer adopted an american bulldog from a texas rescue. five months later as the two watched tv, the dog mauled him. he lost an ear and a good chunk of his face and nearly lost an eye. i'm still looking for the rescue org that placed igor.

royal oakes, michigan an apbt named rocky got loose from his foster mommy and attacked another dog. the rescue, paws for life rescue and adoption, is spinning quite a tale and talking about law suits because animal control dared to euthanize rocky after he bit two men who tried to save the dog that rocky zeroed in on, despite the fact that the negligent person who was fostering him TURNED HIM OVER VOLUNTARILY. watch the rescue's head honcho courtney protz-sanders spin the facts and blame everyone one for this attack except the dingy rescue angels who think that it's all how you raise 'em!

courtney protz-sanders

new canaan, connecticut attorney and pit bull advocate/rescuer for bully breed rescue benni mcgrath's ambull got away from her and attacked 2 snack sized dogs. the owner was bitten trying to protect her little dogs.

and a few honorable mentions

michigan dog fighters joshua gates, martin phillips and jay rodriguez claimed they were only operating a pit bull rescue. they later pled guilty to dog fighting.

border collie breeder/rescuer richard swafford of tennessee was raided last september for running what appeared to be a puppy mill.

SPCA volunteer anna klafter was kicked in the head when her OFF LEASH therapy wiggle butt attacked a police horse. this woman received 2 tickets totaling <$200 but she deserved a darwin award.

then there is pit bull rescuer tia torres, married to a felon who is back in prison. torres tried to open a brothell to pay for her 200 plus rescued pit bulls and hired ex-cons to come and help her care for them. she has managed to finagle a tv show called pit bulls and parolees.

tia maria torres

what is wrong with this picture?
for starters, there is absolutely no regulation or oversight for the dog/cat rescue industry.
this is made worse by the fact that the pit nutter community headed up by jane berkey, donna reynolds and ledy vankavage has successfully commandeered themselves into the position of authority on pit bulls, where they defined the breed, the problem and the solution. you have people like janet hinkley and rhonda lang who are totally clueless about pit bulls, presenting themselves as "experts" and spoonfeeding bullshit to the media. unless someone out there is exposing them, how is the man on the street to know any different?

the crisis in pit rescue part 1

benedicta mcgrath esquire with oliver

Bulldog Bites at Dog Park:

An American bulldog belonging to 56-year-old Benedicta McGrath of Gower Rd in New Canaan bit another dog owner at Spencer's Run in Waveny Park on Friday, Oct. 23.

McGrath told police her bulldog broke away from a prong collar to go after the 43-year-old victim's two small dogs. The victim's middle, ring, and pointer fingers were then bitten when she went to rescue her pets. One of the victim's dogs also sustained a bite to the chest.

McGrath was fined $75 for animal nuisance. Her bulldog was quarantined for observation until Nov. 6.

who is this woman?
she is an attorney
she is a pit bull rescue angel.

but most importantly, she is a "responsible" owner.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

pig lipstick

you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

ledy vankavage and her wiggle butts

vankavage made time from her hectic ohio wiggle butt propaganda tour to speak to the toldeo blade about the unfairness of the ohio state law that discriminates against her grippers. vankavage believes the identification of "pit bulls" is wrong most of the time and only DNA testing, which costs $120 per dog, is truly accurate.

here is a quote from an experienced dogman talking about the breeder of the oldest family of american pit bull terriers:
Doggie DNA testing is inaccurate, my breeder did a DNA test on one of his dogs....(his strain of dog can be traced back to the early 1800's through pedigree documentation) and the results were his dogs were of a mix of breeds and not one of them were of the APBT family. Between my breeder and his father before him they have been preserving the breed for more than 110 years, the breed doesn't get any more pure than what he has on his yard. So how accurate do you really think those DNA test are if the oldest most renowned breeder in the history of these dogs has inconclusive test results for his dogs ?

Don't buy into the whole DNA thing, besides the chances of your pup being Amstaff is extremely slim. The Amstaff is not a widely owned breed and they often have to breed back into the APBT due to the lack of depth in the gene pool. Most commonly the DNA test result with that say the dog is Amstaff is actually more than likely American Pit Bull Terrier than that of Amstaff breedings. It was the folks who breed Amstaffs that submitted the DNA samples for the project and the Amstaff stems from APBT breedings just bred to different standards.

sure vankavage is a handsomely paid hired gun for a wealthy animal rights cult but who are you going to believe? some flaky animal rights lawyer who probably has 10 years experience promoting pit bulls as family pets or someone who has been involved with creating the breed for the last CENTURY?

you can put a clown suit on a killer but it is still a killer.

john wayne gacy

meanwhile, as tom skeldon gets raked over the coals, ANOTHER ohio county is scrambling to get a handle on their pit bull problem.
maybe the jefferson county dog warden should have a chat with the lucas county dog warden?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

spin doctors

at 3:45 BADRAP co-founder tim racer is asked what kind of environemnt is suitable for these dogs and he answers "a suitable environment would be a suitable environment for any dog for the pet chihuahua or the pekingese or the labrador retriever would be a home environment. you know, we've got to remember that these are just dogs in the end. pit bull terriers were the favorite dog of this country, world war 1, world war two times they were the labrador retriever of today. everybody had them and you got to remember that all they really need even beyond rehabilitation, is not rehabilitation, it's basic training, it's a warm bed, it's food, it's a couch they can sit on and put their head in your lap. that's really all they need. they need just a stable situation where they can sort of decompress from all of the bad things that they had to go through in the past and just heal mentally and heal physically."

tim, you might want to alert aberdeen, mississippi. they are about to blow $4000 on a PIT BULL HOLDING FACILITY at their animal shelter.

After months of deliberating, the Aberdeen Board of Alderman voted unanimously at Tuesday's meeting to approve an expenditure of $4,000 to build a pit bull holding facility at the Aberdeen Animal Shelter.